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The daily news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1865, February 18, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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1.1~~ ~~~~~~~~ 1'' Y U \ 41O~ J U ' ~ ~ A . 'i ! I ~ ~ ;
DA 1, y N
a r
sublcripti,o r thre" 1 h at.
w t p , I) it.
PAPer, wllX Inonti
hre I ni ,iE'"SMa
at 4 n 0 I U,lr t.! I y or 0I' eni
intl or I-M r, a "quare coos,ta
Our (MInAlrouj
r .ro an.
Dr. W. i. ..:.
-. 8. S-r2w. il-r 8
44 Ire oe ky c ti.%v
v . I' I1
'I'' ll #$ o w
Prof Ii. V :4 Iv .I..;. . 2 UMMPU )
hde 'otwn
1 1114 81l'~c2 4-M l-4 4111%lo
Mct":'s Crch.
It)hr Aols*-In,
Ii~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ llej:. l c k .)igl1, 341 it118.
'I'li - I % r. :--rent'
V 1 ight, 8 e . Ix i' .1;, 21 VM S
testes.I~l. - d all a ' '2o f the21
A nx ad,s1 ; it; P VP lla rl
nll'Io cr 111itIh a Pl
I"Un(1 il l h) 4 5 : L; no Wi , p PV,%~j :
- I(:enlach .
at"!,5l . t. 4i-i y cIl8 1 8 lo nt-1.iu 11
.Pr l 411 feq1 n he p o a
i~li. lli 1)y o l, 11:11Ury 2 en" l
Adveris tiu*' :, i' r. - Ni
-- tsce:ts each .
rtillc3 ~ l. i 1'I* 8 I411 o~i p-l -o
--V . i c r.iias 111 S.t
einis h l "2 .fi d ilsbsarii.
or JIt'"' V%*.l1' 4111 - l in; ' 5n, n I . i al Im i
.InC A WIi,111 "(4l'lit first. thu. 4 1 ilg 11fe .. 1
JPU I 'l1 I) :q'Ovs, ithe iIisi5it v l l 1 61,cpaIV ill 558 b88l
m.4Ppe'l envelfyI'.s.
eiicli ca l p u bli ia io .'ten lr 5he . em
- o t l rili , .11 -ei ill A.u h vi-, n i ,o >
be' i lll e iv-. n Il-il i:
' . i n-i '., jonln: .s a i %. - 'V ,
f -ts ri l": a ind flie .i t,.
-g 4 i5 8 1,11oan l y. :I. ;l 14 , eal '1i4i
-Y81 '.-. ..1it li-,il . hiiSle: I. s5 It;o;;nt~ .
W gaery vo e V alue 1 . 1w- "s-r ' .r 5.1111,8n.
(8eal8 iS t.l lo. 1 % iIcy. ys., p n I
k athe8ll n l i t oC .i ltr Ko -g i A h,
The C4,1i' 1RU 11 41 Im'; oilhll(T3'Which I
rlid it, w il n, J1111,iv in St W i t.
- tin i Ir 4. I 1g: 11'' 1 is for yedir,tire
or lrs b Y., k i, -lor y J(pat- 114 i H
why aor -:.nde b e fIrst thre h olkt,.
.lt (il< wri-A,ie-1, Imihe b*sam<< e ihrepa1tidl!b
.- i la %%h a11 r pe convl i,.(0
N ili -.1 1 il wil. S T E ! , ill ie t. $ ' -vi
bein revhishell ill dh. vol-oft rT..
a it,per
10 t)(. NV'
than lrco
wee kly
for 6 10.
Itit (t.
I bI.)
> III.
bi 'is' " l h ri - 111- ih n : f1 wplars.
v, I iln1 .. l,i-4. wa :i. %.al
1 ha111bh- ablility i1! :3111p s I l i
ni- .bh- c I.-ti- i:211 f461 sm n l M ia
:111. Tvilels, aver Ihl-rinl l.f .l
\i lt i t 1 .:-Il In l lot' h 14e 'r ft i a11 11
T ib line, 1-lst I er. in 0 h1 hilig iIY-vef
111 : 1111 *'4 4 Ir3~331 i1144
r o I II.II pII :- ib :: - -lIc . i sI m I. .II II ge
I n he I. .r II'.p' . I -t -h Iv ;j lI editori
lt i l g 1 r 41 ' 4.311 hh4r Io laa , :35
:i t wh 1 on 1,41111k. h and it ilay be
1 Sn'sulcriber six w.110 J. i3
T:n3 le c;oies, 14 111
IEI. i an :yn 1:n s wil ph.s I! en.Ii h. th i :mb. vv
e r n at lnlw ,
W .\M. !.S\ l i.Ir it .
Ihd.ig, N. C.
N)ow va end. .
A 111J " ll ' - 3 f ' T . ' ;1 : w t1 : ,
,4l43l1lhe ly i !ai .n.3 41l iaa1 i-, jl4 jin 444h
44th I I I. The l id ..d.-e tof \)Il . t 'I--)' -
;i::, . ltii -igh lIve1.. 7'!.:, ; I a , w a!Is, I -a S
W .t , I- li , :h Ir N1. 01 . S iiih. 4W Ii'
e 14y 1 h ,1 c1ncI d Ith, lilhil al inl st a
.\ fillih'* peri 1dica "ld'vo 41 1 t inlter-e-1
1f11h? Fl.ni antei'liy. (.1nit led Tui I
:.% - .u: a d I lp -, : work .1 t his ind
(lilt thlv '1nfedera s, theref-'re,
/~lol. l34'3/, . Th t I Il tirandL :.od4e rec:oin-:
133! i 1 i :4 ed4 113 . 14'3 ltIilln1444 ,. '., o
V44 111 ' I lhs of13 each' eek andi1 conta1i n.,
44 h 4344bite. 351t 4ele lrap iI new li,t havin1.; the ud.
11ant1 g of thei neIoShe.es .\.oi
Thel 1013 \ 3arkt wiSC': ll efly 1 n3! enrern!y!y ic
dishm hon--tiy Ie. . We haveSeen
o lotl -,)title1signel has co el ienced, Iii i he
- C'oilily o 6:hiiu ori, the pl.iicatlion of1
a .\0onthly ,lat::il . iol r tMA ' - above title.
it. pre -entAs lot to r r Silecioiins hlin
Sthe e i -olmo.'11 PI I i -, iilil t: I iteary
a11 I l ie ilbI-I :a -t i s, f lie: . i .
.1* N I. t
clis, Which, bw.vinl., alrv:oly 11reivell [le
:i Vprima Itruo an eni;~'llghtn v ta ile cannot.
hbil proventp':el-lte (o, I he .ilit itrn1 pulloli.,
Tht. 011rt will ll- 1:1.u- to keepll ile t Inatiers
of ile .l aga. ive .4 ivar ys, ta liy . ble l reast
I tht literary (111T of ihe lge. -\ an I Ig
Inlenit; hav;, bien.:1 l which. it is, hopivil,
woill the ounald( lie I-rqo rirt r tu setiru ilit
The a inl pretat' Si . iar ice
fruvm onu e beit i ritirs, in' a tll anritl itils,
ntill a Fpecial nalir cdf Ow-popi r ofl Ilhis
perimli al will L., to( lr couther tuthior
ship 1.3y ollcring -11 .olnt and remut:ner
iv iwill' 1t,
how ver, lnllet !t ph':I I I this deign, en -
o , by re6ro lm thin i ints col mmum,
ilat Il' I. n i itimis which c're.-6,6 IV
vi%i<danwl 1nh1:1Ib0y lastv, 4) bieA. ae. I nily
boy 1lm1 h II 1 .l I)r w :-h Yainkel: ill
genli6y has e oived, tInttler Il:v Itike If
. The lwns lrin I Irc!!: and the Educem.
li'mli 6nere6 t 1 1 1 h1e C.II'*6deraey-the; Iwink
lutiint inis 'f 'r i lepe,lic - will re
(wive th". i11111.r-laill : hare ll o i1tc itionl Iliwy
iesevi. . Ii Ith- yo ent ofthe lw 6 .s
lions, its Object wi;ll e ito male a pr aI
Il-plicalionm l 41 1tie (f.'i-Ones Rtights
io wt h v,policy it. ry. !I will .
ol6 t1t) e:pliin h h Iliss Vi lkh Colllei4vraocy,
wii o ti den OWA ratlt liberty Iregula-d by
law, It exhif.il . N lem ... S a . va-h t
6p6e6 i wili l iti is, 1 nl itin, ani l - otl y )h uid
boy a1 V41h141ltry alivilalimntof pmWel's, It L jill
V .11liC-ItI I lit l-1 1 S f N tio al I n4e
livileln e. iLi har . w-0. bly a 'hi han
oliI. o i, il i -ki .hn ik -I , itl , .6
411e111111 1,tilat-1 l ;tj* iA :iih li It l i' t tid
30ittil-LoItll I:. l l' le., of t, ra n ea i
will 11 on '.tv O,v.! i . .4 .. all ti holen.
Itres i .re
I '1l 11 . 'n ' l. hi* ' li . n
f)ev I - :1'. 1 , ..it: 1 1 -(I -i. .fit I'I'
of . h a n si hal e It:: v,6e,jb
i h1v.I .-. '!, i iv %Vr.ftn i ll M:(oper :1 ilicr
- 1.,1*. . lalt- --th-n i: . i : h
r1 pr i- ils cL.o.ntill il Oh ei
l0lyto 1 iF ty 4p.l , 1:. he ara ; S t ts the e '
ho:l w 'ar . 11 1 1. m!4 , ilai w w he
por:er~ ~~~:bi ffIb '.ttdreeistt, v .11 ill, i
.,I i l ill- v.- I :awl I0 l epi :. it'l ofa:
.a"e wil llg"pw
. Xt i- : t I I:.entlr , r :4v.ena c -id
111. iieh vel l..
.~~Nvl liview Im-lok
-ivi 1.1.1 1e., i i.- : 1 : 10 : M lvl sp lel".
il . N1,41 i1-:--it.ll ihs lil.11 e , to f * i nc w II A ndM
cl ' p i ll a'i .I--14 ali i , I ii Itt e vel.
*h Tre a mI- a I I Fu:a u . . l. t ilwl-:h
' ilt. !wh r e oo s o s wilb o
Io ' l , ;I.. \1 1ii AtS:i .s o p l e to y11 1 i lan.
%po .Io 1lfi 4 oi f,m ;kI..
The Tr.Eh A l. ANI- TH!E'i byT I:L. .
N I YFEDl.N lit l e .\l:t ret.t[Ihv lir
i: ' A \1: TI ..\w Ait 1111.: .til'e
N aio.a P1,1d.O M i:l..:...,Cie-i ;
t '':.x .1 . Nl.. ic: i l-.' 41,1.s.oc a t !: cl D41.
.-i I (1.' tl wr.\r al ..o.
fiIs am 3ers LnfIheegr
r -1118 long est d an d well-knowiv
-. jourital of flti tz,1r1.1hvinilg beelt re
veeitly p irelia-,.el by (lhe subsribrs, will, in
AUtUre, be c'.i7 td ell CxcIlusiVelyJ- inder t heiL'
,IItI rul. Ilk l i it deirt.ilielts, billi busi
nte .s And11 "dilorial, Il1.\j*.enger will be lilt
tier ihe 11anlagelikenw Oftin enldrely new-% re
gitnei., til thle Propriil-ets are sIngtinev of
stece,s in the fu1ture which he .\lagaine lu1s
Ivvr y L re ,iftheir frielills uad thle
PUbliU Shall thI a supp1rtI norlthy ol,
io in 1port il I l ise, lookig lig thea d-.
V.1licelumpt. of hgetliterary intereM of'
Ar t or appeal inli behalf of the int
1ortIv:C .of li elevaetd literaltire to outr
cuuintry, i he ahsence of which lits i hiero
Imple Sas a l- vord ' reproacie( arntin)- : I lie
older itt io evle nowV miliatl t- :Ig.inIst.
oulr itees , need not lit ahlil-essed
ien there w) S ircular i.s deusigned to
iibi to th lui t of thi.4 great iitl,
s.ine11 lhiig 1iire is leceSatry than inere ver
lial e.ejin ofll n;ipatby and ecourage
Inill. The 1 'ritoil of Soiithern literature
in ost foter .etforts 01 11 liter ,r' iten to)
'iii for vorthy pwsitionl ill the worl
Slilt vs.
WVe desigh to Mvssenlger to be anl Clnter
rillse Wort by of '11,ii 141r-t ti all ol*c'. 1e .or
letpiell.. We 81 in11 hilielly tit sentre Filor
Mur 1-a-res, tll du".cins ol the highen
oiler of genil. se olaiship, alld al heili
:niv liile such dels as will conlilbute 1)
Ihe intrue1its I ilion:aII a I iuse iI t of th le inblii
at large. To 1his tid we1 shIall give oI it
telitionl to sind- golicik Conwriba1tionls frota
olitherni Writers inl 1411 Ile deit ar ue s l'
Iiterallrie. Poel ry, Illitanuie, eview, it i
Iisiii, i sho>rl, every :m jn- . whw,e prtpitti
pence is slicienti to ii*'-it 1 to ntice, will
RVO itS d shrit' e e01 n t11111il .
'Wt. varniestly soli..i;! th(ad6o: oo r
ietlds [hriu hotli the ol'elder:ev ill hli,
lillargerlnei:l elt f91' ne ilzs rjletitin liSI, WhiC:
1tUIt be ilervasel lt et.able it.; 11ec Oh
heav) pecuniary u . V.1l ick'k Irw. sh:ll he
Fle- prs ien t.o lice 4f ser ecrillil
i l' be i. It tor 1%ii vUe aonth :: w .-e v j\
it b . it tel o ler is r. to
I l t ill el 'l2, '... ; eI% lve i lle ll,, ils : A t
MiX l1w.o.. 4. Thjs iw.1rva,e %%,I[ 11,1 1:1 ,g
ihowe wh"lebi ihm befoir rheefirt o f R a lar
next. Orders inm it,e necoil-a.irhi i wih t he
Mlr. tweorge It'.,1 \\''herur, rtrr- of
Nw )Irl les, Ilow oi e this vi e l illI'lieIN"
t he ine'r(it!teree of e l1' - .,-, -el
.\r. Ai,641 ll lien.1, 4i 11*his itv.i li
rce el, 4.ioiwril mChi.: e en. t. lil - in ,.il
e,ai i vit ieled wnic it4 t h!et ermrv voloi.- L
lie \Ieen 1ger will beir,.- ' ec '* iht :w lt:
other t-Ltiicti i i d li, dirocted; e')
Wil il leltZ nil'I A i 11:11 It.
AfXcb 1 1awa iLl iCh.-SIO .d
' 11'11 . >.l .
l .i l l a , ' 'e rthi allIn' the ' -I
lti'' in a' tI le ceele,i'' ' ('n i bv an t e I-.h
of1. .tIlnn ry ilk.
reet. he il e en ily ti dee - l i polities4,
b l Wil! ie.eitle .i acc r t ie A'ilin
i.tI., a .! S'111P)l-I in ll 11NWU.- re
w icih, in flithe I'linilm i' its v 1jIzIvlo ee r .
IAY b e deenliel lr. otive 4.f, te gew1 ief
t he enause. inl which We itro enlgaI!ev. .\
I i'r - 1, (:ri kihiIin of Siuch :.Cts, ns n%i It hl
i-eoin 4verse.; to Ilhis ob. ecj, uIRllivbe, . r
c' e,%I I hceil c-ln t-.I l it h ii t i l e e i
'iinra:t r ldee wh i he :er .li ito be
inIang., :rated'l.
l u: I nlatte r P-ih.n Mr! w it will b
fol i ol tI, !--t-iiil wae wila b he-i j li 0. 1'me
lso l e id 6 1..tiy. whi e-' ' it will hav., I. to
it, ill 14o, 1in:a . - of fil ireial In:t |ieste :L
feuta lr , e'ii a t, W t re l to 1 :4 , t.) p1
'vr in Ohw CI' ::wlvrntvy v:ll b),ast ol. E:li
:orials fronthe1t pen tit' olkfool ef' it :iblv:,
1 linalcia1 Il l rt t ill Itibs o il Oy ol'j c a- t oltgn
tiry will I jr'-l ted i e h ii w' 'e 'tr.
F.oreao- 11ot ng:V prloper 1.1 be mnenl.
: te d I. le vorearl to tIv -- ihe i alns of
%h%ewho Ail C41ompose the r.-gl-lar vd;lo
r'..! i : ut wlil e t i of elVt es ha1
whenl they ,;hall appew!r. Ihey will be fo-1:14
towciitte .sineh an aray foll net waisen
:o b exceiled t il this ctlinntW.
he ell kownle'a ll ch'niteft'e idii
Lin:nue )'sha,i l tht re i ~to in;Ql-.
thAn toil.a "11eah! wJillpr. etdvnt.
'Ieuorts of tho Press Association.
, .nieroeit nrcoortMig tt Art 4i h'o p'.i- n ill 'wi-r
..P43 hy .1. . iern e 00i ' tt O tir- cl thp
itA cl C-. rtlt i h r osoe t le ,ta lir it-.ura.
n 1 lib trict oil'Ge r i.
A N TivT E.'1.tll A i A-:ETI Ng
P :IN EVI I.I.1:., e N, C., Fel. to.- .A ir p
Fad entuts'.int1ic war heetinig was beld hero
t'Q-dAit y. A large ilniber of ladie. Ite pre -
lo.1-11t. l'totit" :h V wer tade oy :k,
At*ler vetlin forth, i I he preinbb., La b
-lth rohe peace confl*erence, aInd the i10r-th
it wht;dh idncol proposes puace, (fhe folluw-.
hn, reuollitioll"WO 1,er0 i:;gaIts! ad '11t,d.
Riesoll-d, That the Linw Offero ttiheti
peoplo of' lite o0 "t-ert-at v Sta(.e t to ;ile
Iuennt he,tt accete and et rlart ii the
conditionls, whIicht aire insulent. and( ulali
hall, .O rolnf wr, Inight. in i tl,un L
dowlt-tio40do.miall siii.eltvil I0t'.1.
/-Iwvtv, hi. wiith 1,ith e,' a tuou.
leply lf, 1t Federal i overn1 n.It the iliert * -
1.r ti s oIt li. f thle th iver-mtel it of 4 t
Cunfet. MaICH, to ireal f,or p t:1,0upo
tis j6tiith tat onI rW Itln,I digni .
I y o. ItA. no lt. e 1m luso nw
left b'ti slbrinSitica
onl te h, I A-) to t deth,
the other.'OM E
selited, the citiven.s wh are herr b
(o no. W.stat1to dtctLa- their ChViA' :and
Itow ell' iedl od greateLI bacrifives vet It) hu
Illt,l Air k l'o i ,-.idens yvt to Ihe,. 1 eNo,
they w .ill a. iall w ti:b p ai leu' qId ('e.y
e:adurlAnICC, I o Vill,l;,- Itli I.:, ilai - prifiipl-s
inv lve intid; s:la gle ; an.-I feelin" tl:hat,
their ::.is right, a1n thtl s ce , to I
Ca11-11 is W.:i..e(t lle w it t ope andi whh
hIi!:vjt hiTns. othe) v and Oheir
post i .i:y. thlt!y pledge l u each.! 114-ir life, for..
IiII0 ;Inl- Facr-ed hon1or inl 1thi.4 hikly catvw.
l u lih d lily T -Yco.,y alo.d A.A.kly,
EaiWch ., lyw ;l. i ri::er.1r1 on h -1 0:,
h/ r [)e: alp l lie i t .
1111.111e. lrn i,erzi n :l ::i': n
heb l 11;;' r: , i l
i*e:T lI .\Il li, 1lm .\ ti'q il.lly. e o1
i l'o tthei-o ila t l .h vi-ila r vi it. 1 tiu.
I,..)alel at:pomniea. b h .gso r
Th I,e;er fatick it)r I ilr.:ll
All' I l jihg t ,-I li t! tir Wr i l $ I11f k VVIde
pil. wh ithee s anilll l o Itortuni .y' :4s w'nr
-cu :I . In rnai . .s ia reA.Ibterl S
i~~~ lik 4.haie11a1h1n
T!o- eeod n ll dtt e hkto i!1- h le "olloin
(Avie-oar 'I d :tin e al ho v heri
iLi I:le oi al' Dredied Aof . wound rec Ie
sn htte erinde:eoraidn.
Illude h: h ee sal fo; nae.4n ::n -
b;' .010ildlM -iliw l . g n i
Whve - av. I':une i fll . :. wa r i i ;

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