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Sage Ticks
We humbly suggest that the Society
for the Prevention of Vice take a hand
•with the New York Times. Surely
the following two items are hardly
what we expect from a sheet of so
high a standard as the Times:
BACHELOR will share apartment;
steam heat; electric lights; men only.
Chelsea 8649.
Lord Riddell, a member of the Bri
tish delegation to the disarmament
conference, has come from Washing
ton, D. C., and is at the Ritz-Carlton
for a few days, where Mrs. Elisha
Dyer is spending a few days, having
arlved from Baltimore.
• • • •
Not to be outdone by the paper from
the Big City, the Pelham Sun announ
There will be a bride at the Manor
Club on Tuesday afternoon, December
13th, at 2:30. The proceeds will be
used for the furnishing of the assem
bly room.
• • • •
When they operated on Columbus
W. Hetzel, In Fairmount, W. Va.,
they found a scissors blade in his
brain. H. von U. remarks that “he
must have been a cut-up."
• • • •
Lizette Woodworth Reese says that
the trouble with the “free verse" poets
is that they have no sense of humor.
While we are inclined to agree with
Sister Reese, we would go on to say
that there might be found other lacks
as well. Surely the lack of a sense
of humor is not all, for heaven knows
John Milton had no humor in his con
• • • •
For the benefit of those who doubt
this statement, we refer the readers
to Milton's “humorous" verses “On
the University Carrier."
There is a collector in Paris who
has a Chinese god marked: “Heathen
Idol." Next to it in a gold coin mar
ked: “Christian Idol."
••• • ■
The last thing we expected to read
about was a collision between a ship
and a trolley car. But lo! here it
appears. The little encounter took
place on a swing bridge in Dublin,
when the ship got into too great a
hurry, and poked her masts into the
trolley car.
• • • •
But then, the people of Dublin must
be used to almost anything now.
• • • •
We found an extremely pretty little
sentiment stowed away in the dreary
pages of the official paper of the W.
T. C. U. It was so sweet that we
could not refrain from clipping it and
reprinting It here with due acknow
“It is always noontide somewhere,
And across the awak’ning conti
From shore to shore, somewhere.
Our prayers are rising evermore.”
• • • •
Hard luck is a rather common pro
perty these days; but it seems that
some of us have a good deal more
than a fair share. When a man does
his level best, and is foiled by the
most trifling circumstance, so that
the whole course of his life is alte/ed,
we cannot but sympathize.
Take the case of Jim Smith, of
Charleston, West Virginia. He got
fed up with life, and decided that an
investigation of the Great Beyond
would prove more interesting than a
continued stay with us on this earth.
Jim was very determined about
the matter, and would permit hlrnself
no chance of failure. He betook
himself to the bridge over the Elk
River, to which bridge he fastened
one end of a rope. The other he put
securely about his own neck. Then
he poured gasoline over his clothes,
and set fire to himself at his feet.
Tn one hand he held a gun, while with
the other he fed himself antimony.
And then ! His foot slipped
off the rail. Over he went.Hls gun
went off, but it went over his head,
severing the rope. He dropped into
the river like a shooting star, as pic
turesquely as Lucifer falling from
Heaven. But, somewhat less pictur
esquely, he landed in the icy water,
which not only extinguished his bla
zing garments, but made him very
sick as well, from the shock. He then
got rid of all the antimony he had so
carefully swallowed, and swam ashore
a wetter and a wiser men.
• • • •
A contemporary says that the true
test of an Easterner is that he always
speaks of the Northwestern Universi
ty, and Ann Harbor. We desire to
go on record as absolutely disagree
ing with this writer. We have never
yet found a dudo who spoke of either
place Incorrectly.
We do not wish to appear as ad
vocate for the dudes, but there Is no
need to foist off on them the sins
they do not commit. Heaven knows
they do enough things without our
adding to the list from our fertile and
jovial imaginations.
* • • •
Burglars entered the home of Ellhu
Root and took several thousand dol
lars’ worth of wines. They were no
doubt employed by the reform agita
tors to get at the root of the liquor
• • • •
Ex-Kaiser’s Head Cut by Flying
Chip of Wood Headline.
See if we care!
• • • •
Milan Is to have a play in which all
the actors will impersonate monkey®
It will be a monkey-drama from be
ginning to end. “When produced,"
our Informant goes on to say, “the
play should resemble strongly one of
the fables of Aeschylus."
Aeschylus who?
• • • •
Down in New Orleans they do not
tolerate so much monkey business.
Mrs. Thomas Taylor asked her fond
hubby for money. It seems that she
asked him on the street. Now this
same fond hubby Is a member of the
New Orleans police force. He arres
ted his wife on a charge of assault
and battery, disturbing the peace, und
using obscene language.
It is just as well, no doubt, that Mrs.
Taylor merely asked for the money,
and did not demand it!
The almanac makers say the short
est days have passed. Lord, let’s
hope so.
The poor were remembered on
Christmas. We got a pair of cuff
buttons and a sack of candy.
Maybe the girls have dispensed with
most of their clothes on the theory
that love is blind, anyway.
People are getting a sneaking feel
ing that there is also a constitutional
amendment against selling tobacco,
judging from its price.
It Is said that the assets of the In
gersol Dollar watch company, bank
rupt, is two million “exclusive of good
will.” Who ever expressed any good
will for one of those dollar watches?
According to a dispatch from Lon
don, astrologlsts say that “the year
1922 is destined to shake the world to
Its foundation, both physically and po
litically. It is to be a succession of
plagues, famines, floods, shipwrecks,
rioting and revolution." Gosh, looks
like it would be nearly as bad as this
“If the Chicago, Burlington & Quin
cy railroad would heed the advice of
the state press it would lose no time
in building a connection between the
Burlington at Bonneville and the
Northwestern at Shoshoni." says the
Manufacturer. Yes. and if the rail
roads would occasionally heed the ad-1
vice of said press, they might stand |
better with their patroi. >, the public. I
Last Monday evening the Eagles
held a big meeting, with over eighty
members present. Ten were initiated
and eight new applications received.
Moving pictures are coming soon.
A. B. Cohen from Butte is expected
about the time of the big dance on
February 14.
The next meeting will be held on
January 23.
Inasmuch as the complaining wit
nesses are unwilling to appear against
him. T. G. Day will not be prosecuted
on the charges on which he is held.
Day is now out on bond to appear
this month. He will probably be al
lowed full freedom.
Don’t for j t the Eagles’
Ball, February 14. S6O in prizes.
Fine Mixed Candy 30c lb at the;
Variety Store. i
= =
= 1111111111111111111111111111111 =
| Carom Billiards -j- Pocket Billiards |
| Soft Bricks, Lunch, Cigars |
- ...
Correct weight; one Price lo All
wont 188 Native coal co.
one l. nelson, Manager
Found 100 Sapphires in Craw
of Fowls—-Has Made
Many Good Finds
John Leppart, a cook at the Jordan
Hotel in Glendive, Montana, made an
important discovery some time since
and has made considerable extra
spending money as a result of it.
Being of an inquiring turn of mind
he took to examining the contents of
the gizzards in the chickens he dres
sed and found that a Montana hen
was quite as apt to pick up a Montana
sapphire as any other pebble, so now
he never throws it away without
thoroughly washing out the stones
and separating those which appear to
have value from the others.
During the past two years he has
acquired more than 100 sapphires
from the gizzards of chickens sold
to him by farmers of Dawson county.
These stones range in size from
one quarter to one and one-half car
ats and are white, yellow and blue in
color. After the chef has the stones
cut and polished, he sells them to
his friends and acquaintances. Usu
ally he has a lai ger demand than he
can supply.
Shuler’s Market will be opened on
Thursday morning, January 12. Daily
deliveries will lo made.
Sirloins, T-Bones, Pot Roasts and
other fine meats are ottered at attrac
tive prices. The telephone number
Is 211-J.
The following account of the marri
age of Miss Irene Muller to R- E.
Larson of Omaha Is published in an
Omaha paper:
“The marriage of Miss Irene Mul
ler, daughter of Mrs. A. Mullen, to
i R. E. Larson took place on December
; 28th at the home of Mrs. Lula Hitch,
| 2944 North 58th Street.
“The bride wore a dress of accor
i dtan pleated peachbloom chantilia net
over lace and liberty silk, and carried
a show’er boquet of brides’ roses and
sweet peas.
“Her veil was held in place by a
band of pearls.
“The newly married couple left for
a short trip to St. Louis and Kansas
City. They will make their home iu
Omaha. Mr. Larson is connected
with the Western Union."
I 'W * 1
Renewed promise of the enactment
of a soldiers’ bonus bill was given by
Majority Leader Mondell to the house
in outlining the legislative program
for the present session of congress.
“I think," sida Mr. Mondell, “it is
now generally understood that we
shall proceed to the early considera
tion of, and in due time in this ses
sion enact, an adjusted compensation
act for veterans of the world war.”
Pictorial Review patterns at the
i Variety Store.
Saturday Special at the Variety
Store. Any piece of Pyrex ware at
half price with each $5 purchase of
any merchandise. Every piece guar
Don’t forget the Eagles' Masked
Ball, February 14. S6O in prizes.
Virginia S. Brady arrived in Cody
on Friday to visit her family.
Pictorial Review patterns at the
Variety Store.
Rev. and Mrs. A. M. Shepperd re
turned to Cody on Saturday. Mrs.
Shepperd had been visiting relatives
in Denver.
Pictorial Review patterns at the
Variety Store.
Ed Miller, who is with the Union
Oil company at Cottonwood Creek,
was badly burned last Monday. His
gasoline soaked clothing caught fire
when be tried to light a burner, and
Classified Ads
I— -
FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Plym
outh Rock Roosters. E. M. Nott 19t4p
FOR SALE House: five rooms,
porch, pantry garage. Occupies
several lots. Inquire Enterprise. 52 17t
BOARD —Good home cooking. Rates
reasonable. Phone 93-J. 50-14tf.
FOR RENT —Four room bouse, elec
trie lights, water. Inquire at the En
terprise office 45~6tf
FOR SALE—Purebied Duroc Jersey
boars—Weight 200 lbs. Phone BF2.
R. S. Trimbull. 18-4 t
FOR SALE—House; five rooms,
porch, pantry, garage. Occupies sev
eral lots. Inquire Enterprise. 52-22-t4
FOR SALE—S head pure bred re
gistered Hereford bulls. Prices right.
ALBERT L. MILLER, Cody. 23-3tp
FOR SALE —Ford roadster recently
overhauled; in fine shape; SIOO.OO
worth of tire equipment Has deli
very body and mountain gear. Price
$225.00. Inquire of McNeal at shoe
shop. 23-3 t-p
J LIMP Ml PRn- = =
df \ Kn| WH wflßhk 1 %
Here is the Best Motor Car
Value of the Year
Selling 1921 model Cleveland Sixes
below factory cost. Priced as fol
5 passenger touring, fabric tires, $l,lOO
5 passenger touring, cord tires. 1,175
3 passenger roadster, fabric tires, 1,175
5 passenger touring, cord tires, $1,250
All of these cars are equipped with
Bosch High Tension Magneto.
the skin was burned off his left hand '
and wrist. Dr. Trueblood dressed the
burn and now Miller is getting along
Don't forget the Eagles’ Masked
Ball, February 14. S6O in prizes.
Your news items
and faith we’ll
print ’em
Ticket Agent
1 Advertise in the Enterprise.
Yellowstone Case
MRS. A. WARD, Prop.
Now Located in the Brick
Building East of the
Court House
Arrangement can be made
for both board and room if
desired, by day, week, or
When You’re Hungry,
Think of The Yellowstone

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