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The Cody enterprise and the Park County enterprise. (Cody, Wyo.) 1921-1923, July 12, 1922, Image 8

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Mr. and Mrs. Hal Evarts are mak
ing a trip to Glacier Park.
Mrs. E. E. Dnn» has returned from
a visit with friends in Wheatland.
Nearly everybody in the country
«ad their hay down when the deluge
hit us on Saturday.
Mrs. Glover Cook, William and Rob
ert Buckley of Palmyra, Mo., are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John F- Cook.
Dave Parker while operating a
plane in a carpenter shop a few days
ago planed down a few of his fingers.
Roy Mullen, the taxidermist, has de
parted and it is not anticipated that
he will return.
Bruce Nowlin, the state game war
den, was in our midst during the Wild
Wyoming seems to be quite densely
populated with “the logical man to
succeed Frank W. Mondell.”
Mrs. Arthur Holman who has been
in Billings receiving medical treat
ment returned to Cody last week.
Floyd Noble made a good ride dur
ing an impromptu Wild West at Holm
Lodge last Sunday.
Terry Barefleld drifted in the first
of the week and will be with us for a
few days.
Judge Richard of Wapiti adorned
our streets with his pleasing person
ality on Tuesday.
Want ad in the Denver Post reads: 1
“Wanted, man to sit up and operate'
saw-mill.” Well, that’s better than
having a lying man run the works.
The Pitchfork is shipping twenty 1
cars of cattle on Wednesday. It ex
pects to ship 10.000 head between
now and fall.
Russel] Crane was about the only
one in this locality whose hay was
not down during the rain. Russell
thinks there’s nothing to this early
worm business, anyhow.
Mike Dayer, the energetic treasurer
of the Stampede, wore all the skin
from his finger tips counting money
during the show. He is now forced
to wear gloves to protect his hands.
“Tex” Kennedy, entirely surround-,
ed by dudines, was in town on Tues
day. He has just returned from a
Park trip and the smiling faces of his
party was pretty good evndence that
they enjoyed themselves.
The Gebo band returned on Tues- 1
day from their trip through the Park. |
They tried to give a couple of band , (
cor :erts but found they were unable
to get up steam in the high tltitude
and had to quit. ‘
A ball game will be played here 1
Sunday between the Garland and
■Cody teams. Our boys now have a 1
percentage of .500, having won one
and lost one. and expect to make it (
.667 Sunday. Better see it. (
Mrs. Ella Thompson and Ted were
among the spectators at the Stam- '
pede. Their appearance was a re
minder of “Gus” than whom no one ,
Us more greatly missed at such times. ,
“Good, old Gus” was a Wild West
Tyler Bronson, who has been recu
perating from the Stampede at the '
Barry Williams ranch on South Fork, 1
came in Monday to have what in Bib- 1
lical language is called a mote remov
ed from his eye. He is expected to
recover. j
within himself. t
Miss Margaret Dodge who is doing 1
publicity work for Governor Carey i
during his campaign was registered.’
at the Burlington Inn on Monday.')
Miss Dodge is sanguine of the Gov- /
ernor’s re-election because she says
one good term deserves another.
Mrs. Dean Hayes of Red Lodge and I
her daughter, Blendlne Hayes Bis
sell of New York City are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Simpson. Mrs. j
Bissell who has studied music and
dramatic art abroad is a very talented
young woman.
Mr. and Mrs. Ott Cassady stopped
with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hindman over
the Stampede. Mr. Cassady has re
signed as foreman of the Pitchfork
and Mr. Dan Wilson of Meeteetse- is
now occupying that position. Mr. Cas
sady has the reputation of being one
of the best cowmen in the country. I
Charles J. Lowe, manager of the!
telephone office at Cody, has an inter-'
esting and well-written story on this
locality in the Monitor, a magazine
published by the Mountain States.
Telephone Company. The article is
beautifully illustrated with pictures ;
of the canyon and one of the late Col. ■
Charles Hensley of Burlington, one i
of the Old Guard who always attends I
Cody functions when it is possible to i
do so, was on hand this year as usual
and pronounced, the Stampede the
best yet. Mr. Hensley who is now
the cashier of the State Bank at Bur
lington was cashier at the time the
First National of Cody was held up
and the president, Mr. Middaugh, shot.
Harry Mallon is in town this week
for the Chautauqua.
Chester Freeman is again wearing
his gray plaM shirt.
There are now fifty guests at the
Valley Ranch.
The Frank Jones family spent Sun
day picnicking on the North Fork.
O. D. Marx made a trip to Billings
last week, returning home Monday by
Hardy Shull of North Fork paid
us one of his frequent visits last Sat
Judge Ben Simpers of the North
Fork while in town on business drop
ped in to buy 12.00 worth of Enter
James Fry, a brother of Joshua
Fry, arrived in Cody Friday from
Council Bluffs, lowa, He has visited
here last summer and is much im
pressed with Cody.
Russell Crane has been afoot most
of the weelu He washed his bright
new car on Sunday and has been wait
ing since for the roads to dry.
Miss Hannah Kirby of Wood River,
who has been visiting Mrs. Orilla
Downihg. returned home the first of
the week.
George Coleman is staying at the
Elias Martin ranch while bis shoulder
which was broken at the Stampede
grows together.
Hank Fulton says the rainy weath
er of the past week reminds him of
California. He prefers Wyoming sun
A motor party consisting of Jack
Sheldon, Earl Hayner, Mrs. P. A.
Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Sturm spent Sunday at Holm Lodge.
Among the visitors from a distance
who came especially to see th© Stam
pede were Mr. J. P. Forbes of Cosh
octon, Ohio, and his brother. They
declared it was worth the journey.
The flood waters of the South Fork
subsided sufficiently to permit June
Little to get home last Saturday. June
had been greatly worried by reason
of his long-enforced absence from the
It is reported that the latest cen
sus of bootleggers hereabouts shows
a wonderful increase and growth in
this important industry. With this
I also comes the cheering news that the
price of good whiskey is going down.
Earl Hayner, still stiff and sore j
from his fall from the wild steer, left
for Kalispell, Montana, on Monday.
He will act as clown at the round-up
which is to take place there in a few
Alby Russell deserves commenda- [
tion for the good work that he and his :
bay horse did during the Stampede, |
especially when Alby grabbed one of
the riders from a halterless horse,
thus preventing an impending acci
H. P. Moreland of Lewiston, Mon- j
tana, who acted as one of the judges
during the Stampede, wept home de- |
daring that he liked Cody so mueb
because of its old-time atmosphere
and spirit that he had about made up
his mind to bring his family and lo- |
cate here.
Four Walls
and a Roof—
does not make a HOME. The
three essentials in HOME mak
ing are:
• Good Plumbing—
A Good Bathroom—
A Good Heating Plant.
MENZIES Phones 201, 201-2, 207 BRENNEN
Sanitary Plumbing—Reliable Heating—Guaranteed Workmanship
Agents for the Famous
The Best and Cheapest Furnace on the Market
Miss Leila Floyd, an artist from
Loganville, Ga., is making an extend
ed visit at the home of Mrs. S. I. Cav
“Slim” Eaton, the official announc
er for the Stampede, made a decided
hit. With a large megaphone and a
larger voice he kept the spectators
intelligently informed as to th vari
ous events. He could announce “John
Doe on Jumpin’ Jesus” and never
crack a smile while the stands howl
ed with delight.
I hereby announce to the voters of
Park Count that I am a candidate for
the nomination on the Democratic
ticket for the office of County Clerk,
subject to their decision as expressed
at the Primary Election, to be held
August 22nd, 1922.
I appreciate your past support and
if elected, will endeavor to conduct
the office to the best interests of the
[Classified Adsj
WANTED—Position on ranch, by
man and wife. Inquire Enterprise.
WANTED —An alert business- getter.
10,000 mile guaranteed rtew cord tires
at prices below all competition. Ex
clusive local territory. SIOO and com
mission. Smith System Cord Tire
Co., 1108 S. Mich. Chicago.
! Dr. G. S. Barger, the eye, ear, nose
and throat specialist, from Casper,
will be at the Hotel Chamberlin July
24th. 49-2
FOR SALE—4B4-acre ranch 20 miles
west of Cody, Wyoming; part in cul
tivation, good water right, good out
side range. Mrs. Pearl Weston, Mor
! ris Ranch, Wyo. 49-2
j FOR RENT —3 rooms, furnished. C.
I E. Workman. 49tf
FOR SALE OR TRADE —Seven-pass-
enger Studebaker, cheap. Will con
sider horse or Ford. See N. W. Frost.
FOR SALE—Delco lighting plant. H.
W. Myers, Powell. 47tf
FOR SALE —New hay, Jesse Horner,
phone 4F22. 47tf
! FOR RENT —Three-room house, mod
' ern, furnished. Call Ross Inn. 48-2
STRAYED —From Pearson Bros, up
per ranch, two bay work horses, wt.
1800; one sorrel work mare, wt. 1650,
branded 7X left thigh. All wore hal
ter when last seen. sls reward to re
turn to Kid Numat or see’L. W. Pear
son. 48 2
FOR SALE—Fat hens and fries.
Phone 5J4. 47tf
WANT TO BUY—2 thorobred Guern
sey or Jersey cows. H. A.
Cody. 19-42tf
in Cody is now open for business.
Soda water of all kinds and DeMaris
spring water. Phone 46 W. 24-46tf
WANTED —Cook in private family on
ranch. Inquire Enterprise. 44
WANTED —A woman who has a con
siderable tract of land in the oil zone
in the Greybull country would like to
correspond with an experienced busl
iness man with a view to making an
arrangment for handling same. Re
ferences required. Address Enter
prise. 40tf.
U. S. Land Office at Lander, Wy
oming. June 26th, 1922.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Dora
A. Ewing, of Cody, Wyoming, who, on
March 10th, 1922, made additional
homestead entry, No. 011372, for Lots
4-5, Section 24, Township 54 North,
Range 103 West, 6th Principal Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention to
make three year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore George S. Russell, Clerk of Court,
at Cody, Wyoming!, on the 11th day
of August, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Fred Houston, Harry Wiard, Ed.
Moore, J. O. Brown, all of Cody, Wy
Jul 5-Aug. 2, ’22
___________________________ “
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you get from your clothes rests
first and last on quality. Unless
you get it the price you pay means
nothing. You’ll get the kind of
quality in Knppenheimer Good
Clothes that insures fine style,
lasting good appearance and long
• service.
$35, S4O, SSO
More new models just arrived; worth seeing
CwrlMftw Ca
The House of Kuppenheimer Good Clothes
U. S. band Office at Lander, Wy
oming. June 14th, 1922.
NOTICE is hereby given that John
C. Prante, of Cody, Wyoming, who, on
May 31st, 1917, made homestead entry
No. 09110, for SW>4 NEt4, SEU
NW!4, Lot 5, Section 19, Township
54 North. Range 102 West, 6th Princi
pal Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make three year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above de
scribed, before George S. Russell,
Clerk of Court, at Cody, Wyoming, on
the Sth day of August 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
James W. Corder, Andy Marler,
I Charles Arnold, Hardee Bain, all of
Cody. Wyoming.
Jun 28-Jul 26, '22
771 ej are
GOOD! 10<

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