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'Do Thou Liberty Grroat Inspiro Our Souls and Mako Cursives in Thy Possession Happyj, or Our Deaths Glorious in Thy Just Defence."
NO 13
.Garter ni Roster's Estimate tf tho
. Great Commander.
The Great Confederate Lender
Morely Played With Gens.
McClellan, Burnside.
Pope and Hoc kor.
Gtn. Thomas L. Itossor, of "Bugby,"
AlVormarlo Go., Va., has been ongagcd
in writing and publishing a sorica of
papors on tho war botweou tho States,
and his oonoluding arbiolo is as fol
"Tho wisdom of Gonoral Loo's in
.'Vaeion cf PonnBjlvania in 1863 has
often boon quoBtionod by military mon
: ?s woll OB statCBmcn, but when you
remember that at that time Grant hold
> Gonoral Pombor ton by the throat at
li VioVnburg, and tho hopo of tho ulti
:/ mato Bucoots of tho Southern Confcd
I oraoy was faint and fliokeriog, you will
i ag?Oe; that tho situation called for dos
i porato aotion.
"Gonoral Leo lad gained an eaey
1; victory over Gonoral Ilookor at Chan
oollorfcvillo in.-'arly May, and having a
? ' lowistimato'or his military ability, ho
felt'that a victory over him north of tho
ir, Potomac was not boyond tho bound of
' roa6Qnoblo hopo, or oven probability,
and ino proBpcot was too tompiing to
bo disregarded.
Jico; had lost hislioutonaDt. Stone
wall Jackson, and wbilo Longstreet
was with him, neither Ewoll nor Hill,
who had rccontly boori promotod from
1 ra?jor to lieutenant-gonoral. had ovor
, oommapdod a oorpB in a battlo, and
?hilo Loo must havo felt some anxiety,
? if not, misgivings oonoornim? thora, ho
had ooofidenoo in his suporb army and
j,: resolved to tako tho movo, not os Na
poleon marched on Moscow in 1812
; 1 but as Soipio (Afrioauu1) went to C&r
,x th?g? in 201 B. O j in ordor to looso
the bold ou Virginia of tho invading
army, ' and nt tho oamo timo atriko a
\ blow which would awaken an coho to
., bo hoatd in liuiopo and through diplo
i macy, ond thc war in favor of tho
; '. ;Southora Oonfodoraoy.
tfnnoiftl. Loo plannod to give battlo
;. i near tho irango of South Mountain
' O;could, so that in; tho ovont of die
Visa/was Ibo caso, ho could drop
?nvmph tho narrow mountain
Y in w?uoh ho could resist tho
y ana avert pursuit. ,, v^.
-fi vGottySburg, as Gon
uoug?uvct ?laiiiis ho advised him,
Meado bad been forced by a flank
,?? of Lqo, baok .on Washington,
id.??a battlo fought and Loo defoatod
.alp Washington, bia array would
tobtloss havo boon doalroyed boforo
O.bould havo roaohod a safo ref UGO in
mountains or rooroBsed tho Poto
.miyH at tho nearest ford, whioh waa
' W.eHt of tho mountain. * Thercforo, L-o
it?d wisely in fighting whoro ho did,
' 1 tho only mistakes ho mado woro
jiotioal, not strategio, as shown in my
.j ;.. previous lotter
'/}. -Had Gonoral Leo diod at GottyabUrg,
ho would not havo ranked in history
as a groat gonoral. His vioiorios over
M?jQJpllan, Popo, Burnsido and Hooker
W?tya havo boon ascribed to tho genius
. ./'MS^onowall Jaokson, who participated
gji oriously in all of thom, for wo all
, tfphie onber that in tho winter of 1861 2
."poi oral Loo did not aoquit bimsolf
' oredit in his campaign against
. I. Rosecrans in Wost Virginia, and tho
?ftiluro tt G etty burg with tho dangor
) olio halt a1-, balling Water and Williams
port, waiting for a freshot to rim out
-. of tho Potomac so that ho might pass
? his array ovor it, oooasioncd very un
, ?-, fftvoroblo ooramont from n:any of our
highest oflicors.
j Genera1. Leo was doubtless a groat
M genoral, but his groat military talont
|| did not sbino out fully in all its radi
/: . t sploiidor until bo mot Gonrral U
SW Grant in tho WildcrnosB in tho
I lug of 1861
General Loo had merely played with
? fjJ?lollatt, Popo, Burnside and Ho ok or
-taking groat liborty with thom and
^ ^jipi?t?ng ovory maxim of war in his
"Mft?fcmtoaignB against thom-auoh, for in
,/. 'stance, as going off after Popo andloav
,1 V g MoOlollan and his fine army on tho
[.' .James within a day's maroh of Bion
ic ?.ni?iid, and in leaving Hookor in Juno,
^?^1863, with an array doublo his own in
W ^timber at Fredorioksburg, and march
}ing around him to Culpopcr-liberties
^hi?h poor Hood mistook for Btratogy,
"arid in trying to imitate thom loft tho
r??d open to Sherman, whioh ho so
,eoptod, and marohod upon Atlanta and
,^$;S0a, while ho} poor follow, waa do
..'nfeatod ajUfrankliu, Ton n., and had to
//J oo^licvfid of his oommnnd by Gonoral
Joe johnston.
i^mLipe does not appear to havo gotten
! Unotly down to business until ho waa
, J'V.onfrouted by Grant in tho Wilderness
v ii) tho sprifig of 1861.
V ; Gonoral Grant was groatlv surprisod
whon Gonoral Loo permitted him, un
'? To!ostod, to oross the ltapidan on tho
f th pf Moy, 1864, with an army of 164,
00 mon and a train of 4,000 wagons.
J. Booing nothing of Loo or his army,
j A rrant bolievod that ho had ilod, and all
' * had to do was to pursuo, ovorhaul
j ; i destroy him Ho little understood
oat advortory. Loo was thorough
\>rmod aa lo cvory movo Grant
and when Grant bogun, on tho
. ^.morning of tho 5th of May, to unooil
. j iVhis^grcat army, whioh lay in many folds
,? around Germania Ford, and sorpont
, ,,./liko, extond its flory and bristling head
.?.^ife??Rh th0 dftrk Jwngloa of tho
Wildornoas, Loo, who was holding
lin littlo #army of 50,000 mon masBod
Jnd woll in hand on his flank, foll upon
Wm with tho fury of a oyolono, boat
c ( Ughim nt ovory point, and oompolling
jo him to rcoall his advanood oorps and to
? proparo and fight tho two-days' battles
'of tho Wilderness in whioh Gonoral
Lao and his littlo army most signally
, j triumphed'
vittf honorai Grant now saw that in tho
I game of skillful' manoouvoring ho was
v not a match for Gonoral Lop, and fool
j ; jug that ho oould . not drivo him out ol
\ his path, ho bogun a sorios -of tho most
jj romurkablo taotioal ovolutions oVor om
, ployed on a battloflold. V
Grant's army .was eo muoh largor
than Leo's that ho oould oaaily oovor
Loe's on tiro front, whioh ho did, but
fearing Loo's superiority iu general
ship, ho entronohod himself with ao
muon o?ro and oaution aa if ho woro tho
dofonijivo. instoad of tho offensivo lead
er. Ii olding a oontinuoun entronohod
lino all along Loo's front, aud proasiog
with a constant strain at ovory point,
ho hoped to bo ablo to slip his rosorvos
from tho rear and cxtond thom to Leo's
right B) RH to got in botwooa iii ar and
Kiohmond aud out him off from his
supplies. Hut as ho pursuod this
"earth-worm-liko" movomon t of cxtond
iug his hoad, and drawing up his tail,
Leo kopt paoo with him, and whorovor
the head of bi? army appoartd, Loo was
thoro to Btriko it. Thus Grunt odgod
along, and fought all tho way to Cold
Harbor, whoro on tho lat of Juno, ho
found hini6o)f at a point whonco ho
would oithor havo to foroo Loo's linoB,
or give up thooryof "Ou to Kiohmond"
whioh had boon tho rot ruin of tho Army
of tho Potomiofor tho past thirty days.
At Cold Harbor, Loo o cou pied tho
punition whioh MoClcllan held on tho
27ih of Juno. 1862, and Grant tho po
sition which Leo held at tho aamo timo,
and from whioh ho attaoked and drovo
MoClollan. -lloro Grant mado maoy
uoBUcoobbful assaults on Loo, and fin
ally dospairing ofsuoooas gavo up tho
job and ontrouohod in Leo's front.
To loavo Cold Harbor with Loo in
nosBCBsion of it wau to turn away from
Kiohmond; to porsist in assaulting Loo
was human butohory without compen
satory punishment of Loo-thoroforo
ho gavo up tho assault, ordorod up siego
trains and tooK up MoClollan's methods
of zig zag approaohoB aa his only hono
of ditdodging Loo and his little half
starved and half olad atmy. But ho
was so far from his baao of navigable
water that bo aooa g&vo i Im siego un
Grant, in his Memoria, pige 276,
Vol, IE, says: "I havo always re
gretted that Ibo assault at Cold Uar-;
bor was nudo." His losaos hero wcro
so vor? heavy is tho roason of his ro
grot, no doubt.
Grant had boon outgeneraled by Loo
at ovary tum, and loaving Cold Harbor
ho rcsumod his "orab Uko" aldo movo
moot, whioh onablod him to roach
I'otorsburg, wherj ho found Lee con
fronting him as usual, and whoro ho
was oompollod to resort to tho zig zag
method of approaoh and mining, with
tho hopo of making a broaoh in Loo's
linos, but failing oarly in tho spring of
1865 ho rosumed his "orabliko, earth
worm" movtmont by tho flink, and
proased on to h'ivo Forks, whoro ho suo
oeoded in breaking+tho last line ovor
whioh Leo oould gattor sauplios for his
ai my, and thus by destroying tho
k ito hon ho starved tho great and im
mortal army whioh with all his mighty
host ho oould not whip.
. . .?. Thomas L. Rossor.
.-_.- ? I
Jacob Dearborn Marr, a farmer liv
ing eight miles from Clinton, Maiuo,
killed his throo ohildron, Atico M.,
agod 13, Edwiu, aged 9 and Holon,
agod 7, with au axo shortly after tho
family had risou from tho dinnor table
Thursday. Mr. Marr has boon despon
dent foreome timo, but his actions woro
not BU ih as to mako bia wit'o boliovo
that bo had any sorious troublo to
brood ovor. Tho oldost daughter was
washing dishoB at tho sink whon hov
father wont by hor to tho shod and got
an axo. Ho oamo back into tho kitohon
and struck tho girl a single blow on tho
head, killing her. Mrs. Marr saw this
and ran Boroaming to the house of her
husband's fathor, Samuel Marr. Tho
husband, apparently, walked upstairs
to whoro tho younger children woro
playing and doalt oaoh a single blow
with tho axe handlo, killing thom both.
Whoo Mr. Marr, Sr., oamo in, tho
youngor Marr was washing his hands at
tho aink. Ho wai askod why ho had
i dono tho doed and ho said: "I don't
I know.' Lalor in tho day ho waa plaocd
undor arroat and taken to Watervillo
A Yalu ablo Bcd .
A story whioh roads liko a fairy tale
of old oomoa from Soio, N. Y., whoro
Misa Clarissa Soruguo, a manhating
spinatoi and nonogenarian, diod last
week, Miss Spraguo livod ali alono
and beyond owning too hovol in whioh
abo resided was thought to possess
nothing but hor pot oat, an animal of
unusual fitrongth and size. Cornerod
by sovcral dogs this oat had booomo
badly ic jurod somo moaths ago whon
ho waa resoued by Rufus Spraguo, a
country lal and distant relativo, and
oarriod to his mistress. Miss Spraguo
was prof ufo in hor thanks and told tho
boy that whon BIIO died Bho would
mako him her hoir and loavo him tho
bod sho Blopt upan. Kufuaolaimod his
prized Thursday and waa about to fire
tho straw tick whon ho was amazod to
find it stuff jd full ol'gold coin. A oaro
ful Hcaroh was made and moro than
$1,000 in gold was found.
Beggars Waiting.
A dispatoh Bays tho arrival of Mr.
and Mrs. i Carnogio, ab Southampton,
England, is awaited by dologations from
various olymosnary institutions who
want ohooks. Thenn inoludo represen
tativos of oitios Hooking librarios, and
agonts of a vario ty of institutions do
siring aid. Hartloy eollogo, Southamp
ton, a toohnioal institution, has adopu
tation of 60 awaiting tho Steamer's ar
rival. , Tho Iooal mBnagor of the Amor
ioan line, who had important lottors
and tolegrauis from all parts of tho
kingdom for tho philanthropist, says
tho onvolopos iodioato that thoyaro
from all sorts and conditions of pooplo
from university presidents to mendi
Growing Rapidly.
Tho produotion of tobaoco in tho
United Statoa is now about 725,000,000
pounds, of whioh about half in consum
ed in this country. Tho orop has nearly
doubled oinoo 1870. It wan first taxed
for rovonuo purposes in 1873. Sinoo
1870 tho rovonuo from tho tax has not
fallon below $25,000,000 annually. In
1000 it waa $59,000.000. Sinao lt wari
first imponed, in 1863, it has paid re*
vonuos among to about $1,200,000,000.
Tho tobaooo and ootton f armera do not
got so muoh consideration from tho
Government as tho protootod manufac
turers, but thoy mako a groat doal moro
money for it.
Another Unexpoctud Effect of tho
Pension Act
Of a Daad Confederate Haro About
to Be Debarred ot Her Pen?
sion Pittance by its
While this Stato is unablo to givo
nocdy Con f odor at o vo torahs and widows
of votorans any largo ponsions, it is
doing tbo bost it can to aid thou. As
in all ponaion systems, abusos orcpt in
and tho dopartmont found itsolf paying
ponsiona to many who wcro really not
in nood, until tho Oonfodorato votorans
organisation took tho mattor up and
got tho now aot pasgod. This was do
signed to throw ovory poBBiblo safoguard
and ia working well. Sovoral vory ox
ooptional and unoxpeotod ro3ult3 of tho
now aot have, howovor, arbon. Tho
Tho oaso of tho Byrd orphans has al
ready beon mentioned, and Tho Stato
has roooivod sovoral subscriptions to
ward paying tho amount of tho pension
whioh cannot bo allowed.
. Anothor oaso oven moro notoworlhv
dovolopod Wodnosday. Thorn can bo no
doubt that Mrs. Amanda Booheatcr of
Anderson county is tho widow of a gal
lant fellow who gave up his lifo for tho
Oonfedoraoy, and that abo ia sadly in
nood of tho pittance allowed, jot tho
law rcquiros that sho must havo oordii
?toa from Jiving witnossoB to her hus
tad's Borvioo and death. Sho cannot
)tain thoso. Yet sho has writton ovi
donco, and has presontod that whioh is
roftlly stronger than any othor ovidonoo
could bo. And it is up to tho Stato
board at its ooming meeting to dooido
whether tho lotter of tho aot' must bo
ohojod, shutting elf tho ponaion, or
whothor it can bc allowed on tho ovi
donoo furnished.
Tho board returned Mrs. Boohostor's
applioation when it flrat carno in. Tho
following was roooivod on Wodncsday
in consequence.
Andrr30n,.S. C,
Maroh 18, 1901.
Dear Sir : Exouao mo for returning
Mrs. Amanda T. Rochester's petition
for ponaion, and napers oonnootod
thorowith. and ospooially calling your
attention to Judgo Simonton's affidavit. .
and oppooially to tho lotter of Lieut. J
W, ll, ii?rtloBQ, Jr., dated Ju.no 20th, I
> ?j -. -.. ' ? . "
tbC b p?por.. I bog tc ir atten
tion to tho fact that a ? 17 years
old proves itself.
I am not a paid agont in this oaao,
but know tho poor widow personally
and tako an intorcst in her sad loss of
hor gallant husband, whoso momory sho
has ohorishod hy her long widowhood.
It doon soom to mo .that any eourt would
sustain hor olaim undor tho law with
tho testimony of Judgo Simonton and
tho lotter of tho lioutonant, now doad,
and the othor proofs sui:milted.
I enclose affidavit of B. A. Mo
Oa?Btor, an of?oor, but who is an ap
plicant himaolf, and his testimony ruled
out, but I send it anyway.
I was oolonol of tho Fourteenth South
Carolina Volunteers, and my long ser
vice ondoars mo to tho poor, who eaori- j
heed so much, but to nono moro than
tho worthy women.
Vory truly yours,
Josoph M. Brown.
Tho affidavits reforrod to road as fol
lows :
Stato of South Carolina, Charleston
Befbro mo porsonally appcarod
Oharloa II. Bimonton, who, hoing duly
sworn, says that ho was colonel com
manding Twonty-fifth regimont, South
Carolina Voluntoora, ConfodoratoStatos
of Amorioa, from 1862 to tho end of
the war. That ho know William
A. lloohostor, who was a privato in Co.
H of his rogitnont. That said Wilburn
A lloohestor was killod in battlo
whilat sorving with his oompany in a
ohargo at Swift Crook, noar Potorsburg,
Va. That tho letter ( attaohod to tho
potition of Mrs. Amanda Rochester,
signod by W. II. ?artloss, Jr., liou
tonant commanding Co II, is agonuino
lotter, as ho well knows tho handwriting
of Mr. Bartloss. That tho said W. Il
Bartless Jr., was at tho dato if said
lotter in command of said oompany, its
captain, W. H. Soabrook, having beon
killod. i That Rochester and his oom
radoa in that oompany woro gallant
mon, tho company having boen almost
annihilated by casualties in notion dur
ing tho war. . That ho docs not know
Mrs. Amanda lloohostcr. hut that ho
beliovcs her to ho the widow, of his
dead comrade
(Signod) Charles II. Simonton.
State of South Carolina, County of
Personally appoarod B. A. Mo Al
hitor, who, hoing duly sworn, says that
ho has known Mrs. Amanda Rochester
over since hor ohildhood, ho hoing al
most hor ago. That sho was a Miss
Howard beforo hor marriage That sho
marriod William A, Roohostor, who, it
is said by affidavit of Judgo Simonton
and his lioutonant, was killod noar
Potorsburg, Va , in 1864, and that sho
has remained a widow ovor oinoo,. and
has oontinuod a resident of tho Stato
all tho time. That tho potition signod
hy her is ttuo and though poor, sho is
a lady of high oharaetor and has had to
strugglo for a living ovor since tho war.
B. A. MoAlislor.
Tho lottor from tho front at tho timo
of tho doath of tho husband roads as
Tronobos Twonty-fifth S. C. V., Ha
good's Brigade.
Near Potorsbrg, Va.,
Juno 20, 1861,
Mrs. Amanda Boohostor.
Boar Madam: Your favor of tho 20th
just at hand. I am truly sorry to in?
form you that tho aooount of your hus
band's doath is oorreot. Ho foll, shot
through tho body, in a ohargo upon tho
onomy'H linos at Swift orook, noar
Potorsburg, Va., whoro ho io now
It affords mo ploasuro to say to you
that ho was a good 6oldior, I novor
know him to Bhirk in tho timo o? dan'
gor. Oar company hnH lost many good
and bravo mon, but nono bettor than
hoJicgrot hi? loss very muoh. Ito
died in a gloriou-r bauao, and bia nam i
will hy haudod down to postority RB ono
of thoBO martyrs who foll in tho oauso
of f coode m and all that man holds dcor
on earth,
Very respectfully,
W. H. Birlloss, Jr.,
Co. ll. 25th S O; V.
P. S Ojrpl, UcoHoHter ia duo pay
from Oolober lit, 18(53/ to May 7th,
18(ii, and scum litth monoy for oom
muiation of lout thingfl. Tho ext o',
amount I cannot now f.onJ, as my oom
pany papoM aro away, will, howovor,
do so as soon as pn?otlo.?bU'. lio had
nothing with him whon ho was killed,
his keopaakos and othor thiuga having
bcon provioualy lost.-Tho Stato.
Tho Old Voto/ana.
Tho Columbia Stato my? if tho slnto
reunion of Confodorato yet oran?in that
oity iu May is not a auco.-ss it will not
bo tho fault of tho? J who havo boon
pl nomi in charge of tho arrangements
for tho various features of tho
ontrtainmcnt. Noiihor will it bo tho
fault of tho railroadt. Tho do
shod oent a milo rato haB boon socurod
and tho oommittco on transportation
fools that tho groater part of tho work
has boon dono oven boforo it could havo
a mooting. Chairman ltiohidaon of tho
southern PaBbongor >B moia'.ion has is
sued his oiioulnr TU der dato of Atlanta
March 15, announcing ' a rato of ono
oent por milo in eaoh dircotion to Co
lumbia, 8. C., and roturn from all poin-s
in tho Stato of South Carolina; also
from Charlotto and intermediate points
in North Carolina, and from Savannah,
Macon, Atlanta and inlormodiato
pointa in Goorgla, aco.unt of oooasion
ahovo spooiliot? : Too following round
trip rates on thia basis will govern from
tho j'motional points named:
From. lUto.
Abbovillo.$2 10
Allondalo. 1 55
Anderson. 2.55
AthonB, Ga. 3-15
Atlanta, Ga.. 4.90
Augusta, Qa .i. 1.70
13 !aoksburg.;. 2-15
Calhoun KJ1?. 2.45
Camdon. 1)5
OarlUlo. 1 05
Catawba Junotion. 1.60
Oharloston.2 60
Charlotte N ?. 2.10
Choi aw. 175
Ob oater. 1 25
Clinton... 1 BO
Donmark.?,.?#. 1 05
Elbortpn, Ga. 2.80
Fairfax'. 1 55
Groonvillo.2 25
.fijroonwoqd. .... 1.70
Lanoastot,. 1.4.5.
.Liunnis!^ . ...... iravn ?^^:.UM;
l?acon, Ga..... ........... .. 4 15
Madison, Ga._. 3.75
Millodgovillo Ga. 3.60
Nowoorry...,..,. 85
Orangobutg., 1.00
Prosperity.,.. 70
Kook Hill. 1 60
Savannah, Ga. 2.85
Spartanburg. 1 85
Sumtor. 85
Ton nillo, Ga.3 40
Yorkvillo. 1.70
Tho tiokota will bo rostriotcd to con
tinuous passsgo in cnoh direction and
aro to bo sold on May 8 and 9 from
points within tho Stato of South Caro
lina, and on May 8 from points in North
Carolina and Goargia with final limit
of May 13, inclusivo. Tho rato pro
mulgated applios to tho Sotthorn rail
way, tho plant systom, tho A, C. L.
tho Contral of Georgia, tho Oharloston,
and Western Carolina, and tho Goorgia
railroad. Tho Sonboard will no doubt
moot tho ratos of tho association linos.
Lepers are Many.
Marino hospital Surgeon Worry, qua
rantine officer for tho Philippinen, han
sent an oilioial report of tho loprosy in
tho Philippines. Ho said : '"Loprosy
is widoly" prevalent over tho ontiro
arohipolago, but tho groatost numbor
of oasos cxiBt in Luzon and tho South
ern inlands. lt is quito prevalent in
Cebu, tho number of lepers boingosti
matod at 2,000. Total number of oases
in tho it-hnds ia ostimatcd at 20,000.
Tho oasos in Manila and surrounding
country aro iaolat3d in a hospital un
der tho auspioos of tho Manila board of
ho\hh. Thoro is niuo a loper hospital
at (.le hu. An attorn pb at segregation
and isolation of tho lepors has boon
mado by tho anny officials and sovoral
niora hu ago orders woro issuod directing
that a hospital in oaoh district, bo not
asido for tho isolation of all loper J that
oould bo approhondod and tho guard of
military was detailed rocontly to oarry
out tho order for a lopor oolony, inten
tion being lo deport all oasos of l?pero
to this place for sogrogation and isola
lSnds a Useful Lifo.
A dispaloh from Yorkvillo to Tho
Stato says our oommunity waa grontly
shookod Tuosday morning, 19th inst.,
at tho announoomout of tho doath last
night of Col. John ll. Asho, president
of tho Yorkvillo ootton mills. Col.
Asho has boon overworking himsolf ro
oontly in tho intorosts of his mill, and
tho strain has boon groat on him. Dur
ing tho night hia wife misaod him from
tho room, and boooming alarmed oalled
tho neighbor;), and Boaroh was mado for
him. His body was found in a woll in
tbo yard, At a mooting of the stock
holders and dirootors of tho mill this
ovoniug Mr. P. M. Grimos, tho popular
suporintondont, was oleotod temporary
prosidont. Upon examination of tho
mill's affairs it was found to bo entirely
solvont and ablo to moot o va-y obli
gation. Thoro will bo no stopping of
tho mill, and under tho managomont of
Provident Uri mos suoooas is assured.
Wolvos and Sparrows Suffer.
Tho wolf hunters and tho sparrow
shooters of nor thorn Illinois havo just
oloBod a vcr j prosperous season.Loo Sam
uolaon, a Winnobago oounty boy, has
mado a rooord of 3,415 sparrows for
whioh ho roooivod from the oounty
treasurer $69.22, Josoph G alli ador for,
a lad of tho anno oounty, killed 2,410
birds?, for whioh ho Was paid $18,20
oaah. Nearly 40,000 sparrows havo
boon killed this soaaon by tho boys of
Stophonson oounty. whioh is a big in?
oroano ovor tho business of last vonr, In
Dooombor tho oounty paid bounties
amounting to $152 10; in<January (208
84; in Fobrufcry $422.16; total $782 56.
Preparations for th? Unveiling and
Dedication of the
f ho Monument "is Worthy of the
Immortal H||fOas Whoso
Gallantryatfrj Death it
After io Any years of waiting South
Carolina itt at last going to do a Bmali but
doaoivod honor to tho gallant Moldier y
th*t b^ttlod so bravojy for tho Southern
oAU?o at ChiokamaNiga. Stato after
Suuo has orootcd jo JU amonto to ita
bravo soidioiH on this hint, or io battlo
?cid, at?d now SouthiCarolina in to JU to
oieot au imposing monumont. Many
Stales have a dozen (fjj: moro magnifioont
monuments, many aro : thero to rogi
menta, but South Carolina it) to have
ono largo monument'io itu toldiory that
struggled BO nobly ou Ghiekamauga's
hold. im,
Qovcrncr MoSwe'oney, Goo. Flojd,
Major 0. K. Hendejrton and Capt. J.
liar vc v Wilson is t&o oona mist ion i u
ohargo of tho trootion??f tho monutr.ont.
Oou. Walkor, who newed Arith din
tinotion iu tho bloody battle, has (
voted a g. cat doal of Ultimo to tho ar
rangomont and han kijully prepared tho
following elaborate programo of tho
cxoroiscfi*. * .
Por tho ooRVt niojijoo of Volorans,
Sots, tho Stato volunteer troop!) and
all oltizona attonditf? tho Soot horn.
Railway has ru ado special at rangements
and this routo will bo'.tho tffioial routo.
They will anneunoo ( atea of loaVing
various pointa and rut ia.
This of?oial (riini will bo run down
Lytlo Station, noar tho battlefield, and
about half a milo.fron^,tho eito ot tho
South Carolina monument. Tho dia
tanoo oan bo easily .walked, but >ar
rangements will bo ma'do for hooks to
oarry ovor such visitor^'; aa prefoi rid
ing aud paying. i
At tho station tho prober sion will bo
joined by Gen. J. AVA Garnish, ohiof
marshal. i
1. Baad.
2. South Uarol in a Volon toora. Stato
troopB, under oom mund ol' an o ibo or to
by designated, by Adjt?|Gon. Floyd.
3. Boos of Oonfoct<rato Veterans;
under oommaud of Wa?t?r H. Hunt.
4. VotorauBof SoutluOar?i?na Divi
sion U. 0. V.
5. Visiting Votertvr.r>.
I 6. Distinguished'&Y ?in o**ri?gCB.s
V. 7; Visitor. .: . . ' i',,
I 'nt?-?tvv:X;" ' " ?sflm
mm?&\?{W$ of
Snodgrass lxango. A? striko tho
Vittoloo llo??o thoy , .1 BOO a largo
markor, marked 10th and 10th South
Carolina rcgimont, fought, for throo
hours on Snodgrass Bango abovo this
Grthcrcd under and around tho bat
tle soarrod dig of tho 10tb South Caro
lina xogimont, whioh lod thom to
viotory on tho heights above, will ho
tho visiting voter ann of that oom maud.
Tho proocssion will salute and un*
ox>vcr as it pasaos tho group of horooB.
Purthor on is a similar marker mark
od 2d th South Carolina rogimont. and
Oulpeppor's battory, fought about ono
milo to tho northoast of this point, and
noar it tho flags and tho mon of thoso
gallant oommands.
Further on, as tho road to tho South
Carolina monument leaven tho main
road, will bo found anothor msrkor to
tho immortal mon of Kerahaw's brigade,
tn ft v ked "Korahaw'fl brigado, 2d, 3d,
7th, 8th and 15th South Carolina rogi
moots and James's South Carolina bat
talion, fought for fivo hours on Snod
grass Bango abovo this point." Tho
battlo flags and heroes of Korshaw
will bo Balutod.
Tho proooseion now arrives on tho
ground saorod to tho valor and tho
worth of South Carolina's sons, for it
wai that ovor whioh Korshaw swept as
ho drovo tho enomy baok to their last
stand on tho ridgo.
Arriving at tho raonumont, tho
veterans will press to tho front, tho
Stato voluntcor troops saluting.
Tho park commissioners will havo
crootod a largo stugo and suffioiont Boat
ing oapaoity for tho veterans and visi
tors. Governor MoSwoonoy, Govoroor
of tho Stato and chairman of tho oom
mission, will prosido.
Tho mooting will bo oponoi with
prayer by tho Hov. Dr. J. H. Thorn
woll, ohaplain goncrAl, Saith Carolina
DiviBion, U. O V.
Gan. C. I. Walkor, ono who won dis
tinction on thia end other b&ttlo?olds,
now tho beloved oommaodor of tho
South Carolina Division, U. O. V., ami
who has takon a deep intorost in and
materially aided iu tho nooomplinhmont
of tho memorial about to bo dodioatod,
and a loading mombor of tho commis
sion, ?rill thou . deliver tho historical
?ddroBsos will thon ho mado by tho
Hon. D. S. Ilondorson, of tho Sonata,
and Col. J. Harvoy Wilson, of tho
House of ltoprcBontativos, through tho
liberality of whioh bodies South Caro
lina has dono juitioo to hov heroic non ?.
An address will thon bo mado by
Govern!, now tho beloved Bishop El
lison Capon), who sorvod on this battle
Hold with his vt oil known gallantry.
Bkihop Oapers's address will load up to
tho unveiling, whioh will bo dono by
four-young ladies, representing oftoh
ono of tho four South Carolina oom
mands ongaged in tho battlo. For
Korshaw's brigado, Mian Elberta Bland,
a granddaughter of tho distinguished
Col. Hilbert Bland, who gave un his
lifo fighting with Korshaw on Snod
grass Rango.
For 10i,h and 19th Bouth Carolina
rogimontB, M?BS Ada Olio Walkor, a
granddaughter of Goo. 0. 1. Walkor.
For tho 21th South Carolina rcgij
mont, Miss Mario DuPro, grandniooo
of Col. C. II. Stovons, who gallantly
lod tho 24th South Carolina rogimont
in tho battlo, and also tho grandniooo
of Lieut, Col, Ellison Caporn, who ?uo
oooded Col. Stovons to tho command of
tho rogimont and wan also badly wound
ed in tho battlo,
For Culpoppor's battery. Miss-.
As tho rlbboni aro pulled the oovor
will fall and show ono of tho hand
somest monumon ts in tho park. It in
built of South Carolina granito, a fit
oinblom of tho horoio otsnd mado by
tho South Carolinians on this field-on
.either sido is a bren KO statue, original,
and ruado espoo?ally for this work, on
ono sido an infantryman and an artil
leryman on tho otb or. South Carolina
had no cavalry in this battlo. Crown
ing the wholo is a bronze pal motto of
exquisito workmanship, surpassing in
truthfulness to nature tho wonderful
bronzo palmetto at tho State Houso.
On the front of tho upper stono is
tho shield of South Carolina in bronzo.
Tho inscriptions axo as follows :
On tho front, oompoBod by Bishop
Capers, with grand simplioity :
To hor Faithful 8ons at Ohioamauga,
South Carolina Erects this Monumont
to Commemorate tho Valor They
Prov?d and tho Livos They Cavo on
this Battlefield.
O a tho back :
Korshaw's brigado, 21 South Caro
lina regiment, 3d South Carolina r<gi
utont, 7th South Carolina regiment,
8th South Carolina regiment, 15th
South Carolina regiment, James's 31
South Carolina battalion : . Killed, 65 ;.
wounded, 438 : missing, 1.
Of Mr.nigault's brigido, 10th South.
Carolina re gi mont, Uh h South Caro
lina regiment, consolidated : Killoe,
20 ; moitally woundod, 40 ; wouadod,
Gist's brigado, 24th South Carolina
regimont. Killed, 43 ; wounded, 114 ;
missing, 12.
Culpoppor'a battery, woundod, 14.
Tho total height of tho monumont is
33 foot. Tho work was dono by tho
dtowart Stono Company, Columbia,
S. C., and n Hoots tho highest orodit on
thoir tasto and skill.
As soon as tho monumont is unvoilod
Governor MoSweeney will turn it over
tothoparkooinmioaionnnd.it will bo
reooivod by Gon. Ilonry V. Boynton,
tho Chaitman.
Tho o oro mon ios having ended tho
orowd w?i disperso over tho battlefield
to study and admiro it.
Tho Official trains will return ^to
Chattanooga in tho afternoon, and af ur
timo for supper, etc, tho Votorans for
Momphis will spood on their way,
reaohing that point early on tho morn
ing of Um 28ih of May. The other visi
tors will tako tho train for North Caro
Around tho monumont is a 12 foot
oiroular pavement of com nt faced with
Tho markors for South Carolina troops
are plaoed on tho battlefield as follows.
Korshaws brigado--Oa tho slopo of
Snodgrass Bango, ono for oaoh of tho
regiments. .
For 10th and 10th South Carolina
regiments the position in gonoral dur
ing tho afternoon is shown by tho guns
of Bon t's battery on tho oros t of tho
ridgo. Advanoipg from this point, they:
mado ropoated charges on tho ?nomy,
and tho point of furthest advopoo is
?hVmarkor is"$aoodott""' Itolly'o ffcud, j
near tho ''Bloody Anglo," and near tho
Sholl monumont to thoir brigado com
mander Oolquittt
For Gulpopper battery, in tho Poo
Hold, noar tho 'Georgia monumont.
lb is hopod that Gon. Gor lon, om
mandcr of tho Unitod Confoderato Vet
erans, on his way to Memphis will bo
ablo to stop ovor and tako part in tho
coro monies.
Govornor A. 0. Candler, of Goorgia,
has boon most pressingly invited and
Writos that himaolf and staff will be
prosont' 'unloas providentially hindorod.
The oo m m ssa ion had to fix tho day for
tho unveiling to tako it on tho way to
tho Momphis ftounion. Ab tho oloso of
thoso reunions tho Votorans scatter and
it would bo hard to get thom together
for any oeromony returning. Tho re
unions usually oommonoo on Wednes
day, but this year it bogins on Tuesday,
whioh nooessitatod tho solootion of Mon
day. This forood tho oommoneomont
of tho movomont in Chiokamauga on
Snndsy. Whilo it will not prevent tho
groat mass of Votorans and visitors
leaving homo on that day, thoro aro
many who have oonsoiontious Boruplos
against traveling on Sunday. Tho un
veiling of a monumont ia held as holy
an objeob as ono oould have, and would
cor tandy OXOUBO all such. But tho com
mission asked for and havo scoured tho
dato of selling tiokets tooommenoo Sat
urday, so any ono oanreaoh Chattanooga
from South Carolin? boforo Sunday.
Tho battlo flag around whioh tho Vot
orans of tho 10th and 19th South Caio
lina reginionts will assomblo ia tho
worn and tattered flag of the 10th South
Carolina rogimont. it wis saved from
surrondor almost providentially. At tho
battlo of Bontonvillo, tho 10th South
Carolina rogimont, thon oommanded hy
Capt. lt. 55. Barloo, penetrated tho di
onis's lino, but roinforoemonts ooming
up, tho lino was reformed and Cn pt.
Barloo, Sorgt. Albort A. Myers, boaring
tho flag, and'"about twenty men. half of
tho regiment, so roduood was it, wero
out o0; they took to tho swamp and
hid until night. Sergt. Myors throw
away tho staff and pub tho flag undor
his clothing. Tho party mado their
way through tho swamp and got baok to
tho Oonfodorato linos. Tho remuant?
of tho lOt.h and 19oh South Carolina
regiments woro i'ibsequently consolida
ted into Walker's South Carolina bat
talion, and so surrendered. Whon Col.
Walkor returned from wounded fur?
lough he oould loam nothing of tho 10 th
regiment's flag that of tho 19th South
Carolina being unod as tho battalion ool
ors and at tho auirondor proporly surren
dered it as the flag of tho batt?? li on. As
Col. Walker rodo ont of oamp on tho
way homo Capt. Barloo handod. him : a
paokago, giving it with cxpross stipula
tion that it ohonld not ba oponed until
ho roaohod homo. Whan no rosetted
homo ho openod it and lound it tho flag
of tho 10 ?li South - Carolina rogimont.
Ho hastroasurod it most saorodlyovor
ornoo. Thouppor half of tho flag staff is a
ploooof the flag staff of. Fort Sumter,
whioh was used by Major Anderson dur
lng the attaok on tho fort of April, 1861.
It was given to Col. Joaoph Walkor, the
father of Col. 0.1. . Walker, by Gen.
Altogether tho flag staff ls a most his-'
torloally valuable memento.
It was prosposod to first lay tho oor
norstono of tho monument before the
dedication, but the elaborate Masonio
ooromonios would havo takon too much
timo from tho limited timo availablo,
so thia funotion had to?bo reluctantly
dlHponsod with. Tho monumont has a
oornor-ntono and in it will bo dop emit
ed; ?
1. Ool Dlokorilo .valuablo skotoh of
Korshaw's brigado.
?L. Oo1 0.v I. Walker's skotoh of
[ooutlfnuod on page four.]
Very Valuable Work Und or taken by
Editor Garltagtou.
.Mn J, 0. darlington, editor o?
tho Spartanburg Herald * has uudortakon
to ' preparo and publish a handsomo
volumo that will bo of inoaloulablo
valuo to many classes of South Caro
linians. No library of tho period will
bo complote without it. It is to bo en
titled l,Mou of tho Times," and.is to
bo a "biographical encyclopedia of con
temporaneous South Oarahna loadors,"
Tho eoopo of tho volutuo will inoludo
Gouth Carolina authors, aiohiteols,
artists,'agriculturalists, banker?, b?nit
pooois, divince, doctor, oogincors, od
uoators, investor, ''journalists! j ur hts,
manufacturers, mineralOghts, piulan
thropiatr, poets, politicians^ Stalosmon,
travolcrs and warriors.
Theio is now no work of tho kind
latter than MoCrady's ''JOniinoht Mon of
tho Carolina?" and ?lut Mr. Garling
lOn is doing should h?vo been under
taken long ago. M v. darlington is bo
icg congratulated by those who have
so often found it nooossary to turn to
tho MoCrady volume on having uudor
takon tho work.
Tho book is to bo gotton up ia hand?
somo stylo, vory email typo and half
tone portrait? being used. . It will oon
tain about 600, pagos. In his prospectus
Mr. Carlington says: , ,
"It will bo beautifully bound in cloth
and is dosigncd to bo a book that will
adorn any library, Its ?oopo is to bo fl
comprehensivo compendium of con
temporaneous biographies. Accurate
t ku tobo? of tho mon who havo boen
for o mos in developing 8outh Carolin*
during the oloiing years of tho nino
loon th oontury aro given.
"Ia order to insure aoouraoy. and te
inoludo only thoso whoso aohiVvomonti
ontitlo thom to a placo in a biograph
ioal enoyolopodia, committees , hav<
boon Doloetod to pass on tho names o!
suoh mon as aro pro&onttd. Thoso oom
mitteos are oomppsod pf tho recognize
leaders in their various linos.
"Ibis book is a very oapjnsivo pub
libation, but it is boliovod its impor
tanoe jastifios tho publisher in makio]
it a work of art as wall ai a biograph
ioal onoyolopodia. of tho mon who an
now making South Carolina,. in man'
lines, foremost of the southern States..
"This book is not ltko numerous pub
lioations that aro offorod from timo t
timo, whoro any man who pays hi
monoy or subsoribes to tho book can b
writton up. lt is nooossary to know
in ad van oo how many, copies will b
takon, BO as to bo nblo to cont rao t wit
tho printer, but; biographical sk?tohc
aro not deponduut on nubsoriptiowj. ?
"Tho book is dosignod to bo.repr?
sonatiyo of tho boat tftlont in . over
line-Tan - o?ooyolt,.,bjdia--r giving; ?bb
"",*",,,!)A1 BkotAh?il' <?r Moist'*'
Ouniaua' who havo dono' nomo^Hpg^i
tho world, Tfc ?B not ?' oatoh-pcnWa*
vortiaiug soborn?. Thoso who aro oi
titled to representation in i; this biogr
phioal ency olopodia will bo given pu<
notice as their prominonoo domant
and not ono dollar will bo collected f
a 'write-up.'
Tho prioo to all purchasers will
$5 a volumo. .
; --_ .
The Election Law Disfrrnohlsing t
Illiterate Passes,
Tho now olootion law has passed t
Maryland Legislature. It will disfre
ohiso fifty thousand illitorato voto
Tho final passago of tho bill was mai
ed by tho uttor absonco af anything
a sensational oharaotor. In tho som
? but ono protost was ontoredwhioh os)
i in tho form of a spoeoh from Bona1
Dodson, Republican, who oharaotorh
tho onliro proceedings ns a blot upon t
taimamos and honor of tho Stato. '!
final voto was ll to 14, a striot pai
In a quarter of an hour af tor pana ai
thosonato tho bill wan boforo tho hoi
whoro its ooosidoration wasimmodia
ly begun. Ono by ono tho sonat
amendments woro taken up and conon
od in without division.' Then it was ]
upon itb final passago with no letton
at dtlay upon tho part of tho minori
oxoept a motion to allow thom ono h
to consider tho amendments. . Thia ?
promptly voted down, and tho bill j
passed by a voto of 53 to 28, tho Dei
orals having six votes moro thau
majority required by tho oonstituti
Fwo Domoorats, Buokoy and Lamil
Fredoriok, Keys of Oooil, Pattison
Dorohostor, and Garner of St? Ma
voted with tho Republicans.
Tho most important chango in ox
lng mothods accomplished by tho
aotmcnt of tho now law Hos in dop
ing illitorato votors of tho agsistauo
ballot dorks in proparing their balli
Under the provious praotioo th
olovks aooom'panied ouch votera, i
tho booths and marked thoir ballots
thom, or showed thom 'how to do
Tho Domoor?ts olaim that this prac
utterly doatroyod tho soorooy of tho 1
lot and mado it possiblo for oorrupti
ints to loam through signals from
ballot dorks whothor bargains m
with oorrupt voters had boon oari
ont. Thc ar ran gomo nt of tho nanto;
tho ballots ban boon altorodso that
oandldato for oaoh offioo aro grnu
instead of hoing arranged in groups
oording to tho parly they ropiest
Party ombloms aro abolished and ot
ohangOB made whidli mako tho now
vory nearly similar to that in oxisto
in Massaohusoltit.
? Tho effoot of tho law is, of cou
largoly a raattor of cor j soturo, und
upon whioh the: party loadors wit
differ. Tho Democrats oxpook that
will disfranchise about.33,000. negi
and poihaps 10,000. white votera ,i
oannot road pr Vfritok Qf these, jit
olnimod, all thc nogroos and about
nor flont. of the whites voto tho R<
blioan tiokot. With these out of
way tho Stato will be safely Demo
tlo for many yenni to oomo, and
immodiato result will tho ?lection c
DomooVatio State legislature noxt
and of a Domoorat to suoood Un
StalosSonator Wollington in 1002;
Hourtoon Perished.
Tho ntoftmor OhomnitK of tho*
man*Au8tralian Steamship oom]
?nd tho British eteamor Tay coll
Thursday night in tho Flushing R
stead. Tho Tay sank and- only i
of her orow wore savod. The vTay,
p\tti into tho Flushing ltondfit.oa,d o.
to tho prevailing dtorm, . Fqutteon
sons perished, inoludlng (ho \7fv
two sailors who biardod tho vo&?ol
farewell visit. .
??$.\:.-v':-' fi, ?.?.' .: ?
An Insana Woman Mutdars Her
fjix Children.
'Out Falloc', and thin Talk?
Rationally About Her Awful
Deed. 8he Assigns
ND Reason.
Mr? Lrzrio Nararaoroi of Coldbrook,
Mass., v/bilo itt a flt of insanity Thurs- '
day afternoon, killed hor nix ohildrou
ut her homo, r. farm houto half a milo
from tho villago, end thou tried to t*ko
.her own lifo. Tho children ranged /rom
ton years to a hftho of ton months and
thoir-livoa woro >takon by - tho mother
with an axo and a club. Sh? laid oho
blood-drcnohed bodies on tho hods, two
on ono bod and tho other four on a hod
in another room and then attomptod
to take hor own lifo by cutting hor
throat with a razor. Whon discovered
sac was in tho bod on whioh tho bodios
of four oh.ildron wcro lying. *. Although
sh? out a do?p gash in hor.' throat and
suffered tho loss of much blood, it is
bolioved sho will recover.
Frank N (tramore, tho husband and
father, left his home ?t th? "usual hour
Thursday morning to go to work nt a
sawmill and at that time his. wife did
not attract his atlontion by acting
, lt.JIB.S?ppCo?dtho Cri?J? Waa U?WJU???
ted shortly after noon, tho discovery
hoing made by George Thrasher, au
employe of a grooory atoro,- who visited
tho Naramoro houso about 2:45 o'dook
for tho purpose of delivering grooorios
that had previously boon ordered by
Mrs. Naramoro. Ho was unablo to get
in tho house by tho d ior and ho looked
in a window and noticod blood on tho
floor, while Mrs. Naramoro was lying on
a bod. Ho was suiprisod also in the
absonco of tho ohildron, whom ho was
acouBtomod to soo playing in or abouti
tho hou6o. Ho roturnod to the.village
and told of what ho had soon,
A party was inado up and a Jiajatj'
visit was misdo to tho Naramoro ho?so.
An ontranoo wno oft'ootod without delay
and tho mutilated bodios of tho six ,
ohildren in two bods woro found. Mrs,
'Naramoro was romovod to tho village
hotel arid tho attonding physicians were
confident sho would survivo.
During the evening a nu mb or of
noighbor? of tho family .'saw. hud talked
iwitbjMx?. N?'wnorO. and to. ti^mytW J:.;
:H,OW .V;or,t'::?^o-v-J.VLi 0 .?ai.^Vfi,."
At tho timo'/ tho party; ofVvilhYgors
fouttd Mrs, ''Naramore oho WAH asked
how oho did tho do cd, and sho said that
eho took tho livos in four difforout
rooms, and as. f?st as oho killod ono?
ohild tho body was plaood in a bod.
Tho ohiidron wcro throo boys, and ;
thrijo girls, Ethel, 10 y oar s M ?go, tho
oldest, whilo the ages of Waltor, Char
ita, Uhostor, Bossio and Lona ranged
from eight yoar to ton months, Lona
boing tho baby.
Mrs. Naramoro told hor most inti
mate friends that she first killod Ethel,
and thon followod with tho flvo nMitfs,
oaoh timo taking tho next oldest. iFivo
were killod hy hoing struok on' tho
hoad with tho baok of an axo whilo lit
tlo Lona was killod with a club. Sho
says sho fully oxpootod tho gash in her
throat would oauso hor death and when
her husdand roturnod at night ho would
find all of tho bodios in the two hods.
Sho appoarod rational and displayed
signs of sorrow for tho dood sho had
committod, although sho is iinablo to
givo any roasoott for killing tho ohib
Whon Mr. Naramoro roaohod tho
hourn he was prostrated with griof by
tho loss of his fatniiy,
Exoh of tho ohildron/had'rovidontly
roooivod sovoral blows as thoir hoads
wore torribly bruised and blood was
sottorod in all parts of tho rooms. Mrs.
Naramoro had ovidontly mado prepara
tions for tho deod, as the doors. wore
all looked and barrod with atioks of
At about 9 o'olook Mrs. Naramoro
exporiouood a ohango fer the worso and
it is bolioved that sho will not live
through the night. Her husband ha*
boon ia the hotol, but ho has not mado
any request to soo hor sinoo his arrival.
Favmor? Aakod to Meot,
l?arvio. Jordan, prosidont of tho
Southern Cotton drowors' Protootiye
association,; his issu id a call from At- .*
lanta, Qa., to tho cotton, producers, of
tho southern States, asking thom to
moot at tho oounty so At of ovor/ coun
ty in the south on Saturday, April 6,
for tho purposo of adopting somo plan
to curtail thc aoreago of tho cotton orop
for tho ?oason of 1901 and 1902. Prosi
dont Jordan urgos immediate notion by
tho farmers before tho sood for tho
uoxt orop aro plaood in'tho ground. Ho
olaims that tho plaritora will not bo
ahlo to moot thoir Obligations assumed
for guano, mules and other farming
materials with tho pri?e;of cotton at
six oontis, whioh ho oonudont?y pro?
dlots will result from a lairgo aoreago.
An Experiment.
Minnesota is to try n combination
high lieonso local option dispensary
nohoroo. Tho propnnod law .loavoa/tho
sixoountioa oontainiog oitios of ifeba
['iQ.OOOor oypr," class unoVr tho opera
tion of tho prosont high license . law.
It pr?vidos that in all tho ?thor coun
ties tho qudstlo?'of ?loo?so or ho-H?onso
?hall,bo dooid?d by popular vote. It
provides further that town liquor dis
pensarlos shall ho. ostablishod in n,??'.
lioonso oountios upon tho potition . of
two-thirds of tho votor?~*the liquor to
ho sold in paokagos (half pint or largor)
and not to bo drunk on tho promises.
?\\ tho disporjflttry profits aro to go to
tho oounty treasuries.
Want to Entertain Thom.
Governor MoSwoenoy has received a
letter from Mr, T. ?. Thompson, of
Chattanooga,,asking aim whon lio ajad
his pai ty w?ule! arrlvo in Chattanooga
to dedicate, Confederate w?n?mont,
how many Would ho ir? tho party and how
long they would tannin in Chattanoog; v
Tho South Carolinians whv live hV
Chtttanooga wish to oxtorul eoutt?slo?
to tho ?outh Carolina party,

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