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I.ly J TTON.
THE DAILT li be surpled for
ihreo monha less lime, per
mo)nth 400. fifty cents.
T fiE TRI-W 6 (a full $hest)
can be had (or Ot S10.00. 1io
sub#cription ta time than three
THE VAIR Ri a weely
paper, willbe f nth for $10.
Will he inset the above papers
et $4 00 a e'm, consisting of ten
bares or leas.
Out terms ta b, and in no cAs
will be deviated
Una tory.
JAI. Mc alendeg.
0. I. Tioxps
Dr. W. E. Atat
J. W. CA-rrreA
J. . CrxAa
Winnsboro, cello,
Buckbead, Mount,
Bee Tfee, gewood,
Bell's Store, no's
Cookham, h. es,i,Ule,
Feasterville, 'e store%
,ladden's Oro gown,
Jackson's Cre ,
. Strother's'
liat gp.
. S.
Single letlers lagA half .ounce
in weight,' a dhe Confederate
States, shal 1
An additioi Mk additional
A half 4uneo or I
Drop letters h.
In the fore t postage to be
prepaid b'y ft euvelopus.
Advertised 19 h
Sent to regul subscrilbers'
- from the office ,o and not 4x
eeditig 3 ounc t,
Weekly pape p quarter.
Semi. eekly een per quarter.
- Trl-Weekly per quarter.
Four imeA a e per quarter.
Five times a at per quarter.
oil times a per quarter.
Daily paper rter.
Periodicals p r than semi
montliy shall wepaprs..
odloaZs pa bly, not ex
#I ouncg 21 cents per
and footi al ounce or
f an 0 additional.
onthly mount.
Utbly er 2 cents an
Every other rupa hiet, period.
at, u116gazi not 'sealed,
ndbill an exceeding 3
nees in w ny distance,
bents addit tional ounce
less beyon noes.
10 all eis6, th prepaid by
stamps or stamp
NVile.' Bi ived
N ILES' REG ,oat ustful
Jurnal v orica, has
been rovired in on of The
-countitman. fac-similo
of its original in else of its
pages, its typog h0 features
which gave value d publici.
tionsIsed by X
11eides the (e Register,
'Ie. Countrymnan. Ich should
render.it still 01o wit: a de
pirtment of eleg eoting the
82Fe of Yankee i , and mod.
- ng tself after It, It miseella
n4ousweeklies, time being
athilped with an is, "t hern tode,
esiginal with and f It.
An ltogether no h it, is that
.1is published in 'ig the editor'b
ant4tlon, nine rn in or vil
e, And devote,r to agricul.
. re, tural sportsg g that in
eats the country
*The Countryrnas quart., of
teen pages, pub oin the edi
r's plast.ation. , Ga., to
kioh all commIt: Id be ad
Our termsa are $6: ths, cr520
edalremit .
fet 8'66ton, Ga.
iIeusef)4~5~4 ruine4 bg
IIOU twe hon payes 00.
o lten In .~sbet
. Eoroue $6 or
illsend a , to any
ol r ra should h to
feb 18'~ U1K O
* n,OGa.
LA of everyd' for saloa
Soutihern Field and Fireside?
Or RAL1.1O, N. C.,
Combined and continued under the old pop
- ular title of the
TME Proprietdrs o the Aercury having
purchased the ournaN FISr.D AND
yjnmiDE. and inding it Impossible to make
arrangements which would insure a regular
supply, of paper, upon account of the ir.gg.
ularity,snd ubcertainty of transportation for
the FUiLD AND Fifasio At -Augusta, Ga.,
the same having to be stiplied from the
milla at Raleigh, N. C., have removed tbo
I19L AND Finsit) to R'aleigh and corh.
bined.thae tvo stor4og Literary Journal*.
The ManeunT Is theefore meroed into the
BourTUR FIRLD AND FinnIug, and will be
a'o' published u'nti the state of the country
will Justify a divergemoent, wh4n both pa
pers will be resumed an4 continued as here
tofore. Subscribers to both journals will
receive the paper to the full time of sub
scription without delay or interruption.
The entire editorialand contributorial corps
of both papers are retalged upon the energ.
Ing journal. It is announced, without fear
of contradiction, that the extens1*e and
splendid array of combioed talent now pa,
ployed in writing fOr the'Fis.p AN $ila
RiDs surpasses In zenilne morit, ability, o0
lebrity and nume*"',str4ngth, any cor4bi
nation or engagem ever before attsined
in the history of odical LitirataVe of
Europe or Ameripa.
One mubscribar, six months,'$ S .: s $20 00
Eleven subscribers, ; s ; 200 00
Address WM1. .8Int 'rCv.,
feb 18'85 Ragh, N. C.
The Key.14o0e.
W AS commenced ouRe VIIWT OV JAN.
UAlRY, 1865, a publication of 0
Monthly Magasine under the aboe title, do
votea to the interest of the Aneient and
Honorable FrTernit,y of free and Accepted
I believe that every good Mason will arei
with me In the opinion that such. publica
tion will be al in enlightening our
less infr a, ond in dispensing
many % o rd of cheerfulness to
the heathou. wor
thy brotidws as.
U w1ll b Urpo -;.
ever hun moy a
Ia reil 4 _an of a
It Tadh
ut Landmarks of i1
t ine strength and syonietrical
ling, lest I err, In clothing myself
for responsible an office, I shall engage
.upon the Kay STONE Such sklled editorial
talent, as shall keep the lights well trimmed
and brightly burning, with the sinere hope
that as our work goes forth each month,
from the quarries of our labor it may pass
an improved inspection and be acceptable to
the head and to the 'heart of every good
Master at whose home or hands it may be
One subscrib;r six months, $10 00
Twelve subactibeis six moaths, 100 00
Single copies, 2 00
Masons, Lodges, Chapters, Councils and
Encampments will pleas. send in t,heir sub.
soriptions at once.
WM. . SMITU, Proprietoi,
Wals h, N. C
Now Ready.
THE Yanuary nnmber of Tunu Kasro"NX;
the only Masonic Magtzine in the
South. The Grand Lodge of North Caro
lina, at Raleigh, Dec. 7th, 1864, was plaas
ed to pass the following resolution:
Whbreas, Brother WM. 11. Smith, of this
city, hav comnienced the publication of a
Monthly Periodical devoe to the interest
of the Masonio- Fraternity, eatitled Tax
Ksavron, and whereas, a work of this kind
is-very much needed by the Craft through
out the Confederate States, therefore,
ReIolced. That this Grand Lodge recom
mend said work to the Subordinate Lodges
and the Craft generally.
fob 1866..
Week1y NIeIIgesaeev'
I8S published at Wilmington, N. 0., en
Wednesday of each week, and contains
the latest telegra'phie news, thaving the ad.
vantage of the news of the Press Associa
The Market. will be fully and carefully
reportosed a true statemnegt of their co:s.
dition h6hestly given.''1We Bave secured
correspondents in the armied of Geas.-Lee
and eauregard, and wiii always give a
faithful and full record of army matters.,
Post itiasters and otheri are requested to
act as Agents and each A gent 11tending six
or more subjeribers, ylth the moey for ix
mnonths, wll recody. the Istr%a.ooas si
months gratis.
Subseripti.ons writinot be taken for a long
er period than sit months; and in no case
will the papet be seat until the money ia re
W Advertisements inserted for $1 per
line. beyls.
Weekly Intelligener-Three months. $5 we
" " - Six months, 10 00
feb 18'66 Edit., and I'tegretor,
Prospeets of "The' Age." .
ig undersigned has commenced, In the
City of Richmond, the publication of
a Monthly Magasine under the abovd title,
It presents to its readers selections fron
the best Europen Periodicals, of Literary
and Soientifig articles, of Novels and Sket.
ohes, which, having already received the
imprimature of ap enlightened'taste, cannot
but prove acedptble to theSouthern publioe
The effort will. bemade to keep:the readers
of the iAgasino nearly as possible abreast
of the literary p gross of the age. Arrabg
ments h&e bee made which, It ie hoped,
will enable the roprietore to secure this
ThelMagasines opresente original articles
ftom ourt best w iters, in all departments,
and o special aI ef the proprietors of this
perlodlol wll b t, foster Bout hera author
p by n adequate and remuner;
dtIv0o fee fo exercise. They will not,
however, ub4er lhe plea of this design, en
couragerby:reroduction in Its solumns,
thatolaso of 9Oppositions which crepte a
vivid and unheahy taste, to be stated only
by that hybrid literature which Yankee in
genuity I(a coetrived, under the name of
senoat tonat rom noe.
The IudustrieJ Resources - and the Eluca
tional Interest 4 the Confed6raoy-the tyin
foundatios of ue independence-will re
ceive the lmpoo aut share of attention the
deserve. In th4 developmebt of thse q1te7
tions, its objeet will be to make a practical
application of tle doctrine of States Rights
to the policy of the country. It will endeav
or to explain the mission of the Confederacy,
hich I to de*nstrate liberty regulated by
law, to exhibito system of Ptates, each in
proe within it foundation, bnd only bound
bya v9lunary lienation of powers. It will
vindicate those, elements of National Inde
pesdence, whiel are scured by.a high akan
wad of inteli noe and refnement, by ae
cumulated capital, varied industry ad bj
abundant facilies of fntermunieation. It
will promote t adoption of all those meas
ures in which he Confederate States are
now de0eient. And, whilst th Constitution
of the Confederte 4tates forbids the General
Government to. organiso and operate,enter
prIses of a nat4re calculated to attain these
results, the proectors will consider it their
duty to urge upon the States the develop'
ment of interests so indiapensable-to the na
tional wolbe. It is thus that, through the
aggrega e ity of tie separate States, the
p wer of, onfederate States will.be made
manifestp It Is thus that the collision of
sectionf 16teest and the oppression of a
common. It will be avoided.
The various departi..entv of literature to
which the agasine is dovoted,may be named
.as follows:
1. Essays triginal and selected, poitical,
literary anti salcutilo, -an biogaphio-l
Nove,- Tales and 8ketahes, - origlatil
-4. dNews.
5. No f Hience and
I the design to
affor pu needed in
their for the inter
change o ect, to which
end, their a aboraition If in
vited. Southern 18ob ooks will be no
ticed and reviewed; and the Southern systeip
of Education. as opposed to New England
empiricism and practioallei, upheld, devel
opod and defended.
Tns--Eitch number $1.50. For three
montno $4. For six months $8.
The trade will be supplied by GEO. L.
BIDGOOD8, 161 Main Street/
.WK. M. nlRwsi., Chief Editor.
ERN sT LAGRAin, Associate Editor.
feb 18'64
The Soutsern Confederney.
DEVOTED to the interest of the Soldiers
of the Army of Tennespee and the
people of the Confederate Statel, being a
National Newspaper of news, Politioal, Mili
tary, and Miscellaneous, Foreign and Do
meatio, prepared by ready writers and tor
the Editorial Departihent of the Southein
Costederacy mocludes a combination of pa
litical, literary and Industria.l talent, yst
miatised in the severa) departmente 'at en.
barged journalism, whose chief duty It wHil
be to present t.he public a daily mirror of
popular thought, datidsi and ereat, after its
own fashionund from a purely, independent
polat of view,.
-The News Department of the Southern
Confederacy will embiace a careful cmpila
ilon fromh all the Southern papers, andi from
late Northern and Foreign sheets--arrange
ments having been effected for the-reception
A large and eapable cirole of correspop
dent. from ever; section of interest, will
contribute no little to the prompt collection
of transpiring evenab. Especlally will I6 be
our 0case to note th. affairs of the army in
our front, upon whioh hangs the destiny and
in a greet part the entire South.
A very large sharb of attention will be
paid to matters of a local interest, for which
purpose a competent Local Editor, with abi
eficient staffo reporters, have been emsploy
All eontantetios should be iddresseE
to the'
fe Iiouthetn Confederacy.
Boultberat .Eiteraryi lIoessansc,
HI8 long established and well-kqown
,,journal.of Literature having been re
eitly ptirahased by tho'subscribers, will, in
'Uture, be conducted eAclusively under their
iontrol. In all its departmente, both busi
iese and editorial, the Messenger will be un
ler the management of an eitfirely new re
gime, and the Proprietors are sanguine of
luccess in thefuture which the Magatinehas
iever yet realised, if their friends and the
)9blio shall yield. them a support worthy of
o important an enterprise, looking to the ad.
rancement of the highest literary interest of
he Confederacy.
Argument or appeal ia behalf of the im
portanOo of an elevated literature to our
sontryj the absenoe of which has hitherto
nade us a by-word of reproaches among the.
)lder nations, and even now militates against
>ur interest' ibroad, need not be addressed
o those whom this circular is designed to
But to the attalament of this great end,
iomething more is necessary.than mere ver
bial expressions of sympathy and encourage
mont. The friends of SoutherA literature
ast-foster the efforts of our literary men to
secure for us a worthy position in the world
We design the Messenger to be an enter
prise worthy of stpport of all classes of our
people. We shall aia chiefly to secure for
our pages, the productions of the highest
order of genius and scholarship, and at, the
same time such rtioles as will contribute to
the instrucition and amusement of the public
at large. To this end we shall give our' at
tention to and solicit contributions fftem
Southern writers in all the departments of
Literature. Poetry, Romapce, Review, rIti
cism, In short, every subject whose promi
nence Is sualcient to entitle it, to notice, will
have its due share of atteniloo.
We ernestly solicit The assistance of our
friends througliout the Confedeiaoy in the
enlargement of our subscription list, whidh
mpt-be increased to enable us to mtet the
heavy pecuniary outlay to which we aball be
er the present the prioe of subscription
will be $10 for twelve months. $6 for six
nonths,if the order Is received previous to
March 1, 1865, After that date the-subAcrip
tion will be $12, for twelve monthi, $8 for
six moi.ths. This increase will not affect
those who subsoribebefore the first of March
next. Orders must be accompanied with the
11r. George C. Wcdderburn, formerly'of
New Orloans, now of this city,will control
the business intersts ofthe Messenger, and
bir. Frank I. Alfriend, of tbiacity, will di
net its editorial managemenL Communjica.
lions connected with the literary conduct of
t he Messenger will &o directed to the eiltor;
other comuunioatidoh shold be directed to
the Proprietors.
feb 18'65 Richmond,Va.
A New Paper In Itelanbond.
T IE undersigned propose to publish a
- Dail,y Paper, Vander the title of "The
nioicmond Herald," on or about the 15th
of January ult,
It will be entiely Independentin polities,
but will nevertheTess accord to the Adinin
istration a just 'support in all measures
which, in the opinion of its conduotors,
may be. deemed promotive of the good of
the cause in whiah we are engaged. A
propet oitielim of such aots as. will be
deoed adverse to this object, will be,f of
course, consistant with the independent
charicterunder which. the piper"Is to b6
In the matter of General News It will Pe
found to keep face with the leading jour.k
sale of the day, while it will have added to
it, in the aiiter of financlal intelligence a
feature Sfueh as, we venture to say, no p a
per in the Confederacy can boast of. Edi
lorials from the pen of ,ono .of the ablest
financial writers In this.or any other coun
try will be presented ineach nitnber. .
For r'easons not now proper to be mei..
tioed, -we forbear to give the names of
those who-shall compose the rigular edito.
rfal staff; but we flatter ourselves that
when thy shall appear, they will be fquad
to constitute Aueh an array of tldent as cati.
ogt be excelled on this continent.
The'well knmw oharneter of the Indivi.
a nal whose namne appears below, as a, sted
a graphie reporter, furnishes, we presume,
a guarantee that, is all that relates toIna
portant politica1 afbeches and dbbales.
wifether in legislative assemublies or out of
them, the "Hersaid" will. present 'advanta
ges certainly-not to be excelled by any pa
per in the Qonfuder-aty.
The farming interests wil be faithfully
vindi9ated, an eafre taken to disseminate
the earliest intelligenoe'which a proper re
gard for ths-welfmrd of that groat element
4f national wealth ahd powee shall demapd.
In the matter - of, correct eoinrp1 in.
telligencoe, equel-seat bal ,be saifeed,
our object being to assign to saed of hese
departntentss editor of kbown experience
a abilitg. -
Arrangements are on foot by wbiclh to
secure the qarliea,t foreign,.news, and the
faper will conj.in suchk editorial talent, as
will fully elueidate' the beaisg of foreige
diplomnacy upon Southern interests,.
In short, "The' Riobmond Herald" will
be found to combine euery' feature of inter..
eat which the requiremnes of the present
erie demnand.
The enterprise is respee(ffiey commad
ef t' the favor and patronage of the eitf
seas of She Sothern Cosfederacy.
fe -18 P. KlAN & CO.
feb 8'8 . iihmond, 4a.
A LL kinds cf JOB WQILK nently ezoon
LI. tod a this eille..
Reports of ti Press Association,.
.Enteted accontling to Act of Congftu n t ie yftr
1863. by J. . Thrnsbtf. In the Clerk's Yfte a the
Di,ar-et Court of the os tte ftletorthuibonk
ef a Divurlet or U99%gla.
W '7-No teegapaio news was 1&
ceived last night,1
All Confederate prisonera held by the
Federals in close cotfinement for retal'
iation have been officially ordered by'
Stanton to be released abd set to Port,
rose Monroe for exchange.
The otthern Pauardlas.
Is published baily Tri-Weekly and Weeklyj
by C, P. Pelhamirat Colibia, a. C.,
TERMS. , '
Daly Guardian, three months i t 1 120 00
Tri Weekly Guardian, three months 1 15 00
Weekly Guardian, six months s s: i 10 00
Ono square, Arat insertion : a : : 00
Each subsequent insertion g : 1 a : '4 00
feb 18'65
Sitate Reord of lWames of Dow
ceaed Soldiers.
COLUNUTA, January 10, 18065.
UNDER appointmenti by the legislature
to r eparo this leoerd, I earnestly
appeal to the families or. ilOde of our de.
ceased soldiers to qpn4ape at oqee theirnauas'
&c., while there IN lid op6rttMnlty to sedur6
accurate information. opital registe"
and reports of easus' Ie fross.tht y ore.
#eolent in the inforhtion req , int
be obtuined t bow. - i
*TheMoord wl1 t1ibgrlg
of the war, au nld icuell'thIh ba .iet%
killed In battle or died 6f *oun( reoavd
In battle, or from.d0#s or .ooeu1ent. , If
you have been so fortdnato as no, to lose
friend or relative, yet r'meiti6r I%VU,t is
nobli to res6u* fiom oblivlqi tho sapp of
but one friendless youth who had gone from
your melitborhood to dieM cir 6atse.
Give-1. Namo I* ful. 2. From what.
District. 8. Rank. 4. Coapany, 6. Regiment
and arm of service. 0. Died, year, month,
day. 7. Caude of death, -and remarks (as
where he'died, age, previously Wounded, &c.)
ci:culArs and blanks to be illed wil,6%
sent to such as desire them. Nd fee or wiponso
is incurred by any one forhavtngthiieaord
made. . The tate is endeavoring to fulfill a
sacred obligation in sering no*, and re
cording for ponterity, the names of all her
sons who have fallen In this war. In 18621
the Convention unanimously resolved that
this shooki be done, -as a token of *sspeet
ie their-memories, and a legagy of Auestjns.
ble value loQeir friends;" and the resolution
was sent forth, by their order, to be read tr
our reginients,.. bMUio and compaulo
everywhere. Many a brave soldier may
.have,died in solitude or rusbed,upotif $h foe,
'with thp thought in his hearttat'his name
Would he honorably preserved-St home I
fob 13'6,-8 WM J.' RIVERO,
5lAe teporter's Pi.ecvory
H AS been published, aSo* wif the
above title, prepared by the subseriber
*he has had nearly tirenty jears praqtio
In Photograohie wrIMZ, ha1in beeu ione
tim'employled.asauoola Veport4r-A the
U, 8. Senate, and whoips botufor thq last
saventeen months, anid is Iow r6portb*ot
the Atlanta Inteljigeneet. '
.The Ploionary wiU op0 Ip4taoj
ryekipti of a A-mple nomii, uri, for *ri.
ing wIth'Pliofegoaphle4;te p libont 20,000
words of the English language, er nnety,
sine one hundreths of those ivL common use
-tho resaintag words being esIly ,wittem
after these are learned.
In'the -instruction ef the dotienary, 'lug.
pIe instrueAq,iitbeSi?$,O,for ;bgisar;
of the itudy of thography, wit lithe
giaphd' lifuitrilida, -iptt4i by 6e of '
the best, atitr-da jie,Confedersey,- The
objpot of tlq publiention is t m%ke a JiT,
DAUD for 10onfed'erae Repter', adal' ren.
der it possible for the muc= coveted apd.beavl
tiful art of Repoting,t be Iloerned evewy
WAhoat the'Wit oiftea1Ae'.
As the work will be expensive,i mw tyitr
having been proalatsiqpreasiy for it, only
a small'edition.wW ipa , Those w ho
d~airse copis 'are %4: e sond to the
anthow thelt o*d'd* a6'beb, (19 he seefed,)
aoeompanied:.Wi4hAbe ,pelce for,the same,
wpieh will bie ffedolfars pg. copy. The'
book in pa~ern oindi, Wb4 euitable for useg,
'will be sent to elhaub,eribets by mes#, with'.
out aditona4eige. MJAR8WfA'LTI ,
fabil8'66 a. . Atlante 0ev
I.4oA,t gicams.0Ph, V4.
Nlon. .lar DaV1 of If iss., P'gntf eMt.
liOn. A. 1k. Gavat,i d Gal,VIcePrN hf.
.L P a axmnt, .t ,La.,, Bestor of &4q4e.
0. A. Tan saoAx, of (, C.. See' feoeairy.
3. C. 1iincr f8usinn of Ky.; B&e o .Wa..
S. IR. M a1..pa*,- of,F a., irtgf ,*be . Navy.
Hen. Goe DAvis, pf' i. ., Auldrney GeneraI.
J6ma 10. iteAAx, of T1!ras, Potstcr fes.
John,)T ei' san of Coan.
5rig-Gen. , Lw,,Qetiriakr en.
theW. Johnt, l Paar9eoer.

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