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T lHE DAILY NEW. will be.supplied fo
three mon iha at a1.00; ny le"s lime, per
suabnh gr 00. I ln coph a lirty cena.
TH E TRI. WEMLY NEWh, (i ball sl\eal.
can be hnd for threa trovths at 0.0,
dulw-ription taken fur les thne than tharco
paper, will be furnilied eix nuiltl for $10.
W ~ll be eacld in nay or he aheve papiri
at 14 (10 A a juare, a equare consiating of t-en
laana#- or Ire.
Ou, tlrms are #er4tly cuala, and in notano
. .itI be oviated fromta.
11-4Ieni%N DEr G ory.
J.As. McCHW:AT, In?eadant.
DrV. .E. Ato: ,
.I. W, CA T1141.AR, Wre
.. 8-riwmA RT,
iPOST l'i& -IN FM11 IVEi DIST1C,f
Vinn"boro, -oalnticello,
uckitsil, Itneky Mount,
loo Tre, Ridgewood,
II's Store, Thonpson'to.
CQoklastn. . Yogtnguesville,
Vemsterville. 1rown's Store,
(I ldden's Grov, 0longtown,
Jackson'a Creek,
Strother's' '
R tes %of Poustuge.
ON X.F'rTV6.
Single letters not excocig a If!lf ouico
inl weight, to any part.Oir th Llurcderato
States, 1lsall be 10 cents.
An additi.onal rate 'for esLh additional
alf ounce or less.
)rop letters 2 cents each.
It he-ottoftinig c1ses, tho postag id be
prepaid iy stalips ot ialmped envelopes.
Advertised letwer 2,eii each.
Scut to regulr and hona f14 isttbisetiltri
from the offilo of publicatios, and. nt, 1.
teetling 31 ouces inl weight.
%Veokly papers. 10 cents per quarter.
Pi!emd-Weekly paper, 10 cenis p)er qiarter.
'i-Weekly paper. 20 ceatmI r quart11r.
Fou I aines at week 50 cens r quartei.
Five tiaes a week 40.conts per quarter.
ix timosi a weck, 60 Contm per quarter.
aily paper 70 cemts per quarter.
Sel'1)dloals b'altshed olitoner than''asomi
aithly shall he uhargedl ab newspapers.
'orifidiAenls: puiblishliel 1nontliy, naot. ex
tiling *-4 ounces itusweight. 2A aents ler
tarer; nailn or every adeliilon;al oune or
-alno of an ounct' 2A ccet adlitional.
Semi-mont Illy, douible ~tat. AmountI.
Ili-monthlly or Quarterly, 2 etuts an
Evry other liewspapler, paita phlot., period.
icAl. ntagazine. caoh circutlajor not. pealod.
handbill and engravitic. not, exceeding 8
ontnes in %weighlt, 2 cents for any d1itance,
2 conitsaioal thr each ndii ional ,munce
be less bey.1e1ae1 11l0 fiast, three ouCOM.
li all cusoe, t he postaygn to be prepaid by
stamps or stamped tivelopes.
NX'S' IMEIlSTEl, the iMost Lseful
Journal ever Isitted In Aevietca, has
beon revived lit tle publicatitn of The
Countryniimn. This journil' is a flac-siamijo
bf its originl fit lime numnbe'r and else o Its
pages, its typlography. And all thd 1itties
wlIth gave vadue t the'i staudard publica.
HoAS issUOd ly Mr. Nle.
13esidos the Icatitre of Niles' 1egiter,
'rle Countryinan liis otheis which should
ronder it still more altractivo, 6 wit: a de
parlt otof Zlegiit, literatui, rejectifg ithe
et,yl-of Youan eo literary journabi and mod.
clang itelf aiter tito hat nglli mificella
n1cous weeklili but't,V tho said timo being
siamped witl all indopendent, sout'iern Cone,
origial wih attd p6cullar to itse'r.
An alloget11r iovel feature with 1i, is that
It i piublialhed in'the countr' on thoediOr's
oaata on nino mtles frot anj fownt yl-ii
Lgo,u ai jevot e muek Rtt'ent oi to atgM'ovi
lure. rurnl sports, and evogytlting thpit ini
Ior'est .the coutstry gettIl mam
'lhe Cottari-ysan iL ls h nde quarta, of
gsilxteon ag~es, pub in ted'*ekl* on'the edl
tor's statliion,' 1a6et lIsion nq, (ha,, to
w dcil all cousmtiioaftins' sii a .be ,ad
d emed, ?
Or dintal'
Sond all remitt.tan$Sy)tip/eu a
feb I'8S RCEgeaton,
D~y the authtor of "0edEfrla Boa-"~
lbUT' two'hatdrN amtif ~ M800.
tavo-wroll pfinida with'
e*s. Wrliteno in Jdfge Lon' (t64 WyW
most latemoroust style. Price. Ste or
chi we will send aa1co ,y, p6st palid; tofta~
of thae 'Uor.federa y. Thme usual diu
n to ihe tade.
I1 orders usaousld hao addrs'sed to'
1BUllKE, ltOYK1N & CO.
b 18'05 ' Mao6'n, (ha.
JiA N 1(S of every description for usao at
8utheia eJW# md. Firesidet
OF l1Alk:IMIu, N. c.
Co'mbined and continued minder the old- pop
ular title of the
r T lE Proprietors (f the J/crcutry 11avino
I purchased the 80Un1.ux FIEL AN6
Finysm,t and finding it impossible to imakc
Arrangements which worl insure it %guAir
mlipply or paper, upon accomut. or theirbg.
6'1arily uad unceortatinty oCtransportAtlon for
the FaLD. Ai) Fnt.sw, at. Augus1tuGa.L
the saino having to be supplied fi4n- the
mills at Italeigh, N. C., have removed the
FII.6 AND FInsn to "ItAleigh- audomqn'.
bined tiese two sterling Liter'Ajy Journals.
The 3sicteuir is therefore merged into ti
SotrtnLs "U:L AN Fj-nKsai;, and will bd
so pubhH-lied tantil the state of the country
will justify a divergonent, Vhen -both pam
pers will be resumed and contiued'as here
tofore. Subscribers to both journals will
rec.4ve tie:.paper to Udio full time o'aub
scription without delay or Intarroptlon.
Thoent iro editorintI and contrlbutorial corps
of both papers Are retained uponi the eieil-g
mg journal. It is annUncd, without, feir
of contradiction, that. . tie extqnsive. and
t4plenild array of conibined tlonut noi e.-m
ployed in wrhiing for the F?'es.n AXD 1tU2
sin. surpasses in genuino merit, ability, 0oc
lobrity and numerical str,bgth, any cobi
it.ion or engagement, ever hefore attqied
in -the.history of 1i'io4leal Literati'e of
Europe or Aicriea.
fno subscibar, six months, I:: $29 00
inlaven subscribers..-.:.:-:.:.240 00
Address YM. D. SUITlTH1 & C04,
fely 13'06 Raleigh, N.. C.
Tbic May timu.e
W A$ commenced o the FIRST OPJ4N.
UAkRy, 18 5,; - it Publibattion qf'.1t
iindt o above tillo, da
iotoi to the fitterest of the 'Ancient and
11onorablo Fraternity of Free and Accopted
I bullevel hat cvbry gdod Mason wiIngrcc
with te in the opinion that suich a imbldt
tion will be beineicial in e\ligh.teniing ot
10e. inlfloried btetbrn, ind in ilsidnsinng
manny i 1ali; kind word or cheerful 6efs to
h heahor and -homem (W thouend of 'wor
thy brothers, their widoWit ttil orphUi.'
It will be my eartie4t, pirlibe to' Imi -,
evor hntblo'aaility I miiy pmsess to Inke,
it i reliable curptodiin (if Soittuid Mhsoinic
Lftw nitid Tenets, evet ndh14ing closely to
Sh Ancient Laitnkarks of tho -'Craft. in all
'heir pristino stiengit nnid symmetrient
Trembling, lest. I err, in clothing myself
f8 li responsible An office, I shall engage
tupofi tie.KaY 8ro.610speh sk'lled editorial
In6nt as shall keep the 1i1:hts well trimsmed
and brightly burniig, with the sincere hop1,
that as our Otork.goes forit enoh IorinI,
frohi the qutarres of our labor it may pass
n iIilproved ipupectlon and be aeceptable Io
tIhe heard and to the fieart, of every good
Master at wihos home or hands it may be
OnliAubscrlber six nton'thA, '$10 00
Twtlve si4buoribers sli tonths, 100 00
8inle copies. 2 00
Masons, Iolges, Chapters, Councils And
hicanpmentA will pleaso sand,lin their pub
foripitione at dkioe.,
WM. 11. SMITH, rroprietot,
rleigh, N. C.
. cmv 1tmady.
jiIM January number of Tui RhYSTONE,
ltooonly Manoho Magptazio In the
South. The Grand lodge 'of North Caro
lins, fit Raleigh, 12eo. 7th, 186411, was pIOas.
ed to.pass the Ollowing resolution :
Whereas, Brother W.M. It. Smith, of this
city, last qornmenced the publication of a
Monthly 1erfodioal devoted to tho interest
of the -Masonio FrAtornityj ontitled Tnts
KayrO.e, and whrets,-& wovk of this kind
is very 3;tioh oneeded by the Craft through
6nt the Confedorato States, thersfore,.
flesot That this GIrand Lorl go recoin
nmend said wvork to the Subordinaito Lodges
anl thA Craft generally.
- feb 18'65$
:reskiy IntIelligenucess,
D1 %'tWD O NEWS, Lt?ii,nArTiUa, coMNnsraen
1 ubished .at .Wilminngton, N. C.,' ona
.jbnesadtf of erich week, ats.d egunlirt
thni test (elegr'aihic news, .having the ad.
vandsgef tho hows of the i.reas Asseqia
The MsArlgets ngill be fully nhd salofully
ported Atdi (1 iiie sWat't-notnthesir con.
4)tioni [email protected] .given. We baye seouretl
pdents lr. t,h, armies of Soenn. Lee
*aa eaueard, An1.d vll Altways give a.
faitfutA,14 fal #brieofatiy mastters.'
9 sespA1 otheri ar i teqtlested tn
A t A dna'shd hladhe A 6t bMadihg slt
~) Ir al~siIt. s,*ith i ,ttneffor i
w irl1.tD#oIY tg lii aodtt six
satseept.lona irllbuotbe tnik~ for sang.
flu 4loskap ix notp; s jni.In esse
lil thonpper'be son5, P11 thne tdRey (f e
SA4ysetisemiqats 11set&e for Si 'pet
'erm. of 80eiio
kl4ylnt.eligoeer---Th're monthi. 05 w
a -- ~ ..' ix months, 10 00
feb 18'65 f or and Proptretet.
Prospe~tus oT "The Age."
TVIIE underligned has commenced, In thl
AL ("Ityio4 luiconol, the publicatici o
&,men)ly, Aine, ufdor the above title
,moni p, its roaders.selootionnio1
tio best E1 1 a&litn Periodicals, of Literar
hild SoleAtnfiu4ticles, of NoVels and Sket
ohos, whch,il ving itlroddy received th
imprimature ofthn enlightoned taste, canno
but prove-acceplable I the 6oithe1ri npublie
The effort vill icondoto keep the r,ad#ar
of the Magazine asi nearly as possiblO a1broa
of the literary -01oress of the ago. Arrang
monts have be( n made which, it is hoped
will enablo the proprietors to scuure thi
end. " L I
The Mligazin'iv iso preseuts oriinal article
from our best rViters, inc all departnente
and a special ti nc of the proprietors of thi
poriodical will ) i to lostoi-Sotlern author
ship by offering an adequate itud renunor
4tvu tield,for i14 exercise. They- Nvill not
bwwiver, undor.1ho pleia of this desin, en
courage, by riodtiuctioit in its co tions
thatOcis' of compositi6ns which create t
vivid and iniiyl Ihy t1at'o, to be stated onl3
by thlathybrce liecrature which Yankee in.
genuity has coitrived, Vnder the name a
.40no;ltional romance.
The Industrin liesources and tho Educa
,iohal.lntdrest drthe Confodteracy-tlo twit
fountlations of true ildept-ndenco-will re
colve.the important share of attelltion the
deserve. ' it t ho developmen.t of tlesed que
tons, its object will be to miake a prtototin
aplI104tionl of the doctrine 0(81aes Right
to tho.poliy of tle country. 14 will oindeiv
or to. qxplaipi i h#o mission of tie Confederacy
'willoc'is t'c dlomtycruate liberd$ rog''lated b:
law, to exhibit a system of States, each st
premoiwithinl itiloundla1tion, and only bomi
y Iulontary alienattion of powers. It. wil
viudicate thoso elentems of National Indo
pen4enoe, whih arc ecured by at high stan
'd4rd or:itolliaance mnd retlnoinen, by tic
oumiulated eaotal, varied indutry and b
abhtant facilkiet of istermunleAtion. I
mill prouo;e tbe aflopt ion of aill those meas
ure8 in which the C oCnfederate States .ar
now deficient. A td, whilst the Constitutiol
of the Contleterate Statsc forbidithlie Genilor
Jovernment to organize and operate onter
priss of a nattWo calculated to ait ain thes
results, the projpetors will Lonsider it Itel
duty to urge uponl the Stafel the develop
llent Gf iiterC.4 so indilIspensable to the list
t.ionat welfare. . i6 thim thit, through tih
nggrogate ability of the mmparate .tates, fii
power of the tobrederat etaccs will be imad
mnifuiret. Itis t me that the1 collis9on a
sectional orest anid tle oppressionof
Cem1n0 will be qv"ided.
Th'e varionic 'i,ipratients of literatuore t.
which ~ ~ o 11foraftirotix ler
ektheoi Mo.iIna idvoted, may beiame
as follows :
1. K-ssy:,. original and melected, p4litical
literary and sciout1fic, acid iogriphicva
2. Novels, Tnles and Sketche, origIna
and sulec1ed
3. luviews or l1noks.
4. Pleineational Egsaywand News.
6. Notices of (hie .: togress of Mcietce atnu
'in the fo1th section, it is the .40e1'n 0i
afford to Teachers informitation needed ,1
their profession, and a fiel for lhe intr
change of' idows un that .mbject, to whial
cnd, their assistance3 aid Collaboration IS in
vited. SoNthern Soloul Books wivll be no
ticed and reviewed; and the Southerna ,yete
of EMluntion ns oppee144d to New'El IlJ
empirleism and practicnlism, uphel, 'oel
oped aid defeneld.
Tfins-Ecuh number $1.60 For thre
months $4. For six monith $8
The trade will be supplied by OkO, L
]PIDOODS, 101 Main Street.
h prietors.
Wm, IM. 1utm-.., C'hiefEditor.
E 1ts LAURAim, Assoolate EdiLre,
fob 18'05
I lie 80tueril Conafedi,cmy.
D EMOTED.to the'intot's of Lite olderm
D of the. Army of Tennlseo and th
people of the Confedetaie -States, being
Niational Newsppeue of news, Volitical, Mul
tary, and AIlcieellanleous, 'Foro,gn und'flD
mestio, preiared by roady Wyfttes and oor
respotnet,- . .
-The Ed'torial D)eparttuont oftiie Sou;cthe't
Confddraccy- icludes e, conlbinat.ion of, po
lig(oa,litortery atnd incdutrial- talent, sto~~
sncai:ed in the several doeartmntv .Q en
iarged journalistu, wvhose obief duty it. *11
b)e to preoul, tihe ptublio' a dAily .mor, o
popniar thiQnghct,, cotidc end'eVent, tftfr'It
own fashion and from a gurolyg indolfbucdots
poin'tef view.
The News, Department of,the Sonther)
Confederaby~ wIll omcbsace ai orereti,.Aompl)#a
tlons 16m all -ice 8'mtihorn paupers, atta firtm
Into.Northirn and Fcireig abg~et -arran e
nfeets hating bOen uffected for lb. ree o7f
dblte ftoui every seolon of interest ' 51
eOptdAt no little to the.prmpct, egl eaot
of.trA,tspiring events. 'Edpclally will Ithb
ente bare to tote ..:t affairs of the army'it
.ot fltt, tipon whioch lianrgs the destlpyanu
in 4.peat, pasr. the Ontlre Southc- .-N
A.vea'y large. sharea~ atteuin tle .~
paid to mp~tier9 of ? all cr4 i ~ JI.
pudfpodo a complont aqu Edit9 ~ - aJ
emfielent,staff of ?e$wdr Itae beobi%
colpo at eALtins;a1ad be,.4dtess
Sount,erun LIXerary Nbesaelag-O.
T HIS long estAblished and iirell-known
journal of Literitturo havinZ been re
cently purchAsed by the subsorillefs will, in
I ftiture, be conducted exclusively under thelr
control. In all its d6partments, ,bothbual
ness and editorial, the Messenger will be un
der the maitiagentent of an ontrely now ro
gime, and the Proprietors are manguine of
success in the future which the Magazinehid
never yet realized, if their frionds and the
publi. ulhall yieldl thent a sitpport iyorthy of
soImportanttan enterprise, lookingt6 the ad
vacement. of the highest literary interest, of
I the Confederacy.
Argumont, or appeal in holalf of the 1m
i portanco of an elevated literature to our
country, the absenc'of. which has h:itherto
itade us a by-word of reproaohes among the
-older unotis,ondeven nowmilitates against
- our interesto abroad, need not be addressed
to those whoul this circular is designed to
,ht to tho attainment of this great end,
6 moit.hing more is tiecessary than mere ver
bial expressions of synpatlhy and elcourage
- ment. The- friend! of Southern literature
r must fo-iter the effortsof'our literary loen to
steuvo for us a wortdry position In- the world
- ofletotrs.
We design tho be%aongor to be an enter
- prisO worthiy of support of nil clasises of our
r ptople. We shall alm chiefly to sodaro for
- our pngeb, the productions of the highest
I order of genius and -scholarship, and at the
I samtue tine lilchartcles a will contribute to
- the instruction and amusWent. of thq public
at largo. T'tItli end we bhall give our at
r tontion t Uiid 'ololet 'oVtributions frum
- Southern wrUers.in all te- departments of
I Literattire. Poetry,11oma oe, ovlow,CrTtl.
I lin,in short, every suZet whose proml
- nence is sutlicient to entit11 j. to notico, will
- have its due share of attoi ion.
- We earnestly solibit the assi4lanco of our
r friends througlodt the Confeftraoy in the
t. enlargement of onr subscription list, whilh
-must be incrouel to enuAlq us to meet the
i heavy pecuniary outlny.to whloh we shall be
I subject.
I For the present. the price of subscriptioh
- will be $10-for twelve months SO for st
3 -tiontis, if the order is received previous to
r March 1, 1865. After that date the subscrip
. tion will be $12, for twelve nionths, $8 for
- six mw. ths.- Thin increase Nyill not alect.
thoso who subscribe before the first f March
next. Irders must be accompanid with the
a casth.
r' Mr. George C., Wedderbun, formerly of.
6 ow Orlealls. now of fits CIty, will control
the business interests of th! olessenger, and
> Mr.. Frank II. Alfriend, of this city, rill di
i reet. its ed1itorial inanagoml"t. -tpmmin4fa.
tior.., coupectpd with the literary condti4t. of
the MeAongel'will be directed to Ihe editor;
otholl communicatiops should be directed to
fhe Proorictor.
feb I t65 ltiahmoud, Va.
r uiij. undersigned propose to publish a
- Daily Paper, under the ttle of .The
Richniond iferald,'P on or about, the 16th
ofJanufary 1it. .
I l.will be eitiQly Independent in politics,
but will.nevertholess accord to the Adtnine
-itration a just, Rupport it all measures
i which, in the opinion of its coniluotot-s,
imay be deemed promotive of the good of
the cause in which we are engaged. A
proper-critiolain 'o' iugh nets as will be
deemed adverse to this object, will be,- of
course, conistimat, with, the itdepeideit
-character tinder which the paper is to be
In the matter of Goneritl News it 'will bo
found to ,keop pito 'with the leading jour
nals ot the day, while It will have added to
It, in thq matter of lnancidal intelligence a
feature such as, 'we venttirb to say, no pa
per in the Confederacy canseaet of. Edi
torlalwi front the eno of- one of the ablest
fiuanolal writers it this or any otlfpr eoun
try ilt be presewed .iu epah uinibo.
Poi reasons not, now ptoper to be men
tioned, we forbear to give the natos of
those Vbo Aball compee 'the regular edito
rial staN.; but, we Gatter .ouinasthat,
when they shall appear, they, wit% ?*'eund'
to otit,ate suh an array. of tlept as enn
o Oeelled in this eoti'nqnt.
Th'e well knowen 'pharo of 'i o iitiL-0.
'dual whose name pppeabeow, BA Essie
ta griahieo ter,, tlanise,we'roeomed
a guarantee tbfttin tgl( t)int #$*lM4tes fil
portstnt. poitfo,l pe'oJi rAnd, #ltbate,
wvltther in lfislati e ee nlp r " of
per *nIb Uonf'edffa
simild, eaketf'te disseniiname
the 9arlibstie ilide~ wichi aproner re
grd for the w.Jfare'of't#a gront; e,mstisn
of national th a? poead.l~"'*
-qur ob)dt b4n*t toehofdheeo,
dlepa t e a*torkfnoItot
an a
Areg 1 nj o
sen.h r5e
i'' Lknds of JOB WORK~ atIf estoe
41i,.dhis edig.
Reports of the Press Aosooiation,
F."tered accIldg to Act of Congress n iio yrar
I8|.M by J. S. Thronler, in tile :lark'n Otfice of th
MAIric, 01triVA4b61ifederaelftes 11:thh North
Irn DW2trit of oorgia.
- No telegraphic news was re
-eived last nighit.
All Confederato'prisoners held by the
'ederals in close confieinent fo- retal
ation' ha;v been offidially ordered by
titnton to be releasod and sent to Fort
;oqs Monroe for exoliaige.
The southeran Gutardinal.
S piblished Daily Tri-Weekly And Weekly,
by C. P, Pelhatno at Col'.mblb, 8. C.,
k,,iy O"irdlia, tb:.eo monthe : 20 00
rV!YVeekl. 0gardildn, three jnonths :15 Oy
1ee1y Guairdlau. six imontis. :10 00
)no square, first ig.e-tIon : : : 5 00
gauh sube'uvlil.insert,oi : : : 4 06
fob 18'6;
Et&I It*.t d liUu of .c
CoLUu 1n., .ahuary 16, .1865.
- TNDER appointment by the Lea1 s,Lfatu
-_ to prepare tis- WCte01d, 1a TAnoi
Ippeal to the families or t-idnds of. ,ou* 4.
30nsed soldiers to sond rue at'one. their namV
:o., while'thero is itan opporturity to seiiil
ectirate information. lospital reg(tortes
ud reports of ansualtion gont the aruy,oo
leicoieut in the inforinatio: requred; it nu't
be obtained at home.
The ecord ill date brik to the beginning
Df the War, and i4clude all wJIt have been
killod's laltt1 er diied of m r6ceived
In,battle, or from disaasa or aqoident. It
Sou have been so fortiunto as not t lose
riefd or rela4.v'o. Yet. -e1nmbor ;that it N
oble to rosciq front oblivion the name qt'
but one friWdless youth who had gono from
rour ieighborh6otl to die IA our cause.
Uive-1. Name In ftll, 2. Froin wht.
District. 8. lank. 4. Co pany. 6. Itogimett..
and arm of, servloc 0. .V Did, y.ear, mont h1,
lay. 7. Cause of death, and rit trks (1s
where hi died, age, previously u. ''ded )=.)
Circulars and blanks to be [1 will gIo
sent to sugh as desire them. No fe o expenso
is incurred by any 'no forhavingthe recor:t
made, 'he State is .cndeavoring t,o fultill a
iaored obli'gatiou In seouring now, and re
.or,mn&br posterity, the namesof all Tier
5ons ilio have fallen in this war. lIm 18wt2,
lie Convent aion I unniniottsly resolved that,
Lbis shoulid be done, -ns a token of respect,
0 their memories, and a legacy of inestiif
11o value totheir 1riends;" and the re"lutiou
ws bent, forth, by their order, to'be remd ro
.ur regiien(s, battallo .nd companies
Nverywhere. Manf' a briave soldier may
,do4ied In solqjudqor r%tsh9i%etj!biqgI'e,
:(th thouight in him heart 1thao IuS l1ftUq
O1A hfiflbty Proerved al. line.
fob 18'66-d8 Wi .
'Ale Ateiporter". Directory.
AS been, publis a >6ok iih Ihi
above ttliipreparad by the subscriber
ivil has had nearly twenty Years practice
In 1hotographie writing, having been atoio
ime emiloyed as na offtlal reporter in the
Lo. 8. b'enato, And who- has ben for the h&t.
sventeen months,. shd. is now rep4rter of.
Jhe Atlanta Intelligiicel-.
The Dictioary, will contain indJeations,
y neps of a sitplo noin0iolatilture, for wri
3agtith- Photogrnphio letters, abbut 20,00W
words of the English. ligunge, or ninety
mine one hundreths of those in comn on us
-the retmaining words being easily writtet
ifter these are le6r)%04.
in tha Instrmiton of thO Diotionary, aim
.ie'instftiediOn iill be gite for beginners
4'thi study of k4pnogrr?t4r with litho
rae ilustratias, pr p4tdA by one of
fte"Ot Arligsilt- the U911hdllaoy. The
Aject of the,publication 1, to ip o a RAN
AnD forCo0i coi11oTlirs, d to rn
lopiUpossible o 'tWtt'dtd de
AiMl art. 9f MI . 4WNgd even
Withqut the 0100k0 ,..
d.viig been ptrce' ijfor It, 'only
sopial .4tilon will bo is Those who
isitehe ATt toehues'td. to sind to the
tether te orders, t ,(to be [email protected])
iA neds. Wieil !o (r the. same,
iitv!lbo .Qy~ ,lars . .Thie
q 4.i- over, 4:n ab fr use,
sill be At'to sil'aubstfiboyi bg aall, wiili- .
)tI&additional expoeeso, .
,A. Z.?dAIAL L,
9 Jpte istofhst. fri te.
o A Dit'et.',of a.,ief I dnt
Sso. DA~ o Is Gtvp(es.aL
onx. ILJ f4ste Ot#.
.c i3. 6j'U

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