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Says Blease Admitted Knowledge
of tho Lanahan Matter
At Wright's ITotol in Juno, 1000,
and In Justice to All Parties Con
cerned Culls on Blease to Name
tito "High State Oillcial" Who Hep
reaiontcd the Lanallan Firm Hcfore
tho Stnto Hoard.
To the Editor of the News ami
Courier: Please pardon a few words
in answer lo Senator Colo L. Please
in his recent remarks in the Stuto
Sonate with reference to my testi
mony before the wiuding-up commis
Tho absurdity of the charge of
conspiracy as made by Mr. Please
must bo apparent, but there may bo
soino conflit lons not understood by
all. Neither Capt. Smyth nor my
self was a supporter of Governor
Ansel in the recent campaign. Ker
myself, though I had the highest per
sonal regard for him. I di fte rod with
him on tho issues of the campaign
and voted for another.
1 have never had a communication
with bim or any one else referred to
by Mr. Pleuse with reference to my
.testimony, except, with Air. Avery
Patton, lo whom, after having been
.subpoenaed as a witness before the
.winding-up commission 1 wrote on
.December 30, urging bim "not again
to pul me te the humiliation of ap
pearing in a matter about which I
know practically nothing." Tu this
letter I have hail a reply and laid
not soon Mr. Patton until I appeared
before the commission a few days
Mr. Please asks tho quest ion why
I waited until after .Mr. l.aaaban's
death to answer tho question as to
who Mr. La?aban bad tobi mo was
representing him in South Carolina.
I agroo with him that it was Unfor
tunate that the answer had to be
made uubsequent to Mr. Lanahan's
death, but I had no choice lu the
No ono knows hotter than Mr.
Hleaso why the question was not an
SWnn>H twn von ru a ern ti iUn <M??> n
members of the investigating com
mtttoo. Having boen excused by tho
investigating committee from answer
ing the question then, it certainly
would have been improper and incon
sistent for im.? subsequently to have
rushed into print, to make public
statements which I had asked the
Legislative committee lo excuse mo
from n.aking before them. Having
beim excused then fi oin disclosing
tho personage i cier, ed to by Mr.
Lanahan. I was not called upon to
itotO any denial by bim that Mr.
Please was the person referred to.
lt will he noted, however, that Mr.
Lanahan never denied any part ol'
the conversations referred to by me
in my tesl Imony. Ile merely denied
that he had told mo that Mr. Please
represented him, which at thal time
I bad not los ti lied to before the com
mittee, because, as stated, I bad been
Mr. Please certainly surprises inc,
however, in bis statement to tho ef
fect, that ho had no idea that I re
ferred to him in my statements be
fore the Investigating committee.
When I test Pied in .lune, 1900, Mr.
Lanallan had been advised ol' my
having been subpoenaed and of the
necessity of my testifying to my con
versation with him if the Court do
creed that I should do so; further
more the attorneys representing Mr.
H. ll. Evatts had been advised he
fore 1 testified of the purport of my
lest imony.
As tho Intimacy between Mr. Please
and Mr. Evatts Was well known, I
had presumed 'hat it had been com
municated lo Mr. Please what my
testimony would lie.
v This, precaution was coiibrined in
my own mind by statements of Mr.
Please io me. On the evening of my
testimony, whilst Mr. Ilaynsworth
and I were supping together al
Wright's llolel, Mr. Please, who had
been laking slipper al a table some
distance away, stopped al our table
a momoltti and after expressing his
approval, (d' Hie position I had talo n
with roforondo IO testifying said in
"ffccl thttl he was familiar willi all
the facts with regard lo Hie employ
mont of tho party referred lo b> no
by Mr. Lanahan; that llO had llb
npoligbs lo make to anyone for vol
ing lo excuse mo from giving Ibo
name, bul thai in j list! CO lo the party
referred lo be wanted lo say that
thal party bad not iiudersood fully
tho service expected of .> ni when he
accepted t he om plo} mont, and v. hen
be did leam what was experted
be docl I nod to servo fdr th?'i and re
ceived less than two hundred dollars
for bis compensation.
I understood the slaloment of Mr.
Please to be a diplomatic acknowl
edgement of his connection with the
matter, and, as, expressed in legal
terms, ''a plea of confession and
avoidance." Mr. Hlease now denies
that ho had any connection with Mr.
I may add that I am advised hy
Mr. Wm. Elliott of Columbia, who
was my attorney in tho proceedings
before tho Supremo Court, that Mr.
Hlease made to him practically the
same statement as made above.
In justice to Mr. Hloaso himself,
and In Justice to tho memory of Mr.
Lanallan, Mr. Hloaso ls now, lt scorns
to mo, called upon to say who was
tho "high Stato official," whom Mr.
Lanallan bad employed, as ho has
acknowledged full acquaintanceship
in tho matter. Whilst I cannot con
ceive that I havo been mistaken as to
statements made to mo by Mr. La?a
bais, still If there bo error In what
Mr. Lanallan stated to me, Mr. Hloaso
can clear it and should do so.
Lewis A. Parker.
Greenville, S. C.. February 17. 190S.
Railroad Commission Says lt Must
Publish Ks Rates.
The Railroad Commission has
adopted an order relating to express
rates which is very important. Hills
tn line Ith this order have from
timo to time been presented in tho
Honorai Assembly and there have
been some complaint In regard to tho
policy of tho express companies lil
regard to the matters treated In the
order. Which is as follows:
Columbia, S. C.. Fob. 12, 1008.
To Ibo Southern Express Company.
it ls hereby ordernd :
ISL That on or by March 15, IDOS,
tho Southern Express company nie
with this commission, print and keep
poslbd, and koop open to public in
I inspect ion, at each of their olllcos or
agencies in this State, schedules
showing till rates and charges for
tho transportation or carrying of any
freight; and said schedules shall
contain classlllcatlon of all freights.
Said schedule of rates, elllirgos and
classifications lo bo Opon to public
inspection nt any Hmo during office
L'd. Thal no rab', or chang? of
classification of any article, bo made
until 30 days' notice he posted at all
offices or agencies and not undi this
commission bas had 30 days' notice
and its consent given to tho proposed
the proposed rate or change in class
3d. On or by March 16, 1908. tho
Southern Express company shall
paste consplclously on each package
received by it for shipment collect, a
a label as herein set. out:
5th, On bach of these labels shall
bo written in ink. Ol' indelible pencil,
by tho forwarding olllco, amount col
led or to he col looted i tho weight of
tho package and the dato received
for shipment
H. L Caughman,
.lohn H. Earle,
.j, M. Sullivan.
Com missioners.
To Pill Hie New Circuits Created
Tills Session.
Messrs. j. W. DoVorc, of Edge
field, and s. W. c.. Shipp. ol' Flor
ence, wore Thursday afternoon elect
ed judges ol' Ibo two new -irr nils
croa led by ibis legislature;
Mr. .1 W. HeVore was chosen
judge Ol' the eleventh circuit, con
sistine, ol' Lexington, Saluda am!
IM celie ! d. Ile was opposed liy Ml'
C. M. Kind
Mr. Ho Vere represents ICdgelleld
in the house, and his Opponent, Mr.
IO fl rd, is supremo court reporter. Mr
ile Vorn defeated Mr. Sh rd by a void
of SO to 70.
Mr. S W. C. Shipp, of Florence,
dofontcd Mr. W. V. Montgomery, of
Marion, hy a vot? of 92 lo GO. Tlc
twelfth ClrOtlll consists of the conn
iles of Florence, Morry, Georgetown
and Marion.
The new jlidgOB will begin the dis
? barge of their dut ?es w it h t lie be
gining of the spring terms ol' court in
May. 4
Quick Work in the Trial ol' a Con
fessed Fiend,
Committed lissa ll ll Thursday, ar
rested and Jailed Friday. Indicted Die
following Monday; tried, convicted
and sentenced to be hanged Tuesday,
is Ibo record established by lin
Trn/.ow ell. Va., Circuit Court in Die
case ol Hie Commonwealth against
W alter llippoy, Die COnVOSSOd negro I
rapist. fUppey was Died for assault
on Mrs. Mary Danny. Mrs. Da ncey '
testified and in (he course of her
St?ry Was several limos overcome,
and tho Coill'l had lo wail tint ?I sim
regained lier composure before pro
ceeding. 'The recital was one of the
most harrowing in Ibo annals of
(lime in thal section. 'The jury wa.,
oui a short lime and when tue vcr
diet was relurned Rlppoy was son
tfenced to hang on March 25.
The Senator Dies Thursday Morn
ing After a Short Illness.
The Seuutor Was Operated On For
Appendicitis at a Washington Hos
pital on Sunday.-At First He (Jot
Along All Hight, Hut Peritonitis
Followed and Hr Soon Tossed
Senator Ashury C. Latimer died at
Providence Hospital al Washington
on Thursday morning after a few
days Illness. Ile was taken sick oh
Sunday night and was taken to the
hospital at once, where he was oper
ated oa for appendicitis. Ho got
'on very well until Tuesday, when
j complications set In, and the Senator
I grew rapidly worse until Thursday
morning, when ho pussed away at
nine o'clock..
Mrs. Latimer and two daughters
were present when the end came.
Senator Latinier was. about fifty
seven years old. Ile has been in
tho Sesate nearly six years, llefore
going to the Senate, he served ton
years in tho House as a Representa
tivo. He was a candidato lo succeed
himself and would have been voted
for In the primary this Summer.
His remains were brough! from
.Washington Thursday nigh! lil C.httrgi
of a committee of Senators and Ro
j resent al ives on a Special train and
interred at Helton, at which place he
lived. Senator Latitud' was a high
toned up-right gentleman, Ho had
been for years a member of the Meth
odist ('burch. Ile leaves a wife and
several children.
Among the prospective candidates
developed for the unexpired term to
be filled by tho legislature, are i;
Marion H?cker of Anderson, Kx
Speaker of the House Karak II. (buy
of Abbeville, Senator LeOrand Wal
ker of Georgetown.
Gets in Serious Trouble For liaising
a Money Order.
A foolish young man by the name
Kingsmore. Deputy un lieu states
Marshall A. Fisher, of this ?itv went
for Warren and returned with him
lo this City oil 'Tuesday.
'The foolish young Ullin admits the
charge and the only oxctlSO offered
was that be did not Know wh> he did
it. 'The facts in th? case are as fol
lows: Oil November I ?HIT. Mrs
A. 13. Loverly, Wuron's aunt, purchas
ed a motley order at the Hamberg
postolllce for $1.81 in favor of a
Chicago mail order house. 'The motl
ey order and order for goods were
given lb Warren to mail, bul before
doing so be changed the order to
$!).81 pud added several articles for
his own use.
When the package arrived at tho
express Pillee it was delivered to War
ren, who removed the articles which
be de: ired for bis own tr/i and car
ried the balance to his anni, who was j
pen h dy ignorant of tho irregular
part of the t ra usart ion. The matter
was reported to the post?nico author
ities by the Chicago house and the
Inspector was hot lons. In locating
the guilty party.
Warren was taken before Robert
Lide, Esq., I'nited staets Commis
sioner, who bound him over in the
slim of three hundred dollars for
his appearance, at the United States
Court. Warrol, is a young white
man about twenty-two years of ago.
Orangehurg 'Times and Democrat
( .'?-orgia as Closed North Augusta
Shop for a While.
The troubles of tho .North Augus
ta dispensary COU I lillie to exist The
people of tho little South Carolina
town have tried IO ?lose the liquoi
shop and failed on several occasions;
hm de people of Augusta have booti
more successful. 'The little shop
was closed, the third (into since Its
opening during tho early afternoon,
because thc Stock had again been ex
hausted. And the dispensary trade
in or from Augusta is Increasing ev
ery day.
Localise ll is Sweetheart Refused to
Smile on Him.
"Smile just once at me, dear,'
pleaded John 'Tripp, aged ?0 years.
of ins sweetheart, Mrs. Esler Pollock
Davis, a grass widow, :.'I years, ol'I
ai the Ritter's home ai Indianapolis,
Ind., on Wednesday night. Kai I hr.;
to get the desired smile, Trlpi bred
two shots into lils body and iel!,
mortally wounded, at her feel. Tripp
was a railroad man, recently from
LaPayetto, ind. .
Ma? Who Ulled Another in Missinsip
pl is From Spnrtanburg.
.T. F. Wilder, who shot and killed
W. L. Booth of Dallas, Texas, at
Rippe, Mississippi, last Saturday af
ternoon, is a ?utir? of Spartauburg
county. He has a brother living in
Hpartanburg and has many relatives
in the county. Twenty years ago
Wilder was running a naw mill en
glno at Woodruff at 50 cents a day.
Ho left hore 15 years ?go for Mis
sissippi, whore ho oporatod a saw
mill on his own account. Ho made
money fast and is now worth about
on? million.
Another Supremo Court Needed,
The Dorchester Eagle says:
"There is complaint now that the
county is put to unnecessary ex
pense to care for ono .J. M. Walker,
who has been confined in the county
jail for more than a vear. The
case was tried nearly a year ago
and Walker was sentenced to 15
years in the state penitentiary, but
has remained in jail herc pending a
decision from the Supreme court,
flic county is paying $9 per month
board for Walker and the board is
getting tired of it. An investiga
tion into the matter has been order
by the supervisor.'' The Legisla
ture has just established two more
circuits to relieve the congestion of
cases that accumulates in the cir
cuit courts, and may he at thc next
session it caa lie induced to establish
another supreme court to work oil'
the congestion of cases that has ac
cumulated on the hands of the old
An Object Lesson.
In the hold (d' one hike steamer, 4
21,000 bushels of wheat were carried
recently from Superior to Buffalo.
Think of the pretty baking and
loaves of bread involved in that sin
gle boatload of grain. It weighed
about 25,260,000 pounds and will mill
into 18,945,000 pounds of Hour, con
vertible into more than 20,000.000
pound loaves of bread-three loaves
a day for each man in Admiral Evan's
fleet during the whole cruise of a
year and a half. Assuming that
ft,;,. ...u - ?. - }.\,'""
ty tons capacity were hauled to Su
perior to make that one cargo. Here
we have an Object lesson of the val
ue to farmers of water transporta
tion and what the canaling of our
waterways will mean,
Morgan ami Rockefeller.
Tho "interests" that inspired the
Aldrich Currencj '.>\\\ will hardly
know it when tho Senate gels
through with it. "Whatever the
minor eccentricities of it's varigated
texture" remarks the New York
.Journal of Commerce, "one vicious
pattern will run all through it. lt
will provide foran emergency addi
tion to the regular volume of cur
rency, secured by a deposit of mis
ta ! aneous bonds and heavily taxed.
This will be a mere exaggeration of
the radical defect Of tho existing
s\ item, gathering thc corrupt hum
or, with which it is infected into a
hi ried excrescence." This severe
c icism from the leading business
and financia) newspaper of thc
country, should cause a Republican
Congress to pause before it. further
complicates our cumbersome finan
cial structure by makeshifts.
Controlled by tile Few.
Senator La Follette says that sev
enty six men, holding 1000 director
ships in the great business enncerns
of t he count ry, cont roi tho business
of thc nation and that the railroads
are controlled by eight men. No
wonder the last Republican National
Convention refused Senator La Fol
lette a scat In that convent ion, and
that there is an evident conspiracy
to keep him out of the coming con
vention. Tho Republican machine
does not allow such home thrusts lo
be made by | hose labeled Republi
cans, _
I 'OKMKII Secretary of thc Treasury
Shaw is running about the country
like a politician out ufa job, Ind
anxious to get one.
Tin; ohio Republicans are so loi
ter against each oilier thal they
aro appealing lo Hie Courts lo
decide which owns the "machine."
Tin-. Anderson Mail thinks that
Southern slides thal send Foraker
delegate's io the Chicago conven!ion
should require them to leave their
razors at homo. Not a bad idea.
Chlldloos Marriages a Cause-Rai?
Hign AI,i../i,j uvrmahio Nut.one.
Amoug l,0*Jg,Uv)0 suicides of ?ll
classe?, it has beuu found that SJUo
inarrlod mea with children destroyed
their lives; 470 married men without
chiidreu; o~i> wiuovtcis wno and l,t?vi
Widowers without children.
With respect to tho women, if? mar
ried womon with and 158 without
children cominittod suicide, while lu4
widows with, and '??? without off
spring, completed the Hut.
On tho raxie of things, Boys the Il
lustrated Loudon News, it would ap
pear that in childless marriages the
number of men suicides is (louoled
and in women trebled. Leaving the
case of actually insane persons out ol
count, lt would also appear that in
males suicide is more frequent than
in females.
Equally interesting ls lhat phase ot
the subject which deais wita tho
causes. Ono table dealing with 6.W.
cases snows one-seventh cans id by
misery, one twenty-first part by loss
of fortune, one forty-third hy gamb
ling, one nineteenth by love affaira
One-ninth by domestic troubles, one
sixty-sixth hy fanaticism, and hy
foiled ambition and remorse one-sev
enth and one twentysoventh respect
The geography of suicide is also ot
high interest. Westcott says tin
highest proportion in Europe ls
shown by tho Germanic races, Six
ony having "thc largest suicide rr 1
of any country.'* lu Norway the rate
was very large for a lime. Hs de
crease being attributed lo Ibo groatoi
restrictions now laid on tho liquor
tra (Ile
The Celtic races liiiv? a low rans
und this is evinced by tho ligure.- for
Ireland and Wah.. Mountainous re
gions are said to show a lower rate
than lowlands. In Ibo highlands nf
Scotland and Walis, and 111 tho high
anas of Switzerland, suicide i
'I ones and seasons also operate, ap
parently to Inlluence the act of sell
dosi i ncl ion. Roughly spenklug, the
curve lim? of suicide, calculated
through the year, rises from .January
lo July, and decreases for UlC sec
omi half of the year Tho maximum
periods have been found lo fall ni
May. .lune and July. I believe in
deed .lune is found lo show a ina riled
predominance as a suicide mouth
One reason for such proemitl?hee in
the warm season of tile year is set
down ns represented by lue ousel of
bot weather affecting the system and
tending to disturb the mental equil
ibrium of [h?
.01 uonieni ineans
of committing suicide from olhei
lands. The most common European
methods is by means nf nanghig, hui
In Italy this mode of self-destruct lon
is rare j
Drowning cums noxl in order, and
twice ar; many W'OIUCll a men perish
in this way each year in Europe
Shooting is fn (picul m Illly and iii
Switzerland. Cht thront ls common ?'
longland and Ireland: it doc. not seem
10 const il ute anyw here nish a fro
quell) mode pf ending life
Poisoning is a sj.lally Anglo
Saxon nu thud of suicide, we are told
while suffoc ation bv the 'nines of car
booie add gas. inhaled in a Closed
room, ls very typical ol' suicide in
They Run East and West Instead o'
North and South.
Although lo tin North American
exponents pf that proie 1 (hero has
seemed a discouraging lack of Inter
est in the Pun-American Kn?lr?.ul
nu M. there has really been no cessa
tion; of the activity of the latter hi
pushing development in their more
immediate spheres
"Lot us build the linea Hie country
needs," they say, "and ilOli'i ?1 h us
to go out of our way lo further ll
ncheino which. hoWeVcr practicable
from an engineering point of view,
would not pay us dividends iii ibis
century, and possibly not in the
"Wo concede that we might benefit
indirectly through tho increased sta
bility of government that wimbi fol
low thc building of an Intercontinen
tal line, hut that hem lit is loo remote
to interest us al a (ino- when we
have ample opportunity for 1 vptwditiR
all our available funds in ? . con
druci lon of lines thal iv li I re
turns from tho day i'm y ?. en ed."
80 ii happens thai .? ' !idre has
llOVCr boen so mttcl ly in rail
way const mellon nb A inertia
as al the pr iiontonl, almost
Wit holli exe ;i? mw Hms ?ire
followiltu alic's rather than
(.he mi i running ea.-t and wa t
ralbe' a no.lb and soul ll, Re
view views.
Sri Ittllitem I'm going lo India to
iii! six months.
?Miss Cn tc lt elli And I suppose yoi
lil forget all about poor inc.
Mr. Hunton) My dear, it .viii lalee
i terrible berco elephant tb make mo
forget you.
You can't make a nagging woman
believe thal she hasn't the sweetest
disposition in tho neighborhood.
Dutch, Eng'is'i .inti American Emblems
I nat ric. ,;aved over the City.
The first L ..opean visitor to Man
hattan Is'auil was Henry Hudson who
In biOi) ! ?led up the river now bear
ag als.;<. The flag under which
ne called wan tb. . il the Dutch East
India Company, wann was the flag
of thc United Provinces of the Neth
erlands, ora;.ge, while and blue ar
ranged in three equal luna /ont a I
stripes, In the cen tr? of the white
stripe being the letters "A. O. C."
i Algemecne Oust -Indise Compagnie
(General East India Company).
From thc. time ol' the discovery no
visitor rame Into these waters Of
wi..ch there is record until UD2, when
Manhattan was settled under tho East
im.ia Company, which continued In
possession until 1(122 when UM gov
ernment fell into the hand:? of tho
West iniliu Company. The nag of the
Dutch West India Company waa tho
same as Dial ol' its predecessor save
Dial ii bore the letters "(!. W. C."
Cooed, oyeoro West-Indose Com
pagnie (Privileged Wost india ? oui
Th!; was lite dominant Hag t?. -04,
when ibis island was bur rende ? lo
the I'hiii'.'sh. nnd the Union aaek
(crasses of England and Scotland; oC
Cr? at britain supplanted toe Dicolor
oi' Holl'Uid lind tue name of Mew
Amsterdam was ( hanged to New
Vork. Tho Inion .lack at present
i:. di rived from . he union ol I he
Guee cio-.-.-cs nf Si. George, St. An
dr? w and si. Patrick, adopted in 1801,
winn di" act bf uni?n with Ireland
was- passed.
lu i lie month (d' July, 1673, tho
D'.??'.! "/'.Iii : po SSlotl O? tllO
elly, svlileh they occupied until -Nov
em) er I". Ili? I w hen by virtue of a
henty "I petici between England aird
Mollumi .!?. cu'oh Ja.h ug'aln fio?tcd
pvc r lilli oilV .
l*i?MU inis time Du re was tm intcr
niplioti in tai' suprema? y Of the En
glish lint i I the year M/a. when .".io
memorable i . lc of I eisler, speedily
terminated by his death, Occurred.
Ile wa? a war'tii supporter or William
and Mary, und it ls possible lina,
while lie laid possession td ?he fort.
Die Ila:, of William, not Dieu pro
claimed King of Dug! nd, might have
Heated oxer Now Voil;, lint Ihme is
no re. 'iiil ol I his.
WIM i' ii so however, il could have
been inn for a very brief period, and
the Kllglisll Hag waved undisputed
uni il the era of Die American revoln
( niel of Die American Forces, and on
his waj ?i take i.oiumano at. Cam
bridge and Tryon, the English Cov_
amor, who luid arrived the day be
fore. lt was about this time that tho
it-a raising of any but the English
ihijM -in .\cw Vork occurred. Before
lils, indeed, liberty poles had been
ai ad nilli i'll down again; hut now,
March. ITT"., a I nion flag, with a rod
li ld. was hoisted in New Vork upon .
du- liberty pole on the Common bear
ing D' inscription ''George Hex and
Gie I inert ie; bf America." and upon
i ho til he i side "Nu Popery.''
The jt.dlislt, nuder Dov. Tryon, va
titod New Vork in 177fi. bill there is
lib ron d which gives any positive
Cate iis io i lie raising of Die Ameri
< an li a u lure.
The city was held hy American
troop?, after this event, until Septem
ber 1.1, 177?; when Washington ro
Ileal?ii m o.o icm and afterward from
Die Island, and the city was occupied
by Slr Henry Clin,on and fi om that
Dine bold i? Die D Pish until the cl?fo
oi tin war They evacuated Ibo div
November 2fi. 17.x:;. Since then no
Mag Int Hie Stars and Stripes has
iva ved o voi the city in token of pow
er ami a lilllOrity.
Important Discoveries Being Made by
an McUralian P-ofeinor.
Professor Sellin's excavations on
Die Silo "f the iinclenl eily of Jericho
are yielding unexpectedly rich treas
ured, lu his last letters lo the Vi
enna Academy of Science the profes
sor writes I hat over a hundred mon
are digging al live deferent points.
One of the most Interesting linds is
Hie historical cit5 wall, built id burne
lillie bricks, lt was some ten feet MI
thickness, rising from a stone foun
dation. <>u the western side of Die.
. itv Hie wall was near!) forty feet in
width. At another point a private
house was found built over another
house ot a still earlier epoch.
Oilier discoveries include lamps,
plates, elli's, needles, weights, mor
tars nibl mills of lu mute and stone,
sonic of very rough and primitive
handwork; and elli ra very hm ly exe
cuted, in the Iunci edy remains of
rows nf houses ha\e been (lu'tcovered,
and (lu ancli nt Hebrew lettering
proves thal thc (dd lb brew charac
ters were 111 lise.
Professor S< Rib hopes to renew tho
okra val lug Wol'lc mst winier. In tho
mean lime he says (bat Die work al*
rend) (bm has opened up n wealth of
materia i for ile student of Die ur -
israelite ami Canaanite period.
Pall Mull Gazette.
Two Kind; "A drowning man wPl
catch ai a straw." "And so will a
thirsty man."

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