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tf. 4, BROWN - - - JBtfttor
Friday Maroh 23, 1906,
i/Hiiiji. i i.jii.m Frtaes
Ono year.$ 1.00
Six months.50
"Throe months.2&
Mr. A. B. Stuckey, District
Organizer uud Warehouse Pro
moter will address the Farmers
and Busiuess men of Marlboro
County at Bennettsville on
Tuesday March the 27th al IO
80 a. m. All are earnestly re
quested to attend.
R. M. Pegues,
Pres, of County C. A.
march 14, 190?.
MA KC a TERM J 900.
Tho spring lonu of tho Court Gouoral
?Scssions oonvouod morning at 10.30 with
His Honor Judgo Gago presiding.
Tho Grand Jury for 1906 rosponded to
roll oall ?nd organized with Mr. Ilonry B
Freo DJ an au Foreman.
Solioilor Johnson soon had a number |
of billa ready, ?nd after a briof but point
ed charge by Ilia Honor, tho Grand Jury
roi ired for work. Thoy complotcd tho
work givou thom on Wednesday-11 truo
bills out of 12-mado thoir tinal roport
and wero disohargod. Thoir roport will
appear noxt wook.
Ephraim Zimmerman, oolorod, charged
with tho killing of ouo Charley Poforkin,
colored, ata party on Mr. Matho8on'e|
Loudon farm, soveral months ago, went
to trial Monday uoon, with Mr. T. W.
Bouchier as couusol, and Solioitor John?
?on was assisted by Mr. T. I. Rogers. It
was au interesting OBBO and ably handlod
on both Bides. Tho iury on Wcdnoaday
wont into tho room about 10 o'clock and
returned at 11 with a vordiot of man
Tho noxt caso taken up was that of
O?car Brooks of Brownsville for tho kill
ing of Harris Alford, of the samo town
ship, on (he 4th instant, with an axe.
Dr. Carpenter of Latta, who waa oallod
to sec Harris Alford, says the axe out tho
breast bono, through three ribs, touohod
tho liver and might havo goo o through
to tho baokbone. A deadly blow.
Tho defendant is rcproscntcd by Messrs
Townsend & H amor, who aro making a
Strong fight. t It may be completed this
morning in time to start anothor case.
Tho docket is loaded with some U??ly
cases, and ouly two more days.
Attention Camp Henegan,
There will bo ii meeting of the
members of Camp Honagan, Con
federate Veterans on tho 1st Mon
day in April ut 10 o'cloch a. m. in
the Court Ilouso to elect officers
for the iosuiug year and delegates
to tho State and National Conven
tions, and the transaction of any
o tiber h ii fri nonti cow tn" \]
vwuji. n v order ol
.''. l?. Cl re?u, t mm??v?}or<
?? ! ? Y,.n,'. ling* A :Vd.j.
MiVr li JU nin-V.
J'J?H AND scisaoncmAPHB
Thc North and West ia coverod
with snow.
Tho town of Brooklyn, Miss.,
was razed by a tornado on Mon
day night. Many killed.
Bishop Un noan dedicated the
new Methodist church at Bam
ba rg on tho 18th.
Mr. J. E. Normo nt of Darling
ton will he a candidate lor Secre
tary of State.
Tho latest from Dr. J. C. Kilgo
of Durham. N. C, who has beon
very ill, is that ho is improving.
Tho Stato Pension Board mot
in Columbia on Wednesday to
pass upon tho applications this
year, which continuo to increase.
Tho sad nows comes from Col
umbia that Attorney General U.
X. Gunter l?os very ill from the
effects of an operation for tubor
' eulo is.
Dr. Josiah Strong decluros that
"Wealth is full of perils." We
know sovoral in Bennottsvillo who
would not mind trying it for a
while. i
Gen Bonham has* endorsed tho
application of Miss Kate Bluo, of
Marion and a sister of Victor Bluo
to bo appointed lady commissioner
on tho Jamestown ox position
board. Tho board should have
hor help.
A Splendid Trip,
Dr. J. A. Faisan left Saturday to
attend a meeting o? the Medical Sur
geons of A C. fyi no at Tampa, Fla.
On his return to Jacksonville will go
down east coast and take in St. Aug
ustine, Minni? and Palm Beach, lie
was accompanied by Miss Eloise Eui- '
non. The doctor intended going over
to Havana, hut the ll. S. quarantine
bas prevented. The aro expected
home tomorrow.
A Fine Entertainment,
The Risc ITA ii given by Ibo Mu
sic Faculty of Columbia College
at the Auditorium Tuesday night,
under the auspices of tho Kp- ?
worth League, was something out ,
of tho ordinary, and was received
by the largo audience preso nt
with no little satisfaction. Thc
staging, elccution and music was
up-to-Jato, and gave ovidenco of \
gifted tiptoing* Jt was indeod a j
linc treat.
Oonstablos for Court. ,
Messrs J. E. David, W. M. At- t
kinson, Robert Taylor, E. A.Pat- ?
terson, J. L<\ L?win, J. P. Hin- f.
?on. j ?
Sow To Keep Potion at 12 (touts.
Oom AB A Mouoy Crop. 1
Mr, R O. Commander, a practical I
farmer of Florenco county, writes the
Times a letter worth reading:
1st. Pre?are Ifcnd foy cor? hy bal
ding out the land deep with one or 2
hurse plow, split 'the middle with shov- ,
ol plow deep, aud thoo throw baok two
furrows with point of Dixie if you aro
going to uce eorn planter. If going
to plant by hand throw back with tho
wing of Dixie and opon and drop corn
io and cover.
2d. Distanco to plant. You must
?mit this to your laud aud amount of
guano you ox poet to uso, say 10 to 18
m chen in six foot rows.
3rd, Fertilizing, 300 pounds cotton
??oed meal, 200 lbs. kaiuit or 100 lbs.
acid, and 100 lbs. nitrato soda, where
you expect to make 50 bushels of corn
per aore.
4th. How to oultivate and when
and how to put down guano, and plant.
Plant about last of M arch aud let the
corn stay there until it turns yellow
and then go around it with point of
Dixie with bar side io corn, leave
alone until it gets say 10 inches high
and looking sick, then take same plow
and turn wine; ?ide to coro using only
the point again this will nut you woli
on in May, and month of June? Wheu
oom will stand dirt from wing of Dix
ie, put your guauo in side furrows on
each side of oom, and plow out mid
dle at once, deep, and leave alone un
til corn is little above knee high and
then put down your nitrate soda by
tho corn and broadcast in poa?, say 1
or 2 bushels pol acre, and plow out
with Dixie or sweep any other plow
you uso.
Plow shallow this time and let the
seasons do the rest and youjwill m ike
corn and not stalk and at same time
leave your land in $10 to $16 por
acre hotter than when you started.
Now lot us plant anything but a
big cotton crop. Plant peanuts, chu
ms, patatoes, tobacco and all tho peas
that you can harvest and hay for stock
and lot's stop this shipmeut of hay
and grain in to our bounds. When
half the price is daid in freight, we
grow poor, tho railroads grow rich.
We can raise as good food orops
here as any other state and better
mule:) and horses than any of thom.
Read ponder, and aot aud tho victory
is ours for 12i or 15 couts cotton.
It will be as we say and notas Wall
street or any other sot of men outside
of the cotton fields may eay. We will
be masters of tho situation and not
Tho only exclusivo Ladies
Store in tho Pee Deo section is
Mittlo's Store.
A Remark able Case.
One hundred and seven oper
ations for dropsy of the liver
were performed upon Mrs Hat
tie Cronin, who died at Spring
field, Mass At each operation
about three gallons of fluid was
taken from lier body. The case
is one of tua most remarkable
. >\ V ? . 'ff !. i \ \ ?Ti-, ri I/ii Vt lt ti -sf
?ii yuji . I D?S. VI rS !.. t'Cib? ? ?1 :t;.i j>$
years il?
.'.>?-I:? 4uU0rvvoa
Getting Abner Nicely.
From tho information of tho
many who were hore Monday and
heard of tho unfortunate attempt
of a young strangor and visitor to
our town to kill himself, we can
say that ho is still alivo and hopes
ore entertained that undoi tho
skillful attention of Dr. A. S.
Townsend ho may be able to re
turn to his homo in a tew days.
Mis father who lives at High
Point. N. C., carno down Monday
night and spent Tuesday with
hun. Tho young man is a bright
and clever young fellow, aged
about 24, and no doubt tho foar of
exposure and thoughts of a trial
for a breach of trust caused him
to commit this rash act. Tho
young man is now at tho Hotel
and may be able to return to his
homo next week.
Most completo ready to Wear
department in Marlboro is at
Mlttle's Store.
Why This Difference.
Over in Chesterfield two per
sons wero found guilty of assault
and battery with intent to kill
and got a sentence of 30 days on
gang. Two others plead guilty to
selling liquor without license and
got six months on tho gang or pay
a fine of $100. Is lifo cheaper
than whiskey ?.
Happy Family Reunion.
There was a happy reunion at
the Dillon Hotel Sunday when
Messrs 13, R. Liles, J, T\ Liles,
N. P.Liles and Kev. '/,. V. Wies,
?ill brothers assembled together
niter a Reparation of 19 years.
Hov, Z. V. hiles is a member o?
Hie Texas conference, J. T. Liles
is in business at Charleston, N,
l\ Liles is located at liennetts
ville and E. H. Liles is the well
known insurance agent of* Dil
lon. lt was a happy reunion
made all the happier by the
presence of their mother Airs J.
tl. Hamer of Little Rock who
aahie down and spent the day
with -tho young gentlemen.
Dillon Herald,
-His Honor Judge Gage sent
v witness to jail for livo days for
exclaiming, "Good God," while
ostifying on Tuesday.
- Stacy Legette, oolorod who
ives near Dunbar this county,
?hot one of his daughters in the
aCO and when the posse wont to
cot him ho opened Ure on them
md escaped.
at Mitt
Will Exhibit in Banne?tsviiis
-March 28th- ,
For One Day Afternoon
Only And Night,
Never bofnro in tho annals of il ?story
has such a Stupendous Production and
Electrical Thoutre boon pluood bnforo thc
public. Tho Aohiovcmcnt of Sucooss
Greeted bv Thousands, whorovsr they
Exhibit- _ Praised by both pres' and pub
lic. With a mammoth Pavilion which
scats tinco thousand people. Carrying
their own Elcctiio Pluut with Hundreds
ol' lights to Illuminion this Gorgeous
Produolion and dirtying their own Uni
formed Unod and Orchestra.
Seo the Groat Wild Animal Exhibit
and Trained Animal Exhibition. Without
doubt tho most marvolous collection of
Wild A ci tn ?il 8 ovor gil herod together for
Exhibition purpose:) In this or any othor
country. - i
Aot? that are amusing, thrilling and !
inspiring, greet the evo of tho beholder
on all sides. No ooo should fail to tak
advantago of this opportunity of witnos -
ing the groatost exhibition of its kind
whioh has over visited your city.
Easily tho rruking (cituro of this great
Animal Exhibition is Sultano tho "mun
cathu* Li?nos*. Miny trainers bu ve boon
killed and many injurod by this fbrooious
bcsHt, and yet. despite this fnot. Trainor
Curloy Wilson, ono of tho World's Groat
ost Animal Traitors enter:) tho heavily
Inured oago at each Exhibition and docs
battle with this ferocious Lion.
Tho price nf admission to tboso mam
moth Exhibitions havo boon plaood with
in tho tcaoh of all.
Admission to Moin Show and
Electrioal Thcatro 15 and 25ots
Admission to Animal Exhibition 10 ots
Handsomest lino Embroider
ies and Lucos ever shown in
Marlboro at Mittle's Store.
Sell your Chicken's and Eggs
to J. E. Odom, at the Restau
rant on Depot Street. You will
got market price.
Saddest Of Sights.
"What was tho most distress
ing thing you ever saw in a
court ?" was the question pro
pounded to a group of lawyers
recently as they sat together in
the office of one of their num
ber. One told of hearing a judge
pass sentence of death on a
woman; another told of the
scene between a mother and son
as she bid her boy good-bye be
fore he started to serve a ten
year sentence in the peniten
tiary, and as the question went
round the circle each related a
story of court room scenes. Al
most the last one in the group
said:2uGentleinen, the saddest
thing I ever witnessed in a
court room was when a healthy,
Strong, handsome man and wo
man. with n nrnnn nf ob ?Mr?.reu
appeared bo fort) ti ol cc vt ii judge,
tn t? ono p}ainfc?,0\ ilU^otuor (ie i
lendani . i\t diy^ro? nui' Thr? [
r?ols o?' d)ijtt ( O?) oe. tho faces o?. |
t hos? i nuoo?nl ohudrovi os iho> !
. .. -u- --^^^-..v>vi ,u uio ut nu illa
tions and recriminations of their
parents, intent on what had been
a happy home, was the saddest
sight I ever witnessed."-Relig
ious Herald.
Everybody will want to soe
tho Jones & Adams Wild Animal
Show next Wednesday and hear
tho Band play,
- Plenty of norie, peas, pota
toes and poultry will enable evory
farmer to live easy and plant less
Kept The Soorot Well .
An old ga rd nor of Soattlo who
had for iifteon years earned a
scanty living for himself and
his wife by hard work, found,
when his wife died recently,
that she had had in a deposit
vault all that time $7500 in cash
six United States government
bonds for $1000 each and a $l?O
certificate of deposit, which she
had inherited.
Becauso hor stoinnoh was so weakened
by UBoloas drugging that ?ho could not oat,
Mri Mary H Watem, of St. Clair st , Col
umbus, <>., waa literally starving to death,
?ho write? : ''My stomach waH so vory
weak from UROIOHH drugH that I could not
oat, and my norvcB BO wrcckod that I could
not Bloep; and not bnforo 1 was given up
to dio waa J induced to try Elcotrio Hitler?
with tho wondorful romilt that improvement
began at onoo, and a completo euro follow
ed/' licet heaHh Tonic on oarth. 500.
O u ur rm toed hy J. T. Donglno, druggiHt.
HCT Those GrTund Shell Box
ea at Tho Feed Storo aro "Dandies'
So aro tho Drinking Fountains.
W. H. Brown, tho popular pension at
toruoy, of Pittellold, Vt., ?ayH : "Next to
a porndon, tho best thing to get in Dr
King'.i Now Life Pills. They keep my
family in splendid boat tb," Quick euro
for Ilcalaoho, Gonntipation and biliousnoHH,
2?0 at J. T. Douglas's drug Btoro.
W" Bran, Short?, C. S, Meal,
Cooked (>w Food-all milk pro
ducers, at "Thc Food Storo.
D. B. l?urhana ToBtitloB Aftor Four Yearn.
G. B. Burhans. of Carlisle Center, N,
V., writes; "About lom yearn agu I
Auote you stating that \ had been en?.
?rely cured ol a severe kidney trouble
>y taking less than two bottles ol Foley's
Kidney" ??'?re. ii entirely slopped the
irick dust sediment, and pain and sym
ptoms of kidney disease disappeared. 1
im glad to say thal" I have never bad a
eturn ol any of those symptoms during
bc lour years that have elapsed and I
im evidently cured to stay cured, and
10.11 lily recommend Kofcy's Kidney
Jure to any one suffering trom kidney
>r bladder trouble." Hcnncltsville Phar-,
Not tho wealth of ?J. Pl ?j ! 1*0NT
MO LIU ?N or of JOH N - A K E
FELLER, but soversl Ini?^i tunes
bavo hoon spout in briii:'?ti;.\ g potul
af perfootion and c,v ij Jf-o the
product kuowu as "BX?OM
The p.oaont company, ni p looa
and tenions !?liga?oi<, hi?.\ . -?j
all right and title to tho tif * roark !
"BUOMONIA," 888(1 g;od \ill&0.
lu a comparatively short .'0
m^nicif will bo known r ve ry sv. <o, .on
to the remotoat parts ci ih< ed
Tho proof of the pud ling in 'he
eating. The more Blale .1 that |
"Bromonia" is ?uch iremen^ofa oflU
oacy aud BO beneficial ibat i h-uld
be in tho liome of oitfoens ?II the t vi
lizod ?B uot euough nowad&i io oort*
vince tbe sceptical po hi io, deluded as
it has boen in the paar by Iheitviyriade
of fakers and hearth f o(i iran IIB,
who have taken tho public's ^\>ney in
exchange for danger .' ne
and habit forming dru- ' H val id
in these enlightened days w?; loi io
evidence of sincerity on tl; ^ouliof
tho owner of a propriotAi , te ?niy bs*
fore invoatir.g money. 1
We propose to 3oethul ev??,? civil!?
zed huinun adult wh tit [< y ,
our romedy at our expel 1 ?;' do o .
without ono cont of c >t-i. WK'- ap?
ita)i/,ed at Four Mil; m nf lui.m i,
this amount being thought : r
in ordor to carry out our
Bead tho following ( full
If you bavo oonsutnptii ii uno i
of tho contagious for in i ol . ? poiiw ]
oning wo cannot cure you. SVc doo ' |
pretend to euro you, toil need i
individual treaimont of k i
cialist ; but if you art
genoral health, if you ha' o d
aro aubject to fainting epol u ?
to insomnia, biliouane i
liver trouble, catch c ld eu
your system ?8 iu that i on ; I tl
you may become an eai
diaoaso germs of pneu ni
and tho various epidemic ? <?
bothered with constant hondo
of memory, generally i
ity, wo can help you, ano, if
low onr directions, rende yon
against sickness. Mos
can be curod by tho uso M
"BKOMONIA" is to till
tem what the scrubbing
soap aro to the dirty wai
nids Naturo to resume n<
It increases the strength,
ability of the phagocytes ol'i
it promotes tho healthy
salivary and gastric BOC
your stomach is in good c
aro w o 11. Tho Chine
people. They nccost one
"How is your stomach ?"
We don't ask you to in
until you have tried "B
our expense. A single
times works wonders.
Coupon at the bottom of .
Write name and add re .
Be careful to address
; A ftOMo? IA. 0O?f?> .
? hereby <!<".! .
never IJOOU'O ha*' it Irci
?Brohiobi?.*' Kindly ?
-;L c.,,^ cost KU uiQ \\ li
?City .j
vState address.
My ncurest )
Druggist is J .
26 and 50 ctn
J. T. DOUGLAS, Exclusive
Agent for Bennettsville ni
J?t??"" Dealers not i
Bennettsville who desire
will jilease apply lo the \\
DRUG CO., Columbia.
Feb. ?), 190?. 3.
Citation For Lettors of Attn I
County of Marlboro
McLaurin, Judge of Pr
DEREA8, I I) A 1) U N
ruado suit to mo io gr
betters of Administration o
of and KSffeots of James 0. l->
Those are therefore to cit0
?sh all and singular the kindn .ni
(tors of the said Janies (.'.
censed, that they bo and a, | ear
mo, in the Court of Probate i
Bennettsville, S. C., on the
Mureil, aftor publication tho,
o'clock in tho forenoon, to sb
any they bavo, why the sai
(ration should not bo granted.
(liven under my band, thc
February, Anno Domini, IOU
Mar, 2, 1000. Judge ol
r w ww ? ? v w wv w wv ?
lA/E aro now propared to till
YV "H kinds of UNDRESSED
Phono or wrilo UH at monheim,
NA 1*1 Ell & NA
Fob, 22, 1906.-4
HAVING Oled in tho Probato .
lice of Marlboro county our !
turn an Executors of tho EB! ?ito
Uitmon, Notice ?H hereby (riven tl
apply to bind Court On thu 2vol da.
1906 fur a final dumbardo as Ex'
inid Eitato. T. B, Gu
W. N. Oil
Fob. 23d 1906. Ex<
Estate of Charlot to Quio!
IX AVINO lilod in tho Probato
IJL Oflico ol' Marlboro County :
Itoturn as lOxeoutor of tho oslato 1
?.??te (?nick, ?otico is horeby gi
I will apply to said Court on
lay of March for n Bimi disobarge
[Cxeoutor. ^ KN03 B. QUI
i"eu# I3| IvOfr, Qualified t
'i?i ?
Ouo Half Aore ?M ia K?st
Ron pottsville. Ono 2 room
houso on Int. Front? on
vorott street an<l on Adumsvillo road,
Apply to T. L. CROSLAND.
Mci? 10, '06. liennettsville, B. O.
Seed Irish Potatoes
Only $2,25 Per Barre!
Any Variety.
Marlboro Com. Go,
iennettsville Mercantile Go., Agts for
Tho celebrated Colton Dropper.
Guano Distributors.
Homo mado Virginia Lard.
Kingan's Hams.
AIOTIOK in borchy glvon that tho Spring
Pd Torrn ot tho Court of Common Pions
'or Marlboro County will oonveno nt Ron
nottsvillo on Mouday Arilin i6, 1906, at
10 o'clock, a. m. All portions interested
will tako due notioo thereof. Grand jurors
iro no?; required to nttoml,
Moh 16, 1906, c. n. 0. P.
For Sale.
A splendid Cow with young
3alf. She will easily givo two and a
half* gallons per dny, and with good,
rich lood, more. Cell at this ofllco
UH! got parti?u'nr?.
FOR SALE-135 A010R of Land at Os
borne}IN. C., on main lino of Seaboard Air
Lino Railroad, Joining tho Depot Lot with
plenty of frontago on Railroad track for
iu>y kind of manufacturing Plant. Good
water power within 200 yarrin ot Depot.
Ginnery completo with ntaohincry almost
30 inch Turbine Water wheel.
Bot of Mill Hooks.
Good 4 room house, barn, outbuildings.
Borne timber and lota of wood on it.
Tho net income from tho gin alono will
pay interest on doubl?) tho amount that the
wbolo can be bought for.
Apply to T. S. GREEN,
March 8, 1906. Hickory, N. C.
A LL ShbvTrusteo Stockholders or nny
other parlies holding cortifioatcs of
.hook issued to the Sub Alliances of tho
?ounty ol' M IM ihoio (named below) by tho
farmers Alliance Exchange (limited] ol'
South 'Carolina, ?rc hereby notified at
ince to turn over, and surrendor said cor*
ificatesto mo. in order that I may ox
bungo sMi) . For tho roture of tho money
br which they were iss' d. Do not delay
?ut net at once :
<!o. Certi Name of Number
fieato Alliance Shares
57 D A HC AN 1
58 REI) ll I Lb 2
.? nu!< ?ii ' ' ' t
o.' y MMiTU x. I
o;i > ii ut: tVNSV.U.\;E ' i
\ it!ttl
Kot). 20. I OOO
Marble Works.
.rders for MONUMENTS or|
TOIVCBSTONE.. promptly filled
di on me, at my place ol business near
the Atlantic Coast bine and tito Son-.)
hoard Air Li.io Passenger Depots, or
write tue. Designs and LMcOfi furnish"
ed on application,
Thone No. (J.'>.
January 2o, 1900.
.loctrical and Plumbing Suppli9s.
Blcotric Lamps a Spooialty.
Tanaffer City "Electric Plant.
Phono 114. I'cnnottsvillo, 8. 0.
JGGy- Report all troub!o with tho lines or
rcot lights to tho above
T" ?I
Vim* Witted ItiMjmiring;
Ve Ak Hy CM itluilo Strong,
(laying us tu Fit your Eyes up with a
Ith n pair of Puro Oryatalino Lenses,
iiuvranteo to suit yen or rofund your
mo; oy-that's our pKn.
CS aro tho Lowest cohsistont with
?rat-clafis work.
anontly looatod at
1 3 N N BT TS V I L L E , 8. (J.
pe sons aro wnrncd not to trespass
any manner, especially hunting with
ind dogs or fishing, on either tho
?orspoon" or "Forlorn Hope" lands,
1 Hill township, on pain of tho pon
' OK BO d? ?Hg.
r?i?ry 15 J906
Cettor. Growers Battie Ory
G-et 15c for Cotton and Get your Rights
Increase Your Acreage
Get 60, and Make the Spinner Rich.
Plant Food Crops and Get Full
Price for Cotton.
Restaurant AND
ALL HOURS, Dey or Night. Clover Waiters. Quick Service
Aud Something to Suit Your Taste and Prepared Right.
OYSTERS Cooked to suit-Fried or Stewed.
Our Building is on Depot Street, Next door to Bakery.
Call and See us. Yours lo S KR VE.
March 20, 1900.
?T- ES. Odom,
Fancy and Heavy Groceries.
WE keep all kinds of GRAIN. HAY. SHtPSTUFF, &o., The "BURT"
or 90 Day OATS. RED RUSTPROOF OATS, Virginia Watorground
MEAL, Fancy and Half Patent FLOUR-"Ring Leader" can't be boat.
Just received Barrel NICE MACKEREL.
WE also carry a complote lino of DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, HATS and
CAPS, and tho famous Hamilton & Brown SHOES.
?ST* Gall and get our pri?es before huying.
tfcS~ Prompt Attention given to Phono Orders. Ring up 48.
February 1, 1900.
When in Want ot
Teams for the Railroad,
or a
Trip to the Country.
Always Ready to serve Calls for Teams.
Phone 98.
SMITH NEWTON, Bennettsville, S. C.
? Our KTew Line ||
?3 ISTOttTtt, BOUTH:- |$
??<jjj EAST. WEST. ?8
E| -- AND- ?
I S J?.? no AIM I
56 Loavo BonnottsvUle *7.05 a. m., 7.00 p. ra. ?
*g| Arrive Choraw 8.10 p. ra. g
pf * Direct connections at Choraw with through traine to K
tho North, East, South and West. K
Thc short lino and quiekest time to Wilmington, Charlotte, Atlanta, |?
tb Raleigh, Kiohtnoud, Washington. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Now York, K?
Boston, B?llalo, Pittsburg and all points North and East.
|s? Tho thort lino arid quickest limo to Columbia, Savannah, Jacksonville, j?
Tampa, Montgomery, New Orleans and all points South and West.
jp? Foi further information call on J. T. MEDLIN, agent Bot! netts* Hie & j?
|? Choraw R. lt.. Bcnnottsvillo.S. C., or address \V. L BURROUGHS |
??Z T. P A., SKAHOARD Am LINK RY., Columbia, S. C. j>
H CHARLES P, STEWART, A. 0. I?. A., S.A L, Ry, Savannah, Ga. |
WWW?C?^WW^K?O?O?VW >$<>?<>t<yt<K<>i<>*A>t<^7*>toH<M^;>3
IS?f0 Head ovory page,
Yes, read every line,
For by this gauge
It i?uty pay ior time
ul! th? your, Prizo Birds, [''or ?lotting
Of 15 Og<?H $1 50.
Ktfgfl $1 00 for ?Otting of 15.
Bonnottavillo. S, 0.
Specials at Mooro's.
Can nod Tripe 20c oach ov 2 fo
lloin/.s Pickle-fresh and good
Fresh jolly-assorted-only 10
Armour's Sausage in tomat?
sunco only 10 cents.
Heinze's Whito Wino Vinoga
for pickling.
Flowers I Flowers !
Mrs. Jno S. Moore has a lim
lot of (?oraniums, Hegonia*
Ferns, Films and other plants,
woll rooted, that sho desires tc
sell Cuttings ?60 per doyen,
At tho bottom 1? a picture of afi.w?
on ?hieb o?r f ortUiaors wer? not unod.
Not loo tho very poor growth ?? iije
too, tiioro la a photograph of toe field
ot n planter who hollovea lil tho llboral
uso of only
Vt ? ? ? V:i. V. -, ,\'.v ij
Boo tie Kooa. oven stand, ?nd tall?
luxuriant plantar You otu see many
other lutoroathur pictured of farina
lucotheso ou whloh thoorovsof poor
and good ylolda m o compared, lu our
large,protty almanac. Aak yourdealpr
for lt, or uond us 60. In etampa to pay
tho coat of wrapping and poftago.
"Inoreoso^our yields per aore" by us
ing VirglrUa-Oarollna Fortulxors, Buy
no other.
Virginia - Carolina Gnomical
Norfolk. Va.
Durham, N. U.
Oharloaton, 8.0.
Baltimore, Md.
Atlanta, On.
Savannah, On.
Montgomery, Al?.
Mompble, Tonu.
Shreveport, La.
Our?? Soldai rreventa Pneumonia ^H?
1. It ia important that you should
remomber that wo have the beet equip
ped parlor in eastern Carolina for do
ing accurate eye fitting.
2. Tbnt we are permanently located
u our handsome new store in tho
Sky Hotel Buildiug.
3. WE guarantee to givo you r??r^
feet vision hy the aid of our Pebble
4. We aro tint traveliug opticians
whose guarantee is void, but wo are
permanently located where you oan
lind us niul OBTAIN OUR SER
5. Wo uso tho latest methods known
to thc opthalmic sciences for exami
ning eyes.
Call at once and let us demonstrate ^
to you tho power of our puie pobble
ino louses and flit your eyes up 80
that you will not bo gazing in a beau
tiful bazo any longer.
Yours respectfully,
Opt omet r ?oin n.
Parties in want of first class
Linn ber can get it from
Oct 18. Blenheim, ll. P. D. h
Thrloo A Wook Edition.
Tho Most Widely Rend Newspaper
in America.
Time has demonstrated that the Thrice
a?.Week World stands alone in a ciass."
Other papers have imitated Its form hut
no \ its success. This ls because it tells
it impartially, whether that news be po.
litical or otherwise. It is in tact almost
a daily at the price of a weekly.
In addition to news, it publishes first?
class serial stories and other features
suited to the home and fireside.
The Thrice a Week World's regular
subscription price is only $1.00 per year
and this pays lor 156 papers. We oller
this unequalled newspaper and the Dem?
ocrat together one year for $1.67.
(your own selection) to every K.NV>
?criber. Only SO cent? H year.
A f*m; lifMiti'-il colored platt!| Ut.lt
fatnlAitsj drf?MiiaV.ln;{ cinimmie. ; f?nc?
work; houtflinlil lunts ; fiction, ?I?, Sufc
teritiA to (Uv, O'I M ini i.e. (ur latent copy.
.??Iv ? ?rmi wanted Sena (or temi,.
Stylish, Rfllfiblc, Shunt?, Up-to
date, Koinonucnl niid ?Moluialy
Perfect-fitUiitf I'a per Cattorits.
8 IfcKKb
All Siwiis M!.v;i ?i ii! Perforation, lbs*
th.- DiUliifl jud ?'..lno lines.
Only ii. ai.J :', CeWI i;ii!i-nont hight*.
A.W foi i!nm S'i'd i'i newly .my city
ami ii> ri, '-i by '..?. I t"
TH ir*. McCA I.L CO.,
m-m-u: \\*s\ mt st, v :s VOR?.
Inm now hottor propared than ovor io
please even thc most fastideous
TON so KI AI. WORK. I guarantee satin
faotion in Shaven, llair-outa, Shampoos
and Musangca. I hnvo a new Klootrio
Rattovy foi tnassagOB, nod oan troat tho
CALAN nf* rtft?.H?~-.* ? . LJ
>*.?un? uuu jLinuioB in me
mont up to-tlftto ntannor.
I eolioit your patronado
Marlon etreot Bonnottevillo, fi. 0?
Remember Your Pond.
Wo invito special attention to' tfee.
advortisoment of tho HennoltsvillQ.
Marble Works in t his paper. Cell and
. ......I/,,. t\r> iHritn ?I......
.rtlT\ "' ".

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