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VOL. Xiii
4^ ??A/^iA/,,'j4w
^ Ik?
TO res
"Do thou Groat Liberty Inspire our Souls and mike our lives in thy po&?ossioii happy, or our Deaths Glorious in thy Just Defence,
For tho House of Uoprosontiitives.
Tlio friends of Col. T. N. Edon*
announce him ss a candidate for
'nomination for tho House of Rep
resentativos nt the approaching
Primary flection. Ho will abide
1)9 tho result and accept no ellice
oxcopt through the Democratic
duly ai; 1888.
At tho earnest solicitation of
many friend?, 1 announce myself
rs a candidato for the Homo of
Representatives, subject to the
iwLiun of tho Democratic Primary.
I nm a candidate for olection to
tho House of Represent atives? sub
joct to tho voto ot'tho primary.
I respectfully announeo myself
as a candidato for tho Houso of
Representativos, subject lo tho ac
tion of tho Democratic Primaries.
For School Commissioner;
I,respectfully announeo that I
am a candidate for tho ollico of
tho action of tho Democrat ic Pri
maries. H. P. JOHNSON.
I respectfully announce that I
am a candidate tor tho ollico of
School Commissioner subject to
tho endorsement of tho Democratic
votors of the county.
I horeby announce myself a can
didato for re-election to the ollico
of School Commissioner subject to
tho action of tho Democratic Pri
maries. N. L. SWETT.
For Coroner.
I respectfully announce myself u|
candidato for the ollico of Coroner,
subject to tho action of tho Dcmo
?5# eratic Primary,
i . ; .v, J. Bi SAMPSjCp.
; &*he friouds.of... JV >M. -??ROPN
:^^^mm^(ii?0i ? iiiiiv un a
candidate for the o??iue ol' Coroner,
subject to the result cf tho Demo
cratic Primarios.
Tho many friends of W. J. Cov
I vington announeo him as a candi
date for the ollico of Coroner, sub
jbet lo tho action of tho Democrat
ic Primary election.
i Tho many friends of James Kirk
patrick announeo him asa candi
dato for tho office of Coroner-sub
ject to tho action of tho Democrat
ic primary.
I respectfully announeo that
am a candidato tor re-olcction to I
tho ollico of COHONKU, subject to
thc action of tho Democratic Pri
marios. JAMES F. DAVID.
I respectfully announce myselr
as a candidate for the ollico of
Coroner, subject to the action ol
tho Democratic Primary.
For County Commissioner*
Tho many friends of A. J.
QUICK respectfully announce him
ns a candidate for County Com
missioner, subject to tho endorse
ment of tho Democratic voters of
tho county. MANY FRIENDS.
I respectfully announeo myself a
candidate for election to thc
oflico of County Commissioner,
subject to tho action of tho Demo
cratic primary.
AT tho solicitation of friends, J.
O. CAMIMUCLI, has consented to bc-1
como n candidate for County Oom- !
missioner, subject to thc action of1
tli3 Democratic primary.
The many friends of Capt. J. T.
Covington appreciating his past ser
vices as County Commissioner, re
spectfully announce him asa candU
dnto for re-election to said office, sub
ject to tho .result of tho Democratic
primary. *i
Having faithfully sorved thc
Democratic party for these many
years, I now appeal to tho suffra
ges of my friends in coming before
thom as a candidate for tho office
of County Commissioner, subject
to tho result of a Democratic Fri?
?nary. Respectfully,
I respectfully announce myself
ii candidate for tho oflico of County
-Commissioner, subject to tho ac
tion of the Democratic Primary.
Tho friends ot' Mr. H. S. GRANT
respectfully announce him ns a can
didate for County Commissioner
subject to tho action of tho Demo
cratic Primaries.
I hereby announce' myself ns a
candidato for the ollieo of County
Commissioner-BU bj cot to tho nc
titan of D?mocratie Fri mary. If
elected will serve to the best of my
ability. I. L. PIPKIN.
For Sheriff.
respectfully announce myself a
candida t for reelection to tho of
iiee of Sheriff, subj oct to the action
of the Democratic tiri mary.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for the billen of Sheriff, '
subject, to tho action of tho Demo
cratic Primary.
Thc friends of Mr! E. N. ODOM
respectfully announce him ns a
candidato for the office of Sheriff,
subject to the action of tho Demo
cratic primary.
Foi' Clerk of Court.
I respectfully announce myself ii
candidate for re-election to the
office of Clerk of the Court, subject j
to thc Democratic Primaries.
. 1 hereby declare myself a candi
date for Clerk of Court, subject to
the action of tho Democratic Pri- !
mary. JAS. A. J)RAKE.
For County Treasurer.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for re-appointment to
the omeo of County Troasurcr,
subject to tho result of tho Demo
cratic primary election.
For Comity Auditor.
I respectfully announce myself a
candidato for ro-appointmont to
tho office of County Auditor mib
?eot to tho result of tho Democratic
For Probate Judge.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for nomination for the
office of Probate Judge of Marlbo
ro' at the approaching Democratic
Prim ii ry election. I will abide by
tho resu lt and accept no office ex
cept through the Democratic party.
July 31, 1888.
RHV, ),, WOOD, I?, (!.
ri HST SIIN,I><\Y.
S!i?loll ll o'clock, II ni KbonozorHl o'clock, p ni
Oak (Jrovc 11 o'olnuk, n m. New Hope ?14 p m
Til I ll ll H ll NH ? V
Bbonctcr 10J o'otook, a tn. Shiloh Sj p m
New Hcpo ll o'clock, n m. Oiik'O.rovo :1J p ul
Kii rii KIINHAV.
At Ploitsjint HUI, and Saturday boforo onoli
2d .Sunday,
H KV. I). 1). D?NTZLKR, Pastor.
Roulai). 3rd Sunday Deo 18S7, at ll o'clock am
Clio. ". " " " " " p I?
llotldoUiom 4th' f 1 " " " ? " ???
Manning Olin pol ttl? Sunday I)e(! <U:* " p >"
Clio 1st Sunday Jan 1 SSS at ll o'clook a iii
lloulah ?' " " " " S " P ni
Maning 2nd ?' " "ll " am
IloUi?elioin" " " "Si " pm
Rn v. (3. M, BOYD, P. a,
Pirti Sunday-Hebron, ll am; Eb
enezer : i. 3 0 p. in,
Second Sunday-Parnassus ll a. m.;
Zion :J.:HJ p. iii.
Third Sunday-Hebron ll a. m. ; Eb
enezer, 3:30 p. in.
Fourth Sunday-Parnassus ll a.m.;
//ion 3.30 p. m.
H KV? J. O. STOI.Ti.
ist Sunday,
bethel at ll a in ; .Smyrna at fl p ni
2(1 Sunda ?/.
Pl l?o (trove, al ll am; beauty Spot at ii
p m
3(2 Sunday.
Boykln at ll a m ; Antioch at ?j p m
4th Sunda}/
llreodon's Chapel at li a m ; Boy kin at 3
p m
* .JU ni/tii/
Doykin ut ll u m ; Vine (?rovo '.I p m.
2nd "undai/
Antioch nt ll n ut; Jlrcodon'f Ohnpol !> p in
?Iii Munday
Ilot liol nt ll nm; Sinyrrin 8 p nt
4I/I Sunday
Pino (?rove nt 11 n m ; liciutty Spot nt 3 p ni
wrrr inn-iu rm?w mm ' I II inn ITIM? I III < uriim.IHH IBIMHH?
Tho business nicoll ng<< of this Company
will he hold iptarlorly, on thc 2nd Friday
in .January, April, ?Tidy and October.
?J. r? MCLAURIN, captain.
C. K. JOIINSO.V, Soc. and Treas.
Railro?d Guido'
Atlantic Coast Line.
Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta ll. R.
J)atcd April ist, 1?
No. 23 No. 27 No. IO
P. M. P. M. P. M.
Lv. Wilmington *8 Of) * IO 10 t2 40
Lv. Marion ll 23 12 41 .0 23
Arrivo Florence 12 11 1 25 ii io
A. M. P. M.
No. f)0 Nu. r>s
A. M. P. M.
Leave Floreneo 2 40 f 0 -IO
Arrivo Sumter 4 25 S 05
No. 52 . No. .r)G
A. M. P. Mi
libnv? Kimi tor 4 25 i f 12 * tl 22
Arrivo Columbia (i i:? . IO 55 IO 55
A. M.,
No. 52 runs I brough IVoni Charleston
via Contra) R. ll.
Lonvimr Limes 8,31 A. M., Manning
9,08 A. Mi
Sundays No. 54 leaves Charleston 8.30
A. M., Lanes 10.28 A. M., Manning
11.10 A. M.. Sumter ll.40 A. M., ut
rives Columbia 1.10 P. M.
No. 50 mus through bom Charleston
via Central lt. lt. leaving Lanes 7.13
P. M., N?nning 7.52 P. M.
Train on C. & P. lt. P.. councots at
Florence willi No. 58.
No. 51 No. 57 No. 63
P.M. A.M. P.M.
Leavo Columbia "ll 25 *'0 50 * 5 33
Arrivo Sum tor 12 52 S 12 0 40
No. 511
Leave Sumter 12 52 ? S 22
Arrivo Florene? 2 20 0 40
I A.M. A.M.
Nb. 78 No, 00 No. 14
A. M. A. M. P. M.
Leave Florcnoo 4 3,6 f 10 30 *8 20
Leave Minion 6 22 li ll S 55
Ar. Wilmington 8 85 2 10 11 50
A. M. P. M. P. M.
fDttily. tDaily except Sunday.
No, 63 runs through to Charlo'don,
S. (J., via Central lt. lt.. arriving Man
ning 7:20 P. M., Lanes S.U2 P. M.,
Charleston U.45 P. M.
No. 57 runs through to Chat lost on via
Central lt. lt., arriving Manning 8.48
A. M., Lanes u 33 A, M., Charleston
11.30 A. M.
No. 00 connects nt Flotation' with 0.
and 1). train for Chcraw and Wadesboro.
Nos. 78 and 14 make, closo connection
nt, WilmingJouvwiih' Wy & W. PwdLdW.
till points North. '
DAILY i:xci:rr SUNDAY.
North bound. South bound.
Leave- Leave
Charleston 7.00 n, in, Wad?sboro' 2.10 p, m.
Lane's ' 8.48 )1. III. OhoriNV '1.2.0 p. ii).
'Kloronea 10.K3 a. m. Klorenco (i,20 p. iii.
Ohonxw 12.20 p. ia. Jame's 8.07 |?. la.
Arrivo- Arrive
f Wudcsboro'2.00 p. m. Charleston 9.45 p.in
Ours run Ihrongli between Charleston mid
Wndosboro'. Tbeso trains niako clotho commo
tion nt Wnilosboro' with Rnst anti Wost bound
l'uasongor trains over tho Carolina Central
II. WAI.TK.IIS, Oon. Manager
J. R. KtCNI.Y, Supt Transportation,
T. M. KMKKSON, Gen. Pass. Agt.
? um ???iiiTfru ntl linn MINIMI |ii|-|iiMiiinminwniiiniiwini|iiiM^i<ii
Tho pince to buy
Oaf ?S, AV ll g Oil S
and hnvo repair work done. Thc above
cut of cart is well known in this county.
Knell and o very ono completo and guar
anteed as No. I. With my present ia
cilities for manufacturing can sell cheaper
than ever before. 1 am ?Iso prepared lo
make any aha l'oit {'rom 1 inch down to
3*1 Oj any length under Kl feet. In fact,
anything t lint, cnn be done in a shop by
Piing your work forward
Convenes each L'ridny evening on or bofor
tho lull moon nt S o'clock.
C. I*. Townsend, W. M.
C. M. Wcathorly, yccrolnry.
.-.?* ? ? -.
Coiivono? onch Satardny afternoon boforo
thc lull moon, nt 1 o'clock
E. li, Srari'onn, W. M.
w, J. Adams, Secretary.
AURORA lOOt'E, HO. 33, A. f. M., CLIO,
Meet? Saturday on or niter onch full moon
at 3 o'clock, ]>.MH.
.1. O. DUNOAK, Wi M.
J. A. CAMIOII.N, Sccrotary.
Moots Nntuulny on or boforo ouch full moon
nt 3 o'clock, p. m.
V. A. Ito?nus, W. M.
J. T. HASON, Score tu ry.
From Alabama.
August i Kb;, 1SS8. j
Mr. Kditor: I receive your paper regu
larly and ii? reception is as^rof tushing us u
cup of cold waler to. o thirsty mah, or thu
smiles of a pretty holy whom you thought
limb you had previously null unintention
ally oi?endod.
Tho crops up to tho ioth of July were
ahov.o au average, with preceding crops,
hut bho thieu weeks drouth that is now
prevailing, will diminish tho yield ab loasb
1 attended a barhceuo on thc 26th of
Juno (St. John's birthday) ut Livingston,
tho county seat. 1 am inadequate in de
suii\?tive powers, to tell you ol' tho good
tilings, with fruits of all kinds in abun
dance, and tho social enjoyments that
graced tho occasion. Tho town waa tull
of people, omi tho gentlemen, for physiquo,
bonne hominid and deportment, will com
pare, if not eclipso, any portion of bhe
United State?, and they .were all domo
orals, bub the radiation of 7mo sweet smiles
of tim bonne femme whioh Bhcd so much
bistro and such a halo of.beauty over tho
Boone, mudo it auporbly enchanting. F.x
OUHO ino in my praise for it\is not exagger
ated, if I am n gross o\\ widowor. We
bad a splendid band of \?S&j\ muslo from
New Orleans, and when it struck up
Dixie- I thought of Solv??]? Carolina and
Col. Covington, and bad tc give a whoop
and in response, tho ambient air we? rent
with hu/./.as. Wo had a.nnatoh game of
base ball, glass ball shooting and a bull,
lb was a night to see thofv,trip ib up with
the fantastic too, with graceful and elastic
movements. I thought afc Sue fclmo that I
would gob a partuor und.-.'hoow thom bow
to eui Ibo back slop and tho broad slmlllo
bub my grey beard admo-.Ahod mo nob to
lio obtrusive. '/?
"Hui ploasurcs aro as poppies spread,
We nip t he flower, the bf :qhl is lied,
Or like a snow drop fallUVgon tho river,
A moment white, then ^prover."
Thia Slate is solidly 1 ?j'mooratie. Thero
is a republican offering for Oovoruor but
he is nob noticed.
Tho llonegnjia and Daniels aro all in tho
church and bavo plenty^whh to Bupprfluin
ties. " '?M ,
1 seo that thoro aro sacral aspirants for
president lal honors, nutftvbblng a strong
Cleveland man, 1 bavo ??0.sympathy with
any other aspirant, ox>\';pting Miss Helyn
Lockwood, who. I bopo^ will got a goo l
complimentary voto, lfi who , will inscribo
this motlo on lier liiim'^^ "No .quarter, no
'?lv^tlen, !r.y.,ySl;tcdui'?.V ^".demV<tdmvNvhq:
sj?yB liold enm?gh,'' f.lio ?twill mako a inore
respectable race? Iban thc 'tempor?neo Lu?
bor candidates, who are making side issues
to gob hold of Morton's inoiioy. Fisk,
Small, Jnnos, Sb, John, of Kansas fame,
ouglib bo rccolleeb that Cleveland is a bern
poraneo mau.
Old Marlboro baH several candidates out,
1 seo in the poper. For tho love of coun
ty and mankind generally, I hopo thc right
men will bo olecbou.
Tho Red Rill correspondent has Blacked
oil'. Como forward, Hob, and lob mo j
know if tho social wrinkle; have been rub
bed out,,nod if ovory thing ?H smooth and ?
lovely, for surely tko nspceb of things waB
very motly faced when I left and there I
was room fot improvement.
I am gn tiil d to. BOO that Mr. Jno. C.
Campbell is a candidato for County Com- |
missioner. Ile lives in I bo lowor portion |
of tho county, which ls certainly entitled
to ono Commissioner, nineo tho death of
j Capt Fdens, and if tho pooplo will consult
their best intorosbs, bhey will givo bim a
triumphant majority.
Ai H. lltiNHOAN.
Snakes aro Exc?feing Things.
Some years ago when ] set out in life,
alter marriage, I and wife had raised
two children nearly grown-a son and a
daughter-and thc daughter at times
would have her young Indy associates to
visit her. On one occasion two nice
young ladies came to spend the day, and
at the usual hour dinner was announ
ced and all was ready in a lew minutes,
for wc love to cat at our house, and wc
delayed no time in gatling to thc table.
The writer as usual asked a blessing
after all was seated alon nd thc table,
ami alter raising bis lace erect and treat
ing tlic young ladies with all thc polite
ness that he was possessetl with by
waiting on them at thc table, J soon dis
covered our old brindle cat coining to
wards thc dining table with a large
black snake hanging lober mouth, and
thc writer remarked something about
thc old cat having the snake, and no
sooner than mentioned, thc cat sprang
into the door with thc snake and ran
under the table. I tell you th jrc wis a
moving tiiiic in old Joel's kitchen Iront
thc table ; no one hungry just at thc
spur of that moment. Chairs sprang
backwards and two ol thc number fell
over, and such rolling to get further.
Thc same old cat plays up such pranks
until now one happened a lew days ago
on the same principle too good to give
thc public, ibu thc writer will give an
incident ot years ago when I was plow.
iiig, I am scared ol snakes too as other
people arc, and I had a slow horse to
plow, so I bought a long black whip to
make time. All was going well with
mc for two or three days, but finally I
became careless about the whip drag
ging tiber mc in the furrow behind thc'
plow. Time rolled on and was making
headway, and in driving out at the end
of the row where thc wcodp was thick, 1
was sorter jubiis ot snjikes, but stepped
out into thc corner ol j the fence jam to
turn and start back,, in so doing thc
long black whip got tangled around my
feet and legs for I was barefoot ; as soon
as thc lash began to t'ghtcn Mound my
feet in turning the writer begun to light
en too, ami ail thc kicking teet against a
plow I done it, and alter discovering my
mistake I had to sit on my plow and
rub my right foot perhaps a half of an
hou?-. So there was no time gained by
plowing with a whip lo make time,
therclorc the writer would advise all
plowman to ljt thc black whip alone
when plowing. d***
August 2. J8NS.
Gibson Station Splinters* '
The interest manifested in tho pro
tracted meetings in this section has
eclipsed everything else. Dr. J. W.
North has just closed a very interest
ing meeting at Saint John's. Several
accessions' to the church with some
18 or 20 conversions. Everybody
has ?)?6n going to meeting, while and
black, young and old; whooping
cough, sore eyes, &c, has boen scat
tered. Kev. G. G. Musgrave, colored
pastor ol' the Green Lake Circuit,
closed his protracted meeting at tho
station last Sunday week, and thc
past week ho has conducted a meeting
ut Goodwin's Chanel, Mr. Editor I
wish to say something about the Boy-1
kin meeting. I am not a preacher,
neither ant 1 ti fanatic on the subject j
of religion, but if any man can pp
tend, a meeting like tho ono j list!
closed at Boylon without being moved
hard ind?cil is that man's heart. As
I roported last week, this meeting |
commenced ono week ago. Ixe vs. J.
C. Stoll, 10. S. B. Ford, NV. K.
Breeden, N. Li, Swelt,-Berry, A.
H. Adams and Fletcher Stubbs, all |
have labored faithfully in their Min
ter's cause, iront the very beginning!
tho holy spirit seemed to move upon
I the hearts ot' the people, Bov. Mr.
j Swelt preached three serinons, which
had a telling effect; this man of God
is doing a grand work in Marlboro I
County. Bov. Mr. Berry preached]
two sermons/ I heard only ono text,
.'Broken Vows,'' which stirred our
people and caused a personal exami
nation. Kev. J. G. Stell, preacher in
charge, seemed lo be happy all the
week, preached as I never hoard him
preach before Iiis sermons on "Hell
and Heaven" were profoundly good,
searching; penetrating ami covering |
the entire ground. Iiis sermon yes
terday morning on Heaven was deci
dedly tho best that I ever heard him
deliver. Kev. Mr. Ford, the junior
preacher, while suffering from
throat affection, has thrown li i ni self
fully into the. work, and his sermons
and simpluhty' 1 he entire member
ship of tho church was thoroughly
aroused to a sense qf their duly, they
went lo work, pleading willi peni-'
tents anil admonishing sinners io |
abandon their evil ways and flee to
.Jcsu.s, and never since tho days of ll.
II. Durant have tho Boykin people,
and the entire surrounding country
enjoyed so powerful revival ol' reli
gion. Between 40 and 00 souls were1
converted and nearly if not quite as |
many connected themselves with tho!
church. It was indeed a pity to close1
the meeting, but owing to "fodder1
pulling" and previous arrangements
by the pastor, it was deemed advisa*
ble lo move thc meeting to Bethel.
Duncan ('alder, an aged gentleman
who dived in Brightsvillc, (lied last
Friday- He was between 70 and 80
years oki.
The candidates iii Marlboro are
thick vc i'j i thick. Some of them have
been in Marion County and even in
North Carolina electioneering. Be
careful hoy*, try to keep inside of the
county. One thing I notice with
pleasure, the absence of electioneering \
at the protracted meetings.
Yesterday just after tho services at j
Boykin, Mr. Wm. ('lark was married
to Miss Coningham, Esquire D. D.
Stubbs officiating. The 'Squirt) heard
that the old woman would object ami
kick up a racket. This report caused
the worthy Judge's helves to become
a little shaky, but tho old lady did
not make her appearance and every
thing passed oil pleasantly and quiet
Crops were never bolter flinn nt
present in tho Boykin .section, water
melons and fruits are plentiful and
tho candidates will have a good time
th that section. 1 have not been at
Tat ii ins for ono week, therefore have
no splinters from that prosperous sec?
Gibson Station, N. G., Aug. 0, 1888.
Attention, Company G.
As agreed upon there will be a Ko
Union of the above named Company
on the 2nd Saturday in August, at
Hebron, mid it is hoped that all the
members will ho able to attend. Til o
roll will bb called, and if lhere is any
errors they will be corrected. Wo
expect to have speaking, by candi
dates nt least, tho mooting to take
place at 10 o'clock, A. M., and to
continue all ?lay. All old soldiers1
are invited lo take part in this rc
union, nml all to bring one days ra
.1. A. CALHOUN, Chairman,
Go. G., He-Union Association.
July :51st, 1888.
Gen. B. B. Homphill, of Abhovillo,
has boon nominated for Governor. If I
ho will accept ho will mako a gooir
one. ^
Thc Yitt?yawli
Many hus boo? tho years sinco tho com
mune! waa given "go nud work in my
vineyard." And those that wont in nt tho
clovonth liour received an muoh OH thoHO
that went in at tho first hom, that boro
tho lieut and burdon of tho day. About
till tho ohiingo that baa boou mado in that
command in thcBO latter days is that tho
drosser of a vinoyard labors ton moni hu to
maka greater preparations to got his vino
yard in good trim and his fruit ready iot
sorvioo and thoBo clovonth hour hands arc
still looking on for a chanco, and ns soon
as tho fruit bogins to smoll delightful lato
of au evening, thoir baskots aro .mado
ready, and tho drossor of tho vineyard
may ranko excuses that ho wanbi to ninko
sorno wino of tho choice fruit, bub ?till
they como and go as if tho fruit was a
gain to all; and soino of tho hands that
como in ab tho eleventh hour receives
moro wages than tho master of tho viuo
yord docs himself. Grapes will koop good
until Christmas if thoBO clovonth hour
hands di.l nob infringo on bho innstor's
rights, So ib is, if ib is fair.
J. L. C.
Aug. 4, i8S8.
A iiiasjpiTK iron MAXWELL.
Tho H ri ti nh Clo vornimmt Intorvonos in Bo
hull' of tho Murdoror of Prollor.
ST. LOUIS, Mo. August 3,-When nows
roached hero this morning bhab bho British
Government hud requested a further ru??
pite for Hugh M. Brooks, bettor known as
Maxwell, on bho ground that bobh bbc
murderer and bis victim .wcro British sub
jects, ib created no litblo surpriso, though
Homo now morn lins boon looked for.
Governor Morohouso has received morely
formal telegraph?0 nobieo bhab bho papers
have boon forwarded by mail and does
know what ucbion ho will take. John J.
Martin, ono of Maxwell's attorneys, says
that the request for a respibo was secured
through tho elforts of Maxwell's father
with I.onl Salisbury, und claims that now
corroborativo tosbimony has boon dovol?
oped which will savo Maxwoll from bho
gallows, Ho is confident bhab tho Govern
or will grant tho respite. Circuit Abtoruuy
Clover is nob surprised, uud thinks ib prob
able that a brief respibo may bo grnnbed.
Ho u firmly convinced, howovor, that
Maxwoll must eventually bo hanged.
-'-f. mm ? j', ',-.
Tho Bui-plus $100,340,63b*, an Inoroaso of
$3,000,0000 in a Month.
WASHINGTON,? Aug. l.-~T]Uo re.'
duetidn /'hr.. tfUiy pi.Uu; ?. i\objtvMtin'u'A-K
July was $4,137,298. Tim tofiit debt
now, less cash in tho Treasury, is
$1,101,'147,858, and o? this amount
81,01.4,138,142 is interest hearing
debt. The net cash or actual surplus
in tho Treas.ury today is $?06,84?),?i
535, or $3,000,000 moro than ono
month ago. The Trensury gold fund
to-day aggregates $194,592,280, or
about a million more timi) a month
ago, and the silver lund balance to
day is SK),097,840, one million less
than on July 1. The store ol'stan
dard silver dollars lina increased about
two millions during the past month,';
and tho Treasury now holds $245,
798,705 worth of thom,
Government receipts from nil
sources during July aggregated $31,.
201,897, against $30,814,872 in duly,
I8H7. Customs receipts wero 819,
498.251), a million more than in July,
1887, while internal revenue receipts
were $9,552,823, a few hundred
thousand less limn in July a year ago.
Expenditures for the month were
S3C,l-l 1.452, against $35,130,5)24 in
July, 1887.
? Remedy tor Dipthciin.
Very considerable interest has been
excited in foreign and medical circles
by Mi Brondel's successful treatment
ol'diphtheria hy the uso of benzoato of
sodium. He asserts that of 200 con
secutive cases he has not lost a singlo
one anti, though admitting tho possi
bility of a mistaken diagnosis in sorno
instances, yet, even excluding 50 per
cent on this account, there remain 100
eases without a death?. His method
is to have tho patient take, every
hour, a tablespoonful of a solution of
benzoato of sodium, fifteen grains to
the ?unce? and at tho samo limo one
sixth of a grain of sulphido of calcium
in syrup or granule; in addition to
this tho throat is thoroughly scraped
every half hour with thu bonzonte,
this being dono unfailingly at the reg
ular intervals, day and night, with no
other local treatment whatever. No
attempt is made to dislodgo tho falso
membrane. Tho nourishment consists
of beef juice, tender moat, milk, otc,
hut bread and all other articles which
may cause irritation of tho throat are
forbidden.-Now York Tribuno.
Presbyterian Obis,
COLUMBIA, July 80.-Tho Secretary
of Stato to day .issued a copi mission
to tho South Carolina Presbyterian
institute for young ladies. Thero is
not a 1'rosnyterian school for young
ladies in tho State, hut thc momhors
of that church number fifty thousand.
It is proposed to build a collego boro
for fifty thousand dollars. Thc char'.
ter will ho porpotual and none hut
tho strict Presbyterians can ho tho
directors or in any maimer govorn
ibo college. Tho most influential
Presbyterians aro interested in tho
rhoro will bo a Dress Parado o?
tho Company in PULL UNIFORM
ou Friday ovoning, August loth, at
6 o'olook. Eaoh mo in ber having a
GUN nnd UNIFORM is horoby uo
tilled to havo tho samo oloan and
in povfoot ordor. Thora will olso
bo n buHinous mooting of tko Company nt
tho Armory at 8i o'clock, wharp. A full
nttendanco I* requested as business of hr>
portanco will bo transacted.
Hy ordor of
Attest : Captain.
C. K. JOHNSON, Seo. & Treas.
II. II; NEWTON, l'rosidont.
?. 1J. JORDAN, lit Vicu.Proniclont.
J. HOWARD WEE LS, 2nd VioO-l'rosldont,
W. L. THOMAS, Soorotnry.
D. L. JENNINGS, Tronsuror and Aes't Roc .
Prayer mooting ovory Wednesday oyontng
ot 8 o'olook.
Rooms opon ovory ovening from 8 to ll
Strnngors aordinlly woloomod.
Arrives-Southern mail vin. Sooioty Hill
arrives daily*, nt 2 40 p ni.
Leaves-Daily, at 7 30 o'clock, u ta.
Arrives- Norlhorn mail vin. Greensboro,
N. 0., arrives daily at 7.30 p nj.
Leaves- Daily, at 0 00 o'clock, a m.
An -ives-Blenheim, lied Hill and Drake
'arrives daily at 1 o'clock,'
L?aves-D?ily at G o'clock a.m.
Leaves-Bennet tsvillo to Ohoraw,', via .
Dargan and Quick, 'Tuesdays
and Saturdays, at 7 a. m.
Arrives- Same days at li p. tn,
fjcaves-Bcnnett8villo to Lnnrinburg via
Pearson. Brltditsvillo, AdninB
ville sud 'Ncwtonvillo, Monday,
Wednesday nnd Friday, at 7.30.
vlmVc?-Tuosday, Thursday and Satur
day at 4.30
Bonnottsvillo post-office opons /at 7
o'clock, a m., and olosos at 6 p in.
All mails opened nod distributed upon
jfBW- Money Ordor business oloeos on Snt
nrauyn, til \? o'oiooK,m.
Slior?fiVJb* J., Roger?,
'oiOVk, ?/ A(;\W6nih?oi,' -?^
Coro'no?? iT, fi fc?vid.
Probate Judge, T. ?.'. Rogo ri?.
School Commmslonor, Nathan L.'Swott. ,
County Commissioners, J. F. Hroodon, J. T.
Covington, Jlonry Edens.
Auditor, Jacob Alford,
Tronsuror, J. lt.. Liles,
.Siinorvisor of Registration, T. F. Molino,
Clerk of Hoard County Commissioners-'?
W. llouolsior.
Senator, C. S. Mc Cn tl
Hom-C8ontativo8, J. N. Drake and W. D?
Jury Commissioner->J. A. Calhoun.
MAYOR-Knox Livingston,
A i,nu UM KN-O. S. McCall, L. Strauss,
J. N. Weatherly, ?. C. White.
Ci.KiiK & Tni:Ail.-M. F. Ellorbo
Coui'onATioN COUNCIL.-T.W. Bouchier.
MAUSHAL-Gr. W. Ervin
Tho meetings of council until fhrthor
notice will bc held every other Friday af
7QURSUANT to resoulutions adopted
at ?l meeting of the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee held at Bennettsville
on July i8th, 1888, the time for holding
the Primary Election to nominate can
didates for the following olllces : Two
Members of the House ot Representa,
lives, Clerk of Court, Sheriff, Coroner,
Judge of Probate, School Commission
cr, Three County Commissioners, and to
recommend for appointment County
Treasurer and County Auditor, was
fixed tor tlte 21 st August next, and the
Second Primary Election, it necessary,
bc hold on the 30th of August, The
rules that governed the Primary Elec
tion in 1886 were adopted lor the gov
eminent of the same in 1888. Thc lists
of nominations will close on August 6th.
In order to give thc people an oppor
tunity to hear tho views of thc candi
dates on different questions, that may
tripe or have arisen, meetings will bo
hehl at tlic following places:
BKNNETT8YTLLE, Aug. 6th, nt 11 a.m.
i otb. nt 3 o'olook, p. m., at Blonhoim,
Tho eovoral clubs will moot nt thoir
usn 1 places of mooting August nth, nt.
3 o'olook, p. m., for tho purpose of electing
throe (3) Mnnngors of Election, nnd for
norh other business ns mny como boforo
A mooting will bo hohl for tho Town
ships of Hebron nnd Rod Bluff nt Olio on
August 14th nt 3 o'clock, p. m., niuo for
Bri{?iit8vlllo nnd Adnmsvillo nt Ncwton
villo on August 17th, at 3 o'olook, p. nt,,
nnd nt Smithville on August iStb, nt 3
o'olook, p. iii,
Tho Prcsidonts of tho Clubs nt tho
places whoro tho meetings nro hold will
bo In ohnrgo of and conduct tho samo.
Hy ordor of tho Executive ComtntttOa.
c. s. MCCALL,
County Canino:??.
Bonnottavlllo, S. C., July 18th, 1888. jj"1
?QrG lt K A T lUttUAIir
REMNANTS ot Knttaca, towns, 0
&o., &o., nt U\0'Wargata Counter
liADlKa fiM??lV

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