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S. A. BROWN - - - Editor.
Friday, August 7, 1903.
Subscription Prie?!
Ono year..;,?...11.00
Six months. .50
Three " montlis. .25
A. "Bi. Calvert has been elected
Mayor] of Sp?rtanbnrg.
Earthquake shocks were ielt
all over California Monday.
"Doc" J. M. Caldwell, who for
nearly .20 years has heen head
clerk at the Central Hotel at Flor
euee, is deadl .
Judge Gary haB rendered his
decision in the Alliance case and
orders; tho appointment of a ro
cen vcr to take charge of the $17,000
ot Alliance funds.
Cardinal Guiseppo Sarto was
elected as Pope Leo's successor
on Luesday at Tuesday at ll
o'clock. He is 63 years Of age
and an Italian.
Florence is enforcing the va
grant law and every loafer with
out visible means of support is
"pulled" right and left by the
police and carried before the May
or. If every community would dp
this we would hear les9 of robber
ies and violations of the peace.
Mr. John W. LeGrand of Rock
ingham Will Practice Law in
[Aoylo Saxon, Itockiugbani, July 30 j"
We regret to chronicle the
departure from our midst of
Mr. and Mrs. John W. LeGrand
They left Monday to go to the
home of Mrs. LeGrand's parents
at Brigit tsville in Marlboro coun
ty, S. C. They expect to spend
a few weeks with Mrs. Le
Grand's parents after which
they will remove to Bennetts
ville, where Mr. LeGrand will
engage in the practice of law.
Mr. LeGrand. is a native of
this country. He was licensed
to practice law in 1900, and the
past three years has engaged in
the practice here in Rocking
ham. ' During that time he has
taken a prominent stand at the
bar in the county, and has won
for himself many friends. He
was married last October to
Miss Mary Elizabeth Liles, the
accomplished "daughter of Mr.
JTR Liles, of Br' Voville. 8. C.
We extern! to ir departing
fi'ien?i? our best nias
' Iw7. Li C7?.iii<y <-.i i*?*V7U Lu Ik*.:'
ni .' iJJcv, Saturday a??w engagea
rooms for tue present at Mrs Tur
ner's. The DEMOCRAT extends a
hearty welcome.
Wauled-A Purchaser.
For a fine featherbed-40 or
00 lbs.
For an excellent New Home
Sewing Machine.
For*"an easy, clean, paying
Reasons for selling party de
sires a change. If you want to
go into a paying business call
at the Democrat Office and get
Tlic S. C. State Fair.
The premium list for the next
State Fair has been issued. It
oilers many attractive and valu
able pri/.es. Send to A.W. Love
Chester, for a copy. It is not
too early to begin preparations
to send enough exhibits to cap
ture Marlboro's share of prizes
offered this year.
One fact should make many
new exhibitors for the next Fair
-the Society pays the freight
on all exhibits grown or produ
ced in this State, thus enabling
exhibiL to be sent to and re
turned from the fair without
cost to the exhibitor.
A certain pupil of the public
schools was recently aBke'1 to
write an essay on the human uody
and this was the result:
"The human body consists of
thc head, thorax, abdomen and
legs. The hoad contains the
brains in caso there aro any. Tho
thorax contains the heart and
lungs, aldo tho liver apd lights.
.To? abdomen containa tho bowels,
of which there are five-a, e, i, o,
u, and sometimos w and y. The
legs extend from the ubdonien to
tho floor, and have hinges at the
top and middle to ennble a fellow
to sit when standing or to stand
when sitting."-Albany Journal.
M. J. Finnegan of our city
had a friend oy the name of
Frank lt. Damm who rosides
near Senator. When Mr. Damm
heard of Mr. Finnegan's mar
riage not long ago he wrote him
a lettsr of congratulation and
added: "Please accept the con
gratulations of the whole Damm
family."-Lacon (111) Home
According to an exchange, the
man who went out to milk and
sat on ? rock in the middle of
the pasture and waited for the
cow to back up, was a brother
to a man, who kept store and
wouldn't advertise because he
reasoned that the purchasing
public would back up to his
place of business when it want
ed something.
What Was Seen and Heard by a
The meeting at Antioch church
closed Friday afternoon amid the
shouts of new-born BOUIB and gene
ral rejoicing of the people of God
from the various churches around.
It did seem a pity that the meeting
should oloso juBt at that time with
the altar crowded v i th penitents and
souls hoing saved every day, but the
meeting at B?ykiu was to commence
on Sunday and preacher and peoplo
needed a day's rest. Wo predict a
great and glorious meeting at Boy
kin this week,' for Brightsville cir
cuit has a preacher worthy of hie
calling, and the people of the charge
should feel truly grateful to the S.
C. conference for keeping them sup
plied with such preachers as Revs.
Baker and Shuler, for they are wor
thy of as good preachers as the con
ference affords-a generous, kind
hearted people, that believe in reli
gion and a plenty to eat-ever ready
to stand by their pastor through
evil as well as good report, as has
been demonstrated in the past. Rev.
Shuler was assisted at Antioch by
Revs. Ariail, Parry, Peele and Mc
The crops iu Brightsville section
arc very good, especially corn, and
the cotton, though somewhat late,
will compare favorably with last
year, and with the present rain, I
think there will be an extra good
crop if nothing happens to it from
now on. The farmers seem to be
in fine spirit and everything points
to prosperty.
New buildings are going up in
every direction, and all business
seems to he thriving, and a general
good time seems to be coming to
those who continue to labor and to
wait. Friends, continue to lift up
your eyes and look to the hills from
whence cometh all our help.
Aug. 3,1S03. B. F. B.
Married in thia town on Friday
evening lOBt by Rev. A. B. Watson
of the Methodist church, Mr. Thoa
Moore, the popular young sales
man at C< B. Crosladd's and Miss
Martha Goodwin, tho pretty and
accomplished daughter of E. W.
Goodwin of Brightsville. The
, DEMOCRAT extends hearty ccngratu
Married in thia town Wednesday
morning August 5, 1903, at 7.30
o'clock, at the residence of the bride
on King street, by Rev. R. Ford of
the Baptist church, Mr. JOHN J.
eldest daughter' bf Mr* find Mri j.
il-a ard io.
j The ?mitrac?ng parties sro too j
, weil k??owil ?oe ii WO??f of iliiioiioe-t
! :vm. and thc happy c?u?tim^lion of
a long courtship is a source of most
hearty congratulation by the many
friends of both in and out of Ben
nettsville. Indeed, it was a clever
surprise to all, as no invitations
were issued, and only the closest
friends were let into the secret and
were present at the marriage.
The happy couple left Wednesday
morning on the 8.30 train for Mt.
Airy where they will spend their
honey moon.
A goodly number of friends pre
ceded them to the depot and tied an
old shoe at each end of thc coach,
and as thc bride and groom ap
proached the train showered them
with rice.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs
H. W. Carooil, will hear with re
gret of their sad bereavement in the
death of their infant babe Dorithy
Davenport, on Wednesday after
noon, after a long illness, aged about
2 years. The funeral services were
held at Oak Ridge cemetery Thurs
day afternoon at 5 o'clock.
* *
Died at her home in Brightsville
on Tuesday afternoon, August 4th,
1903, after a protracted illness MrB
Jacksou Stubbs, aged about 85.
She was a Bister of the lato-Arthur
Bright and graud-daugter of Chas.
Bright the founder of Brightsville.
She leaves a devoted husband and
a host of relatives. The remains
were laid to rest in thc family bury
ing-ground Wednesday afternoou.
"Weep Dot that her toils are over,
Weep not that her race is run ;
God grant we rest as calmly
~ ' ?VhCD Oiir wn.rk like hers .is dono I
* *
Died at her home in Clio on
Saturday afternoon after a pro
tracted illness. Mrs. Viola Ivey,
beloved wife of Mr. L. L. Ivey.
She leaves a devoted husband and
five small childran. Tho funeral
services wore held at the Quick
graveyard Sunday morning con
ducted by Rev. Welcome Quick.
A lot of men take vacation in
order that they may experience
the delight of getting back io
work again.
. The wise merchant does not
depend upon selling people ,
what they need. He strives to
make people believe they need
what he has to sell.
Wanted 1
2OOO Lightwood
POStS-6 feet long from trees
not boxed,
f?ie South Carolina College.
Tho'South Carolina College ta round
off out thc flrot century or its existence
ind will relebrutc Its centennial tn Jan
jary, 1005. Tho College was charioted
it 1801 and opened for active work to
January, 1805. It owes Its existence to
. patriotic purpose, the education of
iii thc youth of the H tute at a common
center, "In order to promote the In
?truttlon, ' Rood order and th? har
nony of t. .-hole community," und it
was built . nt a portiun o? thc pro
c?da of a reimbursement made by the
United Stutcs to South Carolina for ex
penses incurred iu thc Revolution, tour
ing the century that is closing the Col
ene has contributed largely to tho
.latcBmanshlp. . the patriotism, tho
earning and the. high moral standards
that nave prevailed in South Carolina
and ber sister States. The roll of Col
lege Alumni contains the names of men
?bo nave, become noted In all the pup
suits of life, both tn peace and war.
The exigencies of tbe struggle botween
tike States closed tate college in 1633,
and tbe buildings were awl as hospi
talu for sick ana wounded Confederates.
Ont as soon as peace was restored tbe
Institution was reopened by tb* "Orr
government" and enjoyed several years
of success until lt was overturned d-ir
ing the Xiadlcal regime. Since 1680, bow
ever, tbe college baa been continuously
open, and bas educated hundreds of
yaun? men and a number af young
women, who for some years have been
parra I tied to partake of its advantages.
Originally the College was known as
a literary institution, although from
.arly times Its faculty contained scien
tists of great ability, but of late years
its courses have broadened out so as
to embrace also technical scientific ln>
sSrueuou, instruction in law and a
course fn practical methods for teach
President Benjamin Sloan, the head
sf the Department of-Physics and Kn
docer!ag. is a graduate of West Point,
said waa a distinguished ocQoer of or?
nasM? during tbe war between tbs
Statw. tils graduates in euglpserlng
are now occupying moot responsible
pool tiena in diff?rent patts ?ai the United
titates. Professor Joesph Daniel Pope,
des s of tbe LAW Department, bas hied
?Ids esperte ncc In government in the;
.sgtatstive balls of tba State and to tba
Oeesoaion Ctaavantteu, and ts recognized
sa high authority in law and in equity
Jurisprudence. Some of the other mem
bers of the faculty have had dis
tinguished careers in this College, while
others bave brought to lt tbe beet
methods of colleges and universities
Thc ratost recent and moat important
addition that has been made tb the
usefulness 0r thc College ls the estab
lishment of scholarships to be given to
one man-teacher in each county who
has taught at least one year. This ia
Intended to ofter the advantages of pro
fessional training to one who has aU
ready gathered practical experience in
Jlrcct contact with pupils in the school
room and rculizcu thc difficulties that
munt be surmounted. Professor Wsrd
'AW, who ls. nt the head of the depart
incut lit pedagogy, ls eminent In his
profession both as a student and os a
practical teacher and school superin
The College is situated nt thc capital
>f the Stute and affords to the student
? mun lu.iii >? for ptudylng thc workings
.f the governm. nt in a direct way. It
.? ai cessible, from all purls of thc State
?nd 5? in a healthful locality. Tho ro
?U>uu? iidv.tnluites ure exceptional be
aus? eael: of the pi UK ?pul denomlnn
inns hus i. pivspnrous eoiigieuatlon In
'olmnlit?. Expenses ure moderate.
. iwtt !:? :t selie ot thren rooms for each
ile of siu h uti;, v. ann in winter and
.Vii Vi tit il., t'id in sumnier. A large
.tutu?, u .'n;' t*y:*<na-hiin iiii?l hit ex
??'i'i.t ?thli th: fie-Bal afford ample op
?i .jilli) foi* ox?i'i'ls?.
ito CoSei'e luci easing lu ? useful
.; and 1,-. jirus;.-..'iily With the In
.?we?! .>.... p . . ?ty ?? tl-c f?Jttte, and the
H'I.II- mi tln,i will: t?ie new century
lits'U?'tl"ti' -u Kii!p-tpf? the nd
Mtas.htr- i.-.,1 K has already m.:de_
? Kansas farmer planted his
farm in popcorn and gathered
it into h is barii. The bani took
ihe, the corn popped and filled
?flO.-aor? ?a\<\. Thc old maro,
til inking it ii a:;o.v s tor ru, la j
down avid froze to death; ?
The South Carolina Cetts&
for Teachers.
Although nearly approaching ttp etrav
tentual anniversary, the South Csrduua
College shows none of thc d?vretforae
of old age, but rattier Increasing siffna
of vigorous life. A new departure of
xreat Importance to thc College and tp
the State has just been inaugurated,
for some years the College has bad a
department of pedagogy, for the trattt
.ng of teachers; but last winter, for Ch?
(list time, the Legislature created a
number of endowed normal scholar
ships, one for each county. It is the
'mention of thc Trustees and Faculty
to sut these scholarships upon a high
plane, and to seek thereby to qualify
superior young men for positions af
leadership and Influence in our public
.leliools. However largely women may.
-e employed as teachers, tbe work of
?uperlntendence, direction and control
'tiuftt continue to be most largely tn the
hands of the meit; and it ls. to supply
ihece teachers of leadership and in
fluence, in the community as woU as in
'.he schools, that the College wu! chiefly
?lin, through these scholarships. Hence,
io young man under nineteen years of
ige will he eligible, and pre/arenee wHf
Sc niven to thone applicants who have
already taught with success for at
!eunt one year. .*?
A special and technical course af
study lian been established, on a bigb
yet practical plane; and lt Is Intended
that thin department shaU be worthily,
entitled to he railed a "College for
Teachers." All the work will be ' dis
tinctively normal, and apart from the
regular College classes. The Trustees
and faculty feel sure that lu preparing
s body of strong and well equipped
men teachers thc College will uid In
-upplylng one of the most important
needs of the State. They hope, also,
that till,", work, In Its suceees and its
results, may meet with such public ap
proval ur. to lend hereafter to its still
further enlargement.
Circulars have been issued giving the
details of regulations and course of
study, fi
The present session, now nearly
ended, ha? been very encouraging. Not
s ripple hus disturbed the Internal
pence of the College. The new Presi
dent has won golden opinions, and has
more than maintained the confidence
and affection gained In his long service
MS professor. The friends of thc Col
lege look hopefully forward lo the con
tinued SUACCSS mid Increased usefulness
of this venerated Institution, which will
soon enter upon its second century of
honorable ll la to ry.
Au Opportunity !
SON COUNTY. Near ?i C. L. It It
- 500 ACRES.
Good Dwelling and Tenant Houses.
Fino Farming or Trucking Land,
Uood Neighborhood. Churches and
Schools. Uood Water.
For further information apply or writo
August 6, 1?103.
50,000 Good Pino or Cy
press Shingles at once.
August G, 1003.
End of Ulttt?v Fight.'
., 'Two physicians lind a'long ami
stubborn fight with na abccss on my
right luisg" .wrilea.J. F. Hughes, pf
DuPoint, Ga., "and gave mo upi
Everybody thought my tima had
come. Aa a" hud regort I tried Dr.
King's Kew Discovery for Consuhip
lion. Tho benefit f. received wa?
striking and i was oa my feet iu a
few dayt:. Now i have-entirely re
gained my health." It conquers all
CGUL s, Colds and Throat and Bung
troubit* Guaranteed by J. T. Doug
las & Bro Drug btore. Price bOc ?pd
$1.00. Trial bottles tree. . -
The social feature of the
State Fair .is an im portant- item
in considering the advantages of
being an exhibitor, you meet the
best and most progressive far
mers and stock breeders in the
State, and make many friends
-who are valuable to you. Then
prepare a good exhibit to go to
the next State Fair, Oct'. 07-80,
We have just received a
car of nice buggies, which wc aro
offering very low. See us before
P. A. Hodges.
AV ANTED-A Competent house
keeper. Apply to .
' H. IC. Covington,
Bennettsvill?, S. C.
July 22, 1903. "
Boys shirt waists only
125c at ' Jackson'.4
Escaped au Awful Fato
Mr. IT. noggins ot Holbourne. VU-.,
writtle, "My do J tor told me I lind Co
sumption and nothing could bo doco ' '.!>.
ma. I was givon up to dio. Thc bffui cf
a freo trial bottlo of Dr. King'
J covory for GonBumption induced
it. Resulta were startling. I nru urn* pu j
tho road to recovery and owe rdl to i)r. I
King's Now DiBoovojy. It Buroly ?avi^d pij j
life." Thia great care ia guaiaurne i for
j all throat and lung diseases bj J; 7'.
Douglas & Bro Druggists. Price $p? and
$1.00. Trial bottles free.
To the Women of the Foo Dec
A Pee Dee Historical Society v. .. -
j organized and ofHcered si H'?crC?i?jc
yesterday. It ?B composed of ia
i euch character as to giye oouf?dence
in its future success and useful nesie
[Such an organizion moue th boh for
the future welfare of this Sectio
the State. More than any otuoi
; tion we need an organiz.uiob ?i i his
kind, for more than any other Bectioi
of this much negleclcd slate, we iii
overlooked in tho writing di history
But we'need female auxiliary ?oc?bli
for nothing is truer than thal eel* ?ted
j assertion of Talleyrand's: ?. ''If you
would accomplish any, great thing i >
this world, you muat get the wo*n|en
' froi nr?." YY e wish to "get the WOK en
|yoiii?;" iii the Pee lite couul' "
j of tu? Historical} Society. Duughthittj
l of thc Hevohiti?u-Ru?1 f- -;>.*'
j tho CouiVdcnjcy abeu. .J
j iii every county of the^Y?mcf; t sue-o
uirncally eo-oper?t? wich all aid
?cieties in awakening seutiic.
j gathering material for the preserva
tion ?ud embodying . in ' co?vu?tuh?
and enduring form the history- of ibo
Pee Dee people. Hoping for early
and encouraging reports fr iq ;.;?ir
patriotic women,
I am, respectfully, .
John J Dargan,
Sec. Pee Dee His Association
Clyde, S. C., July 3, 1903.
Wonderful Nerve.
Is displayed by many a man \ iv 1
pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds, Urti
ises, Burns, Scalds Sore teet or.stitljolnts
But there's no need lor it. Biicklett's
Arnica Salve will kill the pain and cure
the trouble. It's the best Salve br? earth
ior Price, too. 25c? at Druggist.
We will receive on ?r ab? I
I August 4th ONE GAR NF?K
Those wishing to buy will clo j
well to give us a call, bs \\ c
will sell on short profits.
Will exchange Hor. ea for j
nice, lat young Mules.
July 30, 1903. }
IS hereby givon that undor an ord?t j
from thc Court of P?nkruptay I uni |
authorized to sell at privato ?/ilo the fol-j
lowing land belonging to tin 10 ali ??t
John Manning Bankrupt aituir. -> [n Mnrl
boro County, S. C. lo wit.
Ono tract ka" vn aj, jo0 '?{Jaj
I'lacc," on iho^Tofio 'from Pi.ru >?< lo
i-Iii), confaining 137J'acres.
One tract known as thc
I'lacc" containing 279 acres.
One Iract known ns tho "Bu. ly !'!..;
I containing 09 acrcH.
One tract known as thc ''J ?'croll
Place" on road from Cheraw to Marion
I containing 220 acres.
Persons wishing to buy can tresa
at Clio. S. C.,' or II. II. Nd' 1
I W. Bouchier, at BcnnottsvihY 5. < .
Trmti .
CHOP Turnup SKED now ready.
The biggest Turnips in 1 M.. fti
were grown from Buist 's seen
last year. Also new < ?abbag?
? Seed.
July 10, 1003.
Using The Genuine Peruvian Guano i
For sale by B. E- MOORE, BenneUsville, R.F.D. 4,
Agt tor Marlboro and Scotland counties.
Frico %ZQ j)er Ton. Better prices on Car Lots and Over.
AV^uld be glad to have your orders by August 1st, as it takes
120 to 150 days to bring this Chimmo here.
Read what people think wkb are using it :
L1 . J). MOORE says it i* all right, and will uso another year.
W. M. SMITH says ''It makes Corn and Colton hustle Will givo you largo
order in a few days. .
ll. L. KIRKWOOD says, "The Guano ie good and is muoh ploasod with it.
wAut? nothing better-has already bought 100 Tons.
CVF. MOORE says It will KU p pl y a long folt want. It is the stuff we want,
lias bought 25 Tons. Can't say too much in its praise.
C. A.- MOORE says it is all ritht. It makes tho cotton and corn grow to suit
him. Has placed an order tor 20.Tons tho coming season.
JOHN K. FLETCHER Thinks it good. Il has his lato cotton doing boyond
all ho could wish. Will order again.
ALEX STU HHS says ho put it against a strom; combination of C. S. Meal and
Nitrate of Soda of equal value, Peruvian way ahead now.
tl. E. MOORE used it nuder lute colton, and has never seen its equal to the
agc of the colton.
The gentlemen above named are well known Marlboro farmers
who will cheerfully answer all inquiries as to its use.
DON'T DELAY, if you intend to try it !
Orders may be len at Excelsior Hardware Store for IO days.
Seo Y.' L. Emanuel and get his
special rates for IOE this
season. Buy your Ice
Tickets and save money.
April 23, 1903.
Winthrop College Scholarships
?nd Entrance Examinations.
Tho examinations for inc award of va?
cant scholarships in Wihthrop College
and for thc nuuiisaton of new students
?ill bo held at Bcnncttsvillc on Friday
jul? 10th ut 9 a. m
Applicants must not bc less than fifteen
> "ara of age.
7heo scholarships arc vacated after
.'v 10th, they will bc awarded to those
r i a dog the highest average at tito exam
inion. The next session will open about
September 1 G.; 1003.
i or further information and a catalogue
tdd ress President 1). B. JOHNSON, at
Kock Hill. S. C.
ship stun:
c. s. MCCALL.
? irwin.i i ni BI ITU Timiu^i II ? i ip
Tho Kollow!: amendment wm .itforod
and adopted t o : ri ind nu Ord??nucc known
uti ne Ordination .'or ibo Town ;>i liou j
islv....Un, entitled "Au Ordinance tor tlic !
-iu of raisiDg tunda to pay .current
i lipeoijes nnd existing indebtedness of tho
Tosvn of Bonnottsvillo and providing n pon
atty for neglect or refusal to pay auch,
tati??d in council the lit dny of May 1903
by ulriking out certain words and inserting
other words in liou thereof :
Resolved, thut thc abovo bo amended hy
striking out on page 3, line 14, tho figures
$<j and ineortiog iu liou thereof tho words
i 50 J and on pago 3, lino 15, tho words
fo to and inserting in lieu thorcof thc
words $5, so that Baid license ordinance
..vl.cn amended shall read as follows :
Ways, wagon, 1 horse per year $2 50
t'.nyB, wagon, 2 horse per year $5.00
i2) That line 9 on pago 2 bo amended
by i triking out tho words Forty Dollara and
ibm rting in lieu thereof tho words Twenty
Dollars, BO that said ecotion when amended
shalt read aa follows :
T-lrprcBs companies or agencies $20 00
(3) That line 8 pago 4 bo amended by
i'.daing tho words up to and including $100
ooo, and all amounts over $100,000 Ten
C< eta in excess, BO that said seotiori when
aiiKindcd ahall rend aa follows :
Merchants on each $1,000 salos 50 centa
np io and including $100,000, nnd on all
..-iimats exceeding $100,00c Ton Genia in
nee.IBs. MorcbantB on lesa than 1,000 5ctn
Oeing business less than ooo year $25 00
.1) Tho following clause was added :
Contractors, per year, $5; contractors
doing their own work aro charged nolicon&e
Done and ratified in Council Juno 13th
!9.-,3. P. A. HODGES, MA volt.
To prevent disorder iii "the Town
of Bennet tsy jile'and prescribe
the punishment for a violation
of same :
"Bo it Ordained by tho Mayor and Alder?
rn- ti of tho Town of Bonnottsvillo iu Coun
cil assembled and by authority of sumo,
SECTION 1. That any pearson cr por
Bona after this date who within Ibo oorpo*
rata limita of tho Town of Uouncttsvillo,
H.ay bo engnged in a brcacti of thc peaco,
any riotous or disorderly conduct, opun
!-comly, publie drunkcnnoiiH, swearing or
iii . conduct grossly indecont or dangerous j
t > :ho citizens of Baid Town ?hall be deem ?
:?? guilty of n raisdomoanor, and upon con- j
vu Mon shall bo fined not less than Two
? ' . lars nor moro than Ono Hundred Dol
?an^ or bo imprisoned not less than 5 days
. moro than 30 days.
".EC. 2. That it nindi bo the duty of the
>'vvn Marshals of tho Town of Bcnnotta.
Hie ox any Gonatablo so authorized to arrest
and commit to jail for a term not oxoood
?Hg 48 boura, (uni?os othc-rwiBO ordorcd by
Itt Counoll or Mayor) any porson or por
sc s who violate.'! tho abovo ordiuanoo.
lEC. 3. That nil ordinances or parts of
i iinanccB in violation of this ordinance is
ti oby rcpcnled.
Done and ratified in Council this $th
t ol June, A. D" 1903.
inc Two Horse WAGON,
A lot of HOUSE FRED,
A lot of LUMBER ot difierenl kinds,
ne 3, 1903, P. C, EMANUEL,
tion Powders are fed to horses
and mules, marked improvement
will be seen after the first few
doses. There is no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comes nat
urally and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and appetizer on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other,
i Ashcraft's Powders produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten but never bloat.
Always high grade and put up
in doses-never in bulk.
By the use of three or four doses
a week your horse or mule wiii
not be subject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach and bowels.
"I had an old horse that was In very bad
condition generally. He wfts tnlu aml "a<* a
blood dlHcase that was causing the hair to
come off. 1 gave the horse three doses ol Ash
craft's Condition Powders a day for seven days
and fed him liberally. Thc appetite improved
from the flrst few doses and the animal gained
fifty-two pounds in flesh during the week I
Rave it ihrcc doses a day. The general health
of thc animal was greatly improved by the use
of thc powders and he wns made almost a new
horse. 1 most heartily recommend Ashcraft's
Condition Powders, as I know they arc a splen
did tonic and appetizer.-C. C. BIKES, Livery
man, Monroe,N. C."
Ask for Ashcraft's Condition
Powders. Package 25c. Sold ^ '
B?i?n?ttsyil??; S. ?. ;
To Raise Supplies For The Year 1
Ending April 1904.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Alder
men oi the Town ol Bennettsville and
by authority ol ihe same, that the lol- (
lowing taxes be, and the same are
hereby levied, and shall bc paid into
the Treasury lor the use ot said Town;
SECTION I. Fifteen cents on every
one hundred dollars worth ol real anti
personal property situate within the cor
porale limits ol said town, which tax
must be paid on or before the ist day ol ,
January 1904, and on all taxes not paid |
by that lime a penalty ol 50 per cent will
I be aHded and collected.
SEC. 2. That twenty-one (21) cents be
Ilevied on every one hundred dollars ot
the assessed value ot all real and person
al property, to pay the interest on the
bonds issued in aid o: the Charleston,
Sumter and Northern Railroad, in ac- I
cordance with the Act authorizing the (
same, approved December 23d 1S91; and
the turther sum ol 5 cents on the Jico
be levied and collected for the purpose ot
providing tor the sinking tund, as pro
vided by the above act ; which taxes
must be oald on or before january ist
1904. and on all taxes not paid by that
time a penalty of 50 per cent wilt be ad
ded and collected.
SEC. 3. That fourteen cents be levied
on every one hundred dollars of assessed
value ot all real and personal property,
to pay the interest on the Bonds issued
in aid ol the Electric Light Bonds lor the
Town of Bennetlsville, accordance with
the Acts of the General Assembly of S.
0 . authorizing the same, seven cents ol
which must be paid ,on or before the ist
day.pl July 1903, to meet the interest due
on that day ; and the turther sum ol 4
cents on the $100 be levied and collected
tor the purpose ol providing for the siiik
ing lund, which taxes must be paid on
or belore January ist 1904, except as
above specified in relerencc to the seven
cents on the $100, which must be paid
on or before the ist day ol July 1903;
and all taxes not paid at the time above
stipulated a penalty ol 50 per cent will
bc added and collected.
Sec I. That all persons liable to work
on thc .street*, sidewalks and ways ol' thc
Town of Bconottsvillc shall bc excused
of such duty for twelve month?, conv
mencing ou tho first day ol May 1003, by
paying to thc Clerk of Council a commu
tation lax therefore ol'two dollars on or
before tho first day of Juno, A. D. 1003.
All porsous fulling to pay said commuta
lion tax herc provided for, within tho
time specified or who shall refuse or full!
to work on said stroots, sidewalks or ways
at any time or times when summoned HO
to do by order ol' tho Council shall be
subject to a fine two dollars for cooli and
eyery day of such refusal or failure so to
work, and any other punishment the
Council moy soo fit to impoEo,
Dono and ratiflod in Council tho lat day
of May, A. D., 1903.
P. A. nODfJES, Mayor.
? Attorney at Law.
Bcnnottsvillo, S. C.
Office on Darlington street near Posta
Telcgrapb offioo. January, 1809.
At W. M, ROWE'S.
How many, years Lave you
been promising yourself, your
wife and neighbors to PAINT
ASK the hundreds of peoj>le
in the County that have used itv
ASK the PAINTERS atout it"
They will ttll you How GOOD
lhere is SOMETHING
( )
( )
What some people yon Know, anti who have Tested /Fliese
Good?, Say about the Excelsior Cook Stoves:
1 bought an "Excelsior Cook Stove" last Spring. I am well pleased with -
it not only performs well but requires less wood than any Stove I ever had.
1 have been using the new " Excelsior Cook Stove" mt.au hy I. A. Sheppard &
To., tor i6 years, f.nri ii has always given entire satisfaction.
Mis J; G. W. COBB.,
?Mrs COBB has just.-p-Ut in another . . **' .-?.. .....
). regard thc ^Excelsior Cook Stoves and hange.*" as good- as the best, .and".'
rvhen in ned of a Cooker I endeavor to get that make ol Stovi.*. .._ - s
Mr. BRISTOW bought one from a sister town, as until recently
ihere was no agency in Bennettsv?i?e. r
Tho "Excclaior Rango" bought of yon gives eu Uro .?atiirf action.
These goods and all kind of Hardware, Crockery, Paints, Oils
Sc, oat, be had at EXCELSIOR HARDWARE 00.
Bennettsviiie, s. o. Next lo W. P. Breeden's.
pf\)-?^fcwJW?oc E6u as ?nia ta G. <J. tWOFFBTT, M. D., ST. LOUIS, M?? .!
1 Columbus.??x?Mttz%4j*Sl*&mm
SW. C. jr. '?lOT:-TKTT-Dcay li oe iori Wc pave t/eiir TE?TUINjiiTeetSfna
DoiTar, ?) to ow little grand ctiili with, tfie happiest results.
is>tre altuoet tMgtoal, ima oertaitttv ??ora oa?iaj^ctoruthat%fvou? apvtnino
THE best workmanship.
Hay Rum and Tonic Treatment
Tools the best and sharpest.
Polite attention always assured
Three Artists in constant at endance
LADIES WORK a Specialty !
Once a customer, always a customer.
*^S^^^^^^^ TRADE MARKS
Anyono fwnillni? n Bkoleh timi description m ny
Quickly MCortnln our opinion fruo wlwthor ag
tnvontlon ls probnbly patontnt.lo. Coinmunteg
linns strictly ronllilontliil. llnndbook on rntonta
sont f roo. OlcloHt npoucy for Hccurlnu,patents.f
Patenta taken through Munn & Co. roccivc
?pfciiii notice, without clmrKO, In Ino
Scientific American.
A lmmlBomoly Illustrator! weekly. lenzest cl?
MUNN &Co.361Bro9d*a* New York
Branch Offlc?, 025 V Bt, Washington. P. C
'AVINO secured thc services of a
good man, I am prepared to put
down and pull un pumps. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Orders left at either Hard
ware store will bo promptly attended to.
inch 12, 1903. P. 0. Emanuol.
Attorneys at Law,
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you ?at.
It artificially digests the food and aldo
Nature in strengthening and recon*
Btructlng the exhausted digestiva or
gans. It lathe latest dlscovereddlgest*
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in etil ci en cy. It in*
r>tautly relieves and permanently cures.
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, NauBea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia.Crampsand
all other results ot imperfect digestion.
PrlceSOc. ant) SI. Large Blzo contains SW tlmea
smallalzo. Doole all Bboutdyfipepslanjailodf re*
Prepired by E. C. DeWITT A CO., CbtCC?flO.,
Three Barbers! Three Chairs!
Everything First-Class.
Children receive special attention
either at the Shop at their hous?.
Your patronage solicited.
J. A. GRACE, Barber.
College of Charleston?
118th Ycnr Ilcgins Sept SS tn.
Let tors, Science, Engineering; Ono schob
ar.?iip to each county of South Carolina.
Entrance examinations held at BcnnotlP
villc by County Superintendent of Edu?
cation and .Judea of Probato on July 10.
Tuition $40. llnard and furnished room
in Dormitory, $10 per month. AH csu*
daisies for admission aro permitted^ to
compete for Boyeo Scholarships, whioh
pay $100 a year. For cotaloguo address
moy 29,1003. President

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