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In comne leing, at this particular pe..
riod of our, N9tipual and.tate -fire,
tie publicati,oxof :pper in . snns
bjoro', WhielA,' we prst, wil reci,b tne
countenance and aupporof'the cititenh
ofr this and Ioing th)i 4stzene
Fairfij;j<,' nh unigelflkesiy
the re?ponsibility he is undertaking.
Having' b(en 'Nist 'ised in.
thi. tection of country, 'qnd being no
quaitted *1th niany 6,f its'Wdekt cit''ns,
we ,are confident that-JV Jibsral and
patriotic porlion. of them W"ill give' t Is
that patron'age whick is requisite tothie
support of a district papor.
Ever since the dld PairfiYd. .Thfatd
and ReIst r ha5ve 'eon disc4itinned'
the people of this aetiict, (e e haave
been informed by so of its mbst ip.
iluenti eitizens,) have f'elithe want of
'the establislhment . f district phiper,
lfel, w illtefiA: tO' birt '.irself tq se.
cure to them this advatage, poidud
'they give us the support vhich is ieces
sary to sustain the enterprise.
Being a priMer, practically, and.
having for the past eighteen years fol
lowed the business, we feel con(teat in
saying we can give to the reading por.
tion of our district anch. a paper as they
will be pleaMd to welcome tb their flre
sides. As a' news jourui, we intend.
that our little oAt'pring shall be secoid tO
none, havig nade ll n'ecedsay ar.
rangementi forseedrifig the latest teli
graphic repodts, we wAl-be pitysred.t
give to our readers the vehf latet-that
can he secured ;:f-on' otir exchangei
we will cull the ItdAt and most-impor
tanlt items, with a vietr to the enlighteq.
ment and pleasure of our readers. In
fact, we will Fpare neitlier psinm, labor
or expense in inakldqg TAe Daily Ai"*
a thorough ewsjournaL.
A a regards the political sentiment of
our sheet, there is, undoubtedly, but,
onls course left for a true Southern man
'to adopt, and that is the advocacy of
the thorough independence of the Con.
federate States-no compromie-no
going back into the Union,-jbut an
eternal resi'tanco. until the Sovereignty
-and independence of the South, froin
Yankee thraldow, shall be guarnteea.
Our course, nevertheless, will be n.
-dependent, not neutral, upon all politi'al
topics. We -belong to no party, as a
,party,. unless it be the great. Southern
.Rights Party, and with that we are pre
jpared to sink or swim.
Our State and Confedetate Gover.!
monts will r6ealve our hearty approval
when they do, in our opinion, what is
:right;--but when they err, we will criti
-cise without fear or favor. And even
So ith our statesmen, and thosein the'
public walks'o life. Their good dg,i
-will be herdided with gratiScation, while
their - errors will receive- the criticisma
whichb they d'eserve.
*Give us thesugpo't, kind frienals, thbat
we teed in estal)lial'ling our p'aper, tind
'we will, try and mneritt your confidence
.and further patronnge.
* itR'upecthu1J,
*. -.E.' Bamod
-Who desire to sustain ourwpublications
we say come forward and, subscribe at
ence, and by y'om'o'nutenanee and-sup
port, put upon a. sure foundation your
'Our office is at the 'oluIstand of the.
Hera/d and Rkguser, wh re we will be
.lee'sed,to qee all wo bauy give us
calL. . pr terms, #9t., J4r4 page.
TQ OURt P~$.
Shodk ny of o eI pto as.
ceive -th*; pajen, mrwty t'e will
please noiff:us amfact,
Our carrierse are weot.ye gh ac
quainted with their routes, but we
soon to have everything workingorded
*Of the Press we ettenad the 'right
hand of fellowship; hopipg. tha(wur -in..
*eottraer raay be pleasant and pronltable.
Those who will exchange with us.
and to whom 'wo send thia numbe of
our paper, .vill please send on th'eir sey.
eral publications immediately.
send his number o or paper to
~Paterigin Jlts an46iing die
trils,* and asktheii to dtitributt them
gratultiously for us.
f T1 . g t0r (ga o g
a ourae4qe 7yminrnuqIng~ to
meet aain on the third Thursdayin
ndetr our telegrhic heads will 'e
Co'nd, tC1i latet e agraum* reeived.
Muck. interesting news receiv,e4 oer
th wItNhdubiiig the past few days tnight
be profflibly used in this edition,' .butin
consequence of the non-arrival ofengaged
assistants, we or. eyapelled to Uartai
the kuantity and simply give abbrevii
,ted extraoci.
In the 9th iostant a- great war met
ingwa ihid t'a the AfMenrc C' 'Y.
Richmond, which was,addresse
tor Ht4r, of Virginia, C. of
North Caalina,'and others.
Anieeting was also hetd in tle hall
of the Hfoiue of Delegates,"aid'0idresed
by MeSsrs. GooD),BAt.DwfN, and others.
The demnstrations of thipo'ple in.
dicate a full acceptance of the war forced
9pon theni bj Lixdcd,' refusal to he
gotiat# ripon the peacsquestiot. and stir.
ring r4solutions were unanietisly And
enthusiastically adopted to continue the
war aitil our independice is achievEd.
The appointsnt oft eneralHAinoR
(sitys thie Voiumnbisa Xvath Gaureh'i'ain,)
o,thapommn.jd of two such divisions as
hose'ofGeneals HU'ti.Pt and YouVP
is ainestofauccesl. He Is onde more
it-the head of the men he ha; so often le4
(o victory 'on Virginia fields - men on
whom both the coulitry and iein64f ea
depend--and we may, therefore, look for
a repetition here of tha gallantry which
has been bulletined fropi every battle in
which they lave h4 a place. 'The,
arrival of BEAURKGARD. thethought that
II#P-roX is in the saddle, the co-eper
4tion of Gen. JOUNSTON, who, although
for the present "behnd the scene.," does
not withhold his skill and experience,
whenever demanded, together with a
score of other facts of an eneouraging
character, which should not be published
are events that may well give our people
great joy.
. DxAxo'or Ex-GoYx.-;s B rw97r.
-.Hon. Thomss Bennett, Nx-Governor
of South Carolina, dird on the, 30th ult.,
at Anderson Court lose.
The oldest by masy years of citizens
ivho ha0e paused the Chair of State, and
thn Chief Chiait f this hil home city-a
citizea.distinguilhed in many ways 'be.
yond his age, his decje4eserves a full.
6r record than sas now be given.,-,-ar
loston Courier..
Gi.. FO'."HIeM 4Wb TIM B NXonorzs
A correspandnt ot..the ColOinim 1196n
says 1 I Lad L c oonversatibn.Ariti Gn.
'Forrest fkesterday. he -favors arming
200,000 nidroes. HeI dleclares if hxe ever
had any inc1jneution to fightfbr revenge,
that time and feelinxg. hate. past,h He
newr only conten4s for principle,'for,home,
wife aad ohlldrepi, to prevent,aubjugation,.
but dfsires etce.anud is tired ofancene's
of blgosl. Durhg tlis pa4t yeau1:alf o.f
his commnand havye been killedQt*#und
ed. The face ofthe Gener.il is yet foung,
but his ;head is-silvery grey ---ltuost
Geor%ia penitentiary .convict.,' ho
formed into a compah on the approaokhof
the enemy to Mile eville, rnd4 'wlio
ha.ve foxugh~ lirophte capaIgn, have
peen'furlougl( .t4irty4ays, at~ the
expisatiolto h ii tfbne they,are to re
port to the offBoe'of'he. tatad
IsetoG6 of thbtate of Geoi
Thpit , tag a 'rtifihate dif
irhiavisg jqin.4 #the canipany is ithe
Confederate seuvice, they will be pa*don.
od from the steaoe of onfinement:
eS?I5h endrate one the:ha
esuts f te vsitofthe North Casoliind
4emmissioet''tQPr.bIdent Da'
te.detrminatiQ1I tispu no t' o d
4s,h seten! or outer 'the miad
Ba1 have aade their appearance in
the Wilmiigten (North Cet:eio ) .
spei)per pair.
Li-it y-.otto'Youri-Aprs that peac
L 1eacq
can cotui a- obi*.
R6egitei" If will -tg to
turn toL bUnmne 'b
bY far. to spend our days xtnorg i erc
at4 clifV of-our 'wetintain chains, as
Iatierettb-6ar h6 tIls i t W',our.
rtteO vengefu and,hat'ed. -e.
knoir noufh of i 4 - yhins
hefo.; we fought hi Ath mau for
tipn aMAy dcldi, whAtpeace-"paid.o
reirn, we have battled with i, greatly
toenbaf~!~rJto. Let its ttir ot6i'ho 'ges
pr3prPatiop, by taxatipf, bf banp.
territoy, by Sta6 elactmentA
fugitive .slave laws, -by e'ery -ci7
eation,,*e have' suffered 6y, Aoctlid
Vtiooi, by behi* an,appenlage, ad6pei
enicy. It has ceased, lit it be foerr
hushed; no morq Union, no mpre submis.
sion. Let all these considerations nerve
o.fr wills, shut our ears to those '*ho
riig'Peiee, and if they will pesii let
thin be.A.n*thema,
Let our enemy Aut withdraw fio
our 4oil, and we will hail it as the first
intimation of peace' which' they have
gtv.eu us in the .prt thirty years anid
our ofere.h 'rord'for iti *e will be in.ad
vance ofthatlarge column ofpeaoemakers
who weld be found rushing to Its sa.
cred altars. W -yearn for a peace-that
Is hinorable, but will scorn e.vtr 'pro.
josition for peace which h"s to be pur.
chased by submission .,r reunion.
'GENFRAL SIEnHMA.-We append an
extract fyon a letter written before the
war by thig ulan, who is now trying io
subjugate the South. It was addressed
to a delegato to the Charleston Conven
tion fron one of the Western States:.
4FoRt RIDOELY, March 20, 1800.
"Now, my dear fellow, I am glad you
are going Soutgh, and all we ask of you
is ti giva u a good President.' Stop
Xbhi damnable negro heresy ef the c9un
try; frown upon every Abolitionist, you
'huet; -aid, as you pass down through
*Ok1 Virginia, see that the retnnant of
that raid of Brown's, yet' unhang, are
promptly broughc-to the halter. And,
In the meantin)e, if -.vu will take a few
of our most, 4istinguished sons of the
devil (Republicang,) now in the Minne.
4ota Legislatul'(, along *with you, and
let them see Virginia justic6, 'yon will
benefit our community. Yours truly'
and in haste,
"T .Sn%RMAN.
PAs i114 IOUNi).-One Dr. It. V.
Lemoine, reprv.,4enting himself to be a
Fr.,nchman by birtl and a refugee from
New Orleanls, rays the Monticello (Fla.)
Friend, whilst on a visit to that Placa -e
cefitly, was guilty of a crine at which
humanity shudders. The character of the
irime he committed will not bear publi.
cation. but murder; to our mind, would
be a slight offence in comparison. His
gray huirs were all that preserved him
(roni o coat of tar aid feathers. We call
upon the press to pass him around, as
one too degraded to live in a decent
comm unity, and too beastly even for the
companionship of brutes.
CAPT RX OF B.ICVXS. -From the Chat.
tanooga Gazete of the 5th of Janumiy,
whiai wi hlivu before us, we gather t e
following item of good ne'ws'for nur side.
The Qazde sany a raid was made the
day before on the. Government cattlo
which were grazing at a point eight miles
from thw town. TVhe raiders were abo~ut
400, aaill to be unider the Gomhlsnd ;of
Gatewood and Tom Polk I'monson.
Thay captusred 809 beeves, an tkilled
*onmnde1 and captured nearly -all thme
guard. General 3( ghtr, *ho cormaunds
at ChattaniQoga, lp a foe' after ' the
raiders but they h4 got pff and car~rie'd
their bbmnder with'thenm. Our boya are
getLting bold to.go w.ithtin eight nailes' of
es.--The following resolution lisbeen
subidfttd .in thg Yantkee Cohgress --
Mfo* 4ottle reonoittdptio$istsl -ike ~t?
* tseolv.4 by. RSenak at Ijcuse of'Rlep
resnetaties is& Congress q,ssemnbled., Thst
no nsegotiation, terms'of wsettlesent, or
conesiont,: or compromisee b6 entered
linto, proposud, 'yide'd, o jde with1
'therebeIuj4f.rept h zc wh,41tj
thef bve sa.nifse their rnld and
tanoonstitutional -subatdesion to he ata
tJaeritie,sof the t*evernwient; anud fiuther
t1lt howoeet n%c Ce'na -be do
Governenent, mutil ei - mispio sh
d~ eourqd( and 'theseprds4esy ot the
States,ashere inied.
James. iR. Fndf, r, author of
Shtflandwas married
aTButnuide, -ot CtelIh*,ait)e lsth
W INNSB 'W . T9'. A> t aa is . .. A- e er... an.m
L~~it ~~oLto yQurd*~ that' peact,~. PVii~aiz
-*ibendilhrenmber o(opr paper to can co#i sub n amo ays - 1po14)ri , INoA DA
MONDAY, oto OOtOAROIAI 8 go , ImAtx 'Ao DA, i
tri , and ask th e4 to dfstribute them tum t4h UART,to-51 he Con res o the
e 6 hemtur '0 A Ulif;- b .4 toSIM aye-by. a, joit real
n by ts i r gratuitiotsly f u -ffr to spend our days among t e Abont e o'clock Friday nhu'a ti, invited in# to appoint a da 6f'p
omnieving At this particular atpt for aus cliV of-our tnutai' dhan, s force stipposed to b tween. three a d tin,hed ilitn ant ray wt
p pe*-&.- - _. bo :e e d kile, howbillAtIgnand pfay4r, with'Alilks
riod of.o,N p n te- ,t)sere4bar h6ouri, th1 g t 1onrK fopp th0u1 P tg,l cover of gIvIn t"Asi;Iy God. i
tie publicatipqpf f:.per in .yinns . h gatur o -mi toaroald ated ol.teW .1eiauggfl andha,od-AM l-R4in We. .641r, Il# 1 o and
boro, whiell, wi receib tke ak'ouraoio0 "uy Mermog ff3 sP o elz.wq fuiht m Wia b., AM ad sal. akn Z da*.
countennce and sIpporl of the citizens meet aaiU o- te third Thursday amydd, whti peace.' apd.o linoiQf wor p. 1nigiWC 9f thq subtia e*f a o 1r i fo ott 1 ,I foI7
.or this anid a1nng A)iVti ts may. reign, we have battled with hini greatly Paltineto ,atta n cen anu1ofour ar man d n i n is traoI
Fai fiet, tho ,nderged fl enuibly . -- - --- to N n'rto. Leoudt iti deln thot 'yes pickd, i orce wft t Wriously- prden, Impring I4 ' p, and d
the responsibility he is undertakiliNgW oM oio.pant.,d w will d t b a woundod.' ie enoui e 'ouing r*"t "" " a"e
IIniu ben tded Uxder oir telegral hic headm will ,e rpprpti, by taxitipn, b 4g b 'q t tho eauseway, rew fin In ite of imttlp ga es ga'ppe a to
-hi's e S U.rims 'rieivd. io trritoy, y take -eniactent b wd.wordniov1gilwff at last A 6iutiit. Let the hearts k ofe e int. een
iaction o ci ty,ndemg no- interesting news recie4 or itive.slave lw ,by every edh. No.enralfight,-*ove,. h,aken tritel autarustfuly uito odoeleus-rig
quaiited *11th niany 6f its6st ciizens, 0 tion,,*e have' suffiered b1 6v, A 1 place. N S'ppIpesot -rW"ent n.id, a bs haaMein$ halhd- 4lwmpro
we ,are confldent that, tv libiral a he paet fe* days inight soi,by belt an,ap penage, ad6pei. edlqThlis ulveien fvhiqh is b0lievd f uer, tubii 1r*y thath
pbe used in this edition, but a lesic. It h'l s ceae let it be fo aae1r to be dothing ut a>fein Very t rana sufti ngo ol b rave Po e
patriotic porlie'i lila"'O,h-ui.liy: I t"ce8d i tb ofibe tte be 11tilc btitl 31 k'y1e0 bir~ 4iiavily upon us miy be turned iwa
that hiil Ws r ie o t's consequence of the non-arrival ofengaged 'hused; no morq Union no mpre submis- firing washeard in th rec IQn At the by, iiin nerolfttl oye that lls st aiming
Sassistant, we r 9pell'd to purtaIl sion. Let all these considerations nerve hour of closing our report. 1ra1e b given to out people,Ind lil.dirIns
support of a district paper. t-i-uantity and simpy ive abbrevlg- otar wills, shut our e;rs to those *ho Aidthet foke made an- tack on our wisdom imparted to our rulers;. that- the
Ever sine,e the od airfYd. Hej,. g a ruig'[email protected], aid if thiy will peosird lt id1s 0t ltellie,-on Fr ay nor6h'g Lord-or toes will be.witit eur ar d s,-a
and Refirhd ebave' them bi.Anthema, rqbut wer e rpulsed., Ati same fit fraou aaiti alt ti so Ii
ehae $s ted . ni t th jstant a great war eet- - et our enemy.hut withdraw os time 0 boy of he enemy advanced upon own han and merelftlij establish for us a
tby peoomo of ofa gsttt bs, ne Tove 0
ens'nga fd t the AfMeacn- C' - our 4oil, and we will hail it as the ftrst the-oharleaton road near Blue House, lasting, just and honorsble peace and lnde
eenti cinimedby soe f t 'eI. Richmond, which was,addresse ,. intimation of peAce which they have nd16pened with thair artillaq, but'ma'de- pndtnce.
uentaeitizens) hav;e felthe want of tor IHC4FaR, of Virginia, C. of gieiu us in the .pet thirty years anid no,lMprelaian ofi er 112s A"d ltt ulk not forgot to renderan4(
the establisliment, distrit pprour uper rord'for it1 *e willbe iad. , The eneny oppear.tPhholy name the thanks and praise wil ar
intendl 0 X Oirt Irself e. ivanceofthatlarge column o!pe8emakers mbst of theit -Jore', trotn, Cowbabee- for the many Heeis w sli,lean extend
cure to then this ata A t was lo held in tae hall who would be found rushing to It sa. ferry. Everything in that vicinity is ed to us amid the triafe and .auff rings e
of the Hous of Delegates,"atid'di-eeed cred altars. W, -yearn for a peac-that reported quit. ., protracted and bloody war.
they give us the support v.hich is fieces- by nesrs..Goonx,BAriDwfN, Inothers. h norable, but will 'corn every ro- . ei er lil1ed 4i, tVoOs 1e 0low, therefore, I,-JEFFERSON DAVIS,
c 0trprye MheSI GOM,Btrw,a-'the scor 4!tr'r- APM70li 8cm t rouldesit of the Cenfedeorato Statesio
sary to sustain te enterprise.. position for pelce which has to be p4r. to 'ar Bufana latuided a number, ith A*,rp do 1Dm. ths, roosates o
Bebng a printer, practIcaf chased by submission .r reunion. the intentioil of capt-uring our pickets. appointing F.R)DAY, the 10th day of Marh
hmg f e pata fl acceptance of theyware forced --- ~ -*-*- The enemy re-opeded fire onl the city next, is a day of public ftoing, humiliation
* having for the past eillhteen years 61l Apo't6 bi LidfW WIIRob- GNRLSIXtA..-eapn an . t e .eoo n prayer,(wtthkigin,Pe
lowed the businest, we feel conideat . jpo tm hjrc6o 's refusal to e- ER A1. SHF:nM A.-We append a yesterday, thrbwing eight shells -Char. and (with thanksgiving,) for *iu
in gotlat# Inpon the peace questiot, and stir. extract fydtn a letter written before tile ieston Courier,- Ilt. vokin,lb.e favor and guidance of Almighty
saying we can give to the reading por ring reeolutlons were nmanitisly and war bytisia n, who is now trying e ... *nd and I darnestly Jnite.all mol4iers
tion of our district snh a paler ase theythe subjugate the South. It was addressed 'AAXPLtOFSAYAXA RW ad elli'enf oberve the same, in r.
will be pleaed to welcome tb their rr to a delegate to the Charleston Conven. find in the X#Wr York.Commeet,he Given under my hand and tbe seat 'r
d at war ant our indapen&nce is acheid. tion from one of the Western States:. following paragraph., which will, show Confederate $49te, ateJhyaond, this
aides. AM a'news jo'raid, we intend -.--~---- forLr n 'uad i h bv
"FoRT RIDOELY, March 20, 180 ldw delightful the aikee'rule in Savan. twepty-1fth day a January In the
that our littl ofAspring shall be secolid t4. The appointtent of ;eneral HAiProR - -' nah is becomin of our ,or.d oN fliousand eight bud
none, havk*g iuade al -t'ecetsay ar. (says this Volumbia Xvth [email protected](an,) are going South, andall we ask ofy- "A SAannah bellitstt pdof' fft nside ,7 * Ei ONAVIS
rangenienti for' seetrifig the latist tele-. to.then.pomma.d 4'o two such divisions'as is tq giva us. a good President.' Stop "elk the other any to aoid waiung un- By the Presidi, -
graphic repodts, we All-be p%0r1d -t a hose'ofGenerals But.mu and Youf,. Xbiw damrable negro heresy ef the cqun- fr.tho m era flad*ic hun . P -d f
give to our readers the v lateit -that isseainet of succes'. Hesono more try; frown upon every Abolitionist, jou front or am- offer's hesdeuoirteru. . G1n. fob 18'66-id
can he secured ;i.fron otir exchange's it -the head of the mn he aso often e eh;t; aid, as you pass down trough g eral G ary, military cor"plOndant, of the ' F 3m o e S ee
GIVirginia, ieo that tihe reinnant. of ciy"mu4aeygve ordtrsito have ,THROUGHlOUT T1lB:C0NFHD1iRA(Y
we will cull the latt and most-impor. fovictory 'on Virginia fields-men on that raid of Brown's, yet' unhangi are her promehade bek and forth unilOr the QUA- T MASM0gxsDKiAfti
tanlt items, with a vietr to the enlighteq- whom both the coulitry and hins4f caN protmptly broighc -to the halter. - And, hateful symnpol for -an )tour, as a rarn- Railroad IBureau tiekinond, Feb. 20,'64
ment and pleasure of our readers. In depend--and we may, therefore, look for in the mantie, if ou will take a (ew ing for similar offendNe." 'HF. friends and relati-e ;of sol4ers -i
fact, we will rpare neitler paini, labor a repetition here of thri gallautry which of our most,distinguiahed sons of the -tho, Aiy of,torthirn Virnila ath Iea
or expense in making TAe Daily New has been bulletined fropi every battle in na ont rt indu as, * good house sait, wash.- boen ey, ted wir al 1outeil n a
a thorough ewsjournal -Which they have h4 a place. '.Thi let them see Virginia justi0, yon will %io snoh, adomlartable home and kind wearing apparel to i oeotl, vfan'
As regards the political sentiment of arrival of BEAURKGARD, thethought that benefit our communiky. Yours tru teatuent will Ve glver. To,woure iM advantages thus ob4ained
our sheet, there is,- undouitedly, but, B1yr-roX is in the saddle, the co-eper- and in haste, feb 18'6-42tW2 0. I-THOMPSON. through the'Expressuerapany, the following
ne course left for a true Southern man 4tion of Gin. JoUNSTON, who, although -T .a Sn AN -n uWales. Packaytimust, not contain mere ton
'to adopt, and that is the advocacy of for the present "behind the scene.n'" does PAss H, IOUN.-One Dr. R. 5. FAIartr.D Iista1o'r. hundred pounds; be well secored, and plainly
h rh skill ad e c -- HE Doportaient requires that th# Adra-. l,arked, and sent at the expes of the ship
the thorough independence of tho Coll not withhold is a,nd. experience,- Lemoine, ropre .enting himself to be a 'ler6m Tax, Non-A rieultural and Sol- per to either of the Soldier' Relief Assoca
federate States-no compromise-no whenever demanded, together with a Fr..nchman by birtl and a refugee from diers Tax shall be closel forthwith. tions, whioh are located as followa:
going back ito the Uiiion,-but Ai score of other facts of an eneouraging New Orleans, Fays the Monticello (Fla.) Defaulting tax payers must pay immedl. In No.rth Carolina, at italoigh; in 0outh
Fred- hitoi iiLt thR alac rel. Carojinhat e-olumbial; ina Georgia, at Augst;
eternal resi'tanco until the sovereignty character, which should not be published d, whitst on a Wi to .tatpace e *e soldiers tax otfo a-th to i)e paid in in Alabama, .aMontaomery, or to any ot4er
-aad independence of the Soutl, froi arevents that may well give our people cefit'y, was giilty of a crine at which eurreficy) ynAgrieviturer pi-operty,- will be Ioint whih oneofthesAssociauious hav
Yank i bdtrapdonse of e Sutefo gret hunanitr shudders. The character of the colleat,din -innoboro commeneng on the ist nit office.
Yake t donm, shall be guarantee. great joy. ' - : irime he committed will not bear publi. day of hiarch next and daily' to the end of The Agentsof these Assoieltions will tier
Our course, neverthelesi, will be 4'n- , ' cation. but murder; to our mind, would theo month And as toon a. all your tithe take charge of themn, and ship daily, by
.dependent, not neutral, upon all politi'al - ExGovan,ou BaxxxT'- be a slight offen-e in comparison. His is delvered preonre trpet thefPst Quarter routhern Expiess compaiy, to the roper
-.Hon. Thonats Bennet t, E-Governor gray huirs w0ie all that preserved him Master a oetiteote natlujihevalue of the Agents of th- resJective iaeal, ;Iilond
topics. We 'belong to no party, as a of South Qarolina, dird on ite, 30th ut0 fthe s.that, ths-deduction may be made by w o *111 see thern dlitributed to the proper
unless it be the great. Soutetoat of tar nd feathers. We al the Distrot Cellpetr and any balance found Individual ownets.
- .arty,- upon the press to pass him around, as dte may beeolleeted. , . To meet thil *lshel of the soldiers, and- to
.Rights Party, and with that we are pm The oldest by irasy years of citizens ope too degraded to live in a decent 0. It. TUMps0N. give thetn a festtaf aid speedy eommunica
jpared to sink or swim. 'hhate the Chair of State, and communitr, and too beastly even for the -14th Distrie cheesor. *ion withthoe, the southev' flxpress tjom
__h"__ Catef 41as1hite be thEthi hiseioe tiryAre0
Our State and Confedetate Go the (hief Chait bf this hi. hone city-a companionship of brutes. o eover evi'tydlbng e,e ., an't. in oyrere
citizea.distingtuithed in many ways -be- - - ee iestelok Supr'td tetfft . n be ay occur to the siecesr sh
nuts will r6osive our hearty approval '* haswikesorves it ob no e o
approva his age, )tis o. l~srvsa ul CAPTUCOF BElerNS.-Frorn the Chiat. laudable [email protected], tile soterall raiIoa
when they do, in our opinio i, what is or record than eas now be given.-",--ar* talooga (f'Zelle of the h of tan C-, liaaosenrs otlyrequsU ato rndqr
:right;--but when they err, we will crti.. laton Courier. - - whitl wi hi vo before us, we gather t - CHARnLOTTE . S Al prossCo"pabi such facilities as will ens.
a ~ I i 41Ab big t tqo,wsaii this arneeta coj&et
-cise without fear or favor. And evel- following item of good news'for nur sid Co.Vata. a. C., Jannary,3d, 18o6.hmanyo pe
Gu fer ,r. F 4awn TIM hoNeo'on.e The 0azeiie says a raid was made the NA'L frthr natio, this company will s, th ,.B9Slor ppesp Company
s. owith iour stAkestrell, nd those1in tite A,oe*91toUeCoi,bu Su itrciv,o owr PWT sti~
public wal fe The dt.h - day before on t.he Government - cattle w tfot ra. or foyward PR ATEssponsilty of the Trspora
pub]c walk ire Tbh good d fe says,: d fn converaatin .with G#- whic were grazing ata pointeight mies FREIGT for Charlotte g points eyond. tionof tmes. packages, te _ie !.ief .A'ia
-will be herdt'ded with gratiScation, white Forrest fkesterday. he favors arming from the ton Trho raiders were abdlut . biESANDERSON, tions e req,staed to withdr.w thekt a ete
their --errors wilh receive'.the criticismt 200,000 nggroes. HeI declares if te ever 400, aaill t'o be uderi the comthnd lot obl8-''0 Gerlueitnet who' heners'ftefme aed Aatae ilg
which they d'eserve. --- - liad .any inoh nnt on to fightfbr- rCee, Gatewood 'and Tonm Polk E'dmonson. stt Meerd of14 eIU~s tP pestablihenoiq in t hefr Asofoitn wil
Give uts thie'upo't, kidfriendls, that ti o en fra princ past rHe Tay' e pt td 80 beeve, na hiled - ' A flNAo' OLLa,B the ae ao samo rvlgs~e
- we teed in estal)lisl'ung our paper, and wife mad elliidrep, to preveut pubjugation,. guard. General 3(asagr, who &otmnds - ' Coro.eata,iimnuar 1, 1865.- . an.i . y, W.Mt n -
we will- try and mneritt your confidence biut d'sires exce.-aud is tired oVscene's at ChattanQoga, s6s a force' after ' The ND E *tppoiotmenby the sLegislature Approvel~ Lt. Col. and quartern.
.and further patronage. - of bligot. Durig tlis past fethalf o-f raiders but theovhd got pff and carried a ,eutp pi e thheo'inso str tey A. B. - we,QatrwtrGn1
* i~RpectnUv, --las. comnd hve 9 killed~ *9 iund- their bLunder with'thems. O ur boys are e ued tre tgeandieato'uoe theirummes -ic- 8ouuas 4ises Ci'
ed- he fae o4eGne'l ytfug gr-Lug hold tojo within eih als ft6etn'opportunit - ,toseonro tgsa pcb. l, 104.'
N. bthsh ' ssilvery grey --.-ilhas Ch*tnoa ~p9u:te if ormation.- opla.registeus .Bentherp Exp.ses -(ripany hereby
70ORrlyswhite. -'- - .~Catnoa - + I . -t d r. rts'or exstmalties fromt the ay kre no heS (rica a 4e i e pt aoldie-as
TO OUR - --..--D...e** - - aeSolea in theoinformation re4uitred-is (ist lin t ingaj . r4 aed 51se
-Who desire to sustain ouirpublications - -e ..~ THu P O .'rI tuIt Pao'osser o be-obtaintedt-hetnle' - i a -ders; thap tlsy ra eyr ot
we say come forward and, subscribe at penirrate nir cAonn..Tha, e s.--The following resolution hias bean Th'eeordwlldate back to the beinnlng arragen,uns s anny di ~ t i;ov
Geor%ia peieniry.cnvcbh uiitt$d .ir the Yatkee ag~haas ..-of e w'ar, and inalude all who have beenm oand rtuiQat they wil doalI thl power
once, and by youm'o'nutenancee and-sup- formued into a compahy on the apprcohof Mfo* do tlj re,oisttdptioi5ts ike ~t? klh lta bettle rtild df'aeus recelved tofiihlits requirea.mn
port, put upon a. sure foundation your the enemy to M iedkeville, ad '-who ljesolvs bat ,Sena anti I1kue of '% ia 'ttler or from disease or Aqotes M f J AMFhiP hIAS ,.
district.paper. . . hto tot!gh thiroiwh'luea talgn, hav'e recntat (Wes is& Congressq rssebltd This tl*v es -frtunate a ot, iphoe Oos'l up't and. otI.g Z *e'
Ga'Or office is at de "okIetand of the penu gi i ttirtf idays, at the no negotiatioc, ters'of 'eetent~ or nob5ael,eou et r 9 p on h aitms ob o ---
Herald and Registe, we will be -r~oteofo~f h.-Ajtn n -ito roou,.-o 0 promed s obte t yobr bot h to di on ak'e. 'stp. ,
leesed to&see all w o e ay give tus y rhistot Gon t of thd9tate of Geoi'- 'thn reos 4fre a f4~ajl~4 2iY.,ftd what . - uDi . H.s,ito MWSn ie
call. . tApr terms, Ao., r4 page. -a et6aeo hfbv nfse ni n n ee 8a /oesini
--,'.---. JH1 4 oto Can ny the tndenstitut on a sajon to Ahe aan . -~ Cauas9.o de*h,~ (a one l monthp - :: 05
ny of - . Confederate sevnce, ahoy wil be paian* taritiesof the (*oeernment; and futhler ')auObediedga pr&e.)'o ~ . u ot : : . or
Shodiyf, o oo a fsfal tot's. ad from the sestenee ofinnemen: ti hqovet- jI%- j~C'taa-be 'de. 'O enrA4b *. be * * ?M~I~ tteii a',o4 r
thve-.tepaes, will -- - de af6 'tthey i W W d -sp.otbashr e 0o shorter perlo th%n mfhree mon
pleasernotify:ue amm sti f~ fact. Drx*ptt 4n Wi wsLOuaafithe ro 1e lfORr* - ~U t hemiatIao lt wilumh d e e ee.
tar carriers are wlo.et- gh ac- ?A5 TH t*.--- lru' e ktaa Governs'nent, 'uatil asid 'sumi oel a 1 a r aton of the trenewed
.quainted with their routes, hut we" eigh CenfederatoAhth one4 theti anhta ursay h h Efip0 ~~~ is Avrsmoi~~t Igse ,
--soon to have everything working;ordedy tesults of' the visit of the North CauoI~ and~ -h rda k baflett A'"y,Its hea . D ehl vMairelssedgally at -
O Olsio/'utJ'reid.t ct ' o
Of the' Press we #tead il e rih 4apert ha siten or dator Upnthe mad - ttes, heret 't~i~Tun - )m*uttqvre*"~dt4 oei~ ae4tnore
horo y p i p rofitabale .w., - aee 9ath, by th i E'Es, d ole ls s tos ed ak a sq a e d,) s o
Those who will exchange with Bhad1 have atade their ap yearance in at Bunuide, 8outh Cafeta ',-s-the lath 'ra an
and to whom 'wo send thin number ~the Wilmington (North Cat:lisia) Jansa' ryto Mis*Aate .mtc,M. **etnoece gNu
our paper, .vihlplease endon thiau- e.&se, at.. eiedola, dnd a.(in ,t da, tn a enqM. asI ~4~.lyrosvd .os' hI a . n de'huae,.i
eral publications inaediately. spea )per pair. mend. prese s-u W J a eR9 bb.68e 4.
"Abolt eight o'clock Friday indhung a
force stipposed to be betwen. three ahd
fqpr thqu" 9tlr cover of
Aar. D 440taog.;asi 140
ill,er is~gt "i o.k tt I
no1of wor4111 e.Mn ,4thq
Palthet ,atta ., in ee, ndof our
pick0. orce -4 riqualy;
Wouild"a." -i6 W10 lising
tho Causeway, arew i l k eiAe of lyttle,
aid1w0rd nio ing ikwlf at lAst AMtits.
No.gneral figt, ewever,. had ;aken
place. .No appr ehtenstot arg entegji.
vdqfise Doveient, whiqh in bollevid
to be 1othii bu t a fint, *Very heafy
firing was4heard in. that direetiqn At.the
hour of clbsing our report.
A46thet fwe madian- Attack on our
ildsit lt elle,on Priday xnprO4;g
but were e rApuled. At.tiq same
time k bo4y o he enemy advanced upon
the-oharleaton road near Blue House,
-anda pned with their artidlery, but'made
Tleenenty 9ppear.tQlhave with4rann
mbot 'of -theit -Jorces, troin, Combabe4.
ferry. Everything in that vicinity is
reported quiet.
p.itir illNd 'nrith t os oania -Up
to 'ir DluItan , I1ded anunber, 4ith
tie intentioi of capturing our pickas.
The enemy re-opeed fire on the city
yesterday, thrbwing eight shells --Char.
eston Courier,--Ilth.
find in the W\ York 6omiertiq thI,
following paragraph. *hich will! show
h11w delightful the Taikee'rule in Savan.
nah isbacomingi
"A Savannah bellis.epd off trie side
walk the other any to avoid waiking un
der. the Amerikan flagi.*hich hung in
front of an- ofieerA headquerterw. . GQn.
eral Geary, military corapi*ndant, of the
city,imme4Jately g*ve orders to have
her pronehade hack and forth itilor the
hateful sympol for an )tour, as a iwaru
ing for similar offenders."
R purchaso, a good house servant, wash
or and ironer
o snob, a omfoartable home and kind
tteatisnt will Ve giveTf,
feb 18'6-42tw2 0. T4 -THOMPSON.
4Gossedterate Tale.
. FaISaar. DJistauo'r.
T HE Depsrtment requires that th# Adva-.
ler6m Tax, Non-Agricultural and Sol
diers Tax shall be clomell forthwith.
.Defaulting tax payers must pay immedi
To soldiers tax of oq-tirth to be paid in
currefcy) vAgi*vltural property.' will be
collected in tinnoboro commeneing on the s
day of %larc1i next and daily' to the'end of
the mol"th, And as toon as all your titho
la delivered proitre frei the Post Quarter
Master a cerli8oete .(aliujihetalue of The
us,te so.that. ths.deduotiou may be made by
the. Distript Cellpear and any balance found
d may beoelleoted. 1 ,
0. I. Tump0.s.
141h Distriol 0ee . r
fe ,8'5d1a 5tw1aw4 .
@.ut.gm Sssper'tedenti Offw.,
CoJ.uxata. 8. C., January14l, 1866.
Ni' further ntlee, this company will
tfot rOoeive. or foyward PRWATE
WREIGIT for ,harlotese point. eyond.
306 18'0 . era1 8uper(toedent.
Va . Mesasq oatd Wce. .
- CoLOr.eaA,.Japuary 14, 1865.
UTNDEI appoiotmesby the sZLegislature
jto pr tehip hseerd,A4earnestly.
appbMl th~e taulie'or- friends of our d0..
ebisud b.rO te ndtne'ate'io t heirnarmoe
&o,'4leth4re ii A' n'pportuinity .to seonro
orsp:te Uffortsation.- Ilospitia .registers
et d reports'of oxsaalties froms the Army kre
aeolent in the information requiedrit ibbet.
be'obtainedast-etne' . '.
Th'eRecord will date backc to the beinning
of f)e *ar, and include all who have been
kilb lt battle tilId 4f.*eound recelreot
iea'Sttle'r or from disease or Aeoidesh.f
Jeu avA b.eeg so.fortlt.uto ot, 14p lose
M end or vo$agre, yet saghi t it, Is
nob5te.,reosftom qbgon nrmoeof
but.oo fre;4eloj,ypthi 9, h f9~ een
pone neighbeee tode son aWe.
bu.i.9 meif4 2, F'ods what
4tstro6 S. 4. e ny., ,.,e at
4.7 Caue, odeath, A (a
sh,sb'died,sg pr9ofe '&e)
striy the itsd gli ppeA
WassenI t ke ,1
ati his"heart tha hies
t rx i ~,A'oltKiNo.A DAY Or
, . qthd, liXTAvoJt- AltD WRAYCU,
U,.*The Cong0ress of the
te at ae,.- by a. joint resplu.
slon, invited me to appoint a day 6f publio
fsin,it,iliAtien and pray4r, with'hanks.
giving to,Alraighty God. I
It is our soloma .dtty', 4t all ttad*, and
d#oi-'411060110.11'AWU P4*bA?'610Iij4
Bubinltio efo e feeitat Iobb selb
sr manU'lenl , s liHis ralotte
parden, imp1ring I 1orIp.hep, Ad do.
Teni ly - rondeing h t- (OV 4 jly tn1and
great Wells g this vp00h dafed. to
V. - . .
,et tho heart tef 'R*qe P n eon
tritely iltrust fully ukto od tet hsu-rocog.
MseT in lIfis chaatMuing haftdelo roetiook
of. Fatber,N"4 nabi sive,lpray that ihe
trials and tuftr 1, IiSi. . jo lon.
borne leavily upon us may be turned away
by,ifis neroiltl lovt.' that life sstalaing
grace b given to out People,g.nd 1i.divine
wisdom Imparted to eur rulers;. that the
hordof eosts will be.with, Iu armies,and
fght for us against our eeaIes ; ad i'iu #
Ho will-graetuely :thkeyttt ehUdiE-IRliis
own hanl adk meroally establish for us a
lasting, just and honorable peace and inde
pendonce. '
And let us not forget to render.a4o Is
holy name the thanks and praise wlie are
so justly due for His geal oo4ese. and
for the many eintros wich i?4 has extend
ed to us amid the triae and .suff rings 'ef
protractod and bloody war.
. Now, therefore, I,-JEFFERSON DAVIS,
Prsideut of the Confederato States of
Americ,), do isue this, ny proolamstles,,
appointing F.R)DAY, the 10th day of Marsh
next, a a day of publio fosting, humi)iation
and prayer, (with thanksgiving,) for -Giu
vokin,#be fav9T and guidsnce of Almighty'
God, ' and,I do earnestly Jnvite.all mol4iere
and citisens fp observe the same, in applr.It
of reverence penitence and prayer.
Given under my hand and the seal 'of the
Confedrate $qte,. at jlhjond, this
twepty-ifth day o January, in the year
of our ,or,d on tliousand eight hundred
and elity o-ve - -
By the Presidet
J. P.DUNJAMIX, SeGretay of state.
feb 13'66-td
TOAfte JPrIendn of tho Soldiers.
QUAaRT11tMa G9x's,DuanitiAA
Railroad Buresug Rieknond, Feb. 20,'64.
03HR friends and relative ;of sol4iers in.
jL tha Arnvy of Northirn Virgisla are here
by notified that a arra-agement has this day
been efftted with the *douthern' Express
Company, to carry all packageif61 f19d and
wearing apparel to Riclhaond, Va.'
To'niour6 IM advantages thus obawined
through the'ExpressCormpany, tie following
inostrntion tust ho.observd-'
Pa*ha&e"^muAt not contain more '1hAn one
hundred pounds; be well secured, and plainly
marked, and sent at the expense of tho ship
per to either of the Soldiers' Aeliof Associa
tions, which are located an follows:
In North Carolina, at italoigh; in South
Carojinaat Columbia; in Georgia, at Augusta;,
in Alabama, -.viontgomery, or to any other
point. &L whio. one of these Associatiops have
an office.
The Agentsof these Associations will tiere
take charge of them, and ship daily, by
Southetr Expiess Co#any, to the proper
-Agents of th- restective tates-at tichnond,
who *111 see then U1ldtributed to the prper
individual ownets. .
To meiit thio *1h.e of the soldler, and. to.
give thttn a -etita aid speedy eotnomunica
tion with hote, the sontheft Express CoM
pany has'agfleAto' g1ej this fteigbt'prefer
once ever evetthing else s and, in order that
no obitaclonay occur to the snecess of so
laudable alniopltWb, Ae seeral railroad
enmpailo are bteoby requested to render the
.EtpressCo"pany such foiktities as will ena
ble it to mwake this arr neeta cotplete
As tis.,.Bert9horp I Xpres* Company'ab
suatos all responsili ty of. the Tra,ksporta
tionof those packages, tlte ielief .Anso'ia
lions are beq,seated to withdre~w the(r a gents
whe' have heretofore acted as travelling
utessengersr ilt the jRelief Asipciation will
establisek ageneiqe in the rear ef othig rm
les, they inay:egjoy jh. same ptvileges ~are
by seoevred to thes armay of .Zetoi ir-.
ginia. , . V. W. ' ,
A.proJew:c. Lt ol'ndQ tet y.
O rFicostvas i Mais Co.,
uguta,Op. Fe. 01$04.
Zl 9.rthlern. Exppssa VoApan hqaeby
noIC,trl o anr aeAl* dt alii
dere, thaksipey as .prre4o cer~ out
arrangern9nls asan n eaoe
q*gd.and at they wil doalIz4 their power
to rtP its rqireetts.
?Vtte tag Al S-,Wulerop, x. .,*
B ia 'U. Hi. MWUYSON.
Onee nhp -:: :$
.* , ? oe toont' : .. :
'~'~tif*iAn'V or
shorter period th%gn thrree
'th 00wilh e d ae~.alIe ox
~iration of thte tint W~drenewed.
Advrtame incssedi faily at
r4l.~-~J.'ide4) 14n, or
less oennted aka aqo,
Q~dIsesqg.it paeralaend
*It~q4Wpile, not. exceedling four,
epbesiten inade llitout a yesponsl
* 4

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