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The daily news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1865, February 15, 1865, Image 1

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e.-Zs- -1 ..A o M
1"VRIAVty 5 186- - n
D J. 1.
'r MeR or i
Sthret month ii ut. SI
Jacnto R, ill. .'itigh
. 11.T TI-WER'
can be had for three
pub'scription taken fa
pper, wiHibe (urn ioh
W4lhe Inserted in
-bt $4:00 a square, a
1 .e or Jest.
Our terms are stirl
will bo deviated froin.
* . ~ Buistesa dtmca
* .0. R. Tito'xtPMoN, ,j )-.
r. W. E. AiK.N,
,.J. e. STEWAaRT,
13ce Tree,
]Bell's Store,
Oladden's GUov,,
eke6'a Crtak,
et-et her's'
Bii,n leters'not
i"jift to any- I
staitp, u1hall be 10 C<
An additional ra
half eudce or led".
1)rop letters 2 :enl
- in the f4rel'ting e
prepaid by 1t4aiuptS 4
,Ad tilsed leuers
.3 9gxx
* Sent t'eitilar at
ro'r'th oce o"p
ceiligd e unIees ini
cm-e ypa
ner timnes A weel
* Firp'taes a itdec
pi 'ida *edk
Ditily liper T0 e'i
PeriodicaIs publis
mont ly shall be eh I k
1,0ilodicals .pibli.
eeciling 21 ouneems s
-partor ; and for ev
fraCItIn-of&an oiune 10 *
Spmi-monthly, for
Ili-inuuthly or Qr
Ve-y 6ftlier newA
cal , ' taga2lne, 'eac
hindbill' md engra
ouUee.q in weight, 2
2 cenmt addituinal to
Or leC%s,'bGy6bd the
InaliiC-e0, the
* *.ViWe' Rteg~
Jousrnal ,mr.
been revive4 in 0l
V\Vntryman. This,
of its original in th
si',it" 1y,pogrAp
b ave valu0 to
onx issued by Mr.
- B6sides the fetu
The Countryman I
lender it 183ill s0ro
., partwintof elegant
hf Yankee lite
1 tself 'a1ttr the
nqos, weeltlies,l- but
stithoed with an ind
originalwit.and p
An A1t6getherno
-t Is published In th
-.plabationo.nilnfi *t
led, and 44vosettj
turepertial Sports, a
* .ke-Odajtrmaan
* sixteen y-pitbi
Vt' -4U tion,'
-Q ph*ib all- cotu;
dressed, Wa
'- . Ou emsae$
m adsthium
tub 1866
eigh faMt.(
A av.-we;
A; , .4u0pwv
FIA44102i a te v -i
arranio tpa whlh w61d =I
Al"fAI thnt
-vat Pt111
tao T10abhi
p JA
66 h glge - Br th
4f oq wleflog'. 04i WI~
k -c
1id di Woo4.
t aft mied
STo , tO
'-r1?*q 00
jl4UgOs4 2rG
Afe*e fe 3qAo tax o
jme 4in theO1164 p 41tp
les4 4
'rot r IS $
ths y som a
I 4
E R'A. M a uamaLa&M twor "P:0 lkl Ur
- 4a 4
40 pA
I _4 I U
o ttle, dl4:i of A t
t literary prug6.
ArS4ih4 be.made whAo:Mt op
*1lab, le,pris ete ate*pp
10mud o P 11
ub' -afloa
it a eoett i
nentrived, s*der the name~
10 4thedv0016MI10
11pt bet tt u to 4
df ide uone il W la
~b~t s tatto SSk," os*i bt
sls it tan iAe, d oply4iouti
ee1emn1 lotonp b i d
hW,62 d 3,. It d, *o'liift g ,
*~tJ~Qoh dre* Ietus y high beqra
pinan reien ih a
peIs~ ~ stold , voar o 1ied ' y
aM l a o i t ou n iclorte ,
h I Ve lya w hpa ia
01tt'A what the eUame n I
1 1rsA"Mtae frbue eut
tre a o
roj wl beo a ide n.
ri f (COEP iV...
hilotary a TI 'd ikas
2 ~ioele tle thud ktheu thrgi
bo e r 4 t l d
:. h4a doths. ti
;104 -dia~ri f~syat rd,wq.. I
Or Aa be116m ided prsie
r iot ai4h d prrt ess of ,$leaue. u
* is the f agazinectdayo d, pSIgeate
10.aetOO 90 an ect, onkyt%*0
aht sa nd itangta td bi"O gr h.
rO al s and theS , orig
8:;el allew ;hr- Books
.papW ~ i 4Ltron at~eI4
o Editado nil E se . a iye6 , a . 4 d,
,.ie of 001he' p rogre %stht,Quarja
e o Teh~~gO Omof s ranato ner
Vrhf uresj, coigIgla
T, g I r . dA 1 n 1h.4n , o CIh
Ie h s ec o w(,i I
I ' dthaini ,
b wpm oon*d e0E
s'salids, u 4
tsa erft hheaoh Opeb. s of
go n ra Wil beaou e.
in riip fAtrlr'
qcyak 11pa00
4ew edmrbnoa
or igifd anMietIe, 'Oltk
l terac agtfe ad bltaho
bohies. 1. . "
2i Svels tals Ad Sk!che, o
slid~ stipead
MX -lang es amd' *wee-aows
h yr f ,r
'NOW,~~~ !4okditO*!iA yc(der4
ill 4 Ar
' t g li:
o dmiltty, fits a 5ed of whi.h haw 1dttelito
o 'nAOtAn"ge 6 6 o''t
- et %itettCde i etidn.t lie ~Vs
nf,nt.to thi trggn
'%'Ih lr. 0 Z
se e4h~inga re oiuzaL.as the meae er
oki. fon of 1outhn he
f VIjf ,4r
*r F a s oP e ioWmIg tIAt worig
O tnotbtagr tod 'a4esheei
040TAf. 9 ft hepof 'fthy es
.1 or4. ogehlegu4 tokoarsk)p,p L ihp
asiae tme 1uch a3dleo as will co n to to
*te instructiont and am stuneb to Seub~Il
~,4t large. To this and .we shall 1ve our at
oaion to nd sol*lt opptributions from
rn wrtera iii O l the, departmenta.of
MOce is ofient toutht toa,i;
a *d hWsuopht6 wo oa st
q awet, aouiad u0 Wa i4ek
I~owthe ptoolth tuio4 f suaVg"oV
me No , rdoe ahe rleA
ch), 320 A.i (hnt-dat0 e u p
tion will ie $12, for welve mronth, for
4ix mo.th . Th inor aea wIll 'ive o't
1.h4se who subsorii fbynA o Ar t of Mearch
* ext. Odlce miUSt b4astoshaied with the
~~1% Jod.' 4p
Mca ordor, -vr.u 1t
nolic e,o esrbuur ftr'onilofot
h Ntelles e. tt* of)ib , wUl eejtrol
h,si"fl 44ters,f the Iegr
* = 'r ; ..ANftn, otAi IN city, il l
Sroedhe #11 o14tma ''Alement. 'Coinltunidae
iona connected with .iay 3ond t.Lof
iteffenseng,ywill he I4 t9 the di o r
.otherV dothanioatlod a a~old lie'alireoit
the1 te Or WU X9.
wil be S1BU. N fg I wa v 1t j o
* * 1-'a99i'1 ties sbn tttJhpf ,~
a t6obuon serld" On or about the arh
>of Januar ulL
bu 1L OAre MUC-4ikpue witeth
AlrsJ a dph1 V11it1
4 eaal alawllatWi
Ob Tb
ItVl:b'PU Up"A inf 104
40i* o492k
lot~~ 4o10 Aal: u i"
a 0a ot
IsM &Z1 Olr
V*IMSU.W. iv~
4 led %
*P4vt. o h WIns, A"Ootdge.
ds o Act of Cohersess in the Imp .f
j. 8IBTO qI the;
Is %min
flra D Anpbs Ijoggly
Wd4Svi Fe. *14*-Ih the Houxe, Mr.'
Bash f'pll SAe special c'mLilttoe to
.h! itroo?ap.d by,
him velit64 to eyoplopsuena ofe gres ae
poldpra. rt e said bill -kt h the
Mr. A 4 a4 leja obtalad lest* -t
~print tbpr eetItye vpos ftkee '*hd.same
cuoamitee. .,-9.
Th, report 00,A4 coaitee of confer
et*.n bp1H,I iofAte the eiloienci of
top~i'fraudb" &g&inet this.
'Genititn(nit Wat I#Wi
StMiinil #9e ent#te and passed,
inotdi tlah 64t, Misl 4i for the orgaisi-0
9hq Hous hete reSoled sitnte seetet
T.e O?tpail o4p d,"% repo1t f(eLj the
Oamm to er ze*n Oith bit to " rt .
O t 6T Uefko4ten oj '
thE Ate I tasedh6'qhatedI t
')shs t4b besbles'-4f sensorrtie. '4A
8enate th. eksdeteino se4tet heegiosy
3%AVN r,PItj80N1M
M.x4db& 4.sen theisae1dfi
tusf 6date. risonest ae O t
4 ~o rrqw. It is'un~Ierto4
e Wsva ysbl
14ft 14 A*6f t.i1te eoafe-ence, ,asVe
li' seins tbelfy,.s#arfed ebIeSy *e
ta r.a the 90sleinaa of tbe queU
o ,U*PeftIon upon whiob the war is' 1"4,
W4i1i1114 as(hoie of
.0*et6't Jeu'toy th4 exrrinsio poliidy
dadhe fet the'abaot during irhich' t-1 .,py
pqsIoks.s might be,expeated, to [email protected]
9.aa't;Uy,p2bs rpdU*so .o ' MadpnterdeI
between tOeth99pe o th sections .e re
sur,5id. It was mu b'eted by thei that
.(hrhdgh d4h da I Met A ight
h4vb d# 1:n'iildike 146$, -h witisn s141
[email protected] beitin ptie *'ot et a ultimato: 1sti4
faototp. Cdosrutoont' ef t.. Peliloiel irdIa-'
tiet~eIe M IKen th t Arapre 8tIps, '10e1A
9 "Ae01,9 4 " p0s11 i
tee liGid reitrde
'he 4J9A9640the.Th estP*dge4
and the reso Ia,$u
O Atng Vi
4 8
a thie4gh- a
9FP1U t h
5i $ 46slesp
900pIi ,s g
soP brr 00
- faths:1
'/ ' :ni: 1

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