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New Way to Teach Every Day Mathematics
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V. r •■ ifasy—> . ~ -t-A Z !-. ■
-rgrMf iggji' J g
• '.'—< HL..
Whnt is mild to be n new method ot Instructing children in mathematics has been Introduced at the Armstrong
school In Chicago. At this school they have a grocery store whee the .•’blldren are taught not only to buy and sell, but
how to figure the cost of their sales and purchases. »•*'*-' '-■/ 1
Whale Tows uHI
Men Out to Sea
They Harpoon the Monster But
He Refuses to Play the Game
as They Figured.
Valiant Southampton Veterans Have
Exciting Time When They Go to
Assistance of Brothers Who
Had Caught Whale.
Southampton.—For the second time
in two weeks fishermen took to their
buaXs and went out after a whale.
They had him hooked, too, and if
the durn thing hadn’t up with Its tail
nnd knocked (3up’n Silas Edwards out
«*f the boat Just as he was about to
Appear It, there might even now be a
dead whale on the beach.
The whale was sighted by Captain
Frank Ji. White, the sea-bitten old
mariner who tends the life saving sta
tion here. .When he first saw the
whale it was about two miles off shore
and moving- out to sea with the Cooper
brothers from Water Mill.
As a matter of fact the Cooper
brothers had caught the whale. The
only trouble was that, liaving caught
it, they didn't know what to do with
<lt was some time earlier in the day
that the i Cooper brothers had seen the
whale and started out In their little
motor boat to capture IL They had
with them a lance bomb gun, an in
strument highly recommended for
whale hunting. This gun U supposed
<u >aave wear and tear on the animal
by exploiting n charge Inside it and
thereupon rendering it more or tees
hors de combat.
Starts for Somewhere.
So the Cooper brothers went after
•the whale and had the good fortune
to die .in excellent firing position M a
moment when it saw fit to cone to
the surface to blow' the w-ater out of 1
Its nose.
“Tluir she blows I” yelled ii*e Cooper
brothers, who hud taken a correspond
ence course in whale bum lug, and
bang! off went the lance bomb gun.
The lance struck the whale squarely
b) the tonneau and the fishermen
Crow Poison Rejuvenates
Old Cog; Puppy Again
Paris. —A farmer in Noyon
•who wished ito destroy his old
dog gave it some crow poison.
The farmer waited sadly for the
death of his old companion, but
to ills surprise the dog Jumped
about and barked furiously. The
poison, for some extraordinary
reason, had completely rejuven
ated the animal, and it is now
full 1 of fun and ’Vigor.
Reticent About Discoveries Made
in Kootenay District.
Bring In Fine Specimens of Ore Show
ing Visible Coarse Gold Obtained
From Carbonate Float—May
Be Lost Vein.
Nelson, Can. —Two trappers arriv
ing from a district adjacent to Koo
tenay lake —they will not be more
specific--have brought In a fine sample
of ore showing visible coarse gold ob
tained from a carbonate float. They
state the snow fell too early for them
to locate the vein from which the float
entne, but consider it could easily be
traced, us there 1r very little overbur
den in the locality. The advent of
these trappers with a bully specimen
beyond suspicion of any "doctoring,”
has fired old-timers with enthusiasm.
Some of them predict a minor stam
pede when the snow melts.
waited expectantly for the dull ex
plosion which would indicate to theui
that their quarry was about to roll
over and ask to be taken home.
No such explosion happened. The
fishermen waited and waited. Ail in a
wink the whale started for somewhere.
And the Cooper brothers, having
lodged their harpoon securely' in the
whale, found themselves accompany
ing IL
They tried reversing the engine In
the hope that by so doing they might
convey to the whale their lack of in
terest in any extensive sea voyage.
The motion was entirely lost on their
captive, who kept right otl
The Cooper brothers tfien tried to
Increase the speed of the boat so that
they might overtake the whale and ex
plain the situation, which, in a word,
was this:
The line connecting 14* boat with
the whale was taut, and the fishermen
could not free themselves. As fast as
their boat went the Whale went faster.
There was nothing to do but admire
the scenery as it passed -them.
Captain* to the Rescue.
They had gone about a mile and a
half, and wane «1U going, when Cap
tain White saw what was up and
piped all his tmsty Whale hunters to
their jiosts. In response to the cal)
can* Captain Silas Edwards, Ed
White, Frank Burnett. William Bennet
and Erastus HoWland.
They launched a boat and headed
for the Whale .and Its regretful cap
tors. By the tinie they reached the
Woman Claims William xJf Wied
Owes Her 5,000,000 Francs.
Mrs. Roberta Menges Corwin Hill
Tearle, Formerly of Brooklyn, Asks
the State Department to Help
Her Collect—Has No I. O.U.
New York. Lending mcney to
kings—a "privilege” which doesn’t fall
to the lot of ewyone—is an experi
ence which Mrs. Roberta Menges Cor
win HtH Tearle, formerly of Brooklyn
but lately of Paris, declares is exciting
but not altogether profitable.
She arrived recently from Parte 1 bent
upon visiting tire State department to
see what the Washington officials
eoirid do to aid her In collecting tkjOOO,-
006 francs which she claims to have
advanced Prince Vdllllnm es Wied, who
occupied the throne of Albania tfor
seven months befone the outbreak of
the war forced him $o flee.
Mrs. Menges, who was known as
**tbe Pearl of Rbeepstoead Bay" before
She eloped in 1902 with Halsey
Corwin, a Brooklyn millionaire. Is
accompanied by her slater. Miss Ruth
Menges, and her -cousin. «Capt. f. R. K.
Jadwo”., upon wfkom she relies to sub-
As In the olden times, the clew to
the find Is carefully guarded, but ft
Is knowm to oe within fifty miles of
Nelson, and near the lake —which nar
rows the field of speculation, gneaMra
are busy.
Old-time prospectors believe It must
be the vein discovered by two pros
pectors many years ago round Ku>»-
kanook way, whose very names other
than sobriquets are forgotten but It
is recalled that they took $12,000 out
of their claim in two months, and "did
it In" riotously. One of them was
killed In a gamblers’ quarrel at Kus
kanook. The other stole an Indian’s
squaw in the Crow’s Nest and fell by
right of vengeance to the red man’s
rifle. Tom Proctor, after whom the
town of Proctor Is aamed, was to have
been his partner, but himself died be
fore a deal was struck. So the whole
transaction was blotted out, and even
the source of the gold faded Into the
land of legends.
Many prospectors have searched for
scene the whale had its mind on some
thing other than additional whale hun
ters, so they were able to get up close
to it. They even circled around once,
looking for a soft spot for the lance
they intended to toss into it.
Then steadying himself in the bow
of the boat, Cap’n Edwards rose to the
best of his sixty-five years of ability
and stood posed with a iong lance in
his hand ready to end everything.
Just at this moment, however, the
whale came out of its reverie and
smacked the bow of the boat a gentle
tap with its tail. Cap’u Edwards be
ing in the bow of the boat he wns
next seen struggling tn the water and
yelling for some one to take him out.
The Cooper brothers made use •of !
the momentary resjiite to loosen their
harpoon line. And the whale went on
Its way. The whalers then devoted
their attention to rescuing Cap’n Ed
wards, and io expressing in broad
terms their desire for vengeance.
English Company Declares Small De
mand Among Smokers Is Reason
for Closing Plant.
London. —Because of the small de
mand for clay pipes nowadays T.
George & Co. *ff SL Jude’s, Bristol,
who have made such pipes for de
cades. deckled : to close down. The
last batch of ctny pipes was baked In
their kiln recerffty.
Fifty years ago clay pipe making
was the staple industry In the St.
Jude’s district, but the 14 firms then
engaged In it are no mope.
Three generations of the George
family saw the kiln lighted for the
last time. Up to twenty years ago
the firm had a big South African trade,
the pipes being used ’by European
traders *to barter with natives for
their Ivory, gdld and other treasures.
stantiate her claim against Prince
Captain Jackson explained that Mrs.
Menges was tn trod need’to the king of
Albania at Monte Carle in 1913 by
King Constantine of Greece, whom she
was entertaining nt her villa there.
She had met King Constantine through
Prince de Lynan, formerly a member
of the Austrian embassy at Washing
ton, to whom She had been introduced
by her husband, Maj. Arthur Hill of
"Prince William renewed his ac
quaintance wtth Mrs. Menges at the
Hotel Continental in Paris." said Cap
tain Jnckemi. “ai-d borrowed 500,000
francs from her chen.”
"Don’t think me 100 easy," broke in
Mrs. Menges. "You see. be watched
me win 00.009 francs gambling at
Monte Carlo. And ’Hving In a big villa
there, and ail that sort of thing, and
he thought I h*d mN)lons to burn.
"He promised to pay It >ell in a
year,” Captain Jackson added. "He
also promised <o make Mrs. Menges
the unofficial ambassador of Albania
at Paris, uni siuid he would help her
enlist the aid of continental police in
finding Jewels «d»e tost Is America."
“Have you a receipt from Prince
\Willlam?” Mrs. Menges was asked.
“You can’t ask a king for an 1. O.
II..; you know that," she replied.
ttee lost vein, and the Idea is growing
in Nelson that th* two trappers huv«
found it.
Tills history ringing rs an echo of
an admost f-.«rgotteii past lias stirred
Kootenay prospectors more than any
thing which has happened In the last
two years. The report, however, is
unimpeachable, and is indorser? by
prominent members of the British Co
lumbia Prospectors* Protective asso
ciation to whom the trappers are
known and who are familiar with the
ancient tragedy.
Men Students to Raias Child.
Orono, Me.—The home economics
department of the University of Maine
has temporarily adopted Frances Paul
ine, four months old. The 16 young
men students of North hall In caring
for the Infant will use the Incest scien
tific methods. Little Frances is In
perfect health and sleeps mid takes
nourishment on a well-defined sched
Germany is rapidly recovering her
ocean-freight carrying trade.
(Copy for IbiM Department* Si-pplled b,
the American Legion News Ser ’ice.)
Dr. Albert Wehenkel Heads Detroit
Institution—All Employees Have
Been in Service.
The only hospital in the countrj
operated by ex-service men for the
benefit of ex-serv
ice men has beer
opened at Camp
Custer, Mich. It
is the new Roose
velt American Le
gion hospital con
verted from a for
me r community
house at Camp
Custer and turned
over to the Le
gion by the state
The superintend
ent is Dr. Albert
1 ■ &
M. Wehenkel, of Detroit, Mich .
Dedicated by Marshal Foch, the hos
pital opened Its doors to former service
men of Michigan suffering from tuber
culosis. Each doctor, nurse and em
ployee at the institution has been in
some branch of the govepnment serv
ice. Each patient is given a separate
room, tastefully decorated and sup
plied with running water. They are
kept at the hospital until their case
has been pronounced “arrested" and
then are placed immediately in voca
tiOnp.l training to prevent a period of
| Idleness.
Doctor Wehenkel has been tuber
culosis expert for the Detroit board
of health for seven years. He saw two
years of army medical service during
the war.
Charles Hanford, Shakespearian Ac
tor Who Served as Chief Yeoman,
Returns to Footlights.
To doff the robes of King Lear for
the blue wool of the gob vras no exer-
tion Tot Charles
B. Hanford, one of
America's foremost
Shakes poarean
actors. 'Often he
had said, in his
role as Hamlet,
"Now* might I do
it pat?’ He did
It pat: he enlisted
and became chief
yeoman in the
Hanford didn’t
ce>DH9ider this
tragic. To give up a bright stage
career for life on the ocean wave was,
as 'he put it, merely playing a role in
a digger drama than Shakespeare ever
thought of writing.
"Today he is back on the Job, and
recently staged “The Merchant of Ven
ice” for the benefit of the George Wash
ington post of the American Legion—
the first post organized.
Ex-Sarvice Men Are Warned That
-Jobs Are Scarce and Only Natives
Are Employed.
Whipple S. Hall, who traveled 10,-
000 miles to represent the department
of the Philippines at the national con
vention of the American Legion,
warns all ex-service men to keep away
from the Orient unless they have
enough money to taring them buck
beme again.
Discharged veterans of the Siberian
faont, many accompanied by Russian
wives as destitute as their husbands,
worked their way to the Islands as
merchant sailors and tare now in the
hands of the Legion and the auxiliary.
Many of them, penniless, worked their
way down through China in the belief
that the Orient blossomed with good
jobs. Virtually all manual labor and
«maM clerical work Is performed by
aa tines.
Poor Man's Pride.
So many men to whom the East
side missionary had given money had
expressed a preference for a certain
lodging house that be wondered what
instituted Its particular attraction.
“It makes us feel self-respecting,"
said the men, when questioned.
So far as the mission worker could
we, it was the typical cheap lodging
house, whose inducements to self-re
spect were not discernible to the or
dinary eye. So he interviewed the
“That’s easy,” replied the latter and
pointed to a sign above the desk:
"Gentlemen Are Requested to Leave
Their Valuables With the Clerk."—
American Legion Weekly.
Last Man Killed In War.
A sergeant of the Seventy-ninth
division who left his lines at 10:55
a. m. on November 11, 1918, and was
killed In attempting to capture a Ger
man machine gun, le cited at American
Legion headquarters as a claimant for
the honor of being the last man killed
In the war. At 11 o’clock sharp, ac
cording to the report, the doughboy
ivas picked up and carried to the
American lines.
You will never Get Stung at the
Busy J| Bee
Dulls Avdis, Propr.
Hamburgers Made Duley Famous
:TirTnnr.i„ . -jgngnii'iitlini|iHUHrinil!lllUlllllUHmUUmxliUUizUlUuxiiiuiuiu.liMiibMlilui!iuiiUUl3YiTiiiiiillllUuuuJlUuiliiiiimi»Ug
Baggage, Express
All Kinds o/ Hauling
Telephone 5, or 117 Cody, Wijo.
Holm Block Cody, Wyo.
.~~ , i .
Cody, Wyoming
Pioneer Bldg. Phone 98
If You Want to Be Shown
An Dldtimer’s Cooking is Hard to Beat
Steaks a Specialty '
DULIS AVDIS, Proprietor
Soft Drinks
If you want to have a good time
visit the Busy Pool Hall.
How about your Furnace,
Water pipes, Flu extension
Need Any Repairs?
Need Any Materials?

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