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The daily news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1865, February 14, 1865, Image 1

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WdJ, *L'~9). ~bi4RUAR4L Y 14, 1865.*- i mnya
-TV3e or
T%, DAll WEIVAp(*d g
three wotnths at $1 pette p
$1"te W 0 ft cnt .
*THK~ TRI.AKY,A N 4W!,(6 rbli 6 bjet')
cat 'be had for three too.lithi at. ,4100. No
subsftriotion sko tn'0 o,ks Jim0'.1ti thtree
THE FAIRFIXV. D 1141 *enklyi
paper, witbw f4ra qd m mn o i is o.
a 1110I ostiiI,Ikt ,- 1
Will heilsere In qkny rf 1 boc ra
t $4O usere, a square contsyt n
teri ir strietly cratd
Appon zatentan
Dr c, i ., i.
J. I-. 131WAT1,11,
fut"sOvo, - I Monto,
IluoXht,40d , f 1ocky Monnt
1leeTree, Ridgeweed,
I Bell's 8S1art T1opbign."s
J'astore , a ten's tre, A
** Glpeden's,Groq Long own,
Jokson's.r~~ Atn,
Stratheripe' , ~g,
S1tle letters mift beegj half 0t0o6
g ,I"lay pq of. the Confedediti
t lipwod. - -h
A L itifal fato (or' e1 addi4iA
1alt.ounce or lesF.
Drop letters 2 cents each.
'thtr!regol.g case', theiepsthge tWbb
ropAid by Atomf ts 1on, d enpeln406l
Advertisedlettws 2 sect; oat. ' : -
41 1,XWsPArE 4l(
Rnt to'tegular -and .A f1,4e otbe6rta
(r'ml th1e ofee.t' publicetfjtn,,s d n)t 4*
ceedisg 4,puncesIn,Weig .
- * Weeklypser,..10 cents petqi,I.
SFeG1,Weekly paper, 10 Fsu4, 1par qittA.
Tri-Weekly ;papqr. 20 *esta or .qtiarfer.
Y$u 1 tn16 a. w'Cek 0,eeniq 'per tthrt4r.
Fiave times .week >0entq. q ere rter.
ui timeeiaweek, ,.eentper -gu'r. t.
Dwily paper 70 ceim.pel quart er.
P1eriq*eas plibbohed ofteuer thap somf-l
m.ena hy shall beoelaarged'at'stewsitpers..
loriodicals Pubil Ved nonthly, riot ex
e0ekling P. 'ouetl 'sI weight. 2X cents per
quarter.; 4nd fo etery uadditional ounqo on
frpetion of An oc, . I eentas additiosal.
neraI-ttuonitMlytbuhh 4hat amount.
- .Birvteq9hly or Quaterly, 2 cents as.
es.'r,aAutgaj: rar an atAr-as. -
EWery other nqwpape4, pampg'i6t, perfed..
loO61 8ga210e,eac enb itoular *jtot eld
hahdbilt'and engraving, not a xeeedng .,
-eltwes in weight, 2 couoios forr,ny di ta.A ,
eens a4ditinuol for . h addl tioupl dit
or:less beyond the first. tee ounoid.
it all *ases, the post-aip to be .prey ;by
, stamps oratapipedenyolpp.
MIAe' Regster RVIe
"X IL138'. IEGISTER thI most 'Useful
eaJ.rnal. 'ever ited in Atmerio e, bati
4 n revived In thp ptibleIoi of The
*quntt$ini3. -This jou -al isa fao-similo.
q its rriginal in the number and :tize q to
Upages, ts typography; skid allthi 6-atites,
wh.iol,iove value to the itidatd. p sblic.F
tions inated. by Mr.' Nile.
lesidos I,he foatures of Nifes' ltlglister
The VQunt r mit ias others whil0i a houlti
rakder, ft sliore atfractive, 'towit :a4d
partmen nt titjjature, 'r,'4ctiln' the
style of 1iterary jourital a,'and "Od
.411n1ita . s btat': Engli sh itdooulp
-neou we . at the saml, time bigi
te ed bigle~pendent, s/outheraseno,
0! ginill bular to ivielf. .
An altoge n t'61t
ills Publied W the count 6n th'
P t4 o -e fre _. m nth. gr0i 1
* he.ua "o: Ue,/a. ' .
Cun' 1 ew,ttyn s" ey ale zi ro,
or -
ptder shld~ e6 ddrsse
1q 8'6. ._ baoM*
DLA4K8 of seey desozipties for 9eOO a4.
Jthis office.
8636raa p.ie aid 'UO
OaanD ar'IktYSlY co)nu1A0idV
p AuOt1serA ., A4t
co 1 004 d 44
r ar n,.
PFraprjptog of e".'ierqhy hav1ng.
ohased the 3OTrtN'r1A,.-AWD
F1aLi tTnMd fin0ittg it i 1pstbleto nske
atte ngi,tatisiw.ehd ould.-assi a,regulyk
tp Uo4 ur, f ir.eg.
thep "afts A Austm,
to gibis.c ule fl~aotryogpt
mfIJbd. .wo .ejt; ho..a boh .
ln w11T 6il '9441._we kod toved44 Eo
Ft 0AVn .- aIs4htwH4X lid eaetg
hi these ,wo ot 4M."u&l.im 14-als.
aT mapitbay. sca: # 'now~Jnto
SOU-6orna I LIV AND VitNt, t (#aml
so id t -e'
jhE " alvrat 11oibn~ ~P
will jTi i'reaet; whed bothl)
Pe*roswil V'resied aind 0OAkA4 d s horei,
ON re. 81abscrlbers-to both jouqr.I will
rec.eive .tYpaipor to' Ilhe full timne'.of.Rub.
a ti w-ithout. deli or Int ti on'
e ie'eiorier d'coit W ial co
of both popers are retained 0fle insq
i joarna 1.h s to .
of oontraMatio, .tok tAit.ve.4 *
splendid ar ray of combqts 1 e& m
P0of I ,n lrcin .for t k4 ? rA.
abritysi Inm cat strou I e'47.ob
nation or g e imiten"aI
Iwn hqhis 60yro r tPorip 1
Batorie Or Ampri h AoLn n
I~~.~qwahIl- 6't~i& o - Z~.anAo
IIeSn a eribr-a 8 :1.4 200-00
lAadie M,t.,N. b.&M55%!1f,co00 J
i6618 6oSAVl6 dMahplei , N.
Irle .90 , ,no -e
ska.6me xomr%LY kAaozstga.
W ~ pt h lopeel on th aIST OF J N.
5ARl' 18n,WyMiCA0i911 of a
thy Matt~'. 4.ag W abou t.i' .
od-ot I R.raxt cthe-At oent wand
tiosalt,gi t IF,ro6'sh Apj4pd
Iaeile tt eol Ma on \tl 1 auoree
fJon ,Will U4 -eneffiltis' ind,, evil tanink-otr,
l100 inJR,the, u dispenlaing
san al1 d w.ord'of e'r fulice. to
Jih11eIid 66.somis of t vikade of war.
thy brotkfO!A , r1d1o and orphams.
I will,1ry. d p tobear what.
41romil, l MYt oosess to mrseko
4t a reli4ble 4oustloan .r'souith Magonld
Law aud Tenets, ,eermA.1iqrJp'g clusely toi,
.Sho An4lent fLandmarke c' h Craft .n.all
.tejr.'prist.In6, stoen tth and sy!nh'strioal
Trembling, lest I -et-r, In. olothhlig. aq self
for,so reoponsible 44;offioe. I 4hall engago'
4pon: the KXT ?To ane skil eitorial
taput Aw thiAl -kep the lights well-triiied
apd brightly burn ng'wuth the hlA core hop..
ilft, as o - wotuigoes 'forlh t,fich month,
front the qtjarrieo:of jur labot it may pais,
an improved inspeotion and biaoceoptpble td'
the head and to'the pea4 'ot every good
Master At whoiwhom0 oranc ri Waiy be
resolved.' -i
Tw.e- It r 10
single Copies2
-MasonsLd Ci rsr, .C uinoIls afd'
dwn(4ab u14kh their sub'
scripti a.on
WM. W MT, Proprietor,
.foW Ready.
rP1lE Jaurry'numier-p Tits iuasa,
jL the on,, M 'Ka agazl', 5t
Bouth. 'Th Nna ~eI of. Noriz Caro.
lina, at :.7th, 864, was ple'as
ed t o pas.'e' l*Ih jebolution : -
Whreas k r 10411. 8rath. o- this
city, . ulicatiopaf a
MonX4 9qr4 dv otite.interest
.the 1q ienitled Tv
Karto t. of I%a kin(
1,er see 'y, Oe a f OM 'Vail
_6 te therefore,
Resob T4A' log eoogi
'sgud or the b e din te $odges
-rap o o of ie . Ausooio
'e Ifaite I111 be fehhy 'ei
wjorted ad a trute statmo ew.ll
kota honmes 90.'
4 -
m a s
F,Tpecat, 4"Te At."
4t ed kad t Oucedin the
W1194Vpd, tonublication of
9Wsrl above title.
I ppue IAi4 s A6otiohig, from'
erdIe .s,~ of jiteierst
e s,hioe htiti -areay -reasldItd
f u ho 4aiugteed tliioe, t 9
ut ove soo Iable thq SutglOorp Rubi.
oL 1Ki i*, to keep the readt
o th yas possible bre
of h f lOk*4at0 of thtage. Ar
men bidbeet lude which, it is ho=,
111aabio thbt uritors( to udoure this
sges,ins~~ lprs g logialartiolow
Af%,ur, belt. -rlters, irt'a. depart met
a 1 a m'4f't o 1rfet4rs orfh
ilb tdfs14r ouberl author
e YoffeAbg 4deqoate and. remune.
ai Oflold for its exerolse, They Will o'a
h111 ger,the plea,pf. yi. design, e
ou e, y reproduction jnjt- 4t('%lulndl
AN.. of, Oomposilgn.ri,yAIh i1'rGftttr
"t nX llthy 'tAt, to, bitated ofi.
bY I th brid iteratur.. which Yankee In
goti ns contrived, 'Aldrr the amuo
ren onl ror4aoe. -
I/ s tndu,riti. Idilces nd thq Ldtot.
t .o Interest 9ftq ( 0i7Gti' h twwik
id 0 os oftru6 neefido wtg
o lie Itnportavit.halmofbt'tIn'iou th
dte 9. In the developsinutidgtl4so qlkes.
d11i1 it. olo& rl, be to kos. prauttol
qapi ziion qf the doctrlilp o e RIght
4 ih .Io' o'tbet44i.nt1. It IIIenli*
qrto hhi e p
.;dedidtrae' y
.iibita' ysmi :tac.eac5 e ae -
pre 11th1n1 ,tskdI$ tand otdly 114und
ly ,uit ry aination of porers j1 will
,vi ct t.h6p elemeaitaaof 'rNtioiritIndt
pen ' 4whi'h are W'e'uirodr by blhit"I
nt'n tlg'eicow "sid o E a ,
cuinht lted napiltal,i varied diitry
tujIint.%oi)Itie. -of in;r un"i
Wil totbibo11optiou al It torues2
1,r, a W) ph thel Co6'elarlt SAtesAar'e
n t itI n,'whildt thci Coni*Lit 91
,f t -onntdcrafe Mtsfis itrbila tao en
flov it'11 org4nise on, raf6 en6
pris -01,ttbare Calculated ille
tes'ul 8r iwili e s litt sletir.
duty o urg 'Updo the Statath Vejq
anntt it sao thdispenshbleh h y
tIloi l It is tlys that; (hroyh flai
* I grato ab lily o-1i7o sepaVtv 4th ,ole
po oe ttieCo'nfedeat e Staites y f&~ Ads
an si94 Ik Whum itt: thi ocollibien of
ecitmil initeres An Itb heopPossion of a
comisuli htad'willb e afoided.
T1 vFarius, dey.aranonts of Ifterptiro to
ble S*auzineix d6Vot4d1ihayborWfied
as-f(~R ..\
1. Epatsys. orifinad an4 seteced, ptihLica1,
liteary and suieuLfio, iand biogratphical
2. Novels, I ales .an.d Sketotem,original.
And slected 4
. ieviewp o Book:g.
t4. Eddoaftal Essa.rstand News.
6. Natices of the pr tgres of Scienoe and
In Ilko furch loitic.n, It Is the desioln. to
aWor4.L- Teach i-8 niOlation ieaded in
their professiou, ',Aud a field for the inter
channgor ldes *,I that *nbject, to VIjiclJ
ohd, theit dsrista;,teanldblaboratio* is in.
tited. '-Southern Aoi,vol hooks will be no
lico and rivIowq4;g-d the Solutheri system
of Education "a' opplmed to New England
enipirI?Isin aPd pra etialisml, upheld, kdevel"
oped And defended.
-TIM449ach number $1.60. For three
O9t0h;,4. Pr rik wonths $8.
Vhe 'frado qIlt be supplied by OEO. L.
BIDGOOPS, lot Main Street.
Wi. tI. .V6R'LL, Chief Editor.
Anil W Acit 1x,%ssooto Editor.
eb 13' .
'5k gounset sa .Confedera.4
A netts.Y JovpNat,..
.Of 701fTlE AlnMY A tND '.IlE PFOPN'S
ho.httereqt of the doidis
t Or.ffino and the
peope th' Coll I do te Ott,l i %a
gnatI , NuO w Oip u I ti '
tarf, a0d M10091 i4epas, 0 Ign a*t11
esogpreprd, by ready writers a4.
T ltra lJopa-tment of the Southen
Coe ddera ianoInldeetk combinatou..Ispo.
mat ,hC' egevekal d4eparime ~ :%en
la lo4Dai9%,Wh ohief.aui i*Il'
~s he t~She ida a-dlo
POP 4~oft Maion and evenut, aftst
9 ('wfits*y hulepw4s
C9 ef b * ,t -f ~
?'seoi1 Of 4
eo y
/ 9'
o13eik. Mugisgso
laral of havugbeon ro
cent p'ftfiasedb th Seribeks. will, in
f w,e i their
eo,~1.~4=42 mMf, brith,buhl_
Silk. 4q, itu4efsoqor *I~ WI bquw
I6 , mes_10t,tal
0n entirely newre
tors aro:fanguin, of
i h liih the has
jf.'s i their. .friesnd and the
POU- a support worthy of
so Ot 61 jlrse,, lookinigtfo tlle ad
h iUigest literary interest' of
A ept.r -orpheal 1 bohalf of the fi-.
tofr-.ai4 e6,)jeleaoed .literaturo to, our
o 4u (.yde abene,of. whioh has hitherto
ly-w4r 6f reproatches am6ng the'
.o a, anid q#er now militates tgalust
OtrI i*tesis abroad, need not be addressed.
t6 thso whom this circular is, designed to
"7,1u1.10 the att*1nment of thli grbat.end,
,of eg More is' necessary tird iere ver.
bIA'0476sions of sympathy4nd eu6oburage.
taont,' - Tip friends.of Southeti 1itorastu,q
must fostev t9hoefforts of our literary men to
SEeue for us a worlhy.pgaitlon in tboworld
,iWe design the Xieshonger 0 beua entoi
p,rlbvuorthy i,ppr of 'al Ta'asie9 out
people. Wo hall Ahmi ghlefy to:seoue
our ptges, t produ4ions of th4h
order of genius and .scholarshlp,,,.Rad'at th
same timie avoit arie ti' wiW otIb*ute 5
testion 'to Ad. elot fft fro t
186therd wrketusn all thodeps ens of
Iuit4ratun. rl!qety, Rtopp.oe, (p Criti
cism, in short, sry glib40, '6sepromiI
'ire its e 'teni4.
% ear fieloiente ossauesif
he1ve C aUyE u t ow 1' h
-sub 9L
For the presiji the plice of. subsorlptioti
*411. V fo tielre intnA $9 for Sig
ln,oti,hr, if 1,dpr is poit previc-ts tf.
1 After that 4at thle Sub 0 V
Oi for twaly nts,
mgmeth'Wo 11'rittease 1*1l'n4i If,
klid%w o wlj oat-ibe ore &he Arst oNjroh
11Wxt.' Olfdre-:4aciapaidwi k,the
ILi-. .0 0. WqfldeI~Th fortnelyif
now of this city-*ll ontiol
H10.4 i iness iatiest of the 2;eeng and
3f.lo .H. AlCrietid, t4his oity, .41 di
v.det Re toriala n m Ltscn
tiolns -coilnlect e tt %Ief y' o
tho Mesoger rIl oWd to ft
other communqatiooi,a ld bO dit -a o
the Proprietors.
feb18w Ai' ond,,.
Sew. PtPr 1 1t, i
.(AiIndr#lgied propdse t a
- Apo , qt r th vt ho
Rilchm6w H1 4,.' on, or Ai4 ).thl
of Jnit 6
'iI'Will 00"4lke 1ndopendent fit hts
lut will ne6rihdoes aa ord to -i. O in
iVtratiqI Ji itE iipift li all t1e1i surej
which ,ii(h e opfhibn 6f its 1oodjete
maylteetn'p*owotive of the 4gV ,3q9
the' cause in Which ')e are -enga-g
Rlbpor criticiuin of such Ac.ts ad e' -
deemed!adverie to this objet, willb er,.f
69u"o, eonsistint WilW the Indpemadent
caaor dr.whioi he 'pap fIto be
iudugiirate:.- -
In the eiktt 90of9.6tid Nows ,I be
toii4 to, keep aeo wit l.the -isld tja it.
uals ot the'day, while IC 'lit
per .prth Cn y ankcl
%vtittl6is"Ir h On. o oub ofto *blat
try,A lbhtei n ro
. Poon I 4 rto..I Mon.
O sshe
toe sttt ,fan. ~ A3eti ad ean
cotA I s6 I*1 1
neJoIite t na
ring- of Lorelga'
fll ~ norests. -
~ . . 4 Herald will
kz tite ~./'i
4 5'
* ts of the remb oiatIo
'Xatered Occordin to Alct of Conjrss In Ithe e
.by J. 8. T!h r. in th, Vler' Ofneeofmeo
Sn aio401t 11 1onf0derato Otates ft the ts
er isrctfr Gecotg1a.
WLimov, Feb. 1O.-Tice win consid.
erable skirmishiag, oi our lines at Sugar
Loaf on Saturtla. , Thro attacks,I ce,
w4re madiv whigh were hsudsomaelj* , ul.
*04 widit:enSidereblo lose.o te eneMdur
Ing the aMsok.
Thee04ays wholeforoe opened on 11oke's
Our casuaitllos at-e about twelkly.
The dlithb.ay be'nonitor throw seviral
shells At F'ott 'Andersom, killing one Man
and rfundingnj'othir.
-AR! itIet.luetel 'N ,
Ruiozko~w, 1?eb.$ --deneral Lool has is
sued Gp neal Or4os ofibring a pardon to all
:deae~te.aittneui Iiproperly :bieht, who.
'*11%kurn to theii.fr,umands witit- twenty
fO,.Pom the .publioation,of ti odor at
Ahq hi:dqufarLre qf the pmr.mpnt in which
4hoy ny be. 04 gebral anatsty will
again 'granted,'aid thos.-who Jtefuse to
ecep Ye pardoViu W d, of 4hll here.
after oserto;.shoii .fueohl j0ishment
a .istho Cn's maopp#: d3 ndo applica
iny *11 bo tertaled. The
io f.4o e c'il A
orde .f4if. I P
la*a MW .etotio7 oo ta1e,
wt-on let every
tolm devote 4It hla.ettitp s04h -, comMon
defeirp - resouif, wisely and figor
omly imp% d,-nd with the br e army
*getained by a determitied and.4nitod peo.
ple,-s coes, '*itk iedfas, 1 cannot
'hedoutfaz1 hebadyatag pf the eneay
wi ei 1 do not per
ibii'v.*, solution. Thou
ad eity, tfortitide to
su to'd s?ith*a frm as. i
etMrahes that h i4e ,MAdom j our
ft.here will- bloss ph f .ors.of. their chil
dren to preserve It,
R &0994r .Northera s .,L
i64t4 ooitain v4ry little of iiitgrest.
The St. Alban raiders are . to be delivered
sip to the Unitqd S&14eg.
OperJ4.l Agn H ge wu
ibe connnd; otee.
Lincola's report of the co4 a tor.
tress Momroe would be uuMileet tha
10th. -
.Tho news of the peace W6lementcaused
140oh talk in .nglandand h depTessin
efdect on the 'Cotton ma l%4
.Gofd,is unchangoeq.
C" egerate 0itQie4verinmedt
i6o'rxn A1*2iOXoD, VA.
The .i4foai:
t Jrp DAvIs, of Siifyi ruida$.
He H. 8-vxF, of )Pp, ce.Preei&1
The Cabind,
zjkkN]AuRM N, of LW. .,reta;j qf Slate. .,,
,A. 7 uidL., of $.. ce of 7Veamry
,L CD.,tICIuNImme, of 'ec'e qf Was t
jI..hAIA.onY*, ofq.tla. eg oft a* NU.'
:K4n.Gmo DAvis, of N.-0., AUPiteyGeft
A61 '% A,,'4, of T , E ey'ase
. llade of Jh,aas -
1,, f b1i6 Print a
o am. Oeoji k t n'insphtor Gen. J
0 fPr Wtor O- d igroau of CoW'
P1 0# io44'.
- pu.l s.
'E1di g. Ae.m4ew be o s, temaste
te alo oi-.is a five a ollas
p or.e(uet1 hex firt, a s. fe.
'ly rte yte oath~4ie, :Ofl::$2
o na : th On.th, : : . 1
.a.e 4(ielns te rt ndo
'ah nub.tlnyls tn,b Ine.

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