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VOL. xyvi.
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The Crowd Applauds One of thc
Lady Witnesses
013 ot the Coma.'I, Attacks tile
Characters of Two of the
Actresses Who Testified, But
Failed to Shake Tnt lr
A dispatch from O liney to The
State si} s when tho d fon se had ex
haustod its eff orts to nave tho Hast )
oase continued, tho selection of a )tir>
vras entered upon. Each sido of th*
case exhausted Ita ohallcnges, hu!
there were yet six names in the box
whon tho Jury was oom pl.'ted. Tuen
was ono witness disqualified tn ac
count of pr? J tdlco, which he did no;
try to ooncoal. G ie was sick. There
havo beon some dramatic porlods in
the trial ot George Hasty for tin
murder cf Milan Bennett iu this cit)
on tho 16th day of last Doo rn'ier.
The prisouer is no; bi lng tried for tin
murder of Abbots Davison, the actor,
for it was decided to rr, Iso aeparare
trials of tho two iud lc inputs. The
prosooution had orougtit out some
very damaging i v^denco and tho do
feuse has failed to shake tho wit
The sympathy of the people of the
city of Gaffney was Bhown Thursday
when the eourb room wan Ulled witli
applause after ono of Col. Johnson's
unsuccessful atti mpts to badger thc
wituesb, Miss Vornte Sheridan, who
was to have boon married to Milan
Bennet. Tho little womau refused tn
be scared by Ooh Johnston's actitudes
or by the evidence against lier moral
character, which he indicttol that
he would produce. Tho little woman
stood the ordeal in a very remarka
ble manner and ls admitted to have
made a lino wituess. Her testimony
waa unshaken and the attempts t>
weaken her evidence by compa.iig it
with what she had said at the it qu .sb.
resulted iu her statements on the
staud being strengthened rather than
otherwise. Once when Solicitor Scase
was examining her hu told lier lo tell
all abo kuew of a certain part of the
milloo, "and don't lot's have any play
aotiDt.''said On. Jonnnton. At tutti
Mr. Soaso seemed to be a little vexed
and he declired vohemeutly that his
witness was not acting buo telling tho
At another ti me Gol. Johnstone was
trying to bieak down the witness
with reference to tho position ol
George Hasty's aru when ho was
trying to lorco hhi s ii low Miss Sher
idan'a room througu lue transom, iu
order to Illustrate, ho exiled Hast.?
over to him. "Gi nu herc, George,5'
ho satd and as the s.,llo.v youth, wno
bad shot to death thc young man to
whom she was .to bo married, ap
proaciied the witness a tremoir ran
over her f?ame and she said to the
court stenographer brokenly, I cu.
not touch this roan." lo.it she was
not required to dj. She was game al
the way through the terrible ii qnirj
at the haulms of Col. J jhustono and
gave- just a-> good as was tient. A ! Lt r
the first demonstration of applause
Judge Memmlnger declared that he
would clear the room upon a repdbf
tion being tri'd, out lhere v.cre fre
quent suppress-d sift! s of approval
when Miss Sheridan wou d with ca e
parry a thrust from tho gifted attor
Ooh Johnstone asked questions
willoh aro hardly permissiblo In print
and tho you .g wou.au never fitnohed.
If the oharges .vi re true her cinch r
and frankness stamp her ai a vjry
olever aotress. li' they were untrue
she is an artistic actress j ,!>t the
same, for she hover showed by wine
lug that she suffered. M my who went
into thc court room, pr judioed against
her came away impressed wl&n her
womanlines. lt has been tin- cl ?im of
tho def chao that Hasty was struck to
the kuoas bcfoie he tired the fatal
shots. Toe evidence shows that the
ball which killed Bennett took a
course and raged along the face of thc
seventh ni) for au Inca and a half.
The defence somewhat "ra'tied"
tho witness who g - v : tins testimony,
Dr. Allen, by a king him if ho hal
not had a bet op un the outcome of
the trial, hut D'. Alica stated that a*
soon as he real:'/.io th.it he was to le
au Important \ i non he tunk down
the bot whioh had beon otTared with
Gunter, with whom he frequently
rna ko wagers in a friendly way. Tin;
defonse may produce evidence to hes
mirch the young woman's chastity
or reputation, but even that would
not entirely wipoout tin:: manner in
which she test I lied as to the sequence
of events and there aro many people
here who believe tiiat the defense
could nob blacken her chancer. That
remnlns to bf: s< on. .She denied with
out any stage airs but in a lovel and
open manner the accusations that slie
and Bennett had relations to each
other willoh aro not countenance 1 ex
cept by martial rites and tho case in
point was alleged to have ia pp) nodal
Ga to ila, N. 0. .Simla ac usc I In
Col. Johnston's questioning, of having
been seen in Gaffney lyh.g on tue bod
in Bennett's arma the day before tb?
homicide. Tne&e arc sa . accusations
to make against a woman unless tiny
can be proved
Col. Johnston's questions t ugg< sted
that.he.would try co bring oua that
one oi tho y om g women was se n rid
lng horseback in an Immodest manner
at Gastoula. H?fore tho wi tm si carno
off tho stand sho Identified a plcturo
of Miss Bishop, which thc wltm si had
taken the afternoon of tho ride ft
Gastoula and there was|uothhig (ra
modost ab ut Miss Bishop's OOStumt!
or attitude.
Hasty's almost defiant attitude h<>;.
ohangn.1 somewhat Ho ls of the m ?
dram.ii.lc kind. Ho ls a cotton mill
opeiativo, lt IS said, ard thc whole
family appear to bo people of a no
high order o' mentality. They are not
in business hore any longer Tao town
revoked tho lioonso of the hotel and t
ls being ruu in another namo. lb does
not appear to bo a p'aoe which should
have been shunned by these actor peo
ple and orion incido tho stranger felt
NOinetlilng like a homelike atmosphere
la tto place.
These show pcoplo stopp id there
booauso it was near Ohr 1st mas and
.hey were saving up for that glan
festival. Tao hotel 1? all on the H O
ond floor and tho room occupied by
ai^ss Sheridan in flanked ou oho sid
>y a hallway. Tm re is a porch around
i,he cutir? rear of tho bulldh g ar d 1
.vas from this porch that some on*,
tried to gain access to their room bi
foro she- called Bennett, v/ho was
sleeping, (ccuviug a ro m removed
from dor's by the bath io m. The
mly damaging thing brought cut s<
'ar Isthat there wai another man itt
the room with Bennett whtm she call
ed and ho is not boro to teni Ky In thc
S mo time sinos Mr. llorvoy had
tn amele in Tue S abo intimating
mat Miss Sheridan's conduct af.ei
,ho trial was susplolotn, Ho ts wiut
ed hero as a witness, but it was ad
mitted that be bad li vo l here und r
m a sumen name in his oorrebpon
deuoa. O i account of tho abso nee
of this witness and for other reasons
Mr. Johnson had asked for a c ntln
uanco of the case, but the Ju.lgo. de
cided that tbe case muht go on
tlorvy, at thc time of tbo tragedy,
was a telegraph opeiator and it is
stated that ho furnished to tiie pro-s
of the ctuntry an article ci ntalnlng
certain facts that, if pro\en to br
tru?\ would mitigate In f '.von f Hasty.
Miss Bishop, one of tho members of
the troupe, testified Friday. II r ten
tltnony was a corroboration of that of
Miss Sheridan, who testified Thurs
day, to the i IT c, that the killing was
without provocation. Attompts wi re
mado by tho defense to provo that the
charaotora of the two lady wi ines cs
were not what they should bo, but the
court ruled that while questions pot
cainlug to this matter oould bo asked,
they need not be answered.
Miss Bishop, In her own defense,
asked that s!ie bo al'o red to answer
and thal/ nothing bj b ft in doubt. A
sensational fea-.urc waa tho lntr .due
Mon of a marrakin to show the prog
ress of bbo fat ul bullet. T.)Q ap
p:rrai cool the grewsomeobj ot.throw
Miss Sheridan Into hy 8 te. los, and t li
was lod frcm tho curt room. Tin
defense began Its testimony late in
the day. It established the theory
that seif-.lefouse was to be tho pol c
of Hs ev.dence. A renewed attempt
was malo also to I m poach tho oharao
tar of the two Kd.et? of th) theatrical
At tho opening of tho court Friday
the defense asked to put ono of their
?1 toenda, one ??u!ci:!?.vyJ, oj g| -
ma, on thc Stand, as ho b.ad just left
the bedside of a s ok chil l. The de
fenso wanted to provo the conduct of
filiases Sheridan and Hi hop by th I-,
witness, who ls an ageut for some rea!
estate men. The Questions er-, ? ked
him, but the court would not allow
him to answer?
Dr. Nesbitt was rrxt o?lled. Ho
jesti?.d to hold i lg a p s:-.i orttin,
(uni with tho aid i f the m mJkcn des
cribed the range o' bud. <. alter it had
entered tho boiy. ll ?J o tvs iii ?
that ho did not see any weapon i :
tho person of Mr. Bennett when l <
examined him. II; also identlfUo
thc emit ond vest worn by the ceceas
bil, After examlnt g two wi tuc ssc:
I)-. Nesbitt and John S pone sr, the
state r< st d;
During recess the jury was lt>k: n to
tho scene of the tragedy In tim af.
ternoon the defir.se put up hovera)
witnesses to prove tito ebaraotr r vi
His two young iadh - , M > e . S e ridai
nd Bishop, hut H. wa * ruled t u , tl (
Judgfe sa) lng: "J', appr.ars t:? me
ti atv y u are trying thc fi I wo wornt r
and not ibo prisoner." Will and A>
luir II '.sty and tln.ir two vavos wer.
put ( n the stu id.
They tried to prove that tho two
dead men bad Qsoigo down and that
he ?bot in self-defense, and that the
Misses Sheridan and Bishop were n >t
i ye-wiln ss's.
Miss May Bishop, ono of tho Inno
ont carnet of the tragedy ^.nd ono of
tho eye wi naisses <f she shooting,
w*s iitrxt evie ri by tho State. She
mate au excellent witness and was
another matoo for Coloml J ihnstonc.
Miss Bishop testified to tho shu ? .
lng. At the tlt?e that Hasty ana Mr.
Bonnott iefo tl o room (she was sittii g
at the dining table S to tiled tj ge
Mr. Davlns ti not togo o?r, iii tho
null, but he went anyway. Site gm
lu and startt d to tho di or. Jil it, a;
ftlio got t?tere she ht arri two pislol
s 'ots In quick Bticocrsloo, and t,aw
Mr. Davidson grapple with nasty,
caking hold of his right hand and
forcing lt and tho pis ul against thc
.vail. While Davidson bad hold of
him ho i srked loos . and shot Mr. Bon
nott. Hor testimony v,a> identical
with her testimony at tho i. q :;:?r. li
the cros:,*ox*min?rlort she aSited Mr.
.Io instone to help hoc, ar d ?ho would
illustrate how tho shoothg ocourred.
Mr. Johnstone toOk hold o? her arm
and she jo lcd lo se au Hi ty had
dono, Illustrating tho shouting in a
vivid manner.
Crooks (JAtight,
A broadway house was raided In
Atlanta on Friday and hlnoprotended
b 'ggors were taken into cu,ti dy. Tilt
room ocoupled by two of ic mon, (j
ll. Clark and Taemas Newman, wa*
s a c!.e l and a . atchel was disc ivered
containing a complete sait -cracking
ou tilt, dark is apparently th leadci
of the gang, and ho was pltoi d u dei
a 85 ooo bond in bo lo court pending
further It/vi ? igatlon of thc malt r
?'iirk arr. Newo an wt io abo mc?&ur
i ri by tho Berti Ul >n exp ;rt ab th? fed
ral prison and photographed, S iveii
if the men were (ont to t he s ock d<
and held for tho higher cunt. Thc
other three will meet a ?dmtli?r r t e.
Soma of the moa ar". CwrlOU ly m il :> -
ed and said tue y were profesoional
b ggers,
. A. Sensation in Mut'loti.
A special from Marion tava former
County Superintendent of 10 neat lon
Raymond Kerry, uerb r ? i, loo h <
for emt) u\\\ g coliool funds, fail fl to
appear at his trial sot for We loesday.
Additional warrama having bacn
sworn out against him on Tu ?day,
ne loft that night foi parts unknown.
Senator Tillman Opens Greatest
Fight in Senate's History.
Senator Aldrlrlt (lives Notice of ? Ba!
tie R .yal Against the Hepburn
Kate Bill in thc Presence
of Crowded (ialerlcs lu
the Senate.
Inst? wcok In the Senate ohamb?r
tho ring was pitched for the great
batt lo between tho American peoph
and thc railroad*. The following de
H Tlptlon of the opening of the battle,
whlnh was written for fie New Yoil<
American by Julian ?lawthorno, will
be road wi ob Interest. The public,
says Hawthorne, was present to the
ex ont of tho gallery accommodations,
and t.early ev^ry Ssnator was at his
oVsk Nothing was cone, howovi r
further than that tho oombabtuts
bowed to C30b other, and put on their
giovcF; the sccon's conferred as to the
rules thatshou:d gt vam the combat,
.nd arrangmenta were made for the
printing and dissemination of tho rec
ords of ihe principals up to this timo.
1 ls un < rstoud that the light ls
to bo to a finish, and will omi with a
knockout fer cno party or the other.
No moro Important evett bas come
up for deolslon In the national priz
rlrg during recent times.
In other language, Senator Tillman,
In charge of the Dolllver Hepburn
railroad rate bill, mado tho formal
statement that tho bill had b en rc
curomended by the committee forpav
. ir?; without amendment, and that he
himself, as soon as he ho cl BufBolentl)
digested the nub j cet, would present
nlHjrep >rb upon it In writing.
Lay 11 g his left band on the pilo of
ps?p rs and velum s on his desk, he
iddcd that, he wished ten fcbeuaand
oo pl es of tho reports < f testimony and
Information gathered by the commit
ree tobo printed for the better lu
irte ii nof those Interested, In which
,):. prsal bc was supported by E'orakor
cl Allison, ard, there being no ob
J cbl?n, lt. wita so oiderod.
Sunab-r Aldrich tlion aro?) very
serious und wi tn less color obau asiai
in his face, though whether owing to
emotion or to insufflaient broakfast
'hd not appear. Ho observed that lo
tho orr 1 nary course of things tho hill
would have emerged fren committee
with amendments, arid that he believ
ed that all S natura except Foraker,
vbo objected io any legislation at all.
? ! ed the bill to be amended, Kv
c pt f ir thea . amendments no obstrue
tiou io immediate consideration o'
he bill would ho t iv red on bis side.
Mr. M'jOumber auuoui-oed that he
hada hub?tlluto for the entire bill,
w loh ho s nt to tho desk, and wll:
\:< . !< cn laier; und then other bust
ni ss supi i YO cl and the galleries were
i ft v iib Lh( tr mouths opeu,
Ono of tho Arab things that Till
rn; ! : al i 1 sb week, when a kod about
. e h ll, wat that bo did not regard lt
. a partisan measure. Ii this ho
bowed i la sound valise, and the Am r
lean people will bo found in heart\
a -.'ord with his attitude.
A:;y senator or Itopresontativo who
bries to plav politic* with the rale
oili wili make tho m'stake of nh
career. T o people aro in earnest ;
Mr oj want to bj protected against the
tranny, aggression and Ins?lenos ot
ho if. broads. They know that rob
beries and outrages have bren ano
??'Hy aro committed against tho pr;
porty and rights of Individ?ala b>
ra in ads. They want to hava these
//roi gs righted, and t hey aro not to
be di terrel fr- m l aving them right
1 b> ai y special pleas aboutconstitu
Ional limitations or legal teobuicalt
h s.
Tn. y kuow that their p o kc ts art
I): o;s' picked, and Lin y will reaeut anj
o>;i-o tlon that lt cm be legal to
pl :k them. Nor v/lil thev accept a
lemcdy wblob is remedial to tito eye
0 ily, and by moans of d- lays and com*
1 I:-, a.lons turn! cub to bo no practical
0 nv cly ab all.
S imetning must bo done; it must be
dono at ono ", ui d lt must be so done
as to bo eft ci Iv . f >r t he encl lu view.
Unat ls the ultimatum.
Democrat or ll publican, House,
Senator or Ex cu ci ve, m*y take the
or dio of it when lt is dono--that is
quito Immatciial to tho people. Hut
whoever opposes Its doing--still more
however temporarily prevents Its
d lng- -is never likely to lind any ad
eqti .te oompenuatlon, either personal
or polUloal, f .1 birat ait. Morcovor,
the ;icb Itself would bo futile.
Should the bill, owing to the ma
chinations of the railroad gang, fall
orb) emasculated in thia session, it
Ml not only be tho cause, of woo to its
adversaries, but lt will b3 brought up
again In a fi.rm, and with an ompha
-.is, which ls likely to make its adver
saries regret that they did not agree
wi h the people wnllo thoy woro in
he <*:iy with them.
Tho American spirit ls not doad,
though lt ls burled deep under prece
oupatlon, sol ll sh ne SS and hcedeless
u sa, i ? comes io life when tho provc
c .non ls adequate; and the provcoA
tli n t -day ls quito as a I .-quito as it.
was when the t Mrtoon Colonies rose
against King dei rge.
Our people has all duo rospeot-im
plo r peet ff VOA tod Interests and
for fair play, lb may for along time
bo bo cl-winked by Intricacies of law
and illusions of spoclal privilege, hut
once it bea-s a 'lint of subjection to a
moneyed oligarchy lt will rise In a
manado as formidable as the plague,
.md as Immitigable as deat/h.
M reo vor, this Issue, Uko many
>!1 era, ls nob one that will he forgot
1 ten, nor can the people be distracted
from it by other issues. It i? a vital
Issuo to tho welfare of them all, and
will press upon all moro Intolerably
dav by day. To dolay Justice Js to
Inflame resentment and tho conse
quences of that resentment, if unap*
peased, nany well appal tbe most bra
zen thief that ever wore broadcloth
aud cut off coupons.
lt ls well that Aldrich and Foraker,
md their accomplices lu and out of
Congress, should bc placed in a posi
tion where their character and pur
pose must bc revealed by their words
and acts.
Thev thought to gain a strategic
point by thrusting tho bill into Till
man's hands, because Tillman has
been represented as an extremist, a
dangerous man, unlit to bo entrusted
?villi a meisuro effecting the welfare
of tho whole people. Hut, In truth,
tho Si u bu Carolinian is a statesman
whiso ci libro has not y?tb.:en meas
ured. IIe) can be floree and pallon
are, but he holds himself in ids own
control. II c n go forward at need
like a cyclone, but he om also mout
ure his stops and seo a!.ead.
His hon sty ls above all shadow o:
suspicion; und of how many of Ids o 1
le goes can so nu:oh bo salo? He ls as
Imple, and as dangerous, asa twe
-dged sword. Ho ls not educated In
bi o bair splittings of tho law, but be
ls thoroughly grounded in Justice and
Hp hates wrong, loves right, and
'eura no mm; and these attributes,
together with an ample Intellectual
endowment, render him, perhap-, the
very ht st custodian of the bill that
Its best friend*--or thc best friends
. -f a Just and adequate measure, rath
er-could have picked out. If M*.
Aldrich thought othorwlse, he made
a mistake.
Hut the Hepburn bill In its present
abppe ls nota Jost and adequate
measure, and the more lt ls stun led,
the more probable does lt seem that
if it be sufficiently amended to ru'!1' j
th" real ohj jct of railroad legislation
there will hardly be a clauso of it
Perhaps no ono feels this moro sen
<wb'y than Mr. Tillman. And certain
ly In that ose no ono could be moro
Inflexible than Mr. Tillman In Input
ing that tho requisite alterations,
>)ven though thoy result In an entire
ly new bil), shall be made.
ID ItvS li nal form, be what it may, 1;
will go baok from thc Senate to tin
House and thence to the President.
What will the President do with ll?
Should bo venture to defeat, or to
leave unsupported, a truly good meai
ure for relief from railroad oppression,
nothing ls more certain than that
fu Ho obloquy will overtake him.
Much will be urged on him abcut
"giving tho railroads a square deal"
and not alienating investment of cap
Ital in railway enterprise but thoio io
'no dangin o? mi.' hoing ixd? r?w.hv..?^
less, or of railroad millionaires being
driven to the poorhouse.
Lot him . keep hts eyo bingle upon
tho rights and needs of tho people,
and, lu the long run-not BUOb a very
loug run, either-..vory limb aud o -
gun of the body oorporato will par
take of tho benefits.
Wli'oh Went Around tho World in
Six Months.
Henry M. Fleidner, of Anderson, 8
C., rGceivod a lotter Sunday from
(Jape Town, Africa. H .ck of tin
receipt of the letter ls an Interesting
story. Lust August, while livh.g ii
Greenville, Mr. Fleidner read a news
paper article telling of tlie < tli^ei cy
of tho portal BVHtem of tho v.orlh,
working in harmony with each otho
.nd determined to test the matter for
He addressed a lotter to him .elf at
Ccipc Town, Africa. The envelope
bore tho rt quest to be forw arded to
Sidney, Nev/ South Wales, if not de
livered at Cape Town, and If not de
li ve rod at Sidney to be returned to
The letter was maih.d on train No.
ll at Greenville o.i August ld, ano
i artedon its long journey, lt w. s
reoelv?d at Cape Town ou Soptornber
28, and was forwarded from there to
Sidney, reaching the latter plac? on
Ootobei lu N>t being claimed ai
Sidney it wus started back to Green
ville.' Io reached Seattle, Washington
February 24, a id was for wai ;od from
Greenville 11 Mr. Fieidner's addro s
lu Anderson, reaching him on Febru
ary 25.
T.it) letter had boen traveling a lit
tie over ?ix months, and bad hain to
anumber cf dilT rent places. Tho en
velop bore several p sic 111 oe stamp:
which were illegible, but WM still in
tACt and hi good simp.:. The of
carrying tho lettor on its long Journey
was on'y 16 cents.
Mr. Fieldner has tho r.atla'actlon (;f
knowing that the postal system of the
Auths i i ?i, piotity t (Holen t institut) >n.
Ile also IKS tho satisfaction of know
ing that there ls nobody by tho name
of Honry M. Fleidner at (Jape Town,
South Africa, oratSioney, NeASnitli
Hot n lim I'HOO.
A dispatch from Washington says
Senator Tillman, since ho has been
brought prominently forward lo the
iatc legislation tight lus mad) ono
announcement that has bjen well re
ceived In tho Senate and oven In the
House. It ls to the tffiOt that there
ls no necessity for him to visit the
While House for conference with the
President. "The Senate now has
charge of tills matvor," ho says, "and
will ho able to perfect) it wltuout an
slstauoo, Tile prisident lias perform
ed his duties In thc caso In making
recommendations to Con g rosa and in
expressing his views as to what he
thinks ought to bo done." Thc idea
Ot Senator Tillman is voiced most
ilea liny hy tho S> nuiV.
MMIIOIH lloHoued,
After a night of borrer on the deck
of their vessel with death almost stir
lng them In the face for hours, the
crew of the four-masted schooner
Gcorgo M. Grant from Brunswick,
Ca., to Perth Ambert, N. J., lumber
laden, which went ashore at (Jape
Henry, wo.ro rescued Wednosday a.
m. by the Norfolk with tiio ship
wrecked mon. Tho indications are
tl nt th i vessel will bea total loss,
SWfpf?Y WIN?!
One Hundred and Fifty Persons
; Are Reported Killed.
Several Blocks of I}ii<Idlng8 Comolctcly
Deirfpllshed, A?tcr Which the
Wreckage Took Fire. Great
' Damage to Wires ard
Oilier Properly.
A tUspatch from M >bile says a pri
vate lor* g liistanco message rc olivad
from Meridian, Miss., at 9 10 p. m..
says ttio fl:o ls raging in tho devastat
ed district. Tho work of tho rcsoueo;
'?3 going bravely on, UitoviJngto all
lights, being rut lanterna und candios
are hiing used ar d rho work la neecs
sa ry slow. It is thought that 160
bodies aro In tho wreckage. The union
depot* is ono of the buildings blown
away, The telegraph wir s aro still
down botwoen Meridian, M.bile and
other poluta.
A largo rumber of persons arc
known to bo killed and many are miss
lng and unaccounted for at midnight.
Among thc se known to bc dead ar, :
Mrs. Ella Singleton and granddaugh
ter, Mackey Slaughter, Cbudo Wil
liams, P. T. Mclunis, conductor on
tho Mobile and Ohio railroad; Wil
Ham F?. Nelson, formerly city mar
ali all > Among the wounded are;
Charles E mire, W. J. Wcoislde, T.
H Brown, J?rnest Bennett, Frank
Woodruff, Will Yarbrough aud W. C.
Information has rescued Mobile by
fce.'ephone, all telegraph wiros bel g
d)wn, that a destructive tornado vi
ittd Meridian, Miss., at 6 .30 o'clock
last evening, killing 2L white persons
and over a hundred negroes and dam .
)?ing property to the extent of $1,
500,000. There were als*.? he; 1 s . erl
oualy injured bv being oaugbt in the
wreckage of bouses. Too tornado
oangnt the city on the soutliwest anr
traveled to the northeast, expend e;
Itself In two iu'mrbs where many m.
groea were killed and li jured, a wbcl
te nf ment district bclnw wiped out.
T io large wholesale stares, seven I
smtmer OUOH, pp.rt of the principal
notfjl, the eiLcrrio lighting plarit and
ali i mal) puronorty between thc
u of tlie 'oliy "waSTl am
aged. Twenty men were caught in
one restaurant and several woie killed.
Twp stories of the Y. M. ?. A. build
ing were wrooked ard other building
suffered in tho upp^r stories. The
ni gro tenement district north of the
etty wan demolished and the de hrh
o\ught tire, threatening a ucw dangci j
but tho local department, with ti1'
help of hundreds o? CM /. rn-:, v. rem.
tils aficr a bard light. They '? ere
assisted by torrential rain following
tlie tornado. Thc city ls lu dari i s
?nd tho full extent o? the dinas er ? lb
not bo known until daylight. The
known path of tho storm w^s about
GOO feo?j wido and <u o mlle in length.
A long di l?;'.cu m ssage to Tlx
Hem from Meridian, M tau., e tya a ey
cone accompanied by heavy rain
struck that city this evening at G.30
o'clock. The nt nm centre wan in the
southern portion of tho etty a id part
icularly hea"y along Front str. o\
onoof the prinolpal business streets of
r.be town. Nearly every house on
E.ont street ls reported to have been
demolished. Tho Armour Packing
plant fr m which thin message was ru
cc Iv ed hy lng di ta?o?, is the only
building loft standing and thereof
ol t his ls k'one.
Fire broke out in thc ruins and de
spite, the heavy rain, the ll mes were
burning limoj.v wheo this report was
tiled. A i umber of bodi s are report
ed to bs in tua ruini n i Dbe roicuors
.ire working by c.mlle light. The city
ia in total darkness, the electric
lighting plant having 'b en put out
.f ha irless. Tho. cyclone did s v ri
damage at other points adjvcimt to
Meridian and all train? nutt rh g ;v. i
alan arc delaved indetlnitely. Tn
Tho Weitem Uni u Telegraph comp*
any reputed bavin/ lost 16 miles o.
wiro and the Postal Teh graph com
piny al^o rmiT r^d gro.it damage.
Tne wires ate nowa between Atlan
ta, Biri ingham, M >mphlo and othei
points' bud lt is impo&sible to secure
vommuntcalkn with the stricken
city. A lmig distance message to The
item fr m J. D. Breaux, servi?O man
of ibo Cumberlai d Telephone campa
ny at Meridian, Ml.su., gives cv ino
details of tho oyclono that stiuok
Meridian at (I ;iu o'clock Friday e\im
in? as follows.
During a heavy rain storm at 0.31)
o'clock a storm cloud developed In the
south and moved on tluvolty, striking
Kn nt street, the buslncse contre,
.vith full fore. Thc wind was prob
ably blowing 76 miles an hour, The
cyclone, passed over in about two min
utes ano during that period threo or
four WJiuio BQUarOS H??'? u?YiStcd. ii
conservativo estimate places the mun
ber of buildings blown down at be
I ween 30 and io.
Among tho heaviest losers aro the
Meyer Sc Neville Hardware company;
rom LYIO SC GO., wholesale dry goods
and grOCSr ICS; Joseph tl, Moore,
wholesale dry goofs and g roce rle.-.; the
New o.cleans and Northwestern rail
road freight depot and other bull
dings, tue names of which aro not
obtainable at this hour. Thc Mobile
and Ohio depot ls safe as well as the
Southern h?tel, but the (?rand Ave
nu - hotel WAS oOnsldi rahly damaged,
bli!) guests in the latter building co
Caping, and no one was injured.
Faun tba business centre tito oy
clone lumped to East End, whero a
number of residences wero bl >wn
down and Others badly damaged. Mr.
Breaux states that the numbi r of lives
lost Is small, probably not more, than
threo or tour persons. Ono of thc
yiot.lms, a man ramed Johnson, lil
j hom ned In by tho wreckage and at
lu w'clcok Friday night he was reach
1 cd hy tuc rescuers, to whom ho spoke
-r-p-; r- ?-.... ? i "
aria begged tbeiii to hurry and extri-'
cato,him... ? ii . i .' ??.. .
Several Ores were started as a re
sult !o? tbb ey elm m but the' only pil? of
sorlnu > ? mm q'ioi'C J waS'that i ri one'
of the compresses. All lires wero ex
tiugnisbpd py 10 p. m.? Mr Breaux
r.'p'?'rt? all. trains entering' tho 'city on
Mme. Wires of the ielcg\tap,ti'oompa' '
oles are still down. 1
i M ...
Our Southern T'armera, Who AreFow
at the Crisis in the Cot
ton Situation.
This is tho critical year with the
S:Uth?rn cotton f riner. This is thc
year that ls to decide whether he hah
3cli-coutrol enough to govorn himself,
or whether lack of self-control will
again make hloa a slave of the spt cu
Too is8uo bangs upon whether the
cotton tkOreage ls lnoreas'-d bajono
I that of 101)5. If lt is increased, ju>t
in that pioportion will prices dtolino.
There is nothing surer than that. O
if proof were needed, lot any ono ex
amine tho "Statistical View of the
Cotton Situation'' in the Manufactur
ers' Itscord cf January 87ob by tnai
unbiased authority, Coi. A frecl li
Shrpperaou, of ve v York. Fom Gol.
Shepp Tson's article wo got these in
controvertible points:
1. Tho vlsib e supply of cotton is
m Uorlally larder n JW than a year ago,
2. B igllsh mills are likely to,uso less
of our cotton this yoar. ''In view ol
the very much larger supply of lfl^st
Indian cDtton this season aud toe
comparatively high prices of Ameri
can oJtton (now llvo cents per pou; d
above the price of a year ag )," says
(JA. Shepporson, "I think 10urrmrai
mills will use during tho sean m 5)0,
OOO bales moro of Bast ludion c > ,toL
oban last season and 400,000 h 1 ICK
of Americio otton."
'.i. Japanese mills will also reciuln
lo.a Amr.rican cotton tb s year. Hal)
the.y usa in fie Fv.it Iut?iau citton,
aud they lave iiready imported t
? ugo stock of American cotton. Col.
Suepper on thinks toe Japanese de
land will b? f.,r 150,003 fewer bah^
...aa la&fc ;?nr.
4. Inclia v.llb l's increased crop wir
irobobly saud 600,000 m ne biles to
dutxp.- than last season, and this aim
j aicana a lessened demand for ou.
Stubborn product.
j" 6. E?ypt also oomes up with a ma -
terially increased crop-a fifth wain
ing against a big Southern crop.
(i M?S'J of tho new Mancuoatory
mills of which wo havo heard to muon
aro for spinning fine yams from ?gyp
lian colter.-i nd so do not call foi
the excepted lucreaso from our South
ora fav?s.
7. AU in nil then, Col Sheppcr.son ci
vets that with a n.aterlH.ly luoreftsea
.: ply of. cur cot'.ou oa band, "t'n
stimated consumption nf America!
inttOD by the world's m li ls this sei
sm will bc only 11.368,000 ba 63, 0
l 0 cou bales lesa than last ueason."
In veiw of thusa facts, and in view
of the further fact) that throughout
the Scmth there is an unusual domane
for guato end for niu.es, says th'
Progressive Farmer and C.ttoa Plant,
it ). iud o:l high time for tho Soul ' -
?jrn farmers to cad a bulb and buk
their bourn.gs.
And there is no helter way for them
to work out of ttds difficulty than ii
c ?me i getber in L.'.O (Jjtton Urosvcr..'
Association, ami evolve that tin.
South with ic:, lautols of victory ins:
ou its brow, muso noona / oom aub
llnanclal suicido must nob li ema ?
?lio cotton ucee.: go beyond that ot
Lob crop diversification bc the
atohword. There is money in corn,
in peas, in fruits, in vegetables, in
liva slock.
if wc keep our cotton acreage where
it ls aid make supp ies fen uuiselves
and our neighbors from Un ss ou.er
crops, bbc South v/lit ;o ai become toe
richest sec. lon of our e:oun. ry.
If vc KO wild over co i. ton uni repeal
Jio blunder ol 1004, mo mortgage
and tue orup lien will again return to
taunt us and to mock us for cu. folly
(i ) to y ?ur Cutten Grawin*' m. it
logs, orgautz) caiiti township an(
c unty as di rooted elsewhere lu tu.
issue, ana prepare for ihc contest.
Tho Southern (armers luv.; show!
Jut they h ive ibo manhood and me?
tio to stand adVoislty.
Toe next fojrty days will show
whether they have tho prudence and
self-control of siana prosperity. Or
gatazi your township,
S:IOl Al? i\ Ul i .'..IM
While abe Chicago Sb ick C mapany
was playing at thc theatre at Linton
ind., Thursday nighs Miss Pearl B.
Flvyn, a member cf bbc troupe, ma .t
several slighting remarks abuiit the
bown which some of audience ap
plauded and others hissed. Tao act
ress tock tho applause for cnn monda
bion and referred again to thc town in
tho same way. While tho audience
was Indulging In hissing and applause
a man In tho rear of thc house with an
oatii, drew a ruvoivor and aimed lb at
tho aotrcss and tired. Tho bullet
struck Miss lOlvyn in the leg and she
fell on the.fl jor of tho stage. In an
Instant the house was ix an uproar,
with women and ohlldron crying and
wringing their h auls, and men rush
ing, trying to lind the person who
did tho shooting. Tao shooting broke
up tlie play. Miss E vyn was removed
to a el rc ail og room aud her wound
proved not to bo Hcrlous, tho ball
having penetrated only the calf of tier
leg. _
lie Han Away,
Lieut. Arthur H. Freswatcr, of tho
Twenty-ninth Infantry, who recently
Hid to MexlOJ from hts army post in
Texas, whero ho was oonfrontcd willi
ona) gos of cmhtK/.iument oi ujiupauy
funds and swindling of enlisted men,
was dropped from thu army roll as a
deserter, having been absent without
leave for three.mont.is. Tho Depart*
ment of Justice nod tho State Depart
ment will not relax hi their efforts to
secure tao arrest and extradition oi
Lieut. Freshwater,
. A . . . _ i ? ? * r ? J i %
1 : .1.1.. 53 ... SS Sro ,<i:,.j.>.:M i.if. '
%\ui? ?j??. r o .vii ii A NL MD YTEN I
TO Kid!; N??b?tt>Jo?'4'. ' i"1
..,;?n-ji..?.i. si iii .ii ' Ml IA,
,. ,,.() . ? :! ;?',.':.'.? .id . . i -.il
IA nd T heir Houses Bet 'o?j$t f fo&ttf?1
: a '\V; li ito. Brakeman Had. I
. ;''\\i*?^,9.VlW.''..'.u ri ll'.Un
Odio,! wt? tho,'Bcoiio qt/Jb?y^b folder,
ob ac? ?utit of tlYei shooting' qt a yybivfr.
brakeman t?famm* lim ,?avilai.b>
P.estou LaOd and,?5.dg?r,.p(>an.i colored
both of wi tom bad Leon placod undei
arrest and wRdaUkl' ?I^threatene?
lynching hurried under cd vet dr dark "
ness by Ibo authCTftTtW tO'D'ayton,
where they aro now ?afelywlodgeuV W
j ll. Win n tho mob learned .that the
prism om bad ht on taken, from Sprlog
U ld lt went to that part of town
knoAii aa the "Jungle," Inhabited by
colored pcoplo, and began to bun
ar.d Loot (i\v- ilini' bouses and saloons.
Ar, least six dwelling* wore burned
and the contents of one siloon looteed.
A force of 76 member? of local militar)
c, mp.wiin; aro guardirg tho scent
where the mob bolds uv ny.
Miyor Todd shortly after 9 o'olcok
asked' that ompanles of the Tniro
regiment, Onlo Nitional Guard, hu
cahed out. The mob Boon reached
t e "Jung'os" and battered one house
to pitees with stones and posts used
fis battering rams. A general Arc
alarm w?o si unded. The sounding ol
the gongs served to fill the street witt:
pcoplo and the feeling In the crowd?
was tt-nae. The mob entered IC^mp'
ei's saloon In Eist Columbia stree!
and q llckly looted lt.
Kompler and his wife fl:d, leaving
their three little ohlldrcn asleep in t
room over tho siloon. Tho building
wat- rldoltd with bullets and st'onei
and it was only by meu that a wa:
was forced through the mob and th
children rescued. After the pillaglni
of thc saloon drunkenness was ai
added feature of the riot. A*t 1
?'cook members of the mob brok
niough a cordon of police auk BO
tl oto a bouse In tho 'Jungles,1
. doh was q.iicklv burned down.
S irgcaut Oreager, who b?d o larg
tne i quad of polloe, was blt on th
;iead wit.) a brick and seriously wouii
ed. A r. q mst was sent out 10 o'
.luck for the X :dla mlltary company
At ml night blx houses, walch had
naen tired by the mob, were burning
:ie cly and tho poboe had apparent
y hst control of the situation. Onb
.Ix numbers of the heil militia rei.
oouded to the mayor's call and tbi
X mia c mpany, whioh was expeote^
.i .itl no', ai rived.
fcJnciiff Almouey wited Govcrno
Patterson the following: "Send al
possible troops and hold others 1;
r aciness for tomorrow." Sergeen
Ureagcr, the policeman bit in tb
lace v/itb ,vbrick, ls In a seriod? c i
ditton. Tho mob ls stoning and J ti
lug the militiamen, ..ut a show c
bayonets bas suffered so far.to kee
,bo rioters on thc move Tno rum?
jhiit out of town troops aro momi i
i rby expected is having a quintin
fteot on tho mob'.
The city authorities succoed?rl ?
?2 15 o'clook Wednesday tn aw m olin
Ul m pal i s U. and 0. of the ihhd rt i
i oient, O N. G., which aro Station?
nero. The total foioe i.umbers at-oi
76 men. They are now on tho tos?
if tho tire ar.d have pushed the mi
. ck bo:h ways In Columbia stree
:?st from Water street and west fro
B\>>ter street. Just as tho tiO;ips C
rived ene more building was tired ai
.ot ff.rt. were made to savd it, t
police, bieu.cn and tho guarrhm
:ro roiv diroctlng their efforts
firclog the rioters beck t;nd savl
A e property tucside of tho doom
quare. '
f/he iv.ill'ia were. a6Se?ml Ud only
thc nick i f tl rae, as UK- muli had i t
i(< u e.i tb a ?nv z of rage abd thru
> i d to r ? eat tho toenda of March
li) 4. when lt chard D xou was lynt
u>. bu ore ?be troops ei U d prevent
the police will nut ko no arrests
ODnntotlon wlr,o ih.j rioting.
Dt vis, the brav.oman, ls still H]
ata hospita), but there aro no hoi
f I ls recovery.. T..o campan.e?
tho T i rel ie,: ?menta rc ondu.ty.at t
. e.:ne. A C ?myally of tho Niutlt bl
.albon, negro,troops, ls held In ret
.UK ?ss In the armory ? . ..., ...
Tho burned di?tr?otedmprjtics 1
than a city block. The t u idii
were ?11 oho.ip itnemmts. Wi
th:? pi lice J' id tire department w
unable to cope wirb the situate
M .y r !.. dd oallod tip tho a juti
./..aral on long ' dista' o* to ephi
; id io kort usm^ta ce. 'Mtyor Kie
ai gr at difficulty In getting
'un li m n io ri>pji;d to the oill
assemble a>. i?"?> arm-rv. .
II ..!?< O Trti nee! VI ?H.
A dispatch from Colqult, Ga.,
the Atlanta Journal hay:* the coro
has Just toturned from Bibcock. C
wlieie bc went In respon.se to a t
gram froto Cipt. Jaokhon, oaptalr
the convict c;mp at 'Babcock,
Tho coroner says that ho held
quests o vor tho bodies of O. 0. Th
s n, white, and Dock Gaines, colo)
both ounviols. From what tho ci
Btates it scorns that Thomson
G tines were playing, and Tin ra
threw a ropa around Gaines' neck
playful way and threw tho othoi*
of tho rope around a piece of tihafl
while it was running and the end
caught and began to wind tho nc?
up. Thomson sielng lt tried to
tho rope, loose from ?lie shafting
ho was oaugbt lt lt and tho rt snit
both parties lost, their llvrw.
Sluttier ed 'i'iiroo.
Two armed negroes entered
store of to1 rank Potto, an a?ed 1
l>n, ali Gross Point, N.iar Now C
loans, La , on Monday night and i
him dead, fit ally wounded his
sons, aged 13 and 14, and then roi
tho store_'
M .ny Dri.wmU.
Thc :.!:%:'::. l.tSt Wick did COP.S?C
hie damage to shipping on the ct
and many peuple were drowned,
tug Daniel Wi I hard sunk on
Main o'dMh and liva men were drow
and feiir word lost on another ti
vesaol not far f.om P dlx^elnhla.
Kitty Simien.
New York ts to bavvt a skvnci
50 stories in height, the top of ?
will bo eroded at. Broadway and
crty street by tho Singer Manufa
lng company,
il'i i' > 1 _L"1 b 1 ,mfi
,' .! .<( I 5iii.'
/ ft/31
' !#.d|f W<fl
t., J|ilel>|?.M?J it -ii --'!
ul ! t .. 'Jill 'll'JI l,.r^7 ?> /'
. I< I M.I I < , (I Ml 1*4 f.?
-the City, of Clwrleatofl. o
(uiii nliiin-ioq "I** h 111 ' ' ;,M
'j j l..t..,I?u.t/'."'|?. .r?Vr..| -ill >t? '.f? I")
; fer I xi?aya'4Mtii''';
hi A Y burna ?il J lu .'l.jvi >| !
ll .<ii?i unit m lin- omi'" "I I- ? ;
i .ll I .j, Ml , ll?. ? kn . ll 13
Packages Cosigned io Holders ,ot nRer**
Oil <|i?f??ll t/i'l) ?I i?? i I" '* >?Hi- " ; 1
odfe'Llc?W?ii,ConlI?ta<?d s?d' SbV " ' i
o..I". .->:.! "?;; *1 lo .(..??I?-.j .
f " Gallons1 ol'V?rlo?K KloUa 1 1
" ' m ,.,!/' .. lt lt; H I t?o' "' > "'J
of Booze In Olllc?.
I?lI?I I. ' . I
?pw- (i a. ?s,! P M P"? Ohlei-of
Constables W. B. Hemmet ?blppedito
Columbia Thursday momio? a rcpord
breaking haul, made lalo Wadnrsday
afternoon at the i ffi:eof th?- Southern
Express O mpany, on H?sell street,
where under his order?, Distrlob Chief
Holmes, In the name of the State,
took possession of nearly four hundred
gallons of ltqu >rs and wines that bavo
boen banked .up at .the express office
si noe December.
ChlefJIi?iuiet said Thurtday toa
reporter for The Evening Poft that
ho had oonsulted the Attorney Gener
al about this ease, and had made the
-.eizure of tue l!quor< In the express
office, o mslgncd to mon In Charleston
holdlngrbrevt>nue licenses, with the ad
vice of the Attorney General along
chis line of procedure. He further
stated that If the oompany wishrd to
ontest the seizure, that the State
was prepared to meet them half way.
Mr. V/. W. Allen, agent of the ex
press company for Charleston, said
hat he did not know what would be
done about the matter by the oompa
uy, and that he was In no position to
ncakea statement on the . subjeot.
O (?def Ham met came to Charleston
Wednesday for the pu pose of carry
lug out the sc:z jn of tho stuff, and
gave tho direct 1 ja for Its formal
seizure lato Wednesday afternoon,
mere wero ninety-ii vo packages in the
lot takou, averaging from thro , toten
callous in biz j, auu tnese confiscated
JOCZ3 bundks were shipped to Colum
ia 'l.Vuo d ty morning.
For over inreo months, between the
tours of sunrise aud sunset, Chief
Constarlo Uno;, has had from one
to two or three men stationed at the
.xpress effi^o on liisell street, guard
ing the accumulating packages of li
quor that were shipped to tho 'tigers'
.ir thc city for tho Christmas tiado.
In several oases the liquor was loaded
ai the express wagons for delivery,
md sent to tho addresses oh the paok
tges, but they wore not received by
vho couhlgnees, for behind tho wagons
.railed constables on wheel*, and the
Igcrs were afraid to unload tho goods
from theixpress wagons.
Cms queut'y tim Jjquor was return-',
id to ibo ixpressoffice and piled up to
.?.wait delivery. Many attempts have
u&cu n al by the consignees to got
.ne i.i uo: from tho otb oe wa ons or
ytiO illino into their pUojs of business,
jut these fur the mo>t part have fall
?U, and so the p e..., ?;v, of whiskies,
iraudtes, wiucs, ojrolaU aud other
LIOLOIIO beverage.', havo oollected
uutil, when thu s-dzurj WUB made
vVoonisday, oloi<e to a hundred pack
ges of l:qu ir bad acjumul ited at tho
m te, valued at outween $1,000 and
$2 ooo, and stan ling for twioe as
.ouco profit to tho e.e.Lrs.
Toe liq lor nas bern liing for many
vue ks ua.iiozo.'i. As long ai tue pack
go wai io tho posaLt.snu *of ibo ex
arch:, com jany ino '.on>table-i na vu
iut heriittf jro touched any consiga
.neut to a koo AH tl^er, hut hava con
.tated th. mscives with koepaig lt uri
i?r guard, aud in th J ?M M M of
oe carrier o ja piny. Chief n unmet
.ai taken i ho pus) lion j back il oy tho
. c-?.on cf Abburue) General Ganter,
tiat' ititi HLI.1I can bo setz;u at the
fdiyiffiout.f me company, and with
t i,ii? lu view, ca lie co C i ir.uioun Wad
'icsoay to.t-ff ot toe bc.zu,e.
Tao g??id against tao delivery of
funner, ship ..eui.:, la maintained aa
u.uai, lib urida v , ?nd a o muoiolsiu
fron y bf. toe effio; re*dy b> follow any
.Uiplcijus pion go. LVaif vlay ?uoru
oig two lieg? wtr.; he z;o, afo..r ba?og
tihtowu overo, a d oy a launa i 8inug
rtler, and storm ut tue headquarters
f the ojnstaoles, winch showed that
obey wero on thc alcib on all sides.
The salz tro made at tue express of
lice ls record breaking in point uf S.ZJ,
,is well as In lie nature, and seems to
ond the chapter of the CarlsuniS li
quor saory for the present.
Iltiriiml tn 1> >?th.
Miss Maggie Swartz, whoso home
. a? in Columbia, was the viotlm of a
horrible death by Uro at Klilians in
it uulund oounty Thursday. Sho was
visiting near K ilians at tho time and
was out watching a number of men
burn ctf a right of way for a tram
road. She was asked to ext<r,gulsha
lire in a turpentine box whlou caught
tiro near her and in throwing an apron
ruli of sand on it, the.lUmcs shot out
and envelopod her aiiS'bCt lire to her
clothing. Sho rau screaming and b -
foro she could he ovortakcu she was
dead. The b >dy was found in uuder
bush a short distanc? away, not evon
her shoes hoing left.
W?ntcil to J).i;.
Maria Hrowcr, a nogro woman, at
tempted to commit suloido at Green
ville by pouring a gallon of kerosene,
oil over herself and applying a match
Waen found she was without clothing
and h. r body a miss of burns. Bjfore
trying the oil raothod, tho woman
threw luuse.lf in front of a train, bub
was driven away before tho locomo
tive reaoaed hor. Sho is a oooaino
fiend. _
Thin j Di ow x<!il.
Thirty men were drowned Wednes
day night by the wrcok between
liangesund and Uargon, of the Nor
wegian o tasting sohnoex r Thor. Tho
vessel's oablo broke during a nmrloiine
at.d sho was blown ashore ind sank.
Oaly three of tho crow were saved,

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