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CM Cody enterprise
Stotered as second-class matter Feb
tßKry 14, 1910, at the post-office at
Cody, Wyoming, under the Act of
starch 8, 1879.
One Year 12.00
*x Months 100
OkUfle Copy 05
(Foreign Subscription $2.50)
Jkdvertising Rates promptly furnished
Bpon request.
Member of
The Wyoming Press Association
The Big Horn Basin Press Club
The National Editorial Association
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deputy Cullen wen through “Slick”
Billings’ pockets, and took off his
shoes to be sure that there was not
a .45 Colts concealed in the toes of
It would be possible to go on ad
nauseum Pn this fashion, for Davis
and his deputy have left little undone
to disgust the sane and normal peo
ple of this community. They have
usurped the functions of the town
constable, patrolling alleys, hiding In
coal houses, peeking in the hotel win
dows, while out on the range, sheep,
horse and cattle thieves have been
driving stock into Montana.
No man holding office in Park coun
ty has ever aroused such a feeling of
antagonism toward the law and gov
ernment as this sheriff who now asks
to be re-elected, and is endorsed by
the mouth-piece of the fanatics —the
Northern Wyoming Herald.
Probably Largest Human Consumer of
Food In the World Threatens to
Afflict Russia.
Highly Interesting is the coincidence
that the largest human consumer of
food In the world should be a Russian,
and, though at present outside that
distressed country, he is announced as
anxious to return to It In order to go
to work on his father’s farm. Nature
has a queer habit of displaying ex
tremes simultaneously as if to Jest
with the observer.
The giant, Kazanloff by name, Is
described in the Journal of the Amer
ican Medical Association as being nine
feet three Inches tail and weighing
485 pounds, his proportions being sym
metrical. Four meals a day are need
ed to stoke this physical engine, hun
ger being his governing emotion. In
24 hours he will consume from four to
five pints of milk, from fifteen to twen
ty eggs, four pounds of meat, five jr
six loaves of bread and large quanti
ties of potatoes, beans and other vege
tables, washing down this Gargantuan
repast with from four to six pints of
wine and eight to twelve pints of beer.
Tired of the monotonous life of a
circus freak, this man mountain longs
for his native Siberia, where his fa
ther is a farmer in moderate circum
stances, and soon will leave Hungary
for his home. The hope is piously ex
pressed that famine conditions are not
prevalent at his destination, for the
reason that, as he needs the quantity
of food that will feed four average
healthy men, he will be four times as
hungry ns ills neighbors and therefore
will become a menace to himself and
the community. Cincinnati En
quirer. *
Pennsylvania Woman Has Put For
ward Ingenious Device Which She
Calls Grasshopper Feet.
Adult human beings are rarely seen
to skip and hop. It is, however, a
form of exercise in which children
are wont much to indulge, to the
great benefit of their physical devel
opment. Encouragement of this form
of exercise is offered by the novel in
vention of a woman. May C. South
gate of New York. It is a pair of
mechanical grasshoppers, of giant
size, put on like a pair of shoes and
fastened by straps and buckles to the
child’s feet. They have legs of spring
steel, terminating in rings which hold
rubber feet. A child equipped with
these grasshoppers can hop, skip or
jump much more actively, and can get
over ground quicker, while the rub
ber feet lessen the shock of alight
ing and give a delightful sense of
lightness.—Philadelphia Ledger.
Gold Film Is Transparent.
Gold 1-2,798,000 of an inch thick, or
10,584 times thinner than the ordi
nary sheet of printing paper has re
cently been produced. One grain of
the precious metal of this thickness
covers nearly four square feet of area
and is perfectly transparent.
The process of obtaining the thin
nest film is to cut a sheet of copper
to a determined size and place It in
an electric bath, where sufficient gold
is deposited on one surface of the
plate, to produce the finest gold color
discernible. To separate the film of
gold from the copper, the gold-plated
copper strip Is Immersed In a weak
solution of nitric acid for several
days. The copper Is entirely dissolved,
leaving the film of gold floating on
the surface of the liquid. The film Is
then collected on a glass plate.—Popu
lar Science Monthly.
Gene Beyond Repair.
I was returning on the electric train
late one day from a long hike with my
geology class. We were tired, and
In getting our seats I pushed with my
foot the back of the seat in front so
that we could face each other.
I heard a crash, and with dismay
saw I had knocked to the floor a bag
which was on the seat. The owner
promptly appeared on the scene with
what seemed to me undue anxiety. I
apologized for my act, adding that no
barm seemed to have been done to his
His perturbation was explained
when he announced in a loud voice,
“Young man, there are eggs In that
bag I” —Exchange.
King Admires Shakespeare.
The king of Siam is one of the out
spoken admirers of Shakespeare. This
was learned through the recent anni
versary celebrations at Stratford, when
a letter was received by the chair
man of the trustees of Shakespeare's
birthplace, written by the king’s
secretary, who says that the king is
translating Shakespeare’s works into
Siamese. The secretary sent on be
half of the king a check for SSOO as a
personal contribution to the Shake
speare Birthplace Trust and $250 for
the memorial theater fund. He says
that his majesty is an ardent admirer
of the British national poet and is do
ing his utmost to induce the Siamese
to study him.
Harmony of Colors.
It is a well-known fact that a pleas
ing harmony of colors attracts the
eye much as musical harmony pleases
the ear. In order to test the har
mony of color combinations, a ma
chine has been devised, described and
illustrated in the Popular Mechanics
Magazine, with which a colored disk
is revolved rapidly so as to cause the
colors to merge, and this visual mix
ing of the colors gives the same result
to the eye as would the actual mixing
of the colored inks themselves.
in Canada.
It is estimated that American In
vestments in Canada for 1920 amount
ed to $325,000,000 —more than half of
the prewar Canadian investment.
Some of the Items of Investment dur
ing the period under review are:
Bonds purchased, $237,000,000; indus
trial Investment, $50,000,000; western
lands purchased, $7,000,000. It is also
estimated that $30,000,000 of the $50,-
000,000 Invested in industries went
Into the pulp and paper business.
Immediate Results.
“Did you give your wife that lec- ,
ture on economy you said you were .
going to?’’
“Yes, I did.”
“Have any effect Y'
“Y-e-s; I’m going to make my last
summer’s suit do for this summer.”—
Stray Stories.
Mount Everest.
According to the latest determina
tion of the Indian survey, the height
of Mount Everest is 29,141 feet. It
is the highest ascertained point on
the surface of the globe. The great
est Himalayas present such difficul
ties that climbers have been com-
I pelted to refrain from attempting to
reach their greatest heights, as well
as from the fact that the effects of
altitudes are not yet fully understood.
The greatest mountain heights yet
reached are 24,000 feat, by the duke
of the Abruzzi during his expedition
to the western Himalayas, and 24,000
feet by Norwegians on Kabru, one of
j the mountains near Darjeeling.
Kidding the Doctor.
The doctor was ready to leave, and .
was congratulating the father on the
j advent of the new baby, when a burly
| billygoat went tearing by in hot pur
suit of a dog.
The father blurted out in very un
dignified English : "Drat that goat!
I I shall have to sell him. Doctor,
I would you like to buy him for your
“I don’t Know," said the doctor.
“What do you want for him?”
"Well, how much Is your bill?”
“Fifty dollars.’’
“Then you ought to give me sixty
for the goat. A full-grown goat ought
| to be worth more than a kid.”
She Answered Her.
An austere woman was lecturing a
body of high school girls in a Hoosier
town recently on the uselessness and
and wickedness of the flapper. After
she had said that they were not fit to
become the,mothers of the next gen
eration. she looked at a bobbed-haired
little girl who had rouged and pow
dered her face rather heavily and de
manded, “Young lady, what do you
know about babies?”
For a minute the little flapper
looked startled. Then she blushed a
fiery red, “Well, lady," she stam
mered, “I’ve stopped believing in the
stork.”— Indianapolis News.
Mrs. Ott Casady has purchased the Millinery stock
and equipment from Mrs. A. Mullen and will conduct the
business hereafter under the name of
The Vogue Shop
Your continued patronage is respectfully solicited and
courteous treatment will be given all customers. Hem
stitching done in connection.
Effective Moth Protection.
Cheats made of red cedar are ample
protection against tbe operations of
the moth. The government says so In a
report which comes from the agricul
tural department. These chests must
ue secure and tight in every respect.
Since it Is the odor of the red cedar
which kills the young moths, rare must
be taken to prevent the escape of the
odor. This is accomplished by seeing
tuat the joints are all tight, and when
there is occasion to open the chest the
interior must not be exposed any
longer than is absolutely necessary.
Part of Time’s Heritage.
Somehow Shelley's line In "Adonals”
about one whose name was writ in
water comes io tuind while reading the
announcement that a fossil brown
stone slab bearing the imprint of rain
drops has been presented to the geolog
ical museum of Trinity college. This
was a rainstorm that occurred thou
sands and thousands of years ago, and
yet the murks of it are still to be seen.
Like the luscious, ever-vital personal
ity of John Keats, these raindrops
have become part of the heritage of
Time. —Christian Science Monitor.
Ta those who intend to join the Eagle
The $5 initiation fee expires soon.
You better hurry, and put in your ap
Honorable Judge Thomas Edward
O’Donnell wPI be here September 16.
Come join the big class.
E. A. IRWIN, W. P.
Eyev-y week -
will be specialty
dt-£kVMH “For I’his
pAper bj Finch.
oP the Denvei- Post
4tr»et-ic«<s iwemort
cartoonist. Thej
start Hext week.
| KbadThem All
A farmer showed a city man over
his farm. The farmer was proud of
his home, his barns, his lighting and
water supply systems, and his many
comfortable conveniences.
The fat hogs, the fine cattle, the
big horses. He was proud of these
too. For they were a little fatter,
and a little finer, and a little bigger
than any others in the neighborhood.
He was extra proud of his cows
and their large milk production.
"But,” said the farmer, pointing to a
part of his water supply system, ‘that
pump there is the best cow on the
And right away the city man tat
tled that the farmer was watering his
I milk. Was the city man right? Yes,
he was right, and also wrong.
What the farmer meant, and what
i the city man failed to understand,
, was this: The water supply system
furnished plenty of running water;
and by having all the water they
wanted to drink when and where they
wanted to drink it, the cows produced
more milk.
You see the farmer did water hia
milk; but he watered it through the
cows, just as he watered his pork
through the hogs and his beef through
the cattle
you I htu
udh’.st H<loi*Hfion i<»r you—l couhi
rly have devoured you! Now 1 re
,ref that i didn't do It.”—Le Regiment.
To Tell Time Elsewhere,
For the convenience to know the
time in other leading cities of the
world as compared with New York
time, a new desk clock has been placed
on the market. This comprises an
attractive brass front in the center of
which is a small clock, says the New
York Times. Surrounding the clock
Is a dial. This is marked with lines
on which are placed the names of the
various important cities. By turning
the dial to the current time in New
York the hour at San Francisco, Lon
don, Paris, Petrograd, Rio de Janeiro,
Tokyo and other cities may be ascer
tained. The dial is marked with a
dark portion, ' representing the night
hours, and the entire face Is easily
Increasing World's Food Supply.
Col. R. J. Stordy, who was chief
veterinary surgeon of the British
armies during the war, has taken to
the pastoral life now—but on a very
large scale. He is raising sheep and
cattle on the high pampas of south
ern Peru, under the aegis of the
Peruvian government and the Peruvi
an corporation. His experimental and
survey work he finds absorbing, and
he expresses the opinion that some day
this region will become one of the
richest grazing territories in the world
through expert breeding of the coun
try's valuable native wool-bearing ani
mals, the vicuna and guanaco.
Wm. S. Bennett, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Practice in all Courts

Under New Management
Flrat Clast Dining Room
Sample Rooms
Pool and Billiard Hall In Con
J. F. FILES, Manager
Get Ybur Share
*of Extra Mileage
X 'TT is all true—every word of the news that's
/ E ° ing around about Firestone mileage rec-
1 ords and the phenomenal sales that have
W resulted.
a Chances are you really haven’t heard the
full story of the wonderful success of Fire-
W Stone Cords. We’d like you to call and get
F JSJ the actual facts. That is one sure way to
5) :; • WsteaS- ' make your next tire purchase a logical busi-
1 W ness buy. Well explain the blending and
tempering of rubber—double gum-dipping—
: ' ' and the air -bag cure special Firestone
< JT X W processes.
™ The unusual mileage being made everywhere will
~ W «tir y° ur ambition to reduce the operating costs of your
own car.
S’ A call on U 8 entailß no obligation. Get the records
gk ~ VI —divide the distances these Cords are covering by
Firestone prices. Then you’ll be convinced that Moat
. BBSMfIMHHBRHKSSBDi&ttfIHEiIfIHMHMHHH! Miles per Dollar means what it says.
Drop in—Any Time
\ fabric cord
* XVMVFOL IVIIIC7D Wl|3 Oldfield "999” . . 87.99 30x3* Regular Sire . *lX4s
30x3h Oldfield "999” . . 8.99 30m3X Extra Si«e . . 14 65
per Dollar . . • • • - - . . ».»
30x3H •••••••• 10.63 33x5 , •■*«... . 46 95
No Tax
Sold by
Cheapest insurance on earth. Pro
tect your family by joining the F. O.
E. now. Initiation 15.00; will soon be
$25. See Erickson. ,
U. S. Land Office at Lander, Wy
oming. August 8, 1922.
NOTICE is hereby given that Jeffry
E. Forest, of Cody. Wyoming, who,
on August 14, 1919, made homestead
entry. No. 08601, for SEU SWI4 Sec.
18; EH. EH WH, Sec. 19; NH NEU,
NEU NWU, Section 30, Township 53
N., Range 99 W., 6th P. Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make three
year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before George
S. Russell, Clerk of the District Court,
at Cody, Wyoming, on the 23rd day
of September, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Thomas Fitzgerald, Crls Nielson,
Patrick E, Markham, Ernest Edwards,
all of Cody, Wyoming.
Aug. 16-Sep. 13, '22.
is as much a function of the
modern school for boys and
girls as is
An outstanding feature of
the “Poly” Is that it equips
students not only for service
but for citizenship. It offers
the Right Environment at tho
Critical Period of adoles
cence. Thoughtful FATH
| ERS and MOTHERS must re
alize how much this means
during these days of social
and moral upheaval. Fall
term opens Sept. 25.
for full information regard
ing courses of study, disci
pline, recreations, rates', etc.
I Address
Polytechnic P. O, BILLINGS, MONT.
Cogswell & Moore
Call Us When Your Water Pipes Are
Clogged Up
Phone 104 J
» ii, -*u»<i .loliiH ' it ts|i ( |
s <*uni|M*Nitl<>n. ”If *wHteiu<Hks i|
e word or do you xpell It wtth a
•lydrenf T” —Bouton Transcript
Machinists, boilermakers, and
blasksmiths, 70 per hour;
A few helpers for these crafts,
47c per hour; jfepßp
Passenger car carpenters and
repairers, 70c per hour;
Freight car carpenters and re
pairers, 63c psr hour;
To replace men on strike ag
ainst decision of the United
States Railroad Labor Board.
Young men who have finished
their farm or other work for the
season apply at once, before it
Is too late, for positions as
helpers In the car and locomo
tive departments where every
opportunity will be provided to
enable you to quality for posi
tions paying higher wages.
For further particulars and
transportation, it accepted,
Call on or write to
B. & Q. R. R-, Casper, Wyo.
MEALS ■ ■ 50 Cents
MRS. A. WARD, Prop.
Ob Main Street, Opposite

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