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Ino Surr?nd?rof th? State Home
by tho Radicals to
?um?CuA i xi.
How Chst? be ri?lh and .his 8t a' e
Offley Vi? we'di Mattara When
Their Lutes* ,Hqpe Waa
Actually Distroyed.
A fow wools ?go Tho Columbia Stoto
niado an oditorial oonrnont upon a ro
oont artlolo o( ExGovornor D. H.
Chamberlain's in tho Atlantic Month
ly, in which tho former Republican
ohiof oxodutivo of South' Carolina do
uounood tho reoonstiuetion measures
that wero inaugurated by Ins party in
this Stato just af tor tho war. This ar
, tiolo of Gov. Ohamborlain has aroused
no littlo interests in this Stato on ac
?ount of tho faot that tho writer was
ono of tho prominont figures in tho ro
oonstruotion ora and although claiming
to bo a oonservativo llepulioan ho wan
novortholoss a participant in tho work
whioh tho Hopublican party did during
tho 10 years following tho oloso of tho
war. In connection with that artiolo it
will bo intorcsting to road Qov, Ohs m
berlain's farowoll proclamation to tbo
Republic air party of Carolina, whioh
was issued as ho was turning over tho
ornoo to Wado Hampton. This address
was published in tho Columbia Regis
ter of April ll, 1877, and is ire prod hoed
from that paper along with tho artiolo
of whioh it was apart. It isas fol
A miserable drizzling rain foll yestor
doy morning, and tho tun rofused to
sbino, as if ashamed of tho part the
national army and its gallant offioors
and men had beon bom polled, in tho
lino of duty, to tako in depriving tho
peoplo of a sovereign Stato to their
rights and libortics as guaranteed to
thom by tho constitution of tho United
States and. tho . constitution ot' this
State. Tho shoots, notwithstanding
tho muiky atmosphere and tho "Lon
don fog" whioh hung ovor tho oity liko
a pall, lcoko.d -.a trillo lively, for tho
bright green, half-matured loaves from
tho scattering Bhado tro?s whioh boro
and there groot tho eyo along Rich
ardson street, rolieved tho sombre
landsoapo boypnd, as each anxious oyo
lookodtoward thooapitol. Thoroshono,
too, from tho eve of i vory hu'oost man
in the oommunity, 'RS they passed o;.oh
Other upon tho main thoroughfare, a
peculiarly bright and trumphant light
-a light whioh ban only gladden tho
hearts and oheor tho souls of mon who
feel that truth, and justioo, and right
havo in their behalf at last ttiumphod
ovor wrong, oppression aud guilt.
Prooisoly at 12 o'olook-just as tho
sleepy sontinol who tolls tho oily hall
bell struck tho boll tho tonth timo in
making up bis BOOTO of twolvo-tho
south door of tho capitol building
opened wido, and a oaptain of tho
united States army, commanding
about thirty mon, filod out tho building.
As tho order "Column loft, marohT"
(whioh order turned tho faooB of tbo
"boys in bluo" towards tho bairaokt)
was given, ? smile might havo boon
r?oon upon tho faoo of overy man in tho
command. If the pooplo were joyous
over tho event, for various masons tho
troops had ^cession to bo glad also. .
Thore was no demonstration of any
kind upon tho part of tho pooplo,
About ono hundred and fifty mon, a
majority of whom wore colored, wero
standing around tho building, who wit
nessed tho doparturo of tho troops.
Beyond this thore was no indication
that anything moro than tho usual
guard had boon relioved from duty for
the day?
Thus ends oarpot-bag roign in South
Carolina, and tho aoono wo have do
Boribod was tho closing ono in tho vilo,
unnatural and ungodly stato of affairs
which has' existod in this State for tho
last sovon yoars-a stale of afhirs
whioh has brought ruin, dosolation and
misery upon a bravo pooplo.
Lator in tho day tho bunoombo faro
woll addroBS of ox-Govornor. Chamber
lain, announcing his abdiotion, was
Tho following oorroapondonoo, whioh
explains V itself, was also had botwoon
Mr. Chamberlain and Gov. Hampton.
?J? State of South Carolina,
Exooutivo Chambor,
T^:'^Qojumbia, S. C., April 10, 1877.
Iv ' lishec7*Dg l?arnod that you uuw
with n ovor to mo th0 (:*oou"
?Tu4iber, with tho rcoorda and
"aUlonging to tho executive offioo
at}} your possession, I bog to in
l$bu that I will send a propor
^ $to reooivo tho Bamoat aDy hour
?mayindioato as roost oonvoniont
S^eursolf. I am, vorv rospeotfully,
;i-obediont servant,
(Signed) Wado Hampton,
Sv -Qevornor.
Hon, D. Kidiamborlain..
Stato of South Carolina,.
Exooutivo Chambor,
Columbia, S. C., April 10,1877.
Sir: Replying to your noto of this
dato, I havo to Bay that my privato
soorotary will meet suoh offioer as you
may designate at 12 meridian tomor
. row, at tho exooutivo chamber, for tho
purpose indicated in your noto. Very
/ (Signed) I). H. Chamberlain,
Govornor of South Carolina,
Hon. Wado Hampton.
Hollowing tho oorrospondonoo aro tho
views of tho Radical claimants to tho
State offieos, whioh are presented in
tho following doouraont:
Columbia, S. C" April 10, 1877.
His Exoollonoy I). H. GhaniboiUin,
Governor of South Carolina, Colum
bia, S. C.,
Doar Sir: Roourring to tho viows
sovorally expressed by us during tho
Sersonal oonforonoo, which wo had tho
onor to hold with you yestorday, in
regard to tho politioal complications
whioh havci. grown but of tho lato can
vass in this Stato. wo bog leavo to ap
pris* you formally of tito conclusions
we havo roaohbd, aftor maturo delib
eration and tho gravest rofleotion
Whioh WO havo boen ablo to bestow
upon tho subjeot.
Whilst wo aro no iocs inspired with
admiration for tho dignified and reso
luto mannor in whioh you havo oin
sistenly maintained-your claims to tho
Gubernatorial ohair, by virtuo of tho
oleotion hold in November last, than
wo are solomnly impressed with'tho
validity ofyourtitlo of tho.. ofiTo?,;Ve
aro unanimous in .tho holiof that to
prolong tho content, in tho obernoo of
that moral ?id to which wo fool our
Hol vos ahd our party justly o ti ti tl ed at
tho hands of a national administration,
installed, in;large inoaauro, through
tho samo ngonoio ir which aro ' now hold
to bo insuff?oiont for our malnlonanoo,
Will bo to incur tho responsibility of
keeping alivo partlflan projudlt'oawbjfek
aro in tko lai?t dooroo dotrlmontai to
tho beet intorcots o? tho pooplo of tho
Stato, and porhaps of pr?oipitftting a
physical ooniliot that oould havo hut
ono rofiult to our dofonsoloBa constl
tucuoy. Wo eannot afforod to oontrib*
uto, howovcr indirectly, to Buob a
oMastrop^ho, ovoui in thoadvooaoy of
whwt wu know io bo our rights.
Wo aro agreod, tborofore, in oounsol
ing you to discontinuo tho struggle for
tho ocoupauoy of tho Gubernatorial
ohair, convinucd an wo aro that, in
view of tho disastrous odds to whioh its
m?intobaooo has been fuljeotod by the
notion cf tho national administration,
your retirement will involyo no eur
render of principio, nor its motivo bo
misapprehended by tho great body of
that political party to whiob, in com
mon with ourselves, you are attaohod,
and whoso tuoooBS iu the past in this
Stato has boon onnob?od by your in
telligent and usoful porvioes. Wo havo
tho honor to bo, vory rosrootfully,
yours, Kobi rt B. Elliott,
Attornoy Gonoral.
Thomas 0. Dunn,
Oomptrollor Gr noval
F, Ii. Cardoso,
II. E. Hayno,
Soorotary of Stato.
John lt. Tolbort,
- Suporintondont of Education.
Jamos Konnody,
Adjutant and Iusrootor Gonoral.
Tho iollowing is tho address of Mr.
To tho Republican of South Carolina:
By your will I was mado govornor of
this Stato in 1874 At tbo olcolion on
tho 7th of November last I wai again
by your votos, olootod to tho same
offioo. My tillo to tho offioo, upon
every legal and moral ?round, is today
olear and pcrfoot. ? By tho rooout de
cision and ootion of tho - prc?'dont of
tho U jived States 1 find mysolf unable
longer to maintain my offioial righto
with tho prospeots of final BUOOCBS, and
1 hereby aucounoo to you that I am
unwilling to | rolong a struggle whiob
can only briug further suffering upon
those who engage in it.
In announcing this conclusion, it ie
my duty to say for you that tho Itopub
Heans of South Carolina cntarod upon
thoir rocont politioal strugglo for thc
maintenance of their political and civil
rightp. Constituting," beyond question,
a laren majority of tho lawful voters ol
tho Stato, you allied youraolvoB with
that politioal party whoso control and
inspiring prinoiplos has hithorto boor
tho civil and politioal froedom of al!
mon under tim constitution and law*
of our country. By horoio efforts auc
uaori ii una whioh tho just vordiot of his
tory will roBOUo from tho.oowardlj
soorn now oast upon thom by politioa
plaoomon and tradors, you sooured tin
olootoral voto of South Carolina fo
Hayes and Wheolor, In aaodmpliBhinj
this rosult you beoamo tho viotims o
ovory form of porsooution and injury
From authentic ovidonoo it is showi
that not loas than ono hundred of you
numbor wero murdered because tho:
wero faithful to thoir prinoiplos am
oxoroisod rights solemnly guarantee'
to thom by tho nation. You woro dc
nicd employment, driven from yon
homos, robbod of the earnings of yoar
of bon ont industry, hunted for you
lives liko wild boasts, your familio
outraged and acattored, for no offons
oxoopt your peaceful and firm dctoi
ruination to oxoroiso your politioi
rights. You trusted, as you had
right to fruit, that if bv suoh c ff arl
you established tho lawful aupromao
of your politioal party in thc nation, tb
goyorumout of tho Unitod States, i
tho disohargo of its constitutional dut]
would protect tho lawful govorcmont <
the Hiato from overthrow at tho bane
of your politioal onomics. From oausoi
patent to all mon and questioned t
nono who regard truth, you havo boc
unable to overcome the unlawful con
bination and obstados whioh havo 0]
posed tho praotioal supromaoy of tl
government whioh your votes hal
established. For many weary monti
you have waited for your dolivorano
Whilo tho long strugglo for tho pros
douoy was in progress you woro cxhor
od by cvory representativo and organ <
tho national Republican party to kot
your allegiance truo to that party i
order that your dolivoranoo from tl
hands of your oppressors might bo bo
tain and oomplcto. Not tho fainto
whisper of tho possibility of disappoin
mont iu thoso hopes and promiuos ev
rcaohod you whilo tho strugglo w
ponding. Today, April 10, 1877, I
tho ordor of tho president whom yoi
votes alono rosoucd from ovorwholmii
dofoat, tho government of tho Unite
Huton abandons you; doliboratoly wit
draws from you its support, with tl
full knowlcdgo that tho lawful govor
mont of tho SUto will bo spoodilyove
By a now intcrnrotation of tho oo
stitution of tho United H tatos, at vai
anoo aliko with tho provious prjoti
of tho government and with tho doe;
ions'of tho supreme court, tho oxoo
tivo.oftho United*" States evades t
duty of ascertaining whioh of two riv
Stato governments is tho lawful o
and by tho withdrawal of troops n<
protootiug tho Stato from domes
viol once abandons tho lawful State ge
ornmont to a strugglo with insurn
^iionary forces too powerful to bo :
oiaicd. Tho grounds of policy up
whioh x.Huoh action is dofondod t
It is said that tho north ia woafy
tho long southon* troubles. It v
woary, too, of tho long troubles whi
sprung from tho stupondoui erimo
obattol slavoiy and longod for ropo
It sought to oovor thom from sight
wi oked oom promises with tho wro
whioh disturbed itspoaoo, but Gol hi
it to its duty, until through a coull
whioh rookod and agonizod tho nali<
tho great orimo was put away and fr
dom was ordainod for all.
It is said that if a majority of I
pooplo of a Stato aro unable by phy
oal foroo to maintain their rights, tl
must bo loft to politioal servitude,
this a doctrino ovor boforo hoard in c
history? If it shall pro vail, its oi
sequonoos will not long bo oontinod
South Carolina or Louisiana.
It is said that a Democratic houso
roprosontativos will rofuso an app
priation for tho army of tho Uni
States if tho lawful govornmont
South Carolina is maintained by 1
military forces. Submission to BI
cooroion marks tho dogonoraoy of I
politioal party or pooplo whioh ondu
it. A govornmmont worth tho name
politioal party fit to wiold power, no
boforo blanched at suoh a throat.
. But tho odiot has gono forth,
arguments or consideration whioh yi
frionds could prosont havo suffiood
avert thd disafltor. No effootive mci
Of r.osistarioo to tho consummation
th<i Wj???k aro loft. Tho strugglo <
bo prolonged. My striot legal rig
aro of oourso wholly unaffeotod by
aotion of tho p/osidont. , No court
the Stato has jurisdiction to pass u]
tho titlo to my oflho. No IRV, ful lei
laturo oan bo convouod oxoopt upon
dall. If tho uso of thoso pow
promised ult?malo SUCCORS to our oan
I should not shrink from any saorifl
whioh might oonfront mo. It is a os
y ?.??W<M.tt?ix^>v.g<-n -ak** s -Ai
Dr. Tal?iage Urges AU t? ?ry Ita
Upliftlug Power*
tte Clinrnotcritea Rollston ttb GOODIE
Daughter .- Hermon from the
Toxt, ?Hor Way? Ato Way?
of Vlenaantuc**."
?Copyrlght, 1901, by Louis Klopseh, N.T.]
Washington, April 14,
In this discourse Br. Talrauge sots
forth religion ns un exhilaration, and
urges all pooplo to try its uplifting
power; text, Proverb*' 8, 17: "lier
ways aro ways of pleasantness."
You have all heard of Clod's only
bogott?n Son. Havo you heard of
God's daughter? She was boru in
Heaven? She came down over tho
hills of our world. Sho had queenly
step. On her brow was celestial
radiance. Her volco was music. Uer
?amo ls Religion. My toxt intro
duces her. "lier ways are Ways of
pleasantness, ?nd all hor paths are
peace." But what is religion? Tho
fact ls that theological study has had
a different effnot upon mo from tho
effect sometimes produced. Every'|
year I tear out another leaf from
my theology, until I have only three
or four leaves left-in other words,
a very brief and plain statement of
Christian belief.
An aged Christian minister said:
"When I was a young man, I knew
everything. When I got to bo 85
years of age, In my creed I had only a
hundred doctrines of religion. When
I got to be CO years of ago, I had
only 60 doctrines of religion. When
I got to be CO years of ago I ,had
only ten dootrlnes of religion, and
now I nm dying at 75 years of ngo,
and there is only ono tiling I know,
and that ls that Christ Jesus carno
Into tho world to savo sinners." And
BO I have noticed in tho study of God'n
word and In my contemplation of tho
character of God and of tho eternal
world that lt 4s necessary for mo to
drop this part of my belief and that
part of my belief as being nonessen
tial, while I cling to tho ono great doc
trine that man ls a sinner and Christ
is his Almighty and Divino Saviour.
Now I tako these three or four
leaves of my theology, and I find that
in the first placo and dominant above
all others is tho sunshine of religion.
When I go into a room, I havo a pas
sion for throwing" open all tho shut
ters. That is what I want to do this
morning. We aro apt to throw BO
muoh of tho sepulchral into our re
ligion and to close tho shutters and
to pull down tho blinds that it is only
through hero and tboro a crovico that
tho light ntreauiB. The religion of
the Lord Jesus Christ is a religion of
joy indescribable and unutterable.
Wherever I can find a bell I mean to
ring it.
If there are any In this house this
morning who aro disposed to hold on
to their melancholy and gloom, let
them depart this servlco boforo tho
fairest and the brightest and tho most
radiant being of all the universe comes
In. God's Son has left our world, but
God's daughter is hore. Give her room.
Hail, princess of Heaven l Hail, daugh
ter of tho Lord Almighty! Como In
and mako this house thy throneroom.
In setting forth this idea tho domi
nant thoory of religion is ono of sun
shine. I hardly know where to begin,
for there aro so many thoughts that
rush upon my soul. A mother saw her
little child seated on tho floor in tho
sunshine and with a spoon in her hand.
She said: "My darling, what aro you
doing there?" "Oh," replied thc child,
'I am getting a spoonful of this sun
shine." Would God that to-day I
might pr?sent you with a gleaming
chalico of this glorious, everlasting
Gospel sunshine!
IHrst of nil, I find a great deal of
sunshine in Christian society. I do
not know of anything moro doleful
than tho companionship of tho mero
funmakers of tho world-tho Thomas
Hoods, tho Charles Lambs, t?
Charles Ma the waes of tho world-tho
men whose cntiro bxisiness it is to
make sport. They make others laugh,
but if you will examine their auto
biography or biography you will find
that down in their soul thoro was o
texTi?lo disquietude. Laughter is no
sign of happiness. Tho mantao'
laughs. The hyena laughs. Thc loon
among the Adirondacks laughs. Tho
drunkard, dashing his docanter
against tho wall, laughs.
There is a terrible renotion from all
sinful amusomcut and sinful merri
mefnt. Such men aro cross the next
day. They snap at you on exchange
or they pass you, not recognizing you.
Long ago I qtiit mero worldly Boclety
foT the reason it was so dull, so inano
and so stupid. My nature is voracious
of joy. I must have it. *
I always walk on the sunny side of
the street, nndifor that reason I havo
crossed over Into Christian society. I
like their modo of repartee better. I
like their stylo of amusement better.
They livo longer. Christian people, l
sometimes notice, live on when by all
natural law they ought to have died.
I have known persons who have con
tinued in their existonco when tho
docto: said they ought to have been
dead ten years. Every day of their
existence wns n defiance of the laws
of anatomy and physiology, but they
had this supernatural vivacity of tho
Gospel in their soul, and that kept
them alive.
Tut 10 or V? Christian people in a
room for Christian conversation, and
you will from eight to ten o'clock
hear moro resounding glee, see moro
bright strokes of wit nnd find moro
thought nyul profound satisfaction
than in rt/iy merely worldly party.
Now, whem I sny a "worldly party" I
mean thatj to which you arc invited
becauso Under all tho circumstances
of the casie it is the best for yo\i to
be invited, and to which you go be
in whioh, by tho light of reason and
oonsoionco, a man might woll lay down
his lifo. Jiu \ to my mind, my pro Kout
responsibility invoivon tho oonoidor.v
lion of tho effoot of my notion upon'
thoso whoso representativo I am. I
havo hitborto boen willing to ask you,
llopublioans of SoutlbOarolina, to risk
all dangora and enduro all hardships
until roliof should oomo from tho gov
ernment Of tho United ?tatos. That;
roliof will nevor como. I cannot ask
you to follow mo farthor. In my bost
judgmont, I oan no longer sorvo vou by
furthor rosistanoo to tho imponding
Whoo gratitudo to God for tho mon? <
uro of endurance with whioh. Ho has
hithorto inspired mo, with gratitudo to
you for your boundloss eonnonoo in ino,
with profound admiration for your
matoblofls fidelity to tho causo in whioh
wo havo struggled, I now announoo to
you and to tho pooplo of tho State that
I shall no longer aotivoly assert my
right to tho ornoo ol governor of, South
Tho motives and purposes r of tho
piosidontof the U ai tod States in the
polioy whioh corop ol? me to my presont!
ooarso are unquestionable honorario
Um tiftdef ft?i oiMtittjit&fit? ?i ih?
?aso H lo bitter that you go, and,
leaving the ahawJa on th? second
floor, you go to the parlor to give ?or
inal aalutatlon to tho hont rind the
hostess and then move around, ?pond
ing tho whole evening- in the dUoun
?ion of the weather an? in anotar*
xor treading on leng train? und In
effort to keep the corner? of the
mouth up to the sign of pleasure, and
going around with an idiot io ho-ho
about nothing until the eollatlon is
served, and then, after the collation
is served, going baofc into the parlor
to resume tho weather, and tbeu at
tho close going at a very late hour to
the host and hostess and assuring
them that you have had a most de?
lightful evening, and then, passing
down off tho front steps, the slam of
tho door the only satisfaction of the
I know thero ls a great deal of talk
about tho self-denials of tho Chris
tian. I have to tell you that whore
tho Christian has one self-denial the
man of tho world has a thousand
self-denials. The Christian is not
commanded to surrendor anything
that is worth keeping. But what
dfes a man deny himself who de
nies himself the religion of Christ?
Ho denies himself pardon for sin,
ho denies himself peace of oonsaienoe,
ho denies himself the joy of tho Holy
Ghost, he denlos himself a . comfort
able doath pillow, ho denies himself
tho glory of Heaven. Do not talle
to mo about tho self-denial of tho
Christian life. Where thero is. one
in tho Christian lifo thero is a thou
sand in tho life of tho world. "Hor
wnys^oro ways of pleasantness."
Again, I And a great deal of re
ligious sunshiuo in Christian and di
vine oxplanation. To a great many
peoplo lifo is an inexplicable tangle.
Things turn out differently from
what was supposed. Thero 'ia a use
less woman in perfect health. Thero
is an Industrious and consecrated
woman a complete invalid. Explain
that. Thero is a bad man with $30,
000 of income. Thero ls a good man
with $800 of Income. Why is that?.
There is a foo of society who lives on,
doing all tho damage he can, to 75
years of age, and hero is a Christian
father, faithful in every department
of lifo, at 35 years of ago taken away
by death, his family left helpless.
Explain that. Oh, there i? no n<m
tenco that oftener drops from your
lips than this: "I cannot understand
lt. I cannot understand it."
Well, now religion comes in just at
that point with its illumination and
its explanation. Thero is a business
mari who has lost his entiro fortune.
Tho week before he lost his fortune
thero wero 20 carriages that stopped
nt tho door of his mansion. Tho
week after ho lost hia fortuno all
tho carriages you eould count on ono
finger. Tho weok before flnanoial
troublo began people all took off
their hats to him os ho passed down
the street. Tho week his financial
prospects wero under discussion peo
ple just touched their hats without
nnywiso bending tho rin?1. The week
that ho was pronounced insolvent
peoplo just jolted their heads as
they passed, not tipping their hats
at all, and tho week tho sheriff sold
him out nil his friends were looking
in tho store windows as they went
down past him.
' Now, while tho world goes away1
from a man whilo ho is in flnanoial
distress, tho religion of Christ comes
to him and says: "You aro slok, and
your sickness is to bo moral pufifl
cation; you aro bereaved. ^^A'
wanted in HOI nu way to ' toke 'yourO
family to Heaven, and He must begin
somewhere, and so Ho took tho ono,
that was most benutiful and was.
most ready to go." I do not say,
that religion explains .everything lri'i
this life, but I do say it lays down:
certain principios whioh are grandly;
consolatory. You know business mon
often telegraph in cipher. Tho mer-!
chant in San Francisco telegraphs to
tho merchant in Now York oortain
information in cipher which no other
man in that Uno of business can un
derstand, but tho merchant in San
Francisco has the key to tho cipher,
and tho merchant in Now York has
tho key to tho cipher, and on that i
information transmitted- there aro
enterprises involving hundreds of
thousands of dollars. Now, tho provi
dences of Ufo somotimes ?oem to be
a senseless rigmarole, a mysterious
cipher; but God has a key to that
cipher and tho Christian a key to
that cipher, and, though ho moy
hardly bo able to spell out tho mean
ing, he gets enough of the meaning
to understand that it is for tho best.
Now, is thero not sunshine in that?
Is thero not pleasure in that? Far
beyond laughter, it is nearer tho
fountain of tears than boisterous
demonstration. Havo you never cried
for joy? There are tears which are
otcrnal rapture in distillation.
Thero aro hundred? of peoplo who
aro walking day by day in tho sub
lime satisfaction that all is for tho
best, all things working together for
good for their soul. How a man eau
get along through this Ufo without
the explanation is to mo a mystery.
What! Is that child gone forever?
Aro you never to get it back? Ia
your property gone forever? Have
you no explanation, no Christian^.ex
planation, and yet not a naanlao?
But when you havo tho religion of
Jesus Christ in your soul it explains
everything so far as it is best for
you to understand. You look off in
life, and your soul is full of thanks
giving to God that you aro so much
better off than you might be. A man
passed down the street without any
Bhoes and said: "I havo no shoes.
Isn't it a hardship that I havo no
shoes? Other peoplo havo shoes!"
until he saw a man who had no feet.
Then he learned a lesson. You ought
to thank God for what Ho does in
stead of grumbling for what Ho doss
not. God arranges all the weather
in this world-the spiritual woathtr?
and patriotio I dovontly pray that
ovonts may viadioato tho wisdom of
his notion, and that poaoo, justino, freo
dom and pronporlty may horeaftcr be
rho portion of evory oitison of South
Oarolina. D. H. Ohamporlain,
Govornor of South Oarolina.
l?ditoiially Tho Rogi9tor commented
as follows on tho proclamation:
HtO JA.0K?.
Ohamborlain published an add rons to
his follow Republicans, whioh ls a com
pound of bitter malodiotions leveled at
tho hoad of Proaident Hayna, and of
malioious libol upon tho good peoplo of
South Oarolina. lt is a Parthian
arrow, stoopod in vonom to the very
feather. Happily, however, it can bo
termed "Ohamborlain's farewoll liol"
It will bo answored hereafter by an
ablor pon, than.ours, with inoontontlble
proofs by showing np Ohamborlain's
entire or i minni record since his ad vont
in Idouth Oarolina politics, and expos
ing tho dark ways by whioh this polish
ed interloper in tho ranke of honorablo
mon hus acquired tho vast wealth whioh
llb holds today, wrong during tho past
eight years from tho sad contributions
of tho publio oalamity?
tho ift?ffct Weather, ai welt ea ?li?
saturai weather. "What kind ci
weather will lt bo to-day?" naid
lorne ono to a former? Tho fariner
replied : "It will bo suoh WOB thor
is I like." "What do you mean by
that?" asked tho other. "Well/1 said
vii? itt??15?i "?t ",?... bc 5U0u V-vouLhcr
fto pleases the Lord, and what pleases
the Lord pleases me."
Oh, the sunshine, the sunshine of
Christian explanation! Here is some
one bending over the grave of the
dead. What is going to be the consola
tion? The flowers you strew upon tho
tomb? Oh, no. The services read at
tho gravo? Oh, no. Tho chief consola
tion on that grave is what falls from
the throne of Qod. Sunshine, glorious
sunshine I Resurrection sunshine I
Sometimes you W?BII you oould mako
tho tour of tho wholo earth, going
iround as others havo gone, but you ,
have not the means. You will make
the tour yet, during one musloal pauso
in tho eternal anthem. I eay these
things for the oomfort of those people
who aro abridged lu their opportuni
ties, those people to whom life is hum
drum, who toll and work and aspiro
after knowledge, but have no timo to
pot it, o,nd say: "If I had tho oppor
tunities which other peoplo have, how
I would lill my mind and soul with
grand thoughts ! " Bo not discouraged,
my friends. You aro going to tho uni
versity yet. Death will only matricu
late you into tho royal college of tire
Besides that, we shall have all the
pleasures of association. Wo will go
right up in tho front of Qod without
any fright. All our sins gone, there
will be nothing to be frightened about.
Thero our old Christian friends will
troop around us. Just as now ono of
your sick friends goes away to Florida,
?he land of flowers, or tho south of
France, and you will not see him for
a long while, and after awhile you
meot him, and tho hollows under tho
eyos are all Ailed and tho appetite has
como back and tho crutch has been
thrown away, and ho is so changed you
hardly know him. You say: "Why, I
never saw you look so well." He says:
"T couldn't help but be well. I have
been sailing these rivers and climbing
theso mountains; and that's how I got
this elasticity. I novor was BO well."
Oh, my friends, your departed loved
ones are only away for their health in
a bette climate, und When you meet
them they will be so changed, and
after awhilo, when you aro assured
that they are your friends, your de
parted friends, you will nayt "Why,
whore is that cough? W re ia that
paralysis? Where is that? eumonla?
Where is that consumption ." And he
will say: "Oh, I am entirely well.
There aro no sick ones in this country.
I Have been ranging these hills, and
hence this elasticity. I have been here
now 20 yoars, and not one sick one have
I seen. We are all well in this cli
And then I stand at the gate of tho
Celestial city to seo the processions
come out, and I see a long procession
of little children, with their arms full
of flowers, and then I see a procession
of kings and priests moving In Celes
tial pageantry-a long procession, but
no black tasseled vehicle, no mourning
group, and I say: "How strange it ist
Where is your Qreenwoorl? Whore ia
your Laurel Hill? Where is your West
minster abbey?" And they shall cryt
"There aro no graves here." And then
listen for the tolling of tho old bolf rles
of Heaven, tho old belfries of eternity.
I listen to hear thom toll for the dead.
They only strike up a silvery chime,
tower to tower, east gato to west gate,
'aa-thny ring out: "They shall hunger
no morb, neither thirst any more,
ii?ither shall the sun light on them nor
any heat, for the Lamb whloh ia in the
midst of the throne shall lead them ^o
living fountains of water, and Qod
.hall wipe away all tears from their
Oh, unglove your hand and give It to
mo in congratulation on that scenet I
feel as if I oould shout. I will shout.
Dear Lord, forgive mo that I over com
plained about anything. If all this is
beforo us, who cares for anything but
God and Heaven and oternal brother
hood? Take tho orapo off tho door
bell. Your loved ones aro only away
for their health in a land ambrosial.
Como, Lowell Masoni como, Isaao
Watts. Qlvo us your best hymn about
joy celestial.
What is the use of postponing our
Heaven any longer? Let lt bogin now,
and whosoever hath a harp let him
thrum lt, and whosoever hath a trum
pet let him blow it, and whosoever
hath an organ let him give us a full
diapason. They crowd down the air,
spirits blessed, moving in cavalcade of
triumph. Their chariot wheels whirl
In the Sabbath sunlight. They como I
Halt, armies of God! Halt uutil we are
ready to join the battalion of pleas
ures that never diet
Oh, my friends, it would take a ser
mon as long as eternity to tell the joys
that are coming to us. I just set open
the sunshiny door. Come in, all j'e dis
ciples of tho world who havo found tho
world a mookery. Come in, all ye dis
ciples of the dance, and see the bound
ing feet of this Heavenly gladness.
Como In, ye disciples of worldly amuse
ment, and see the stage where kings
are the actors and burning words the
footlights and thrones the spectacular.
Arise, yo dead in sin, for this is the,
morning of resurrection. The joya of
Heaven submerge our soul. I pull out
the trumpet stop. In thy presenco
there is a fullness of joy; at thy right
hand there are pleasures forevermore.
Blest are the na In ti bslovcrt of God ;
Washed ore their robos in Jesus' blood,
. Brighter than angels, lo, they Rhino,
Their glories splendid and sublime 1
My nooi anticipates the day,
Would stretch her Wings and soar away;
To aid th? song, the palm to bear,
And bow, tho chief of sinners, there.
Oh, the sunshine, the glorious sun
shine, the everlasting sunshine!
"What a secretive fellow your book
keeper isl"
"Yes,his own wife has never learned
bia middle name."-Chicago Record.
Tho Insurance Business.
Tho official Btatomont of tho business
dono in South Carolina during tho yoar
1900 by tho lifo insurance companion
liconsod to do business in tho Stato was
Wednesday completed in tho ornoo of
tho comptroller gonoral. the state
ment is a vory oomploto ono, mado up
from tho roports flied by tho companion
as rcquirod by law. Tho statomont
shows that tho companies roooivod in
promlums the sum of 1)1,510,419,33,
and tho Mutual Lifo of Now York hoads
tho Hst in thin respect, having oolleotod
$299,823 91; tho Now York ?.lfo ooraine
next with 1219,808.61, Md'tho Edult
ablo taking third plaoo with $187,172.
98. Tho statement as to premiums
shows a surprising inoreaso in tho busi
ness of small lifo oompsnio?. Tho
total of tho losaos sustained by all tho
companion doing business in tho Stato
was $520,016,89. Tho heaviest losses
wore sustained by tho Kqultablo, tho
amount boin? $99,371. Tho total of
tho new poliolos issuod during tho yoar
|8 $12,428,818 25, and tho total" of all
policios oarriod in this Stato on Doo.
31 is $03,504,399.90.
do not advertise th?
their medicine if y<
Iron and Quinine pi
form. Thc Iron
malaria out of t.hc
Grove's is the Or?
Chill Tonics are in
that Grove's is si
are not cxperinieni
and excellence hi
only Chill Cure se
thc United States.
Dr. Brimoi Holds to His View?. Pres
bytery's Action.
Tho Charleston rresbytcry, whioh.
has bcon in eossion at Waller boro, has
been having moro troublo about tho
viows it Dr. Brimm ot Columbia on tho
lubjoctof divino hoaling. It will bo
reoallcd tbnV Dr. Brimin resignod bis
ohair at tho thoologioal sovninary bo
oau&e of hiu viows on this subjoot, and
thcro woro other proceedings in tbo
mattor by tho rrc&bytory. Tho oorros
pondent of Tho Nows and Courier at
Waitorboro thus rolates what took
plaoo at tho presbytery's session about
tho case :
"Tho most important matter whioh
pamo boforo tl o presbytery for con
sideration was tho oaso of Dr. Brimin,
who, on account of his poouliar viows
with roicrenoo to tho doottino of divino
healing, bas become unaeooptab.'o as a
ministor to tho presbytery. Dr. Drimuj
auncunood his position last year. His
viows not being iu soaord with tho
Presbyterian idoap, ho resignod tho
ohair whioh he hold in tho thoologioal
sominaryat Columbia and addressed
a letter to tho fail mooting of tho pros
hy tory BBB?ag that his namo bedroppod
from tho roll of mewbors of that body.
Tho matter was very gent rally di?oussod
at that mcotiog, as tho roadors of Tho
Nows and Courier will remember. The
result waa that Dr. Brinna's requost
was refusod and bowns ot joined from
promulgating his rcouliai viows.
"Upon assembling this week, tho
"presbytery was put in possossion of
another lottor addresfod to it by Dr.
Brimm, dated April 4, in whioh ho
again Btated his position atd informed
that body that te wculd refueo altor
April 12 to oboy tbo ir junction placed
upon him. Tho lot tens avery warm
ono,'and would tnako very interesting
reading, but the presbytery refusod to
permit this correspondent to havo a
copy for publication. ' *
"Practically two days woro oon
sumod in discussing tho cape, (finally
tho following resolution, offered by Dr.
Smith, waa adopted:
. "Resolved, That tho presbytery re
grets very sinoerely and doeply tho
view that Dr. Brimm takes ot tho no
tion of tho body at its mcoting laht
fall; that (ho presbytery regards tho
terms whioh Dr. Brimm has allowed
himself to uso in tho lotter of April 4,
1901, now boforo this body, entirely
unwarranted by anything in tbo rola
tiona between tho writor and this pres
bytery, or in tho course pursued by
thin body in thoir doali?ga with him. '
"rho presbytery dosiros to remind
Dr. Brimm that Charleston.prosbytory
is not less sinooro in its convictions of
truth than is ho himself, aud that
tboEO oonviotions aro just mt decided
and just as unalterable as aro Iii?.own.
Tho prosbytory therefore solomnly and
earnestly roitorates its provious de
liverance as to the uasoriptnral and
unconstitutional obaraotor of those
views. With this conviction of tho
obarotor of tho viows maintained and
dofonded hy Dr, Brimm, tho presby
tery, with ali kindnoso, but with equal
candor, informs Dr. Birram that itoan
not consent that a minister undor its
jurisdiction slall teach or publish thom
in any way; tho presbytery thcrofore
reposts willi emphasis tho inlunotion it
felt obliged to placo upon him at tho
fall mooting, with tho hopo and cx-pco ?
talion that Dr Brimm will iospoot tho
oonviotions and authority of this oourfc
so long as ho romains a member of it
in accordance with sootion 4 of his or
dination vow.
"Tho sootion to. whioh rcforenoo is
hero made is to tho i Afoot that ho Bhall
romain in subjeotioh to his brothorn in
tho Lord." -^J
The Glorious Spread of An^lo Saxon
Civilization iu Manila.
A dispatoh from Manila says tho trial
of oommistary 8orgcapt John Meston
ohatged with oomplioity in tho com
missary frauds is finished. No vo'rdiot
was announced, and Mouton's con
viction is unoortain. Othor trials of
thofjo implioated will follow. Capt.
Jamos 0. Recd, formerly depot coin
mlssary at Manila has been arron tod.
lt is allogcd that onttios upon tho
books of Evans & Co., govornmont
contractors, indioato that tho commis
oionary oifloera rcooivod tho following
?urns: Mal, Goorgo B, Dovioa up
wards of $1,000; Capt. Jamos 0. Head.
$1,000; Capt. tfrank H. Lawton, $750;
Mr. B. Tromaino, Col. Woodruff's
Ohiof clerk, $700. It also apnoars that
Evana <& Co fumiohod the handaomo
residonoo tf Col. Woodruff.
Harold M. Pitt, manager of Evana &
Co. ; who is now undor arrest was no
toriously laviah in entertaining com
missary and othor officers v/hilo tho de
pot oommiflsary a* frequenter of tho
Tonderlion district," occasionally apont
dayl at Pitt's house in-questionable
iiooioty. Pitt's house is a baoohanalian
rendezvous, and prominent oifioora fro
quontly visited it, drinking ohnmpagno
anet playing cards. Womon of doubt
ful reputation havo often boon known
to bo there' It is alway? alleged that
Pitt had the inside track in armouring
government oontraets a-.id it ia ??so?s
serted that ho was primo . mover in th?
aohemo to reestablish cookpits in
Manila. Mrs. Latia being aubaldUod in
Hoouving a oookpit. It is assorted that
the eommiasary dopartmout unauthori/.
ed purchases of quantities of oham
? -S'- ? ' ' ': v '.. ' H^'
I asteless uh!
s plainly printed on every
ii (ire taking when you take
cir formula knowing that yo
JU knew what it contained.
U up in correct ?proportions ai
acts as a tonic while thc
system. Any reliable druggist
?ffinai and that all other ,
litations. An analysis of'othe
iperior to. all others in cv
ting when you take Grov<
iving long been establishe<
>ld throughout the entire r
.. No Cure, No Pay. Price
pigro. Pitt sold loroo. Tn addition to
what ?ho transports brought, tho ooni
UJ i H - nw imported 200; gallons in
February and a liko amount in Maroh.
Tho commissary and tho commissary
sergeant kept pnvito onrriagos and in
dulged in other oxUavaganaos.
Further Facto About the Coming
: Mu Bical Event.
Columbia, April 20 - Spooial: Tho
arrangements for tho entertainments
of tho Columbia Festival Association
aro now completo in all detail J. Thero
will bo throb eoQOort?-one. in tho
evening of ?May 6, one iu tho afternoon
of M'.v 7 and Ono in tho evening Of May
7. Tho list' of soloists liss already boen
givon in this ooirespondono?,' but' is
repeated bore:
Sig. Guisoppo Companani, Bar?tono.
M iv. Mario Kunkel Z.mmorman,
Miss Fioldiug Roselle, Contralto.
Miss Mario Nichole, dolo Violinist.
, Mr. Glenn Hali, Tonor..
Mr. ? vi ly m Milos, B Ari tono. \
Thero aro other rino voiops that will
bo heard.'' The names abovo aro of
artists OAoh of whom comes from the
Metropolitan Opora House, Now York.
Fach ranks high in tb? mu ioal pro
fession, and oaobi may ba oxpebted to
sustain tho reputation already achieved.
Tho Boston .Festival Orchestra,' oom
tirising 50 musicians, undor Emil Mel
on bauer as conductor, will furnish
mut ic of a olasa never yet hoard in
Oolumbia-T-tho only bands thus far
visiting our city, of a sizj to comparo
at all with this great orchestra from
Boston, having boon on thc order of
strictly military bands. Of course tho
mut i 3 of the orchestra Mill present
altogether differont featurot-as oiijoy
ablo surely as they will bo novol.
The grand chorus of 200 voices io
rapidly approaohins tho idago wb'tf?'j
will mako itf musio attractive^-in -??iv-,
hilliest pofisiblo dogroo. Those singoro,
residents of Columbia, ' aro. under tho
training of Prof. Geo. S. Ktttredgo,
director of muftio in tho Presbyterian
Collogo for Women, this oity-an in
stitution, by Ibo way, whioh has dono
niu'h indeed to oultiyate and broadon
tho musical taste - of : tho community.
Tho prices of season tiokots to tho
festival atc as follows: For/two per
sons $5,00; for ono porson $3.00. Singl?
tickots will bo sold at $1 50 each.
Tho railroads havo-agtou'd. to make, a
rate of ono faro for tho round trip.*
Tho concerts will bo givon in Colum
bia's now tho?tro whioh is conceded to
-bo in all lospoo.ts ope of tho vory bott
?in tho entire South,
??..i'll is go'norally expeotbd that a largo'
.?number, bf pooplo will' ?bmo from Vlff
fcreii.t parts ot douth Carolina.
Any ?f?rther. information may to j
obtainolon application to tho Colum
bia Fettival Association, this city.
Robbors Robber^ .
Two men, with drawn revolvers rob
bed1 Ben Marsh's gambling house at
Me-mpljis VYednesday. Thoy . spont
threo minutes in the placo- and:secured,
over $3,000. No'ohio bas bcon secured
as to their idontity; Marsh and .his'
assistants wore balancing tho cash after
tbo night's play vvhon th?robbers tush
ed' i a to tho roora. A puree ont ho table
contained $2,500 while Marsh ho.kt?500 ]
in his hands. Tho foiir*'-mein, in tho
room wero ordered to lie on^th^flopr or
bo killed. Thoy quiokly ob?yeet, and
tho robbers si niched tho money in
sight.' Thon the robbers ordored Marah
and tho o thors to stand up. and wont
through their pookots. Thc gamblers
made no resistance as they wero threat
ened with instant death. Only ? &ma|l
amount was ; found in the i oekots of
tho victima and, oo vor in g tho i inn ?ton
with io vol vers, . the I robbers backed
from, tho room and cEoapod. So far
tho police havo found no duo to tho
'robbers. ... . :''-j
Thoro is moro Catarrh in this wootton'
of the country than'all other diseases
put together, and until tho last few!
yearn was supposed to bo . inourablo.
For a great many year? doctors pro
nounced it a looaldisoaso, and prosorib
od looal rom cd ie a, and by constantly
failing to ouro with looa! treatment,
pronounced it i non rabio. Soionoo hart
provo a catarrh to bo a constitutional
disenso,.and th orofore rehuiros constitu
tional treatment, Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufaoturod by If. J. Cheney & 6o..
Tolodo, Ohio., is ?ho ottly constitutional
[ ouro on tho market, tt is.takon inter
nally in doses from 10 drops to a teas*
p?onful. lt acta dirootly on tho blood
and muocus' ?urfaoo's of tho nyiitom.
Thoy offer ono hundrod dollars for any
.ease it fails to puro. u Send for circular s
and tos ti moni alu. ' Address,
F. J. CHENEX &.CO., Toledo, 0.,
Sold by Druggists, 75o. ,
Hall's Family mila aro tho boat.
An Act of Justice. *
A pension of $8 ti morith today was
granted to Mrsi John 0;' Breoklnrldgo,
widow of th?'form?? vi?a president of
tho Unlttd Statcel Mr, Bre?kintjdgo
was maj jr of tho Third Kontuoky yolun
toors in tho Moxiosn war. Tho pension
curios arrtra amounting &o', *f1,360.
Mrs, Brookinrldgo ls TjjjiOMg old*
A' ?sfww ^??^yo?inij' man was |
tatfoii to tho asylum tho ?tl?r?
*d?? "Vv'H? is, buffering from Nioj
delusion thatv o vory p rot ty -wg
man h6.pfBoii is inlovo with hii\?
'Orangoburg county has a
callow youths who aro suffc
! from tho samo complaint. /
i ?
li',..- -?>.? ffl
ll Tonic
bottle-hence you
Grove's. Imitators
?vi would not buy
Grove*? contains
>d^U in a Tasteless
(Quinine drives the
: will tell you that
so-called Tasteless
r chill tonics shows
cry respect. You
?*3,-tts superiority
d. Grove's is thc
nalarial ' sections o? M
. '50c. . " . "! - :
A Young Man in Trouble. y.'
Mr. John W. Powoll, nt ono
well known and popular in Florehoci,-' ;
hoing in tbo; BOTV?OO of th? ?outhorbi .;.<?.
Express eompaoy has .been wrested in ;
Choraw ohjaigcd, with attofppting to
wrtck a Scab/aid train. Ho ia hoing -
held on $300 bend. A uogroman, who :
had also boon airostcd has oonfessed it
is Bald, .telling a story of how Mr.
Powell di reo ted him lo plaoo obstrue?;
tions on tho traok. A freight train -
first hit tho obstruction, a trco and a . <
orosstio, but no great damage wasdono.
Tho obstructions wero again placod, btit. ,
tho pas'sengor tiaia coming on later has :f'yr'\
boon warned by wiro. " Mr., Powell was ;>;'
* former cmp'oys of, luo.S?vooa'rd? lio ;/:.../';'
baa splondid family co&wotioKH, end '
his airest in.Ohoraw oamod .?omotbjng
of a Eoosatioo. Ho ban roany friends 1 "
who doploro the mattor.-rI?lorenoo
Timos, ..
Saw Mills,
Corn Milk*
Cane^ Mills,
Rice Hullers*
Pea Hullers*
aiiers ai
and all other kinds of wood
working machinery. My 8er
ge?nt Log B?ani Sa\y mill is
the heaviest, strongest, and
most offioient .. mill foi* the
money on th,e,\ marget, quick,
acourate. S tat$/$ge'?it f pr \ H.
B. Smith Machine Company,
wo'od working machinery.
For high grade engines, plain
slide . valve-'Automatic, and
Corliss,. write mei Atlas,
Watertown, and -Strathern
and Wellst
1906 Main M., Columbia, S. ?.
Ginning Machinery^
Saw Mil Machinery,
Haning Mill
Brick Machinery,.
Engines; all Types;
H i BqUerjs, all Kinds*
.^hiese arbour ?po?ia lties
and w? 'hav? the most
complete and liest lines
to offer. . . . - j
wi H. aita & co.,
-_--?: ?;}
?? WM
W D?ath hii?t is *?t for sile by your.
da?l?r, **:Min, upon *woipt. <$ 26 cCn?f?
?end4 you tit? largo package ty mall post
AprlMo. 8t.
oataiojne, Aq^eaa,
A C^?iUM?IA? S..0.
. % H.. Newborry, President
Tho address ot > fow INTlilLi^
?SSNT wm?,mkQwm ^T<<
'sbhooli havas ol?aod fot tho ??aflon.
Add?CM, IJ. W? G?ftBiNOwa,
?loxl0&f ?pattanburg, 9. 0.

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