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Want to Leave Lien Law to Vote
of the People, and favor
Thos. A Bristow told some jokes
about the present member's of tho
legislature. Ile favored letting
tho people vote on the lien law.
Against the sale of pistols and car
tridges. Opposed to homestead
law. Opposed to allowing people
to pay out when convicted of
crime. They should bo put in
chaingnng. The b?ind tigers have
the best law in the county, because
good men do not report them.
J P Bunch said he did not ex
pect P.) l?e a candidate till a few
days ago. Said his gray head and
beard admonished l im that ins
time was short. Non-professional
man from ordinary walks of life,
here by roques! ?>? men "I* my t all
"mg. In favor ot biennial sessions
ol' thc legislature. The state gov
ernment is becoming extravagant
etil oil oho session ii year and stive
from sci ?.ono to $85.000. Legis-1
lature ol which J was it member
passed amendment for biennial
sessions, bul it wits never submit
ted i<> the people.
Opposed to b'.ircuil of immignv*
lion. Will light it ?or all i am j
worth. Favor liberal support for
higher institutions bl I'urning.
.1 0 ('ampb.-li sahl two years a-,
go tho absorbing issi e was liquor.
It was not an issue b-tween liquor
.Hui ? >?'? >1, i I .i t i. ?>?> . 'plvn ic^?in WIK I
111 Lill.", CllH?i?t?',-i. .
pie's money. Apropiations in
creased $300,000 in two years.
Favor appropiations lor old sol
diers and schools, biennial sessions
of the legislature, and getting
government in a cash basi^.
ll K Covington said ho hated to
make excuses, but must make ex
cuse for sore throat. Was a can- ?
didate two years ugo. made some
good speeches as 1 and others
thought. I was surprised that I
did not get any more votes. I
have been told that I did hot need
it. Mope nobody is running for
tito money in it. 1 represent tax
payers more than any other candi
date. Pay more taxes than the
aber seven candidates. I feel it
when taxes are, raised.
Am in favor ol' belter roads and
schools. Money paid in each
township should be used iii that
township, and the township should
be allowed lo issue bonds if want
ed. In favor of biennial sessions.
We have too many laws, and what
we need is lo block laws. 1 will
do all I can to keep you (rom ho
ing burt by legislation,
,1 P Gibson said lie came in part
LO give un account ol' stewardship
Not one single bill which 1 have
introduced has died upon tito cal
endar. Introduced and had passed
the hill to abolish blicket shops,
and drove them out of the state.
introduced and lind passed bill1
to prevent liquor drinking on
i rains. Favored tho labor contract
law and was instrumental in hav-|
ihg it pns.se<I. Had state line;
surveyed which gained for the
sipta about a thousand acre ol'
?and. Tho lil o i.- nov, p?rhhtni lil
ly marked. Introduced bill to in
creake sUi)0rvisor' Malary ?rom
?j\700 lo fctfOb. and tia:!. \?> $1 (?00,
,\ Iso had bili passed to establish
school book depositories through
out tito county for the bcnciiit ol'
While in Columbif received let
ters from many farmers and busi
ness men saying it would notdo to
repoal lion law, and thought it un
wise to vote for repeal. In that
matter, as all others, I want to act
for tho best interest of tho peoplo.
Want tho people to vote on lion
law and instruct" the representa
1) 1) McColl Jr. said he askod
for re-election on his record. Im
possible in time allotted to discuss
all matters of legislation. One of
tho acute questions is that old one
of taxation. There must be taxes
to run the government. What
you have a right to expect is the
least expenditure consistent with
good government. Appropria
tions have ?nereus ;d became sum
for confederate veterans lias b^en
increased from $50,00, to $250,000.
I voted for that increase. Was it
extravagant to provide for these
old soldiers < For insane assy lum
over $200,000 was given. We
were ?Uso asked to provide for deaf
and dumb at Cedar Springs, and
we did it.
1 voted against tho following
appropiations: $25,000 for 'un
proving State house grounds;
$25,000 tor Jamestown exposition.
We tire spending $15,000 br
$10,000 for beau reati ol' i m mig ra
tio!). After the experiment had
been tried 1 \ oled to abolish that
department. N oted against in
crease of $10,000 or $15,000 for
pay of circuit judges. Have-, ol. ii
against all appropiations except
those which required every pat
riotic son to support,
In rogitrd to the liqu >rquestion,
the slate i-, in worse situation than
ever, Will discuss lien, lau al an
other lilootihg. Let the people
who aro most interested ct ist. thc
deciding- vote. Doubtful about
expediency of repeal of law, but
am servant of people, and will try
stale .'P years and had not asked
for ollice before. Opposed to ,
mudslinging and have nothing to ?
say against opponents. If elected
will try to serve the county faith
D L Whittaker said he was ,
nothing but a common funner,
[f elected will study issues and
act with best of judgment and ,
ability. Will not make many prom
ises. If (dei ted v. ill go in inter
est of the people. Believe the
people can get aio;.-_ better with
out lien law. hst will represent
the people. Will vote for prohi
bition. Said ho had never tried to
make a speech before.
The committee decided to pay
the managers al ead precinct live
dollars for euch election and for
coming after boxes and bringing
I hem back al ter the, election. No
lither pay will be allowed for clerk
or other 'expense.-.. Managers
should come after the boxes on
Friday, Aug. 21, and rotura then)
t? thc county chairman oh or be
fore Thursday mor"ting after the
elect ioll.
The following managers were
appointed to hold both, primaries,
and thi! third, ii' necessary!
AdamsN iii . A ( ! Pearson. Wal
to i Mungum. M W Adam -
Bonhottsvillo D M D McLeod,
U P> Crosland,Tl L David.
Brights die LO Bright, J A
Usher, K W Liles.
Brownsville BP Bogers, W M
Deas, C d Allen.
Clio D W Balo, D McQueen,
li L Bennett.
Hebron DB McQuagc, Krank
Stinton, John 1 ?amer.
Kol lock.o M Pogues, Ran
dolph Peptics, Chas. 11 by ,
Mill Village-th o, Di a:.,s Ber
Shi at'S. 'I ii*,-.. 1 'cele.
Me,Co!l--\\ N (lib .... Il T Mc
Laurin. V V Tiith.ti.v.
Quick Cross Hoads-J W Griggs
Clarence Quick, C G ( inuit.
Bed Hill-0 l Shcrrill, W L
John, A T Odom.
Tatum L O Stanton, W T Fos
terling, J P I lamer.
P J Smith a C mpioi ' b.
Clio, Aug. U Our
mot and defoe J ll,
Charleston exp'
three fourths iv
Walter McNair of
Smith expects I
Maxton and gi\.
Miss Ruby
been off visiting
time is again at
Mr. and Mn in
was hu rr id ly co
on Friday to th
ously sick brotl
The fannel s
tho lino wcathoi
saving fodder, i
bot and dry.
A fier spendii
sister Mrs. Ben
Maxwell retur
near Sumter.
Messrs Venn
( 'oil ami I jonnu
beim have takei
( 'nlhoun.
Miss lii/zie I
( Columbia.
'Hie shin Mest
in I!|io was Miss
ley ol' Tatum w
town aloin' willi
lev's err.
The Misses I
I rene Saluions Vt
Mr. Wm. I Ipi
and Miss i 'arrie
Coll were iptiotl;
parsonage on Tu
Kev. J .1 1 >ougltu
lb li, doini lilli
im', bis mother ii
w ill lake in Was!
places on bis tri|
Miss Annie S|
bas been called I
goods department
bonn's l'urhishing
Tl... vi:
Mrs, F L Bundy is visiting li
sister, Mrs. Thos. Jcrnigau, ol' 1?
?Springs, N. C.
Fxodusters from Clio on Fi
Mrs. W A IBnshaw, Mrs. K
Chamness, Mrs, Fannie'iMwnscn
Mrs. Clias. Manning, Mi. Il
McLaurin and daughters, Bide ai
Clara, With Mrs. Carl (?hannie
wont to Iicndorsonville aid Ash
ville. The Misses Kihi aid Ali.
Manning are in the cowal f<
[Iendorsonville and Ashville an
will visit other places.
The family of F L Cunio Fs<
went to Monti eat.
M r.s. ,1 W 1 lamer wen to lu
girlhood home in Baltimre.
The Misses Kthol au Myrtl
Stackhouse spent Friday nth Mb
Walker Boody.
Messrs. ('bailie I lodge and do
Brigmaii passed through town o
Friday evening returnig iron
McColl where the c?tlty cam
paigners closed their appoint
ments for the week,
Capt. K 1 > Medlin amUmily o
Florida tire among frioix in thc!
former homeland for a ff days.
Thc campaign nicoli ugh Thurs
day lirongbt tpg?tlier a pry rcs
peel l ui body ol' oitijis w in
secihod lo enjoy ihosptioOs VcY,>
much. 'Tho (hooting wtti?nduclc.
b.y Mr. dell' I > Fdciis pud ont bl
thc club herr. Nola dipspeclfu
word was spokon ohjahdidiitt
of any other one- ThspCCcliOi
and speakers wore wei foco iv od.
Mr. I'klcns received qui au ova
lion when he came beard ti
speak, this being his hj? town.
h I irs and other d?failli
were left ont i rely out,
, referring to eacljotliei
most respectful t
1 candi
: i nie has como w hen ip Vol? i
I Marlboro county ott)
no support io culuini
de la mel's of character,
slay in the dirt where tl
There is no need for i
foul moutheddctnagogifn Marl
to give
|0rs and
tel ll ann
ano and
ounty Commissi
il 7, ^08
Poi . ^ 175 00
? ; i 16 50
. n istubh: 12 50
Mi $4 78
' . .MMC?. Co?
75 00
. Su,,!,.,; .wad
tst.i?W. ., : 5 00
I ? ;cts pat . 4 00
20 00
( , . , . , >. .,t k 28 50
. 10 00 I
.rfc 22 00
17 8-2
k ll 00
h C nm, ano it .. ? 6 dit
John Usher, hauling hun- "
her 1 00
I) K Sianlon, road work 37 15
ll M Hodges, road work 57 12
Will C Haums, read work 8 OG
W M Atkinson, hauling 5 75
.VLF. Coward, salary 25 00
John I) Bullard, road
work ?s (>5
M L Po\\\lJ, road work 0 00
K M I linson. lumber 1<> 00
J l> IJniUicWk, road
vori: '.) 50
Kran k M tinning Jv, sal
ir.v etc PO ? j
A S ( Irani, pauper ljn 00
J K l ld. lier, rond work ??7 :'?!
A J Matheson, road work 10 00
11 I? Quick, peas 2 00
L I) Bundy, road work- 38 03
W N ( libson, corn '10 15
( ! K Pegues, gravel 30 00
Crosland l/iycstock Co.,
.prk on sadd lo 2 1 IQ
Bank ol' Marlboro, n :tc
K Pek oes I 7:. i 0
./ r ti ou gos, iw..v. ...
r1 A L Pearson, pauper 18 00
[I Neil Usher, road work 0 80
M I-: Brigman, road work 299 59
M K Brigman. road work 100 40
j S JJ Lochlea!*, road work 21 15
Jess Jones, supt. chaim
,1 gang 52 95
.M McLaurin, lunacy I" 00
I Jess D Chavis, road work 19 00
Neil Usher, road work 10 85
- K C.' Goodwin, road work 12 00
Alex Chavis, road work I 00
E B Jones, road work 0 00
I Luther Fletcher, salary
j and hands 170 C I
C M Smith, road work s 50
N B Bogers, treas, jury
witness and coi st I i G ?
Sou. lix I ) ress Co., express flo
Sam ( )aklcy, road work 30 s7
J M 1 lood, lumber 0 3 1 ?
Horace Jchkirs, plowing I 05
Prank Adams, ditching 40 00
W M ( lark, mad work 1 .so V
Amos Malloy, plowing 5 02 i
Jas. W Stubbs, road work 20 07 ,
A L .Morris, roadwork' 00 07 ,
Lntei prise Ildw Co..
tools % 55 35 !l
ll L McLaurin. ditching 0? .'?'? <
G 1 ) ( >dom, lumber 03 30 t
Frank Adams, ditching l-S 00 (
Frank Adams, ditching 39.30
Jus. McA rthur. court 0 I 50 '.
W L Kinney, road work 191 28 1
Ii ( ' Goodwin, repair
j bridge 3 00 t
C A Mooae, pauper 1 <> 1?0 ;l
F Manning Jr, supervisor,
hands, 20 05
CL Uiver.-;, lumber 22 08 r
J A I h'iggors, pauper 0 ou I '
I ?r. J A 1<aison, lunney 5.00 I;
\\ J Atkinson, m agis- n
trate 12 50 ..
M McLaurin, lunacy In 00
C l> linste ri i ng, Mag :;i 12 c
J P Campbell, salary 31 Ol
N P. Bogers, salary :il '.?I ,\
J L Gilbert, wood etc 20 75
A B Mudd, guard 20 00
Jackson, More Co, mdse 69 05
P P 'I ninth Sons & Co.
mdse , to ;,s r<
Sou. 1 Jell I el. ( 5o. phone
rent 35 75 ('
Wno Mc Lau rill, road i'1
work 1 42
Joe T. Covington, hauling 10 00
Hil Hubbard, roadwork 21 40 si
J J Matheson, road work 28 50 w
Total $3, 893.81 M
Expense Account Act, Published
by Order of County Executive
Headquarters of thc State Demo
cratic Executive Committee, Col
umbia, S. C., Juno 4th, 1908.
To thc County Chairmen of the
Democratic Party of South Caro
Gentlemen: You will please
call the attention of all candidates
in the Democratic primary in your
County tho following act of thc
Legislature, approved March 0,
1005, and make it your personal
business to sec that every candi
dato files a pledge with thc clerk
of court ?nf your county as requir
ed by said act!
AX ACT Viking Certain Offon
! ces in lVimrlf ICI cotions Misdem
I ct
caners, and Proscribing Ponaltics
There for.
Section 1. He it enacted by thc
General Assembly of South Caro
lin: At and before every political
primary election held by any
political party, organization or
association, lor the purpose ol'
choosing candidates for oll'ice, or
tho election of delegates to conven
tions, in this Sialo, any person
who shall by th teal s orally other
form of intimidation, or by the
payment, delivery or promise of
money, or other article of value
procure or oller, promise or en
deavor to procuro, another to vote
for or against any particular can
didate in such election, or who
shall, for such consideration, otl'er
ing to so vote, shall be guilty of a
>ec. 2, livery candidate oiler
State of Sorih Carolina, candidate
for tho oll'ice of
hereby pledge that 1 will not give
nor spend money, or usc intoxicat
ing liquors for tho purpose of ob
taining or influencing votes, and
that I shall,at the conclusion of the
campaign and before the primary
election, render to tho Cleric of
Court or (Secretary of State as
hereinbefore provided) tinder oath,
an itemized statement of all mon
eys spent or provided by me dur
ing tho campaign for campaign
purposes up io that time, and
I further pledge that! will, imme
diately after the primary election
or elections that 1 um a candidate
n, render an itemized statcmont,
under oath, showing all further
Doneys spent or prov ided by me
n said election: Provided, That a
'ailnre to comply with this pro
vision shall render such election
mil and void, in so far as the ean
lidato who fails to lile the state
nent herein required, but shall not
.llcot thc validity of the election
d' any ennditato complying with
his Section: And provided fur
ber, That such itemized statement
nd pledge shall bo open to public
inspection tit all times.
Sec. I!. That any violation of
ht" provisions of this Act. .shall be
misdemeanor.; and any person up
n conviction thbrof, shall be fih
d hoi lr>s i han sitio nor more
lian 8500,01' bo imprisoned at hard
ibor for not less than ono month
or more than six months, or both
ne and imprisonment, in tho dis
rction of the Court. '
Approved tho Gthday of March,
.. D. 1905.
V?l'.V respectly,
Wilie Jones, Chairman.
KVOry voter must bc oh club
?ll ?We days bofore the Primary
lection, lind get a new registra
on ccrtilicato. LO-1V A. 1 )
Generally debilitated for years, Had
ck headaches, Lacked ambition, was
om out and all ruo down. Murdock
lood Hitters made nie a well woman."
rs. Chas. I'reitroy, Moosup, Cona.
Candidate* card? ar? puMUhtd fro?
dat? of ?merlion till th? ?leetbn foi
fir? dollar*, caib ta advance.
I hereby announce myself a co
dato for reappointment bo tho c
of County auditor, subject to th
tion of tlic Democratic primary.
A-D , JTCaniobt
SI I ?piFF
ill ir. fl in Vf
I hereby annouiiice myself as a
dldatc for Sherill ?i,. Marllwro??)
subject to tho results of tho \?t
eratic primary.
1 hereby announce myself a ca
date for thc office bf sheri tr of JN
boro county, subject tu thc rules
regulations of the Democratic
A D. W A Utnsb?
I am a candidate for tho
Phorilf ol' Marlboro county, stitt
the rules and result of tho ap(
in?; Democratic primary.
A-D E J Wc
1 hereby announce myself al
date for County Treasurer, sum
tlic action of tho Democrat ic pr
A-I) C \V Crosl
I hereby announce myself a
date for Treasurer of Slarlborc
ty, subject to thc action of tlic
ocratic primary. .1 I* ICvai
I nnuoanVe myself a candid
Congress froWthe sixth distri
ject to thc riuV'S ol' thc Dell
pri eui r\.
A-h_V j
I hereby announce myselfT
dat e, for cleric nf Court, sobjee
action of thc Democratic prim
A-l) .lohn ll Th
I hereby announce myself ti
didato for Cl6rlc,of Court, su
the ?'.ct ion of tho Democratic \
A-D Jclf D J
I hereby annonce myself
didato lor clerk of court,subjc
action of tlic Democratic pr:
r> 'c,>.?, r' p
1 am a candidate for re-oh
the House, of Repr?sent?t!V?
to tlic action of -the Democr
marv. ? ' ?.
I bog to announce my candi
I he Dull cd Slates Senate il
"roaching Domocratlo Crinia
I respectfully solicit the sn
tlie Democratic voters of tho
A. l). R, G. Uhe
For Sore Feet.
"I have found Bucklen's Am
io bc thc proper thing to lise
ucl, as well as healing lunns
cuts, and all manner of ab*
writes Mr. \V Stone, of Hast
Maine. Il is thc proper thing
piles. Try il! Sold under guan
Douglas .* llrccdcn's drug store.
Don't think thal piles can't b
thousands of obstinate cases ha
ured by I loan's Ointment. 50 .
n v drug store.
Ind Miscellaneous Nc
Advertisements under i
head arc published for
cents for each insert itui
25 words or less, cv^p
WA NTKD Vor lop?, an cn
um with sulhclcnt fordo to
bree horse farm. To the righ
nil give liberal tenn.) on sha
lian. Address Geo. W. Wac
Sumter, S. C. C. !.'. D. ]
??1-?0. A. I). Aug.
Excellent Health Advic
Mrs. M M Davison, of No. 379
vc,, Sanjose. Cal., says: "The
f lilcctricj pitiers as a genera)
?nude, for headache, billiousncf
>rpor of thc liver and bowels is i
ounced thai l am prompted lo
ord in ils favor, for Us benefit <
.?eking relief from fitch alli
here is more health for the di
pus in a Ixntle of Electric Hill<fP
any other remedy, I know of."
aler guarantee at Douglas & lire
;i?ijj staac. 50c.

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