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Loren Peirce went to Billings over
the weekend.
J. M. Bas ton’s father is visiting him
for a time.
C. A. Starkey was in Cody the first;
part of the week.
George Stoppe came home from
Billlings on Tuesday, smiling broadly..
Joe Darrah of Carter Mountain was
in our midst on Tuesday.
W. R. Coe returned from Europe ]
the fifth of the month.
Mrs. Ross Tates is leaving shortly
Cora three weeks’ visit in Denver.
J. H. Van Hora motored to Powell
on Tuesday.
Mrs. C. R. Cobb went to Powell' on
Monday, returning on Tuesday.
Sam Forest came tn on Monday
from a three weeks’ visit at his ranch.
Dwight Hollister and William Hogg
•went to the Triangle Bar Ranch with
June Little on Wednesday.
The Enterprise is printing some at
tractive illustrated booklets for Bub
Cox’s dude ranch.
It is reported that drilling by the
Ohio Oil Co. has Ptopped in Oregon'
Basin bebcause of legal complication.}. I
Miss Grace Lambert will leave on j
Saturday for a two weeks’ visit with!
Mrs. W. H. Mendenhall, Jr. of Billings-;
It will be impossible to begin work:
on the new water system before the
ground thaws in the spring.
Dr. Blaskie’s New Year’s sermon to
the Masons is still being- praised as
one of the finest that has been heard,
in Cody for a tong time.
Miss Imo Lose will leave her posi-,
tion with the Cody Trading Co. on >
Saturday, and leave on Wednesday I
next for Boulder, where she will re-|
sume her studies.
William Carson of Dubois, Fremont
County, has been in Cody this week.
for a visit with his boyhood friend, ■
W. L. Simpson. Mr. Carson has 1
lived in Wyoming for forty years, i
and is one of the larges stocxmea in I
this section.
Don't forget the Eagles’ Masked.
Ball, February 14. S6O in prizes.
1 —?
We’re Doing Some
House Cleaning
It’s inventory time with us.
We close our books on Febru
ary first.
There is always a lot of merchandise
that must be closed out before taking
stocks. In order to do so we’ll sell a lot
of seasonable merchandise at less than
manufacturer’s costs.
Hats, Caps, Shoes, Shirts, Mit
tens, Underwear, Mackinaws,
Over Coats, Sheep Lined Coats,
and Suits. Many of them will
go at Thirty Per Cent Off.
You’ll Save Some Money If You
Buy It 0/
The Home o* Hart Schaffner dL Marx Clothes, Stetson
II Hats, Chlcancan Shoe* and Justin Boots
"W .
\Cto!hc»/ \ Clothe, 7
Mrs. E. E. Dunn was in from the
ranch the first of the week.
Mrs. M. L. Jones was in town on .
i business last Monday
Mrs. H. T. Newall of the Palette ’
• Ranch was a Cody visitor this week.'
Jimmie Tuff has turned his horse’s
. head toward Canada.
. John. L. Fowler, who has been ill
i for several days, is out again.
i It is doubtful if the Coe horses will
, race at Havanna this season.
R. J. Allen left for Laramie on Sat
Ralph Wilts© left Cody on the morn
ing train on Saturday.
Mrs. Ell Jernburg was shopping in
town on Saturday.
Miss Margarette McGinnis was in
Billings over the week end.
Arthur K. Lee was elected chair
man of the State Central Committee
in Thermopolis last Wednesday.
Barry Williams has gone East to
spend a few weeks with his sister In
New York City.
Bill Holbrook returned to Cody on
| Monday after a ten days’ visit to Den
; ver and Cheyenne.
Manager Titus of the Mountain
States T. & T. Co. was In Cody the
' early part of the week.
Aara Knisely came in on Tuesday
from his ranch to transact busine&s
in Cody.
Miss Julia Hart who was so much
liked by Cody folk when she had
charge of the Western Union office
I here is at "it. Collins, Colorado where
, she writes that she is well and happy.
, Mr. and Mrs. Philbin Orr, of San
; Acaclo, Colorado, announce the birth
! on December 14 of a daughter, Shir
ley. The baby weighed 8% pounds.
Mrs. Orr was formerly Miss Florence
i January 5: Alfred O. Lyle, Bruce
MacPherson, Billings; Frank Ha-
I worth, Denver; J. B. Swank, Thermo
| polls; E. F. Howell, St. Louis;J. J.
January 6: C. S. Sollais; B. A. Reef.
January 7: H. E. Welch, Omaha;
Mrs. M. G. Jones; H. F. Jahnel, Ri
verton; F. B. Christian, T.
M. Tefft, Omaha; John B. Farrell. Bil
lings; Mrs. Muriel Keleher, Lovell;
Carl Downing, Valley; Dew Johnaton,
South Fork.
January 8: Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Roberts, Loyell.
January 9: O. L. Hood. Kansas Ci- 1
ty; Mcßride, Casper; G. L. Barker, J.
N. Cooley, Thos. H. Hughes, H. J.
Jacks, Billings; A. H. Carson, Lan
der; O. W. Jackson, Duluth; Harry
J. Wilson. Bsin; W. H. Rockfellow,
Portland; C. A. Larson, Omaha.
January 10: C. S. Titus, Cheyenne;
H. A. Fox, R. H. Ahrens, Basin; Wm.
Downs, F. L. Steele, Ger. Stoppe, Dale
Petit. Billings; J. A. McLanahan,
S. J. Hodges, Butte; Rlt S. Brammer,
H. W. Dahrling, J. Ehrincroft, Den
ver; Chas. J. Belden, Henry Sayles,
January 5: W. J. Howell, Holm
Lodge; W. W. Lund, Denver; Miss
Howell, Sterling, Colo.; W. J. Mc-
Nulty, Casper; Wm. J. Painter, Pain
January 6: Charles Green, Lovell;
J. M. Hervey, BKUngs; Dorothy Ma
thews, Powell.
January 7: Mr. and Mrs. H. G. New
ell, Meeteetse; C. A. Starky, Boston;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benedict, Grey
bull; A. J. Baumgartner, .Denver; Mrs.
D. Egan.
January 9: Mabel Biggs; Charles
Green, Lovell.
January 10: A. F. AHen, Denver;
J. Young. Powell; O. L. Keil, W. H
Mendenhall. Jr., Billings; A. J. Joyce,
Riverton; Arthur Krueger.
- •
We wish to thank our many friends
for their kindness shown in our re
cent bereavement. Especially we
thank those who sent flowers in such
profusion, and those who sang at the
Isaac Johansson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Johannson, Leonard Johansson, Kon
rad Johansson.
Mrs. Emma Green wishes to thank
the people who contributed so gen
erously to a friend for her relief af
ter the recent fire.
Messrs. Fred Houston and Joe Hill
were instrumental in raising nearly
S3OO for her benefit.
Mrs. Evelyn Ward gave Mrs. Green
and her children a home until ano
ther is provided.
Don’t forget the Eagles* Idasked
Ball, February 14. S6O in prizes.
The* regular annual meeting of the
Stockholders of the Cody Canal Asso
ciation will be held at the office of!
the Company in the basement of the I
First National Bank Building at 2:30]
in the afternoon, Tuesday, January i
31, 1922.
23-3 t F. F. McGEE, Clerk.
When you are entereu.ining a friend
at tea, come to the Cody Drug Cbm-'
pany’s tea room, where you will find
excellent dainties, pleasing service., |
and agreeable suroundings.
You Get
THE BENEFIT of any declines in the mark
ets right when the decline comes-not after we
have sold out what goods are on hand and can
buy some more at a lower price ao ao ao
THE BIG STORE operates on the principle that goods are worth
no more than their replacement value, regardless of what they cost. Any
market declines are our loss and your gain. That’s why you get the market
declines at once at the BIG STORE.
The California Packing Association has just shipped us a car load of
Del Monte and Mission Brand canned fruits and vegetables and you will find
the prices on this fine line of canned goods in line with pre-war days, besides
you are assured of the fresh stock.
Quart cans Del Monte Sliced Peaches 35r 3 cans for SI.OO
Quart cans Del Monte Apricots .350 3 cans for SI.OO
Quart cans Del Monte Green Guage Plums 350 3 cans for SI.OO
Quart cans Del Monte Golden Egg Plums 350 3 cans for SI.OO
No. 2 cans Del Monte Blackberries 35c 3 cans for SI.OO
No. 2 cans Del Monte Loganberries 350 3 cans for SI.OO
No. 2 cans Del Monte Red Rasberries 35e 3 cans for SI.OO
Quart cans Del Monte Bartlett Pears 450 3 cans for $1.15
Quart cans Del Monte Royal Ann Cherries 450 3 cans tor $1.15
No. 2. cans Del Monte Strawberries 350
Quart cans Mission Brand Fruits 36r
SUGAR, fine table Beet p er C wt. $7.40
Gillette’s Fine Cocoa, in 2%-Ib sealed cans per can .50
Crepe Toilet Paper 3 large ro n s
Sani Flush, the only cleanser for toilets, per can .25
Calumet Cream Phosphate Baking Powder 2J4-Ib can .70
Schillings Pure Cream of Tartar Baking Powder, 2J4-Ib cans 1.25
Hand Picked Navy Beans 3 lbs for 250 14 lbs for 1.00
Lima Beans, ..... 2 lbs for 250 10 lbs for 1.15
M & G Potato Chips, fresh and crisp, 2 pkgs for .35
Large Florida Grape* Fruit, 2 for 350 12 for 1.75
Large Sunkist Lemons dozen 45
Blue Goose Oranges, in a class by themselves per dozen, 600 and .75
Jumbo California Celery, bunch
Foley & Argo Corn Starch 2 pkgs for 25
Argo Gloss Starch 2 pkgs for .25
Large s.ze Horlick’s Malted Milk j ar 3.50
Here’s a Real Bargain in Men’s Hats
The Apple Hat Company, one of the largest and best hat makers, was
forced to go out of business and closed out their entire stock at dis
count. We received an allotment of the staple cowboy shape, the Columbia,
at this reduced price. These hats formerly sold at $7.50 and we are passing
them out at $4.00. See them in our window.
Hand Bags at Right Prices
Our traveling bags have been marked down one-half. If you have
been waiting for lower prices come in now; we will show you what low
prices are. We are selling them below replacement cost!
A New Year’s Resolution We Intend to Keep
RESOLVED that during the year 1922 we
will use Cody Creamery Butter, Park County
eggs and fresh vegetables when obtainable
Park County Coal, Cody Flour, Park County
Printing, so we will have more local prosperity
and wherewithal at home ao ao ao
Ctaw IffiKSTCa,
■ -■ ... . Il ' -
. '' J’’.. '
Don’t forget the Eagles' Masked
1 Ball, February 14. *6O In prizes.
The Cody Drug Company is the
' best place in town to get afternoon
tea, sandwiches and waters. ~
i The eye, ear, nose and throat spe
' clalist. G. S. Barger. M. ij„ of Casper,
I will be at Hotel Chamberlin January
I 21 and 22.
All kinds of hauling—wood for sale
In log or sawed—delivered. Phone
j 121-W. James Armstrong. 236tp
Pool Billiards
Cards Bowling
With Blanche Gokel fixin’
up the eats

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