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Sage TicKs
Strawbridge and Clothier. Philadel
phia, advertise: “Lifelike Dolls with
Voice Twenty Inches High.” Boy,
page Mme. Galli-Curcl!
• • • •
We have heard so much about the
wort ug of the prohibition laws that
we are very happy to be able to re
gale our select readers with an ac
count of its beneficial effects in New
Hampshire. This tale of joy comes
from the Newport (N. H.) Republi
can-Champion r>
Considerable excitement prevailed
at the Newport House at about 3 o’-
clock Friday morning when a young
man by the name of Curtiss Brassaw
made his entrance to the lobby of the
hotel only a few minutes after another
party had come in. He immediately
made his way to the ladies’ parlor,
which is up one flight of stairs, and
took a seat, whereupon the night clerk
Mr. Langdell, escorted him down to
the office.
The clerk could not seem to ascer
tain as to whether the young man had
made a reservation, so called the head
clerk, Mr. Nimky. Meanwhile Bras
saw had torn down an electric light
fixture over one of the writing desks,
broken two lights of glass in the di
ning room door and had drunk a bottle
of ink. He was obsessed with the 1-
dea that he had purchased the hotel,
and had a right to stay there. Police
man Mason S. Colby was called by
telephone, who with the assistance of
George E. Lewis. George Page. Ezra
Shattuck, Harold P. Shepard and
James Wright, placed him in the lock
up. He wa« taken to his home on
Greenhurst Street later in the day.
A little over a month ago a baby
was born on a Northwestern train be
tween Riverton and Lander. This
was a genuine Pullman birth.
• • • •
Our worthy brother, the Shoshoni
Enterprise, reports that a Shoshoni
woman was much annoyed the other
day by mislaying her skirt. She final
ly found it in her glove.
• • • •
We shall now cry, “Ichabod! Icha
bod!” The worst has come to pass.
We shall not be at all astonished to
hear that home brew has crept into
Heaven, now. For lo! it has reached
even unto the .earthly Zion, that one
run by Wilbur Glenn Voliva. And if
hooch can get in there, why should wp
serenely suppose that it cannot pt
by the gates of the other Zion? Mr.
Voliva has shown us so often that the
Almighty cannot manage the world
without him that we fear for Eternity.
• • • •
The one thing we cannot get into
our heads is, how did the Almighty
get along as long as he did without
Mr. Voliva?
• * • ♦
We hear a great deal about the sad
lack of breeding in the United States; i
it is constantly held up to ug that we I
are an unmannerly people. For the:
edification of those who dwell upon
this depravity of Americans, we call
attention to the bandits who robbed;
the State bank at Pana, 111., and shot I
the cashier. Jack Wiliams, while do
ing the Job. They wrote to the woun
ded man, “Sorry we shot you. Jack i
hope you make a speedy recovery.’’,
What more could the most fastidious!
of us ask?
• o • •
Among the most faithful friends of j
the Enterprise, and one of the most
worthy of all men from the point of!
view of this column, is H. von U. He
is an everpresent help in time of trou-,■
ble, for he sends many hundreds of I
notes and clippings to us. These he'
takes from many sources, cuts them |
out, and sends in little |
bundles, each held together by an e-l
lastic. We are more than grateful to
him; but we cannot help feeling that
he has taken advantage of his posi- ’
tion to foist off on us a pun so awful, |
so unearthly in its wild wickedness,;
that we must express our righteous!
wrath and indignation. No sadder!
penalty can we inflict than to repeat*
the words he wrote. These are those: i
“Cody should soon be a musical cen
ter because of the many rubber
bands, etc.”
• • • •
We pause from crying "Ichabod"
some more only to ask what the ‘etc.’
stands for?
However, this good friend is not
wholly reprehensible. He sometimes
springs one on us that appeals to us,
and brings to our worn face the glad
presence of a sunny smile. He oft
times recalls to us our childhood, and
the honest tear courses unchecked
adown our swarthy cheek as we see
once more the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
of our innocence. H. von U. writes:
“The season is approaching when
the memory of the advent of ‘Uncle
Tom's Cabin’ was a feature at the
one night stands. We remember when
the bloodhounds ran away from the
show because the actors got hungry
and ate the dogs’ meat, which was
used to tempt them across the muslin
Ice. We recall the suspicious town
constable who loitered around the R.
R. station until the hotel bill was
On Saturday morning Mrs. Martha
Olson died at the Jernberg Ranch on
the South Fork at the age of 84. She
was mother to Mrs. Jernberg.
The funeral was held at the ranch
on Sunday afternoon, and interment
took place In Ishawooa cemetery.
Local News Items

F. McJunkin was a Monday visitor:
from Lakeview flat.
Andy Martin was in town on Satur-j
Russell Kimball was in Cody over
New Years Day.
Wm. Lenninger went to Greybull
on Tuesday for a business trip.
Edward H. Peirce left on Monday
for Cheyenne, where he will reside.
Miss Margaret McGinnis spent the
weekend in Bilings.
Al Beem left Cody on Monday for
a time.
Geo. Bratton went to Powell on
Bill Holbrook went to Denver on
Friday for a ten days’ visit.
Tim Ewing returned from Thermo
polis Tuesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jones returned
from Billings on Tuesday.
Major T. J. McCoy is expecting to
be in Cody soon on business.
Geo. Stoppe is in Billings this week
having some dental work done.
Mrs. Wm. O’Neil is visiting a few
days with the Chas. Stump family.
E. M. Ballinger came in from Lake
view fiat on Mondazr to attend the
meeting of the Cody Club.
George Marx, who has been in ill
health for some time will go to the
Springs at Thermopolis shortly.
Blenn Holman had a Jiard time get
ting in from the South Fcrk for sup
plies. as the snow had drifted badly.
Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Blaskie enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pool and
Mrs. F. Lens at New Years dinner.
Ernest Ebert returned to Greybull
on Monday after spending the week
end here with relatives.
Eddie Null, popular overall sales
man for Dave Jones’ store, leaves in
the morning for a stay in Mesa, Cal
The Cody Hi»:h FcLool basketbail
team are making a week end tour of
the southern Big Horn Basin towns.
Mrs. Mabel Chapman returned to
Cody from the Powell hospital on
i Monday noon.
Walter Peterman’s son, born De
' cember 24, has been named Nels
Walter. He weighs pounds.
C. C. Melton and Fred Schultz took
* New Years dinner with Dr. and Mrs.
R. C. Trueblood.
Wm. L. Pfeiffer who has been vis
iting a few days in Cody, left on Wed
nesday for Los Angeles.
Virginia S. Brady returned to Ther
mopolis on Monday, after spending
the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W.
L. Simpson.
Misses Jane Beck and Ida Ward
left on Monday for where
they will resume their work at the
Ned Frost left for Eastern points
this week where he will do consider
able soliciting in connection wifi t'ie
coming dude season.
Rev. R. R. Marquis leaves this week
for Pennsylvania where he will make
a three months’ tour in connection
with his missionary work.
Finley Goodman and his mother are
now occupying the Presbyterian
l Manse in Powell. Finley says he is
where he belongs at last.
“Bill’’ Borron is planning to go to
Kansas City and Chicago on a busi-■
. ness trip some time after the of •
i the month.
Herman Larson, formerly butter
' maker at the Cody Creamery, is now
' employed in a large creamery in Hous-i

JANUARY 14, 15, 16, 17
Final Return Limit c .ruary 25
and FURS. Get My Prices on
Phone 142 CODY, WYO.
Pool Billiards
Cards Bowling
With Blanche Gokel fixin’
up the eats
ton, Texas.
H. H. Howarton of Lakeview flat |
waw in town the early part of the week
to attend the meeting of the Cody
We hear from the Shoshone Ranch
that a foot and a half of snow and
prohibition is a depressing combina
The Lower Sage Creek Woman’s
Club will give a cooked food sale at
the Cody Trading Co., Saturday, Jan
uary 7th.
Mrs. A. Mullen announces the mar
riage of her daughter Irene Helen to
Mr. Ruben E. Larson on Wednesday.
December twenty-eighth, at Omaha,
Sam Scoville has recovered from
the puncture he received while rid
ing a bucking horse on the stage at
Greybull and will put on his act in'
th 5 theater at Powell Thursday night.
The Mountains-Plains Film Co. cf
Denver, who are expecting to make
pictures in this locality with head
quarters at the Majo ranch, write to
know how deep the snow is in these
Mr. and Mrs. Sidnev McPhail and
and Mrs. Glonn Trueblood took
New Years dinner with Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Dye at Greybull. They atten
ded the dance given there in the eve
ilng, and reported a fine time.
The candidates who were admitted
to the Elks Lodge in Greybull last
week were chained to the lamp posts
on the line of march during the par
ade, loaded in with th* ?oats, and an
chored to a large manure bpreader
which was in the procession.
There was a birthday party for Tom
McGuire given by Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Freeborg last Friday night. Those |
present were Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dut-:
ton, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hooker, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Wilder, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Wiard.
William Hawkins writes from the
penitentiary at Rawlins that he has
learned to make piano and library
I scarfs and women’s hand bags out of
San silk and will be glad to have or
: ders. He is doing this work in his
I spare time that he may not be with-
I out funds when his term is out.
About forty friends were invited by
the Misses Betty and Jane Beck to
see the New Year in on Saturday ev
ening. After an evening of dancing,
there was a grand march at midnight,
followed by an hilariouiTVelcome to
1922 as the clock struck twelve. Re
freshments were served later.
Eat More Fresh
Vegetables and Fruits
If you want to feel right for the day’s work.
You can get ’most anything you want in mid
winter at the Big Store, and the prices are on
ly a trifle higher than you pay other seasons.
California Head Lettuce, per lb 25<l Cucumbers, 2 for
Snowball Cauliflower, per lb 25/ Cranberries, per quart 35/
Round Red Radishes, per bunch 10/ Best Oranges, per dozen 60/ and 75$
Hubbard Squash, per lb 5/ Large Sunkist Lemons, per dozen 45/.
.Carrots, per lb 5/ Fresh Pineapple 45/
Genuine Pascal Celery, per bunch 15/ Extra Fancy Box Apples $3.60
Blood Red Beets, per lb 5/ Large Grape Fruit, 2 for 35/
Turnips, per lb 5/ Jumbo Bananas, per lb 17J4/
Rutabagas, per lb 5/ Dromedary Dates, per package 25/
Cabbage, per lb 7J4/ Persian Stuffed Dates, per package 50/
Parsnips, per lb 5/ California Figs, per package 20/

Some New Prices On Staple Articles
Schillings Best Cream of Tartar Baking Pow- Gallon cans Karo Blue Label Syrup, pei‘ gal. .. .75/
der, can $1.25 Gallon cans Karo Red Label Syrup, per ga1....85/
Gillette’s Best Cocoa, in sealed cans at bulk Table Beet Sugar, per cwt $7.65
prices, 2%-lb can for 50/ Gold Dust or Golden Rod Washing Powder,
Rex and Lewis Lye, 2 cans for 25/ lar ff e size - 3 P a c ka E e s for SIOO
r „, to . , or' o-. Scat Hand Soap or paste, 2 cans for 25/
Old Dutch Cleanser, 2 cans for 25/ pjne Tar Hand Soapj 3 cakes for
Crystal Sal Soda in 2}4-1b packages for soften- Palm Olive Hand Soap, 3 cakes for 25/
ing water, 2 packages for 35/ Fels Naphtha Laundry Soap, box of 10 bars... .85/
IKBP— Pres.*-Mgr..
Rev. Blaskie Discusses
Washington Conference
Rev. D. R. Blaskie addressed the
Woman’s Club on Tuesday on the sub
ject of the Washington conference on
1 i limitation of armaments.
Outlining the influence of women
■ upon men who have been great world
shapers. Mr. Blaskie went on to say
■ that he was addressing the ladies on
1 this subject because of the influence
• they covid exert todav.
• The difference between the Wilson
League and this proposed Association
1 of Nations is that the former was a
group of fifty-one powers bent an po-
1 j llcing the earth, while Mr. Harding’s
1 group is of only four, to police the
- Pacific. Again, the present League is
F supposed to be perpetual, while the
5 one under discussion at Washington
• is to endure only ten years. And any
> nation cas withdraw from it on a
s year’s notice.
But, Mr. Blaskie asked, what is to
I prevent an alliance of Germany, Rus
-1 sia and China into a counter-associa-
• tion that can oppose this one and so
• wreck all hopes of world peace or e
’• ven peace in the Pacific?
The solution to the problem lies not
3 in legislation, diplomacy, treaties. It
t depends upon a more sincere appre
-3 ciation of the Christian doctrine of
’■ life —a more honest endeavor by all
men to love their neighbor as them
r selves.
Episcopal Guild
Elect Officers
At their meeting on Wednesday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. Howe, the
ladies of Christ Church Guild elected
their officers for the year.
Mrs. W. L. Simpson was chosen
President; Mrs. H. H. Patchell, Vice
President; Mrs. F. Lens, Secretary;
Mrs. Henry Pool, Treasurer.
Advertise in the Enterprise.
Another jolt for the farmer —wheat
has slumped to 69c with the failure
of a big Chicago bank.
Know anything of Interest to your
neighbors? Phone It to No. 9.
Mrs. Brita Marta Johansson passed
away on Monday morning at 3:45, at
the Johansson Ranch on the Meeteet
se Road.
Mrs. Johansson was born in Sweden
81 years ago, and came to this coun
try in 1891. She lived eleven years
in Michigan, after which she came to
How About It?
How about that real estate you have been trying to
sell, or buy?
I can find a purchaser, or sell any kind of property you
may have to offer. I handle real estate of any kind, any
where, and can sell as easily in another section as in this.
Perhaps you have been looking for a farm, ranch, city
realty or a home. Tell me what you want and where
you want it. I will find it for you, and at a price that
will please you.
I will gladly supply detailed information to you if you
are interested in either buving or Selling.
S. C. Parks, Jr., President R. W. Allen, Cashier
Geo, Merrill, S. Conant Parks, S. W. Aldrich
D. J. Jones, M. W. Nuckols, S. C. Parks, Jr., R. W. Allen
this state. Her health had beep fail
ing all Winter, but she was quite well
until almost the last.
The funeral took place on Wednes
day at two o’clock in the afternoon,
at the residence. She-was buried in
Riverside cemetery.
Four sons, a daughter, and a dau
ghter-in-law survive her, as well as a

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