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A collipetenit )crsoIl is wanted at t1hi3
QViee to take liarge of the composition
room of the DAmY N:ws. One of
steady habits epi securu a peasat sit.
nation with good pay by appiying im
mied iately'.
Who desire to sustain our piblicntionls
we say come forward .and sabscribe at
0o1ce, and by your countenance and sup
port, put iupon a strv foinidatiot your
district. paper.
Our vLlice is at the old stand of the
1krmad and Register, where we will be
ileased to see all who may give us a
call. For terms, &c., see first pagC.
Should ally of our patrions fiail to re
v4ive their papers promptly, they will
pleauie notify ns immediatoly of tle fact.
01ur. carriers are not yet thoroughly ac
tuain..l with their routes, but we hope
soon to hiave everything working orderly
Those of our friends wlio.imav receive
pivate telegrams that will be iiterest
ing to our readers, will coier a favor
. by leu ing us have the use. of them for1
pubbivation. Any letters that may be
received from relatives or friends in the
ariny, when containing nnyting or a
niews character, will be gladly published
if furnished for that purpose by those re
tceivinlg them. Upon matters of inter.
et to tihe reaeing piblic, that may oc
cir in our district. -we will be glad to
fear from those who may favor us.
Commun'cations upon all topics wvill ra
coive due consideration..
Our friends anud strangers who mny
visit the towi will find, on tic receipt of
late news by telegraph or mails, such .as
may bo regarded important, regularly
Iilletined for their accommodation.
We will be glad to receive the visits of
all who nmay desire to avail them-elves
ohf sichl facilities and advanltages as we
may he able to offer them.
Up to this writing. 6 a. m., we can
lp:i'r no tidings from the capitol of our
S:ate. T1he telegraphic operator at this
phi(!, Mi'. WHlvAKER, informs us Ihat
I' cannot get an answer to a despatch
Henit to the op4ator at :Columbia, and
we infer from this that the city his been
What the line of march of On.
8uII:pIMAN's army111v is, of course, we (:MI
1ot. Ay. Whefhor ho will visit. our
vtiet and peaceful town, cr not, we are
unalih! to foretell. May Goo protect
and dCefend the helpless womien nd chil.
We re'ceived nomiails from the south'
ern or noithern' portion of the Confeder
cy, ye:sterday', consequently our i 'pa
per pr'.eens a mongre appearance tis
luoking, ini the point of news.
T1he pi-esent state of altu'are, too, have
comuplete'ly incapacitated us for' miakinig up
any edlitial ~tter. Oltr readers'iwill
ovrokour shorcominga in these troni
hjlone t imes.
l"onITY MHiA'S 41N HOUi Al' SE!A."
TFhe LiverpooI Mercury observes that
Mr. James St.rick, working joiner of
t.hat toa n, has invented a screw p)ropeller',
ail that he states from experimeita
miadho on' the Prine's Park Lako,. that
with1 this screw lie can get Jour tinmes
the slpeed of thec ordiuiary screw, with the
iomi. engL'in' and with the same pressure
of steamt-Theli screws are worked reve-0so
* by mieanls of twvo theel. et the colntre
box)es of the screws, and enn be replaced
at sea iat any time, .and, being one third'
above the water,Man be unshipped
'without any difluly.,
A WuSE Boy.-A- Wtern ecir
lately called his "deovil" to hun and told
enin he could not don'9 to]bird his seryi
ci. any longer, dnl1,t~ e horl4sagreo u
* 1ak~e mniiepenlce per' week or share e4mbn1
ly t h,rofits of the pu'per. 'Poi hoycog
<.l+ee to 4tay, but unhaesit'tingly choe
-the utnepence fot'his waige~
19ocratef, lit an -extremie. age,-learned
to pAr on nusigtqil instru its.
ao at bighty years ge thougit
prop,pr to lebrn th' Greelanguage.
Plutareh whenli between seventy and
eighty, commenced he study of Latin.
Bcacio was thirty.lv 'vears of, ag
when lie conineiced'his studies in pblite
literiture. yet ho bo'cmine one of three
masters of the Tusean dialect, Dauto apd
Petrarch being the othor two.
Sir Imliplhrey Spelman iegleated the
sciences in his -youth, but commenced
studying of then wich he was botwoon
ifty and sixty years ol' age. After this
time he e.Cane a most learned antiqua.
nan and lawyer.
Cobort, the famons Fren< in binister
h' sixty years' of age, returned to his
Latin and law studies.
Ludovico, t, the great age of 115
and fifteen, wrote the memoirs of his
'own times. A singular exortii, noticed
by Voltaire. who was himself one of the
most remarkable instanCes of the pro.
gressing of ago in new. studies.
)gibly, the translator of Homer and
Virgil, was. unacquainted with Latin and
Groek till he was past the age of fifty.
Franklin did not commnence his phil.
osophical pittrsuits till lie had. reached
his fiftieth year.
Accorso, ai great lawyer, being ned
why lie )egan the study of law so late,
nnswered t hat indeed he begAn it late,
but he could therefore master it the soon.
Dryden, in his sixty-eight yeAr con
menced the'traiislatLion of the Illiad, and
his oost pleasiig productions were writ
te'n in; l old age.
Tnr PRNTri:n.-The printer, the ad
jntiant of thought; and this explains the
InYsterips #)f the w9nde'ful word that
can kindle a place that no song can
that can wahn a heart a,. no hope, that
word "we," with a hand in-hand warmth
in it., for the author and tlie printer are
engineers together. Engineers indeed I
When the little Corsican bombarded
Cadiz. at the distance of live miles, it
was Q(emeil tle very triumph of engi.
neering. BuNt. what is that paltry range
to this, whereby they bombard ages yet
to b ? 4 *
There he stands at the case and mar.
shalls into line the forces armed with
trnth, clotled inl immortality and Eng.
hs1h. A n- what. can be more noblo thnn
the equipment. of a thouight, in sterling
Saxon--Saxon with the-ring of spur or
shitld therein, and ithat commissioning
it when wo.are dead, to remove gradt
ally, on to "the list syllable of 'recorded
time." This is to win a victory from
deat h, for this has no dIvg in it.
The printer is called a laborer, and
the officA he performs is toil. Oh I it is
not work, but a sublimn right, hi's per.
forming when he thus "sights" the en.
gine that is to fling a worded truth in
'grandbr curvo thani missiles ever before
described -fling it into anl age unborn.
Ile throws off his coat indeed, but won.
der the rather that he does not put his
hoes from off his feet; for the 'place.
whero ho stands is holy ground.
- A little song wis uttered soiiwwhere
not long ago; it wandered to the twi.
light feebler thain a, star; it (lied npon'
the ear; but tlhe .-Irinter. takes it ip
whiere it was lymg thero in -thes silence
like a wounded bird, and lie sends it
forth from Lhaq ark, tit had preserved
it, and it flies on into the future wvith
the olive .bra-n1ch of pec anid- atiud
the melody, like the dawinhg ofa spring
IBsa InUavirJn.-Anu editor who
occupied a room in.a hotel not a thonis
and miles distant, absented h,imself from
town for a night. TJhe house lAing cro.
wvded with guesta. the obliging.landlord
put a stranger in the editor's bed. This
kindnes.c the ungrateful follow requited
by scrawling upon a pie'oo of pa per, which
i e loft on thfe table, the following.rhymes:
"I *lept.ih kn ediLor's bed lastohght,
A nd others may'say .What they please;.
'say there's one olif.oi ini tho world'
Who certainly takes his ease.
When I thioughit,of mny humble cot, away,
I could not suppress a sigh,.
D31t thought, as I rolled in that feathery
'WateaD un DI'uonIt.IaxD, oRU
NOT SUATTEREr.-A rolier of Bate's
division, oter atht cou.niyand had uan
tiho day from ashvalle hid, tlrnan
ttway his gus and iacconteinents and,
alone in t he wood,, -4 a:dbwyt antd com
menced thiinkinig--thie first chancelw had
for such a thing. . Rolling'ap liifsuldsves
and fooking at his legslanIr geweral phip.
aique lhe thus 'gaVo. vent, to hia.oph.
lingJs" "I am whipped, and gon what
4errioral.ed; but no uman calt M4y I arp
letterifronq Montevideosays.
The1g ish papers have stated that
a little stnefr, (alled the lInnger, had
gone o-itWith provisitnt of various.kiWdi
for the arniment of a new vessel for
Captain Semmes, and tllnt another was
soon 'to follow, with dther convenien'e
for-a-iew privateer, and that!the plato
of renteavous was at somo group of the
Atlantic islands, perhaps the' MRdeira".
The Ranger is now at Montevideo.
She is not adapted to freight or passon.
grs-wholly liseless for any remunera
tive employment in these waters. She
ia ninety tonb burthen, and is a complete
steam plIeasure vacht..
Under sail, shie is a marvel of rapidity,
and with0only tw*o feet draught, she can
hide away- fomin any larger craft. With
one or two.gunus shte conld do more damt
(Igo than eer the Alabminf did. She
was consigped by a honso notoriously
engaged in' blockade-running to a house
that. never before had received a consign.
ment. . The consignor and consignee are
Captain Rodgers has the -Ranger un.
dar his eye, and the Irognois is anchor.
ed b6tween the Ranger and,. the open
sea-whether from accideli, or design I
cavinot tell. The notice of the English
Admiral has been called to the matter,
and it is probable that no inovermet of
the Rmger will be made without being
well understood. She came here under
the British flag, and entered port as a
British vessel.
EarsEs.-The Confedorate States
Alinanne advertises four eclipses for next
year, two of the sun and two of the
Tho first will he of the moon, evening
of April 10th and visible throughout
the Coufederate Stales.
The second will be of the Sun, *Aril
25t, at 8.44 A. M., and of interest to
South Americans and mariners in the
South Pacific ocean, but of no concern
to us, being invisible here.
The third will be of the moon on the
evening of the 4th of I ocober, and only
partially visible in the Eastern Confed
crate States. The fourth twill be a great
and singuinr eclipse of the sun, of t;he
19th of October at which friend ,Clark
promif.es n. all a beaut iful "free gratis
for nothing," always provided we live
till then the weaflher is fairamd we get
up in due time sty by 7.41tA. Al., at
which hour it will begmI A: Grenada.
This eclipse will last abtiut three hours
and ten minutes, and prove altogether
one of the most remarka ble and interest.
ing phenomena of tho.year, perhaps of
the century.
GeNEiA1. Limn's Ai-r.EA,.-General
Lee, in his appeal tot le peopl'e for arms,
sa s: "To the patriotic I need make no
ot ter appeal thal the wantn of the ser
vice, but, I beg tsf,reminiid those who are
reluctant to part with the arms and equip
ments in their lo.session that. by keep.
ing- them they diminish the ability of
the army to defend their property, with
out themselves deriving any benefit from
I, therefore, urge all persons, not in
the service, to doliver promptly to some
of the ofmleers designated below, such ar
ins and 6quipimentsl (espocialy those sui
table for cavalry( as they may have, and
to report to these olicers the nanes of
suich persons as neg'eet -to durrendler
those in their possession."
The oflcera designated by General Lee,
to receive,anad receipt for'arume are, Coti
matidants of posts, Ordantce Omeiers,
Q uart.ermnasters and Commnissariesq, Euro.
ling Officers, and olk;ers conniected wi;hs
the Nitre anm' Mining Bure~au.
-No appeal of General Lee's to tloe pee.
pie has ever been disregarded, 'nor will
this be. The people are always eager to
respond to the demandrs of our noble
Commnand#-i.nC;hief--for he. never calls
on. them without -there is a neces:.lty. In
this instnce they ay rest assured that
they can remnder great service to the cause
b'y complying promptly with, this reqptesti
For, in his own wortle: "A proinpt com- i
pliance withs this call will greatly promnoto
the effeiency and strengthm of the army,
particularly the cavalry, and render 'it
butter able to protect theo homes and
property of the people from outrage."
EGADEs.-he Goldsboro M,S/.ournal i
annotnnees the flight ef a Mr. Swaint to
the -Y ankees, and states, on inforination.
received, that he applied to Gen.- Terry
for protection ont the ground that he has
always been a- Union, mian, an& ds I
managed, tinder onepretence and anoth
er, to evade servito In the ae'ndes of the
Cotnlfderato S3tates' Gen. 'TerTy, who
sGen)s to be a practical Yankee, replied
that he had no special tae, except. one,
for meta whowr too cowayly to stand
up for thsir countr ', righR'or wrong,
whei s a~, n5 that was t give
thei .*tiketo and mnake them t.I
Mr.ran' .Was acedrdingli pl 'i
the ranks of tha Posdaal namy,.
Larn at Govornor Browi " ufur
lough fe -Penitentiary convIc4 for
thirty aye, who have been in service,
Ad doing, it is said, gallant duty: siice
tey oere released from imprisonment
)n the approacl of Sherman to the capi.
tal, and will grant'to each one of those
tfull fatdon, os soon as. hll( EX ellency
s advised that he hi joined some coln
nand to serve durin)g the war.-Atlanta
A novel scene was witnessed in the
!upreme Court room at Washington,
Wedneedny. J. .1. Rock, a iegro law
rer, of MAnssachusetts, being admitted
)n the mtotion of ho11. .Cl.1Udis Stimnor.
is a practitioner,
e for Ost..
A lIOUSE is offered for rent for cash,
Confederato currenoy. For further in
'ormation apply to the Editor of the Naws,
Witanaboro, S. C.
- feb 1''65-d
Prospectu'of tile Conservative
r. D. NEAl., iti Y & (0., RALtIGIU, N. C.
-The true Conseralive platform -The su
?renaoy of the civil over time military law.
A quiet submission to all laws, whthor
good or.bad. while they remain upon our
tatule bdok-.
No econst ruction, or submission, but4por
ecta inmdependetteo.- b* r
An unibroken frota. to the common enemy;
mt. timo y tid f-epeated negoliations -for
68ACi by the proper aut horites.
No separate State action through a Con.
romiion; no counter. revolusJon t io coin
)>ned resistance to the Oovernment.
Opposition to -despottam in every form,
kmd the preservation of Ropublican iumstitu
ions in all their purity.
We have dotermialed 'to mako,the Coneer
-alive a permiannnt, paper, for the alatoil
noe ol' otr pria ples, -aid to ronder a
rigorotts mupport to'the cause of Southern
ndependence.- The administration of Gov.
Vanco will find in tie Conierativo a seady,
tonest, straiglht-forward suppo-ter and do
'ender, as will also the Natioinat admniistra
ion, when its action is-notin gonfilt vwith
u principles.
The Conervalive shall be a 10nding, rellia
)lo paper. and will be uonducted-with vior,
mut with a proper regard to trUth and: rglit.
und the couritsy due to others. , It will n1ot
'ncourage or cointennmnco personal or polit.
cisl wrangling and discord. . It seeks to
imte all upon the great aul all orbiug
oteres of the 'onmfederaoy.
It Oamit be a tihorthaWep will
;ivo the latest telegra o an o news
nest desirAble to the public. The probeed
ngs of ti e .ogislature when in session, im
iortant noti:n of Congress, and general i
elligeuco will be scrved up daily for our
For the Daily, one month, #5 00
For the lMilly, three imonths, 15 00
For the baily, six nionthe 26 M
For the Vookly, six m0on . 10i00
No subscriptions to either thftor Weekly
%oolcved for a longer utom m onths.
fub 18'65
Ttie Soutlern latic?h.
r IE undorsmgned issues at Itichimond,
Va. a 'weekly jotirnal called TilE
It is nearly a duplicate mi.e, forin and gen.
ral features of te world-renowned London
unich. so long an acknowledged power inl
he British Isles in the refoMmion 6of pub
1c abuse", and the enlightenment of the
,ublic mind, timhsing as it did wlth-tie Von
us of lood, of Jerrold, nil altout, of wits,
ioots and philosophio lhinker.
The proprietorm, of Tho. e-otthern Pnoh
twing to. the dillicitt tamsk of Hudeeasifilty
onduoting stch t jornal, the advanitages
i capail, unurdatL mn.ntai resamumces, and
rmctmcatlskill. Thme editor for mnany y 'ars
ast; hase booti comnected, int a leading ei
orial oapacLity, wimlm the largest. daily papers
ft New Orleatns anmd Mobile, whmilo ahe gu
lemenm avhohave ohaate.. them typogaphmi
'and engraving depamrti,ets ate unasur
asased in that, skill ncesarmy -tm success.
Every nmumnber will be illusut,rted with mmn
norous cuts, appropriate to te times, .(hu-.
teroes aual:scmrius, ) -em t ho hands of one
I' the behat engratvers son thme conttinent-atn
rtist -whoso.naume Is familiar to tihe readIng
ubleo of the South.
lui iine, Jhe undersigned are dtetermined to
~ake Time Sourthern Puttmch the spioIest and
most readable, and tihe besti illustrated lter
vy journal in Amerie. It, shall distance
Taxus5. --Subiscription for single copies,
10 p or anni. New. dealors at, rjeate
t $16 per hiundred copie-s. Aleap he
ubb shers. , .
feb 18'06'. ' Itiohpmdd, Va,
ANfl Tug
II cekiy Potgoite,
t1'D,IsiuDn AT,edl.o*IIIA, a;,
iniV ae, tree mnaths, I -
ortfollo, (ek,)sit ao -
Advertis taedts'tlt be'imnseto in eithe
hao Dally qt "?rf'Wibtly at *0 dollarsp
quatre (nine lines) for the Arat, and f~
WYeeliy adverdsoemeunts ftolygf
gela inasertittn
The numabr ofinserj mUs6 bwrduiaiQ$
i V'rittea by the,adre or en ev*wy adver.
feb I8'.65 t
Procelassiall oll
- t" s l T X i,r-ol XTIN0 A DAY Olf
tAiTINO' littiu.AliToN AND rItAYR1,'
,t1if HA'Kriv$tQ Tho. Congress of the'
Confedato Mlate,havo, byi oint resoli
tIoi, invited the, to op oint a day of publd,
fastiug, bumiliation rayer, with Ihairks.
givinf to Alight
It aopur sol aI tlineA, and
more, especially a of. public IPrial
and adversity, I ge our depend
once on Iis' mere V0* In humnble .
submission before ot"tool, colifessing-1
our manifold sins, supplicatiug ils gracious
pardou, implorag:Iliis .Divino helpt opd de
vetly rendering thanks for the lnahy and
great, blessings which-HoH hsvbuabsaf6d to
N fu thearts of our lq)ople turn con
tritely and trustfully uito flod; let its rooog
nino in IIlls chastening hitud te corrootiou
of a Failer, and submissively pray that th
trials and suffetings whih'havo so loif
borne heavily ppon us inny be tornod awa
by Ills Merairli love: that Mis sustain
graop be gIken t o our people, nid Ills divi
4,isdomn psttod to ote rnMers ; timt i
Lord of Ilosts will be with our armius, ali
fight for us agalist our ienotilos and th
fie will graciously take our c,.uso Inio li
own hand and mnercfully calablish' for us
lasting, )iust and honorable peace and ind
And let us not forget to reider unto III
holy namoe the thanks and praise which' ar6
so justly du. for Ilis great. goodinets. and
for the many nerolen which Ilu hiis extend
od to us aid ithe trials and suff'rings of
protracted and bloody war.
Now, therofore, I, J4WAiFRSON. DAVIS,
President of 'the Conredirato States of
Anierioa, do 'isae this, nly proelamin ',t.
appointing FRIDAY, tho loih dpy.of March
next, us a daiy of public fasting; humiliation
and prayer, (with thanksgiving,-) for "in.
voking the favor and guidance of Almighty
God ;" -and I do earitestly Iivite all sOld)cr
tud citioens to obs6rve the'snmne in*4 spirit
of roverene penithece and p'ayer.
ilven nider my hand and the genl of fhe
Confederate ftates, at itithinond, this.
twenty-fifih day bf Jaituaty, in tle year
or our Lord one thousapd eight hundred
and sixty-five
the Pretident -
J. 12x1,%J , Secretary of State.
fob 13'05-id
To tae Fi1eas of .ll Iers
Railroad Bureau, Ailth
r li E friends and
fihe Artay Of Nort
by not ified that an arangieet i
been efcted Southern
con4vaay, to ca & kages of
iwearing appoare ltd, Va.
To seut tho thus
hrough the Expre* oil ny, the fo
tustruistios mtust he observed:
Piackages must not contain mrer ihan on
hundred piounds; be well secitred, itaod plhitl
snarked, ami sent at the oxposufthu shi
per to-eititr.of tho Soldiers' Rolief Assiula
t ions,. which are locatel as follows:
In North Carolina, at 'Raleigh ; in Soutll
Cor Iini.a t Columnbia; in1 Georgia, tit A ugusta
In 10a, at Moigoaery, or ity other
poia which one (tthescAsoo1tbANs have.
nu offloo.
The Agintsofh socoat Ions will-tlero
take charge of th and ship daily, Iy
sbut,ban Express Co mapsy. to tho proper
A4eis ofl th ep0uIive Sates at Ihoh10n11
who trill.seo theii distributed to the prope
individ,1al owners.
To mteet the wishes of the soldiers, and to
give tem a certain and speedy eoujinuntica
lion h hote, the Southern Express llnt
vaslAl: agreed to give this freight- pretbr.
ene over everything olso; antd, in order that,
no obstacle tany occur ts tie success of ito,
laudbl an'euterprive, the seiferal railroad
cunpaaies are.hereby rqquested to render ipe
+press Comipany suh tavilitiou as will eap
he it to,tiktl; bis arrangement a comlple(
su tc hrs-. s
As 11:e 804'-hern Express Comupay ftP
tstos ail resp>onsibilis yft the Turiswporta.
t ion ot' those prtekages, l ito lief Aesocig.
tions are reutessed to withdrazw tlshirts
lea, thtey siay etsjoy the same psriv leges htere
biia .cue 0. thet armey of Miotlor* Vir~ .
Appfoveod,. Lt. (ol. ad Quarterm'.
A. it. LAwTo, Quartermiaster Oen'i
Aigusta, (i4.,-Feb. 20, 180d..
Th N(oOthern Exp ass Comtpanf hereby
ineth Ae fi n relatives of1 ea dler*.
in t -m ofNorthern VirgIia4 o O~
where, that. they are prepared to carry, out
arrangemuentis,la snnned in theo above
.eard, and that th will do allsfp~ltelI*t* p,f
toe fbli its rpquli inents.
* de'l'ep'i, atadAtngr#
feb '4Aci5 r~1
/unrswMP M1W$Sqvros,N lt
)2l1c.of usrption i,a~tMI.
Obe do ?reaot$hs : : ' i $25 04s
Tp So0lK ste m't ;. # : : :i. 6 o
p ie. a longer or
artner perle nonthss.
,' ~. p.p t4otntedi at the ex.,
# ratos o. paid ftr unless rewewed.
C r'4*rtins,g Rastee.
Advis a leh w)il be in,serted daj .at
FI rPIi! ~. squtaro for eaech insiertlon, ~
a(~lr~E es optIttutiwg a sqttare.
Adverulsemients -isnserted as,' Sedal or i
ishaop:Notheas are ebarged one- It)f. more ri.
gn iboe rtes'eiht(leaded) 1i1s or
Qbituaries, klarriage No.ts, f'menralant
Religious Woios, when. at, exceeding fou
lines publshed free.
?Io publica.ibon made without a respone
bIe name, * a
feb IYIr

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