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The Marlboro Democra
uro. 4
To Be Held In the State House
at columbia.
On (ho Question, Which was Adopt
Jt ?Ml by a Largo Majority.-Tho
Molnbers Decido That Usc of Hall
of Repr?sentatives Should bo Glv
611 Only When Thoro Will bo No
Removal of the Carpet.
The house ol' representatives de
cided Thursday that tho now furni
ture should not bo removed, espec
ially tho new carpet, which means
that the South Carolina club must
hereafter seek now quarters for
their annual ball hold during tho
Stale fair. The action of tho houso
wan not taken until thoro had been
considerable debate, but from tho
vote ol' tlie members it could bo seen
from tho start that all parliamentary
?moves to defeat tho exclusion of tho
?-Club would be of no avail.
Mr. Lane's resolution refusing tho
use of the hall of the houso for any
purpose that would necessitate tho
removal of tho carpet was taken up.
Mr. Hanks by the ways and means
committee thought that tho resolu
tion should bo killed. lt would af
fect, the South Carolina club and
their annum ball held in Hie State
houso for years and while lu? did not.
dance himself he thought thal il
would be very small ami narrow on
the part of the members of lue house
lo object to tho use of thc hall by
others. Mr. Hacker spoke along tho
same lines. On motion lo strike out.
the enacting words by Mr. Hanks,
the house refused by a vote of 60 to
GI. f.
Mr. Howell Morrell then spoko in
favor ol' Hie resolution, following
the explanation by Mr. Lane. Tho
latter did not think tho house should
turn over the use of the hall to any
body for any purpose. Mr. Morrell
thought that it was wrong to use tho
hall for balls, oven though they were
attended by some of the leading cit
izens of tho State, including the gov
t ?j Mr. Porter Mc.Mastor spoko in fav
Vor of Mr. Banks' motion to kill ile.
resolution as did so voa ri others. Af
ter it was soon that the hill would
pass an effort, was made to exempt
the South Carolina club from
the provisions of Hie var
ious paragraphs. The house, how
ever, killed this by a vote of 64 to
-15. It was decided, however, to al
low the desks to be removed in case
of a convention. Motions to leave
the entire matter With the secretary
of state were killed willi little dis
cussion and finally tho clincher on
tho resolution was put on by Mr.
The vote on the motion to strikt!
out tho enacting words of tho Lane
rosolution was as follows:
Ayes -Speaker Whftloy, and Mes
sers Ayer, Hanks, Hoattio, Brantley,
K. M. Bryan, Cannon, Carrigan, Car
son, Co th ran, Courtney, Cox, De
vore, Dick, Dingle, Doar. Dowling,
Fraser, Frost, 'larris, Hall, Hailey,
Harmon, Hughes, Hydrick, John
stone, Kershaw, Lawson, Legan-,
Little. McColl, McMnstor, Nash,
vn-hols, Nicholson, Patterson, Rich
ardson, Hacker, Save, Scarborough,
Sbipp, Kurtz P. Smith, Splvey, Still
well, Tompkins. Vernor, Walker,
Wingard, Woods, Youmans-BO.
Nays Messrs. Arnold, Hailey, Bul?
entine, Bethune, Boyd, T. s. Brice,
\V. D. Bryan, Carwllo, Clary, ciink
?cales, Der h am, Dixon, J. H. Dodd,
Douglass, Kpps, Cause, J. P. Gibson,
goodwin, Creer, Gyles, Hardin, Har
ris, Harrison, Hinton, Jones, Kolle
'. Kirven, Lane, Lester, Leltner,
Jor, Miller, Morrell, Nesbitt, Niv
or, Norton, Harker, Heaves, Rich
ards, Robinson, Scruggs, Sellers,
Sharpe, Salughter. D. L. Smith, J.
10. Smith, Stubbs, Tatum, Wade,
Wannamaker, wiggins, Wlmborly,
Wyebo, Yeldoll -60.
Those who voted on the amend
ment Introduced by Mr. McMftstOr,
which exempted the South Carolina
chili from the provisions of tho roso
lutlOU, were:
Ayes Speaker W haley, and Mes
srs. Anil Hoattio, Brantley, Cannon,
Carey, Carrigan, Cllnkscaios, Cox,
DoVoro, Dick, Dingle, Doar, Dowling,
Fraser, Frost, Harris, Hall, Harley,
Hannan, Hughes, Hydrick, John
atone, Kershaw, Lawson, Legare. Mc
coll. McMnstor, Nichols, Nicholson.
Patterson, Richardson, H?cker, Sayo,
Scarborough, Sh I pp, Slaughter, Kurtz
H. Smith. Splvey, Stillwell, Thomas,
f-'.'1ompklns, Vor nor, Wingard, Wood?
Nay '. Messrs. Arnold, Ayer, Hail
ey, Ballentino, Hanks, Bethune,
Boyd, 'I', s. Brice, VV. D. Bryan,
Qni'HOn, Carwilo, (Mary, Courtney,
Borham, Dixon. .I. I'.. Dodd, .I. 11.
Dodd. Douglass, Rpps, (lause, J. I'.
ciiison, w. J. ciiison, Goodwin,
Greer, Gyles, Hardin, Harris, Hin
Dispensary Investigation Results
in Sensational Airest
Goodman, Black, Towlll ami Boy
Ich? Arrested and Warrants Aro
Out for Others.
AH a result of tho investigation
which waa conducted by it on Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friway of last
week the stato dispensary commis
sion has Caused a blanket warrant,
alleging conspiracy to def rand tho
state, to be sworn out against about.
Hf toen persons, two of whom have al
ready been arrested.
Tho first arrest under this war
rant wan that of M. A. Goodman, a
representative of Ullman & Co.. who
was taken In charge Thursday eve
ning und la.or released by Magistrate
.las. A. Fowles, Jr., under a surely
company's bond of $25,ooo.
Friday morning former Dispensary
Director John Black, of Columbia,
learned that ho was one of tho per
sons named in tho warrant, and
carno at once lo Magistrate Fowles'
oil)CO and surrendered himself. Ten
minutes afterward be wan released
on bail tn tho sum of $10,000, tho
bond being Justified by a number of
his fnmily and by Mr. Wm. L,. Ca
liffe, who is understood to be worth
moro than $50,000.
Warrants for former Director .lohn
Dell Towill und D. W. Boykln have
been Kent to Lexington for service,
lt is supposed thal Sheriff Cor loy, of
Lexington county, will serve these
upon tho defendants ut. their homes
in Ha tosh ii rg.
Warrants are out for other whis
key men and for other former dis
pensary Olli Ci a 18, but these cannot bo
mentioned because to do so might
int orel i e with t ho officers in their
attempt to apprehend tho persons
Tho blanket warrant, und?r which
these arrests ure to bo mudo was
sworn out boforo Magistrate Fowles
by Mr. Avery Patton, of Groonville,
a member of tho dispensary com
In tho work ol' developing those
eases the altornoy general hus the
assistance ol' Col. T. D. FotdOr, GOO.
Clifford li. Anderson and Mr. Hil),
all of tho Atlantic bar. t
Of Several Old State Dispensary Olli
einis by the Commission.
Tho issuing of warrants for cer
tain gentlemen formerly connected
with the State Dispensary in various
official capacities created somewhat
of a sensation in this city, where
several of the accused are well
known. The following are the par
ties named In the warrants as tar as
they have been made public:
The Indictment against Messrs. W.
O. Tatum. J. N. Rawlinson and .1. Ii.
Towill is brought by Mr. Avery Pat
ton and charges that "the parties
named herein between the dates
March 15, 190G, and Jan. 30, H*07.
sold beer to the State board of dir
ectors of the South Carolina dispen
sary at a price largely above the
true value thereof, with intent to
divide the excess among themselves,
in this way these parties unlawfully
and fra nd nient ly conspired and
agreed together lo cbOUl and ile
fraud the State."
Lach of the accused was put un
der $10.000 bond, bul Magistrate
FowlCS declined to give the name
of the sureties. A telegram was re
ceived from Chester stating that Joe
D. Wylie had boon arrested there. A
telegram from Kershaw county slated
that li, \\. Boykln was out on a
hunt, but that as roon as he gut
got back he would come to Columbia
to surrender.
The parties under indiclment held
executive positions ai the state dis
pensary, W. O. Tatum was commis
sioner; Joe. H. Wylie, Jodie M. Haw
linson and John Rlnok Were dire
tors in the last regime Rawlinson
being Chairman. John Bell Towill an I
L. W. Boykln were directors sever
al years ago. Hoy kin before that time
having been an inspector
l.ive Improvement Society,
la small centers of population
where noni' but the most general
laws govern, il is necessary to lorin
an Improvement society to look af
ter tho health and WOll being of the
people as a whole, ssvys the Los An
gelos Times. Tho laws of hygiene
must bo observed. Roth sewers and
Htirfaco drainage should be provided
by the people as a whole, and where
no city government exists this is a
splendid work for a live society for
civic betterment.
ton, Jones, Kellehnn, Ki ryon i Lane,
Lester, Leilner. Little, Major, Mc
Koowa, Mann, MI loy, Miller. Morrell,
Nash, Nesbitt, NlVOr, Norton, Par
ker, Reaves, Richards, Robinson,
Scrugggs, Sell H'S, Sharpe, I). L
Smith, J. IO. Smith, Stubbs, Tatum,
Wade, Walker, Wannamaker, Wig
gins, Wlmborly, Wyobe, Yoldoll,
Youmauu --C4. t
Tho General Assembly of South
Carolina in Session
Legislature Will Visit Winthrop Sat
urday, Going to Rock Hill by Spe
cial Traill-Lee's Birthday to bc
Celebrated by Solons at Hu* Col
lege-Two Judgeship Races Grows
Tia? (!('ncrr ' Assembly convened
at Columbia at noon on Tuesday and
each bouse was in session only a
sborl time, as there was no business
to be transacted beyond swearing in
new members and reading tho an
nual message of Governor Ansel. The
members spent (heir lime Tuesday
getting their stopping places and
Bottling down.
They lingered, however, in (ho lob
bies after the adjournment ot the
two houses and mingled in tho ho
tels, talking about tho prospects In
tho races for the two Judgeships.
There is much interest in Hie race
for tho place on the Supreme bench
hold by tho Hon. IO. H. Hary, for
Which the (incumbent and the Hon.
T. V. Cot bran are the candidates.
Tho race for Ibo position of Judge
of the 2nd circuit is also attracting
a great deal ol' interest especially
among the members from thal cir
cuit. Tiie candidates are tho Hon.
Robert Aldrich, Senator Kates and
Solicitor Davis, of Barnwell, and (ho
Hon. Claude 10. Sawyer, of Aiken.
The General Assembly will not be
in session Saturday, as an invitation
has been accepted to visit Winthrop
College, and the trip will lie made
on a special train provided by tile
board of trtistccs. Tl is usual to ob
serve Leo's .birthday, January 1!), as
a holiday, but Hie dato falls on Sun
day this year, and tho 18th will be
observed Instead and thor? '.ill 5?:;
appropriate exercises at that time at
Proceedings in tho House.
The House of Representatives was
called to order al noon by Clerk
Hamer, who called the roll by coun
ties, When tin- clerk announced
that a Quorum was present, Speaker
Whtlloy took the ?bail- and tho pro
ceedings were opened with prayer
by th?! chaplain, the Rev. lt X. Pratt,
who prayed for Divine guidance up
on tho work of the House.
Mr. Sharpe announced that Mr. N.
n. VVannamaker, elected to succeed
th?! late J. M. L'pting, of Lexington,
was pre;.cut and ready lo be sworn
Mr. Von KolnitK announced Mr.
I<\ M. H ryan, ol' Charleston, successor
to the Hon John Marshall, present.
Mr Clary announced Mr. M. W.
limden, of Cherokee, successor to
the Hon W. V. McArthur, of Cher
okee, presen!.
Mr. Yeldoll announced Mr 3) M.
Major, td' Clroonwood, successor to
the late jas. wiiiie, of Greenwood,
Messrs. Wannamaker, Bryan, Har
den and Major presented themsolvos
at the bar of the House and took lin
eal h of ellice.
A message was sent to tin- Sen
ate by tin- Clerk that the House was
road y foi business. A committee
Consisting ol Messrs. Nicholson.
Hanks and Heattie Was sent to In
form tin- Governor that the House
had met and was ready to receive
any communication he might wish
to make 'Che Governor's message
was shortly presented by Iiis private
secretary, lion A. J, Bethen, and was
Immediately read by Reading Clerk
Wit hers.
Dr. Save, of York, presented the
invitation of Hie Winthrop board (d'
trustees to visit the College on Sat
urday, (he board furnishing a spe
cial (rain for the visit. Dr Save
moved thal the invitation be accept
cd and a committee of two be ap
pointed (o make arrangements for
Hu! trl|?. Tills was agreed to.
Proceedings in (he Senate,
Sergeant al Arms Schumpcrt Came
up IhO main aisle ol' (he Senate and
placed tho "sword of Slate" on thc
reporters' table Then (he Lieuten
ant Governor, Mr. T c. Mci.coi!,
called the Senate to older and ready
for business.
Gen. Rober! II. l?ornphlll, who ba:
for years called (he Senate roll and
hoon il:; olllcial (derk, called the roll.
TIlO Rev. Alex NT. Brimson delivered
Ha- opening prayer and then Lieut, li
am Governor McLeod In a brief talk
wished I ho Sonnie ami thc stat?- weil;
spoke with feeling ol' the companion
ship and good Ilia? resulted from Hu
mooting of the members. Ile SpOllC
ol' tho lian!-, and viewed the present
sit ualion with favor.
Mr. McLeod made the appointments
for Hie present session as follow:;:
Journal Clerk. G IO. Moore, lionet
A Columbia Man Assaulted by Two
Boid Highwaymen.
Boforo Ho Know He Was in Danger
He Had Been Bobbed of AH Be
The Columbia State says as Mr.
Kiah Doat, Jr., of that etty, was
going at ilvo o'clock Monday morn
ing to open np bis meat market be
was held up und robbed by two un
known men. Tho amount taken
from Mr. Dont was $19.50, tho money
hoing kn ono $10 bill, nine one-dol
lar silver pieces and a half dollar.
There is absolutely no clue to the
identity of the two men and Mr.
Dont Himself does not know whether
(hoy wore white or colored.
Mr. Dont was going to his work as
usual and was on Dumber street
within ono und a half blocks of
Malu street. As ho was walking with
his hands In his overcoat pockets
ho was suddenly approached from
behind and before he could realize
what, was happening ho found him
self on the ground wit li two men up
on him. As tho wind was very high.
Mr. Dont did not hear the approach
of tho mon.
When he did realizo what had
happened he felt one of the men
sitting on his head und the other
holding him down by the feet with
ono hand and going through his pock
ets with Jho other. As Mr. Dent's
head was hurled on one slJo in tho
mud that had accumulated on the
street from the recent rains, he could
not see either of the men.
As his pockets were being rifled
tho coat was torn off of Mr. Dent's
buck and th?' shirt he wore was torn
in several places by tho men lu their
haste. When the men had taken the
money and a hunch of keys from the
pockets of Mr. Dent they picked np
his hat that had fallon off and made
away ar fast as they could. For a
few moments Mr. Dont was unable to
collect his thoughts sufficiently to
get up mid when he did he could not
soo tho men a^ Iiis eyes wore blinded
willi V .'O'
Mr. Dent wns unable to soe in
which direction they had gone but
ti gentleman who was coming Up
-licet at tho same time saw tho af
fair from a distance and said that
tile two men turned up Assembly
With no clues to work on the
police have been unable to catch tho
highwaymen who committed the as
sault upon Mr. Dent
Hut the People Huve to Pojf Well
For lt.
Mr. T fl Tatum, member of the
Legislature from Loo County, gives
notice that he will introduce at tho
present session of the Legislature a
bill to issue bonds for the comple
tion and furnishing of the Lee conn
ty conn, house. This bill, In all
probability, will provide for an ad
ditional issue of $35,000 to completo
tho court hons?', which will then be
rt building costing, in the aggregate,
about $75,000 and will be one of the
handsomest ami most m ?dorn cou?*t
houses in the State. The nd va lore th
tax, which will probably be provid
ed in tho supply bill for Leo county,
will be about live and threo-qhaitor
A 'lent City Springs Pp Near Valu
able Strike.
A great rush ts on to the new gold
strike near Mnnvcl, San Hordlno,
county. California, where employers
ot Tex Rickard on Christmas day
opened up surface ore that assayed
as high as $120 to a ton. The strike
is just over the Nevada line. A tent
City bas sprung up, streets have been
laid OUt, comer lots sold, and water
supply arranged for. The town is
only three miles from the Santo
Fo tracks
Hill clerk, tile Rev W. S. Stokes,
Secretary to president, .1 T. Mee
han, Columbia.
Doorkeepers. Peter Sanders.C ca
tenary. S. C.i M. H McDonald. Col
umbia: J. c. Prown, Chester.
Mall Currier. N. O, Pyles, Colum
Pages. J. P Doerhnm, Jr., creen
Lea; Carl A. Dreher, Lexington.
Laborers, Jack Presley, lOdge
flold. ;Robt. Caldwell, Newberry, and
Abe Poster. Laurens.
Tho usual exchange of messages be
tween the House and Senate and the
Oovorilor were had.
Senator Raysor thought that con
ditions had changed and that many
bills had berni rushed on tho Calen
dar without (till consideration, nod
suggested thal all bills on the Calen
dar bo reconsidered. The commlltot
could hear arguments if thOJ
thought best.
The United States Should Have
Two Great Navies
Says Justice Harlan, Who Predicts a
Groat Conflict Soon Hctwcen tho
Yellow and tho White Races,
A great conflict between tho yel
low and tho white races was tho
prediction made by Justice John M.
Harlan, of tho United States su
preme court, In an address at tho
third annual dinner of tho Navy
League of tho United Stales at the
Now Willard in Washington recent
Justice Harlan said, In part.
"if I had the opportunity I would
vote for an appropriation of $50,
000,000 Q year for a period of ten
years for a larger navy. Tho groat
importance of a navy is shown In
tho constitution, which restricts tho
appropriation for the army, but sets
no limit for thoso for the navy. There
is no such thing as friendship be
tween nations as between men. Na
tions make no sacrifices to preserve
friendships, and don't forbear to do
certain things because it does not
meet with tho approval of another
"I don't care how large a navy wo
have, but I want to soc a navy largo
enough to take caro of the Pnclllc
and Atlantic oceans and our ports
on those oceans.
"Tho trend of Immigration of tho
white people in the past have been
from East to West. There has been
none from tho West. Just across tho
water there ls a country with an im
mense population, whose commerce '
we are socking. Wo refer to the
people of Asia as tho yellow race. 1
There are 4 00.000,000 Chinese, as 1
good physically and mentally as ?
we are. There is over there another '.
nation whose people aro progressive ?
und ambitious. Wo may some day 1
see a skilled anliy of Japan of 5,00 0,
000 to 10,000,000. They will say: 1
'You claim Europe as your country.
This is ours. Get out!' I don't think 1
they hilve any such Idea now, and wo 1
have no hostility, toward them. Put 1
1 acre will bo U conflict butweou tho :
yellow race and tho white race that 1
will shako the earth. When it conies '
1 want to seo this country with a '
navy on both oceans that will bo 1
strong enough. '
_ , i
Declared Unconstitutional by tho '
Court Kn Ihme Thursday. |
The judiciary of the state, sitting
sn bane at Columbia has declared j
unconstitutional tho labor contract '
law. This is In effect the same decls- '
lon rendered in the opinion by (
Judge Brawley of the federal court, ,
govern! months ago, and puts an end j
to any speculation as to tho validity ,
if tho statute.
Tho court was divided on tho ques
tion before it. Tho majority opinion ,
was written Dy Associate Justice
Woods and' was concurred in by
Chief Justice l'ope, Circuit Judge
Watts, Cage, Wilson, Cary and Mom
minger, as to tho general contents
i)f tho opinion, and by Judge Dantz- ,
1er aa to the result. j
The minority opinion was written
by Associate Justice* Jones and was ,
concurred In by Circuit Judges .
Idough, Prince and liydrlck.
Associate Justice (iiiry tiled a sep
arate dissent, as follows: "I dissent
;>n the ground that tho constitution
ality of the slatute is not before tho
court on a habeas corpus proceed
ings." t
Newspaper Man Kllbni by Collision '
With Street Car.
At Houston, Texas, on Monday, In '
in enduranc.o race In which sixteen
lutomoblles participated over conn- '
ry roads covering 11 '/ miles, an ac
ildcnt occurred on the tlnal round In
?hieb John Trontom, sporting editor
>f tlu> Houston Post, was killed by a
..elliston With a stroet car, Drown
Holts was injured Internally and Hay
Weiss, general sales agent of a hun
ier company, was badly injured.
Pron tem was in a car which had lost
i Uro. Tho wheel without a
ire caught on a street car track and
tho automobile was thrown against
in oncoming car. Trontein was In
stantly killed. The others wore in
jured liv tho cai hoing turned over.
l'on Thousand Union Members to
Make Great Demonstration.
At a canVOhttoh of delegates from
labor unions at Heal I le it was decid
tul that a monster demonstration bo
made on Monday to enforce tho de
mands ol tho unemployed for work
av food and shelter. Ten thousand
men will assemble and march to the
city hall. whOfO they propose to camp
until tho city council takes favorable
action. t
Brazilian Police Discover Sehe rn?
to Destroy American Fleet
Foreign Anarchists Aro Deeply In
volved.-All tho Conspirators Fled
to tlie Interior.-Every Precaution
Will Ile Taken to Provent Injury
to tlie Ships of the! Fleet, and tho
Police Say AH D?nger Is Over.
A dispatch from Rio do Jnnoiro,
?razll, says that the polico have dis
covered an anarchist plot having aa
its object tho destruction of part of
tho American fleet now lying In tho
harbor. The conspiracy, while cen
tering in Rio de Janorlo and Petropl
lis, has ramifications in Son Paulo
and Minas Geraes.
An individual named Joan Fedher,
who resides in Petropolis, was tho
chief conspirator at Rio do Janorlo,
although lt is understood that for
eign anarcnists are deeply involved
In th o plot. Fedher has fled to,
Sao Paulo, and tho polfco who know
him have boen sent to that place for
tho purpose of apprehending him.
One of the detectives, who was
woll acquainted with Fedhor, hav
ing served on the polico forco at Pe
tropolis for some time, returned
from that place Sunday, after hav
ing made investigations there and
had a long conference with tho
chief of police at Rio do Janorlo.
Tho latter let it be understood
later that tho Sao Paulo police aro
JU tho track of tho arch conspirator
[ind expected to arrest him soon. In
in official note which the chief of
police sent to the correspondent of
Lhe Associated Press he says:
"Some time before tho arrival <x
Lhe American fleet at Rto do Janeno.
the Brazilian government received
from Washington and Paris advices
that anarchists of .different nation
alities intended to damage ono or
io /oral of tho sh ipa el' thc American
loot. The names and addresses of
tho conspirators were indicated by
Information which tho polico had re
ceived previously from France and
germany. Tho police of this district
ire working with the polico of Sao
Paulo and Minas Geraes and I am
sure every precaution will be exer
cised and the most rigorous vigilance
(bsorvod both on land and at soa to
prevent any injury being done."
The chief of police, after having
made this ollleial statement said that,
ho did not feel he should go into any
further details with regard to tho
conspiracy, but he authorized tho
statement that the plot was organ
ized by Fedhor and he added that;
tho people of tho United Statos could
rest easy, as all of the conspirator?
had taken refuge in tho intorior.
The people of tho interior aro ig
norant of the details of the p?ot to
io injury to the visiting vessels, al
though there has boen some slight
Inkling Of the matter. Tho impres
sion which the exposure of this plot
will make will bo profound, because
lt is tho first anarchist conspiracy
that lins ever been known in Brazil.
The police of Sao Paulo have sent
word that they aro on tho track of
tho malefactors, who, they declare,
will not bo able to come to Rio do
And tho Crew of Thirty Souls Aro
Probably lost.
Tho British Bhip Hartflold, Cnp
nln Slndson, from Liverpool for Vnl
[inrlso and Soattlo, io doubtless a
wreck on Vancouver Islnnd, with, in
ill probabilities, tho loss of 30 odd
ives. Wreck ago from tho vessel
PlQVDJtm,. po>i..ittui H)\iocmiji 'pxva
Liverpool, have washed ashore on
ho wost coast of the islnnd, aceord
ng to a wireless message received in
Seattle. Only a meagro account is
ilvon of tho find, but tho news of
ho ship is such to warrent that sho
vas pounded to pieces on tho treach
erous reefs of the island. If any of
ho crow of 3 0 oscnped alive, news of
inch survivors should havo been re
solved ero this. t
rt'III Take Placo at Anderson This
Week or Next.
The spring term of general ses
dons court convened at Anderson
Monday with Judge Klugh presiding.
Ti nc bills wore returned on eight
indictments for murder as follows:
Will Guyton, Press Lewis, Tom An
lerson, John Dill, Houston Trlhblo,
i). B, Barnes, Theodore Walker and
Wayman Norris, all nogices. Nino
lither true bills were returned, two
ni which were for housebreaking
and larceny, two for assault and bat
tery with Intent to kill and llvo min
or charges.

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