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Che Cody enterprise
Kntered as second-class matter Feb-
Imary 14, 1910, at the post-office at
Qody, Wyoming, under the Act of
March 8, 3879.
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Mx Months 1.00
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(Foreign Subscription $2.50)
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apon request.
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The Wyoming Press Association
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Almost without exception, each has
a telephone and a car of some kind.
They have rural mail service. They
are encouraged to take active part in
community affairs. Their children
have good, wholesome food, are well
clad and well cared for, generally;
their surroundings are always decent
and frequently pleasant These young
sters get as good schooling as is pos
sible to obtain here. Country pupils
from this and adjoining districts are
leading the classes in the town high
school. Teachers sny the country
pupils are the most ambitious.
It must be admitted that country
life has neither very many thrills nor
frills, but it offers Instead what Is of
more value to earnest men 2nd wo
men: wholesome living conditions, an
excellent moral environment, oppor
tunity for mental growth and spiritual
•development, and the possibilities of
real and lasting happiness. It is m
conviction that when America wearies
of jazz and reverts, as a nation, to the
ideals of her pioneer forefathers,
many will find in the simple joys of
the country an antidote to over-so
phistcation. We who are already on
the land and love it, despite all its
lacks, know the blessed peace and se
curity and happiness that nature of
fers those who have discernment
enough to "hold communion with her
visible forms.”
Local News Items
" Jfc 7-- -
B. C. Rumsey has gone east to at
tend a reunion of his class ot Yale
Mrs. Marshall is in from the ranch
for a few days for a session with the
Dave Parker was in from Clarks
Fork on Thursday busy attending to
his business.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Christman enter
tained on Saturday evening in honor
of Mrs. Frank King and Vera and
Jack Rush of Billings.
T. J. Powell, recently of Greybull,
iias joined Frank Gonion in Cody in
the latter’s machine shop west of the
Enterprise anu they will run the place
as partners hereafter.
The Yellowstone Camp Fire Girls
are having a general sale of fancy
»vork including wearing articles, also
candy, ice cream, cake,etc., at New
ton’s, Saturday, July Bth. One o’clock
until everything is sold
Mrs. D. C. Mclntyre arrived from
Spokane on Tuesday to make the
Park trip. The Mclntyres were for
mer residents who left here in 1906.
Barbara Mclntyre was one of the
popular employees in the Cody Trad
ing Co. at that time.
William Lenniger who has return
ed from Greybull states that half the
town will be over for the Stampede.
We like the Greybull folk, by the
Charlie Enochs left for the Yellow
stone Park on Thursday for the sum
mer where he will have charge of a
road crew. He will be on hand to
vote for sheriff next fall, he says.
Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Sass moved to
Powell last Friday.
Hard> Shull and his bosom friend,
Dewitt Spyer of the Richards ranch,
were in town last week.
The Powell people paid the
Rev. A. M. Shepperd the compliment
of extending an invitation to him
through Mayor Ide to make the 4th
of July address at their celebration.
Frank Bosser brought a bunch of
horses from the Dry Head epuntry on
the Crow reservation last week and
had little difficulty in disposing of
James Kelly from the Carl Thom
sen ranch came in town on Thursday
to look things over since the chonge
of administration.
Moses Bloom and L. G. Cohen have
opened an army goods store next to
the Shuler market and are now ready
for business. The institution will be
Pat O’Hara News
Ed Brown and Paul Haratack drove
to town Tuesday. Paul has not been
very well lately.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Lowe had little
Miss "Ward visiting them. They
drove to Cody Thursday.
Quite a ew from our neighborhood
and also from Paint Creek enjoyed
the dance in Sunlight last Saturday.
Mr. Pettit, who came out with the
Sunlight ranger, said our section had
the best range he had seen on his
trip. He comes here from the south
ern part of the state.
Gus Shultz and John Nielsen were
in Cody last Thursday on business
Everet Reynolds is staying at Gor
don Kneisley’s for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Young and chil-
Between Your Home and the
Sun’s Blistering Rays
As anpainCed board, exposed to the sun’s rays, checks
and crack*; rain seeps in, the wood swells and the
cracks grow bigger and deeper. In a short time the
board h worthless.
; This to why careful people paint. An infinitely thin
film of McMurtry Mixed Paint turns back the sun’s
rape and keeps the wood beneath from decaying.
Homes painted and properly protected with McMurtry
Mixed Paint retain their value years and years longer
than unpainted ones.
Pare Hnseed oil, a high percentage white lead, the cor
rect proportion of zinc oxide and Anoce/ng how »rc the
basic reasons for the goodness of McMurtry Mixed
Paint. Our 33 years of paint making experience to
your assurance that we fro* how to and DO
make foot/ paint.
S*U by Dtskn
Paint and Varnish Makers
McMurtry Mixed Paint
Cody Lumber Co.
Touring Car
Never Before I
A Value Like This
Why should you buy any car
but a Ford ? Prices lowest,
parts lowest, operating and up
keep expense lowest, yet a Ford
car will take you any place any
car will go. These are sensible,
not extravagant times, and a
Ford is the most sensible car
for anyone to own. Terms if
H. W. Thurston, Inc.
Sales and Service
dren enjoyed a couple ot day- outing
up Pat O’Hara Creek the Brst ot the
Mollie Wagerman rode to Sunlight
last week to take in the Alexander
dance. She expects to visit several
days with Cloe Reynolds and Mrs.
A. Brayton.
Get Your Polar pies at The Mint.
L. K. Johnson was in town the end
ot the week.
IWm. S. Bennett, Jr. i
Attorney at Law
! Practice in all Courts
Played Out?
You* ll welcome this
washday service
la there anything eo tiring as
tugging over wash-tubs or a
home washing machine? It’s
work that saps the strength
and makes one tired for sev
eral days after.
You’ll like the relief we can
give send us your entire
family washing.
Soft, fleecy suds of neutral
soap remove all stain and soil;
rainsoft water, many changes
of it, thoroughly rinses the
clothes; and ironers that con
serve textile life put each
seam and fold neatly into
And, all things considered,
this service costs less than do
ing the washing at home.
Phone and we will have
our representative call. Greet
your husband with a smile
next washday evening.
“A Refinite Plant”
IglfeThe Race Victory
B®The Road Victory
wra\ I U ou Ch° ose Tires
Ei 'i >»\V M SCO 'Miles at 94.48 miles an hour—a relentless grind
M over a rough-finished, sun-baked concrete and brick
pavement at record-breaking speed—that is the gruelling
wwFSA W test Oldfield Cord Tires underwent successfully at Indian
/ a P°lis Speedway May 30 th. They were on the winner's
Wm I car f° r t * le successive year and on eight of the ten
/ finishing in the money, upholding the confidence success
ful race drivers have in the trustworthiness and ability of
these tires to meet the greatest demands of speed, endur
ance and safety. Their records in every other important
race have been equally as good.
Consider this achievement along with another test of Oldfield
quality made at Wichita, Kansas, this past winter and early
34,525 miles on rutted, icy Kansas roads, running day
and night on a Studebaker stock car without a single tire
change. This test was made by a group of Wichita auto
motive dealers in a tire, oil and gasoline economy run.
Mayor Kemp of Wichita was official observer and made
affidavit to the mileage and service given by Oldfield tires.
You may never subject your tires to the gruelling experience
of Indianapolis nor the steady grind of bad winter roads, but it
is good to know you can get such safety and mileage economy
by buying Oldfield tires. Ask your nearest dealer.
I' 165% Agents Everywhere
*vv/q \ rwim Oldtield Tire. are
The buying pub- gfy / \ _ TSLZafrVB \ S di i trl b u ted
tic la the Rureat R \ through 71
barometer of the R 11 YaiffiX La branches and die
value off any artl- tt TLU AXXLL><ea\tributing ware-
,alu« ha a bean U Y3V- States. More
Juinon.trated by U\ deaUrr are con-
/A atantls becoming
165%1n bualneai UIXjJ tyT fl Frnh ft? fez* Oldfield aa.ncle.
is r on^:^ , 1 a «; WT 11 UK Ha
over the correa- 'kw-r Inyourconunuo-
ponding period of jtjr.
A—— A_——
"The Most Trustworthy Tires Built”
The Oldfield Tire Company, Akrcn, Ohio
2i Ladies Ready-to-wear Shop
Khaki Riding Habits and
Sport Clothes A Specialty
Dorisson & McNamara
The Ebert Grocery Co.
Service and Quality
We have added to our stock the
Hills Bros. Coffee
Uzar Peanut Butter in 5-lb. Tins
Foley’s Preserves, 5-lb. Tins .
Luna Soap
We will have Hood River Strawberries
every day while the season lasts
Service and Quality-
Phone No. 126

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