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Straight-out democrat. (Columbia, S.C.) 1878-1879, June 28, 1878, Image 2

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?.et our just Censure ?--*?>r r~v Attend the true Event.
I'IIIII?KIICII Siiiiiliiy, WeilaestlHy a ml tikliiy.
Kvery morning oxf-?|>l Monday.
O.H?e UKI Itii'lni'iNuN street. ?itlHeri|ition !
ii six iii-jtilhs; i-1 three month*. iii a il v.u. :
A-lvert isetil'?i?? iiiserieil ul T?e. u >i|ii;iic of tell '??
foe's-tor- lirst . insertion: Ml.-, euell pUbliCBliull I
tifterwunl*. Leiijriliy advertisement*. or ?luise i
far loutf tenus, ul reilueeil rute*. S)ieeial\Xn
li?e-? yVe. u lille Urst inderi Uni: Hie. a lin.- utter. |
Joli l'riiitiuu ??r ni] \im ls ut lovvsel ligures. ;
JIM.IAN A. SM Lit Y IliisiuesK .Mutineer.
KATE SOUTHKKX.-Tins Columbus.
Ga., Enquirer says: Wo give ?u i Si is
paper the evidence elicited in tins
much-talked ol' trial of Kale South
ern.- It di fte rs ns much as light and
darkness lin u tho sensational tic
counts we have been reading in cer
tain correspondence. There is no
thing in tlx.' scenes, the sui rou tidings
nor tin? incidents, to gleam a tithe of
romance. Thu whole was a light bu
tween two women, while gallant
Bob Southern and the rest looked on.
They were all very ignorant people,
Kati.1 and her sistior both centred on
"?is" l/owart. There is no evidence
that the men present tried to part
the combatants, nor does lhere ap
pear to have been such a seem.* as
tin; sentimental' writeis picture ol'
Hob, with pistol in hand, forcing
Kate's way through a crowd, All
that was lin; imagination ol' a laney
iU-etc?iiM*-.; ??he ia o?' lu ed ill.'.i he ig ill',
about twenty yeats of age, and has
dark brown bair, and the twang i? a
North Georgia cracker She is very
ignorant, can hardly read anti write,
and Bob ts worse educated than she.
Kate is passably good looking, ami j
wears imitation jet. She says thc
witnesses swore lies against lier;
that she acted in self-defence; that
she cannot dance, and that liighl ot
hr,' lather's wan the "fust time iii.ii j
she ever stied a reel t un " She is
now on tuc plantation ot Col. Suntu,
in Washington County, and will lu-j
employed in thu household, conking I
and washing for the convicts who j
work on the plantation. Th.- six
month ."baby" is sick-teething
and that now requites un.st <>t her
time She says Ho money has been J
sent her from the North, ilei In-altli '
is bad lier sixteen year old sister. ?
sentenced to two years as au acc?s I
gory to Kate's crime, has been in ?
Col Smith's house as a servant. Sh/.* |
is handsome, and has been taught J? j
read ami write by her kind nn<io'/-' :
On her Ja thor/s i'nrtu-sim -4?*y?4t~J-4?
plough. tier sentence lias provedia
blessing. Bob Southern is nothing
but a strong, good-looking animal -i
a common, ignorant bom.. Ile is
now a guard to convicts un (be same
plantation. The woman Kate killed
is on a par with ihc rest. On read
ingtbe evidence, one feels utterly dis
gusted with the amount ot sentimen
tal twaddle that has been expended
on thc case. Not a scintilla eau be .
obtained to cxeile a ningle OX pr L'S
sion of udmi'.'atioii. Why, the'par ;
tics surrendered themselves to get j
the reward, anti the understanding
was that Kate'i mother was to got .
$50 ?d' the money. Where even a
tortile fancy would extract anything !
of a romance from au atrocious crime, j
we cannot imagine . We do net be !
Move there is a single woman, no
matter bow warm ami sympathetic ?
her own heart may be, who, after j
rending' this sworn testimony, willi
: sign ti petition fur Kati; .Southern's
I purdon. Governor(Julquitt did right.
' Ii?' weighed the evidence carefully,
ami displayed both justice and hu
manity in his decision. A crime
! has hern committed, u woman killed
I another in lier lather's house, alter
! shu had been received kindly hy her
parents- and then lo demand of the
authorities that she shnMI go free is
preposterous, ll such an act won:
pardoned, the doing so would bea
mockery of law. Uriuie already lias
too much licence because thu stat
utes atc not eufurcod.
ton Star s ivs: Tin- attention ot' sci
entists has recently been attracted to
thc neighborhood of Mr A Ii Black,
the sheri (1 of this county, upon Mid
dle Sound, sonn: ten limits east, of
this city, hy the discovery there of
large quantities of human remains of
au unknown race and period, scatter
ed ?il intervals along lim ocean front
uf tilts plantation. Ves te rd ay a party
of gentlemen attended Mr. Black, at
bis request, upon tin* opening ot two
mounds which lie bad discovcrcd-uud
which be conjectured contained some
memorials ol !hc aboriginal inhabi
tants. Nothing unusual was found
in tin* first mound, but lin- examina
tioti of the second resulted in a very
interesting discovery. bigging a
ci icu ar well in thu cunt re of the
mound, at a depth ol six or'Keven
loot.' there was found a circular de
posit of charred coils, mingled with
fragments ..I human bones, which
hud evidently lain then: undisturbed
fur a long period of lime, and in theil
original deposit. The gentlemen
employed verified portions belonginp
to lin; hollian cranium, vorlehne, th?
cl?v ele, humerus, ulna, and pindan
gus These I ragmen ts were, how
ever, to minute tor more particuhu
i II (it'll I i li ca t iou. Ann ng ibo boiiei
they discovered a black, glittering
amt iiuktioivu substance resembling
mica, which they reserved for fur
llier examination, and a line speci
mi.-ii of brow ii and ti ansparen I quail y.
The persons to wh im these bones he
longed wen: evidently lastoned lu
nether and burned at. this spot, am
afterwards covered with soil. Win
they wen-, Ol' what thu occasion o
their late, is of course a maller o
conjecture. Further exploration
? nay determine their race and nation
\Ve believe these ure the only mound
of this chu/iicler, nod the only ev
.'I^U?:^ILu similar saciiluiti. .. ... ?;
have tlnreffect}ol calling; ibe ?rtlen
lion of ai chteologists to this' in lorex
ting and unexpected discovery, l'on
sibly we may he on Iii?' eve of sot II
tiott of thc history of the suffering
of Sir Waller Haleigh's colonist
whose only monument has hil heit
been the word "Crouton,'' earvci
upon one of the trees of the fores
of Albermarle, and around who*
subs?quent fate there is such a glov
of romani ic and melancholy interest
At New York, there seems tu be
general decline in the prices of tb
shares and loans of the pusseugi
railway companies of that city. Th
bonds being seemed by the real lil
tate and personal property of th
Companies are i ut greatly il lice tot
but the elevated ronds arc sci iousl
affecting the prices of ?lock an
Payment of Coupons.
riiK.xs: S ovb IL K.
COLI MIMA. S. C.. .li SK 24. p->rs. ;
TIM'. Coupons ol li oi l ol' lilis Company,
Willi li lie '.Mlle illll1 oil tin- l-l ul' .Inly IS7">. .
will ho |n:i| ?it th- i5.ni!?!?ijr lloti-e nf M K.
.lesup. l'atoll ?V Cn, Nw. York ? ' . t y: a' III?* j
Salo Henosit mu? Trusl i outpahv. Itali inion-:
at tin- l-l i.?I Nation il l'.iink. i?f Cn il lutte. N. < '..
t lile Central National I Ja uk .il' thin ...ty. ami :
at Ila- National l? ink ol' A Hy :i-ta. lia.
JOHN C. I'.. -M I i i I,
Jillie?.') li:lh>n I'lea-nr.-r.
shvrijr* >?/...
Ky .Bn?'*oti B.?"* in. A iiclioiM-cr
City ?o' (Joltimldn vs Kinma I! M o-i.s.- Tot.
liront nm /..<. |V7! r-.
J>Y vitim? ol Hiv al.u\i\ ixei-minii ! will sell, I
1 > Indore Ha- Cmirl \\."\?- in Odtiuilda mi the
next, within lite lejr.il Inuits,
I lia lollowini; !. o-ona I \ min riv of defendant. ,
10 wit. 1 KT M ! KKK, I honk ? . Sittei**, 1 :
Parlor -uta II lui li Chalis. 1 Mn-ie Sf.uni 1 Mar- i
hie Cloek. I Par'.-r I'ni fet. \ el -, tin-: -J I ...uti",
?ni: Chair- I Mohair llo.k.r'. ! S.tVil.uaid. 1
Marble top tjeiitie hilde, .ve. T-IIII ensh.
.linn hi i. K. DKNT. s. h. c.
Sin / nt V ?-./ .
Ky .Ir.eoh 1. ?*.? it?. Jk it ?. fi on ??>?. r
Th.- < ai..Ima Xnlioi I ia uk. ..I Columbia. S. C .
vs i .hurles Mayhew .. .il William .lohn-toii.
Iy Y vii I ile ol the uh.ive eveentloii. I will sell, :
>. I.. |nie th.- c .uri il" -i :n Colnuiliiii. within '
Hie kirai hours, on the Kl lt ?T Mt ?NH A Y AM?;
Tl'KSl) \Y IN .11 I.V i.e.-,i.
Tl..' t'ollowiiii! i"-:.I |iroj?"rly of Charles
Mayhew, nile ol'the ;>! uve def.'lldanls. tn v.:': 1
till'lNHSToNK AMI Kl Xl Ni IS. I (t.-.nt
>:i .v. I Manil?a ;:.>.. . an or IO yunis 1 lum hur. :
Levieilno ns Hie pi opel ly el Chillies Mayhew.
Term- ensh.
.1 iiiiel? .'. I!. DKNT. S. lt. C.
?/i.-.vj V >?,.. .
?iv ?ltt?M>l? Lev in. A II ?I io ri ?.'l-l*.
W..I:. Meyer .V li .lidl'l liii'Soll. Soil A C.....
I.l:*li'e!i.t,.ji, hms .v Co. K. \V. Wauener. vs.
diaries, i I .i >iii-I I -
Il Y viii ne of Ute al. iv.;eeutiolls. I will sell.
y ill (he delontluill'? ?tote, on itlauiiill;*, street
u|.|H>-iile the i.'.. I'. ,V \ (liiih'oad .lepi.t. on the
":;t* !> H;?vi*..\v \w> TCK&O.-W I?*.II r*.?
nevi. . it oi lite ieiinl hours
The *u?i:e nt nek >.? MKItCII ANDISK of Hie
. 1?re:..I Ul', eollsist ill?; .0 |)iy I if nols, !. roe i 'es. ,
...m.--' 't.itpuir? Klulir. Coffee. Tea? --neat.'
itroo it-, lluekets, ?luenu, Apiees. (jan Hoods ol ,
<?: erv . ript i.iji. Counters. Show Case? lim-.
Cami . .. 'oliae.ro. Cigars, 1 liui^y. J Wagons. |
11 tutti ' ..'.' Iii ie ;?. nV.1.. us pei .-? h'-tln^B. tv h ii: h .
will h. i'ihil.ite? on ii.iv ..I s ile . Ti%m? rash.
.In i. ; i ".I. li. I)FAT. S. lt. c. '
~ Sheriff* .?o/<.
BS- .|;i?*ol> l.??vin, Aiietioneer
John Cri.wlev & Co ?.-. L II. Tn vet.- ? '.xi . H ??
lion. .
1)V, ?tur .iT th . ahi.ve ivein'l Mj^l^fc ?! -eM
y i 'i ?..iv the Court ;i..'i-i; tn I *BH^P.i.. |d"
inti..-, ra h.n:i?. .m iii.-KIl.'ST MjlP) \?Y ami
v ll iluit LOT OK LANI), in the eily ni Co
tn inti :."."^oiitu?n!n*? .me hail aere! more or less.
iMiiiieleil North l?y Upjiei -tuet. K'.tsl hy l!inl?*
lieu pl reel: South illili Wwii hy,la lol im a m late
nf Jami - S. Seult. .,.'., .
Al.-o. , *?..'
vi linii Li?T tip LANI) in til.? . itv ?.f t'o
luiot.: . situate mi Lincoln slreeir, and fr out ?III;
I Stereo t it iieiy.tlireit feel .-ix inehes ami i minmi:
I. ai- . ? i-iw itilly one hundred and si.xteeu feel. '
lum il -j. it th? No:tit hy lot. ol Kinma Jackson
um! ..n'Ai,' W.-I I v Lim*.du -I iv el Tern s eash.
.im o isis. " .'. K DEN r. s. i: c.
A Iii"; and Interesting Feature
Sou"-? Carolina's beloved Sons
i'^ho.-'^V._J-?.L$? , .
"\ |V ItYi't ot S??.V liailie- alof to.'..I. liver. |. - ... .!
J\L lt nu oldiviull. Al...ul th.- 1-1 of .Inly, the
Advelti-ef ? ::l lietfiii the |<uldi..';.tioa ol'u *eric?
?.I lliou ra ph i ni SUelehes. ii ' v i 11 ir, in syno|isi.?.
thu lives ?.! in i nv prominent and ilUtiujiuished
sous, dead mid liv III'.', id ^..iith Carolina, lu
I'olllleeliutl witll Ihen , tlll'l.' Will appear ill our
cn il mt. - i a-ii We.'k. a p'.i t. .i il . .! lil. indi vid Hal
Wilone lile i> ?kelehe.l done in Hie lliehe-l style
? i! modern phoiiejlapille ail. Kr.On lin- LU.il
alni ?oinl m.-a ni iii.- pa-i -nell leeti.'lis lui ve
Ill-ell III el.' us dollll C ( alli..nu. lien M. Hllilie.
J lld-ie A. I*, ?titler, i llllliee?ol V ll Wa,.Mau.
Coi.-. Piekens. faille! .iud Cv !" M. Ont
1er. Colonel ol the Pan:.,-II.. Kc"iltielil; Seleiti.l
Louis T. Wii'lull. .oidjie O'Neal. Cen. VVji.Uly
Tllollllisoil. ?M U. .lanie- Junes, liilmiiliil lia.-.ni.
Ktn| . ulins **Ne?l lira, e.*'ol the ? Ceor-.-ia Seoiie.? "
Majni dael, -leter. Hull. Pll'.-ton I'.:.mk.-, (?nv.
S. I?. Mill"! and other? ?luise names we have
not spa. e t i mention. Later m? will take up
snell men as linn..I p Carrol!, ilov M I.. Ihm
hani. lien Ahnei Petrin, Cen. M. W. Cary. Cen
II. I?. M. DiinoViiiit. l.i : i - Ket?h;iu, Kennedy..
Ln-ian to.r, VYail.iee. M.-liow.ni, llaeood
nnd Ik'.- Cols. Tlnmoi- ?. Ka mi. Tl oma? C. !
Lamar. J"-eph A huey, tv c Moi-atiue. Speaker !
.lohn C. >hi'ppaiil. io!, vrlhur -mikin- Cen.'
.las. Che-nut. Hon. \V. I> Sinip?ou an,I nt her?
wliose ii line? shtiP neem in M- .o future Sill?
rieripiio.i p. ec .*iO |M*r aiiuiito. III ail va nee.
Add ie?? lill' VDVKItTISKIt.
Jilli - .'J K.I...etl.-ld. s c.
I L O ST N (? Oil
(?>ctttv? iuvniohinj] 0>oodo
?Vc, Ac.
k'.ni will SAVE MUSKY i-veti lo ?nj in jour
\\ ii;01 . ?Vt LOToffNw uu'lTiT!fiiliiW
li A UM EM'S; you will\&yr lui vc tho
-AIIIO tiimortuiiity for sci-uri nj: Hue
f!OOil.*S t HllVlioil |irh'Vha?2i
Semi-Animal Great Clearance Sale
Grand (V:?!ral Dry Goods KstiWisbment
llalli? ure exhibiting on llusir "UACGA1N
\V i:oU::.TEit>" complete lines of Good*,
marked to rt iiriec thal will insure n rowdy Milo
Por<"ASH. VVe intend dollly il Live Business
this Sn ni mer. timi will offer, weekly. Hoods nt
-urli price* ilmt will interest you. ii? follows:
Dress l?ood* north f:(l ul a.V.; world 2"> ul l'J.'.c.
I'rints, I.t. worth SJ ut UJe. worth <>4 at ~>c~.
J t Aiidroscugi?iii IMeacli M cents.
1-4 Standard worth l*.J.l cents at Ul cents.
liest make ! Huck $ilk*,a speciulty.litnu 75cto$*3
Kailey mid sirlpe ami Check Silks Ml?, to Mic.
>,0u0 yards ilatiihiiru Edging* ?ml I user ti tigs at
r\lraordin:ii\ low. Uasdmciv* worth$l.\ut 1.
Tweeds atol t'ottnmtrivs worth ?iOr. at 'Jae.
Linen Drill- ?roiiii :>7c. nt '.'<*>. ?IU ami 20c.
I Jen ts' lianxi' Meiino I * ntl? r-veMs :i5e. to 81.?0.
Lillies1 Host-fir. io 81. (i. nis- ; Hose 8j to ?Oe.
Ladles1 L. C. Handkerchiefs fie io Toe.
Lilllie*' Lace mu? s\'-U Tie* SH*, lo 81.
L)ur eelelirnlcil llniueiise Past lilaek tiremidines
,..':! ' V" yvhite>Pl?jiie from 5 to S6e.
?"".VM i,;.v.M'eMiV.if?rf.'V:ti'a,A'rttS?vspwtov/.
We haw IlirowJi II line ol HOOTS AND
SHOES HAT- ASDCAPS. on Bargain Com.
1er* .it a prim to suit the limes. Wv have, thus
[ai i.nselliiis: ifoiulsilown tn Win k Heil Prices,
lott we ure in?w helow danit.-.
Imper! shable Fragrance.
? I i.r.tic.tTKn
THE liehest, iuo*>t
Instill:;, yet most ilc?l
iMte ol' nil perfninca for
ns? ;.t the TOI 1.KT.
on He llANDKElt
? HI Kl', lind in the
HATlh-deliglitftll and
i LSBKIA^'"' "n'k
r; out
il ways
in^PVP Florida
iVatei |iiv|iii od liv ihe s-de proprietor*. Messrs.
.anillan .V Kemp, New Y<?tk. For sale l>y Per
limers Di ngffrM* arid Fam-t trOoiU Dealers
Ma? -J.*> :';a>o
ltob%t??ghdi aft t?

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