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$1.e1res%tginl 'on puiblications;
!o v.g,i nd s'iie a
once,a id by ydur conhitenanci alid it
port, ut upon"a aure foundligyur
.4trict paper.
(16r office is at tie old tadf.tlN
Iierfil and Rkegittr, where we will bo
pleased to -se aill who may give us a
call. 'or term Pe, , first pge.
huoutid atiy of ourVatronp-fail .to r;,
Ceivi - A ir 'pd ie r proiiptly, .1he i will
please notify us ipn nedjately'of tlie'fat.
Our.carriers nre no yet thorotIghly ac
qtiuiqted with tI9il routes, )ut'wellope
fsoon to have everything working orderly
We instructed the.arriers' yest rday
,iorning to }ave a^6opy of the Nces at
the residenc or pl e of b'niiea of
Yevidetin the,t w4, aiid' ifaiy .f pur
friends failed.to rvceiye a copy,. ivhich
was sent 'as a spdeinieu, we. ,egrqt the
Specimdit cpiei - will, be aupti b
,cidling autM ' Ui fllce, whre we till be
pa.sed torep oraer1 at' ny 'tu
and enter 4p,bscriptians.
* 4PP 1'4i4CE.
The appearancp ot the News yestei'
asy', weirogret,41 o6 of our e.pctW
-tions in consequeipe of the re-djusttpet
of tAchitery'and tie yanof appliandea
not yet coniplbted. ."1' a few days 1161
bye.ty eolnplte everyarrungemeut nec
ai we asure our frends
atTit bo .phani alappearuicedf tke
News #hall be qquhl to that of any other
paper pptblished- h*6 ederAcY.
'u .7. .: . RUM~RS -
We r fiued on Sunday night from
passengers and othor sources, A 1uantity
of ruiors of the Inost exciting character,
but alth6ugh we concluded they were
mainly correct,. we did' not give publiei4
ty to them, for the reahon that we' re
garded thein contraband to Ie presi,
I,uiailucli as out telegraphic agent did
not 1urnish dispatclies 'on the sune s4b.
- ject.
We wiil endeavor to ayoid' givh
publication to sensational reports, as the
ptililc mind is already. suffioinutly lgi.
tated; and we, now' cautioii the pebpl*
against 'lending a willing ear. to the
-ihtny. rumors which XmJC be put afloat
by "the reliable gentleup),"-' esecja1Iy
the one with' "the black carpet hat,", ai
no doubt he is nuich ioee alarmed than
The militia force, liable to dutI, iII
Fairfield District, departed c1 'Satniray
afternoon under co'mmand df ol. JA it
R. Auv, to rendeavous t Con'ia,'
- 0C. 'P' en appeared to 'be in1ex.
cellent trim and cheerful. They wvi ldo
thirdiy v eolied upon to face the
invade# "'May Goo protect ab'd relappn
them in safety to their fa'ed p1.ye
Of ouirse it cah Ota ~drped that
we 'will.furnish a full histot-y of 4p
eYeffr Aritil ~wo1ma received a fil eha'
'ofr ei dhangea; We -will. "onh-Mest'
ug ,erAhe circtgst'anzces. thatwwe posni
* bly.can. .As.soon as papef corprfee
* commig to use, and we have alwidersoope
or inaking enr" selections, 'ewil~
- deavor* fill 'our sheet with more inter
esting matter. ' -*'
H pp. B. F. 1?erry hia rect4vea t
*ppd5n,tmentof Judge of flhe Confederato
$States Court for the' District gi s8outh
Carolina, vice HXon. A. G. Magrath,
'wc resigned in consequence of' ba?ing~
* 'been elected Governor of the State.' His
Honor Jud ge Perrf qualifi d and entered
upon the .d ties of' is re, ' oniblso.
siion on Mondaat.-l, '-nda (lv tr.
diara 13th init
. Dr. Juol'o,,.at a'.late pe riod of' his
hive1 bserv'ed 4p Sir Joshua UOynQldM:
If a than:does kot .naak new er naint
ancesa he .passes throuighs Ji wihl
soon fid hi mslf- left 'a ne. A
sir, should keep hiis f 'en(dship in CVer
stant repaar."
Fho 1YO61.AfZV4V
h ili*id & nl, in an yticle
S.of recognition
by the great po,wets of Europe, reniids
us vN the following hisitorical anidtpoliti~
cal iruths : (
France, on-the 5th -of Febrjury, 1798
I*kuowledgegh9indepeidngs of the
thiitewn lj'canpolOmes, .aS sQ many
independonq'6d& States Evoti the ar.
tie Oihfidiration - were pot 1hen
a.p1 .' T U ne N therlands fo.
loWod. this e4qiple c6bar 8t0i, 1182,
and SwedeiA ! l -1 11g5 i t
Britain, in t,bleat N Ofidl
Se4j* i Watdb inf ,iOiikr: "sso 1.1 any
indep.emin tdop nii rhr rcog.
nit-ion embiche VirgiaWNon C
in, South Car6lIn. ai, poeia, by
hame; and it ferritorlily included ken.
tuek)y, TWnnesee,'AltibAbia- atid M'isvis
Tippi. The.remaining Confitderate States
bevaie possessed by tieir orgaiitaton
ind admission, of equal rights.with the
original States. and stand on th'e sani
fpoting. The independent natioil.y
O ,(e w s recognized 'by France in
1836 an,d by Great Britain in' 1.840.
4he did not enter he Union until 1.845.
In n other form' has tho, natioimlitv
Oftie A erican States ever been. sne
know1edgkd by the European C omrt:.
Jol~A aniqwas'eent in 177,' to rmpre
sent the States in France, n4 was soon
Afl Suedeoded there by. Dr, ' Fran li'n.
jT ey otir received their Authority from
1Png),4-. of Delegate "-f th. -eN
erf 8ties. ,11le'ArticlsofrCjneera'.
tion 'were not adopt,eatill Iilargh, 178l.
MRt., Adai's inder an .appointment re
iivod l1770, remained as .Ministe'r to
P; Iiira fill 1788.
'1e UnI n formed by the"Articles of
cCoufederation was dissolved' Uarch'-3'k
179 9 The)Union under the Coustitit
t,bi tld;)otgo ino operation uti April
3P, T , wid. 1,ett,nly aii eleven States,.
Ubod- Isimd ind North Cai-blima, for a
time-eemaining aloof.
In all thene cjianges for t ho agehty ot
co6du.tilg theli foreigh in.ercourse. the
StAtes docinod to. notification necessary
i.other byernments' No're ogibiton
was asked for any such nati'*n a the
Confederat.ioh of States, foDr there *es no
Puch created; nor any such nation as the'
1nheo0' Statp, for' lho same reason.
The gverumen. estAbtlishd by the arti.
cles of Confederation, and Vp the (on.
stitution, were the metre foreign, agencies
of the Statvs, the true sovereigns whose
n.ation,alitAws already acknowlodged.
The Eur4enan governtients coneded to
I the righp to change thm form of t,his
Vency whenever we pleaqed. The rc.
ognition of. the independence of the
Statez survived nil thele chaiges un
harmed, the dibanding of the Confeder
ationin 183 ; tho.interregnui of fifty
eight. days that followed ; the separation
of the Siates which-t1:en continued for
6om1' tune, Rhode Id"jnd rInd N.orth Car.
olin reidining distinct; and the acces
sion to the'numbe of Stat; which afler.
wards ocutrrqd fromt ime to time. The
rVinisters sent by the Federal agent were
rectived on the original ackhowledge
mlent of the national ity of the several
Siates and no. other. 'No other was de-.
sired, ;o other was proffori-l, no other
Waa tlhonght necessdry or appropriat6.
Let us notien some of the donsequen
ces. which inay be dedeod from this
viuw of, the case, looking at it from a
foreign stand point, and exoluding all
reference to our own 'controversy as. to
Ibb iht qf "3cecssion, F~rance and
appointed in IS186i by an elettion itn
whihuuall the -States, partieipated i that
thus he wa gegularly" atst.ituted :ghe'
dih#pniptied ieentativ fall reSttes
forg s pecif1sfl tehn't ,a ir"u
'9p9. regognzidhimn as'ajgp ed accor
d1ag to,our own. form*. 'Afte foqrth
of Marcli .next<, he v/ill.sustain, however,
a"di asu~t charatter. He will -h4ee eri'
$4 a terrh of service teoNvhket.
9u tu/ deniuWleged '.bj Eis
rO as; indeedenit, .;2 no part; .i
'el*tig .hta He ognorgairnso have
ai conimission fron - V irgiri and
1~tliCA1Okrgliin, dr .the ras of thie Con
thuorit.y.to represer tletsi. r%e pst r
t tes at once re,traine'd, ffid e.r. oe..
chided j.roir all share in his a p4itment,
'fthig ,1%trop& is dully notafet, and it
wiould 66th an~ on~ aind, a' pdrfidy
to acknotw1edgef iapreJhteit
of States recogmn*ged. ' 'ndependti, af'
agen in whose :sPpo:iAnentt ihey h
Itsao 'Ai wellzn'ght thfs Eifhper'
MaiithI is giErto roerent th6
eDfpe pu8skas he man who rulse
at Washujngtois , N?ihi.r and A '.
have"~ clairneddto cha~nge their ld
agettcy freyreitiyl in'lie pst and,it I aa
heb4a . aocored-how ' ar t tIght bo
gqetioad'n'bw? ' r
STiheir responsibtiit.y for Lincoln'sap
poif4:nhtaas the organ for'foreign inter
course, as,b#pft::d:s9harged by 'the or.
piratioi. of,the'(eram for. wh.ioh he was
*electeal In the new armointment they
0 01*en t
it r nttihu. Qthr nalu
for YiWWe sa -,via,ia b
well be adop>tod by France and En, 1a
without reference.to t4e'other ti , 'ol
our cause; aid we: do'not gg,ow thei;
'bn b6 VtVrcotked -or htowbey coe .'
nMet. AnA1-taking inato,.monside ration
the duties,whiol'thiesb g* *r ,mn w
tki their onjeopl,-t'o.thWirRown digni
ty, to soQ oid irntnal pHrinciple, pud
to. 14 -tUtIes, 1Qdefer, whicl they
have docline uptil tlgi neglect .hai be.
.CbmW -a gevere reprdael-we tlink it
Oery rehonabl gid very probable. that
they wil hdded'.prfAt by the coimon
opportmai vy to abaoa beir present
positi9n. Wth agood graice.
In arosnt - 4ebate iii. Qongress1 Mr.
Wigfall spoke as follows:
"TlePYsident. inspeechinGeorgi,
stated that t.-ti.hirds Qf the ariY w're
absent. Cqmpe4hose 'men to returnio
thciir postaanmd you have no.nee4 foi nogro
soldier ."
1 * Br*-"osllyo gettat
Mr. Wigfall,1Howl 'y placing thati
great captan, Joseph .. Johuston,.in
command of that army. Do that, and
thm? men will need no invitation or ap
peal to;return. JU ( Wigfall) was fight
ing fqr shAvery,, ,ad for i.othlng 44a.
The paitent of n4bility is in the' color of
the'skin. HQ W- nted to live in no country
in.Whith the ni who blacked his boot
anqdu'rita his horse was his equal. Q/v19
ble,ngro.s .i4kts andm nake thim spl
diors, and-thes sezt .ubj9ut. introducedl
(or discussion will be inicegenation-the
iegf'owoich will be placed on,an etlu
tliq iith our wive*, our mother# and
yur ,istprl HO wanted to live in no free
regro cotntry., There- were' whito ne
enoilgh on our n)ps ter rolls to win this'
ight, and he.thanked God that we now
jad ah oficer in commmnd of the' armies
>f the Confod eratC State, who 'aould so
lirect..matters as 'in all probability to
nute success.
We see no real,t.agible cause for de.
ipond hcy. The great heayt of the ntion,
ho bone atid siiew of the country, the
>rve..veterans iuthe field - all, all are
iopelul; yei, sang1i.ne of ultinato Suc
-oss. Why shoqld-wo despond? Is not our
a jutt. aidwill nov the God of battles
lefend tim right?
Our material is yet 'a e, and adequat
tud suficient-our reiarees abundant;
and let but the poptilr p,i1e ofour gallan
trny-all vibrate 'with unanimity---and
lepend ipon iu .h1v day wii not 1, far dis.
ant when the hinghtd sun of liberty and
ndeptndece w01l shine upon us.-Col
imbia Cirolinion;'
While the PI1nce of Wales was at He1j
on he and is Pite obtained permission to
visit the Cav f Machpelah, Abraham's
>urialplace. They are. the firatchristiatns
ho have bon1a allowid,to enttr it since
:he Crinad.l nearly seven lunfidred years
go. - Dr,Stinleyays everythitigis kept
ithe most vautAful order, and Alothing
-ould he more satisfactory than the sk'46
n which the toib are preserved* Abra
lam, Isaac. Jae0b, Joseplh,'Sarah, Relbeo
,a and Leah ar buried ther'.
Te New. York JIerah' prott.k
igainst; the dr ft .in.that c ity.o being
lisproportion ite. . It says that bccausl
New York / voted foi- McClellanu the
A.dmainistriou appears determin#d to
1Rage]1t.reyvenge ini an excesive nad in
'mt' ehrollment. -
T he ttoutmoa f5'eegraph& sy the natre
imanuhgag baureau in Trexas is now pro.
I'ei.$g 'nitre onough to supply the do
~artoent with gtznpowdler. l't is capa
sle of produciug 5,000 pounds per ay.
Says Arteanna Ward:. "Yu mas-dj1ffei
as much as you puloase about the af yip of
cyon lay'sT figger, but. I tollfyou kon
Idetlyise has'forty thousand del
Srs tbhe figger is ,aou', as near rit~ a
Vou will get it.
ref*wil be igven.
4outedseatq igag
**. +,~FA5atI3as,anagas.
De,l?artsnt.t* uhj, okAdiva
hisoldiers taik orfj ra totepatd'In
eAgIUAI-a ipropett~f,rl be
ieuotath, Apd as goou 7*lqi.tithe
as delWvered ptoIem rdag
4eter.a certificeat Mn~ingW salue.of the
hjso that' thfe deddteLlon aby~ snade by
eColleet os6aDnZb l4fogAd
lube collcted.
feb 18'06-41aw6tw1,e4
n e pavalry engagereitlast Fri
ih 1 Geni Kilpirtrick near A ikon. -0t
1eel44r 9i& bptsieraleh sucecess,
.;Wes to theirpntenchment.
skrwpvy .kr inio '.g gog on at
.angeburg the oact reoults f which we
have not n hard reportgd. I otj fooPs
should.bo, coypfiei to 'etirg from that
point, we isuppose they will tike the )inb
oftlio Congaroe IRiver t6 piotect th'i
positionsofKiu gvilI anid Coi'mzbin..
A port.iton o fore tiO(VI Iwmy, we
do noL knothowlatge,.crod lie tailroad
yeAterd,v below Oraiigebug . 1I This
wouild appear to bj a diprgen VV from tho
direction.tthoy-flavelhithert puIr.spd, apd
11y'inldicato the purpose. of erossing di
Santo,e, akidmoing tio the eastern part of
the St,ate nd theiice 'qto.North Carolina,
Cttingthe tIorth Riten tailroad-s
Flortzoe. 11timora locnW' o't1 ir partiez;
oq the 'Noith Edito about Jobi.s' Bridge
.andneAr It4ott's P. O. These; however,
Jack conlirmation.
The cars yesterday proceded no further
down than Louisvi.ll- Gua-d&i, 13th.
The follewing. official dispatch, from
on. Lo.e,hap been received at the War
. . ,, ., F'ebriuary,.t6, 1865.
7)- Gen.ACooper :
nhe-enemy moved in strog fdrce yes
terdarto 114t6heri run. Part of his
infaniry,'i0 'Gr gg'a cavalry, crossed
and proceeded on ho Vaughn oad, the
inf.nbry to Cattail creok, ;he cavalry to
Dinwitidie Court 1buse, -where itsad.
vance encountered-a portion of oor:-Oi
a1r- rtnd:rotired. In the afternoon parts
of Hill's -and Gordan's trupps denionstra
ted . egainsi t.he left of U1atcbrr'srun-,
near Armstrong's niill. 'Finding him
ititrenched, they were wit.hdrawn after
.dirk. .During the night. the .force that
had aDvanced beyond thi creek retqt'ned
to. it and vere reportpd to be re-crossing.
-Tis.worning Pegragl' dvien: oved
down-the right bank of the, creek to r..
vonpitre, wheio it, was- vjgor.ousf-&
tacked. Th"' battle.wa obstinatly con
tested for several houi,'but Gen. Pegram
boing killed, while bravely encouraging
his' Inen, and Col. .1Ho'fl;an wounded,
poio.ddnfusion occrred,a mnd the divis
ion was pressed:back to its original po
sitionl. .Evans' div.ision, ordered by
Gen. Gordon to su1pporL Ptigrarn's charg.
td the enemy and forced'him'4ack, but
1a in turn c.>mpellv to retire, Ma.
hone's division arrjving, tie ofneiy wtl
driven r&piilyto , Ils. defences on Hat:
cher'n run, 'Our loss is'reported to be
Rmall; thatof the enemy. ,Irot solpposed
~rest. -R. E. LEE.
(Alv Jogn C. Breckinidge entered
)1 t}ie disgharge of hw;dutios as Se6,
retary of Wat 6 la4, t insc,
0H ARLOT &"0. C. R AD
' COAUAA.M. n,,Janinry 14,I8O
U NTILfurlher neice. ililq company will
not receive nr forward PtIVAT11E
F'LRII,IT for Charlotre~ or pojnit.beyonxd.
feb il'65 . eneral Supeoringndent.
sO.Ms4,. Js.nuary 16, 18V6.
1) to. ps 'ae -thip JI6oordl, I earnestlj
appeAlttberfamllos or friends of *ur de
oeag94Ndjea to SEnd meo at ence their name.
;&.,.while bere-icsa oppornilty,to secxjre
aiccqtl ienAtAot.k HospitAtiregisters
and i6orts'df dashatles fraem tbe array are
deftIli in thrwinfotitio*trequired;.nu st
The Rtecord will d&te biok to the begin nn
of the *ar,'aitd Inolnd* pil who'hAyve in
killb' it bttle ror -die4&of wound,,;a e
In'b6ittle, er,'ifom 'disease or ,accidenY. 4If
yowrhave abeep so..ferLuixate .au not to lone
frend oa -regilvb,yx4 .e tber that itis
haobIe.to tuo s o 'iyi4 the name or
but.one friaiie'*out Itfo had gene from
your neighbQ odto die In our cause..
.0ike~-l. : ,anip in full., 2. i'ronm ha
Dastriot:. 3. Ranik. 4. C.Ornyay. 5. Regiment
sipdarm of uottvige. o.* Die, year,'stontha,
dar7IIus. of Joath, and rems* aris
w kre be died, qg, pretvioupl3 wounded, &e.
realblaphs.tp be~ filled wigt xe
6O#iUUM obiTth avin tereootdu
I'i*Sng to fulfill a
amenow,t an-e.
-% O, io Auw i tlifswa,. I 1
I reset
wassent,tr , . h a e bo,4bredd.
eii ~ thought nb leart that,Iiis name
-Wu& honorabl a rved'at home.
. 6643 N . RIVERS.
r14T'i , AIrirrI1TING A D an
TrA NO.-ThO CongreS. of
ert. as hatve. by a joint 0Iee
o, nvitf e Fo appoint a dry of p
(igifi*hUMlJi*tion ndi prayorol, wt thank
giintoA ighty' 0od.
Ssour' s9lmIldl
ettN .a sepalj
1 0 Ito
dabs b9fore His- foIsAool Confli
Wo MA Mi (ilia, 840PIMSatfgHs gra010
par'i ifi lrlintHim Olitle help, ahld d
ohange for Ihe ,bany a
W 3lsA ict , ,o likin vc6Vij6A
Let .tbq nrts' of . r1Ieoplo .turn e
M#igand &r4strolly Upo Mod. ; let u.1 reeo
n4lisohamteaig-"had the oorreoi
Ifa F sher,and subuiiVely pfvyhla i
fr ita,-ond ti,ibrlfgie which liave s 1
borne heail o ullh iFY bo tUrned aw
byilie-roitT1 lov'ihat. liin sstaini
'grp b givestO to oupeople, anisi divi
widom inparted to our itiles'; that I
Lsrd'of 4ostis will be rith ,on rpies, a
fight for n against .aor ihmisa; iastih
lie iittgaolously take vir c*use' lte Ii
own badaud m'eroi(Uly . Istablish for us
lasting, just and hono-ablpenco and ind
pendone*.. -
And let uS not Orgot tp. reider unto y
holy name the'thanks' i tal, Which a
so justly dte for Hif'' at kodnest. R
for the many -verelleI lie'Ias extes
ed to us amid Ihe tial aI d Atrings
protrneted and bloody -a*0
Now, ilkerefore, .,/ IKE.}k-ON DAY
Prevkdent of the Con'rdorato States
AmErjea,. db issue th.9,. My proclanali
appotntin'FRIDAY, the 1th day of Mla
next, u a day of I.blic fasting, huMiMaiJ
ad prayer (wit.s thanksgivink,) for
voking'the fior and guidabo'of Alti
I do earnestlyInthe, all sol I
and cildn$ - to obspeve the salne in a p
of reviNnb penitestie inli pVayir.
Givon under rhy' hand.andhe seal t f
Co'nftdrijto States,'L t*Richsnond, 31
tn.%Ift ky 01f itary, In thew'
of our'.rt' o thousahd ight hu
anid sixty-ie s .
- r- . , t.'.F ON DA$
* Iy th Pei4Ss
fob 18'05-td
Fo-the .IrileAmdq oe tRseeg t~e
Railroad Bureau, RiGhmolond, Feb. 20,'64
'114'AAnny of."IerLhirn Virminia are It
b!y notilfdl that sin-atrAngfiment;has this
'ei ef'eited 'with' the Southern Ep
imrnlay, to carry all pickageaof f9od
wd4ring' apparel to, tohmond,- Va.
' To secnro the advalstages thu obtai
tlt-otigh the ExprevlCenipany, the folio
intrilotins muitie observed:
1'i6kage'shust not eqatain more than
hundred pounds; be well seeu'ed, and pia
aarked, an,d sent at the expenseof the s
.piu to either of uit . oldiorv' Relief Ass
ti.ons, which nre 1od1ted 'as tollows: .
In Nortli Urolina, at Raloigh; !n 8
QJarolinaam Culun6ibilk;An lerga, fttAug
in Jlbarm'%, ai%.1ontgomery,. or to any o
PuAnt at Which. 4e ufthts' A1ss6ciitivas
ans sfice. -
The Ageni of these Associations will
take c)iarge of tson, and ghtp daily
Southev6 '4'bress' Cotnlany, to the p
Agents of th. t#spectiv'e Stsata'nt Wrch
who will so then'distribtted th,tho p
inflividual'Qwnet. - i I
To et the wi-h.1S of the soldiers, a
glvq th14h a eel-tail And'speedy'coum
tioU ith'hoie, Ilia SouLheri Elpress
psny lis agreed to givo:tkip fteight p
once bv* eterything else ,and. in orAs
no dbsrcle may occur 'tothe' ouccess
0latiWed ari-otrpli4, he' seleral rai
bompaniel are hureyb requevsq,4 rend
'xPfv Ce nya5ny vach Itiiltle4.as will
bItl% q Ae tis afra i t.a coml
4' ti.oulthern Eg es Compan
sUmeis till responsib,ility' 'ftlId'Trnis
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