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NO. 12.
Chief of l'olice White Shots and
Kills Farmer Ashley
At Hupen Path, S C., and the Friends
of the Dead Man Wanted to Lynch
White, but Troops Were
Sent to the Scene at
A terrtble tragedy was enacted at
Honea Path on last Thursday after
noon, as a re; if b of wt.loh John Mar
lon Ashley was killed. A dispatch to
Tu* State says Ohlei of PJ?O? White
undertook to arreit a son of Mr. Ash
ley when Mr. Ashley drew his pistol
and attompted to shoot Mr. White,
whereupon Mr. White drow his pistol
and tiree! twice in quick succcs-sion,
both balls taking tffaot, one entering
the ohesb aud the other the st( mach.
Mr. Ashley also Bred twice, one bah
grazing Mr. v\i> es tl umb. After
thia M White turned and walked
luto lloi.it d s, when ho was tired at
by some one from behind tho store.
There w s a large crowd In town
and considerable excltcujcnb prevailed
for a time. Reports were current that
an attempt would be made to lynett
Mr. White and the sherill was tele
graphed for and later the governor
was asked to s nia company here to
prevent pohsibl. nlo. dabed. The sher
iff and a comp<...) ?rem Anderdon
have arrived and evety toing is quiet
at this hour. Mr. White sm\ondered
to the sherill and has been Kent to
Anderson. This is the tirst homicide
that has occurred within three miles
of tlonca Patti. Whlto received out
Excitement was high when shoot
lng took plaoo and all kinus of wild
rumors wen uh\wt as to the Intentions
of the Ashleys, who were in 1 Ionen
Path In lat KC numbers. So far they
have done nothing oxcepb watch close
ly what they think ls the hiding
place of white, threatening to kill him
at t?ret sight. Tho military company
fr? nu ,,AMdc?$jj||^l I v < yo
Honea Pivtli. Tue o m nany wa? lieut
to give the best protection to tlie "po
liceman. Tho whole bown was armed
and had the Ashley's attempted to
reach White a bloody riot would have
John Marlon Ashley died about 10
o'clock Thursday night. Capt. P. K
McOuhy, Jr., arrived willi thc mili
tary company dom Anderdon on n
special train at tue sumo hour. Slier
HT Green accompanied the troops and
took commauo of conditions In lion ea
Path Immediately on nis aril val. Po
liceman White was placed cn the
special train at d taken to Anderson
for safe keeping. Ho wat. shot in the
hand ano is not seriously hurt. While
exe teme nt was In lenee immediate!)
after tho shooting, it gradually suh
sided au time, passed and when the
military arrived thc streets were o.ear
ed and order was restored, Toe Ashl )
Clan began to tl In out.
Tho Slate ha.1, s news of the trouble
reaohod Columbia annul seven o'clock
Thursday ti ghi, in a message lo G^v
lleywaid, asking him Lo uk.; s le pa te
prevent fur l.er trouble, ll sei imo to
bc feared that the Ashleys would at
tempt to lynch Wniie ii he made an
(hort to get uwiiy from the house to
which he went after thc shooting.
Gov. Hey ward at ene got Into commu
nication willi Sheriff Creon of Auder
sou and instructed him to go at once
to thc scone and ordered the Anderson
militia company to lum out subject
to tlie orders of the sherill', giving lu
struotlons also that a special train bo
secured to take the sher I If and militia
to linnea Path. Sher.ll' Green was al
ready preparing to go, although he
was sick, and ho immediately procoeo
ed under the governor's Instructions.
Capt. P. K, McCully, Jr., soon had
his company ready to have Anderson,
35 htrong, and tho trip to ffonea
Path was evidently mace in a short
timo, lb is ten miles from Andersen
to Helton over the Hine Ridge railroad
and eight miles from Helton to Ilonoa
Path over the Columbia and Green
villo division of tho Southern. When
the party reached Honea l^ili White
was at oro; secured, win,out any
tron?le from him, of course, and wm.
taken to Anderson by the sherilT.
Capt. McUully, lt seems, remained lu
ohargo of the situation at Honea
Honea Path ls In the county cf An
demon, but tho killing of tho negro
Alien Pendleton last .September, lif
which John Marion Ashley and otherh
wero Implicated, look place a few
miles from tho town of Honea Path
In Abbeville county, the town being
very near tho linc. John Mai ion Ash
icy was one of thc men under Indict*
ment for the killing if Pendleton.
Thc case agni: si them was to hav<
been heard at the ourt In Abbeville
last m.m th, but was postponed.
Pendleton, it will bo remembered,
killed young Jim Moore and In turn
was hims lr "lynched" by "unknown
parties," for wh c i deed warranth
were taken < ut fv,r John Marlon Ash
ley, J. R M ion;, tho fall.er of tho
boy kiilctl, John, .1 ish ahd Will
Mooro, Ins brothers, Sam Hlgby and
Hugh R wen, John Marlon Ashley
was au uncle by marriage of tho boy
Jim Moore, and according lo tho evi
dence at tho Inquest he was the loader
of the ga.ig who took Pendleton to
the woods.
John Marlon Ashley ls a cousin of
tho Justly celebrated "Oil feen" Josh
Ashley, who has for so many years
represented Anderson county In the
I, I? f "?A MftrvOwiva i\t Um Al,:...
itgi.'ii.uuiii. i?iumuc ui Xiii" ..-.iiity
family have had serious trouble bc
foro this with the police of Honea
Path. Policeman White, it soems, lias
nob long been on tho forco of Honoa
nu: M: W DI SIM; NS AI; V MOA un io
Bequest Blank Feature Sovived in
all Dispensaries and Goods
May be Bent Hack.
The new state board rf dispensary
directors assumed control of tho busi*
ness Wednesday af Us noon, adopting a
sensation set of resolutlonal as a
startor in what promises to bo an IEL- j
proved and highly Interesting admin
istration. Tho resolutions assert that,
"several huudred thousand dollars
.vorth of high priced Roods" havo
been purohascd by tho old board "with
no legal record of purchase" and ap
parcntly "not ordered shipped In ac
cordance with law." Therofore, the
resolutions say, the board will em
ploy the best counsel it eau lind and
in the event this suspicion ls confirm
ed "tho shippers of theBo goods will
bo noll lied that those goods aro here
sui j ,ot to their orders, and the same
must bc removed at once."
Tho resolutions go on to instruo'.
the clerk to publish a complete in
Y Dice of thc goods cn hand, seo that
tho people of tho state eui and will
sec thc condition of affairs at the
state dispensary on thc 1st of Mirch,
And "the commlssonor ls hereby
Instructed not to rec ?Ive any goods
claimed to have been bought by 01 r
predecessors in ( thoo, or any goods
now ia transit; and that no goods
whatever shall bo ordered exacpt
gcods purchased by thc present bjarr"
of directors. "
Tue dispensary investigating oom
iniu.ee is called upon to furnish thc
names or any whiskey houses sus
p?cted of unfair dealings with thc
state "so that we can hold up their
The request blank feature of the
law which Senator Tillman "roasted"
ihe old board for allowing to fall Imo
disuse is called bick Into operation
in no uncertain terms, delinquents In
this respect to ba Jerked up before
thc governor.
Auotner recommendation of S na
tor Tillman ls carried out In chang
lug tiie form of the advertisement for
bids so as to put them on a competi
tivo basis.
Although the state dispensary ls lu
urgent need of certain Hues of sup
plies only about ?l.HOO worth of pur
chases were made lu cheap goods to
supply Immediate needs. The board
adjourned to meot again on tho 2UMi
when tho legality of purchases mado
wy .mo Old board will bo further 'can
The annual stook-taklng now In
progress will not bo complete for sev
eral days. Commissioner Tatum esti
mates thc stock on hand at the state
dispensary at 840,000. Probably moro
than that amount ls in thc sub-dis
pensaries throughout tho state.
Five ca's of high priced whi>-key are
n iw standing in tho yards, Commis
sumer Tatum having refused them.
How much more is on the road Is not
Known. The old board has not yet
made tts report to the legislature. The
only member of the old board present
io transfer the business to tho new
board was Mr. Boy kin.
Tue new board gave out a r umber
of olerloal Jobs today. M. H. M.-bley
was made cleik of tho board r.o m -
ced G. il. Clunks, resigned. J S J
Faust, of B m.?erg, was ma io genera)
bookkeeper to suceed Mobley, Miss
Sadie Thrallktll, of R'chburg, suco ?eds
Miss bMorenco McKenzie as stenog
rapher to tuc board and WI.liam F.
Lamar, of Columbia, si. creeds Joe L.
rp ?rp as lusp otor.
Tho resolutions, which will create
so much Interest, were Introduced by
Ms J Blaok. They were unanimously
A Petri Had Body.
Recently C. W. McKo-vn, E. P.
Macomson and Kenyon M ?Craw had
occasion to lake up tiie remains of a
lady relative who was buried in the
Sorv'ce grave yard, about soven miles
from Gaffney, and move lt to another
grave in the same cemetery. When
? hey dug down to the box and attemp
ted to move it they found lt too heavy
for the help at hand to move. They
opened the coffin and to their amtr.
ment tliey found that tho body was
partly petri dod. The head and feet
had decayed but tho rest of thc body
wai perfect. The body was reentered
as was at first planned. This lady was
one of Gaffuey'8 must highly rcspeoted
and host bolevjd ladles.
Murdin1 und Simmie
A dispatch from Augusta, Ga., says
M L Cohen, a young Ilobrew, at an
early hour Thursday morning after
retiring with his wife at a house on
Market street, secured a gun, shot his
wife and then himself. Ho died in
stantly. Thc woman never regained
c lusciousness, and died a short while
after being f. u id several hours lauer
Tney came from Savannah a fow days
ago. Tney wore married hero six
weeks ago.
Ivl tl or Hilm ICd i tor.
L. Stuckey, editor of The Pcoplo'K
Demands, was shot and killed ai Cul
fax, La , Thursday morning by A. M.
Goodwin, editor of thc Colfax Chroni
cle. The CAUSJ of the tragedy was
the publication of au article by Sluok
oy willoh it is alloged wus a rel! otloii
on tho character of Goodwin. The
shooting occurred on the depot p!at
fo.m. Gcodwl fi i od turee shots, all
of willoh tonk effect, killing SUickey
almust instantly
Hank KXAUlinOr.
The governor, upon thc recommen -
dation of the hanks, has appointed L.
C. llolleman, assistant cashier of thc
pooplc's bank of Anderson, bank exa
miner. Mr. llolleman Is .'15 years old
and a linc business man. Thc salary
ls $3,000 and traveling expenses, and
ho Is tr> have an assistant at a salary
of *l,f)00.
Killy HtorlrH.
New York ls to have a skyscraper
.00 stories in height, the top ol willoh
will ho erected at Broadway and Llb
erty street by tho Singer Manufactur
ing company.
Hasty Found Guilty of Murder
With Plea of Mercy.
After Receiving Sentence of Life Im
prisonment in the Penltentiaty the
Prisoner Bicnks Down and
Weep-i With His Friends
in the Court House
After deliberating for something
over twelvo hours the Jury ohargod
with the trial of Geovgo Hasty, at
Gaffney, for thc murder of Milan Hen
nett, brought in a verdlot on Tuesday
morning of last week of guilty with a
recommendation to raeroy. While
no accurate poll could be at-cortained,
lt is understood that tho majority of
thefc jurors stood for oapital punish
ment and acquittal was not an Issue.
Shortly after 8 o'clook tte Judge re
paired to the court room and thc ver
dict was announced. The news of
the agreement of the Jury spread the
city like wlldiiro. Since tho men re
mained out so lo..?y, tho prcdlotlon
was expressed that a mistrial would
Hut tho verdict was a triumph of
law and order and decency, ic vin
dicated tho majesty of the law, and
will stand aa a warning to those who
think that by any meena they can
rid? blip ahod over what ia decent and
-rderly, and in doing ao spill human
blood and lightly eaoapo. Tho senti
ment in Gaffney waa strong y against,
the oonvicted man. Toe good people
of Chen kee county do not want to go
on record aa upholding or countenanc
ing him and their verdict ia tho best
evidence <. f their opinion.
At ? 30 o'clock court convi ned. At
tor ney 8 for defendant gave motion of
a new trial, which was overruled.
After a abort timo George Hasty,
handcuffed, and accompanied by a*>
otllcer, walked down the aisle from
inc main entrance .f tho court room
In an erect and indifferent manner
On reaching t he chancel of the bar,
inside of which he was aoon to alt, he
pleasantly exchanged the greetings of
the day with (Jul. George Johnstone,
leading c junsol of the defense, who
waa comfortably seated near a atove.
Ho found his accustomed place inside
the railing, and Ijco.xmean apparently
uninterested and indifferent apeota
Judge Mommtngcr asked if tho de
fendant waa ready for sontenoo ot
court to be impoaod. Mr. H. K. Os
borne, of cou.i8el for the defenae,
stated that thc motion for a new trial
would not ba argued-it would bo left
with tlie court Hut au effort would
be made for the arrest of judgment
under tho act fit 1905, under which
thia court ia held, which limits tho
session for cue week, and that under
rbis rule the verdict rendered after
midnight last Saturday was null and
void, and world ellmluate tho parsing
ct sentence. Thc court replied that
he woulo ho governed by section 27
v/hicli he had in view whou ho carried
the case over, and further 8tated that
it would be left to the supreme court
to be the ai biter.
Win n the |u>'ge again asked If the
prisoner was ready for sentence, the
icply was, "subject to our motion,''
l i e court said, "1 ara going ti) over
rule boat motion; aro you ready for
sentence V
Mr. Osborne replied, "We have no
further motion, your honor. "
Tao pi i loner waa then directed to
taud up. George Hasty arose and
stood erect with his face tquarely
facing the judgo. There was not the
slightest bat of an eyelid, the falutest
(julver or twitch of the muscles of
featurca to Indicate that he was in
any way impressed by the solemnity
of the occasion. Hut there sat the
Judge In his ermine-there were the
ctllaera of the c >urt -about the pris
oner were lils lawyers and in tho rear
in tho room some three hundred poo
Tho scone waa dramatic and Judge
Mi. malinger, In addressing the pris
oner, said:
"You have boen tried here on
oharge of murder and you have sulfur
ed the fearful and horrible ordeal of
the last live days In which your life
lias beer? hanging in the balance. I
havo endeavored to give you an abs;
lutely fair and Impartial trial. You
havo boen represented by ablo and
earnest counsel. You have had the
henelltof a moat complete and able
defense. I may have erred In the
conduct of your lease. It la possible,
hut I do not think so. 1 lia ve given
you my best Judgment and best
thought in tills case, The j try hus
convicted you and given you the bene
fit of the law, which reduces the pun
ishment for murder from hanging to
I m orison ment for life. Thc coort hus
no discretion in tho matter.
' Havo you anything to say why
sontonce should not bb pronounced on
Tue prisoner replied through couti
ael. "Nothing, but what has been
The court said :
"Listen now to thc sentence cf the
law. lt being ir quired of the di f. n
dant, Goorge Ilaaty, whether he hath
anything to say why sentence should
not be pronounced against bim, and
ho saying nothing to tho contrary ex
copt what has already been said, lt ls
hereby ordained and lt ls thc sentence
of the law that he, George Hasty,
from henceforth and hereafter, be
con lined at hard labor in tho State
penitentiary for tho remainder of his
natural life."
After concluding thoacntonoc Hasty
resumed his scat.
After receiving tho sentence of
doom, so solemnly and impressively
uttered by thc JlKlgO, SH he stoOii
strong, youthful and full of life In the
sunlight that beamed through the
windows of tho court room, and re
-il.. . Mm^filf 11 ? r?v /.? .?-./-I tl..." II....
.!.>:.. i . i '...>.. i >u .-fi.. . lian'
ty waa a man of iron. For liv.! days
he had paascd tito ordeal and lt acorn
ee! that the cruolal teat surely had
been experienced. Waa the mau
really made of Iron? Was thero any
manner In wbioh to reach his heart;
or was he to any degree susceptible to
gentler or emu hiing lulluenceb?
Then the unexpected happened and
In avery abrupt and startling manner.
Ills honor had retired to tho ante
mom and there was astir and hustle
about thc ourt room. It v. Ernest
Boss, a young minister, walked to the
seat of Hasty and placed his arm
around the unfortunate young man.
Then the pont up feelings of a week,
the latent springs of emotion burst
forth in a torront of tears. The
young man wept unceasingly, without
sound, but tho silence was more pain
ful and awful than tho sharp shrill
cry of many babes or women, nore
was a strong man in agony. The
minister wept with him. Presently
they were j lined by John Kltchlns, a
batbar and close friend of Hie prisoner
he is a youth of slight build, light
oomplex.on with hair to matoh and
blue eves. Ho too wopt. The three
made a strange picture as they g'oup
ed t< gether around a desk lu the
ohancel of the bar, whllo a short ils
lance oil several leading lawyers car
riod on a lively conversation, inter
neived with laughs and smiles, to
tally oblivious of tho great grlof only
a few feet away. When the minister
departed Kltchlns remained with
Hasty. Tim two sat together in tho
chancel and throughout tho talk tear*
would trickle down Hasty's oheck and
his oouipanion sorrowed with him.
After remaining lu court room for
an hour after sentence had bien pro
nominal the handcuffs were placed on
Hasty by tho sher IT and he was ac
companied again to the oounty j til,
where he will remain until the su
rrcmc court tinnily settles the matter
whethor or not ho will get another
trial. In tho eveut he falls the re
mainder of his lifo will bo sprmt In
the penitentiary.
Miss Sheridan and Miss Bishop were
uot present when sentence was passeo
on tho man who had deprived each of
her intended husband. Those young
women who, during their slay her.
have been shown many courtesies an'
att?nuons In Gaffney, will return to
morrow and Ti ur.iday to their north
ern homes. Miss Bishop gu?s to
Chicago and M:ss Sheridan to New
York. The writer has lt on excellent
authority that the verdict of the j irv
ls sutisf.ictoi v to these young women,
who have luff red so much as tho re
sult of tho i ragedy,
Mr. J C. Oota, pf oounsel for tao
prosecution, received a telegram from
N. M. Com leigh, president of thc Ac
tors' S clety of America, which reads
?is fellows:
"Congratulations to you and oth?r
gentlemen, who so admirable con
ducted pio^o itlon. Compliments to
Mr. Seaso and thanks to you all for
magnificent defence of ladles' ^harao
tera against Johnstone s cowardly as
8'x Uhihlrou Ditompenr iii New York
in T\\\> I) iyH.
A dispatch from New York says
Into thc mysterious muzo of the me
tropolis six children havo vanished
from their homes since Monday with
out leaving a single clew to aid their
relatives and the pillee In the search
which ls being made for them.
Albertina Wulcz, Hf teen years old,
oreti y and tall, left her home at No.
538 East Oao Hundred and Fifty
thirdstreet, Moi diy morning to go to
her werk at toe 10 ltorprlso Dyeing
o mpany'ii plant at C .bimbos avenue
iud Eighty-fifth street. She has not
boen seeu sicco, although every efl ri
hus bo> n made tu lind her. Her par
II's biillevo thai, she has been kidnap
Margaret Kemp, aged thirteen
years, and IO Ina Wyalss, aged ten,
temporarily held at thc Laura Frank
lin home and hospital for treatment,
were soon talking to a strange man
Monday afternoon on the hospital pi
azza. They have not been seen since
although they wore dressed in the
gray uniform of thc home, and are bc
mg sought by the police, the Gerry
society and their relatives.
Tnomas Rowlins, aged eighteen, of
No. 1514 Lexington avenue, invited
Annie Hyams, aged sixteen, of No.
115 Eist Ninety-eighth street, to go
out and get soma soda wator with him
Monday ev ning. The b'jy displayod
$50 In tho store. After leaving thc
sti r-j nothing has been seen of the
youth and Ins companion,
General alarms have he on sont out
In the oaso of each of the missing
children, and all tho policemen of ov
i ry predi ot have been searching for
t.'om, but In vain so far.
Murdurei Frond,
Word reiiche I ltooncvlllc, Owsley
county, Ky., Fri ay, that tho Court,
of Appeals .had domed a rehearing
lo Hiram Brandenburg, who was re
el oily LOU vic led of too murder of
lt h.rt Lynch. At an early hour
that morning half a dozsu friends of
Hie condemned man entered tho resi
dence of the j iller, .lunn ll ker, and
at tho point of iheir pistols compel
led him to opcu the door of the prison
and rt dense lils prisoner. They lock
ed the juiler in tho cell with Ids own
keys. Tho Jader says bc is or tain
lie docs not know who tho men were.
lug .1 ag Trade.
"How floes tho jug trade hold out?
queried a Herald rt porter toan em
ptoye of the s ?Uth?rn ICxproas o mps*
nv Friday. There is a Slight inoreaso,
you might say, instead of tho seven ty
live gal.nu per day avorago, lt would
bo a conservativo estimate to put lt
anywhere frrm e ghty to ninety gal
lons per ray. On some da>?,-Fr.*
nay and Saturdays for Instar:ca, there
is a tremendous rush; but thc average
throughout tho week will hold good
at eighty or ninety gallons per day.
Ttiis from the Spartanburg Herald
shows that tho Jug trade in that city
ls flourishing,
Found in ? Tree,
When a q nan I ty of nitro glycerine
exploded near Williamston, W. V.,
two weeks ago, ll D. Kerr was driv
ing a wagon in willoh it was being
carril d. All that could bo found ot
o?iii Immediately after Hie explosion
was a few plocos of Mesh and these
wero shipped to Ohio for burial. Fri
day lils lacerated body was found In a
tree thrco hundred feot from tho
II -eim of the explosion,
Over Twelve Kundred Men En
tombed in a Furnace.
Hundreds o? Bodies llave Been Taken
Oui. France ls Shocked by the
Magnitude of the Catastrophe
thc Worst In Mining
A :11s patch from Paris says a min
ing catastrophe of incaluable horror
and magnitude has strioken the great
coal eentre of northern France. An
explosion of ilrc-damp at 7 o'olook
Sat A 'day morning carried death and
dost! uotlon throughout thc network
of olz.) minos centered at Courrioro,
and Ure followed tho explosion, mak
lpg rescue difficult, and almost 1m
p asi?le. All Prance has been pro
foin dly shi eked by the magnitude of
ibo disaster, whioh is said to he the
greatest in the history of continental
min ir g.
T ie keene of the catastrophe ls the
mountainous mining region near L?ns
In the department if Pat-de-Calais.
Here are huddled small hamlets of
the mine workers, who operate the
moso proiiuo.Ive coal mines in France.
Tro subterraman chambers form a
a rivs of tunnels Six of the outlets
ar?? near Dens, and others are at
Courriere, Verdun and many other
points The output of thouo mines is
par^culti.ry eombmtlble and is largely
uae'd m tho manufacture of gas and
In smelting. About 2,000 uilnen*
wOJk the group of mines and, with
.heh families, mako a population of
from U.0U0 to 8,000 souls
The catastrophe took piaoe shortly
af tor 1 795 uasn hud desoeuded Into
the miuo Saturday moruiug. There
wee a deafening explosion which wrs
followed by the cages and mini: g ap
paratus being hurled from the monto
of the Couriers mino. Men and h( rsi o
neinby outside the mino wero either
stuhned or killed. Tho roof of the
mise ellice was t'urn oft. Immediately
'oliov--- the explosion tho flames
. ..jiu thc mouth of the pit, drlv
logfback thofift without who sought to
enter and dooming those within.
The work of attempting to rescue
tho Imprisoned miners was hastily bo
gun by i nt Mais, engineers and miners
irom the surrounding mluea, who
troaied parties and made heroio ef
forts to penetrate the smoke and foul
gases and bring out the imprisoned
meu. Tho families of the entombed
miners crowded about the shaft, seek
lng fathers or husbands and threaten
ing in their efforts to obtain details
to force back thc gendarmes who kept
them from tbs mouth of tho pit. Toe
populace of thc district) Is appalled
by the disaster which iff cts every
household. Those persons who were
rescued were terribly binned.
It has been learned that cut of
1,795 men who (in cended into the plis
to work, only 501 have come up, leav
ing 1,204 burled In tho three pi is,
Throughout the afternoon the heroic
.ff rta at rescue were continued, but
nightfall brought the convietlon thai
the entombed mon had been suffocated
and tho dispatch from Lille at 8 45 p.
m. announcing the number of death at
1,195 appears to rcmovo thc last hope
that others may bo brought to thc
surface alive.
Some of the Imprisoned miners
sought to escape to the pits whloh re
mained iutaot and several rescues
were made. Tho lirst cages came up
at 10 o'clock with about a ch.?rn half
suffocated men, who were promptly
taken to the hospital. Among them
was M Voisin, anongluoor, wno had
attompted to organ zi a succor. To
wards neon wounded workmen began
to be brought up In tho baskets and
the bodies of two men were taken from
pit 10. It is feared tho remainder had
been asphyxiated. Assistance reach
ed Courriere from all sections r,f the
department and alargo force of volun
teers took part in thc efforts mado to
re cue tho entombed miners, recover
the hollies of tlie killed and help in
t, e killed and helo in the work of sal
O ;o of tho rescued minors, Pierre
Dasson, said: "I was 280 metres from
thc shaft when 1 hoard a deafening
explosion. The air Immediately bt
eame'nirlll \d and tilled with poisonous
vapors. instinctively I groped m>
way toward thr|bottom of tho shaft of
pit 2, near whloh I lound a ni mbor cf
suffocating comrades who had fallen
helpless In thc galleries and were cry
log for assistance. I assisted them to
mount tho trohoy amt thus they were
rumbled to roach the shaft." A state
ir stupor and desolation pn vails ovei
t he Courriere mining reg OJ. Tue
most agonizing scent s are witnessed
at tho pit meu:hs and the gendarmes
xporit nee the UblUOSt difficulty In re
straining tho crowds of noonie eager
io ascertain thc fate of their relatives.
The chief engineer of the dtpart
ment P.iht-di-Jal?is, M. L?on, says
that tho tire broke out in tho nit at
3 o'clock last Monday afternoon and
tho engineers ooped with it as best
they were able, but that Friday, hi
ing unable to master it, they dosed
? all thc outlets. Fissures, he thinks,
must havo formod which pcrmlttod
the gases to ci cipe and these becom
ing lg .ited, resulted in an explosion.
Ono of tho onglneers of the mine says
that Mic enge was unable to des3end
more than 160 metres, whllo tho gal-,
lory where the minors aro entombed
is 50 metres farther down.
Rescuers who descended in this oago
report having het.rd distinctly the Im
prisoned ...... .,-?un HIV *<?>,<.?.
pipes, but tho hopo that was rekindled
by thia statement was extinguished
by Engineer Loon, who ostlma'.od
that it would tako eight days to dis
lodge tho debris in tho shafts, and
that meanwhile the miners would die,
either from starvation or asphyxiation
The latest news news reoeivod in
Paris is to the effect that resouers
were still at work, but wero making
slight progress, their work helng most
difficult and dangerous. Up to the
present time 160 bodies have been
taken from pits 10 and ll, all thc
having been asphyxiated.
A Torrlblo Tr?KO?y lu Atlanta
Caused by Joalouny.
At Atlanta cn Ifrlday Mrs. Edward
M. Sandifor, aged 25 years, shot and
killed her sister, Miss Chappell Whine
mant, aged 18, alleging that she com
mitted the deed because of her hus
band's attention to her victim. The
dead glrlw^s to havo been married
this week to a young business mar
of Soneca, S. C , and all plans for the
marriage had been praotioally com
Mrs. Sandifer went early Friday to
the home of her brother in-law, D
P. Dunham, with whose family Miss
Whisomant made her home, and en
tered the sleeping room of her sister.
What worda passed between the two
wore known only to the two, bub Boon
four shots rang out and Miss Whiso -
mant fell, wounded in in the breast
just above tho heart, and in other
vital parts. She died half and hour
later without having spoken.
Mrs. Stand Ker wont to her home
and telephoned to her brother in
law's home, asking if Miss Whisouant
was dead. Being Informed that she
had died, Mrs. Staudifer expressed nu
regret for her act, and said she
would f dlow Mr. Dunham's advice
and surrender to the police. Sue was
arrested lator. During the day ?ho
converged freely with the police elli
eials, declaring abo luid ''avenad
her outraged womanhood."
E M Staudifer came to Allants
about two years ago "from Gadsden,
Ala., where he married hin wife. Un
father, he says, ls W. E Siandifer,
Uuited States marshal at Oad-,den,
and lila ui de, W. ff. S-audife.-, he
asserted, is assistant UuU-ed S tatet
district at-.orney a'., tnat pl c?.
flo was detained at tho po
lice station after hts wife was arrest
ed, on the M.sp oh.n that ho ma
nave had si mn ^uili y knowle- go <
(he or I me Tneciead girl is saul c.
have been engag?e to be married u
J. E Sitton. o' 3?' . ci, S O
A dispatch from Wanning'on Raye
tenator Tillman, s'noo ho nus bei
jrjught prominently forward in tin
rate legislation tight has mi <i ?. oui
announcomeut that has b:on well re
ceived In tbe Senate and even in the
House. It ls to tho effviot that there
ls no necessity for him to visit tbf
White House for conference with tin
President. "The Senate now has
charge of this matter," ho says, "and
will be able to perfect lt without as
sistance. The president has perform
ed bin duties in the case in making
recommendations to Congress and ii.
expressing his views as to what In
thinks ought to be done." Tho ides
of Senator Tillman is voiced mosi
heartily by the Senat;).
D.jAtli ot I/out. JL'iko.
Tho Columbia Record syus Rsv. J.
M. Pike, of this city, recdved a tele
gram Thurw1r?y morning from For!
Russell, \\ /oming, announcing th?
death there of lils son, Lb ut. R, S.
Pike, of pneumonia, Biter a short iii
ness. The body will b? brought lu r
for interment and will probably a -
rive Monday. Lieutenant Piko wa
20 years old and was birnie Nova
.Scotia. He bad entered the army
buforo his father located here, but bus
visited Columbia and has many friends
here. Ho saw activo service In Coba
and the Philippines._
A Tale Of Horror.
Advices received from Due?os Ayres
Argentine Republic, state that a Por
I tuge80 meat dealer, named Jose Mo
deiry, had been arrcstid there oharg
ed with murdering men and women
and then selling their ll juli as pork.
Modeiry did a nourishing business
until he fell Into the bands of the
law. The police found tho remains of j
fourteen human bodies in Modeirv't?i
shop and when his customers learned
they had been eating human flesh
they trlod to storm the J .11 and lynch
the prisoner, but tho ponce prevented
tho maddened people from wrecking
Wonion In M Duel.
At Mlddleboro.Ky,, ?In a pistol din 1
one day Iaht week b?lwron Mrs Altci
Moore and Mrs. Lucy Tucker as a re
mdt of a long time quarr? 1, Frank
Maden was killed by a bullet n m tl e
revolver of Mrs. Tucker. Too womoi
met in front of a saloon and after > x
changing a few words drew weap ?tu?
Mrs. Tucker was the tl st to open li
At tho third shot Mrs. Moore tun e
and ran dwwn the s-root unharm.
This shot ?truck Mad?rn, wi.o v,,..s
u. ar tho saloon door engaged In a
game of pool. Tho Cause cf tb
trouble is said to have boen a 1? vo af
DlHAKro'iH with llooaeve t
A dispatch from Washington say
Senator Tillman stated on TnursdaV
that bc did not propose lo i ff-r any
proposition to amend the Tillman
(i llesple railroad Investigation resoh -
tion, in accordance witli ti.o stigge -
tl"*!!i of too pres deDt. He ia>s Hu
resolution is si.fib,ont to n e. I tue i b
jpots Intended un i i e tiis.igre.ui with
tue view o' 'De of^ H ?V,
A N w I'.ol. Khtii,
The boaiM of trusties of tho Souti
Carolina university on Wednesday
elected Mr. W. Hand, hupailnteudml
of the oily ?ohools of Chester as prc
feasor of pedagrgy. Mr. Hund ly a
tirBtrato school man. lt ls not llkch
ho will aodopt, as his salary In his
presont position is tlio samo as for
tho now position-$1,600. Ho wa?
not a candidate.
i*ut on ibo TraOk
Ron Bradford, a negro, told tho Sa
vannah police a very queer story
Thursday. Ho was picked up on tho
tracks Of the A. ?. L, , having been
struck by an engine Bon says he
was drugged,robbed and placed upon
tho traok. The polioo are investigat
ing his story. He lost an aim by his
oontaot with the train.
Sentence of Death Was Poised Tare*
Tears Ago, but Adams ?..
oaped From Jail.
The State supremo court has re
manded the case of R. A. Adams to
tbe circuit, court In ordor that sen
tence of death may be passed. In sus
taining the appeal of Solicitor Davin,
the supreme court in a dignified man
uer appears to rebuke the circuit
court for ordering a new trial on
"after discovered cvidenoc" after the
caso had been decided upon by thc
supreme court,.
The Hupreme oourt scorns to think
Ghat tf thero were any suoli evidence
discovered after the trial (iud discov
ered after duo dillgenoo had failed to
bring lt out before) the appeal for a
now trial Bhould have boen made to
tho supremo court after that tribunal
bad passed upon tho oaso in its orlgl
nal form.
R. A. Adams killed Honry Jaques
at CottBgcvll o, Uolleton county, on
tho lltb of February, 1003 Tbo two
men wore omueoted by marriage. In
tbo trial which followed, R. A. Adams
was found guilty of murder and wa*,
sentenced to b3 hanged on tho 5bh of
lune, 1903. These ocourenoes wore
three years ago.
Adams escaped from tho Oilleton
oounty Jail before tho day set for his;
execution. Strange Btorles came to
Coiumbia occasionally, by letter and
otherwise, and Gov. lloyward off jred
rewards aggregating a largo sum for
the capture of this man. Tbo ofter Of
a large reward har? tho efl :?t in tendee
?nd tho tfllcers bf the lav received b
tip that the fugitivo would visit hit
0 no on a certain night.
Tho posse captured Adams afte>
?nc or two shots had been exchanged
When the caso oame up in tho olrcu
o urta year ago last Maroh, Mr. Jam?.?.
B Davis, tue solid tor, movtd foi
Judgment, lu accord?t oi with the br dei
?f tho mpremo oouit, for the case ba 1
been decided by the supreme oourt ht
fOre Adams made his e:capi).
Tiio condemnation of the oourt, in
) mol?anos willi the verdiot of til
j ny, was stayed a?ain last Mareil,
.vi.eu ex-Ju inc D. A. Towns jud wat
presiding; for tbe defendant's atbor
ieys argued that they bad soino nev,
vldenoa and a new trial was granted
v r the s lioitor's protest. Mr. Di/h
nade an appeal to the supreme court
The opinion Hied Friday sustain?
he o intention of Mr Davis and the
supreme oourt says that the circuit
o tu rt bad no Jurlsri lotion to grant a
new trial. In conoluding, tho supreme
i?ourt says?
"The order of tho ohoalt oourt ii
roversed for want of Jurisdiction ano
the case ls remanded to tho circuit
court for the purpjse of having a ue.v
lay assigned for the execution cf the
^entence In conformity with the ac
clou of this oourt. "
At tho next term of oourt the son
'.enoe of death will be pronounce?
tgain. It ls probable that tho Statt
1 ard of pardons will bo called up;n
In this oabe.
.) mit io ' ul .M .I) mr. StiUrom t Court
Took Too Muoh.
The Christian Advocate, publlsbci
.. Bom i gunn, Ala., reo?ntly con
al ned a ohtrgo of drun'toniess
.gainst'A is ci it i Jiu loi of the Su
preme Court J.ihn O. Audarson, ano
in Its ourrent istue it oontalus.a lette)
from Judge Anderson ack lo'wle fglttH
his guilt. Tno editor rf the newsea
per charged that Judgo Anderson,
with two other state t illcials, was
drunk at the funeral of Onl?f Ju st let
McClellan, At Athens, and ho asker
that all three resign. The edito;
charged that J nd ne Anderson was s
drunk that he had to be taken fron
tho train to tho hotel by his friends
I Judge Anderson, in a lotter to tlu
editor, says that he did take a ll .th
too much, and add-: "I trust and
promise.by the help of God tocomrr.il
io act of folly that can r.?oC. up M
me aa a o tlzsn or brlw? kn qucstlm
the reputation of an roborable otu .
bestowed up >u me by til)? g tod p
pl"? of mv native state."
Riv J. B. ion ts, editor of* the ne vf -
paper v/hloh contained the articles,
lr pp d de ul J nr. after reading th
loiter t f .lin in Andiist n. The new? .
pHpersof lob stain are demanding th
resignation of the < fflo*als who wert |
charged with bel g drunk oo this ec
c ?sion. Judge A tdenpn when s c.
natcd that he had nothing furtboi
to say than i ' at. he hud vrlttou.
itu ir i, it . ? /. i .
A O nalia N D., Jules Al lieus i
J CK Mt o it'll, w -il kno vn : ' u g ' -
un : s ni jn, Kr d -y Dight c e I I
h <. on; of tbe d o' v/.doh Ol ? h
ri ll) (i 118h his claim up tn t i . ir'
.VI a >.u'u Baker, a prettys cir y p
r. f r wtinsi' f tv ;r bbl h nf < b n
?re ri v.u.. Wuili* tho garni1 wa
lng played M s B k r s ood it d
ene uiaged vi.e men. After each
won a Kamo, Mitchell threw (oursix
alid laying < ff the tie. Miss B.k
nen b g. ?ii Altneus to lot ber p^
fir hnu, tolling hi bo might los .
But A li hens refused Mid threw h
hand hims If Ile got a pdt of d' Ut) .
ind, aft rs taking hanns with bo h
Mitchell and M ss Biker, left, flavin,
ho would never o ill on ber again.
ilorwoe Duraeu,
Tho C.n.nbla Roo ird says early
fhu SP ay niorinng iho burn of Mr.
11 ow. ard Green was burned, and the
li ss was quite serious Hostiles the
building and other contents three
horses, a oalf, buggy and harness were
destroy od. Tho origin of the lire Is
not known. Mr. Green lives a short
distance out east of the city.
Shut III M O*it<.
Ephrlan Hall, a?ed 25, was shot
and fatally wounded in Spencer's cafe,
Greenville, on Saturday night after
midnight with a pistol. There Wofe
live, men in the placed at the ttmo,
most of thom under tho Influe nco (f
whiskey. Tho eoronor's Jury found
a vordlot Against Thos. Harrison,
with Peter Rowley M aooesory.
Six Hundred Moros and Twenty
Two Americans Killed.
With a Desperate Baad of Native Oat
laws on the Island of Moro, deo*
Wood Reports That tb?
Moro Forces Were
A dispatoh from Manilla says an
Important notion between Amorloan
forces and hostile Moros bas taken
place near J do. Fifteen enlisted men
were killed, fouv commissioned t Moors
? and thirty enlisted men were wound*
ed, and a naval contingent operating
with the military sustained thirty?
two oasualtlos. The Moros lost Blx
hundred men killed.
Mijor Gen. Leonard Wood, com
mander of tho dlvldon of the Pnlllp
olncB, reports as follows from Jolo,
o->. .Uni of the Sulu Islands:
"A severe ao lon ootween troops,
a naval detachment and constabulary,
and host He Moros bas takon place at
Mount. D ijo, near J.do. The engage?
neut opened during tho afternoon of
Ma'oh G and ouded lu the morning of
Marou 8
foo action Involved tho capturo of
Mount DJ J ), a lava oone, two thous
ind, nno un ide d feet high, with a
irater at, Its sum nit and extremely
-t? t p. Tim list tour hundred feet
>;ore at an aogle cf s'xtv degrees, and
nore were fifty p ?rpeudloular ridges,
I 3 ver d with a growth of timber ant
itrougly fortified, and defended by an
i ti vltt ble force of M ?ros.
"Too army ca utitles wee fifteen
mlisred men killed, four commission
id .M ..ir i aud thirty enlisted men
vouu'Jied. Tue naval o v .ualtles num
oered thirty two. Easlgned H D.
(Jo ike, Jr., commanding the United
States steamet P.tmpanga, was severe
ly wounded and Coxswain Gilmore was
*3verely wonuded in tho elbow.
"Tho constabulary casualties^were
O .pt. John II Wnibe, wounded in
ihe thigh, severely; three enlisted men
killed and thirteen wounded. Oapt.
Tyree Rivers sustained a slight flish
?vound tu tho thigh; Lieut Gordon was
dighUv wounded tn the right'rj'&na}."
Lieut. Wylie T. Conway, of the 6 on
infantry, was slightly wounded In the
left eyo. All the wounded aro doing
"Col. Joseph W. Duncan, of the
ti Mi infantry, directed the operations.
All t?ie defenders of the Muro strong?
mid were killed. Six hundred bodies
-vere found on the field.
"The action resulted lu the ester*
?biatlon of a baud of outlaws, who,
reogntzlng no chief had bsen raiding
'rtendl) Moros, and owing to their
1. ii ance of the Amerloan authorities
au1 stirred up a dangerous condition
f ??T .ira.
"T JO artllery was llftel by blook
nd tackle, ? di tance of 300 fact into
. pi/, iou on tho lip of t ie criber.
. Brig General Ul bs and myself were
/r?sout throughout the aotion.
"Tho attacking odumns were oom?
nanded by Mijor Om >r Bundy, (Japt.
K. P. Lawton, Oipb. Hivers, Oapt L.
M. Ko rider, Capt. MeGlaohlin and
Lia* t J .>iuisr.on.
"Tue c Moora and mon engaged
ilKhlv oo.nmoud tho Moro oonatabu*
iry, who did excellent work, their
casualties numbering seventeen out
of too foroj of forty four engaged.
'To is Impossible to conceive a
stronger natural position than that
vttaoked. .
Tue fighting lasted two days among
.ne Uva ridges, which had boen
trongly fortified by tue Moros. Art
illery had to ba holitod by means of
?..?pei up tii i la t live hundred feet at
?u angle ? 0 ' d -r... Q,_
i- I i II, !'. Kc > ll V .
A dispatch from Sin DVandl600 says
wenty-two modern niles and io ooo
.cutida i f ammunition w^re a ly. ul in
he quarters ot tne Chinese orew on
P.cilio mail steamer M ii.churla,
c leduled to sall for tue Orient T iura
.i> at temoon, Toe o m pony's iffl
o?ala thereupon ordered, it is said, as
orough a searoii of the vohStla-i pov
, b (! witina resulted In two more
loxes of riflsa bein? f .uud in the ro.im
d an a . .isiau i engineer. Tho engin*
s r ai d Chinese were questioned and
was fiiu ul t hat me nuns nad been
* rob ..sed In t tis o.ty b/ the erglu
au i smuggled nboir.i tho vesstl.
v r w lt lOiiuit,
OAP . io H ? P. ll irt, of the
mast H M ,1m , hOUOouer L.zz.e
v. k, u uso o.v. f Miyon, w?re
n a Goo -.i r, Miss , Thura
, b e B ul tn f>e m. ncr Kl ou
w io lad rea urod tue Onad
C s 's i i 0 . from Locir St ki ig v.-t
lt ,tpu Hatteras, on T. us lay.
i U ia i * lo;., oouad from Miyport,
ifia , fur Nj* Y ok, wi tu lumber, was
i niblcu uy a ' reviiivli g oyoh no,'?
,i ..n !, a qu.u.ity of maoaronl
uni wu ter foi fo;d and drinking.
0 pr. U.trt ana his min oriftt d at the
ueroy cf tue tomp^S? and sea for
three days.
Shot by Hlup'n nillo..r.
At Now Yurk ou Tnuiedaya fight
lu ino forecastle of the steamer Mas*
saohusotts, in widen about twenty
members of the orew participated,
ended when James H looa m was shot
and killed by Fourth 0(906! Elmer
H. K rwln. Another i.Moor was being
beaton Into unconholousnoss by Slo
ouin when Kerwin rushed to his as*
wlslanoe and puta bullet through Sith
oum's brain.
Di,nih lu a Hiioxvolioe*
A dispatch from Norway s&yh a
..now alvalanchc at Lofoton Islands
Friday buried a number of flaher
raen's huts. Resouera extrlo&ted $1
dead and 30 injured.

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