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THE BAnaraar. PHON ufe
i,et our just Censure - rr*? ". .' ^?9*< Attend the true Event.
NO. 44.
Published Sunday. Wednesday and Friday. |
Kvory morning except .Munday.
O.Ii.-.e UKI Itielnrd-um street. Subscription
$i six m->uilis; $1 three months, in ndviwice
Adycrtteontftnt* inserted at 7?c. n square of ten
4ftt^--fr>r- tirnt-insertion: ."il).-, euell publication
afterwards. Lengthy advertisements, or those
fir loatx tenn*, nt reduced rate*. SpcciullNn
titfc* y?e. a line Brat Insertion; Ute. a line hiter.
.J.?:? I'tintiuir ol' uti km ls at Imvsel Heures.
JULIAN A. SKIiilY UusincsK .Milliliter.
KATE SOUTHERN.-Thu Columbus.
Ga., Enquirer says: We give in this
paper the evidence elicited in tins
much-talked ol' trial ol' Kalo South'
ern.- It differs ns much as light and
darkness fro II the sensational ac
counts we have been reading in cer
tain correspondence. Thora is no
thing in the scenes, thc sut roundings
nor the* incidents, to gleam a tithe of
romance. The winde was a light be
tween two women, while gallant
Hob Southern and thc rest looked on.
They were all very ignorant people,
Katu and her sister both centred on
"Sis" Cowart. There is no evidence
that the men present tried to part
thc combatants, nor docs there ap
pear to have been such a scene as
the sentimental' writers picture of
Bob, with pistol in hand, forcing
Kate's way through a crowd, All
that was thc imagination of a fancy
- ??k-cicl?cir.; ??Lu ?a o?' inodhrf?i height,
about twenty years of age, and has
dark brown hair, ano the twang crt' a
North Georgia cracker She is very
ignorant, can hardly read and write,
and Bob is worse educated than she.
Kate is passably good looking, and
wears imitation jet. She says the
witnesses swore lies against Inn-;
that she acted it) self-defence;, that j
she cannot dance, and that night at
her lather's was thc "fust time thal
she ever seed a reel run " Sin- is
now on tbe plantation ot Col. Smith,
in Washington County, and will Lc
employed in the household, cooking
and washing for the convicts who
Work ou thc plantation. The six
mouth "baby" is sick-teething
and that now requires most of her
time. She anya ito money has been,
sent her from the North, ile. health
is bad sixteen-year obi sister,
sentenced lu two years as an acc?s
sory to Kate's crime, hus been in
Col Smith's house as a servant. Shy*
IS handsome, and has been taught j >
;oud and write hy her kimi mimniir**
On hyj;Jatlier/a_hxruao&b,M **yJ-y
piough. lier sentence has provedTa
blessing. - Bob Southern is nothing
but a strong, good-looking animal--i
a oounnen, ignorant boor.. He is
now a guard to convicts on the same
plantation. The woman Kate killed
is on a par with thu rest. On lead
ing the evidence, one feels utterly dis
gusted with the amount cd sentimen
tal twaddle that hus been expended
on the case. Nut a scintilla can be i
obtained to excito a single expres
sion of admiration. Why, the par
ties surrendered! themselves to get
(he reward, and the understanding
was that. Kate's mother was to get
$f>0 of thc money. Whore oven a
fertile fancy would extract anything
ol'a romance from au atrocious crime,
we cannot imagine'. We do fist bc
Move there is a singlo woman, no
matter how wann and sympathetic
ber own heart may bc, who, after
[reading' tins sworn testimony, willi
i sign a petition for Kate Southern's
i pardon. GovcrnorColqtiitt did right, j
: Ile weighed the evidence carefully,
and displayed both justice and hu-!
j man i ty in his decision. A crime >
has been committed, a woman killed
another in her father's bouse, after!
she had been received kindly by ber j
parcnls--niid then lo demand of the
authorities that she slusl go free is j
preposterous. If such an act were :
pardoned, thc doing so would ben!
mockery of law. Crime already has j
too much licence because thc stat-,
tites are not enforced.
lliwux SACUIKICKS.-The Wilming
ton Star s:iys: The attention of sci
entists has recently been attracted to
the neighborhood of Mr A R. Black,
the sheriff o? this county .upon .Mid
dle Sound, some ten innes east of
this city, by the discovery there of
large quantities of human remains of
lan unknown race and period, scatter
ed al intervals along the ocean front
1 of this plantation. Yesterday a party
of gentlemen attended Mr. Black, at
i Iiis request, upon tin; opening ol two
mounds which he had discovered-and
which he conjectured contained some
memorials of the aboriginal inhabi
tants. Nothing unusual was lound
j in the first mound, hut tin- examina
j lion of the second resulted in a very
interesting discovery. Bigging a
circii'ar well in the cootie of the
mound, at a depth of six or 'seven
leoU there was fotiii? u circular de
posit of charred coals, mingled willi |
fragments of human bones, which
had evidently lain then: undisturbed
for a long period of time, and in their
original deposit. The gentlemen
employed veri lied portions belonging
to the human cranium, vor io bite, the
I clavicle, humerus, ulna, and pindan-j
j gus These fragments were, how-!
i ever, lo minnie for more particular |
iudeiililicaliou. Ami.ug th?: bones j
they discovered a black, glittering!
unit unknown substance resembling
mica, Which they reserved for fur- j
ther examination, and a line speci
men of brown and tianspai cut quartz. J
The persons to whom these bones be-!
longed were evidently lastoned lo-j
ge titer and burned at this spot, and
afterwards covered with soil. Who
they were, or what the occasion of
their late, is of course a matter of
conjecture. Further explorations
limy determine their race and nation. |
We believe these are the only mounds j
of this ciiajacter, and the only ev. j
. ?y><***^-^jl?1a- similar saiui{a.t>^..; \. Ill j
have Mis' effect} ol cai I i ngillin alten,
lion of archteologists to this interes
ting and unexpected discovery. Pos
sibly we may be on the eve ol' solu
tion of the history of the su Herings ?
of Sir Walter Haleigh's colonists!
'whose only monument has hitherto
been thc word "Creaton,carved j
upon one of the trees of the forest i
of Albermarle, and around whose!
subsequent fate there is such a glow j
td'romantic and melancholy interest. |
At New York, there skeins to tn? a j
general decline in.\l)C prices of the j
shares and loans of the passenger I
> railway companies ut that city. Thc
! bonds being seemed hy the real es
I tate and personal property ol tho
Companies are rot greatly ufleeted,
, hut the elevated rnftds ?ire seriously
j affecting thc prices of stock and
j scrip
Payment of Coupons.
COLL'MIMA. S. ( ..li SK 34, IS7S.
Till-'. Coupons ul' linn. 1. < I' this Company, j
Which become, due ?ni thc Isl of Jiilv. 1H7S,
will t>.) jin iii nt Iii? Bunking Hnnso of M. K. |
J eau p. l*uton tt O? , New Voik City: ut thc
Safe Deposit mid Trust <'oin pa ny. Baltimore:
ul the First National Pank. <.!' Charlotte, X. (.",;
Kt the Central Niiiioinil Hank of t!iis city, ami
at tin- Nut io un I Mink of AuiMist.i. t?a.
.J II H.'20 ii:th<.:? I'reusurcr. j
shvrijT* >///...
itX .l!l<*Oh i.l'l ill. rA ll < l ililli IT
City of Cullimbin vs Km mn 1!. Moses.- Tux.
Rx wit I ititi Jar IH74
E>Y virtue ol' thc allon: execution =, ! will sell, !
) before thu Court House in Columbia, mi thc j
next, within the legal horns.
Th.' (nilliwilier personal property of ?lefemlaiit. ;
to?Wft. 1 KTvCKRK. I Hook Case. *J Settees, 1
Parlor ><>i'a nml tl Chair?, 1 Music Stund. 1 Mar- i
ble Clock, 1 Parlor Carpet. very line: '.' I .ming- '.
inc Chairs. I Mohair Kocker! ? S.ttahourd, 1 i
Murillo tup (J.-util. 'fable. ?Vc T?rm rush.
Jillie!? I. K. DKNT. >. ll. (.'. ?
iiheri'lT* >'.!/. . I
try ?1 at<.<>!> 1.4-viti. /%???'<ion?'<'i*
Tile < 'a roi i na Nu I.ora i I lank, ol' t allambia, S. C..
vs. harli's Mayhew nml Willi.un Johnston. ?
BY virtue <>!" Hie ali.ive execution. I will sell, ?
.hel?le the Court flnnso hi Columbia, within,
th.' leirul hours, on thc FI HST MONDAY AND
Tl' KS DA Y IN .ILLY next,
'fin' following personal property of Charles
Mayhew, one nt the above defendants, lu ?vii: 1
Saw. 1 Manilla Itupc 311 or 40 y ard s: 1 linn Har. |
Le vied-on as thc property ol Cl.ni les Mayhew, j
Turin* cash.
Jiinel.i .'. V.. DKNT. s. li. C.
Shwjr* S??7?.
?iy .l:i?M>I> l.oviii. Auctioneer. ;
Wolf, M.-vi-r iV Co.. .lohn Column. S..u A Co..
Mchlcii.-teiii Hms. & Co. P. \V. Wakener, v*.
Charles Ila m her,.-.
BY vii t nc ol' the ii Im ve executions, I will sell,
at tileilel'oiubint'sstore.on Planningstivet. j
o|ijii?sti(. ide i.'., C. .v A. Ka i I ron il .lepi.t. on the ;
I';;!? 'ii*.r:i?.vv AND TCK?DAY hi i
nevi, 'vitttill the io^iil hours
Thu eittirc stock ol MERCHANDISE nf the ,
ilefe:ol i ir, consist hm nf Dry fitmds, (?roccries,
consist? ir? '"l.iipmr? Flour.CofTee.Teas.Sujrar. I
Brun n-."'!biekets, (Uncoil, Spices. Can Oonda ol' |
every J -riptioji, Counters. Show Case-. Bins,
Ca ti ii ic*, i'o ha eco, Cigars. 1 Unsay, ii Wagons, |
ll ho ll I ?-.(lili Pricks, |(%c., us per .?...heiligt, which j
will he exhibited on dav ol' sale . Ti%ln- cash, i
Jn.i. pJ '.I. K. DKNT. S. lt. C. !
* Sherar* Sale.
ISv .lacob Levin, Aiicl?oticcr j
John Crowley & Co vs. L. II. Trcvet. - Kr.vtm?
Hitit. ^mm>
BV \ line of the iiliovc exeeu'l -owBfc i'.l -''Kn
In |.,ie the Court House iii C^I^HIa. witlifl
in ike , MI hollis, mi Hie FI PST \?Y nml !
AU that LOT OF LANI), in thc city ol Co-I
luinhiii?Vnntuiiiing one-half ?len-!mme ur le-s. j
lutlliuleil Nmlli hy L|?per street; East hy linds- ,
den fired; bomb ami Weat by, la lid now ot late t
ol' Janu s S. Scott. ? '*?"???..
AL?0. * .'.
All tildi LOT OF LA ND. ili.tlio'eity of Co. j
Ini?hin. situate mi Lincoln street, ami pouting
tlioreo i ii nely.tinee feet fix inches ami running
ir.ie . ? inwardly one hundred ami sixteen feet. !
Ilium I timi the North by Int ul Kin mu Jackson
um! .lifflie West l>v Lincoln street Terir.f ensli. '
JIM., .O 1S?M. .'. B. DKNT. S. li. C.
A Kef? and Interesting Feature;
SouJ^ Carolina's gploved Sons
hoS^Smit ? I at-JkjQ^J^. ... 4 , y
, A t\\ .TY/A'urtl?y name- ami noble liven rcr&ucd i
i\L lt.mi oblivion. Alu.nt (he 1st nf July, the
Advertiser will lie-in Cc publWutliuit ula>erie> :
??I Biographe ul Sketches, itiviim, in synopsis,
thc bves nf ininv proiiiiuent an.) distinguished
sons, .le ni mel liviie.', id South Carolina, lu
connection ? iib lhe?c, there will appear in our
columns, each week, a poi trail ol I he bulb him I
Whose hie is sketched, dom: in the highest style
of modern photographic ari. From the greiil -
ami goori men ol lilt! past -uch scleclioiis lui ve
been iiiuih' ns John c. Calhoun, Cen McDnllie.
Judge A. I*. Butler,? liiiueellor F. II. Wardlaw,
liuiii. 1'ickens, father ami -nn l?ov P. M. Put- .
1er. Colonel ol'thc Palmetto Kegiuienl: Senator
Louis T. Wigfiill. .miljie O'Neal. Cen. U n.hiv
ThmiiiHoii. (ten. J M mes Jones. Kilmain] Bacon. :
Ks?| , alias "Ned Braee."ol thc "Ocoriria Scenes "
Major Jack Jeter. linn. Freston Brook*, Clnv.
S. i>. Miller, ami other- whose li?mes wc have :
not spaee tn mention. Later we will luke up I
such mena- Hon. J. P. Carrul!, linv. M K. lion '
ham, (icu. Abner Perrin, Cen. M. \V. Cu rv. lien ,
lt. O.M. Diinovant. I.elis. Kcishaw, Kiiine.lv. ,
Logan fournir, VV ni lace. McOoWan, 11 a good I
nml P.'.. Cots. Thoma- C Ba eon, Thomas O.
Lamar. -L.-eph Abney, \V. C Mora une. Speaker ?
John c. Sheppatd. i.'ol. \rthur Miukins. Cen. I
Jas. Chesiiut. linn. VV. D Simpson, ami others
, whose li?mes s?mil neeiir lo ns in fnlurc. Sub- .
seriptinn price *"J Ml |?-r aiiutim. m advance. ?
Albires?. I'M F \ DY BltTISF.lt, \
Jilli-.'J Kdenlieht. S C. '
oii?nf? mm
Ac, Ac,
You will SAVIO M( INKY ?Sveii i<< laj in your
vt imer sin>fn$ DI < t?iyi<?$? au'tru^tfiiFV*3-.
li AILMENTS; you will\^vy haye thc
same opportunity for Recuring Hue
good* ?3*?'t ii notion prifCti.?CS
?. & W. ?. SWAFFIELP.
Semi-Annual Great Clearance Sale
opinx \
Grand Central Dry Goods Esti?rtishraent
WHO me exhibition on their "BAUGA1N
COUSTEUS" complete lines of Goods,
marked tn a price that will insure a ready sale
for CASH. Wo intend doing ?1 Live Business
t ii is Summer, ami will offer, weekly, Goods at
Mich prices that will interest yon, n.s follows:
Dress Gooda worth 50 at 25c.; worth 25 nt I2?c.
I'riiits, t>e^t. worth SJ attlee; worth BJ at5c.
4-4 Aiidroscofigin Bleach K4. cents.
4-4 Standard worth \'??. cents at 10 cents,
liest tnuke '.ti.irk Silks,a specialty,i rom 75c n>$3
Fancy unit -Mri|M* and I'licck Silks 50c. to 80c.
3,000 yu rds Hamburg Edgings and Inserting* at
e.\traortliiun y low. Cns*iiuur<*s worth ?IA at 1.
Tweeds und Cottomides worth 50c. at 'J5c.
Linen Drills worth o7e. at 'J?, W mid :20c.
l?enla' tianzt* Melina ?nour-vesta t?5c. to ?1.50.
Ludlus1 Hose 5c. to $1. Gents" i Hose 84, to 50c.
Ladies' L. C. Handkerchief* ?o to 75c.
Ladies' Lace- ami sy-u Ties'Joe. to 81.
Our celebrated Hoi?ense Fast Black Grenadines
imVih*' V'.l?6* "Vf 'irv'ntt' f iOj'ie from 5 to 25o.
Bosom. llover eil na ftf ^^i^^^^^t.
We have llirowii a linc of HOOTS AND
SHOES, ll ATS ASI? OA I'S. on Bargain Coun
ter.- at a pri?e to snit tito limes. We have thus
I.ir been aol Hui; goods down to Hock Bed I'rices,
lint we are now below Granite.
T. ? JlYltEKftY. lt. II. M'CHKKIir. lt. \. IIAWI.S.
Imperi suable Fragrance.
M UHR A Y~ifc "?L? N M A N S
^^^^^ ^ '^^^^^''''^
Water prcjuVMl liv Hie s?le proprietors, Messrs.
Lu o ma II A- Kemp, N?w York. For snle by Fer
tuiliers. DinggiMs and Fancv Good* Dealers
Mat .-'.*> '''?no
v/oo ?t?igjfrdJ ?t e? e ?

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