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Oi\e Negro Stabs Another-Felix
Stanton Elected Cotton
-VtcColl, Aug. 12-Mr. and Mrs.
Raiford Gibson aro having a de
lightful trip to thc mountains.
Miss lionise Bethea is visiting
her friend, Miss Nannie Fletcher.
Mr. Jesse 1) Wade and family
are spending several days at
Wrightsvillc beach.
Miss Fodio Dores, of Hamlet
will spend sotno time with her sis
tor, Mrs. Murdock McCormick.
Both tho Baptist and Methodist
preachors being absent, thcro were
no servicos at McColl Sunday A.
M. Kev. J Brown, of tho Presby
terian church, preached a most
?^CrA'^St, thoughtful sermon to a
largo congregation at 5 P. M.
Mr. James Chapman, of one of tho
leading Methodist church choirs in
Chattanooga, Tenn, sang a beauti
ful solo; Mrs. C C Stokes playing
the accompaniments.
Mr. S C MeLaurin has begun
thc erection of a beautiful resi
dence. Dr. Moore is also excavat
ing for tho erection of a handsome
drug store. Prof. Walter Owen is
preparing to build an Tatum Ave
nue. /
Mrs. Bollinger and daughter,
Miss Lucile; Mrs. F P Tatum,
Miss Julia.Tatumt and Mivs Pearl
Mor.ci.v- n OT?'?lmo?igthoS?' who loft,
for 1 lendersonville last weak.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
George Shuford was considerably
worse last week--and a trained
muse from Ilighsmith (Miss Kind
ley) was sent, for. Today ho is
m d^h.bettor.
Mr. .Josh Parker has benn visit
ing relatives und friends in Bae
ford, Red Springs, and Fayette
About mail Lime last Friday
evening, Sam Bethea, a one-armed
nogro, while standing on the lt.
li,, wns approached by Charlie Be
thea, a negro between whom and
himself there had been some pre
vious trouble. A few words were
spoken, when suddenly Sam stab
bed Charlie about the shoulder,
cutting him seriously. Sam took
to his heels, and is yet at large.
A force of determined men literal
ly scoured thc woods for him
during tho night; but he had sever
al hours start. Ile would have
fared badly had he boen caught.
tthc Nov elty Works, which have
been closed for several weeks, have
resumed work. Mr. Swan Ben
sion, the formel' oflicient manager,
retains bis former position as man
ager. Mr. A K Odom is president
of the company now owning thc
Mr. .1 O Coleman bas accepted
^feositioii with F I* Tat um Sons ci
^ro. McColl is glad to welcome Mr.
Coleman back again.
Mr. Willie Lcdbotcr, of States
ville, spout Sunday with bis sister,
M's. ,) ll Johnson. Mr. Letlbct
tcr is salesman for a Chattanooga
Harness (Jo.
Miss Virgie Powell, of Rich
mond Va., after spending about
two weeks with ber friend, Miss
Mary Thompson, Ino, returned to
ber homo delighted willi her trip
to South (Jaro)inn.
Mr. John I) McLnttrin is ut
I [ighsmith Sanitarium, and isqnile
The election for McColl colton
Weigher was held on Monday.
^Mr, Felix Stanton and Mr. Dave
Whittaker, having received the
highest number of votes in the re
cent election, wore the contestants
at this Inst election, Mr. Stanton
won by 5 votes.
Misses Powell and Thompson
were delightfully entertained
Saturday and Sunday at tho hospi
table homo of Mr. John Smith, of
Gibson, Prof. Caldwell, of Virgi
nia, is also visiting at the same
Miss Louise Bethen, of Latta, is
visiting her friend, Miss Nannie
Messers Fairy and Harts have
accepted positions as clerks with
Messers Lucien Williams and li
W Koels, respectively.
Miss Bisehery, of Lumbcrton,
after spending several weoks with
Miss Gertrude Morrisson, return?
ed to her homo accompanied by
Miss Macy Harris.
Mr. S E McLaurin had a valu
able horse to die quito suddenly
about 2 A. M. on Monday.
Little Daniel Murdoch McCor
mick continues desperately ill,
with but littlo hopts of his recove
Interesting Items About Former
Marlboro People
Salters, Aug. 8-Crops goner
ally are very good, but aro needing
rain. We have not had a good
rain since June. Late corn, peas
and potatoes arc in need of rain
very bad.
Mr. J C Everett has tho best
cotton around Salters, if not in the
county, lt is lapped up close in
six feet rows. He used to plant
in four feet rows then in live and
now in six. Ho says he don't want
it to lap, but tito wider he puts
his rows the larger his cotton
grows. For his stylo of fertiliz
ing wc suggest eight feet rows as
a good rulo. Ho is putting up a
modem ginnery on his plantation,
gasolene, will be the motion power
Rev. D ll Everett has been as
sisting Kew Patrick with a pro
tracted meeting at Salters this
Mr. Waller David has live acres
of corn t hat good judges say will
make 90 bushels per acre. Surely
Williamsburg is a corn county.
Mr. .1 H (hotter known as Goon)
Covington is well pleased with his
new home. Ile says the jack-o
I an tern has not quito turned his
hair gray yet, but ho says if he
s?es that thing again there will be
ti job for the coroner.
Mr. Ed Pope found a $25.00
watch in his barn Where some oho
lost it while stealing a half bushel
uf corn.
Mrs. Pope ami daughter ar? on
a visit to her brother, Mr. James
Webster, of tho Salem commuiity.
Mrs. .) C Everett has boen very i
sick with chills and fever but is
much better now.
IC C McDaniel is speaking of
moving back to Marlboro next
Mr. .John Hamer and daughter
Julia of Dillon are visiting rela
tives tit Salters this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamos A Eerrell
are on a visit to Virginia.
Mrs. TA McDaniel will leave
in a few days foi- Georgetown and
Paw ley's Island to spend a couple
of weeks.
One of our be t. farmers says he
will start to picking cotton next
Mr. and Mrs. C I ) ( ?ottingham !
spent a few days in Chaleston
Eroin the present indications
this will a prosperous .scar for Mr.
J L boxworth (good luck to him
is my humble wish.)
Mr. ,1 J Tart must have line
corn. Th? last we heard of it. he
could not see the top ol' il.
M r. 11 \ ( )dom seems to bc \ cry
ii liol now. We lui rd ly ever soe
any thing ol' him.
\Y ell, u i my Iel l r i ?; gel I ?Pg
very long* w ill cl? .? I y asking
uncle Jori to give us olio his good
With best wishes to the Denn?
Orat, ils editor ami readers.
T. A. Me.
? Mut? Gored lo Dc$vfh hy a Cow
Crops Fine, Personal Items
of Interest
Ked Bluff, Aug 6-Every
thing has gotten to be very dull
around the Bluff now as tho farin
ais all done with their work, there
is nothing doing and not much
being said and as the writer's busi
iness is also on a bum, he will try
to get up a few locals just to keep
in practice though they will bo
Crops in this part of tho coun
try arc certainly encouraging for
thc hard working plowman. Both
cotton and corn is as good as th?
farmers could wish, considering
the unfavorable seasons they have
bad for thc last two monthviow u
they could only realize good prices
for their produce they would
be in an independent condition at
the end of thc year.
Owing to thc present condition
of thc yarn market the Octoraro
mills Co"? machinery is still stand
ing idle though it is supposed by
some of tho head men that they
will bo able to resume operation
some time about the first of Oct??
1) A McLcndoh and family re
turned a few days ago from Sagaus
s?a where he has been engaged in
the li mber buisincss for the past
Mrs.I N Mallonee and children
of Charlotte came som? weeks ago
to spend the summer with her
mother Mrs Alex McKae. She ex
pects to return to Charlotte about
tho first or lifteenth of September
Mrs N'lalonec's neice Miss Margar
et Buckner will leave about that
time to re-enter tho Presbyterian
College ut that place.
das A Galloway of Mallory spent
one night the first of last week
here with relatives.
Miss Bessie Lane, tho charming
young daughter of Hon and Mrs
.1 J Lane, will leave in about three
days for Keleigh where she will
start her second year in thc Bap
tist College- lier many friends
will bate to sec her leave.
Messrs J Cand TG Covington
of Clio were here Tuesday after
noon enjoying a swim in the nice re
freshing waters of Little Bee Lee.
Quite a number of folks, old and
young, come out every afternoon
from Clio to take a swim.
Mrs. M Galloway of Mallory
is spending a few days here with
her son M L Galloway .
The writer is sorry to report
that Mr. 1'rank McKuo is again
confined lo his room willi rheuma
tism. This is the second attack of
rheumatism that Mr. Mc Had has
had this year.
11 T Bundy had iho misfoi l ion
to lose a nice mule some days ago
by being- gored to death by a cow.
Bu fus Mourne. ;? machinist in
one of the cotton mili ut 1 anniicr
ton, spent a few days last week
here with relatives and friends.
Capt. \V A I Iii,?.haw of Clio, fl
candidate for sherill, was shaking
hands among his many friends
herc a lew dav - ?I<_M?, asking for
: ' ielr support.
dr. Boyd Weh i, of ( Ti o passel
over the HI ti fl on the nth inst, go
ing to Liiurinburg in tho interest
of his "Ma\\\ ell" machine for
which he is agent.
There will bc special meelina
ol' (li? t 'lio camp of \Y. ( ). \\\
next Friday afternoon Aligns! Vth.
fer the puipf.e of making ar
rangements for unveiling the mon
uincnt erected lo tho Lute Sover
eign Hates Cottingham, whoso
death occured about the first of the
year ann who was hurried at Caro
lina church.
M. L. G.
Methodist Church Mere to Give B.
H. Covington Jr $200 a Year.
Last S u n d a y tho Methodist
chure? liei ? passed a resolution to
give $?.00 a year for three years to
aid B ll Covington Jr to take a
course at Vanderbilt university.
Tho resolution had been previously
adopted and signed by thc stewards ?
of the church.
Young Covington, who recently
gradin ted at Clemson college, has
decided to enter tho ministry and
pr?paie himself for the foreign
field. : lie did not appeal to the
chu re) for help, and thc action of
ihoelerch was taken without thc
reipie: of himself or his father.
E :cellent Health Advice.
Mrs. M M Davison, ot No. .179 Gifford
A,vi\, i Ul Jose, Cal., says: "Thc worMl
of lilci ric Hitlers as a general family
reined} for headache, billiousness and
torpor i f Hie liver and howels is so pro
nounce ! that I mu prompted to say a
word i lits favor, for lheheiiefiloflho.se
Becki H relief from such afliclions.
There /J inore health for Hie digestive
organsfa a hotilc of lilcetric Hitlers than
in riny [aller remedy, I know of." Sold
-um' i rttaraulcc at Douglas .S: Brceden's
drug me. 50c.
j Enroll Your Name.
(< j Denn is secretary of tho
Dei tic club at thc mill village.
A ! ! ... , Wish to volo lhere should
give/him their names lo bo enrolled
before)Tliursdny, Aug 20.
Thosle who do not get their names
on the collat their voting placo by
that day cannot vole in the pri
-'-~ ? 4B? .-.
Gwics Guides.
No words eau describe the patience,
good humor and skill ot the Swiss
guides. Their quick eyes seo every
danger, their prompt actions avert it.
When "on tho rope" one lias a feeling
of perfect security, and on steep aretes
and rotten ice, on crumbling rocks and
abrupt precipices, ono has implicit con
fidence in their strength, Judgment
and endurance. That these guides pos
sess a Blxtll sense IM indisputable. One
might almost call it acute premoni
tion, for lt warns them In advance of
all dangers Incident to mountaineering
and, combined with a marvelous dex
terity and an Intrepid courage, serves
to avert calamity and insure, success.
-Wide World Magazine.
There in a quicksilver mine in Peru
.ISO feet deep. In this abyss arc
Btroots, squares and a chapel whero
religious worship is held.
Patent Cats.
A man who really wanted to benefit
mankind patented a sheet Iron cul, ii
feline which works by clockwork and
which has a bellows inside of it which
swells up its tail and causes sounds
which would a walo; an entire neigh
borhood, Tho cat's claws are of steel,
and when Hie animal is wound up and
placed (Ui a roof lt Is ready to deal
deathblows to every midnight prowl
ing cat In seven blocks. "'SHU another
man was given a pal eui on a paste
board cat covered willi phosphorus, so
(hut it shines in the dark and is to be
used for frightening off rats and mice.
? <o? ?
The Richmond Primary.
Tlu> Democratic primary in
Richmond county was held Aug I.
Martin C Freeman of 1 landet
was elected to the legislature over
Kith his opponents, receiving COI,
lo ?Serirboro 8510, lind %i ba Gibson
',:>. Tin; county luis only one rep
rcsehtfttivel Mi- Freeman is a
Sherill' Minson was re-elected,
tiver Baldwin and ( )nnsb.v.
Covington, Nichol son, Diggs,
McDonald and White were elec
ted commissioners.
Morrison ?nal Steele run o\ er
for treasurer, on the ??>th, Steelt
being loft out.
Reynolds for register of deeds
abd Gay for coroner, had ho oppo
Mt ion.
The Candidates Have Nothing but
Pleasant Words for Each
All was peace and harmony at
the first, campaign meeting at
Blenheim Tuesday. There was
quite a large crowd present and
everybody quiet and orderly. The
speakers were all ina good humor,
and there was not an unkind word
nor an unpleasant incident.
Will F Rogers received more
applause than any other candidate,
lie was given quite rm ovation
when he arose, and again when ho
finished his one minute speech.
Col. Tom C Hamer was also quite
liberally applauded at thc close of
his speech.
Tlie expression on the part of a
candidate for the legislature which
receiv ed most applause, was the
d?clarai ion of 1)1) McColI ?Jr., in
favor of state-wide prohibition.
The candidates themselves were
allowed to arrange the order of
the speeches. They got together
at Blenheim Tuesday morning and
organized by electing J P Gibson
chairman and A L Eas ter ling sec
retary. lt was decided that each
man and each of li ce which came
first should drop to tho bottom tho
next day. and so on throughout
the campaign.
Candidates for the house were
given lo minutes each; the others
.J F David sent a hitter saying
that business pres ented bis being
present and that he was a candi
date on his former record in the
Geo. N McCall said ho had been
faithful to duty. Had a great many
inquests to hold, and missed only
a few calls in four years.
.J F McGilvia.v told an amusing
joke and said if elected he would
discharge tho duties of the oflice
thoroughly anil faithfully.
P P Meek ins said he would make
no speech but would discharge du
ties if elected, Did not expect lo
?ct any votes at Blenheim. Want
id McCall to get them all.
A L Eastorling, w ho has no op
position spoke briefly about his
.ecord in the ellice, and gave some
nterosting school statistics. Mo
idvocated industrial feature in
niblic schools, to teach boys and
?'irls tho practical things in life.
M IM I Ol!.
.1 P Campbell thanked people
or votes two years ago. Said his
looks were in first class condition,
fold of groat increase in work of
dlico in past few years.
M K Coward said he was appli
ant tor auditors ollice. Said ho
bought the upper end ol* tho
!OUnty was entitled to some rocog
lition. Would not ask for ollice if
lot comp?tent to do the work.
C NV Crosland said ho had ox
lorionce as bookkeeper and handled
iCCOUntS with satisfaction. Had
lothing to say against Mr. Bogers.
,1 P Kvans said it was not nee
sssary to make a speech. If elected
v?uld try to lill tho oflice with
.atisfaction to all.
A ll Odom said he appeared for
irst time us candidate, Had six
fears exp?rience in bookkeeping
iud felt qualified to discharge thc
lillies ol'the ollice, with credit to
?.ll* and satisfaction to people.
\ B Rogers said ho had nothing
,o say against opponents. They
uro good bookkeepers and ham
good positions. Lot them kanp
them and let mo keep tho tregear .
er's olliee. Will try to disch*aapr>
duties faithfully.
B D Graham said if elor&?fl.
would try to discharge duties fc?tft?
fully. Wanted oilice and tho?j$rt
he could be of service to the cocoa -
ty. Wns a plain business matt?fl?A
knew the value of a dollar. Wt?sfa
lifo had taught him tho valuie ?S
economy. Mr. Manning and Mc.
Coward had both dono good w*rik
The county now has tho servio? <#5!
them both. Ile thought he os*?3
take less money and give bettor
and more lasting results. If efeiA
ed would discharge tho duties: <si?
tho oflicc for thc benefit o? tibe
whole people and not for a few in
F Manning Jr thanked the pee
pie for votes two years ago. ??a?d
tried to give good service. Rowe
been criticised for spending m.07!.t&r*
Have spent some more money Chan?
former supervisors, but have ??bi
work to show for it. Found ret?b:
and bridges in bad condition, listw
been criticised for building a rox?i
in Smithville. The Smithville p>**
plc are entitled to a road. Tlv*f>
had to haul their produce 15 m'./ct,
and now they can market it iu
miles. This will bc a model jviow
of road, lt should have been huft
if Cheraw had not paid a cent.
C F Covington said he was t.
candidate on his own merits. J/v
elected would try to make as gi?oki.
sherill as the county has ever 1IA&.
.J li Green had nothing to atc
against any opponent. Ah -h?v/
same right lorim for oilice. Oppo
nents have no right to talk mte*
tion. Mr. Woedley's father hejSf:
oflicc; Mr. Covington had be*c
coroner; and members ?t Mr.
Rogers family had held oilice. M*.
Hinshaw is the only one left aiki
he has been too busy to hold office,
operating in Marlboro, Clieslo?
field and Marion. The rota&Oti
business is wholly with you. Will
step down and out when you
\V A Hinshaw had no fault Sc
lind with sherill Green, hu?
thought he had held tho oilice lo^f;
imough. If elected will try to lill
ellice with satisfaction.
W ? Rogers simply annonncoc'
Ins candidacy amidst applause.
K J Woodley said he thoughfl
ie was as competent as any to SW
,he oflicc. Sheriff Green favoro?
.otation 16 years ago. He h.a?
>een paid about 850,000 out c?
mblic treasury, and it is time tr
pvc another man a cilanco,
,1 A Drake said he was serving
he last year of his fourt terrn,*sk
id for e/Hice again on tho recort?
mule. Helter equipped by expel
euee. "Nothing to say against ? p
lonents, Thanked people ft*?
otes in past and for those to i i
jiven this year.
?I?IV 1) Edens said he was nc
>rator, I mt does not take orator ti
ie clerk of court. If you warri
or your dork the man who has sr
Anciently lilied the olliee for it
ears, or thc ene who was tho ci
ieient treasure.ten years or thee;
icient clerk of the legislature ?U
rears, vote for them. If you want
i new man vote for me. Hoped tc
.eceive thc strong support give*
Tis father, Col. T N Edens, in thl
lark days el* '70 and '78.
TC Hamer said he consider?^
limsclf fort?nate to bo in the race
,vith three gentlemen. Am .><)..'
roars bid. Lived in county nil nv
i fe and never aske<l for office ir
.ounty before. Largely edneatcc
elf and took care of old homo.
3con eicrli of legislature ton years
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