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The daily news. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1865, February 18, 1865, Image 2

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SAT URDA Y, :: If. 18 1805
A compeitent person is wanted at thi.
office to take charge of the compositior
room of the- DAn,Y Ni-:is. One o
steady habits can securo a pleaisnt sit
uintion with goid pay by applyhg ii4
Who desire to sustain our publications
we say come forward and subsaibe at
oliCe, atid by your countenance and sup
liort, put lipol a Su1e foludation your
district paper.
Our oliee isi at tihe old stand of the
1/erild and lJfislet, where we will bL*
pleased to soo all who may give u.3 a
call. For terms, &C., qee first page.
Should any of our patronis fail to re
ceive their papers promptly, they wilH
plea,e notify u immediatoly of the fct.
Our Carriers arol not yet thoroughly ac
(uinted with their routes, but we hopi
soon to have cvdrytliing working orderly
Thoso of our friends wj r)
privatt tlegrails bst.
ig to our reader vor
by ltt inlg us il. fo
receivc(I Fom] r iI tle
armey. wle com *thing of' q
hs charact,er, -will be gladly publislied
i' liriisihed for Ihat purpo.e by tlios re
Cei:Ing them. IUpnia ti.ers of iliteir.
est to the rpmving publiv, tit miy oe.
cur in .our district. we will be glad l
hear from thoso who may favor its.
Coiunnnnientions ipon all topics will ro.
veive due coisideration.
01,11 RL,.N'LN 1A i).
Our friends and strangers who may
visit the towi will fitid, on thu receipto l
late news by telegraph or maiL.-, sich a.
a ,y e regarded ilporat , regbjrly
bulletind for their accommohttion,
We will ie glad to receive .he viis ol
all woim n1111y desiro to avail th1ml1lSv*
of siil favilities a1 dvau ages . "
mny he alble to olIer tlem.
It is our paiifl duty to aninouile t hi.
mning, the flil of the capital of om
State,--CoiU lnin1A.
M A.
A gentleman well knowin to us, in
forms us that our iroid city had !o sue.
emnb toa muperior force of the einmy,
abOUr 11 o'CloCk yesterday. As usual,
thoro were a great many rumors inl re,
gard to this mAd aihir, and even yet it u
difli,eil, .o get a correct stat.ement.
There are, also, a great many rumnor.
in rvgaril to tho roiuto takn by thene
my, an1d, wheun we attempt, to trace ul,
ih1,S rumors, we filA they lack ' folun.
tain head. Some say the mieiny ha
~ aken'thue old Stato road to our fown,
whilkt others insist ihat they have gone~
v/u Camden, making a more direct rout.e
to 0 reensbloro, N. C. WVe htope Ihe11 lat.
ter mayl~ he correct, and that our litt;Ie
towni may not. be entered by the forces u1
t.hue'eniemy. Should, however, they comei
this way, wo admoni.h all who intend
staying tou keep perfectly quiet. A word
o'iut of jice may cause s'ome very un
pileasanit sufferinig. ]Be cahmn, be qu*iet,
he no(t, excited, le.st., iln your excitement
you cause y'ourself and others to suffer.
Occut-YING a I<IFI DfRATs Cri i.s.
At onei period, dum in)g, the~ war oif tie
Rle"olution, the British occupied almiost
ll thle citieks of the st ?ugglinig coloniies.
Whujt did Washiinglon think oif that ?
I. fa? convlinced," hei wr'oe ' "' that the
einimy, long ern this, are perfectly satis
ftul that, thei possessionl of our town 4
wile we have av armiv i?t the ib-ld, will
avail thmemu little.' .It in~&ol'ves us in difli
culhties, but, does nlot, by aniy means11, il,
surie coquetmst to them. They well know
that it is Our arms, niot defeniccees towns,
which they have to subdue- before the3
can arrive at the haven oif their wvishe,
and( that, till this is accomnplishied, the
suiperstruicture they hlave been~ endeavor
i'ng to r2las, like the bauseless fabric of
vision, falls to notinig."'
Gove*rnor Clais has issued a procla
ma2itioniCI Vonvoing thllsJsipp egil
laitirre ipl extra sesionil. It is to assemh
in Macon on the 20t.h of I"e-rur
Tho NeIV York Eshrprss li s
tollowing' stor iiitUaRYcor
A. desel'1den of le Ol
nc Baron., in :, (b).'1
Bavaria, T bel leu dh
.1teiy i love autiful yoL
Inady nam ed ~ in additi
.her prIs ossesed Iii
ousand metal ir own righ.,
ilt that.- cirluimst, course,' had
lothing to do with tIe afir. Unfoltu.
ately for Be Arnan, hi pRssiop was
not reciproente it he being fine
dashing Cellow, A peaks: irve or foiiri,,
modern laigutageT .4d Vit. os1 Sesses
at large Share of ntivo Teeded
not the rebtifTs he from $ iio re.
ceived from the lady, ,g ifp
pD-se, "She is a WQla W o b
wVOn1." Ie coititu Is lion
moet perseveli ngly, and for istin-.
INed eforts to obtiin even -a sio fron
his "Iadie lovo, hie re'vv nothmg0
but expres-iunsof disg
Ai,linth hoin phing
the part of the 'l'ir i cV, he
detIrmitiiled to possezs h,r in
Irue kIightly style, ala piuTSOe,
and widi this intent, one eveming Iasi,
week he a.wited her ret-nr. c&1 het ae
Cistoned evening drive door of
her reAidence of' her par< ire he,
with tru ga!Hant Iry, lA the
voliunte an1.elder tister ung lady
IoVe, and a child Who coianiml
her in her drive. V I veve.tr, the
Sanorit a herself held hand in her
turn to be asiisled froii C Tarrmge, to
har sMr6pise the Caballerd'fidid not, tke
it with t-ht alncrii.v she had itreipated,
and she accordingly gavt hi'oe of her
W: hering imok uf scorn. I Al css, of
Which, howehe, the 1 a ero, wiil a
singe sring plcedhillm-N,iin the vi
Mant SeIAt in th lolte Wile her. SI
littered a shriek al, his audavily, but
was not regardd. TIe negrO e,17rf'
(Im tillionl) had dotilhtless bvii aughlt,
aInd paid 161. the part) he was cted to
play, al he porilmed it Ito tht. 0itter,
by urging Ile spirili h:orsq's uindehir his
lcotntril to their ut:oi.st speed. heedless
alike <f th coiuimied shrieks of 6is
young mistrvss or her comtiinds to him
to stop.
A hue and cry is raisol in \atfanui
?ai,. and the ruinl ay '4evaird and his
unwilbing Co11mnil wort. PUr1,141- by
me0 Oln hoi Arbknild ut ha1rs in carriags
at spid I lit emlangel timii 1"ee1S.
1; I',ithe11inh-y f(mr lhe Caballro. cni oh.
sruIct was ml.twit it oi the roal, wvh
inl tlrc. mihv of, . Mltnzas, which the
vOlate 4omild not pas. This affordl.
his pursutionr; an opporiuity to overlake
him, v-:hich dloing, 1hey pefredrage.e4d
t he St'norita fromt his anIII,, thouigh ho
I'h"Aht deperatey to retain her. atpd1( she
waY:c reslored l -r an'iou parnclts.
The Cabailh-ro. 111tih.3 4hia-;pIplointed of his
prize, forthiith wenc1l ii-. waiy) to this
cily. le l el l traph wn-? pu. in (1pera
tion, o0'?ring a rcward of mfur I holi'a
dollarp fori. ' prhe nn f it]11h-1iA'l 1'D A runnil.
-'Is eiiws rIt"eI Ilk ca", h went to a
CelArlf-atd criminal hawyer for mlv:ee,
and was loli thal if the lad be t wi mv
three years of age, and1 yot as.eirt thilat
Flht wvent, with yoll hy previousarrange
ment, y"li will get Oi' ScOl. free ; )nt if
wi!l b), svntalo thev w-lrAidm (chainl gnng.)
D was her th. kighut.1 I.y bvedmng of
1)e A an I xhibited itself: he ex ca d
pasisiontelyIcd, "'I'l o ' he;-l,eammi:c live
without, her; butL if il. tblie' heri.
Let.iheim doi whaItt they!C' plea:s wvi th mc,
I go) g'iv'e myself up. A\ cnd go hei id
byv th" ntext trint to Maln.za,.'.. wv1-r
thircwing htiinveclf atl thce kt' c.' his c't.
sivecr, hei entIreatied her'i pron ihrif is
ra:shncess', agacin 1 esecingc hit' to litn
to htis sutit. Whalit cotulud Lthe pcocr girlI
dlo'? TIhe o r m~~' an hand attecmpte toi i
riui a wacy witLh hicr;, andl th1n rccn the
riskc of bin ta~ ckeni to the chin .cc an~g byc
coi ti backL t, wc heri. She is~ said t'o
hacve t hotughc' a focd. "He:cc mst love me ~
aind I will itarry'~ 11 1m." Like a i triue
wVomanil, too, she' did so. Thle tc.eanu
spirited acnd'eravetincv iny blae D)eA r'uan
f'or do(intg whaft hte dlid,a but1 1 who ait:n acn
adire tcr of cour'age ini(/; upres de cocur,
enn only wish the newly murc'ciecd couple
ai lontg life of joy and loi'ppine..
tatin in Texs is~ an uim:~e;e ,val m'eck
300 feet high, situated a bout eighty' mtiles
niorthofBDart rop. It ssu r!hce ispolishied,
an4 in siunshcine dlazz!f thce bhoh!er at a
distance of thrcee oir foutr miles. TJhosec
whlo alscnd it hiavec to weari miocaiscins, or
sttocktings, acnd, like those who went up to
Mont Uoreb, pll ofi their .hoes.
A third 'rolumeo of Mr. Pollard's hcisiory
uinder the Lte (of "Th'e Third Year' of the
Wa~Vr," hacs been pr'incted atL the~ North, icnd
we suppose will be put on sale, hetre. as
th:e author has ru'Lred to thei Concfe.d.
-eracy. T'1' volnie is elegant.ly gottenc
lip, w ithf a port-rait of' Geeral Coopucr.
I 1well, Bragg and Ki.rby Snith.'
11 1iDKIN OONOMY of. lt0-.--1
'aentc Amiercan Ithushdowsq how fill
s been ecoi.oiniied by the applivatii
Ont nuan can spin more cotton va
w ian 'ou ir indred inil. could ia
110 inl the saine .tinlie in 1(66), wh
rkwri,gh the best cotten spinner, toi
ut his first patent.
One.mina cnn make as inuch flour il1
ay ow as . hinidred niid lifty could
Century ao.
(One wonan call Inke as much lace
at datv now a a !mndred wolen coulud
hundired years ago.
It. reqiires only ais innnY lays to refli
sgl:ar nlOW aS it did ilnuintis tlirty yea
It.onec regquiru(A 1noiis to put (lic
silVer nIt a glaM; now it lCds only Ior
''h eine of a firt-rato iron eh1
'ri;;ate will perlona as -tch work in
dv as forty-two thIIousIalld horses.
T-'I'Al..x1A8 :--TheenleMY'snm10
papers have fisely reported th'e ''all
basso as aptured. says the tichiui
Distch. .he r:il itoit) Nuw ilet ji
altmr the capt.1110 ol' r"ort Visher, Wil
discoveriig tlh I sone iImlian.t laL
he1 knew-N not then.I w hat0. h:all ocourredt
Lim iilitary sitlation, l I her cOI- olillill
(Captain Mla!it) put. to sea, anel nul
good his e.-ap. lie toh11.led the 'Sou
Olrolilac (o aso and pit ishore i ieswng
wvith demlpatche.1, Who has reachedl 16.1
mon.l. W,'ho nev if aIy, br<imght, I
this i1lQ.iogrQr 1Imls nt101 been aIllde publ
To (_A A NI.L: ' M m :V:-:.-'l'hose wl
makt- for uise orl lbri!nl will fin.1 the 1<
loW1ig Silfrist!Sion very li -portlilt
.me1i *kin good e.untles: Alek h.e taulk1
and otraill off all im-puiri: It~--thenl
Cleil, soli wick, make it of 1ioderv
mrt aMd rit it, he sure to do 1 halt a
si will nev( r m. Sido' lavs: useI
ifn.ers. This is. ouir. plll aIll wo "'i
'or tho benlft of thw public. \
Can't, lit. anyl <:iv ls ill n11ket. C(
t o -.01t--Fiei< I-Vr s. .
Cv.1v vonll Io i ft:na-- .g
001eman1 fromilahnagvslsii
I-vng meillr oebo1l. e sLa
111S WVer knl i n it. to 'fiil to cure
Half pint. ol whisky and 4ur Iall
'.Roo t - . of' ilv4-,riz,d l mr b or al. 1nix
w ell 1.1g4 tin -r - -'/ , w/ /-'i'leSt -/..
.. bC.1 CA Iol . !;iIf.
. .~ t'Nl.'der... & (0ree. l'AIrh IuethN'
plt!11r tall' I T o he Ila Ilitor tl the lii
Wel C. l d C o Z: Y ,
0 \ R L04?' 1, 11-viv -it-, . a ijol 14111411,1)1
TII ImrehaI. Ia I h ote ervant,l ia
(renui tilv Will I.. givell.
febl 1 ',- 1 2't% : 0. 1.. T'IllO.lP 'ON,
PreswdttLII1l M lIe Cone11 IIrvIIg ni.
I'1111 : N 1 H .11DA Ir I. V .\ . Il W l:L GII . V 1
J. I1. .1T11 I , 1 . N & c L (). I" 1 1 11 , N.
9'he1 llal irue Conserrt'.pa.in--Tb
iOU.R1 I':s~ ll lN11il 1 1t.8 1111
PIr y (IlitCY of' III civil Iv.r Ilhe nmililary I nl
i pniet s' lii-4ionl 1 4) all aw wlet!
good oirl had1k. liile lthy rIilai l o cII
,.134?el v hooli.l. ' . I
No1 renol n-I 11111i1, or! 1nhinlissi11, h )t111 pi
till bruwi frionl to iot he Collnion en, lei
bun 1,0nev y and relyealte 1:( gotitionlls i
: bI)~ the pr (Ii.e t hI1141 elivs.
.-,.:ar te lie aciiln throtigh a,C,
b41tl eine I'lI 'yl Ithe III'IS G vr ient.
441T 'Vra(: I I1i l i d.epa l. i ever for
21114 ('te 14( Irsevt of g r je n .1lIlilcan i
IICLr'Ir ii(I al -hoi purleeiy . 6
WeO l.Ie d 11 1eterin i to nia-k 44he01 Co1.
ra wa eialnen p.Oep forl :hentit
ann of l 1A loinilt, $3t-ene
vioo i:otly to mh au s of 1ot
ineewh le.gThe athinisttin X.olIl
#ane)s will Inditeinair a stead
in.whnits nctio isT no i C. ntlAict iO
ouXpinI ph.1111J~,*IIIuy1l lC
ble illefl h w ie, owhete wOipthy vi
1utwit lIproer regard t.OtruhIwl r11igA
11n1 thel cores du lQla ters t111 will04
len b wrangling a d isc Lrd. ti (. t
.i.ing to A
It its onr
>k aOlne l""
vencelon .
rs M IC
in smisst
tr o r In l
vyol pre
10i gret ble
r itl
by ii
- - 'o wil
rJji UNl; utlesil i l i' i stsc." Itt. ftivllnoci
r, weio W111-11A nCled
SOUT11E.R'lN IlNClf.
fI i-4 lilull ni ilihn' In izO', Acirmc mid
I(Tal1 feaZ l'rsc ll i lt I violIl-rell.)WtIlcil l.
liti. so long o.li acki Iliedgedip(ul
(it., Hvcitishc iscles icl tilt' reforial;oll rci u li14
lic' obliv.4i, and thec eilliglenuient, ol, (I
pli li liiil. flasiig~ M.; it (c li i t h Ic ge,
ills of' fHOW, of Juro "dcc. :111.1iI best ). of' Nil
till puclt c icu fll ph cis phc. I inckt-r'~.
h ito proietor ( ,I * The l .'olictcf l P(tl
brlinig 1to lik ifficnit. lasis l l' stcict.4sil
t ,cuingic Nchci cc j""crnal, Mec uqcvwung:c'
or 041pilal. Prbitcifital Intllial r c es, Ik
pritolic.il Akill. Tlhe (clitor' fu iatty1c yen'1l
ist lilts Wellc col:lccl, ilk c 13 l(lilin ic
loviilki e-kilcltcily, Ivihl hi rlclge'.. dalyf 1):tlc
of' Newl thlemcig and Moiole, 1% hcilo, lite ge
w. fli'tal(' whco havie eharg .1':.c tch1i lylvocgrapi
vat ;111 vci ici c c rcavi cg depl ync c litc 'ccs are i~ccc
ccc . ccc vc'l iii drc il skfill icii-csay If) Slcc e.-C
Every~ tciniibecr wiill Ito' ilinsc1 t t c1 Nit i tc
flulit.c1 cut:;, cIpproprcci:a lo t o ()1 iccce-A, (it
clVI-0c14 cUnit SkMikllt.S. ) 1*11-11) file- halil 01 cco' W
4) Ii llkfc. bt-:4 t. ell-v Icllvet's onc th vycciil iliv,it- 1
Y( uO6 Whiviow~ nameccl is hluiar l'cu thle ivadili
cc. "c16c. W llt! 'Sllf c c
eocccufl i
I'll f'l' l p the 1111(terigl.I, lr Idee illille
i'l nk Mi 'MW" W ic c m oid MINPA a
i I fJA i t 1ciisiic, aIcu t fI
.11cbU.11. ceccc'' 1 i cccciI
Ol' h ci cii ccc3 oty oi' lcd
al, ic(Iitig.~li ici:ici ict t ceiclr
f r ilA iicna ec.gediues t.cihm
-- 'i' .,c ai weeki y jil ucorfin iccniled 10
ts iros of'la l.cdiienctcsit.e, foIind
uc e iitish isLe'sc inthe ef' ormatdiioncy ofip
lo iabusets, undl thel fnlgighcteno it of
h-f pbIce in tidyofhincg.a it ddwith the yei
n i's oflMd, oit~firos. pa'nd icyt o i
Th) ie propr *ietorss of Te (Sceot'cern Pin1'
br() ing~C cfIto he dilicuclt.o iask of scceiSsful
pr'alice. osill.e Thf eior fic cci orit iy lien
C, .ipaicl hacs ofe lconc'Igtd in. a cliacdn e
irl ipn ieby ~ith th Ietlarge-. hiypp
of New (b-ceansl ae Moccicle, w hi W ihe3g
t ical nit bengcrvigc dearinetcs are ii oci
r liuic'eoi cpihs skio ecssaryl to socce. o
Steveryipticier will ho iinsrtic with n
ni'lcous and fc ierious.)ccrem ther baco
il rbtkin whosec' cnnec ism f tii lo he renit
' puilie ofci to he subcciih. ycccf
d.ryt amni i micacc:. lI hdl ditt
T obIU'6s--bsciA.o fo Atinglet co.iea
Giu er umu. :sws ealrs a. te r
'sngT, APO
_41'O 1) A I.,' -,
1, ttUAtILT.,r 0 488o
'mules av bm of public
tio i appoin. ththnk
iliItion And lorayr
tighty God- ood
ltly iu a Heaso o
ty t,o acknOwld u
nry , and too 0 "' - -
b e frK o o o 11 k " g ra.'t
b0 0P4t1-0 t~hu Ills gi-1101
1, sins, 811VP Ctiltil Mouge
lo Is ivine he1 I
,dorIntg hIat1' for tho' 1nany at'
derig thois Voha'd .e1e(
Iings Ims V401,k c(Ou
or our pO111 tlrn Co -
ht elot 0(ikj lt u.% rcOJ.
oraosbuachas vlYpraly tht,L the - E
d lWild 11 0 ll ha eek--ctilon
1e11 pe ivt
sr ilikIo ustJinin
irciftdlv ha.Iu ~~ivin
td e o ri C that th
itapat ithotu-armieUs, anl
oItiwit- 'Wle i P a thawy
f s aginst our en -1101, tiybolilt
raciously .al our cat~ bbite fol' s
a,t qI lo, oble peace and in
e. ut to 0rde
e o.g a which It.
ncthe t hoanks antI l)'10
I's l g r e a t Ut o
y R ' hich lie I"
gricliSly h'. litull rings 1
. ad 6l ool 1 , (I DAte
r, therefOte, 1n1fele O taes
alt t . forget toti C ' r 1tate0 M 4
lent. o f t ll I - n11111Ay pro laII O n -111
eItld s great th h 1leV d .y o .IarchD
nying yrot . A ,N faititg, m
a iyriO h ig,) for -Mi1 .
rayr, w Iuidnceof Aln?
t fvor 11il gI i inv all
a i lind hO smoloy in
Oel-poentec I n bl'iale ofth
deuitn dOe nll n tt ih , i
te s -ll -i n he
7. 1111111111601
'0)10 ~t -.drf to At 4t .r at .1:i1~
ty our Vr inv eight. hundred
ud ixty-tlvo .lisI iSON )AiS.
p the lrei ery of State.
'O tIe~ Eri~ y y. tiy.ltY.
T( ul 1kr ill rrle
rie ndlt.tlt ( Ill" e igille a her1d e -
v, otr I-iid. i tineti a
111A V iY tV ll' . L11,,pF I-,titStON01,AVI8
eatig aparelto thus obt atle
0001.prasCtluit y 0 the to
atieon I't n liii Or
It ohe Souldties' U dief .\scia
ns hieh y 0l(ocae s otAow
n North Iiaronna00, at1 Inalet'h: ini Sionth
C I t mnhi; in Iicorgi, at.
in \lbanuma,II N atMooglolnet y. (or( to an ost oo
ooint ait whoich one0 (t theseL ASSOciatonjs have
n oll ice."I'
ToeAgellsothoe As ociati s will hero
tao elge of then. nd silla thip dl b1y
joy on iern Ixpress ' ny, tc the pr op e r
.\ Agntls or h.: resp ctive 3qae1s at f lihm o
wlo wil se them distributed to the propll ,
rdividual o s.
To meet, the wishes of th1e soldfis, lil o
ir elii emt a eer lain anmd speevdy con tuunica
1 n1 wih hom . th Sonthern l pres t obome
aoy has agreed to gi1e his freigh prefer
-'0. over L'O) 0eryl hinog else ;and. in order that.t
- o w-sI tcl occur t lhe s1ece1s , of 0
' :ahIe ant eni tJi' who, t he se'veral riiiloi'
y it-s iare he regnttedr render Ihe
:1- I p s Co.in h fa( ciit is.as will enao
S-it- to tiake th. ingemecnt a comtplt0
00 'Othe Suouth.e 1xpress Comlpanty a5
000, s Os al 11ons11ibiiy ot the TIran sporita
I of th ages, )the i f Associa
eit Noreh Ito 'with tdraw theirO :agentIta
i,CAtMoil l
. hirte re ct S travelling
on oenages. 't l eliet Associat ion will
j slihaencies in the reat of n other ar'm-\
e Ie. licty masy enjoy3 the s;ome pt'vmlegos here
b eued to the army. of Nother n Vii'
A iroved, L. Col. anud Qarterm'r.
i Augutsta, Gan., yeh.. '20, 1 ilmi.
rA T ei nthern .xpress (oipany hereby
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