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A Sad Tale of Hie Wreck of the
Who Rao Away Prom Their Home? and
thc Young Men Who Went With
Them Finds a Watery Grave
When the Steamer Was
Of tho one-hundred and thirty-two
persons wlio porisnod In tue founder
ing of the Steamship Valencia in thc
"graveyard 0f the st as" OT the coast
of British Columbia in January, throe
-a young man and two young wo
men both In their tojos-vero over
takon by death in their light to escape
faolng an earthly tribunal.
Roy ll zzard, o? Los Angeles, Cal.,
and Mabel and Lulu Un wu-nd, of Ox
nard, Cal., were pasnongcrs on the
Valon?la when she foundered, and the
sea n a relent ing mood has sin ie giv
en up tho bodies of the man and one
of the women as grim p'oof that the
fugitives escaping from man were ap
prchended by a higher power.
While earthly justice was balked
and the pursuit or man rendered vain,
relatives, friends and acquaintances of
tho threu forhuar to ask whe her
Heaven did not ex c;an awful pui.
lshment upon thom.
Oi that terri bio night, when thc
stanch ship, oarrled f?.r from hot
course by tierce storms and hopelessly
lost in tue densest of fogs, si ruck on
the treacherous ani ragged rucks ol
Sea Bird reef, none fought harder,
more desperately and moie.peralstent
ly to have theh own lives t!:aa thc
young man and thc two women.
lu those hours ot terror, whioh
seemed centuries lotig to all wh > pass
ed through them ami li'td io relate
their experle'1 CAN, U?y Oazzird, M?
hol and Lulu Howland struggled f ir
their lives as though they oared not
die. With almost i.uperhuniau might
they, Inexperienced as they were wi.h
vessels, corned thc wino-chipped rig
ging and cuug with tho ton iOlty of
oespair and borrer to the ropes until
tneir iicn>es were btmumed and ono
by one they were beaten by the pl tl
less i-au-, into thc hungry, leaping sea
woion engulfed them.
Wa* tm ir ten.blj fate a Utting
final to the closing chapters of tl.iii
live^? those .va.? are a-.quaiu.iou
have ahkou on? anotl.or.
"We.il, 1 guess it is for the b:^t
that lt ha i pu.ed that way, fur I wa*,
goiug io disinherit thom both any
way," Ii L. Rowland, a prosperous
buslnos mau ot Ox.iarcl, father of the
fugitivo giru, is auiii io have declared
when io bl* grief ami shame he wis
Iniormuo of ti.i ll gut Of bis children
and ( f nth ti ag JO death at almost
tho bi me lime.
The Lame day he reoelved a te e
gram iiadiig, 'Cris' i.odles hore,
come ano identity them," he bao
been bandeo a leour fnuiiRiy Ht z
/.in tilling bim that Mabel and Lulu
bad Bed riot tb ward lr? m San EPianoh
co wivh aim on the Valencia. This
letter was dated LOB Angeles and was
to have been i-o>aod tho day the sin i
sailed ho that pur- mt would have been
impossibn , bU?/somehow it was not
delivered to tho mails until the day
of the wnc c.
E. L. Ut /./.;rd, father of tho young
man, und under bail of $5.000 In an
aoiiou at Jaw in winch pretty Lulu
Rowland, i.ixtecn ye.ira of age, was
the prosecuting witness, ri chived a
telegram woided eiactly as was that
to the father of the Kitts.
Both men hastened io Seattle and
thence to Victoria, whore the realize
lion of all of their fears was experien
ced In the 1 e rtiticitioo of tm dead
Both knew at a glaLCii the body of
Ma bol Rowland
Though death had sealed her Ups
her fattier know more ?.iirely than If
8ho hers.If had confessed lt that she
had plot ted wit. Ll?y Ha//, url to tain
Lula fi om Los Angeles and from thc
Jurisdiction of California courts thai
E. L. II z/.ard migh; ooo bs compelled
to face bur t c u iHtions.
Too late tho fatho- remembered how
Manet hud coaxed a d pleaded, aided
by tho inlluence ol E. L. Ilazzud,
who ls a real estate broker, to oe al
lowed to go to Los Angines and keep
house for Lulu, who was HazzArd'h
stem grdpher.
Too late the father learned that
Mabel, two je?.rs Lulu's senior, h -
8tiad of befriending her sister, li tl i
enccd her io Dight rat b r th .n remain
In Los Angt lea and give her testlmon)
against ber em pk y er In a suit whlob
bad been brought against him by the
R>y H. zzird hadsald: "I will got
tba? giri eu', of tho country and j-.av<
my father."
He did so and bo forfeited his own
life In the en it rpr:.M>.
Toe <; > operation of Mabel was early
secure , Rly accomplishing this him
self, lt was represented to bur that
Lulu might il e i,i.r: iv ii.un with him
and th it tin y mlghtilvi In British Cc*
lumbla or any AII tr their fancy shoul
o O'.i e. Tiny would have money In
plenty. But the (kier Hazz rd mus?
not be facid b> thc i,.irl in .. L s An
geles court.
In t' eir mod- B , Comfortable ht me,
No. 1163 South (lepe slr ct, L s An
gilts, M .bel |) rsuaded Lu'u te Con*
hcnt ti ll^hi with Roy li. // rd. Sb?
was yt u.ig ? lili romantic, and tin
elder sisn r pa liter, a brigid future foi
the girl. Tin j uti il' I KO, tho tine
of diem, otho nor 11 ; a t pl nd id ocean
voyage swabed tin m and sights and
scenes lu hinds th-:y natl only ilreaane.
The younger girl was Bonn brought
to con eur, arel lt iy Il z/.ird made
tue ilu.s for t o j uri ey I bat was td
save i ls father from prosecution au i
po. h b e i uln and di p rac?,
Aitht i g his daughter was to bc
Important wllnestl ina suit against
thc roan who had 0)1 pOjed her, R;)A
land, thc father, in \>'H comfortable
Oxnard hone felt that she was safe.
Vva^ Lot hei older sister, M il,el, with
lo w?s this fn?so s^nse of srenriti
that enabled young Roj Ilrzzvrd t<'
carry out bis p?anK, WU i io witness
to Infi rm the father ? f the Hight of
bis girls, on Jai noy 18 they left Lo
Ai;g. I; .1 for Sal li v' ClriCO, where i iit y
were j dried by II /.a rd, who had gone
on the dav pn vii Us to Ri CUrO pasStigi
on tho V?letela, which, he knew
would carry iba o f ir beyond pornuit
hy hu mau law In :i few hours,
O i tho ship's register their names
were entend as Mr, West, M as AI ir
tin and Miss Sampson. Mabel, for
tho purpose, cf concealment, was' Miss
Sampson" and Lum was "Miss Mar
tin." Their relationship to Hazzard,
or "Weat," waa not discovered by
their fellow passengers until' the Val
on?la bad atruok iho rooks and was
pounding herself to pieoes upon them.
The Rowland girls occupied state
room 18, next to that oooupled by
Professor Runkor and hts family. Prc
teaser Hunker afterward told of hear
ing tho glrla address eaoh other asl
"Lulu'' and ' Mabel." tie saw them
In company wltu young lin//,ud, out
thought nothing of it at tho time,
supposing them more acquaintances,
such as readily spring up on any voy
The early hours of this trip were
spent uneventfully enough. For boura
thc good ship ploughed ber way north
ward on a fair sea. Then abo encoun
tered a heavy fog whioh, as a dose,
white pall, enfolded her, and from
which she was not froed until she was
a shapeless wreok on the oruel fang
llko rooks that jut from Sea Bird
As tho weather grew worso and the
sea rose to meet the wlud with vain
bu ff alinga, the Rowland girls were
compelled to remain in their state
room or tho cabins of the ship Their
misery must have been terrible tc
to them, ileelng as they were from
all I hey loved and hold dear, and em
barked, aa both know In their con
aol f noes, up m anything buta prom
Ising or honorable course. Seasick,
eousolerci-abrleken, homealck aud
loncsomo' both bewailed their fate,
nor could the words of encouragement
of young Ilazzird, in aoaroe botter
plight than themselves, rouse or rally
To thc th reo fugitives the murk!
Inosa and storm without found lt>
counterpart In the dread, uncertaint y
perplexity and fear which possessen
their hearts.
Young Qazzard knew that Ie taking
L i lu from Loa Angeles so that ah?
mig it not testify against against bit
fatter ho waa committing not only 8
civil but a moral wrong as well. Hi
was foicing tho Kiri to go f.ir fri m hui
home and friends, and ho know not
what tho future might bring forth a>
a result. Illa liter and promise ol
marriage might even ho brokei
oner; far from danger of pursuit hi
M ?bol Rowland felt that she har
sinned against her sister in entering
up m tho j.lot which was to force hoi
<o marry a man for whom she caree
nothing. Siie oven suspected thai
Hazzird would not keap lila promise*
but she had been dazzled by his mn.
uer and perauahd by bia argumen
to conspire against her sister. Thei
i>hn remembered ho.v fa se abo ha<
been to her father and mother In lu
vere pting letters which had bee]
written them concerning Lulu an
willoh heeded in time might have pit
ven-j':d allot tbia trouble.
As for Lulu, her grief and fear fad
ly ovsrwheimid ber. She had desit
<:d i'j ?ace tho o dor Ut zz ird lu oom
t, denounce him and to tell everj
r. dug that she knew about him, an
j mt how muoh t-ho herself waa t
u imo, for being acquainted with th
facts to whie-h stie had had been sui
w- t?iad to testify. S ie waa a fug
ivi from justice, lleoing up m il
premiso of marriage tu a mau fe
whom she had do alt ctlon.
Little wonder, tuen that when I
bbick middlght the stanch ship strm
tho bidden reef with a fearful shoe
then bucked ?ff Into deep water an
oe.gau to ?ink, those three-II. zzu
M ibel and Lulu Rowland--were pai
lc-atricken at the thought of death !
a measure ten fold greater than tin
which smote the other passengers ai
most of the crow.
Il&zzvrd found the girls in tbi
scene of heartrending confusion win
mother and babe were torn asuud
only to be engulfed in a common deal
a mcmeut later in the black and bo
lng water where husband aud wi
tiled together, when the great wav
wauhed from the decks oaci time th
broke, over the straggling ship a seo
of billian li vt s
Hazy..rd found the Rowland gil
ano even above the roar of the stor
above the shouts of the i Mc rs of \
sinking ship as they gave their ordt
tbove the yolla of mon, tho BOreai
ot women and the piteous walling
children, the volo.; of bia oomcicn
accused him with being the m?der
of these girls for bad ic not bit-? f
him tiley would never have left thi
liven In thoso terrible hours thc
woo escaped t hat experience say IL
? ird and tho owo girla ohing close I
gother. The swamping of two of t
steamers boats before they could
cur. loose and the horror of the cries
thirty or forty people drowning I
gother so terrolzed the man and t
gtrla that they refused to even ;
tempt to leave the ship in tho otb
boats and life rafts which followed.
Together they faced Peat li, and ;
though thrty could not cheer or c
c ur age one another, they fought 1
life side by side with a frenzy will
showed how they feared to die.
i lie vt ssel sank lower and lower in t
.'a'.er these throe and others left
toe wnck by the wav os olimhed t
rigging. For lours-hours aim
ut ter ending In their exoiuolati
>wony-II, zztrd and Lulu and Mil
Rowland b ttled with the win
'ought with the sea and struggled
res:at 'hy cold that slowly OVerOM
there so that one after another th
. oie washed from their placea a
Ins' antly lost In tho raging brea
K. L Ifazzird'a accuser ls dea
Tho cub f witness the State of (Ja
f mia was to have brought to ct
iront bim baa departed far from
r all or r< qulsltion, yet he may c
e-capo pms- eution, as tho testlm i
of IJII n Howland was taken at t
pr" Im nary hearing, which was vt
i o pin ?, and as though a voice fri
nu very dead, it may finally acci
But flazzird has been punis*:
m ))?. crushingly, more sternly, mi
merci les ly, than mortal juatc^ coi
de" I out to any man. II ?. is crusl
grief stricken, almost hopeless ni
for ho f ?els that tho wrath o' Heat
has fallen heavily
Y liing lt ty Hazzird, but twet
5ei;r.i of oge, was ibo hope of his
ther. In this youth all Of his am
ti un was centered and he fin, ii
this youth who boro his name wo
achieve in tie v.trld a nance
p noe of which lie should he pron.
W nit a m ickory everything baa
como, to that man. The drowning
hi? boy R y and the two girls Ma
and Lula Rowland, was but an li
dent, one tragedy of tho many tn
swamping of the Valencia, but In
results lt la so monaolng, ao arg^
tlve of thc awift Interference by p
er unseen and terrible in ita rook
lng, that all of thoso familiar v,
tlie circumstances are appalled.
Iii ///.ard feels that no worse can
fall ltini than tho loas of his son, -,
for.cited hla life that Lula Rowland
might be takon far from LIB Angels.
The loss of'the lives of the girls, he
oaDnot but feel, was due to the great
fidelity of his son to hts own cwiso.
He Is crushed completely, the future
to him was darkened tho same hour
that, strengthless throuoh long bat
tling with wind and wave, and nerve
less though tho benumbing of the
oold, that young man-his son-and
those ?wo girls, who hud b?en abduct
ed through misrepresentations and
Impossible promises, had been led to
leave Los Angeles aad board the Val
on?la on hor wild voyage to destruo
tlon, porlshod In tho ocean near Vapa
Peale.-New York American.
OH ?KR I KO H i axil a 11 i.D.
Cash Bmd Put Up i>y Piokpookets'
Repres n ative-1 he ' Nixe"
Hurry G. Millar, the Chloago repre
sentative of the pickpockets oonvloted
reoently and who was himself placed
In Jill on the charge of bribing Deputy
Sheriff Cathoart, was re|pas< d Tours
day on a cash bond of 81 500. The
State says Clerk of Court Wa'ker re
ceived the orr er from Judge Hydrlok.
who is at E go field, Thursday, and
word was sent to Millar at once. Ml'?
lar apparently had the 81,610 roa y
'or it was at onoo deposited and thu
man was released. Ho went to the
? ilumbia hotel and was given room
02, but dd not roglstor and left
for Ohiougo Friday morning.
Millar b? id that ho would positively
no hore in June to stand trial. Hi
was askerl if he had any statement to
mako. 1 'N >thlng, except that I am
not guilty ar d 1 will be here tn June
for trial. I havo not been treated
right, although 1 have no complaint
to make of my treatment at jail, and
I will leave for Chicago at once," he
Millar showed the reporter for Tho
State letters from various firma lu
Chicigo with whom ho had been em
p'oyed af collector, advertising writer
ind co nmerchil agent. They reoom
ttnndtd him as an honest man of
ability, no said fiat he was not a
regula lawyer but that he was up on
cm: morotai law and that he would
come back prepared on orlralnal law
In order that he might defend his own
"Did you ask for ball before Judge
lly-irlck? ' bc was asked.
"I wanted to give bail In the ?um
of $1 00 3 and offered this amount
when 1 was in court last Saturday,"
he said. 'The Jihige took the matter
under advlsem no aud sont back au
order placing tlie bail at $1 500, which
1 produced at once."
"What about that ohowlng gum
you gave tlie deputy sheriff?" he was
asked. Tho gum, lt will bo reoallcd, j
was wrapped In p ipers with the words
"Nixe, won't tell," printed thereon.
"1 represent a firm putting out
this gum and it ls for tho man who
occasionally takes a drink and does
not wish the odor on his breath.
There ls no significance In tho wrap
per and I meant no harm in giving it
r.o tho deputy sherill. Here ls a pack
ago you oj.li have," and Millar pulled
out a package of the gum and handed
lt to tlie reporter. He would have
notblDg furthor to say about tho
case and said that he preferred to
watt until his return in June. He
would not say wuother lie would bring
back his client, J. W. Parker, with
Ll na. Parker, it will be remembered,
was one of the trio arrested J>t tho
fair grounds and was released In tho
same bond given by Millar.
Millar, according to his statement
made the motion for ball before Judge
Hydrlck, after court had taken a re
cess for tho day. Solicitor Timmer
man, when hore, gave the impression
that the motion was yet to be made
and that it would be mads before
some other circuit judge. Thc order
Thursday, therefore was somewhat of
a surprise.
A DAHtardly Tramp Whippet! for
Intuiting a I.Mly.
A dispatch to tlie News %rd Courier
says news has reached Gaffney City
that a tramp on Friday afternoon en
tered the In u .e of Mr. Mose Pinson,
seotion m ister, on the Southern Rail
road, at Thiokety, and attempted to
assault Mrs. Pinson, lt seems from
what can ho learned that tho tramp
entered Mr. Pms m's house, and asked
for some c ffeo and something to eat,
and ti fi or Mrs. Pinson gavo lt to bim
he i.ttemped to put. his hands on ber,
but alie frightened him elf The
ra np p:\ss <1 Mr P ri on and lils git g
Just aft* r N ). 12 passed, c >mlng to
wards Gaffney and when lie went back
to Tolckcey they learne d of the at
tempt to assault aud started Immedi
ately in pursuit of the tramp.
The man was caught by a mob on
the edge of town and a new raw hide
bui'gy whip wai worn out on him am!
he was told to git a m vi on himself
and not go through ( J ll" tey or Blacks
burg, or thny we.ul i get him and He
idi him. The mob wantrd to lynch
hlin, but thc fi.thor of Mr. Pi ison,
Mr. Jesse Pln.nn, p evented them
from carrying out their plan. When
Mio mau was let loose he left In a run
for tho North Carolina line. lie
owned that ho was tho man that
made tho assault.
Blow om i lu Brains.
At St. Potoisburg, Russia, tho ac
jused mombor of Father Oapon labor
;i gard/ttl ni who commuted suicide
Thursday while the charge that tho
organ i'? '.Hon accepted money from a^io
government was being investigated,
was namul SrchoiT. Father Gapon
was present when Seche. If killed him
self. Srohi ff m ado an Impassioned
tper-ch, in which he declared that be
aould not support the Infamy Involved
ht the charge that tho organization
had been In league witii tho govern
ment nor tho ohltui'iy heaped on him
ielf, as both lie and the organization I
wore Inn cent Sechcff then called I
upon Father Gipon to dtClare In the
presence of his fellows whether he
(Section) liad re cdved a cent from tho
government. Father Gapon arose and
exonerated Scehi ff, whereupon tlie
latter said: "I will now give you su
preme proof of my hones y," and,
chawing a revolver, ho blew out his
Oot Hool",
Tho, Greenville police ciptured four
gallons of Mquor on Tuesday night In
A hack. Resides tho driver, thoro
wero two negro women in the hack.
The haokman wassantto tho ohain
gang, th? w< min wero dismissed and
tho horse and wagon wore confisoated.
J?'uu1,,' ,'jcap
TO YOUN6 M RN C?tfTBi?ri.Atf INO
How They May bo Ctaarded Against
Marrying fhe Wrong
A lecturer dramatically lr qui red:
"Gan any one In tula room tell me of
a perfeot man V" There waa dead al
"Baa any one," he continued,
"heard of a perfeot woman?'?
Then a patient-looking little woman
roso in the baok part of the house and
said: "Thoro wa* one, I havo often
heard of her but she's dead now. She
was my husband's first wife."
De prepared for imperil ?tions. No
body Is always consistent. Tim man
or woman Who never made a mistake
ls a myth.
Man, aro you looking for an angel?
How would you look alongside of an
When real life comes to the best
and happiest pair, with its trouble
and its oave, tho towor of romance
will fall, leaving us in the mud-hut of
overy-day reality.
Man and woman arclike two shells
of the oyster-they were made for
eaoh other.
The man who avoids matrimony on
account of the oares of wedded life
rivals the wlsacre who seourod him
self against corns by having his legs
Some one has said that it is in life
as lt is with a kite, it will not fly very
high unions lt has a string tying lt
down, and so the man who is tied
down bv a half dc/,m responsibilities
and their mother will make a higher
and stronger fight than the bachelor
who, having nothing to keep him
steady, ls always thundering In the
If you want to ascend in the world
ti9 yourself to somebody.
A orusty old baohelor, hearing that
bis friend had gone bl in 1, said: "Let
him marry, and If that does not open
his eyes, nothing else will."
But that sneer has been confuted
by tho experience of many blind schol
ars like Hood, famous authority on
bees, and Fawcett, political eoonomlst
of Cambridge and England's most fa
mous Postmaster-Qeneral, whoso high
ly qualified wives were eyes indeed to
their husbands.
Marriage remoulds oharaotor, bright
ens prospcots, gives faces to clouds,
meaning to words, will make the birds
sing more sweetly, the sunshine more
brightly, elevate your hopes, arouse
ambition and give purpose to lifo. It
will double Joys and div l ie sorrows.
Our Soolal oharlots should be attach
ed to the stais of love.
All history and experience havo
proven that marriage ls the world's
Civilizer, the safety valve of business
life, the cabinet room where ls devised
most of the great things of life.
The only permanent builder In the
social arrangements is love between
man and woman.
A wiso marriage leads to tho truest
and happiest life. Many men think
themselves self made who aro really
Napoleon won his greatest victories
while Josephine was his wife, and
while he loved her. When ?ur coun
try's interest hung in tho balance at
Valley Forge, Martha "Washnigton
hastened to her Qeorge, and urged
bim up and on to victory.. Bismarck
and Disraeli, who for thirty years
were the controlling powers in Euro
pean politics, both owned that they
owed their success bo their wives.
Thousands of wives have boen to
their husbands the inspirers of lof cy
thoughts, majestic aspirations and
sublime purposes.
Whether a man shall be made or
marred in marriage depends altogeth
er upon bis choice of a partner.
Solomon, whose matrimonial ven
tures, wero rather multitudinous,
Sayn: "A prudent wife is frc m thc
Lord," leaving us to Inter whore an
imprudent one most como from.
Wadsworth paints tho woman you
"A creature not too bright or good
For human nature's dally food,
The reason llrm, tho temperate will,
K II'H.r. imo, foresight, strength and
A perfect woman nobly planned,
To warn, to comfort and command,
And yet a spirit still and bright,
With something of an angel light."
Don't marry for baauty alone. Soc
rates called beauty "a short lived ty
ranny," and Theophrastus pronounced
it a "a silent cheat."
Tho man who marries for beauty
alone ia as silly as tho man who would
buy a bou io beciuso it had fine flowers
In tho front yard.
lt takes more than a fair skin,
bright eyes, beautiful form and deli
cate hands to make a really beautiful
vornan. The highest typo of beauty
h never merely physical; it is in the
outgleamlngs of internal virtues and
sweet g rac-ts of character.
The heuity that lasts shines in the
virtuous life, sweetens tho voice of
sympathy, sparkles on the brow of
wis lom and ll Ashes in tho eye of love.
A lovely soul will glow in the face.
The really beautiful woman has a
beauty whloh changes not with years,
and tl.is ls tho only beauty that can
be relied upon for a permanent Influ
ence with men.
The violet will soon cease to smile.
FiO*.ors must fade. Tho love that
bas nothing but beauty to sustain it
soon withers away.
A beautiful woman pleases the oyo,
a good woman holds tho heart. The
one la a jewol, tho o thor ls a tioasuro.
L ink well to tho temper of tho
wouir; ^ you think of marrying. Soc
rates ?.ld ho "married Xantippe and
end ur, 1 her for self-dlsolpllno."
The story ls told of him that when
his wife gave him a lecture ho walked
outside the house, sat down and
laughed. This an ger od hor the more;
?ho rushed upstairs and pourod down
a micket oi water on ibm. lie walked
away andsmllllngly said. "That ls all
that you can expect, a showor aftor a
Hut the men who look at tho mat
ter In this light aro Uko tho philoso
pher himsolf-dead.
I am rather inollned to take Solo
mon's view of tho matter. "It Is hot
ter to dwell In the ojrnor or a house
top than with a brawlh g woman in a
wido house."
John Wesloy's wife used to sit in
thc middlo aisle in City Hoad Chapel
and, it is said, mado a mouth at him
while he preached. On? flay bo was
telling his congregation how he had
been assallod by hts enemlos and de
claring that he had bcon accused of
vlolat'ng overy commandment except
drunkenness. Whereupon his wife
arose and said: "Mr. Wesley, you
know you woro drunk."
Wesley threw up his bands and ox
claime?: "Thank God, tho catalogue
ls complete."
I / Kl,,'
j ' ' / four
/ Sim',
/ Billi.
/ BHh
i med
/ Evei
/ 6aim
Wesley's experience, therefore, .en
abled him to ?Ive good counsel, a*id
when one of his young proachers wrote
to him for advice on marriage, saying
that he was hesitatir g between two
women-one was a prcf.'.sstug Chris
tian, but had a torrlble temper, while
tho other made no religious profession
but had a sweet disposition-Wesley
immediately sent back word: ''Mar
ry the woman with the sweet disposi
Marry a good Iv u ekeeper.
Tho atory is told of a teacher of In
dians who was reading them the para
ble of tho Ten Virgins by tho aid ol
an interpreter, AB she read she no
ticed a smile on thc faces of her usual
ly sobei-vlsnged pupils, and, stopping
to ii quire the causo, dlseovend that,
owing to the limited vocabulary ol
the Indian dialect, which made the
same word servo fi r virgin and old
maid, the parable as it read through
tlie Interpreter was to t.ho elTact tha?
"ten old maida lighted their lanterna
and wont out to louk for husbands."
Woman's eduoatlon one hundret
years ago was the Hr :it.ini: of a lantern
to enable tho girl to better look for u
husband, and her education was li
the arts of the kitchen and the parlor
and tho obj act of eduoatlon was mere
ly to make a useful housewife. Nov*
the pendulum has swung to the otho
When men select women for wiv i
In quiet homes, where domestic grace.!
prevail, the tinery of tho world wll
sink into insignificance.
The most fascinating women an
those who can enrich tho evory-da:
moments of li e.
The time was when women of th
very h:-st society became their hua
bands' friends and companions, coi.
hidered their interests ldentioal am
did not bold them as so muoh fal
game for ?raft. They made the!
houses homes and not mere passim
places for vanity to gi through.
Give us women content to he wha
God and nature meant them to bc
but no, the Ideal life set up by til
girl of the period is plenty of fun an
luxury. Dress dwarfs her intelligence
while virtue gives up the ?Iii st at bc
uod; fod to order, she must bo nurse
like a baby and kept from a hyslerl
cal tit by a sugar plum.
It may be a soand dons thing to sa
but tho scand.il of fio fact ls .-o muc
greater than tho scandal of oonfe.si
In? lt tiiat 1 will rink orl:lclsm f>
tho statement of the faot thc d< mo
tic life of this country is In an appal
lng ocnditlon.
Many a man has given up all hi?
ambition for study, for self-denyln
service of his fellowmen, stilled th
volco of his conscience when lt dc
manded saorltica and devoted himsel
to tlie oneobjeotof Kaitlin? the when
withal to keep sunshlno lu lils hons
by thc unlimited indulgence of a lasl:
ion pampered woman's fancies.
The fault Ilea with the parents; un
loss they can give their daughter
fortune when she marries, they pei
petuate a fraud u?JOH the young man
if by hick of domestio training the
make her unlit for the position o
wife in the home of the young mai
who has to make his way In th
Just as it la a man's duty toprovld
for his family, so it ls tito woman'
duty to adorn the homo with all th
excellences of graco and good taste
and cither by lier own industry or th
wcll-direoted Industry of those wb
nervo her; to lill it with li althful In
lluenoea of cleanliness, ?oed order am
neatness, HO that every thin? may min
iBtcr to the comfort and enjoyment o
those she loves.
Thc state of life Into which it ha
pleased God to call our daughters 1
plainly, for tho most part, and whlcl
entails tho duties of the housekeepc
ind tho home -maker, and for thos
littles the learning acquired in tb
ic)looks often does much to null
Tho result cf this unfaltl fulness I
the foundation education ls seen I
sxtravagaiiu hab i, ? of our moder
housekeeping, the Ignorant wast
wbero tho yoting women linds horse
iiablo to teach and direct her servan!
In cases wbero abe is not ri quired t
io tho actual work liersyif, ant
wearying of her attempts to be quce
ot bor own household, sho allows lu
little kingdom to live without a heat
Her husband linds that the expom
of married lifo la far groater than 1
had anticipated and tho comfort los
As tho expenditures Inoreasc, ho sci
that his hard work on ono aldo ls on
to supply tho mean? of waatefulnc
on tho other aide, and that bia chi
dron aro growing up with notions i
lifo whloh nothing can aatlafy.
We need not wonder that great di
conlenii prevails uuiou? many men.
It is this extravagance and Ino.ir
potence among womon that aocoui
very largely Xor the faot that tho
?i i . ?': " J '
4*^8 WUP"*,*""
"Makes You Well All Over." T
?atens the entire system. tienda
lng indicate tl un you need
... ^. . . " 9?l?ry. Mass.. .July 18, 1V05.
itt Chemical Co.. nalllmoro, Md,
r Sirs: 1 was lani up last November with
matism In my fool and ankles, but after takln?
?ottlosof KlicnhiaCldc I have not hoon bothered
I tried every oi<i kind of liniment and was
?two doctors, and all I tried had tho samo rc*
mtil I t,'ot Rhcumacido. Now, I nm pleased to
t has not been necessary for nie io take any
?.lue for Rheumatism since February last,
,'bodv that 1 recommended It to has hail tho
rosults. Yours very indy.
P. RAN AO AN, Managet,
Quincy Industrial Co operative Society.
are moro than three millions of mei
in tho (Jutted States past thirty yea; s
of age wno are not married.
1 would make all the Improvements
Cf education and tho ace mpllshment
of manners subordinate to tho duties
of the home-the moana to make thc
homo happy. God speed tho day when
French will y leid lo fritters, poetry
to pies, whon the n cst s'.udluus will
excsl In stows, and the professor ol
music will play up ;ti pols and pans,
and tho female piesldent will rule the
roast, and s!u lents a(e taught to be
women rather than 1 idles.
.Hattie to Burn ibo t)p->i?* IlotiHO A?
Augusto, tl ,
The Augu3ta Chr.mielo says a bold
Attempt was made to burn the opera
oouse In that city on Thursday night
while the cheatro held tho audlei ce
whi yb was gathered to see the per
formance of the Fremont stick com
pany, but the blt/, was disjovcred
lu tim? and extinguished without the
speo aloT ever learning ef tho jeo
pardy In which th??y wero placod.
This very thrilling aol behind the
scenes was en cad mid way the pro
Kr??m, between acts while tho moving
picture was the specialty tnat held
the attention uf the assembly, O i
of the employes happening to enter
the lav buy u ide* tho ro.tr stairway
leading t ? tho t p gallery found th
whole room abl /. i.
Manifesting rare presence cf m ud
tie made no outcry tb to would hav<
stamped od the audience, but dashed
acreias tho street to the Hook and
Ladder company, which is just th?
opera house, and gave tho alarm
Chere was a marvelously <i i e'e res
poii3o by Asjistant Chief Schaufel?
and bis lowe lads, a-ul t.hc rab
idly spreading (limes wero s KU
extinguished with the bau 1 machines,
Investigation showed that som*
misereara bael lill-d the urinal with
gasoltue ami sprinkler! all up thc? sid
of thc wall, and then set ll a .u h
The posslbill ios ?.f sunh a blaze c n
easily bc 0 on Jo ted. () .ly the very
prompt discovery, folio veil by tin
quio* and Intelligent wo.k of the tire
men, prevented a disastroui Uro wbic i
would have wreoked tho building and
ceist the lives of n any pee pie In JiM
a few minutes the il m?s would have
gained such Meadway that they OJUld
tot have bien chocked buforo the
building was destroyed.
Much of the smoke found Its way
up into the andltorlu n but as thc
houso was darkenod for tito moving
picture exhibition it was not very nc
tlcaable and whatever suspicions tho
aeon scented may'have had were dis
pelled by bhe seemingly frank and in
nocent manner in which t::o clever
comedian came upon the stage with a
water sprinkler in his hands and
apologized tu tho audience for the
??moke made by tho picure no o lint !
The entire audience went home
none thc wlsor and slept very peace
fully without evor knowing tho groat
danger in wh c i they had beon p;ac sd,
The matter wits k pt a ptofound Be
oret by the manag m nt a -d only
baked out way after midnight. A
rigid investigation is being made,
however, and If the guilty person CAI.
bo dlscoYoiod lie will bo severally
dealt with.
dre w Hoi Olio .
The crew of the sohooner John H
Morgen, Fernandina, Fla., for New
York, willoh was abandoned Inasink,
lng condition, arrived at Philadelphia
last week on board tho bark Tillie
Baker. Capt Nickels e?f tho Bergen
said that during fie severe gale 1 s
week his sails wero carried away and
tho schooner oxporleoo id such rough
weather that the seams opined and
the vessel btcum? water logged. Whib
lu this Condition, and when hope o'
resouo had practically boen abandone d
tho Tillie Baker was sighted and
c? rn-?, to the aid of thc orew, At the
time thc Baker was sighted tho Bei
gen v/as complete ly at tho moroy of
the waves aud ?ie small boat had
beon oarrlcd away. Ab too piril of
their lives thc sailors on tho Tillo
B.iker tinnily aucoecded In gotting all
of tho Bergen's crow safely on b?ard
their vessel. The rescue occurred
about 100 miles oit tho Poloware
capos. _
Munter ctl T/troo.
Two armed negroes entered tho
atore of Frank Botte, an aged Ital
ha, at Gross Point, Near New Ore -
loans, La., on Monday night and Shot
him dead, fatally wounded his two
sons, aged 13 and ?4, and thon robbed
tho store.
Y .'. ?.: A*. '*? .'At.
Rheumatism ls an Internal dis?
ease and requires an Internal 1 cir edy.
RH ELM AC I DH "Gets at the Joints /rom
the Inside," and that is the reason it Cures
after all other remedies have failed. Rheumacide
sweeps all the poisonous germs and acids out of the blood
hose peins are danger signals, warning you of a disease that
ches, I'alns, Bad Taste ia the Mouth, that * * Ne- Account"
Curad 60-year-old Mr?. Mary Wctborn. of High Point, N. C., after she
had sulfcred 20 years. Cured Rev. J. R. Wheeler. 70 years old, a landing
Methodist minister, of Rcistcrstown, Md. Cured John F. Kline, of ll alti -
more, after Johns Hopklno Hospital had completely failed. Curad James
Wilkes, of Dillon, S. C., after he had boen In bed three years and hin letts
were drawn up attains! his back. Better Ret a bottle from your Druggist
at once. Sompl? bottle and booklet FREE If you send 5 cents for postage.
There's Danger in Delay.
At Y.iur
CurCdL own Home.
If You Have Either of Th?se Dis
eases, Write Dr. Hathaway of At
lanta, Ga.. About His Methods of
Treatment. N ) Harsh Method Used.
No Experiment. Other Diseases
Cured. B')oks Free.
Thousand of mon's lives have boon wreoked
on account of those diseases. Very few doctors
know li JW to euro them. They should never
ho entrusted to the nvorago doctor hut only
an expert should ha allowed to trott them
( 'redial Si rielare, if neglected or improperly
treated, will coniplotoly der,inge tho entire
gouito-urinary .system, causing severe kidney
mid bladder diseases, intenso nain and siilYer
Ing. Varicocele will bring about a completo
lons of manly power, nnd thoroforo, tho beat,
treatment obtainable lu not too good.
If yo i have oilht.r of thosodiseases, sit dow ?t*
and write to Dr. Hathaway. Ho will sond you
como very interesting literature on tholrcause,
treatment and euro, and will givo you his ex
port opinion nf your case, without one cont of
cha-go. Dr Hathaway is a roliablo physician.
reeoKiii/.ed as tho moat export ?pooinllsl lu the
South and you eau consult bin with perfect
confidence. ?
Other Diseases Cured.
Dr. II iMi.'iwav's specialty [coludosall chronic
and private dimanes of men anti woman,, snob
ns, Kidney and Bladder Disoaso3, Nervous <')d
btllty (lost vitality) Spoeiflo Blood P .hon
(Syphilis) Catarrh, Skin Disoases, Diseases of
the Heart, Llyor and Stomach, R M.-.IUI itism,
discus 's peculiar to women, otc. nut! tn. ors.
[.Ivory person itllllctud with ol thor of these
disoaiOS is invited to consult him with mt
I charge. .Thoso ollllotod with btubborn nnd
j deep jjcatod casos ore especially htvitcd to
'write. Ha hts lind special success in coring':\
Such casos whore othors failed to evo? boneflt.
livery person writing him will bo fiont a yolun
1 hlo booklet on tholr diaoiso also free. Have
no hesitancy in writing. Every thing strictly
confidential. Address Dr. Ibtthnway & Ck>.,
88 [oman Bldg., Atlanta. Ga.
8 Early Cabbage Plants Guaranteed to Satisfy Purchaser |
The Kuriles? WAKEFIELD Tho Harllost Flat A littlo Inter Largest and Latest
Cabbage Grown Second Barites* Head Variety " than Suceoaaion Cabbage
PRICE: Inlets ol 1 to4 m. at $1.60 per m., 6 to Om. at $1.26 por m., 10 m. and ovor, nt$1.00 por m.
F. o. a. YOUNG'S ISLAND, s. c. My Special Bxpreas Rate on Plants Is Very Low.
G, I guarnnteo Plants to Rive ptirohasor pallsfaetlon, or will refund tho pttrohase
U&raliiee pnoo to any customer who ls dissatisfied ai end of noason. Thoso plant? are
Brown ia tho open Bold, on Seacoast o? South Carolina. In a ollmnto that ls Ju..;, i ult..<! to
growing the hai'illt'st planta that can lie grown In tho united States. Thoso^plants can bq
roset in tho Interior or tho .Southern States during tho months of January, February, and
Mureh. They will stand severe cold without being Injured, and will maturo it head of Oab
biiKo Two to Threo wooka aoouor than If you grow your own planta In hot hods and cold
frames. '
My Largest Customers are the Mnrkot flnnleners near tho lntorlor towna and oltlos of
the Sont h. Their prellt depends upon them having Karly Cabbage; for that roaaon they pur
chase atv plants /or their crops.
1 nlso grow a full line of ol horiPIants mid Krait Trees, such at Strawberry, Sweet Potato.
Tomato. rigg Plant and Poppor Planta; Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherry and Apricot
Trees, Fig nuan?a, and Crape Vines.
S; rrhl tenn* to poison? who make up dub VY/A/l C ?"1P*RATV BOX
.iJitfc Write for illustrated cauloeuc . w ^? ll, YOUNG'S ISLAPD. S. C
?????.*???.?.?.?????????.??< ??????????????????.>???<
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Wakefields, Henderson S (.( t?ss wlii ih aro tho host known varloties to ovperiouo- J
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lu?. Lots of 5,000 ut $1.-5 per 1,000. Special prices on large orders. Tho ox? i
press company is giving us cheap rutea for plants this season. All plants will 1
he shipped 0. <). IL, unless you prefer to sand tho money with tito or-'ors. Your
orders Will have my prompt anti personal attention, (live ino a trial ordor,
g Address all orders to ll. J. DONALDSON, MKUGKTTS, S. O.
???.?????..????????????????* ;?*?*??.?.????.??. at?B0l
Drill Press
Write 1er Prices on thc Following
Habbit Couplings (? nages Lubricators
Drills Guage Cocks Oil Cups Heit, lillbbor
Huck Saws Oil Cans Belt? leather Ejectors Hammers
fittings Injectors Pipe Files Pulleys
Lace Leather, Packing all kinds, Shafting, Collara for Sh tftiag an I anything
elsi; In machinery supplies.
Columbia Supply Co., .... Columbia, S. C.
. .?.?.????????????????a?a?B .?.n?ada?B?B?#?^?;?=?:?>?>*^
J Manufacturers Hriok, Fire Prodi Terra Jott.i ll ill ll tf!Bl))? or j
O Flue linings and Drain TUo. Prepared to UH orders for thou ands j J]
x or millions. ?I
Night Coughing. I
Murray's Horehound Mulllen and
Tar, if taken Just before retiring, all I
most invariably prevents night cough*
lng, and insures a gcod night's rest. It
lias tho same, magical effect In all af-1
lections of the throat, ohest and lungs.1
Consumption, Colds, LiiGrlppe, Sore,
Throat, Croup, Whooping Cough,
ls coin posed of-heros and medicines weil
known for their soothing, healing of
feet on Inflamed and irritated air pas
sages, it contains nothing harmfuf
anti is absolutely safe for young and
old. A household remedy of unques
tionable value. Physicians who know
??N compost! lon gladly recommend and
prescribe lt. Sold at a price no higher
than you pay tor ordinary cough rem?
dies. "
Price Hods. Guaranteed Satisfactory
io every purchaser,
Prepared hy tho
Murray Drug Co.,
Columbia, S. 0#
.A. F*JAI?O ar Orffnn for
\To (ho head of ovory family who is ntnbl
tioun for the future and education of his chil
dren, wo havo a Special Proposition to mako.
No article in tho homo shows tho ovidouoo
of culturo that does it Piano or Organ, Nono
oompllshmont ?ives as much pleasuro or is of
as grout value In after lite a? tho knowlodgo
of muslo and tho ability to play woll.
Our .Small Payment Plat s mr-.kos oti?W
ship of a. high graco Piano or Organ easy.
Just a fow dollars down and a maali payment
each month or tjuarlerly or soml aimually and
Uie instrmnent is yours,
Write us today for (Jataloguos and our Sp'oc
lal Proposition of IOoey Paymczste.
Addrop Malono'8 Mu ?lo Go.,
Columbia, S. C.
i mm
R. R. Faro Paid? Notes leite?
" board at Cost. Write Oulck
"Miss E.lzaboth H bertaon. tho 14
year-old daughter of J. Caldwell Rob
ertaon of Columbia, was killed in lien*
doraonvlllo, U.C., on ?Saturday by a
argo stone f ailing on her.

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