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Friday, June 28. 1878.
Our! ?Next General Assembly.
S i nc o tko election of thu now de
funct General Assembly, our politi
cal climate has undergone; a decided
change. Then, all was uncertainty,
and minor issues worn forgotten
Democrats of every grade of opinion
were forced to make common cause
against corruption aud mis-rule.
With Hampton. Gary and Butler,
and a few others as the principal
figures;'litt e attention woe paid to
lesser lights, and many M?nk heads
aud milk-sops managed to sandwich
into places which could have been
more appropriately filled. When,
victory became assured, contrary to
the expectations of many, and the
Legislature 'was convened, grave
questions of great political moment
presented themselves from day to
day. Face to faco with problems
beyond their ken, roany who had
stalked in, where angels might have
feared to tread, after realizing the
poverty ol their genius, fall into the
bauds of dangerous and designing
associates, and were used as' mere
tools to compilas nefarious cuds.
Issues which were not anticipated at
the election, and which should have
had the full benefit of the assembled
wisdom of the State, were decided
contrary to the wishes of thc people.
Through precipitate and unwise le
gislation, bil Li-were passed that must
bo repealed, and much injury was
done that may never be remedied.
With such a Eegislaturo as an ex
ample, and vr?lh such stupid blun
ders as A warning, we are soon again
to repeat the experiment of select
ing a body to represent us. From a
constituency made up of every shade
of color, from the dusky African to
the blue eyed Saxon, ayd of every
grade of intelligence, from untutored
ignorance, to a superior culture, the
choice of our candidates is to bc
made. With the most liberal allow
ance, fully otie-half of the voter? must
be classed as "irresponsible" citi
zens, and on that account, are to bc
excluded from office-holding, but not
from representation. From thu other
half alone, therefore, are we to make
the selection. The great questions
now before us are: Wi If the people
return any' of the w^ak-kueedTwbo
disgraced them? Will they send
back any of the Miss Nancys, whuse
simple aud quiescent conduct made a
phosphate monopoly and other rings
a possibility. Will they send weak
sisters with no minds of their own,
and who will be sure to find an easy
prey to the guile of feed advocates
of railroads, phosphate monopolists
or bond-holders. Now is the time
to decide. The errors of decision
may sometimes be corrected, those
of indecision never.
The evident sense of relief realized
by the country on the adjournment
of Congress outweighs that brought
about by sickness, bawlings aud
wranglioga of eight month's session.
The welcome and refreshing relief ia
due, in a great measure, tn the pro
tracted state of unrest and anxiety
which has been experienced by the
country in looking iorward tc* the
realization of it? hopes as to certain
vital questions of an important,
practical nature. Among other mat
ters of National importance, are thc
repeal of the resumption act; the re
storation of tbe legal tender quality
of silver; the reform of our revenue
laws. The periodical and discursive
debates on the questions, by both
houses, has done much to irritate and
unsettle the public mind, and make
it long for the rest and relief of the
usual summer vacation. This Bleak
HOURI? court of procedure ,uf Jam
dice VB. Jarndice has done more to
weary and try the public patiencu
and weukuu its faith, than all thc
rumors of a threatened Democratic
crusade against tho President's title
to his seat, ur the projected Republi
can revolt, tillich was tu result in
his impeachment. And yet, strange
(o say, there has been au agreeable
disappointment all round; for while
there has rarely been a session (rum
which the public expected and feared
su much danger, and yet from which
they have Butlered so little injury.
When the'clash of arms and the
storm of battle have subsided, and
things once mure settle down to a
state of quiet repuse, it will be found
that the policy of retrenchment and
reform inaugurated by the 44th Con
gress has been steadily, though not
very enthusiastically carried out by
its successor, and that the appropri
ation for the next fiscal year will
exceed those of thc present year by
a very small figure, if any nt all.
The restoration of the the old ai I ver
dollar has not thus far produced any
evil consequences, and thc excite
ment uver the bill to prevent the re
tirement of legal tender notes has,
in a great measure, subsided, with
at least harmless results. Tho much
muoted repeal uf the bankrupt law
is likely to work mure goo?V than
evil, while the passuge. uf Senator
Thurman's bill to compel the Pacific
Railroads to prepare fur the liquida
tion of the debts due the Govern
ment, is such an admirable and timely
piece of legislation as ought th vin
dicate the session, and throw the
mantle of charity over some of its
blunders, delays and short coinings
The prutracted agony is uver, and
thekpeople should feel ??t?sj?t4f ?uid
conten vea* itiav Con?ois* T?ay? ?*\
juurned, and the country in thc main,
is no worse ufl' than it was before.
City Matters.
PREPARING.-A scaffold is being
erected around the State House pre
paratory to repairing the roof.
AT HOME.-Senator Butler has ar
rived home from Washington. The
Military Committee, of which ho is
a member, meets at the White Sui
pber Springs on.the 22ud of July.
* DEATH --We are pained to ant
nuunce the death of Mr. Juhn Glass,
one of the oldest residents of th's
city, who died about half-past 1
o'clock, last evening. j
Wright & Boozer get the latest int
proveniente in dental implements.
They have 'em ?ll. The latest ia a
chair, which can he elevated, lowered
twisted ?ir turned in any direction.
We want to get into that chair, but
can't yet muster up courage
ter of Richard Tozer ex parte George
L. Dial, assignee, petition to Call in
lien creditors and for a sale, it was
ordered that tlve report of Registar
Seabrook be confirmed, and that the
assignee do sell thc real estate des
cribed in the report for cash at pub
lic auction, at Columbia, after three
weeks' advertisement.
a meeting of the Penitentiary Com
mission, at the State House, on Wed
nesday morning, at which Governor
Hampton, as an ex-officio member,
was present. A motion waa made
-to remove the1 present Superintend
ent-charges having been previously
preferred against him. It was un
derstood that the motion failed be
cause the charges were not sus
tained. As a difference of opinion
arose, between the Governor and
members of the Board, concerning
the power nf the Board to remove
the Superintendent. The Beard ad
journed to meet yesterday, at 9 A. M.
COMMISSIONERS -The Board of Peni
tentiary Commissioners met at 9 A.
M , yesterday, at the Executive
office. The Governor and all with the
exception of Capt. Allen were pre
sent. The issue in regard to the
present Superintendent was squarely
made and squarely met by the Go
vernor. Governor Hampton endeav
ored to secure a compromise which
would bring about a reconciliation,
but found it impossible. Gen. Earle.
Chairman of tho Board, then signified
his intention of resigning, rather
than stand in the way of un adjust
ment. Messrs. Seegers and and
Bradley are to follow his example
The action to be taken by Messrs.
Shields and Allen is not yet. known
positively. A card to the peblic
will probably be issued when tho re
signations are formally tendered,
and thc motions which are based on
high patriotic grounds fully made
Fort Moultrie anniversary
The crop prospects arc splendid.
The pigeon shooters are going to
try their skill again.
The entertainment at the Asylum,
Inst evening, was an enjoyable affair.
Senator Butler delivers au address
before the Erskii.e College, on next
The State Grange meeta this yeai
in Spartanburg, on thc 13th day ol
Thc Republican party in this State
is not dead yet. Occasionally wc
hear of a kick
"How much havo you got saved
op A?r ?IM? {fourth?" is the principa
topic among ine-^rtyap-"^*-*"M?",-BXm
Gen. Grant will spend the winter
in Europe, returning lo the United
States via India in thc spring.
Water-melons, cantaloupes and
peaches-more particularly the lat
ter-are coming in freely. Pricei
Thc Boston Post thinks it hat
found the ticket now: "Mrs. J en kt
for President and John Sherman f?"
Dr. M ey nardie, nt Trenton, a feu
days ago, enthusiastically arguer
tho immediate re-opening of th?
South Carolina College, and prayec
earnestly that Edgefield, in thc uexi
election, might send men to the Le
gislalure who would be fully alive tt
the importance of higher education
He stated that there are now 4If
young Carolinians perfecting theil
education out of thc State, simplj
because they do not wish to go to de
nom i nat ional colleges, no matter hov
admirable the latter might be.
News Items.
Louisville, Ky., is 100 ve?is old.
The Lancaster County Convention
me?is on Monday.
Court opens in Greenville on
Monday next. Judge Kershaw pre
Mississippi's colored Senator. B.
F. Bruce, and his wife sailed for Eu
rope in the Algeria.
The Consistory appointed to bc
held at Rome on July 5 has been
postponed until July 15.
Lord Dufferin will accept an ex
tension of his appointment as Gov
ernor-General of Canada.
lt is understood that the National
party propose to run Peter Cooper
for Mayor of New York City. i
Ex-Lieu tenant-Go ver ii or Hahn, of
Louisiana, will be appointed superin
tendent of (he New Orleans mint.^
Thjc opinion is that tbe labors ot
the principal plenipotentiaries can be
concluded by the 10th of July.
Mrs. Susan C. DeBruhl, the vene
rable relict of the late Stephen
DeBrnhl. died at Abbeville C. El.
The Communists of Brooklyn ap
plied to the Mayor for permission to
punido mi the 1st of July and were
Tin? War Department is advised
that Buffalo Horn was killed in tho
charge of Howard's troops on the
hostiles camp.
President Hayes will attend the
celebration of the Wyoming Centen
nial, near Wilkesbarre, Pa., on the
3d and 4th of July.
All the members of thc Potter
sub committee, to investigate tho
Louisiana branch of the inquiry have
departed for New Orleans.
The Republicans ol the Second Ju
dien! District, of North Carolina,
mostly colored pcop'e. have nomina
ted one of their own race for Solici
The Roumanian cause has appar
ently been abandoned by the Powers."
The Brat ?ano Cabinet will probably
go out alter the c'ose of thc Berlin
Russia has given her consent that
the boundaries of Roumelia shall not
touch the yEgeuii Sea or approach
Sal?nica dependent on the conces
sion of Varna and the rest of tho
Quadrilateral to Bulgaria, lt seems
that this will bc ultimately agreed
Orders have been received at the
naval station at Portsmouth to des
patch three Indian troop-ships tn
Malta The circumstance causes con
siderable excitement and it is re
ported that these vessels will be em
ployed to take back the Indian con
The most important witness before
the Potter Committee was ex-Judge
Campbell, of New Orleans, who tes
tified, in answer to Anderson's state
ment that Campbell had affixed his
official signature to certain papers
without Anderson, having sworn to
iJbjem, that he did not remember to
fflei.ts had been sworn to in thc pro
per way.
Col. J. S Murray, of Anderson,
chairman of the Committe charged
with the duty of visiting Augusta
and conferring with thc citizens
in the interest of the Savannah Val
ley Railroad, will visit that city on
the 10th of July. Arrangements will
be made to bring the committee lace
to face with the people, to the end
that the advantages which may ac
crue to Augusta by the construction
of the Savannah Valley, may ho
made known lt is proposed that
this road shall tap the Augusta and
Greenwood at Dorn Mines.
I ^TPnSer?PR^lt?T^ \
Th? friends and acquaintance* or Vi. ami \
Mrs. JOHN GLASS, and of Mr. und Mis. I?, lt. f.
Glass, are respectfully Invited to intend the lu- f
oem 1 of thc formet. at the Washington street
Methodist Church, THIS A FT Kit NOON, it .'/
halt-past 5 o'clock.

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