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The Cody enterprise and the Park County enterprise. (Cody, Wyo.) 1921-1923, September 13, 1922, Image 3

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The Mint Case
We Use the Celebrated
Made in Electric Percolator
Soft Drink*, Smoke*, and
Good C&ndies In
We serve Eastern corn-fed
Beef—Steaks a Speciality
Home Made Chile
Everything Good to Eat
y■■ ■ -
Pool Billiards
Cards Bowling
With Blanche Gokel fixin’
up the eats
& ’.ZIE: 4—%
' Dave Shelley
Hyer, Justin and Teitzel
«n Hand
Chaps, Bits and Spurs
Tourists Outfits
g-jL-.:'..- i___ |H
Jl Few
@ Little W
jc Smiles
“Paid your tailor's bill yet?” asked
a friend.
“Can’t,” replied the young man.
“Paid the florist?”
“Quite impos.”
“What about your motorin" bill?”
“They're still sending it In.”
“If you can’t pay for your own liv
ing,” exclaimed his friend, in disgust,
“why don’t you be decent enough to
“And then run up an undertaker’s
bill?” retorted the young man. “My
* dear chap, there’s a limit!”
He Was, Though.
"Norah,” said Mrs. Deadbeat, from
the top of the stairs, “tell the man
who is ringing the ’ ell that I am not
receiving today I”
The servant girl went to the door
and said something to the man; then
she stepped into the hall and called
“I told him yon were not receivin’
today, ma’am, but he says he ain’t
deliverin’, he’s collectin’ I”
Customer: I don't want thia fish*
It don't smell good.
C. Food: Pardon me ladyl It’s
the cheese on the next counter, Isn’t
It terrible?
At Last.
Perpetual motion's here—
Yea, it’s come.
Just watch your own atenog.
Chewing gum.
The Best to Be Hoped For.
“You appear to be universally popu
lar In your district.”
“There’s no such thing as universal
popularity,” answered Senator Sor
ghum. “But I do pride myself on the
fact that I have been able to limit my
unpopularity to an unlnfluentlal ml
ndfrlty."—Washington Star.
Time to Economize.
“A thousand dollar loan will put me
on my feet,” said the citizen in dis
“Get on your feet flrst and I’ll talk
to you,” replied the baukdh
«.j| h r
“You have a brand new sport car
parked out in front.”
First Picture of President’s New Yacht
L ~ 1
It ■ - if < ■■ i
V fit-1 i x
MM I'2 I i bi. :
a... ... - •»
Exclusive and first picture of President Hanlinv’s new yacht, bearing him from the Mayflower to the Naval
academy where lie attended the events of the first day of June week. The President's seal and four stars may be
wen on the bow. Naval aides and secret service men are on deck while the president and Mrs. Hardinjr are In
the cabin.
Tibet Secrets
to Be Unveiled
Great Britain About to Send a
Mission to That Little
Known Land.
Explorers and Scientists Will Exam
ine Rare Books and Manuscripts and
Thoroughly Investigate Customs
on the “Roof of the World.”
London.—Great Britain Intends to
ruak'4»a thorough study of the little
known land of Tibet, where devil
worship and belief In ghosts still ex
A mission composed of some of Great
Britain’s ablest explorers, scientists,
missionaries and ethnologists soon
will leave London for the city of
Lhasa, which Is buried behind the
world’s greatest rampart of moun
tains, the Himalayas, between India
and China. The mission will proceed
under the auspices of the International
Buddhist union, representing all
schools of Buddhism, Including the
Buddhist society of the United States.
Rare Books to Be Studied.
The mission will make a closer In
vestigation of the Tibetan people, their
customs, religion and language than
has yet been possible, together with a
study of rare books and manuscripts
known to exist in the monastic li
braries. These are expected to prove
of the greatest value, not only to
Buddhist scholarship and to the study
of comparative religion, but in filling
many gaps that at present exist in the
world’s knowledge of the early history
of A country which to the present day
Is veiled in mystery.
The Tibetans live in mountain
strongholds 15,000 feet above the level
of the sea, 500 feet higher than Mount
Whitney, the highest peak in the Unit
ed States. They pave always proved
inhospitable to foreigners and to the
Introduction of modern ideas.
Little is known of the origin of the
people. Local tradition has it that the
progenitors of the race were “a she
devil of the Himalayas” and an ape
from the plains of Hindustan.
The last foreigner In Tibet was an
American missionary, Dr. A. L. Shel
ton of San Francisco, who spent 17
years at Bata ng, near the Chino-Ti
betan border.
Last of Theocracies.
In its form of government Tibet is
one of the few remaining theocracies
In the world. The people lead a
nomadic life. Monogamy, polygamy
and polyandry flourish. Under the
polyandrous system the eldest son of a
family marries a woman and she be
comes the common wife of himself
and his brothers.
Doctor Shelton , found that the Ti
betan woman usually marries three or
four brothers, and in one case that
came under his observation a woman
Only Six Years Old but Proves
He Is Made of Real Stuff.
Billy Corsa of Pennsylvania Stands in
the Path of Twa Plunging Per
cherone and Saves the Life
of His Brother.
Philadelphia.—“ Billy” Corsa is only
six years old, and Ilves on a farm in
Bucks county, not far from Perkasie.
But lie is made of the stuff from which
real heroes are made. He is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Corsa.
Billy rose to the heights when the
life of his three-year-old brother, Dick,
W ns endangered by a pair of plunging
percheron horses. Undismayed, the
slx-yenr-old stood In the path of the
horses protecting ids brother with one
hand—and turned the steel-shod
horses from their path.
With Billy Corsa It was entirely
problem like this—“l’ll do what I can
had six brothers for husbands. The
oldest brother is considered the father
and the other brothers the uncles of
the family.
Wtfnafl occupies a superior position.
She is master of the home and farm.
Grass, worms, fungi and the horns
of young deer, ground to powder, are
considered by the Tibetans Infallible
medicinal remedies for all ills and are
even held In high favor as table deli
Thousands of years of Isolation have
paralyzed the progress of the people.
There Is no public Instruction. Pagan
Boy Gains Power After Praying at
Altar In Tented Church of
Clarksburg, W. Va.—Clarence Mc-
Afee, ten years old, a mute since
birth, suddenly gained the power of
speech after praying at the altar of a
tented church where evangelistic serv
ices were being conducted by the Pen
tecostal denomination.
The story of the seeming miracle was
told by Mrs. Ida Trlbett of Sturgis,
Mich., the evangelist in charge of the
revival. Those acquainted with the
boy say he had never spoken before.
The case is vouched for by various
persons who attended the meeting.
“No More War” Demonstration Is General
/■ a -W! KTAfRW* < i
K" fM
v 1 4 Ow
BMBEa I a. 4
IwfeO ■ ■■■ - •
:.~w" 1 .• :w' f
Thirty-three states had “No More War” demonstrations July 29 and 30
as a part of the international demonstration on the anniversary of the start
of the great war. Mrs. Bradley Snyder, accompanied by Mrs. Joseph Phillips,
president of the District of Columbia branch of the National War Mothers, Is
shown in the picture placing one of the placards at the foot of the memorial
tree in honor her son, who was killed in France.
—but If Dick is hurt, I’ll very likely
be hurt—maybe, killed —too.” Per
haps young Corsa didn’t think In Just
that form, but the fact remains that
he measured up to the highest stand
ard of boyish bravery, and got away
with It.
Dick was playing In the yard of the
Corsa home. Boy like, he wnndered
into the roadway, in a nearby field
the Percherons were unhitched, pre
liminary to being housed in the barn
after the day’s work. Frisky and ac
tive, the two big mountains of horse
flesh, knowing the evening meal await
ed In their stalls, started on a run for
the barn—over the roadway where
Dick Corsa was ploying.
The youngster saw them coming,
turned to run Into the yard, and fell
directly In their path. Billy Corsa saw
his baby brother’s danger. Like a flash
he ran into the road and pulled Dick
to bls feet. There wasn’t time to dash
to safety in the yard, so Billy Corsa
practically threw his brother behind
forms of worship prevail. Only the
most elemental form of government
Offenders against the law, which Is
derived largely from the Kanjur, the
Buddhist bible, a work of 108
are punished by having their hands
and feet amputated.
When a Tibetan dies his body Is dis
membered and fed to vultures.
The people ore extremely poor.
They dress In sheepskins and the usual
rule is one garment to a person.
Trades Son for Horse.
Quebec. —A Quebec farmer, main
taining that his nlneteen-year-old son
was his property, exchanged the boy
for an old horse with some gypsies.
The boy was rescued by his uncle.
The University of Prague had 10,000
students In the Fifteenth century.
Boy, Five, Saved in Toy
Wagon as Boat Sinks
Garrison, N. Y.—Leonard
Staff’s 28-foot motorboat was
capsized by the swell of a river
steamer off this village. Mr.
Staff put his five-year-old son In
a toy express wagon, which
floated away from the sinking
launch, and managed to keep his
wife above water, also, until
help came.
They were moving their fur
niture from Fort Edward to
South Nyack, where their home
is to be. The motorboat sank
with all the furniture.
him, raised his arm high In the air,
palm out toward the pair of
and shrilled, tense and piercing:
“Back, Dan! Back, Cap! Back,
back, I say!”
At that Instant the pair of Per
cherons were but five yards away and
coming fast. There wasn’t really time
for either Cap or Dan to halt the mad
dened dash, and to “back!” there
wasn’t time for either horse to obey
literally—to turn and run back. But
they the Percherons understood.
They recognized that command in that
boyish voice; that upraised arm. Cap
swung to the right, Dan to the left,
and the horses passed both boys by
Then Billy Corsa took his white
faced, frightened brother into the
house. He was unconscious of the fact
that he had pretty thoroughly exempli
fled the real spirit of love for hit
brother, and Lad measured in every
way to a heroic standaid.
Money Must Not Be Photographed.
A federal law forbids the photogra
phy of the money of America.
' Best Vacuum Cleaner
! / J on 87>e MarKet
j.Cody, Wyoming
I BECK President
LUMP COAL $4-25 $7.00
Best in Cody At Mine Delivered
Correct Weight; One Price to All
188 NQllVe COOi CO.
otto I, imslson, Manager
Dealer in
Cigars Cards Games
Boot«blacK Stand
Baggage, Express
All Kinds of Hauling
Telephone 5, or hz Cody, wyo.
V— - ... .... . ,„_
You Will Never Get Stung at
I Lunch ißc Room
I —■'
White Lunch
Open Again and
Doing Business
Try a Cup of Our Coffee
With Pure Cream
Mike Miller, Prop
Attorney -at-Law
Cody, Wyoming
Pioneer Bldg. Phone 98
SI,OOO Reward
will be paid for information lead
ing to the arrest and conviction
of any person or persons killing
or stealing stock belonging to
Cody, Wyoming _ J

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