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" Do thou Groat Liberty Inspire our Souls and make our lives in thy possession happy, or our Deaths Glorious in thy Just Defence."
I1 111 -1
4 to 5 A in mouin
22 to 24 Phos. A
48 to 5*2 Ihme li
A to 4 per cont, f
28 to 3*2 pur cent.
3 to 31 per cent.
25 to 30 por cont.
Stag Suttor Phosphate, (or Tolncoo ; At
Pun? Kino O roana Hnw Bone : Bi
Bird (hinno und Potash, lor Corn ; gi
Ornum! "Sulpluuo ol't?o.hi ; ch
stni,.hutn nt' Ammonia, 25 per cent ? oi
Kuinit, W
Nitrato of Soda, 'Jd to 08 per cont.
All gradin Oui?mated Guanoes, J
rep ruso. it?:d to bo. Bund for prices I?
October 4, 1889.
Dudley <& Sewton,
Attorneys anil Counselors at Lav*
Bonncttcvillo, 8, 0.
WILL prnctico in tho Courts of tin
Fourth Cirouit nnd in the Unite*
Kt utos Courts. [Fob 14 8(
townsend & Mc-Laui'iPi
Attorneys at Law
T0WH5ES8 5.1mm & F0LLQC1
SVptombor 23-if
WML. wraSsTON.
BT3NN *>tTS VIL ii E, S.\%
<' T[ )UOM,v , pnrsoiinl attention given al
?mVTKT33Wi??VSMiEl, S. C.
OFFICE on Darlington strcot, Wesl
tho Court 1 louse,
march ll. 188n.
Deiinettsville, S. C
Office in the Court House-hen roon
on the right.
January 19, 1887.
~"S. W. G. SHIPP, ~
Attorney * at \* Law,
Will practice in the Courts of Ches
terlicld and Marlboro Counties.
Jan. loth, 1889.
For tko State of North Carolina.
Call ?n Him at JicnnetlsvUle. S, C
; Ootober 27th, 1886.
Attorney at Law Anti Trial Justici
Iftouiicttaville, 8. C.
ftfallOMI'T attention given to tho colloc
?K; lion of claims. Agricultural Lien;
Foreclosed. [inarch ll 1885.
ON DEMAND I promiso that HATH
POOING will ho DONK ns nct.tlv une
expeditiously nt my SALOON nain 11113
Ciiy. Long cxpoiicnco nt thc bus-inow
warrants the above axbortion.
Tonsorial Artist,
BicNNimsviLLio, ?3. 0.
.Inly 17, 1880
jiwpjA I will rent my rondenoo it
ijtT?^ West Bonne?tsvillo unlit Jun
i"g(|?W|tmiy next. 'J'hcro is ?1 gout
.K?WBsSf&gtuden, fino well of water ant
necessary outbuildings for ulundry haviiii
u horn). For particulars apply to Mr
lia Bounds.
July iBt, 1880.
BANK ^|^^^;.?^i^??T
D. D. McOOLL, President.
c. B. MCCALL, vico-prcshhmt.
J. IL BAltNKS, Cashier.
OUI co' hours 8 a. m. 1 ?ntl 2 to 4 p, m.
I i'i'''..* '";'*? . \'v -Sil
cid, .
AVuil. bonn PliOtphntO. .
, Avail, Bone Phosphide.
unimiuted IhmoSugor Phos, for all Crops;
issolvod South Oarplinu Huno Phosphate*;
ip?r Phosphate of Limo ;,
tlphuto of Magnesia ;
dp tuite of Potash ;.
uriutu oi'ruiash, 80 to 34 per cont ;
Ml goods guarantied what they aro
doro buying. Small grabt special.
Railroad Guido
Cape Fu&r and Yadkin Valley ?.. R,
Oondouaod Timo Tablo No. 13.
Taking effect 3.45 a. m., Wednes
day Sept. mh, ?S89.
'Jrains moving North.
l'un*, and Mail, Freight and Pan?.
4 ?ii) ii m Lonvo heiinoliuvlll? 0.40 n m
6 35 u m Arrive Mnxton 9.00 n m
6 40 u ni Lortvn M tubal 0,40 rv m
7 35 ?, m Arrivo Fnyottovillo '2.00 p ni
8 DO n ni Lon to " U 00 n m
. to 00 n in Arrivo Sanford 12 66 p m
.1(1 20 n tn Lcuvo Kim.uni 2 16 pm
1 45 p ni Arrivo Greensboro 8 00 p tn
2 06 p m Louve '? 0 '.'0 n in
tl 00 j) in Arrivo ?it. Airy 0 00 p tu
No. 1-Breakfast nt Fnyettovl.le,
Pinner ut Ureensboro.
Train* inoving Synth.
Pnip. nml Mall. Frci^bt nnd Aocom
3 4? a ni LCHVO Mt. Airy \ 5 30 a m
7 -bi n ui Arrive Greensboro 1.15 a ip
I) 55 inn Louve Greensboro, 7 00 Ad?
J 03 p tu Arrivo Sanford / .1 25 p tu
(.. 1, 25 pin Leave Snnl'drd ,/. 2 15 p m
MM }>m'&^-^^Wi^ ? i???
"3 35 p ni ]youv(i;lpv;eJ'iievi'tic- '< it.4o V\ Vu
"5*25 p in Arldvo Marlon V Bi 30 p ni
5 35 p ni I.Oiiyo Maxton i J 05 p ni
0 50 p in Arrivo Boimet'^villo 3 40 p ni
Passengor and Moil Southbound break
fast ut Greensboro und ihn ncr ut Sanford.
Factory Branch.--*height <fc Passenger.
TRAIS uovisa Koivrii.
Lonvo Millboro 7.26 a ni
Arrivo Groonsboro 0.00 n in
Lnvo Groonsboro 10,10 n in
Arrivo Madison 12.30 p in
Lonvo Mallison at 1*46 p m
Arrivo Groonsboro 4.10 p in
LotlVO Ure'?ii sbo ru 4,46 p 111
Arrive Millboro ?.30 p in
Passenger and Mull Train runs dally oxoopt
Freight mid Aoeoinmodatlnn Train runs
from IJonnotUvlllo to Fnyottovillo Tuesdays,
Thursdays nnd Saturdays; from Fuyottovlllo'to
Itcnnottevillo on Mun.tuyn, Wednesdays and
Fridays; from Fayetteville to Greensboro on
Mundays, Wednesdays mid Fridays) from
Uncnehoro to Fayetteville on Tuesdays, Thurs
day B II ml Saturdays; from Groonsboro to
Mt. Airy on Mondays, Wednesdays arid
Trains on Fnotory nnd Madison Branches
run dally except Sunday.
Wi K KVL1?,
Gen. I'asB Agent.
J. W. FRY,,
Gonoral Sunorlntondont.
Mspnanp-ninia r^Bt-ana-gang
/It/antic Coast Line.
North Eastern R. R. of S. 0.
Dated May 12th, 1839.
No. 27 No. 23 No. S3
Leave Florence *i 35 *o 30
Leave Kingstree 2 29 lo 55
Arrive Lines 2 50 11 20 PM
Leaves Lanes 2 50 11 2o *7 50
Arrive Charleston $ 00 1 30 9 30
No. 78 No. 14 No. 52
Leave Charleston *l 20 *4 30 *7 30
Arrive Lanes 2 45 628 910
Leave Lanes 2 50 6 28
Leave Kingstree 310 6 46
Arrive Florence 4 20 7 55
Nos. 78 and 14 run solid to Wilmington,
N. G., making dose connection with W.
& W. II. lt, for all points north.
North bound. South bound.
Leave- Leave--r
Chnrhston 4 80 p. tn. Wadosboro' 6.P0 n, m.
Lnno'B fi.28 a. m. Oboniw 7.30 11, m.
Floronco 6.10 p.m. Floronco 0.30 n. m.
Onomvf \t.li p. ru. Lnno'a 11.20 a. m.
Arrivo- Arrivo- 1
Wudoiihoro'11.00 p, in. Charleston 1.30 p.m
Curs rim through botweon Ohorloston nnd
Wadosboro'. TIIOKO trains mako olosd oounco
lion at Wadosboro' with Hast anil Woit bound
PiHsonger trains ovor tho Carolina Central
T. M. EMERSON,-Gen. Pass. Agt.
JoilW F, Li vi .WK, Gon. Supt
TOB, MLE. toKui
ply beliing ol au SIBCS now in store at
.J. K EV KU ET T'S, \ Aug. 23, '88.
On Monday, August 19th,
Council mot nt half-past 3 i'.
M., ?iitenclnnt I), hastcrlin?!,
Wardens 1*. J, Tatum, J. ().
McKenzie, L. 1). Ilariier, J. F,
Parker, present. The Council
met to adopt ordinances to
govern the village ol'Tatum.
tK IT ORDAINED hy Intendant
. and W?rdens of tho Villago 61
Tatum, and by authority of the sn tue,
That the following taxes he, and arc
hereby, levied. o?\d aimil ho paid by
Section 1. Five per cont, on all real
and personal property situated in thr
villngo of Tatum, to bo paid on thc
fir t of November.
Section 2. Ton cents on every hear
of horses, mulos, neat cattle, swine enc
oxon not belonging ton citi/on ot Marl
hero county, brought within the cor
porato limits of said town, for tin
purpose of pale, payable forthwitl
upon entering said village. Fi ft;
couts on every carriage, buggy nm
wagon not owned or mad o in Marl
boro count}', which tuny he sohl o
bartered in the corporate limits o
said village. Tho taxes collected ji
j ho time of salo by thc Town Marsha
who shall take possession and liol
until said taxes aro paid on Comic
act in the matter.
Section 3. That any person sellinj
or offering for sale, or baner* froi
any wagon or other vohicle, any goo<
or mere jinlid \*>B\ or nay other art.oh
not rained in Marlboro county wit hi
the corporate limits of said villagi
shall pay a lax of iifiy couts for eac
day, or part thereof, at the same tin
the said tax shall incur to tho Tow
Marshal, who shall take possession i
and hold said wagon or vehicle uni
said tax bo paid, or Council act in tl
Section 4. That any person sell in
offering for ?nie, or putting up ligli
tiing rods within tho corporate limi
of said village, shall pay a tux of fit
qents for each and over y day BO C
gaged or part thereof, Baid tax: j
; ourreuV to .Tpwi* Mfttsliitl, ?i\ .otji
' Sect ion 5. That each and eve
person offering for salo,. or deli veri
within tho corporate limits of si
village, fruit trees, vino*, Cvorgrco
shrubbery of any kind, shall pa;
fine or tax each day of fifty.couts
the time, said tax incurred to To
.Marshal, or other person appointed
the Council to collect tho same.
Section fi. That a tax of (ino lu
dretl dollars bc, and is hereby, i
posed on all circuses and mcnageri
for oach and ovory day, or p
theroof, they may exhibit within i
corporate limit of said village. A
from five to one hundred dollars,
tho discretion of thc Council, is hen
imposed on all other shows for ci
day, or part thereof. Also not 1
than one dollar, or not more than I
dollars, as Council shall decide, si
he imposed or lo vied per week,
part thereof, on nil persons taking
gueratypes and such like busin
Tho taxes imposed in this sect
shall bo paid at the time iucurret
thc Town Marshal, or any other ]
son, ns the Council may dcMgnnte, ?
who sh ?ll take charge of the propt
in possession of those liable, and li
the snmo until tho Council net in
matter, or taxes paid.
Ratified thu tho 19th dny of ?
gust, 1889.
M. G. WILSON, Clerk.
Section 7. Bo it ordained hy
Intendant ned "Wardens of tho T
of Tatum, and by authority of
snmo, That tho cleric shalt give a
of malo residents within tho corpc
limits of said village botweon
ages of 16 and 50, so as to b
work August 20,1889. This lisl
bo given to the Town Marshal,
shall warn, or cause to he war
s lid persons to meet on Monday,
gust 26th, at such placo as ma;
designated, at 6 A M., with th
<j ti ired tools to wtnk tho street of
village under tho direction ot
Marshal, or some ono appoints
the Intendant for that purpose.
Ratified this tho 19th day of
gust, 1889,
M. G. WILSON, Clork.
. Section 8, Bo it enacted hy
Town Counoil of Tatum now roo
in session this 19th day of Au
1889, and by authority of the i
that tho clerk ?hall give a list c
names of male residen tn within
corporate limits of said town hoi
the nges of 16 and 60 to the Ma
or any person designated as ove
who shall warn, or caused . j
warned, at such timo ns tho Ct
may determino,, or ntj such ph
maybe designated, nt\6 A. M..
tho required tools to wofck the s
of tho town, under the direction
Maslin), or any other persan nppc
to superintend tho sanio, by tho In
tondent. AU snob poisons ov? re
quired to work four uaya ut such culls
ns tho Council moy detefinine, or pay
the sum of $2, p?\yabl? hun nolly for
tho day, warned, whon upon pay'mont!
of said $2, they will bo^ieloiisod from
road duty for tho torin bf ono year
from d?to of pqymout. Any perbon
who, after hoing duly warned, or re
fuses to pay tlio coumiv(otion tux of I
$2, shall bo brought hoforo tho Coun
cil, and dealt with according to Shite'
road laws, nil former p/ds regarding
road duty oro horoby repealed. This
?ot is to take offoct ? thia the 19th day
of August, 1880.
I) KASTEIILI?G lnteud<Mit.
M. G. WiiftoN, Clork.
M A KINO iUit uilNS.
Section?.). Bo lt ?rV?^iuod by tho
Intondont and Ward?i);j of tho vii?.
Iago of Tatum, and hy'iuUhprity of
tho same, That ovoryjipidor of prop.?
crtv,rcalor personal, within tho in
corporate limits of said village, shall
moko roturus of tho satoo within a
week from tho first Monday of Octo
ber, tho clork of tho ToVyn Council to
act os Auditor.
Section 10. Any ono miling to (join
ply with tho above soe? on '.sholl bo
subjoct te tho sumo penut|ies',,09 por -
sons failing to give in tupir property
to tho County Auditor.
Tho foregoing section was amended
so that thc Town Council act asan
iMpiulizi'viion Board. -, ' .
K-.liiicd this tho lOtli^tuy of Au
gust 1889. '
D EASTFHLINO; Ihfcndont.
M. G. WILSON, Clork.
Section ll. Bo it ordained hy tho
Intendants and Wurdong of tho vil
lage ot Tatum, and by tho authority
of thc samo, That this Council meet
monthly on tho third Monday in each
month. . "
Section 12. Passed dyer In part,
adopting only that clausa that a quo
rum shulleonsist of a majority bf the
Council, who BIUIII transact, nil busi-1
Section 13. Tho common parlia
mentary law shall govern cooli meot
iug, ,
Ratified this tho lOthVdoy of Au-i
gust, 1880.
D/MASTKULiNty intendant.
M. G, WILSON, Clerk,:-: ,
i v.f.?KOhoWfl~i\v?i/'; ^LI?V. ; V
i : Hiitii^ ^SSji j i?? '? i
rntetiththt'Mii'dAVf.ul;;so4 .thoVte..??1
of Tatum; and , by thc-'authority'' ol'
tho same, That on tho 23rd of Match,
tho Intendant shall .design?lo thVoo
suitablo pers ?ns, eitizons of said vii
Inge to oct os munngors of c-loction fur
Intondent and four Wardens, hold j
on thc second Tucsdny lu April on-1
anally. .
Section 1G. That, a' thol first Picot
iug of tho Council after tito election i
of ono Intendant ?nd four Wardens,
tho outgoing Intondont shall swoar inj
tho newly ohctcd Intendant. And
ho shall swear in tho Wardons, and
in cases where thc samo Intendant is
clecttd, a Warden moy j administer
the oath.
Section 17. It shu ll bo tho Intend?
ant's dutjR>te preside at all meetings
to seo that all laws und rules,aro car.
ried out; that all ollicers of tho Town
inten?! to their duties, thnlj tho streets
be koptin order, and it shall bo in his
power to adjudge \\\ defences that
niiiy arise in the corporato limits of
said villago that shall coiu? under his
jurisdiction. In his nhschce he may
appoint a Warden to lill his placo
in ense of no appointment, a majority
of the Council may act.
Section 18. At tho first meeting
after tho election, the Council shun
elect ono Clerk, ono .;Treasurer and
ono Marshal to servo ono year.
Section 19. It shall ho tho Clerk's
duty to keep tho minutes of tho meet
ing to attend to tho correspondence
of tho town, to keep a list of all ordi
nances ati d other duties that may fall
upon lum.
Section 20. It shall ber tho Treas
urer's duty to rccoivo all moneys of
tho towiii t'o recoipt for tho samo,
to keep un account of tho Mimo in a
hook for that purpose arid te pay all
orders drawn on him by tho Intend
ant ?nd signed by tho Clerk. He
shall report to this Council? annually
on or hoforo tho 23rd day of March.
Hut i ii > d this tho 19th day of Au
gust, io8o.
J\ EASTKRLING, Intendant.
M. G. WILSO*, Clerk.
?Section 21. It shall ho tho Mar
shal's duty to arrest all persons, not
acting ir. accordance with tho com
mon law, and fho laws of this villago
within tho incorp?ralo limits, all per?
hons who aro intoxicated, rioting,
shooting of pistols or guns, to the an
noyance of citizens of this vdlngo,
and bring thom before tho Intendant
UH soon ns practicable, tobo dealt with
according to tho law. For his sor
1 yipes ho shall rccoivo ono dollar for
ovory arrest mado, provided tho por?
sonor poisons so arrested sholl bc
i convict od of tho chargo brought
1 against thom. Ho shall roceivot ton
per cent, of all moneys collected for
i taxes from any source.
i Ratified this tho 10th day of Au?
i gust, 1880.'
. I). EASTICUI'JNG, Intendant.
M. CK WILSON, Clerk.
Sootion 22. Bo it ordained by the
Intondent mid Wardens, nnd by tho
authority ot' tho same, That any ono
selling or offoring for salo ?ny intox
icating drinks within tho Corporate
limits of tho villagoof Tatum, shall
bo fined with no lesa than iivo and no
moro than fifty dollars for each and
evory olienco. Also bo subject to any
other punishment tho Council may
soo fit to impose.
Ratified this tho 19th ? day of Au
gust, 1880.
D. E ASTERLING, Intendant.
M. G. WILSON, Clerk.
Section 23. Any one Intoxicated
and using indecorous or abusivo lan
guage on tho stroets of Tatum shall ho
su bj cot to n fine of no less than two
dollars nor moro than fivo dollars, or
any other punishment Council muy
Ratified this tho 19th day of Au
gust, 1889.
I). EASTERLING, Intendant.
M. G. WILSON, Clork.
Section 24. Any ono soiling or
offering for salo pnwdor or kerosonc
oil, or any other kind of explosive
alter dark, shall he PUbjeet to aline
of not less than two dollars, nor more
than five (lollara, for oaeh and ovorj
Ratified this tho 19th day of Au.
gust, 1889.
1). EASTERLING, Intendant.
M. G. WILSON, Clerk.
Section 25. No auctioneer or pedio
shill] hortllowol to auciionojr, oroflb
for sale any goods within tho corpor
ate limits of enid town without th
consent of tho Council, in whos
power it .Juill bo to fix tho license fo
thc samo.
Section 2r>. Passed over as to kill
inp of dogs.
Ratified this tho 19th day of Ai
gust, ?889,
I). EASTERLING, Intendant.
M, G. WILSON, Clerk.
Section 27. Any otto rioting an
committing au assault on another, <
committing nu assault and hattor;
shall bo fined no le?j? than five dollar
and no more thad; twoptyMivo.dollin
fi ?1 .'; ?o I * j < i* t- ; I - ) ai i y. otb, ??r'fyini (if ; $\ % j
(tho. ?. yin doti i II A-y ' iieoni proper.'
IwAm tliis tho 19.h day of Ai
gijst. 1*80. .
I). EASTEKLING, Intendant.
M. G. WiLioN, Clork.
S ction 28. Be it ordained hy tl
Intendant ?nd Wiirdcns, und by t
autliority of tho same, That any o
failing to assist tho Idurshul wh
/.ulled upon P lia ll pay a fine of u
more than five, und not less th
twenty-live dollars, as tho Council m
Ratified this tho 19th day of A
gu>t, 1889.
D. EASTEKLING, Intendant.
M. G. WILSON, Clerk.
Sootion 29. Bo it enacted hy
Town Council of Tatum, and by
tlmrity of the same, That caoh t
overy person who, after October
shall rule or drive, or shall hitch tl
horses or mules on th? sidewalk*
tho corporate limbs of Tatum, m
any of the shade trees, shall pa
fine of ono dollar for ouch and ov
ofi'oiioe, and on refusal to p .y tho I
it shall ho tho Marshal's duty to st
snit) stock, and hold tho samo u
thc fino and all exponeos aro pi
one-half of tho. above shall go to
Mundial for looking ofter the saint
Ratified this tho 19th day of .
gust, 1889.
M. G. WILSON, Clork.
Section 30. Bo it enacted hy
Town Council of tho town of Tat
That all horse*, mules, cattle, sh
hogs and goats found running at h
in the oorporato limit? of tho tow
Tatum, shall ho itMnouiidcd, and
suhjoot to tho same laws und penn
providetl in tho ?State laws, 'ibo I
shal for his services shill roooivo
half of all moneys received.
Ratified tilla tho 19th day of
. ust, 1889.
' D. EASTERLING, Intondo
M. G. WILSON. Clerk.
Sootion 31. Bo it onaotcd l>;
Town Council of Tatum, That
person or persons who shull shoot
crackers, Roman cnndles^or flro\
of any desoripiion in or nettr on
to tho street to become a HUM
shall bo fined for oaoh of lon co, o
prisoned twenty-four hours.
Ratified this tho 19th day ol
gust, ?889.
M. G. WILSON, Clork.
! Section 32. Be it enacted b
' Town Oounoil of Tatum, Thu
person, ov persons refusing to k(
filth cloanod up and deposited ii
out of tho way placo that will
injurious to tho health of said
shall, o i conviction, bo found n
than ono'dollar, or moro tlipn five dol
lars, or uny other penalty tho Coan
oil may BIO proper to inflict.
Ratified this tho 10th day of Au?
gust, 1889.
P. EASTERLING, Intendant.
M- G. WILSON, Clork.
Section 23. Bo lt enacted by tho
Town Council of Tn tu tn, nod by nu?
thority of the some, That any person ,
or persons offering for salo within said
corporation any morchnndiso, or wares,
or keeping their stores open on tho
?Sabbath day, shall bo subject to mino
of not less than Ave, and not more
than ii tty dollars for each offence, and
any other punishment the Council may
soo flt to impose
Ssction 84. Bo it enaoted by tho
Town Council of Tatum, and b'y the
authority, of tho same, That any per?
sou or persons kooping open a public
barber shop on tho Sabbath day shall
be subject to a lino of not less than
two dollars, nor moro than five dol
lars for each offence, aud shalt bo sub?
ject to any other punishment Council
may impose.
Hutifiod this tho 19th day, of Au
gust, 1889. ..
D. EASTERLING, Intendant.
M. G. WILSON, Clerk.
In I858 the increasing congregation
ot colored persons thadc it necessary to
enlarge their accommodations, and side
galleries were built ; at the same time
more comfortable . seals on the lower
floor were provided with a new pulpit
and the church plastered throughout.
It would be proper, and it affords me
the highest pleasure to state that no
branch of the christian church looked
more jealously after the spiritual inter
ists ot the colored people than these
good old Baptists. They certainly came
up tully to the requirements of their
sacred obligation In this connection, and
the good emanating from this source is
apparent to day in their lives and iii the
lives of their descendants. I have been
impressed by this tact in selecting ten
ants for my plantation, and wh?n one
applies tor a larm and the fact is de
veloped that he is in thc line ot this
gootl old descent, 1 have no hesitancy,
tn contracting with him. A very largel
per cent ot my tenants aro colored Bap-v
tisfs, and I have yet to find one with a
leprous spot. . 1. have given/ them a
bpiise pf worship and scbpol(h$ise, and
tho Pastor, is ono of my ttyi?ijts,?arid.you
L<;o?d4:'noi 'b/'d 'a'.hvn-;; f?u?r?Y Vh.rt majV:
willi1 . U .. higher .'?^n?tf??'V-^'bnce'?n 6\ii\
county: I have tried : him aha t.knovv
where ol I speak. I woiijdAlike very
much if time permitted to givd briefly a
sketch of an adiircs? delivercq by me
alter the war on the subject ot the pro
gnathous race, his origin, his ethnolo
gical peculiarities and his destiny-sui
lice it to say, that I believe that thqre.
is a supreme power controlling and
directing mundane aflairs, in wisdom,
justice and mercey, and that the presence
ot the negro in our midst was for a
higher purpose than mercenary con
siderations, and carried with it a grave
responsibility,. The responsibility ol
lopping off his savage instincts incon
sideration bf involuntary servitude and
fitting him by Christian civilization to
be used in the economy of God's provi
dence as a grand missionary force to
be returacd to his native country a
sealed book to missionary enterprise on
the part ol the white man, by reason of
its inhospitality of climate, and thus
carry to bis brcthtcn in that benighted
section the glad news of salvation. ' In
reviewing tire course of the Baptists
Churches in this connection and with
the view of determining it the proposi
tions advanced by mc were finding ex
presions in the experience of the colored
people, it is with congratulation and
without disparagement to.' the other
branches of God's church, which , at a
f?roper time I shall ventilate along this
ine, 1 state that they can be no longer
regurded as idle speculations, but wear
to day thc encouraging appendage to
a verified problem "Quod est demon
strandum, "
It is the intention ot thc writer at a
convenient season to collate and publish
all the facts in this relation to clear our
churches from the unwarranted and
wicked imputation that the coloredspeo
fileftamong us were without religious
nstrtiction. There is no doubt but
that the abuse ot the trust by the white
man antedated his emancipation by
many years, and filled our country with
sorrow, but I am proud to say that none
ot this evil can be lett at the door of our
churches, They discharged their duty
nobly, manfully and in such a spirit ot
Christ-like self abnegation as must in
spire in the hearts of thc colored peo
ple a sentiment of beautiful and fervent
pratitudc tor ail time i have no appre
hension for the safety ot our country as
long as the fundamental laws ot crea
tion are kept inviolate, and the doors of
God's temples rust not on their hinges.
To return,in 1860 the Lord graciously
visited and watered his garden afresh.
Elder Burn officiated, being with us
for the purpose, and preached the word
with unusual solemnity, and power, and
many felt that salvation, had come to
this- house, Twenty soven rejoicing
souls followed Christ m baptism, Two
of this number . were afterwards in
ducted into thc deaconship, viz : Broths
ren Dudley and Liles, The first ol these
is the lamented Col. C. W. Dudley, a
man who was thoroughly, identified .'with,
the people ol Marlboro .for.perhaps halt
a century, Unon . whose ; accents his
fellow citizens' delighted to hang and
always with eager and rapturous atten*
tion. A desirous debater, a ripe scholar,
a safe counsellor well versed in the
Itolitlcs ot our country and deeply read
n the histry ol others, Aboye all
thoroughly imbued with the idiom of
tho English language, a ?omulcto matt
ie* ot lw strength beauty and delicacy,
I and capable ^ occasion required pf
j breathing thoughts of flamb In words
'ri :.;.': . ?. .? .' '.' ,.' v ''Av' YA'v
. .. i ? ' . V / . /- 1
of magic and tpncs Ot silver.. Kqually
with another may it he said bf him, not
ail the marbles of carrara, lashloned by '
thc sculptors chisel info the mimicry
ot breathing lite could ^convey to (he
sepses a likeness so perfect of himself as
that which he has left upon the minds pf
n>en, He carved his own statue ; he
btillt his own monument. In youth he
la; tl the base broad as his wMc Coun
trj j that it might wellsurtaln the mighty
structure he natl designed rcquietcat at
Col. Dudley emulating thp example of
his good old Baptist brethren, ?eft us a
large retinue of honorable destendants
with lilnh and noble aspirations. Wo
iccl salo in the assertion that nothing
groveling or low or meanly selfish couldr <>
come near the head or tho heart of a
Dudley. His oldest son, Capt. Tirios.
IC., a gentleman inheriting thoso lovable
qualities which so engagingly cmphasiz.
cd the character ol his lather, ls one of
our safest and most cautious councilors
at the bar, and enjoys a popularity only
equalled by his personal and profession
al integrity. As the Capt. sustains
such weighty relationship with tho'
presbyterian Church we deter at present
turther comments on his life. AH of ?
Col. Dudley's children, who arc or were
married enjoyed life in its supremest . ,
felicity. Not one of them having made
the saddest errow ot woman's lile given
her hand and heart to a libertine or
"Brandy I Brandy bfoio of lifo,
Spring of tumult, eouroo of etrlfo
Could I but half thy Injin ?OR tell,
The wiso would wish thoo safo ut boll.
One is the happy, and devoted
i wile of Dr. T. T. Jennings, a gentle- .
m?- ...i-eru....r'(;J,|3n ...i.i.....:.. >_i
in<icl >YMU3C V^ltV^f,tV^I HvtVlCMI miU'.tDJ ' <\im
professional skill has won for himself the ;
unstinted esteem and confidence of our
people. The Colonel's children having '
adopted the religious principles of their
motlier, united with the Presbyterian
Church, hence it will be in order to
treat of them in that connection.
The other that was elevated to thc
deaconship, to wit : Mr. J. S.' Liles, ia .
from one of the oldest and most, re
spfected families in our county. One ol . '
thc names ie now and has been tor
several terms filling the office ot County .
Troasurer with such immaculate fidelity
that he has made of his office a veritable
gibraltar against which such Columbians v
as my friend Rev. Lewis M. Hamer,
with a wealth ot personal popularity and
a large lamily connection, was brought
into action without effect. MORAL
Il you wan't your offices rotary keep
that old Baptist blood on the outside.
Mr. J. S. Liles had his membership
transfered to Brut?n's Fork and seven
others cast their lots with him. .The
action while giving strength to.Britten's..
Fork wcakoncd B?nncttsviljo . Church.
VXhia unloriunat? 'condition was aggra
vated hy,tho , c.al?niities following tho ,',
War, and tlie .' demoralization.'-, incident
V^iw^'v-'- :^Mfmlt^r '
sense -of insecurity,', which always-*
.tendant on?a'people tUVowlV frotiv.a',..
pUch ot civilization/into a state qt .We
nigh hopeless chao-,.
From the first'' there lyts been a
colored membership in this church ex
ceeding the white. Much.' regard has
been had tp their spiritual interests.
Special services and Sabbath Hchools
have been ^mploycd for their Instruction
and improvement, and at Saw Mill
where there has ever been a. large num
ber of them the word pf lite has been
statedly preached to them for theirbene
ht. For thirty years has our beloved
brother Beattie spent thei strength ot his
manhood and given the benefit, of his
ripe experience tc this class, ot our pupuL
tion. After the war brother Beattie
continued to serve these people until thc
relations,, of society having cUnbred the
negroes soon developed a disposition to
segregate and nave their owfi.liouscs ot
worships. The Baptist lt IhUs appears
discharged their duty to the letter in the
religious instruction ot the. negro and
thc dissolution ot thc tje that bound the
colored people to the mother church was
one not ol hostility to or ingratitude to
their first bcnetac.ion, but In obedience
to one ot those fundamente! ethnical
laws which were planted by the Creator
in the heart ot man for thc preservation
of civilization. As nearly ns can be
ascertained from the records since 183a,
the following statistic appears; whole
number ot white persons connected with
thc church 362; of this number there Na-S
didd in the fellowship of the church 118;
dismissed to oth?r Baptist cfiurch'cs 121;
excluded 36 which leif the membership
of the church at date ot old manuscript
87. Ol the original membership consti
tuting the church. , not ooo remains,
Oapt. Terrel Was the last of the loom*
bcrship. Of 183o two only, remain and
they are trembling on the verge of the!
grave, since dead. Of the members in
1840 out ot 50-fifteen only rctnain, and
but twenty of those Who were members
in 1850 are members now.
It is sad to write the names ot our'
loved'ones dead, sad . to reflect alas :
how unutterally sad that no more shall
we meet them here. Their scats in the
Lord's courts are filled by others, How
soothing the reflection that If,they can-,
not come to.us'we can go to them 1 Wo
miss first one familiar face irom. Cod's
temple and thea another, until they all
finally disappear, . being carried away
one by one to their silent tombs'1 ?i Mew
generations entet, occupy tho samci ?v
go through the same routine of Ch??...
dan life, and in turn disappear to give
place to now comers still 1 and thus is
ever swollen the holocaust of the mighty
dead 1 "What Is man, O.I.ord I that
thou shouldst be mindful of him ?"
"Tho (loud--tko bonorod dead aro'horo
For whom, bolilnd tho snblo bier,
Through many a long forgdlton your
Forgotton orowdsnavo corno, ?
With solomo ?top and faning toar
UoaVIng tholr brelbr.on homo, .;
Bor.oftth tb???bpugbB? athwart this gift?*,
I soo a.dark anil moving inftsV
I Llko fknquo'a ahado? noroifi tho glass.
Hy wlssard blinda displayed.
Stand biiok nnd lot thoso lionrUoi patts
' Along tho triunptod glado.
II. 0. M?lNTYRfe.
Beauty Spot, Sept, as, I8H9.
- Qon. iD~ II. ??iU. of Con%)c).Ato
fume, dicft,at his li?pio in, Ohnrl)ttow
N. C., oh tho iUttn

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