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" Do thou Groat Liberty Inspire our Souls and make our lives in thy possession happy, or our Deaths Glorious in thy Just Defence."
I1 111 -1
It Sloops hcnouth tho blinny hill
An iu a tratapift dr?fpn;' ;
Tho giant elms aro sr/roadlug still
Abovo tho moadow stream.
o' Beneath thoso loafy houghs.
All day among tho scontou grass
Tho crlokotsloap amt HI^IT, V , ' '.
And g redo' ftna%ot4*'? .simUov,B paSsv S '
lilko swallows on rho wirig,
How calmly lu.tho Bkoltorou.nook . .
Tho summer hours may go,
%( X?thrlghJ ajv^-joyous as tho brook
That ?l?g?!with'doop'nli)ii (low.
O worldt with all thy cities' prldo',
Thy plains andvyallpyP/groony . ,
Thou hast nbVi'n Wy bound'rles1 d\Ao ,
Bo swoot. so fair a scouo.
f .'i i I ? ' : '?.. '. iMX,
Gardiner! ly* fimifto, who. for ?a
of yJaitf JiMtMoh lo Caijj^rnik,
activ? inbftiV'?'ir?ncisc?.-1
Tho following Incident occuri'cci some
ten years ago in tho city of Philadelphia:
benjamin - Yardley a veteran detective
of this city, was entertaining a follow
doteotlve-no old boyhood *s : friend,
?r i-i li *?J1 IV JJ'? S. Lili.?' fot
as a doteotiv?
Gardiner had como Bast, to spend tho
Christmas^,(h^liday^s j among his old
friends, and Benjamin Yardley was ono j
of these Menus.
tures on tho Tact flo Coast, Mv. Gft*$V
ner'hlludbtl to ll'/.'slippery customer,"
named,- '^tyiwpy?.M-A'slnulh neat hud
compactly, bu^.jfojl^'.y witjuti a parli
clo of'.'beam'on his face;'li? had tho
feuUuesj ofi-a Woman iii every sonso,
Gardiner said, and, from a habit ho fre
quently indulged in by uiastpiern dTng'|
in feminine garments,ho was perfectly,
at homo, .in ihcfemlp^yp. character ho I
assumed ;-W^f '? ? V'; 1 I
Then lie eon. I, at will imitate tho
feminine voice to .perfection, although
ids n dural voice was a .deep,?baiitpno
even in speaking,
N iuo years ?gp.. ?Gnrdiner> continued^ i
j'Stumpy" made a "grand haul I" by
on ter mg tho promises of an ' Opulent
lady, just beforo dawn-after tho lady
)md returned from a ball-and, after
?-?tupi? Vin? V(;V Witty chloroform robbed,
her of all "lier dlam?hds, w?iioh she liad'
?worn ?ml Jii.uitt, and sucuriiig quite a
suui of monoy besides, loft for parts
By the i description thu lady-'gave of
the biu'felar, it wan ..apparent that
"Slumpy" was tho offender, and Gar
diner was detailed to hunt him up.
Tho slippery follow, however, left no
trad behind lil ni whom ho left tho city,
and from that day he was seen no moro
)ii California.
"Wind, reward was offered for his
apprehension?" asked Yardley.
"Five thousand dollars," waa tho
reply. *v.? .o. fix
"And tho fame "bf tho Jewels and
money?" pursued tho veteran, in a
thoiifditful tone.
"Between, forty and fifty thousand."
"lhup ho confederates, think you?"
"It whs supposed not."
"No female, eh?"
"Not lo my knowledge, " ioplied
Yardly fell into a train of thought
and while thus om ployed, his compan
ion glanced over tho paper. Ile finished
this and glancing at Yardley ho was
surprised to lind his frlond, usually so
lively, still thoughtful.
"What is it, lion?" ho asked; "Solv
ing n problem?"
"Possibly," was tho lacouic roply.
''Tell us all about it/'sutd tho other,
in a ban'tbi lng tone!
Yaixliy slowly raised ;his eyes to tho
faeo of the speaker and said.
"Gardmer, my boy, what' would-;you7
say if I were to toll you that I bollevo I
could take you to tho residence of
Tho California detective Jumped from
his chair and eried I
" You don't mean it?"
"And you wi)I lead me to,his hiding
place?" pursued Gardiner, in an ani
mated tone.
"To his place of residence-yea;..but
ho does not hide, to all appearances,"
was the smiling roply,
"What namo does ho go by?"
"Nine years agp he called, himself
?j Valisa Carolhlo Dorsey,' " said Yardley,
;. Iwith an aiuu?cd smile, Vbut at present
l>? ia Known as ?We ?wealthy Mre' Mon?
'\ piaren tl y so; at all events there is
amn^lvlng with her representing.tho
.JVlr ?^Vt?gue.'"
"OthtSwlHoa female in disguise,as a
double gWl against dotcotlon?" ob
sorvod Gar?hior, sententiously.
"PosslblyA returned Yardley, "al
though I think Mr. Montague is in
reality a man, A
"Well, admiting all that, lie is of ho
consequence," reparteed tho other, "it
ls -''jSHuinpy' wo uro nitor. Will you
jlnU'Ctduco ruo?" ho asked, facetiously.
"Doos ho know your person?" hsked
"I think riot, " Gardiner replied,
"Yot *to make sure I shall nesumo a ,
disguisewhoii tho introduction takes.'!
plnco.>K V ;
"Very well,'? said Ynrdloy, smiling
again as an idea entered his tortile
Drain. . "You shall ho introduced, but
?riot byline* Vi have-a friend who will
do that white I stand asido and observe
tho effect," ?'.
"What effcot?"
' "You shall soo."
"But toll mo about the adyont of this
most delectable 'Miss Cnrolino Dorsey,"
said .Gardiner,
.y?l?at waa my intention. ' It can he
told in a fow momenta, so to spoak,"
.returned Yardley.". "She carn? here
representing that she caine.from Ireland
with her paronls, both ol' whom died on
tho passage and were buried at. sea.
Sh o obtained a situation as chamhor
?tontfi ...Ult .. Wio.lrw.l.iliW riivtUl.. ACi
iiiiiiu lin? ?I fcyOpvvrv????***, ty lilli j v/Il
South Fiftconth Street wli?ro she .vc,-,
romained a year, then loft them with
tho intention of going into tho trim
ming business with tho molloy sho hud
saved out of hor earnings.
She opened a store and stocked it
well-so well, in fact, ns-to elicit tho
surprise of hor lato employers, who
sometimes called on her.
Two years later she sold out at a bar
gabi, and. lived in retirement for two or
three' years, when tho 'Wealthy Mr,
Augustus Montnguo put in an appear
ance and wooed and won Miss Dor
sey.' "
*lTho pair aro then really wealthy?''
Gtirdinor asked in au earnest tono.
"?So (ino may judge by their manner
of living," was lho reply.
"Tho result,' undoubtedly, of that
'grand haul' of diamonds,' " the other
"Quite possible" waa the grim rejoin
?fWHoro do thoy live, and what aro
their usual habits?"
"Their residence is on West Groen
street, and Mr. Montnguo dlvidos his
timo by visiting tho brokers' offices on
Tjiird street, aiuUabspnllng hlmsolf [or
w period of thVe% or lour days ovory
fortnight. Tlie lady seldom leaves tho
"Possibly oh a plundering expedi
tion." observed tho California detec
tive, rotorring to Montague.
""Very likely," responded Yardloy.
?b tho folio wiri? evening tho Mon
tague's gave a reception, ti nd Messrs.
Gardiner, Yardley <& Co. wore there.
The "Co.," was a quiet genteel young
mau whom Yardley found extremely
useful as a "spotter," and a "shadow
er," in his peeiihar line of business.
His namo was Waller ltainsford, and
ho was generally looked upon as a young
gontleman of moans, inasmuch as ho
dressed woll and went much into
"Ho and Mrs. Montnguo wore quite
intimate, and he It was who first sus
pected tho sex of that lady, anti so in
formed Mr. Yardley; boneo both of
these publto olllcors kept, a pretty sharp
eye on tho fictitious foumlo, and ulti
mately woro confirmed in their belief
that Mrs. Montague was a man in dis
guise, but failed to discover his motive.
Mr. Gardinor, however, furnished tho
motivo, ai\d those three gontlomen now
resolved to maleo a proper investigation
of tho mattor.
. Any ono witnessing the introduction,
not being awaro that tho spurious lady
was a man, would npver for a moment
have suspected such to bo tho case.
Tlie sweeping bow she made would
havo deceived any ono, almost, and the
anillo that ac?ompanied it was moa?.
brilliant and betwitchlng.
Yardloy stopd In the shadow whoa
tho parties Were introduced, and dis
tinctly saw tho lady give a porcpptiblo
start when tho name of Mr. Gardiner
of California, fell upon hor ears.
"Wo hf*ve struck our gamo," was his
mental observation, and ho was per
fectly cou oct, for Mrs. Montague sub
sequently, interrogated Walter ltains
ford very closoly in rororenco to tho
gontleman. But that "Innocent,'^
quieted her alarm by Baying that homet
tho gentleman at a hotel and hoing
fortunato enough to render him a slight
service nu Introduction followed, and
they bocamo mutually, pleased with each
Had tho. lady been aware of the real
profession of Rainaford this explanation
would not have satisfied her-abo would
have regarded lt as a "a triado up Ho"
tb Borve a purpose. But not for a
mo mont auapeoting his avocation, tho
answers ho gavo to her questions
quieted hpr fears, and tho momentary
alarm subsldod.
If was. evldont that "Stingy" was
acquainted with Dotootlvo Gnrdlnor by
profession at least, if not acquainted
With him personally.
On tho following u?y Gardiner obser
ved that ho waa "shadowed" by an ap
parent countryman, and shrewdly guoss
ed that "Stumpy" was tho omployer of
tho follow.
In order to completely hoodwink tho
roguo, Gardiner protended to make a
number of purchases in Market Btroet
wholesalo houses, which fact was, of
course, made known to Mrs. Montague,
and was calculated to still further quiet
hor fears.
In tho meantime Mr. Montague left
tho city on his 'periodical journeys, and
was followed by Itainsford in disguise.
Whon tho latter rotumod and reported
to lils employer ho surprised him not a
Utile; Mr. Montaguo Uko his reputed
wife was a fraud. Ho was simply a big
woman in disguise and was known by
tho doml-ihondo of New York as "Big I
Ann" and1 was a woll known prostitute
of Murray street in that city.
Yardley did not apprise his friend of
what he had discovered in reforonco to
Mr. Montaguo, but rosolved to aid him
in. securing the greater criminal
"Stumpy" first, after which, if tho
othor was found guilty of any crime to
take bec also into custody.
Gardiner concluded to tako tho ras
Cal dining''tho absonco of Montague; as
if, ' e?tdd " bo dono moro quiotly, and
Yardley agreed with him, urglug him,
however, to uso tho utmost caution
slnco "Stumpy" was such a slippery
"I shall bo careful," replied Gardiner,
with, a confident smile, as tho pair saun
tered out of Mr. Yardley's residence.
"Goiidoum that follow," ho immedi
ately added, as ho saw his 'shadow,'
sauntering leisurely along on tho oppo
site sido of the street, j
"Ho is dangerous now," remarked
Yardley, gravely.
"Why so?" the other asked,
"Because ho saw you with mo and
will so report to "Stumpy," whoknowf
my profession."
"Ah." cried Gardiner iii real alarm.
"I was not. aware of that; I must aol
promptly or by Jingo ,Stumpy' will sill
Gardiner crossed the street aftei
taking leave of Yardley, and approach
e.d- tho, Redwing .coi,)i' ?:yma^ -vtyx ha;
just a moment before parted with a boj
with whom he had been conversing. ?'.
"Can you tell mo where tho Mayor',
olllco is?" ho asked of tho follow.
"Nix forstay," was tho reply, am
tho detective was positive that tin
responso was derisively given.
He resolved therofore to keep him ii
viow until an ofilcor appeared and thei
give him in chargo for an imaginar,
offence so as io prevent him from com
municatittg with "Stumpy."
This was accomplished very noatl
but the fellow appeared to take it cool)
and offered no resistance on being ai
rested; only when ho was led away h
turned to Gardiner, and closing ono oy
he remarked:
"Now you think you've done it?"
Tho detective stared at him, but bi
yond that simple remark tho man spoil
no moro.
"Confound him, what did ho moan?
Ga diner muttered, musingly, "ca
there bo any significance in the words?
Ho had tho warrant for "Stumpy's
arrest in his pocket and rosolved to pin
tho matter at onco.
Ho hastened to seo Yardley ar
together they proceeded to tho Moi
taguo mansion. They were admltt(
by tho servant who informed thor
however, that madam was indispose
and could not soe any visitors.
"But our business is very urgent.
Gardiner remarked, "and it is imper
tlve that I seo tho lady."
"*I will tell her so," was tho qui
response, and tho girl loft tho parle
Gardinor and Yardley quietly follow*
her which she apparently did not o
servo for she never turned her head
sho proceeded up tho stairway.
At the chain ber'door, howover, ' s
turned and a look of surprise sprai
into lier face.
"Why do you follow mo?" sho askc
"To see your .mistress," was t
reply from Gardinor.
"This is her chamber," rejoined t
girl, "and you may enter if y
ehoose," saying which Bho abrup
loft them, and they hoard the frc
door close as If she had left tho boo
They opened tho door, some ono v
lying in bed with their back turn
toward thom, but by tho garment tl
supposed it was a female-real or p
Gardiner hpproachod the bed and 1?
a hand on tho Hg uro'8 shoulder, tl
uttered an exclamation, aud graspl
tho occupant ho drew it forth and flu
it op tho. iloor with a .muttered our
It was a "d.ummy" and "Stumpy" 1
A slippery customer indeed I "Woll
said Yardley, with a emtlo at
f riendas look of dismay.
"Go-ne but not forgotten," was tho
gd tn t ; reply t and they dopartod from
that houso In disgust.
"Hpw will you proceed iioxt?'V asked
"Knowing my game as I do I shall !
just 'mhke up my mind to do. what ?l
came East for-oiijoy inysolf with my'f
old.friends and drop thief catehing ; tW
while: ?j : i
Abd thus ended this adven turo which
promised such grand results. j
TIKI ViiBOlmulouH ol OrolilU Growing.
In.the oaily days of our acquaintance
with theso plants their high prices, and
tlio extreme dlfilculty which apparently
attended their cultivation, inado thein
tho exclusivo property of tho very
woallby fow. Now, however, we have
increased our knowledge oC tho condi
tions under which they thrive m thoir
nallvo habitats, and tho ease and rapid
ity" with which they can bo transferred
is so- great that thousands of plants ar
rive in this country every month, and
th U; i pi iee? h uv o been." reduced to such
an ex tout as tb brhig them. Within the
reach Of every one having a glass
house. '-uSTot that there aro not hlgh
priccd orchids ovon in thoso da\s. On
tho contrary, any now species, or an
extra good variety of an old and well
known species, is moro eagerly sought
after than over, and numerous instinces
occur every yo?r where amateurs aro
lound who willingly givo fifty, eighty
or a hundred guineas to become the
happy possessor' of some special or
u nilpie form. Novortholcss, for tho
eoiii tort of thoso who aro about to com
mence tho fascinating pursuit of orchid
growing, wo can assure thom that some
nf tho most beautiful kinds in this
grand family of plants aro thoso who
are the ?uosL reasonable in price. With
the information brought us respecting
orchids by thoso who have collected
them in their wild state, coupled with
rational treatment at home, thoso plants
aie now found to bo as easily managed
as any others. One great oojoption to
o rc ii id-growing In tho earlier days was
tho (enormous consumption pf fuel,
whhjh had a rather forratdablo appear
ance on paper when tho cost was added
#fVv!i3 cjHl,?f- tho ysjuvv-, These woro,|
thy days when, because* a plant carno
frfon tho lOast Indies or South America,
it was supposed to require- as much
heat as a cook's salamander-tho fact
of tho vast mountain rauges of both
h9inlspheres being densely clothed with
verdure up to many thousand feet ele
vation hoing completely ignorod. This
fact is now fully recognized, and it ls
found that comparatively little oxponsc
is lncurrc'll in keeping tlieso mountain
plants supplied with sufficient boat.
A UooK ot TravolH.
Tho Biblo is in a groat dogroe a book
of travels. Journeyings occupy a con
siderable space m tho divino records.
"Got theo out of thy country, and from
thy kindred, and from thy father's
house, into a land that I will show
theo," was ono of tho first revealed
commands after the catastrophe of the
delugo, and tho attempt to build the
Tower of Habel. Xi> was directed to
Abram, who became tho father of tho
faithful; and, obedient to tho mandate,
ho departed at once.- The following
littto picturo ot foreign travel stands at
tho head of numerous volumes, Includ
ing somo most popular in tho present
day; "So Abram departed, as the Lord
had spoken unto bira; and Lot went
willi him; and Abram was 75 years old
when ho departed out of Haran; and
Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot
his brother's son, and all thoir sub
stance that they had gathorcd, and the
souls that thoy had gotten in Haran,
and they woiit forth to go into tho land
of Canaan, and into the land of Can
aan thoy came. And Abram passed
through tho land into tho place of Sic
hern, uuto the plain of Moveh." We
can picturo the patriarch, far advanc
ed in life, dressed In primitive oriental
costume, seated 911 tho baok of a pa
tient oamel, with his nephew and wife
and other rotations accompanying him
in long rotlnuo; the flocks and herds
not far off with shepherds and drlvors,
all with thoir lord aud master pursuing
a divinely directo i jol?rnoy to a distant
land they had novor seen boforo. Thero
was enterprise in tnis original expedi
tion, and curiosity and condor must
have stirred tho bosom of this early bx
ploror ns lie trackod his Way over ' uri/*
known lands, as his eye rpstod on plain*
valloy, andmountaln, and as ho drew
nigh to tho wooded hills of Northern
Canaan, and passed tue shores of .thp
kakoof Galileo, and saw a fortllo coun
try spread out boforo him undor tho
hudowa of Ebal and Gorizom.
Am, ifinlilonablo shapos in sofas and
lounges aro much bfcpJUowcd, and oor
tamly nothing oan bo moro tohiptlhg
than thoso sumptuous and luxurious
pillowed rosting plaoos.
bW April;<14t 185Yv tVnd liH? iiihavitcd
much ofM li6r> mother's ^cleverness v ii.\
music ami.Soientif?c study, buii tlm?pub*
lio only know her by .'sight;- hdr !protbjjji
Cold faco appears photographed in OYory,.
shop wiiyjow, ^?nd u|s ;'].familiar .t.?.al.l,
1Vind8or people, foy ?ho drives, rides,
and walks in ino iipniodiato neighbor
hood of tlie castle constantly, Bosorv
ed and proud In temp?rament, stio' can
sjoarcoly.bo .called;a .favorite,* yet many
stories of her Allai, doyotedness are: told.
8ho has the reputation of being the
cloyorest member Of the royal, family ;;
in fact, it is doubtful if there bo apy
not answer'tho shrewd 'theological' rid
dles offered him'bv the' y& im'*' 'Pr?HessS
f?r solution. ) V-/?"0.~*
....Pnnc?lt?m'y Maurice/of Battenberg,'
whom* tho Princessis now about'ltf
marry, is a. young, mau who may bo
saul to hang upontho vorgo-or ragged
edge, aa theyiwould say in,Broolily'A~f
of Boynlty;: already, . His ifather : is
Prince Alexander, .an nuncio , Of tho
Grand Duke,Louis IV of Hesso. !: Mis
m?tlior is the Countess Julie, a daughter
of tiio late CouutMaurleo yon! Ilaouokoi
a Polish nobleman, who; ,held, the , posir
tiop of Muiiatorof jj War. boforo ^yfvee-,
dom shrieked whoa ICosciuglto foll."
Tho mariwgo between Prince Alexan
der aud tho Countess von Haqucko,
liowever, is only a morganatic oho
such alliance seem to be moro favorpd
in tho House than in any other Sover-,
eign family of Germany, Thp mar
riago waa tho result of the intimacy
which sprang from tho Countoss' posi
tion as maid of honor to tli? late Em
press of Itussia, who Was a sister of
Prince Alexander. Prince Louis, on?
of Prince Henry's brothers,'?' is - as has I
been slated abovo, married to amiecodf j
tho Princess Beatrice, and isa Lieuten
ant in tho British navy; another broth-1
$V, Prlut-f; Alexand?v, is tho .^iaal-tov*
erign of Bulgaria, f and is unmarried} I
While there is still a fourth ({mi in tho j
family, Princo Francis Joseph, who
profosses to earn a livelihood as a sub
lieutenant in a Hessian regiment. All
four of thom are clever, handsomo, and
decent young mon, and it may bo that
the Princess Beatrice will make a happy j
marriage after all. Tho expectant hus- |
band will bo l?oketi after by tho Queen
mother, of courso, even if Parliament
is not appealed to for a marriage sctt'io-1
mont, and if thoro is nothing bettor to J
give her son-in-law that is to bo. tho
Queen can command for him somo
profitable sinecure Uko that of Bangor ?
of ;\Vindsor; Park, which .hi held by .that ( j
Other impecunious son-in-law of tho
Queen, tho Prince Christian of Sohles
wig-hol8tein, husband of Beatrlco'solder
sister Holeiia.
THO Tootli Factory. j
Tho domain Of tho dentist ia about to
bo disputed. A groat diaoovory has
been made which will.rovplutionizo tho
Whole business and emancipate tbp suf
ferers. A factory has been established, I
with plenty of capital tobabkit, for tho
purposo of making artificial teeth by
macliihory. All that any one who'Ja
troubled with his teeth will havb to do
Will be to get thom all pulledout < Then
ho can pUrchaso a brand new,, machino
mado sot and bo exempt from toothache
all tho rest of his 'life. This is, of
courso, nothnig now in tho making'and
using of artificial teoth, but lt will-be
oasily soon that the manufacture by
maoliinory presenta great advantages.
When tho making of watches by?ma
ohinery was started thqr^ wore many
protests that tho now way would novor
bo as good as tho old. But tho exact
ness soon attained,1 and tho convonlonco
of having the parts interchangeable, |
brought about a revolution;.: and tho
factory watohos now, rank aVovo ?tlio
hand-made. Tho same advantago will
be had in the factory teeth. If ono sot
gots brokon, or comos out, an exactly
a)milar one can be ordoioct' frdm 'iho
factory at very small cost; If tho plato
gota crooked it can bo roplaced in tho
mino way. All that will bo necessary
will bo t;o glvo tho number of tho pj?te,
and a now ono, precisely Uko tho old,
will bo sent by rotum mail.
; ?-. .?. .
wonlthy vnaii who obtuins bis wealth
honp'atly and noon it rightly, la a gror?t
Mossing to tho oornmiinifcy,
UoHOlvo to bilge in iv little goading |
ov?ry day, if it is but singlo sontenoo;
if you gefn fifteen minutos a day, it will
make itsolf foltat tho Cud of tho yo*r.
LovO ia sunshine; bato ta shadow.
-Montana has now moro than LQ00,?
OOO cattle
To hay?be'alutlfu?imiv nnd Kofep it itt
up' in s?mo .'l)cc?ining,
surround', andW?iHlor1 th'iit' it '?bte
tr?pied, thin i?'^tel????^''haven ;
^ft'u?y^'t Tlio hair ?ho?Kl'b?^ loosened-'
lyery hight boforb lotlrhig,' phbuld'v#f>
iomb?il fredi fvbni all - tangier with ?;
>ono comb; ; (vubbar < combs have dono
jnueh ito split midibrcak the banquear- *
(y iiH ijav? too inucbi.olectrlolty.to liso ;
Ubji$i^?^ for fi.
ohg.^imo* bvuH.bliig from tho top to tho !
fory opdfj It io iwbll ?or a lady who has
a maid,'for.it iq impoli b)o to bruah quos',
laiii: if yory lquw. Thou braidedfast,
ten tho onda with Hoft.?UkbraUi fo^tiuv
jiigiit. /Tho scalp should bVkept' clean
and healthy ; Wash qccaslpnally and have'
t?L?ea a'ye?r aa well.Vr ? . ,
(V?raVbraida, tako a ra\Y 0g'i? 'Mid utttf it!
]thbVo;Vghlyjiitd tho 'scalp (i^Uo^iftvat
lt nibs lu bettor) thou vi, ift;?bV^^>ya-,
tor with a littlo anHnouia.,)j?O?rt'bViitcd
lu it,;w4ng ?hpbjaWMp.^ . ,
mv % tho Uro br in tho. min Upbil.,,dry.
and.lhon comb 'outAU['M?mtf&iiti 1
?br??ding -f pro venta' ' iii iicli' j Bri ii r/l ? ? ^1 '
jtioiKwiU ? prevent1 }la>?all ingrat 'andi
|?Wy : tpi the,., root?. ? %hp4
^fashions for dressing childrpn^ hair aro
m follows: Ringlets ara most fayor
Mlb.?'?r bable?i ' L?t?lb b'byil havb chris
in bbb' back und ban'ga liv frdut, ' '? j ?? ? - ?
. t??m$ girls, bayo th?ir thoiv bair wavr
ed.and, filing down'.lvhp/back, with a
chored ribbon to keep it in place. Sonio.
pfouug gina, hit vb rovlv?d t?iri faslil?ii bf
light hair note, wMi largo moshesj iii1
iwhichthe hair falls loose and aa low
aa tho middle of tho i back. - Thia j style,
'shows tho hair to groat adyantago,;aud>.
;-will probably meet with great approval.
.Ij'rom 10 to 17 years of ago tho hair is
worn.high''arid twisted on'tho top of
thc head. " With this mothod of ' ar
rangement tho hair round hats have no
elastics, BO aa not to conceal auy ?part
of the protty waves which tho hair fprms,
whoa thus raised from tho nape of tho
neck. Tho hat is fastened to thp hair
l#u\ stool i>b.V .with a shejt o?' ibt'jihad'.
., A. AlnUosimy J<OK.
VA largor quantity., of, mahogany te. .
b?'ing, received hero this year than any J
ptnev varietyof fovtfgn W??d???'*'?'?t? a
Wbll-khown ' importer t? V'Veftbrtbr.
i'ltis becoming fashionable to uso paa^^
jiogany in almost ?very kind of fauoy .
Riid ornamental' woodwork, aud- In tho
manufacturo of furniture, and Pthov hi ti
llea ?of ordinary use lt has takon to a
groat oxtont tho placo of black walnut,;
Thia fall especially tho partial failure bf/
(iii' sugar orbii has stimulated tiib 'mW
menta' of mahogany frbnv ;Ci?b?!larid
Mexico, from' 1 which) .places, tho wob'tf
used in thia foqi?nt-vy?P.rinpipallyLComos. i
Very littlo comos from South Amer
( <u What does it bring in tho market
ere?"' "^'ii ;$J h* "M?:ir
? ?It is oho of tho1 most uricertaihcom
modltlos that wp imporb in respect to ?
price, and cargoes vary in valuo frpm.iM
couts to 25 emits a foot, theso being tho {
ordinary limita. Sometimes, howovor^ t
a singlo log-will bring a huhdrbd thneB\
s rnuoh ns this. In Its ibug?i stat o'a
og can only bo judged by Us exterior,
Ind some'idea can bo? formed of <tUo
quality of tho wood mid tho: pattern qfT?
tho grain ip this way. .Its^commorpial .
vah?o depends principally ppop i,t3 patr,
torn. Exporta frcquoiitly o'xporlpnco '
groat difllculties in judging of tlio VaV?o"
qf ? l?g'y and.tho''buyer '?fton^otnW %%H
big b?nanza l?.?thlaiwayfrapstmn?i?peo'r
t?dly- .I^ast, >yeok a-, lpg, >y?s-.spld-..oi?{f
shipboard to,a pum for $00.., Wo gav<>,
ld in |?0 for 'it a quar?et' pf :'??ii? hour
afterward, and have smc? Vut; $3|??6
worth of strips f?bm "this Blnglp log.
Tho beauty of tli? pattehi 'was hbt dfa
co^orod t\\\ wo began tb put it. lt lo *
nob very of ten, howoYer,. thAt. sp. valu- r
jblo a.prlxo ls drawnly, < |
An Altelo?t rcoplo. i
; Bet weep, pamaspus and Jerusalem, iff.'
? tvibo pf about 3,000 IIpbrewH. .whlon)'
lias boon thoro probably einco tho bb- .
ginning of tho Qhrla'^ri, ora; ! They '
havb neither blty nor town; thby llvb in
camps? Tho templo ls >f?presonted! by
a moro spaoious tent. They have nov?r
a^dn^i^te^ ftip?ng .tiioin a pqrapnvOf-.dltf
orent'vaco qr roligioiu, ,T?ioir ordinary .
iailguHge ls nbbrow._ In thoir rola-"
tiona Svlth qthew tlioy spoak Arabian.
TheaoTOiatlonajl^ fbw,
fovtboy havo rcmahu/d like their prim*-'I
ltlvp. vacos j pxpluslvoly tillo vs of tho
Foil and wiVrilorii. , They cultivate, tba,,
ground armed from 'head to foot, al",
ways ready tb defond thoiv portion, of
earth, from which, with great dlulbuV
tyv ' they dorivo a moacro MUbst?i'nco.
Thoy live on littlo, and aro cohibnfc to
thus live iii thole nativo penneywhich
tliey havo ocoupiod for cenluric.H

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