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B. >1? BROWN - - - Editor.
Friday, July 31, 190S\~
Subscription Prien
Ono year.,..1.00
Six months....50
Three months. .25
\Rohool Trustees ABSOoiation.
The regular annual meeting of
the "Marlboro Trustees Association
will be held in the court house on
Monday next, August 3, at 10 a.m.
A full attendance is desired.
Sen tor Tillman is lecturing
in the northwest.
^Somebody robbed the postof
fice at Waynesvilla,_-?i>.C., Sat
urday night.
The Stato Inter denominational
Sunday school convention meets
in Greenville August 27.
The gateway at St Louis Ex
position is a daisy, and will cost
$40,000 when completed.
Tho state farmers institute will
he held at Clemson College from
August 10th to August 14th.
A negro in the Camden jail
freed himself with a spoon by
picking the mortor from between
the bricks.
The hotel at Nag's Head, N.
C., was destroyed by fire Sun
day evening ; the guests lost all
their effects.
Mrs Elizabeth Manning, wid
dow of the late Lewis, died in
Wilmington, N.C., on Monday
afternoon, aged 68.
Tl lr? UnnvA nf Tn-n?in.>o r-c
-?--??~ j"U?.u UJ. xuuuiauuu \ji lita
Methodist church has now in
force $18,000,000 worth of insu
rance, covering 14,000 buildings
Growers of tobacco are not in
it this year, with prices about
one half of what they wero last
year, and only one buyer-the
American Tobacco Co
lt is said that the Ilockfellers
may lose as much as ?100,000,
000 by the depression in stocks
in Wall street. But the price of
oil can be run up a few cents all
over the world and the loss
would soou be caught back.
A Freak of tho Flood
Nearly -1,000 bales of cotton
were found buried several feet
doon i? Un- saud on thu banks ot
the Pacplefc tiver in South Caro
lins >i law days ago. Tho colton
-v.:s discovered by accident lina
.worth'aoout ipo?,???. The burial
of the fleecy staple was due to one
of the many freaks of the terrible
flood which recently visited that
section of the country.
Illusic and Mosquitoes.
That comet player, that poor
and abused musician, is having
his innings which gous to prove
that every dog does certainly have
his day. Since the statement has
. boon made that music will kill
mosquitoes the cornet player has
boon happy. One of thom from
Buffalo swears that a shrill note
on tho cornet will kill every mos
quito in"the neighborhood.
TltcS. C. State Fair. .
The premium list for the next
State Fair has been issued. It
offers many attractive and valu
able priz'?s. Send to A.W. Love
Chester, for a copy. It is not
too early to begin preparations
to send, enough exhibits to cap
ture Marlboro's share of prizes
offered this year.
One fact should make many
new exhibitors for the next Fair
-the Society pays the freight
?n ali exhibits grown or produ
ced in this State, thus enabling
exhibits to be sent to and re
turned from the fair without
cost to the exhibitor.
They Never Think.
. Thu newspaper men who are
everlastingly harping on "child
labor" consider everthing under
21 a child. Tliey would use the
terni "baby labor," but that
would be a little too much lying
The young person who works
is a credit to any neighborhood,
while especially the boy who is
brought up in laziness is as des
tructive and as noisy as a Co
manche Indian. Put the young
folks to work and they will not
overheat themselves in what is
called play, nor injure them
selves for life in "athletic exer
cise." Teach young peofrie that
productive labor is the most in
teresting form of play and they
will grow up to be useful men
and women. Teach the young
people "play" that is productive
and hot the play that endangers
limb and life and lands them in
a prison cell. Those who work
are too busy to become bad cit
izens.-Fibre and Fabric.
' BS?" Tho social feature of the
State Fair is an important item
in considering the advantages of
being an exhibitor, you meet the
best and most progressive far
mers and stock breeders in the
State, and make many friends
who are valuable to you. Then
prepare a good exhibit to go to
the next State Fair, Oct. 27-30.
Mr. Editor;-I will write you a
few lines from this corner.
Crops are fairly good, where the
hail did not strip them. Messrs
Hugh and Du ncaa Mclaurin, Mr.
[N. Ti McColl, and Mr. J. W. Mc
Laurin & Sons, were injured and
T. M. Alford, col., but the cotton
is doing well now.
Corn crops are pretty good, grain,
peas, cabbage, tomatoes, &a, ore
Some complain of having too
Melons are not so plentiful?
which may cause less sickness.
Mr. W. B. Ivey claims having
an apple tree 100 years old, also a
fine crop of corn and cotton.
That old house is still waiting
for repairs, but I think that N. L.
McL can soou begin the work,
juding from the plows, no not
plows but stems that "a farmer" has
been sending to his shop; for, when
the soldier wears bis sword to the
hilt we think the battle is well nigh
done, and if all the farmers aro like
this one, the shop work is about
done for the season, unless the/
buy more plows. But "a farmer"
pays his bill promptly just the
We want that railroad to come
this way, and hope it will go by
Judson, or Wesley, or both.
For fear of the waste basket I
will write no more at this time. Au
July 27 1903.
Old corn is needing rain badly,
to finish filling out.
One of our farmers has told us
all to keep our honey bccB shut up
or wo would lose them, for they
were starving in his fields waiting
for a cotton bloom to open.
The drunken row at Piney Plain
on the 19th was a serious affair
three Taylors and one Ransom.
Ransom was Bhot three times and ,
cut until he was-dead.
Mr. E. M. Hair has gone into!
the poultry business right. He)
bought li head and put them down;
at home and went out to get some
more, but while a vay five of those
at homo. died.
One of our neighbors is going to
get married Boon and we want to
give him a big dinner. Those who
can't give peas and cabbage must
furnish mutton corn. Fowls are
too scarce to spare.
I One ot* our neighbors swapped a
t beef Hide foi \ atoll r?> tell thu ii co o
j white he wiks spbriiitg, but it broke
j before he got hoinOj and it in hi--*
pocket too
Our protracted meetings will be
gin soon and then somebody's melon
patch will suffer.
The little fish had better get as
far as possible in the moss now.
Crops are being layed by and fisher
men are buying sinkers and patch
ing up lines and nets.
July 25, 1903. EISHEH.
The South Carolina Collegs
for Teachers.
Although aa&rly approaehirv* U# MS*
tennlal anniversary, tho Bou th Catalina
College uhowa QOM O? rb? decrepitude
of old ase, bul rail us r Increasing alaba
ot vi go rou* Ufe. A sew departure mt
crtiat Importance to the College and. to
the State has Just been Inaugurated.
Por some yenni the College bon bad a
?iepartment of pedagogy, for the train
ing of teachers; but last winter, tor the
drat time, tho Legislature created a
?lumber of endowed normal scholar'
?ihips, one for each county. It ?B the
:ntontion of the Truste? and Faculty
'o ?et these scholarships upon a high
plane, and to seek thereby to aun li fy
superior young men for positions of i
Vndorshlp nnd Influence In our public |
whoota. However largely women may
'se employed as teacher?, the work of
?upcrintendonce, direction and control
.Hunt continue to be most largely In tba
Sands of the men; and it ls IO supply
these teachers of leadership ?Baa la
tluencc, in thc community aa woU aa In
thc schools, that the College will chiefly
ihn, through these scholarship*. Hence,
to young man under nineteen years of
?ge will be eligible, and preference wUl
? >e given to those applicant? who have
already taught with suocee* for at
least one year.
A n poe lal and technical couroa of
'tudy has been established, on a hi gb
yet practical plane; and lt ia intended '
that this'department ah all be worthily
.mtttled to tie called a "College for
ronch?is." All the work will be dis
tinctively 4101-mal, and apart from thc
regular College chuiaes. The Tru"?,-^
und Faculty feel sure that In pupating
\ body of strong and weil equipped
?nen touchers the College will aid In
iipplylng one of the moot Important
.locdfl of tho State. They hope, also,
that Mihi work, in ita HUCCCBS and its
...Mulls, may meet with such public ap
proval aa to lend hereafter to Ita still
further enlargement.
Circulars have been issued giving the
details nt regulations and course of
The pr?,sc nt session, now nearly
?'.tided, has boen very encouraging. Not
a i ?pille has disturbed the internal
peate of the College. The now Presi
dent luis won golden opinions, and baa
tunic than maintained the confidence
ind affect ton gained lu lils long service
aa professor. The friends of the Col
lette look hupefully forward to tn? con
tinued suecos? and increased uaefulneuo
.ti this veuernted Institution, which will
?UKin enter upon tts second century af
honorable history.
Wanted-A Purchaser.
For a lino featherbed-40 or
?0 lbs.
For an excellent New Home
Sewing Machine.
For an easy, clean, paying
Reasons for selling party de
sires a change. If you want to
go into a paying business call
at the Democrat Office and get
A Large Blood Beet.
Hoary hilen, a p'oaporous colored farmer
of Biightspllio, ha/j presentad ue with the
lar?c?t Beet wo haye ever ueo io Marlboro
It weighed ct fi act i on andar $ pounds,
It la a Hatter Wholly Aimtt Fro?
. Color DI Ind nea?.'
Color blindness WUB tho topic under
discussion. "They tell ruo I'm color
hlliid," saul tho lawyer, "hut I- don't
behove lt Of Icu, I admit, I inn ko mis
takes In colors. ' I Bay thut pink is red,
I Bay that groen ls blue. But lt ls only
tho names of tho colora I um off In. I
nm not, I luslst, color blind." The ocu
list who was In the parly nodded ap
"Exactly," ho Said. "Those- diagnos
ticians of yours mistake your case.
Thoy take color Ignorance for color
blindness. Hero they are as wrong aa
though they should say music Igno
rance was music blindness-ns though,
I moon, because you could not tell that
a certain struck ?otc WOB 'B flat,' you
were dead to all musical gradations.
Some years ago, when the examination
In colois of railroad mea was inau
gurated, a bowl went up over the
amazing amount of color blindness in
America, and many a good maa lost
his job unjustly. These men hod boen
off iu the names of colors, not In tho
colors themselves. They could In a
day or two have been taught what they
lacked. Many of them, it is likely,
were not color blind. I say this be
cause recently I heard of an examina
tion of 800 railroad men that wns con
ducted in tho proper way on an Eng
lish linc. About seventy of these men
were a little off regarding color nomen
clature, but not a single one of them
was color blind."-Philadelphia Record.
Oriental Squatter*.
Vost artlatH depicting the cast show
men Bitting crossleggcd, tailor fashion.
Easterners don't sit Uko that. Usually
they-stick tbolr calves beneath them,
?lt on their heels and with the soles of
the foet pointed upward, a painful pos
ture for nu occidental. Thc Hindoo
usually rcBts on his haunches, with his
knees pyramid style and his chin on
their level. Try that attitude ten min- !
utos and see how you Uko it
Traveling eastward, as soon as you
touch Turkey you reach a district
where sitting on thc floor is the custom.
You muy then journey on for thou
muid? of miles, also north and south,
and the millions in that region are all
floor squatters. When you arrive In
! China, however, then you are among
I othor millions who Blt on chairs. Go
over to Japan, and'then you get among
squatters again. Thc question ls, Why
should the Chinese, among all tho na
tions of thc cast, usc chairs?
How Romani Toole Their Food.
The Romans reclined at their ban
quets on couches, all supporting them
selves on oue elbow and eating with
their Angers from dishes placed in the
center of the table. Each was supplied
with a napkin, and knives were used,
though it does not appear that every
-one was supplied with ono. Nothing,
lt would seem, could be more fatiguing
than to partake of a. repast lu such an
awkward posture or less conducive to
ncalnoss, lt being almost impossible to
keep tho hands clean even with water
supplied by the slaves or to prevent the
food and wilie from falling on thc
clothing and the draperies of the couch.
This manner of outing disappeared
during the dark ages so far as the
couch wai concorncd, but the peculiar
ity of'taking the food with fingers from
a'common dish continued a f}erward(
tor more Iban i COO years.
Tb u Wu, i- norlnur fJle*%i.
"iJurtinr sleep," ihiyH an ttuthorlty r
Ki-f??tul Kunjt'cU, "thia rMngtf oifijtn
mind are under no control, anti yet
BO?: H m ?o hu vu a woad' rful fa Cu If 3 1
building up and arranglug scones and
incidents. I remember once having a
vivid dream of going Into a house thc
furniture and Inmates of which be
longed to the middle ages. So clear
was thc dream that 1 had no difficulty
in recalling lt, and then as I went over
each detail of dress, armor, jewelry, or
naments and other objects seen in my
vision T realized that everything I had
behold was historically accurate-that
is to say, that probably in a fraction of
a second my mind had conjured up n
scene to construct which, with the
same faithfulness to detail, while
awe.ko wonld have taken me several
Uurelom M?morisa.
Among men noted for wonderful
memories were Milton, who was said
to be able to repeat Homer; Professor
Lawson, who boasted that he could re
peat tbs whole of thc Bible, except a
few versea; Lord Macaulay, who made
the same boast about "Pilgrim's. Prog
ress" and "Paradise Lost;" Dr. Lordcn,
a friend of Slr Walter Scott who could
ropeat an act of parliament on henrlng
lt read but once, and u Loudon report
er, who took no notes, but could write
out an unexpected debute verbatim.
Henry Clny could not memorize a sin
gle stanea of a poem, but never forgot
a name, a face or un argument
A Training Table.
"Friend of mine today," said Mr. Kid
der, "waa talking of coming here to
"I hope," remarked Mrs. Starvem,
"you were ploased to recommend our
tabla and"
"Burel Told him lt was just tho
thing for him. He's a pugilist and
wants to increaoe his reach."-Catholic
Standard and Times.
Mo Small Matter.
Bira. Casey-Shure, nu* when wa
moved lt tuk free furn'tuvc wag?n?.
M TB. Clancy-Huh! It title free dop
'ty sheriffs to move us.-Kansas City
She'? IUKMI.
She-I'm right because I'm right
He-How do you know?
She-I'm tight because I'm right I
don't need to kuow.-Pittsburg fla
"What are eggs to-day?"
asked the professor, putting his
market basket on the Hour bar
"Eggs was 25 cents a dozen
to-day," replied the grocer wip
ing his lips with his white apron
"Don't say eggs was 25 cents;
say eggs are 25 cents."
"I won't say eggs is 25 cents
"I didn't ask you to say eggs
is 25 cents; I asked you to say
eggs are 25 cents."
"I won't say that nnther."
"Well, I'm sure you want to
speak correctly, don't you?"
"Yes, but I wouldn't bo sneak
ing correctly if I said thal."
"Oh, yes, you would"
'.Oh, no, I wouldn't."
"But you would!"
"Well, I say I wouldn't for I
ain't got no eggs. I sold out
this morning!"-Yonkers States
There's Nothing, Truo but Hocivou
Thia world ?a all a fleeting show,
.Lor man's illusion gt von /
Thc emilos of joy, tho toora of woo;
Decoitful shino. dooeitful flow;
There's, nolhiag truo but Heaven.
And false (ho light oh glory's plum?.
And fading hues of ov'n ;
And lovo, and hope, and beauty's bloom,
Aro blossoms gathered for the tomb
There's nothing bright but Heav?n.
Poor wanderers of a stormy day I
From wave to wave'we're driven :
And fancy's flash and reason's ray
8ervo but to light tho troubled way
There nothing calm but Heaven.
"You say that mail's relations
won't speak to him?" said the
surveyor, who had stopped at
the log cabin.
"Yes and it serves him right.
Jes' as soon as he come into ?
little property he bought hisse! ?
a glass eye an' a set o' false
teeth, and his kin reckoned it
was mighty ill-mannered to
come round puttin' on stylo an'
wearin' all that jewohy.'*
Washington Star.
WANTED-A Competent house
keeper. Apply to
' H. K. Covington,
Bennettaviile, S. C.
July 22, 1903.
Boys shirt waists only
25c at Jackson' a
Escaped an Awful Put?.
Mr. H. Hoggins of Melbourn;:. Fla.',
writes, "My dootor told mo I had Gon
eumption and nothing could -Ju done fer
mo. I was given up to dio. The off ot ci
a freo trial bottle of Dr. KingV New ?>in
covery for CooBamptloa induced ute to try
it. Results were startling.- I t>o now on
tho road to recovery and owe nh to Dr.
King's New niacoveay. It surely enved my
Ufo." Thin great caro is cr.aamr.taa 1 for
all throat and lung diseases by J. T.
Doaglas & Bro Druggists. Price 500 wu-i
$i.oo. Trial bottles free.
To the Women of the Poo Coo
A Pee Dee Historical Society, waa
organized and o??cered ac Florence
yesterday. It is composed bf mon of
Buch character as to giye confide)
in its future suceass and usefuln -
Such an organization nie-me much foi
the futuro welfare of thia section . >
the State. More thau any other EUC
tiou we need an organization of tl
kind, for moro than any otho: section
of thia much ncglecled statu, we are
overlooked io the writing of history.
But we need female auxiliar micietifce
for nothing ia truer than that seleclad
assertion of Talleyrand's: ''il j'..:
would accomplish eny great thing ii?
this world, you rauat R?Ltpc women
going." We wieh to "get V-?- wop su
. -?-,grt *n tl? PCM .. ? ... con ... ... -,-.,
'H. Historical Society. !l>.\cgh;.ars i
ht! Ivpyolulib? and Daughi^q ..?',
CputaiU'raoy Rh?n M " '.. .
.rsi-,-'...? .'..-(?. ?rtiVev.i?t/ioU \ st?tij
ic?kly cooperad with :
w.^.ic?-in aw?keuiug ?entimunt, or
gathering material for the proaehvn*
lion and embodying in convenient
and enduring form the history of (he
Pee Deo people. Hoping for early
and encouraging reports from our
patriotic women,
I am, respectfully,
John J Dargan,
Sec. Pee Dee His Association
Clyde, S. C., July 3, 1901!.
Wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a man enduring
pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds. Bru,;
ises, Burns, Scalds Sore feet or siiiljointi
But there's no need lor it. Buckler?'s
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and cure
the trouble. It's the best Salve on earth
tor Price, too. 25c, at Druggist.
???ting-----J. ns tutxat
We will receive on or ni >
August 4th ONE CAR NICK
Those wishing to buy will clo
well to give us a call, as we
will sell on short profits.
Will exchange Hors*-:, foi
nice, fat j'oung Mule?.
Respectfully .'
July 30, 1903.
IS hereby givou that untlor nu order
hom thc Court of Bankruptcy I am
authorized to sell at pr?valo salo tue lol -
lowing land belonging to the E tate of
John Maiming Hankrupt situate iij Mirl
boro County, S. C. to wit.
Ono tract known as tho "Galloway
Plasc," on tho ro;ul from Parnabal to
Clio, coutaioiug 137* acres.
Ooo linet known aa tho ''Dunbar
Placo" coutaining 279 acres.
One tract known ns tho "Bundy Place''
containing 69 acres.
One tract known aa the "Ev
Place" on mad from Cheraw to Marica
containing 21i<> acres.
Persons wishing to buy can address tue
at Clio. S. C., or II. II. Newton or T.
W. Bouchier, at Bonnoltsville, S. C.
^aMMMMMBMMjMnBMaiMMi'. in ansi AV
CHOI- TUBNIP SKED now ready.
The biggest Tnrnips in the State
were grown from Buist's seed
last year. Also new Cabbage
0. S. MCOAM..
July 16, 1003.
Using The-Genuine Peruvian Guano I
For sale by B. E. MOORE, Bennctlsvillc, R.F.D. 4,
Agt tor Marlboro and Scotland counties.
Ponce $30 per Ton. Better prices on Car Lots and Over.
Would beglad to have your orders by August 1st, as it takes
120 to 150 days to bring this Guan no here.
Head what people think who are using it :
J. 1). MOORE says it ia nil right, and will u>e another year.
W. M. SMITH says ''It makes Corn and Cotton hustle. Will give you largo
ordor in a Tow daya.
]l. L. KIRKWOOD says. "The Guabo is good and is much pleased with it.
wantB nothing better-has already bought ICO Tons.
C. F. MOORE says It will supply a long felt want. It ia the stuff wo want.
Has bought 25 Tons. Can't say too much in its praiso.
0. A. MOORE says it is nil right. It makes the cotton and corn grow to suit" ,
him. HaB placed an order for 20 Tons tho coming season.
.TOIIN K. FLETCHER Thinks it good. Il lias his lato cotton doing boyond
"nil he could wish. Will order again.
ALEX STUBBS says ho put it against a.strone combination of C. S. Meal and
Nitrate of Soda of equal value, Peruvian way ahead now.
B. E. MOORE used it under late cotton, and bas never soen its equal to thc
nge of thc cotton. #
The gentlemen above named are well known Marlboro farmers
who will cheerfully answer all inquiries as to its use.
DON'T DELAY, if you intend to try it !
Orders may be lert at Excelsior Hardware Store for IO days.
See "V. L. Emanuel and get his
special rates for IOE this
season. Buy your Ice
Tickets and save money.
April 23, 1003.
Winthrop College Scholarshps
And Entrance Examinations.
Thc examinations fer the award of va?*
rant scholarships in Winthrop College
and for thc admission of new .students
will be held at Benncttsvillo on Friday
?lol? 10th at 0 a. m
Applicanta must not bo less than fifteen
yc-irs of ago.
When scholarships arc vacated after
July 10th, they will bc awarded to those
linking the highest average at the exam-.
?1 v ion. Thc next session will open about
tcmbcr lr?. 1003.
' or fun her information and a catalogue
nd 'ress President Di li. JOHNSON, at
li "ck Hill. S. C
Ship Stuff.
and ?? loj vd to nin?dd an OrdinRuco.kubvvh
. . ^.iucuac; Otdiuukico ior the Town pi Beti
iiettsvlll?, entitled "An Ordinanco for the
purpose of raising fonds -to pay cutrunt
expenses and existing indebtedness of tho
.[Wa of Bonuettsvillo aud providing a pen
ni ty for neglect or refusal to pay such,
retitled in council tho ist day of May 1903
by striking out certain words and inserting
?thnc wordB in lieu thereof :
KoBolvcd, thitt tho above ba amended by
striking out ou page 3, line 14, tho figures
$5 ...id inserting iu lieu thereof tho words
?J$2 sd ; and on pago 3, lino 15, tho words
; 1 no and inserting in lieu thereof the
words $5, so that said license ordinanco
R'hcti amended shall read UB follows :
Dnys, wagon, 1 horse per year $2 5c
l>r/?ys, wagon, 2 borea per year 85.oe
(2; That lino 9 on pago 2 be amended
by iking out the words Forty Dollars anil
facartUig in lieu thereof'tho words Twenty
Dollarn, BO that said section when nmonded
shall read os follows :
! press companies or agencies $20.oe
(3) That lino 8 page 4 be amended bj
idding the words up to and including $ioc
i :tx), :>.nd all amounts over ?100,000 Ten
I-Cent? >n excess, so tbat i-nid seotiou when
j amen led shall rend as follows :
i afc ronan ts on euch $f,ooo Bales 50 centt
ut. to and including $100,000, and on all
amounts exceeding $100,000 Ton Cents ir
noctis?. Merchants tra lesa than 1,000 5cti
D?log business less than ono year $25 oe
(.*,) Tho following clause was ridded :
Contractors, per year, ?5; contractor
doing choir own work are charged no lieonsc
I Doro and ratified in Couucil June 13th
J9?3, P. A. nODGES, filAYOit.
To prevent disorder in the Town
of Bennettsville and prescribe
tile punishment for a violation
of same :
Bo it Ordained by thc Mayor and Alder?
laen ; f tho Town of Bcnncttsvillo in Conn
nil assembled aud hy authority of same,
SKOT??M I. Thut any pearsou cr pcr
:nm- ?ftcr this dato who within tho corpo
ris imita of tho Town of Bennottavillc.
muy h j engaged in a breach of tho penco,
auy riotous or disorderly conduot, open
onsconity, publia drunkonncss, swearing or
any 0 nduct grossly indecent or dangerous
t-j .. oitizens of said Town shall ho doom
ed gnilty of a misdomeanor, and upon oon
vfotioii shall bo fined not less than Two
Dollars Dor moro than One Hundred Dol
?an?, or bo imprisoned not less than 5 days
nor more than 30 days.
SEC. 2. That it Hhall bo the duty of tho
To'wu Marshals of the Town of BonuottB.
viijo or any Constablo so authorized to nrrost
nod munit to jail for a torm not exceed -
in:; .jS hours, (unloaB othmviso orderod by
Ula GoUDoil or Mayor) any poison or por
vho violates tho above ordinanco.
Si .3. That all ordinnncos or parts of
01 iii? ancea in violation of this ordinance is
lierchy repealed.
iv ?te and ratified in Council this 5th
day ul June, A. D., 1903.
v -ne Two Horse WAGON,
A ?ot of HORSE FEED,
A lot of LUMBER oi diflerent kinds,
.lime .1,1903. P. C. EMANUEL,
tion Powders are fed to horses
and mules, marked improvement
will be seen after the first few
doses. There is no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comes nat
urally and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and appetizer on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other.
Ashcraft's Powders produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten but never bloat.
Always high grade and put up
in doses-never in bulk.
By the use of three or four doses
a week your horse or mule will
not be subject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach and bowels.
"I had au old horse that was lu very had
condition generally. He waa thin and had ?
blood disease that was causing tho hair to
come orr. I gave thc horse three doses of Ash
craf t'a Condition Powders a day for seven days
and fed him liberally. Tho u?petite improved
from thc first few doses and the animal gained
fifty-two pounds in flesh during the week I
gave it three doses a day. The general health
of the animal was greatly improved by thc ?se
of the powders and ho was made almost a new
horse. I most heartily recommend Ashcraft's
Condition Powders, as I know they are o splen
did tonic snd appetizer.-C. C. SIK.ES, Livery
man, Monroe, M. C."
Ask for Ashcraft's Condition
Powders. Package 25c. Sold by
V n r 7V W.
jiemioltaviilu, ..t's. ?:
To Raise Supplies For The Year
Ending April 1904."
Be it ordained by thc Mayor and Alder?,
men oi the Town oi licnnettsvillc and
by authority oi the same, that the fol
lowing taxes be, and the same are
hereby levied, and shall be paid into
the Treasury tor the use ol said Town;
SECTION I. Pilleen cents on every
one hundred dollars worth ot real and
personal property situate within the cor
porate limits ol said town, which tax
must be paid on or before the ist day ol
January 1904, and on all taxes not paid
by tnat time a penalty oi 50 per cent will
be added and collected.
SEC. 2. That twenty>one (21) cents be
levied on everyone hundred dollars ol
the assessed value ol all real and person
al property, to pay the interest on the
bonds issued in aid ot thc Charleston,
Sumter and Northern Railroad, in ac
cordance with the Act authorizing the
same, approved December 23d 1S91; and
the turther sum oi 5 cents on the $100
be levied and collected for the purpose ot
providing lor the sinking lund, as pro
vided by the above act ; which taxes
must be oald on or belore January ist
1904, and on all taxes not paid by that
J time a penalty of 50 per cent will be ad
' ded and collected.
SEC. 3. That lourtecn cents be levied
on every one hundred dollars of assessed
value ot all real and personal property,
to pay the interest on the Bonds issued
in aid ol the Electric Light Bonds lo*- the
Town of Bennettsville, accordance with
the Acts of the General Assembly of S
C , authorizing the same, seven.cents oi
which must be paid on or before the ist
day ol July 1903, to meet the interest due
on that day ; and the turther sum ot 4
cents on the $100 be levied and collected
lor the purpose ot providing for the sink
ing lund, which taxes must be paid on
or beiore January ist 1904, except as
above specified in reference to the seven
cents on the $ll)0, which must be paid
on or belore the ist day oi July 1903;
ar.'' all taxes not paid at the time above
stipulated a penalty ol 50 per cent will
be added and collected.
Sec 4. That all persona liable to work
on thc streets, sidewalk* and ways of llie
Town of Bennettsville shall he excused
ol'such duty for twelve months, com
nicnoing on tho first day ot May 1903, by
paying to thc Clerk of Council a comma
talion (ax therefore of two dollars on or
heforo thc first day of Juno, A- D. 1903
All persons failing to pay said commuta
tion (ax herc provided for, within the
time specified or who shall refuse or fail
to work on said stroots. sidowalks or ways
at any time or times when summoned so
to do by order of tho Council shall be
subject to a fine two dollars for each and
cycry day of suoh refusal or failure so to
work, and any olhor punishment the
Counoil may seo fit to impose,
Dono and ratified in Council tho mi day
of May, A. D., 1903.
P. A. HODGES, Mayor.
?L . Attorney at Law?
Bennettsville, S. C.
Offico on Darlington strcot near Posta
Tolograpb offico. January, 1899.
At W. M, HOWE'S.
How many years have you
been promising yourself, your
wife and neig hbors to PAINT
ASK the li muir eel s of people
in the County that have used it.
ASK the PAINTERS ar out it
They will t-11 you How GOOD
IT is?
lhere is SOMETHING
( ).
Yhat some people you Know, mid who have Tested .These
Goods, JSay about tho Excelsior Cook ?Stoves:
1 bought an "Excelsior Gook Stove" last Spring. I am well pleased with
t not only performs well but requires less wood than any Stove I ever had.
I have been using the-new " Excelsior Cook Stove" made by I. A. Sheppard Sc
'o., tor 16 years, and it has always given entire satislaction. .. ,-H.'
P , "Mrs J; G. AV. COBB.
Mrs COBB lias just put Vi another
i regard'?the ^Exceisiot (look Stoveft and Katiget as good asitKe best, ?nd
?.bon in need of a Cooker \ endeavor to get'tHat r?aite oi Bl?v?.
Mr. Bja^rpw bought one from a sister town, as until recently
here was no agency in Bennettsville. - -~~
Tho "Excelsior Bango" bought of yon gives entire satisfaction.
These goods and all kind of Hardware, Crockery, PaintsrQiIs
Bennettsviiie, s. o. - . Next to W. P. Breeden's.
WfibES?kmEM&Q* nail Sft Hiti to C. ?J. MOFPETT. tJt. D., GT. I.OUI3, MO. .
Col urn ou?, ?a?? Jjjff*a T?!**
It II. c. jr. lUOFFETT-JDtMr ii oct or: 5Ve a av o your TBETf?XAA^jVeethintf
Woivaera) to ou*- little aranct child tcitn tho happiest results. 27?e ewnsetm
scerc aimons maaionl, and oertaitxlu moro uatiafactoru than pron* antitMn&
W? ever vin e tl. Youro vertj trttlu, " JOS??'JIS.METj t
{Now manon Southern HefhoMet Church.) Faotor of BU JP?ul Ghccrefe
THE best workmanship.
Bay Rum and Tonic Treatment
Tools the best and sharpest.
Polite attention always assured
Three Artists in constant at endance
LADIES WORK a Specialty !
Once a customer, always a customer.
Anyono nondlnn ti sketch nnd description mn?
Quickly nscortnln our opinion froo wbotnor M
Invention la probnbly pntcntnblo. Communlen.
tlonsstrlctlycontldenllal. Hnndbookou I'ntpntS.
?ont froo. Oldest nponcy for nccurliiu patouta. *
PntenLs tnkon through Munn ? Co. re?oive
tpetlal notice, without ch tinto, in tho
Scientific nmerican.
A rmnOBomoly Illustrated! woekly. J&WMt cl?
MUNN ?Co.38l8ro?^ New York
Branch 00007 025 V BL, Washington. P. C.
AVINO secured thc services of a
_ good man, I am prepared to put
lowo and pull up pumpa, Satisfaction
;uarantccd. Ordern left nt either Hard
fare Blore will be promptly attended to. .
inch 12, 1903. P. C. Emanuel.
Attorneys at Law,
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests tho food and alda
Natura in strengthening and recon
structing tho exhausted digestive or?
gans. It is the latestdiscovereddigest*.
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It In*
G tautly relieves and permanently curas
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Bick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramp3 and
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Prlcosoc. and $1. Largo Bin contains 214 times
imallslze. Bools all about dyspepsia malfedirea
Prcpcrcd by E. C. OeWITT &CO.? Cbicaao.
Three Barbers! Three Chairs I
Everything First-Class.
/hildron receive special attention-,,
either at the Shop at their house.
Your patronage solicited.
J. A. GRACE, Barber.
College of Charleston*
I lSilt Year ?egina Sopt ftSttu
Lottcrs, Science, Knginoering* Ono sohol*
?rship to each county of South Carolina.
Rriiranco examinations held nt Bennottf;
?rillo hy Coanfy Superintendent of Edd
jntiun and .huleo ol' Probate on July 10.
Tuilion $10. hoard ?nd furnished rootn
in Dormitory. $10 per nionlh. All canv
lidatos for admission aro permitted;to
3ompote for Boyeo Scholarships, whinh
pay $100 a year. For catalogu? address
may 29,1903. Pref?dent.

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