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Chief of l'olice White Shots and
Kills Farmer Ashley
Al H unca Path, S. C., and the Friends
ol thc Dead Man Wanted to Lynch
White, but Troops Were
Sent to the Scene at
A terrible tragedy was enacted at
Honea Path on last Thursday af ter
noon, as a re. ult of which John Mar
ion Ashley was killed. A dispatch to
Th- State say a Chief of Polio J White
undertook to arrejt a sou of Mr. Ash
ley when Mr. Ashley drew bis pistol
and attoinpted to shoot Mr. White,
whereupon Mr. White drow bia pistol
and tired twice Ju quick succession,
both balls taking tiTaot, one entering
the chest and the other thc stomach.
Mr. Ashley also ii rid twice, one ball
grazing Mr. v\ o. es thumb. After
thia TUA White aimed and walked
luto Hoi.a ds, when ho was lired at
by some one from behind the store.
There w s a large crowd in town
and considerable excitement prevailed
for a time. Reports were current that
an attempt would bo made to lynch
Mr. White and the sher.IT was tele
graphed for at-d later the governor
waa asked to ania company here to
prevent poasibh nlo. dshed. The sher
ill and a comp,...:, ?rom Anderson
have arriveu and eveijt.dng ia quiet
at this hour. Mr. White aunendered
to tho sheriff and has been sont to
Anderson. This is the ti rat homicide
that has occurred within three miles
of llouca P^tn. White received one
Excitement was high when shoot
lng took pl.'.e s and all kinna of wild
rumors wer: ulljat as to the intentions
of tho Ashtoys, who were in Honea
Path lu lai gc numbers. So far they
have done nothing oxcept watoh close
ly what they think ls the hiding
place of white, threatening to kill bim
at drat sight. Tho military company
lone a Pat h. ^?ol^ m nany^waa ??nt
to give tho best protection to the "po
liceman. The whole town was armed
and bad the Ashley's attempted to
reach Whito a bloody riot would have
John Marlon Ashley diod about 10
o'clock Thursday night, Capt. P. K.
McGuliy, Jr., arrived with the mili
tary company fiona Anderson on a
special tiain at the same hour. Slier
Iff Green accompanied the troops aud
took command of conditions In Honea
Path immediately on nts an i val. Pa
llet man White was piaeed cn thc
special iraln ar d taken to Anderson
for safe keeping. Ila vwis shot in Un
hand ano is not fu riously hurt. While
exo tcment WHS In leuce immediate]!)
after thc shooting, lt gradually sub
Bided as lime passed und when tin
military ariived thc streets were o.ear
ed and order waa reitored, Tue Asid, j
clan began to ti in out.
Tho Slate t,i.1,s news or the trouble
reached Columbia ai.eui aeveu o clock
Thursday ti ghi-, in a mi ssa ge o G v
lit y waul, ask I II? him to uk.; aiepu ti
prevent, fur. her trouble. Il seemed to
be feared that the Ashleys would ab
tempt to lynch Will bo if he made an
(Hort to get away from the huise to
which he went after the shouting.
Gov. Hey ward at c ne got Into commu
nication with Sherill Green of Auder
son and uiatructcd him to go at once
to thc scone, and ordered thc Anderson
militia company to turu outsubjtct
to the ordern of the sherill', giving in
Htrnotions aho that a special train he
secured to take the sherill' and militia
to linnea Path. Sheri if Green was al
ready preparing to go, although lie
was sick, and ho immuliately proceed
ed tinner the governor's Instructions.
Capt. P. IC, Mcdill. Jr., soon liad
his company read/ to leave Anderson,
36 strong, and the trip to Honea
Path was evidently mane ina short
time. It ls ten milos from Andersen
to Helton over the Hine Ridge railroad
and eight miles from Hilton to Honea
Path over che Columbia and tireen
ville division cf the Southern. Wnen
the parly reached Honea Path White
was at ol ci secured, witi.out any
trouulo from him, of course, and waa
taken lo Ai ch.rson hy the sheriff;
Capt. McOully, it seems, remained in
charge of tho situation at lljnoa
Hones Path ls In thc county cl An
demon, hut tho killing of the negro
Allen Pendleton last September, iii
which John Marion Ashley and othors
wcro Implicated, took place a few
miles from tho town of Honea Path
In Abbeville county, the town being
veiy near thc lino. J;,lin Mailon Ash
ley was one of the men under indict
ment for the kliliig if Pendleton.
The case agah st them was to hav>
been heard at the emit in Abbeville
last- month, but was postponif|.
Pendleton, it will be remembered,
killed young Jim Mooro and In turn
was hims lr "lynched" by "unknown
parties," fo: wh c i deed warrants
were taken i ut for John Marlon Ash
ley, J. lt M .ore, tho father of the
boy kided, John, .1 sh and Will
Mooro, hu brothers, S.im Higby and
Hugh I? wen. John Marion Ashley
was an uncle by marriage of tho bo>
Jim Moore, and according to tho evi
dence at tho inquest ho was the leader
of the gang wno took Pendleton to
the woods.
John Marlon Ashley la a cousin of
tho justly celebrated "Oitiuon" Josh
Ashley, who has for so many yt.ars
represented Anderson county tn the
legislature. Members of tho Ashley
family have had serious trouble be
fore this with the police of Honea
Path. Policeman. Whito, it seems, has
not long been on tho forco of Honea
Bequest Blank Venturo Pevived in
all Dispensaries and Gcods
May bo Bent Back.
Tho new Btate board rf dispensary
directors assumed control of the busi
ness Wednesday af tor noon, adopting a
sensation set of resolutlonal as a
starter in what promises to bo an im
proved and highly interesting admin*
letration. Tho resolutions assert that
"several huudrod thousand dollars
worth of high prioed goods" have
been purchased by tho old board "with
no legal record of purchase" and ap
parcntly "not ordered shipped In ac
cordance with law." Therefore, the
resolutions say, tho board will em
ploy tho best counsel lt can Und and
In the event, this suspicion ls confirm
ed "the shippers of these goods will
bo not! tied that these goods aro herc
sut J ,ot to their ordeu, and the same
mu?t be removed at once."
Tho resolutions go on to instruo'.
the clerk to publish a complete in
vjlce of the goods on hand, see that
the people of tho Btate can and will
see thc condition of affairs at the
state dispensary on thc 1st of March,
And "tho commissoner is hereby
instructed not to rec ?ive any goods
claimod to have been bought by oi r
predecessors lo ellice, or any goods
now in transit; and that no goods
whatever shall bc ordered except
goods purobasod by the present bjarc1
(d' directors."
Tho dispensary investigating oom
mittco ls called upon to furnish thc
names or any whiskey houses sus
prcted of unfair dealings with the
state "so that we can hold up their
bids "
The request blank feature of the
law which Senator Tillman "roasted"
thc old board for allowing to fall Into
disuse ls called back Into operation
in no uncertain terms, delineiuents in
this respect to bo Jerked up before
the governor.
Auother recommendation of S na
tor Tillman ls carried out in chang
lng tlie form of the advertisement for
bids so as to put them on a competi
tivo basis.
Although the state dispousary is In
urgent need of certain Hues of sup
plies only about/ $1,200 worth of pur
chases were made lu cheap goods to
supply immediate needs. The board
ac j Durne d to meot again on the 20tb
ri tho legality of enrollases made
by tue old iioatd will be further'can-'
The annual stock-taking now in
progress will not be complete for sov
oral days. Commissioner Tatum esti
mates the stock on hand at the state
dispensary at 840,000. Probably moro
Dhan that amount is in tho sub-dis
pensaries throughout the state.
Five oarsof high priced whkkoy are
li iw standing in the yards, Commis
sKiiier Tatum having refused them.
How much more ls on the road is not
known. The old board has not yet
made its report te? tlie legislature. Tho
only member of the old board present
."o transfer the business oo tho now
board was Mr. hoy kin.
Tee new board gave out a r umber
of clerical Jobs today. M. H. M. bloy
wa8 made olcik of tho board t.o i-u -
ced G. ll. Chalks, resigned, J S J
Faust, of II m ?erg, was ma.ie general
b okkeeper to sue'fted Mobl?y, Miss
Sadie Thrailktll, of Riohburg, suec eds
Miss Floret ee McKmzlo as stenog
rapher to tuc board and Wi.Ham F.
Lim;-1; of Colmi bia, si deeds Joe L.
fvmrp as I usp ct: r.
The resolutions, which will create
so much Interest, were, introduced by
Mij Blaok, Tlioy were unanimously
A Petri ii xi Body.
Recently G. W. McKo^n, E. P.
Macomson and Kenyon M ?Craw had
occasion to lake up the remains of a
lady relative who was buried hi the
Scrv'ce grave yard, about soven miles
from Gaffney, aud move it to another
grave in the same cemetery. When
they dug down to the box and attemp
ted io move it they found it too heavy
for the help at hand to move. They
oponed tlie coffin and to their amt Ri
ment they found that tho body was
partly petrified. Tho head and feet
had decayed but the rest of the bony
wai perfeot. The body was re entered
as was at first planned. This lady was
one of Gaffney \s most highly respected I
and best beloved ladies.
ftluvdor Ami Muioido.
A dispatch from Augusta, Ga., says
M L Coiion, a young Hebrew, at an
..arly hour Thursday morning after
retiring with lils wife at a house on
Market street, secured a gnu, shot his
wifo and then himself. Ho died in
stantly. Tue woman never regained
c lusciousness, and died a Short while
? f tor bi lng f? ind several hours later
Tney came from Savannah a fow days
ago. Tney were married hero six
weeks ago.
IOU tl oi< Kinn Editor.
L. Stuckey, editor of The Peoplo'B
Demands, was shot and killed at Col
fax, La , Thursday morning by A. M.
Goodwin, editor of the Colfax Chroni
cle. Tlie caus i of tho tragedy was
the publication of an artioleby Stuck
ey which lt ls alleged was a roil dion
OD the character of Goodwin. Tlie
shooting occurred on the depot p!at
fo.m. Gcodwl Hied turee shots, all
of which took cITect, killing Stuckey
almost Instantly
c. ni Examiner.
Tho governor, upon the recommen
dation of the banks, has appointed L.
C. llolleman, assistant cashier of the
poople's bank of Anderson, bank exa
miner. Mr. llolleman ls ;i5 years old
and a fine business man. Thc salary
ls 83,000 and traveling expenses, and
ho ls to have an assistant at a salaiy
of 81,f)00.
Pitty HtorloB.
New York is to have a skyscraper
50 stories In height, the top of which
will bo erected at Broadway and Lib
crty street by tho Singer Manufactur
ing oompany.
Hasty Found Quilty of Murder
With Plea of Mercy.
After Receiving Sentence of Life Im
prisonment in the Penitentiary the
Prisoner Bicaka Down and
Ween s With tils Fricada
In the Court Mouse
After deliberating for something
over twelve hours the jury oharged
with the trial of George Hasty, at
Gaffney, for tho murder of Milan lieu
nott, brought In a verdiot on Tuesday
morning of last week of guilty with a
recommendation to mercy. While
uo accurate pull could be ascertained,
tt ls understood that tho majority of
theiJnrors stood for oapital punish
ment, and acquittal was not an issue.
Shortly after 8 o'clook the Judge re
paired to the court room and tho vor
diet was announced. Tbe news of
thc agreement of the Jury spread the
olty like wlldtlro. Since tho men re
mained out so lo.jg, tho prediction
was expressed that a mistrial would
But tho verdict was a triumph of
law and order and decency. It vin
dicated the majesty of the law, and
will stand as a warning to thoso who
think that by any meeus they can
rldo h Up shod over what ls decent and
?rderly, and in doing so spill human
blood and lightly escape. The senti
ment In G.iiTncy was strong y against
tho cen? lote d man. Tue good people
of Cherckee county do not want to go
on record as upholding or countenanc
ing bim and their verdiot ls the best
evidence <. f their opinion.
At ? 30 o'clock court convi ned. At
tornoys for defendant gavo motion of
a new trial, which was overruled.
After a bhort time George. Hasty,
nandou ff ed, and accompanied by an
chicer, walked down the aisle from
thc main entrance f the court room
in an erect and indi li?rent manner
On reaching the chancel of the bar,
inside of which he was soon to sit, lie
pleasantly exchanged tbe greetings of
the day with Gol. George Johnstone,
leading c musel of the defense, who
was comfortably seated near a st .ve.
Ho found his accustomed place inside
the railing, and beo.>me au apparently
uninterested and indifferent specta
Judge Mom minger asked if tho de
fendant was ready for sentence of
court to bo imposed. Mr. H. K. Os
borne, of coutisel for the defense,
stated that tbe motion for a new trial
would not ba argued-it would he left
with the court. But an effort would
be mado for the arrest of judgment
under tho act ,of 1905, under which
this court is held, which limits the
session for one week, and tbat under
this rule the verdict rendered after
midnight last Saturday was null and
void, and world eliminate tile parsing
of sentence. Thc court replied that
ne woulc be governed by section 27
which he had in view when ho carrico
tho eas? ovor, and f ur i her stated that
it would he left to the supremo court
to be the a!biter.
When the |u Jge again a^ked If the
prisoner was ready for sentence, tlx
icply was, "subject to our motion,"
ri. e court said, "lam going to ovor
tule teat motton; are you ready for
Mr. Osborne replhd, "We have no
further motion, your honor."
Tue pil?ouer was tuen directed to
tand up, George Hasty arose and
stood erect with his face iqiareiy
facing the judge. There was not the
slightest hat of an eyelid, tho faintest
quiver or twitch of the muscles of
features to indicate that he was in
any way lmp;?.sscd by thc solemnity
of thc occasion. But t?tere sat the,
Judge In his ermine-there were the
culvers of thc c mrt -about the pris
oner were his lawyers and In thc rear
in thu room some thieo hundred poo
Tho scene wah dramatic and Judge
Mf.mmlnger, in addressing tho pris
oner, said:
"You have been tried herc on
oharge of murder and you have stiff ir
ed the fearful and horrible ordeal of
the last live days in which your life
has been hanging in the balance. 1
have endeavored to give you an abs y
lutely fair and impartial trial. You
havo boen represented by able and
earnest counsel. You have bad the
benellt of a most complete and able
defense. 1 may have erred In the
conduct of your lease. It ls possible,
but 1 do not think so. 1 have given
you my best judgment and best
thought In this case, Thc jury bus
convicted you and given you the bene
llt of thc law, which reduces thc pun
ishment for murder from hanging to
imprisonment for life. Tho court hus
no discretion In tho matter.
"Have you anything to say why
senleuce should net be pronounced on
Tue prisoner replied through conn
sci. "Nothing, but what has been
Tue court said:
"Listen now to thc sentence of the
law. lt being lr quired of thc defen
dant Gscr"<j Hasty whether he hath
anything to say why sentence Should
not bc pronounced against him, and
he saying nothing to tho contiary ex
copt what has already been said, lt 1?
hereby ordained and it is thc sent once
of thc law that he, George Hasty,
from henceforth and hereafter, bc
confined at hard labor In the State
penitentiary for the remuiuder of his
natural life."
After concluding thescntonce Hasty
resumed bb seat.
After receiving tho sentenco of
doom, so solemnly and Impressively
uttered hy thc Judge, as he stood
strong, youthful and full or life in the
sunlight that beamed through the
windows of tho court room, and to
seating himself, lt appeared that ?las
ty was a man of iron. Ifor liv.; days
he had passed tho ordeal and lt, seem
ed that tho cruolal test surely ha 1
boon experienced. Was the man
really made of Iron? Was there any
manner In willoh to reach his heart;
or was he to any degree susceptible to
gentler or enuc hiing inlluenceh?
Then the unexpected happenod and
In avery abrupt and startling manner.
Ills honor had retired to tho ante
room and thero was a stir and bustle
about thc oort room. li v. Ernest
Ross, a yoting minister, walked to the
seat of Hasty and placed his arm
around tho unfortunate young man.
Then the pent up feelings of a week,
the latent springs of emotion burnt
forth in a torrent of tears. Tho
young man wept unceasingly, without
sound, but tho slide Od wa? more pain
ful and awful thau tho sharp shrill
cry of mauy babes or women. Hort
was a strong man in agony. Thc
minister wept with bim. Presently
they wore J tined by John Kltoiilns, a
bat bar and elosc friend of the prisoner
he is a youth of slight build, light
oom pl ex lon with hair to matoh and
blue eyes. He too wept. The three
made a strange plot uro as they g'oup
ed 1/ gother arouud a denk in the
chancel of the bar, wbllo a short ils
tance off several leading lawyers car
ried on a lively convocation, inter
sported w'th laughs and smiloa, to
tally oblivious of tho great grlof only
a few feet away. When the minister
departed Klteblns remained with
Hasty. The two sat together In the
chancel and throughout tho talk tear
would trickle down Hasty's oheck and
bia companion sorrowed with him.
After remaining lo court room for
an hour after sentence had hum pro
nounced the handcuffs were placed on
Hasty by the s'.ierti and bo was ac
companied again to the ct unty Jill,
where he will remain until the su
rremo court lltially settles the matter
whether or not ho will got another
trial. In the event bo falla tho re
mainder of hi? life will be spent in
the penitentiary.
Miss Sheridan and Miss Bishop were
not present when sentence waa pasaeo
on tho man who had deprived each of
her Intended husband. These young
women who, during their stay her.
have been shown many courtesies am
attentions lo Gaffney, will return tc
morrow and Tl u rad ay to their north
era hom's. Misa Bishop g?;es to
Chicago and Miss Sheridan to Now
York. The writer has lt ou excellent
authority that thc verdict of the j irv
ls satisfactory to these young women,
who have tull* red so much as the re
sult of the tragedy,
Mr. J. C. Outs, pf counsel for the
prosecution, received a telegram from
N. M. Comlelgh, president of thc Ac
tors' S cloty of America, which reads
as follows:
"Congratulations to you and o'har
gentlemen, who so admirable con
ducted pios?o ition. Compliments to
Mr. Sease and thanks to you all for
magniiieent defence of ladles' diarao
tors against Johnstone s cowardly as
8uult#" aaas ? ;_~ -
S'x Oblblron DiHaopoAr in Now York
In T\v.> Days.
A dispatch from New York says
Into the mysterious maze of tho me
tropolis six children have vanished
from their homes since Monday with
out leaving a single clew to aid their
relatives and the p dice In the search
which ls belnir made for them.
Albertina Wolr.z, Mfteen years old,
pretty and tall, left her home at No.
5"J8 East Om. Hundred and Fifty,
third street, Moi diy morning to go to
her wi rk ai thc Eitorprlao Dyeing
c mpany'ri p'ant at C Jumbos avenue
?.od Eighty-fifth street. Sha has not
boon seen since, although every tlf ri
hus be- n made to lind her. Her par
ents ballcvo that she bas been kidnap
Margaret Kemp, aged thirteen
year?, aud 10 Ina Wyaiss, aged ten,
temporarily held at thc Laura Frank
lin home and hospital for foatraent,
were seen ta1 king to a strange man
Monday afternoon on the hospital pi
azza. Tiley have not been seen since,
although they wore dressed In thc
gray uniform of the home, and are bc
mg sought by the police, tho Gerry
society and their relatives.
Thomas Rowlina, aged eighteen, of
No. 1514 Lexington avenue, invited
A milo Hyams, ?ged sixteen, of No.
115 Eist Nltietv-t'ightb Street, to go
out and get soma soda v/ater with him
Monday ev bing, Thc b.iy displayed
?S50 In the store. After leaving thc
store nothing has been seen of the
youth and ins e ?mpanlon,
General alarms have ht on sent out
In the ?ftse of each of tho missing
children, an I all tho policemen i f ov
ery precli ct have been searching for
timm, but in vail, so far.
ftiiirdorei Frood,
Word roncho i Poonevllle, Owsley
county, Ky., Fri ay, that tho Court
-f Appeals .had domed a rehearing
to Hiram Brandenburg, who was rt
. e. nily "on vie ted of tho murder of
ll I.? rt Lynch. At an eaiiy hour
that leeming half a dozsn friends of
the condemned man entered tue rosl
dence of the J tiler, John ll/ker, and
at the p lint of their pistol.? compel"
?erl him to open thc door of the priSOu
and release lila prisoner. They lock
ed tho jailer In the cell with bis own
keys. The Jailer says he ?a car tain
he does not know who tho men were,
nig <i nu Ti Htio.
"How does the j"g tr.ido hold OUlV
queried a Herald reporter toan em
pioye of thc S ?Uth?rn Ehtpross c mpa
nv EViday. There ls a s Ight Increase,
you might say, Instead of the seventy
live gabon por day average, lt would
oe a conservative estimate to put lt
any whi r, frrm e ghty to ninety Ral?
lons pi r r ay. On Some dayl Pr.
(iay and Sui unlay s for instat e i, there
la a tremendons rush; but tho average
throughout tim week will hold good
at eighty or ninety gallons per day.
This from the Spartanburg Herald
shows that tho jug trade In that ol ty
ls flourishing,
Found in ? Tree.
When a q lanlty of nitro glycerine
exploded near Willlamston, W. V.,
two weeks ago, n D. ivarr wasciriv
lng a wagon in which it Wftfl being
carried. All that could be found of
him Immediately after tho explosion
was a few pieces of llosh and these
were shipped to Ohio for burial. Fri
day his laooratcd body was found In a
tree three hundred foot from the
soeno of the explosion.
Over Twelve Hundred Men En
tombed in a Furnace.
Hundreds sf Bodies Have Been Tsken
Ont. Trance ls Shocked by the
Magnitude of the Catastrophe
the Worst In Mining
A rliepatch from Paris says a min
ing catastrophe of Incaluable horror
and magnitude has stricken thc groat
coal centre of northern France. An
explosion of tirc-damp at 7 o'clock
Saturday morning carrlod death and
destjuotton throughout the network
of o ' al mines centered at Courrlore,
and Ure followed tho explosion, mak
Irg pscue dinioult, and almost 1m
P legible. AU France has been pro
funnily sheeked by the magnitude of
che disaster, whioh 1B said to be the
gre;* ?.est in the history of continental
T ie hcene of the catastrophe ls the
mountainous mining region near L?ns
in the department if Pat-de-Oalaia.
Here are huddled small hamlets of
ihe'mlnc workers, who operate thc
mos o produo:ive coal mines in France.
Tro subterraman chambers form a
s rles of tunnels. Six of tho outlets
am noar Dens, and others are at
Cou-rlere, Verdun and many other
points The output of these mines lb
par:jculu.rv aombmtible and is largely
usen lo tho manufacture of gas and
In smelting. About 2,000 mlne^
work the group of mines and, with
.heh- families, make a population of
fro/;? 0,000 to 8,000 souls
The catastrophe took piace shortly
af'or 1 705 msu hud descended Into
the .mino Saturday mornlug. There
wr.i a deafening explosion .vhloh wrs
followed by the cages and mild: g ap
paratus bciug hurled from tim mouth
or the Courlere mino. Men and h( rs?.s
nesfiby outside the mino woro either
ml/ic cilice was t'^rn cit. Immediately
oluiw1-.- the explosion tho flames
:,j^.< . .jai thc mouth of tho pit, driv
Ingfback those without who sought to
enter and dooming those within.
The work of attempting to resoue
tho imprisoned miners was hastily be
gun by i Mel?is, engineers and miners
irora the uurrounding mlues, who
trorued parties and made heroic ef
forts to penetrate thc smoke and foul
gases and bring out the imprisoned
men. Tho families of the entombed
miners crowned about the shaft, seek
lng fathers or hUMb.audsand threaten
ing In their efforts to obtain details
to force Lack the gendarmes who kept
them from the mouth of the pit. Toe
populace of the district is appalled
hy the disaster which ill ct s overy
household. Those persons who were
rescued were terribly ..inned.
lb baa beon learned that cut of
1,7'J? men who ri- ?cended into thc pi is
bc work, only 501 have come up, leav
ing 1,204 burled in tho three pits.
Throughout the afternoon bbc heroic
. IT rts at rescue were continued, but
nightfall brought the oouvlebion thai
the entombed men had been suffocated
and tho dlapatch fruin Lille at 8 45 p.
m. announcing bbc norah :r of death at
1,1115 appears bo remove bhe lasb hop.;
Chat Obliers may bo broughb bo the
surface alive.
Some cf bhe imprisoned miners
soughb to escapo to bhe pit? whioh re
mained iutaob and Bcveral resoues
were made. Tho tirsb cages carno up
ab 10 o'clock wibh about a ch./.in half
suffocated men, who were promptly
taken to the hospital. Among them
was M Voisin, an ongluoor, wno had
attompted to organ/.) a suocor. To
wards noon wounded workmen began
to bc brought up In tho baskets r?ud
the bodies of two men were taken from
?;lt. 10. It ls fearod tho remainder had
been asphyxiated. Assistance reach
ed (Jour ri ere from all sections cf the
department and a large force of volun
teers took parb in tho efforts mado to
rei 0U0 tho entombed miners, recover
the bodies of tho killed and help In
I e killed and help in the work of sal
0.:e of tho rescued miners, Pierre
Dasson, said: "1 was 280 metres from
thc shaft when I heard a deafening
explosion. The air Immediately bf
oame iarlfled and tilled with poisonous
vapors. Instinctively 1 groped m>
way toward tin |bottom of tho shaft of
pit 2, near whioh I round a number cf
suffocating comrades who had fallen
ocipless in thc galleries and were cry
i .g for assistance. 1 assisted thom to
mount the trolley ami thus thoy were
'nabled t.o reach the shaft." A state
jfstupor and desolation prevails ove.i
the Courrierc mining reg O I. Toe
most agonizing scenes aro witnessed
at the pit mi ir hs and tho gendarmes
xperh coe the utmost difficulty In re
straining tho crowds of people eager
io ascertain the fate of their relatives.
Thc chief engineer of tho di part
mint Pa i-.li-Jal?is, M. L'on, says
that tho Ure haiku out In tho pit ab
;j o'clock lasb Monday afternoon and
tim engineers ocped with it aa best
they were able, bub bhab Friday, hi
ing unable to master it, they closed
all the outlets. Fissures, he thinks,
must havo formed which permitted
the gases to cjcipo and these becom
ing lg .ltod, resulted in an explosion.
Orio of tho engineers of the mine says
that the cage was unable to descend
moro than 150 motres, whilo tho gal-,
lory where tho miners aro entombed
is 50 motres farther down.
Rescuers who descended In bills cage
report having heard distinctly the im
prisoned mon tapping on thc water
pipes, bub bbc hopo that was rekindled
by thia statement was extinguished
by IOnglnoor Loon, who estlmatod
that lt would take eight days to dis
lodge tho dobrls in the shafts, and
killed. Tho ro*>f of the
that meanwhile the miners would die,
either from starvation or asphyxiation
The latest news news received in
Paris is to the o iv-.ot that reaouers
wore still at work, but wero making
uliKht progress, their work hoing moat
dlQlcult and dangerous. Up to tho
presont time 150 bodies hava been
taken from pits 10 and ll, all the
having boen asphyxiated.
A Torrlble Tragedy In Atlant?
Caused by Joaluuny.
At Atlanta on Friday Mrs. Edward
M. Sandifor, aged 25 years, shot and
killed her sister, M his Ul.a joell Whine
man t, aged 18, alleging that abe com
mitted the deed because of her hus
band's attention to her victim. Thc
dead giriwa to have been married
this week to a young business mar
of Seneca, S. O , and all plans for the
marriage had been practically com
Mrs. Sandifer wont early Friday to
tho home of her brother-in-law, D
P. Dunham, with whose family Miss
Whlsemant made her home, and en
tered the Bleeping room of her sister.
What words passed between the two
wero known only to the two, but soon
four Bhots rang out and Miss Whlsa
mant fell, wounded In in the breast
just above tho heart, and In other
vital parts. She died half and hour
later without having spoken.
Mrs. Standifer went to her home
and telephoned to her brother-in
law's home, asking If Miss Whlsouant
was dead. Being informed tbat sbc
had died, Mrs. Staudlfer expressed nj
regret for her act, and said abe
would fdlow Mr. Dunham's advice
and surrender to the police. Soe was
arrested lator. During the day she
converged freely with the police till
cials, declaring sho had "avenged
her outraced womanhood."
E M Staudlfer came to Atlant;
about two years ago "from Gadsden,
Ala., where he married his wife. Hu
father, he says, is W. IO Standifer,
Uultcd Stat' s marshal at Ga.d-.dcn,
and his ui clo, W. IL S audlfe. , ht
asserted, is assistant Uulted Stater
district at'.orney at tnat pl c.
lie was detained at tho po
lice station after his wife was arrest
ed, on the eu sp cb. u tbat ho ma
nave had sc nv (.tully knowle-go <
r.he oritne The dead plri is saul t.
bave been enyageo t<i be married ii
J. E Sltton. of S?*mca, S G
A dispatch from Wast.lng on say>
senator Tillman, s'noe he bas bcei
jrjught prominently forward In tin
rate legislation light has m,.d i om
announcement that has b:en well re
ceived in the Senate and even in tin
House. It la to the effeot that there
ts no necessity for him to visit M>*
White House for conference with tin
President. "The Senate now hat
charge of this matter," he says, "and
will be able to perfect lt without as
sistance. The president has perform
ed his duties In the case In making
recommendations to Congress and ii
expressing his views as to what ht
thinks ought to be done. " Tho ides
of Senator Tillman ls voiced most
heartily by the Senate.
D.iath ut I/out. I'iko.
Tho Columbia Record syus Rsv. J
M. Pike, of this city, recived a tele
gram Thursday morning from For;
Russell, Wyoming, aunoui.olut; tb?
death there of his son, Lh ur. R. S.
Pike, of pneumonia, itt r a short 111
ness. The body will be brought btr
for interment and will probably a -
rive Monday. Lieutenant I'iko wa
29 years old and was b ?rn In Nova
Scotia. Ile had entered the arm\
before his fatbor looa!ed here, but has
visited Columbia and bas many friends
bere. Ho saw active service in Cuba
and tho Philippines^_
A Tale of Horror.
Advices rocclved from Buenos Ayres
Argentino Republic, state that a Por
tugese meat dealer, named Jose Mu
delry, hud been arrestiri there charg
ed with murdering men and women
and then selling their ll-jsh as pork.
Modeiry did a nourishing business
until he fell into the hands of th(
law. The police found the remains ol
fourteen human bodies In Modtlrv's
shop and when his eustomors learned
they had been eating human flesh
they tried to storm the j .11 and lynch
the prisoner, but tho ponce prevented
tho maddened people from wrecking
WOIIIOU tu a Duel.
At Mlddleboro.Ky,, jin a pistol dud
one day last week between Mrs Allot
Moore and Mrs. Lucy Tucker as a re
suit of a long time quirnl, Frank
Maden was killed by a bullet it rn tl e
revolver of Mrs. Tucker. Too womoi
met In front of a saloon and afti r t x
changing a few words drew weap i
Mrs. Tucker was I be il st to open tl .
At thc third shot Mrs. Moore turi a
and ran (Wwii the s reet unliarmi
This shot btruck Mad*r.i, wi o v.,.s
n. ar tho saloon floor engaged in a
game of pool. Tho o.iu^c cf tn
trouble ls said to have boen a lovo af
I)IH*K?'0?H with lloOBCVO t
A dlspatcb from Washington say
Senator Til man stated on Tnur?%da\
that he Old not propose toetfr any
propocltb n to amend tbe Tillman
G llesple railroad Investigation re^o'i -
tion, in accordance wi in ti.o sugge -
lions of tue pres'de nt. He 'a>s t it
resolution I? t-i flloient to ?: o; I too . ';
jects Intended au i i e nisigre>s with
tue view o' 'bf o'" b' "*.
A N w I'tufcMHOii
Tho boam of trustees of tho Soutl
Carolina university on Wedneeda?
elected Mr. W. Hand, sup-.Intend, m
of the city AOIIOOIS of Ones tor as pro
fessor of pedagrgy. Mr. Hand ls a
ilrstrato fchool man. lt is not likel>
ho will aooept, as his salary in his
present position is tho same as for
tho now position-$l,G?O. Ho was
not a oaudidatc.
l'ut on tho Traok
son Bradford, a negro, told tho Sa
vannah pollco a very queer story
Tbursday. Ho was picked up on tho
tracks of tho A. C. L,, having been
atrtiOk by an engine. Ben says ho
was drugged,robbed and placed upon
tho traok. The police are Investigat
ing his story. Ho lost an aim by his
contact with thc train.
Sentence of Death Waa Passed Ture*
Years Ago, but Adams Es
oiped From Jail.
The State supreme oourt has re
manded the eise of R. A. Adams to
the olrcuit oourt in order that sen
tence of death may be passed. In sus
taining the appeal of Solicitor Davis,
tho supreme oourt in a dignified man
uer appears to rebuke the circuit
court for ordering a new trial on
"after discovered evidence " after the
caso bad been decided upon by the
mprome oourt.
The auprcme oourt seems to think
?hat if thero were any auch evidence
discovered after the trial (md discov
ered after duo diligenoo had failed to
bring it out before) the appeal for a
now trial should have been made to
the supremo court after that tribunal
had paaaed upon tho oaao in its orlgl
nal form.
ll. A. Adama killed Ilonry Jaques
at (Jottagevil e, ?Jolleton county, on
tho 11th of February, 1003 Tho two
men wore onueoted by marriage. In
tim trial which followed, R. A. Adama
waa found guilty of murder and wa*,
sentenced to bo hanged on tho 6th of
lune, 1903. Thoao occurenoes wore
three years agi).
Adams eacaped from the O dloton
county Jill boforo the day set for hhs
execution. Strange Btorles came ti
C?iumbia occasionally, by letter and
otherwise, and Gov. Hey ward ctT;red
rewards aggregating a large sum foi
the capture of thia man. Too off :r ot
a largo reward had tho elT .ot Intender
and tho cMaera of the law received ?
tip that tho fugitivo would v^slt h t
o no on a certain night.
Tho posse captured Adams af te"
?nc or two ahots had been exchanged.
W ien the case o uno up in the olreu
0 urta yoar ago last Maroh, Mr. Jaine*
IC Davis, tue Bollol tor, movid foi
Judgment In accord?t O? with theordn
.f tho uipremo oourt, for the case ba 1
been dooided by the supreme oourt ht
'oro Adams made his o cipo.
Tho condemnation of tuc court, In
; mullane} with the verdict of th
1 ny, was stayed again last March,
.vt.eu ex-Ju1ge D. A. Towns jud wa*
presiding; for the defendant's attor
r ys argued that they had aomo nev.
vtdenoe and a new trial was granted
v r the s licito-"a protest. Mr. Dad?
nade an appen' the supreme court
The opinion L.ed Friday sustain*
he o intention of Mr Davis and the
lupreme court says that the circuit
oiurt had no Jurisdiction to grant a
new trial. In concluding, the suprema
?curt says:
"The order of tho ol rou lt oourt ii
rovcrscd for want of jurisdiction anr.
ohe case ls remanded to tho circuit
court for the purpose of having a new
lay assigned for the execution cf the
sentence in conformity with the ac
oiou of this oourt. "
At tho next term of court the son
..enoe of death will be pronounce
igain. It is probable that thu Stat?
.i; ard of pardons will bo called upoi
In this Oise.
JuHtloo of Al?b in? Sudrcmn Court
Tock r.'O Much
Tl o Christian Advoo^te, pub?shet
Biimiugoam, Ala., rco^ntly con
lined a ohirga of drunieniass
.gainst A is ci it ? Jui'loi of the Su
preme Court John 0. Audirson, and
in Its ourrent iieue it contains a lette)
from Judge Anderson ack lowledglng
nbs guilt. Too editor c f i he newsra
per charged that Judge Anderson,
with two other state < fllolals, waa
drunk at the funeral of Chief Justice
.Mowellan, At Athens, and ho asker
that all three resign. The edito;
charged that Judge Anderson was si
drunk that he had to be taken fron
the train to the hotel by his friends
Judge Anderson, lu a letter to tin
editor, says that he did tike a ll -tl
too much, and add-: "I trust and
promise by the help of God to commit
io act of folly that can r tliior, up in
me as a o tizan or hiing In qucst-lm
ehe ri pu cation of an honorable oin
bestowed up m me by tho good p
plo of my native state."
Riv J. b\ Bills, editor of the now -
p i uer willoh contained the articles
lr pp d de id J isr, after reading tb
ie ur if J u? gt Andi jai n. The nowa
papers <f lue state ?re dom iud mg th
resignation of the < Meals who wen
charged with bel g di ur a on this oe
evasion. Judge Anderson when s e
dated that lie had nothing furtbe I
io.say tuan i'at, lo "il -ritten.
Liu it ti o ??uir .
A O nalia N D,, Jules Al lieus ai
J t> Ml 0 ? H. w -il kilo vn i U ;'
mei s m in, l<'r d y night Ct- I
t i- nm of ibo d o* which Ouo h
r?-l lr qrlsh bia claim up m ti i iH
.VI a ..n u Baker, a pre" y . on Ri \
r, f r v., is? f iv i ho li ! f n
? rc ri Wini" tho g * na i1 iva
lng played M a li.ker s cod b d
?>i,c Ut aged vi S men. Afu r e-.e\
won a game, Mitchell t. re.w (cur six
and laying (ff the tie. M'ss Bk
luui b g ;U AI neus to lot Uer p U
fir him, tibios hin he might lua .
But A i? hens re-used MK! threw h
hand him* if Ile tf.it a pair of ri ti .
o?d, aft r s inking bands svitii bo h
Mitohell and M ss Baker, left, savin,
ho would nt v, ; ?ill np hor again.
tiorHUM lt,ir .mil,
Tha O i'.uaabla Boord says early
i nn s^ay morning iho barn of Mr.
I loy v? ard Green was burned, and the
h ss was quite serious Besides the
building and other contents three
horses, a eialf, buggy and harness were
destroyed. Tho origin of the tire 18
nob known. Mr. Green lives a short
dlstauoo out oast of the city.
Shot In * <J*IV.
Ephrlan Hall, aged 25, waa shot
and fatally wounded In Spencer's cafe,
Greenville, on Saturday night after
midnight with a pistol. Thero wein
(Ivo men In the placed at tho time,
moat of thom under tho inlluenco if
whlakoy. Tho coroner's jury found
a vordlot against Thoa. Harrison,
with Peter Rowloy as aoce&ory,
Six Hundred Moros and Twenty
Two Americans Killed.
With a Desperate Baad of Native Out
laws ou ihi Uland e! Mero, Gen?
Wood Reports That tb*
Moro Forces Were
A dispatch (rom Manilla Bays an
Important action between Amorioau
(orees and hostile Moros has taken
place near J do. Fifteen enlisted men
were killed, (our commissioned c Ulcers
iud thirty unlisted men were wound?
ed, and a naval contingent operating
,vlth the military sustained thirty?
two oasualtles. The Moros lost six
hundred men killed.
Mijor Gen. Laonard Wood, com?
! mander o? the dividion o? tho Pnlllp
eines, reports as follows from Jolo,
capital of the Sn Mi Islands:
"A severe ao lou oetween troops,
a naval detachment and constabulary,
and host ho Moros has taken place at
Mount Dujo, near Jolo. The engage
neut opened during the afternoon of
March 0 mi ended In bho morning of
Maren 8
foe action Involved tho capturo of
Mount DJ} ), a lava cone, two thous
ind, one hundo d feet high, with a
?rater at its summit and extremely
? tee p. The last tour hunired feet
were at an augie of s'xtv negrees, and
here were fifty perpendicular ridges,
i >V6T- d willi a gr >wth of timber an i
?trungly fortified, and defended by an
Invisible foroeof M .ros.
"Trio army ca-uiltles were fifteen
mllsted men killed, four commission
id ill - .i i and thinly enlisted men
vouu'ied. Tue naval oasualtles num
bered thirty two. Eaalgned H D.
(Jo ?kc, Jr., commanding the United
Scates steamet F impanga, was severe
ly wounded and Coxiwain Gilmore was
severely wounded In tho elbow.
"The constabulary casualties^ were
CUpt. John lt White, wounded In
i'.ie thigh, severely; three enlisted men
killed and thirteen wounded. Capt.
Tyree Hi vorn sustained a slight flish
vound In tho thigh; Lieut Gordon was
.lightly wounded iii tho ri
Lieut. Wylie T. Cbnway, of the 6sh7
infantry, was slightly wounded in tho
left eye. All the wounded are doing
"Col. Joseph W. Duncan, of the
?th infantry, directed the operations.
\il the defonders of the Miro strong
told were killed. Six hundred bodies
vere found on tho field.
"Tho aoblon resulted lu the exter
niualloii of a band o? outlaws, who,
c igntzlrig no ohiei had been raiding
' denni} Moves, and owing to their
1, dance uf the American authorities
a i stirred up a dangerous condition
f a S ki rs.
"T ?o artllery was Hf tel hy block
arl tackle, s di .tance of 300 fdot into
. p . .'. iou On M io np of t ic er*ter.
Ihig Gj.uihl HU ?saud myself were
?resent inir^u^hout the action.
"Tho iibt v king 6 ilumn8 were oom
nanded by Mijor Om ir Bundy, Capt.
K P. Lwtou, Ctpt. Hivers, Capt L.
vi. Koihlov, Capt. MjGlaohllu and
Lieut J jiuision.
"Tue ettijer.-i and men engaged
dghly oom mond the Moro oonstabu
ary, who did excellent work, their
otsualblts numbering seventeen out
if tiui ford of forby four engaged.
"Io in Impossible to conceive a
itronger natural position than that
ittacxed. -
Too ILhtlng lasted two days among
,ne lava ridges, which had bien
trongly forbid .d cy the Moros. Ar
lie i y hid co ba hohted by means of
?. mes up b?i ? la-t five hundred feet at
.u angle"/ 0 ' d .?"? ?.
tiol.HH? lt(U(l> .
A dispatch from Sm BVandl&oo says
vent)-two modern rifles and lo ooo
cunda i f a ammunition W^TO sized in
he ti ruters of the Ohlne.se crew on
he P.ellie mall steamer Mi..churla,
O i iduled to sall for the Orleu&T iurs
cty alterno m. Toe o rapany's tffl*
utah thereupon ordered, it is said, as
I borough a search of the vettSc-la* p??
I ? h lo wbioh resulted in two nure
ices ul ri lbs being f >unc' In the ro.im
an aplatano engineer. Tho engin
ir and Ublueso were questioned sud
was found that the guns bad been
iv. 11 ..si1..! In t .is c ty b/ the ergiu
au mug "M. d vb ur I tho vos,<. I.
. r w lt . ou. rt.
Otp. ' hool ?a F. Iltrb, of the
mast o M.lue, ..clio nar L.zz.e
s K, u ns C u .v of hoveo, were
il i tr o c it r, Miss , Thurs
, h e B ul wi .sc to. uer Kl oti
w .c. .<?.! rvs urod the Onad
c..*s?'io . from t. teir si kl tg vet?
lt jape llattoraS, on T. u slay.
?a (J ia I lo ., oOUud fr tm Miyport,
?? a , ? i IN J ?' Y ik, witulumber, was
dstibltu oy a 'revolving eveline,"
?vlih oiiy ft qu .n.tty of macaroni
iud wa ter for fo <ci and drinking.
J pi. Uart and ids m n orifti d at tho
ueroy if tue tempos^ und sea for
three nays.
Kimi Ly rSlllp'n Oltloor.
At New Yurk on Tuu/aday a fight
lu the forecastle of the steamer Mas
sachusetts, in wblou about twenty
members of tho orew participated,
ended when James Slocum was shot
and killed hy Fourth Ollloer Elmer
ll. K rwln. Another etti ?or was hoing
buatCu into iiuconbOiou8nes8 by S lo
com when Korwin rustled tn his as*
slstanco and puta bullet through Blo
om nV. brain.
Doat.h In ? HIU.WBIHIC.
A dispatoh from ?Norway says a
..now alvidanchc at Lofoten Islands
Friday burled a number of fisher
men's ino-.. Relouera extricated Zl
dead and 80 injured.

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