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The Woman’s Club will meet Mon
day, November 6th, instead of Tues
day, November 7, owing to that being
election day. The new year books*
will be distibuted at that meeting.
The veteran dude wrangler Biß
Borron was in town with a broken
hand on Tuesday as the result of a
battle with a broco at Holm Lodge.
Bill is making extensive preparations
to ship water from his mineral spring
on Sweetwater. No one ever expected
to see Bill tßorron bottling water.
Ben Reif returned from Cheyenne
and Casper with Russell Kimball on
Monday night. They came though
by motor.
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Larom returned
on Monday from a ten days’s stay at
Hunters’ Hot Springs;.
Mrs. Pat Kelley was down from
Northfork to hear Mr. Mondell on
Tuesday evening.
Carlie Downing has received word
that the Teton Game preserve has
been thrown open to hunters. The pur
pose of this is to split the herd in the
Jackson* Hole county and throw the
game on to other winter ranges. This
has long been the hope of those in-
|3| one extra process M
; ,1 which gives a f'J
! | delicious flavor Ha
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rich ic k
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on oA-her
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nace In their home that Is guaranteed
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A. MENZIES, Proprietor
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terested in preserving the elk and
consequently local game enthusiasts
are much pleased with the news.
The big dedication ceremony of the
Pat O’Hara new school house at the
Granger &. Barth ranch will be held
on Friday evening, November 3rd.
The admission will be >1 a couple
with a good supper and music fur
UP $9,739,872
Year’s Budget Stresses Relief
and Services at Home
and Overseas.
Over $3,000,000 Allotted to the
Disabled—Foreign Work
Washington.—Expenditures totaling
$9,739,872.47 for carrying through its
program of services and relief during
the fiscal year In the United States
and overseas are authorized In the
budget of the American Red Cross, ef
fective July 1, 1922. This total Is $2,
785,975 less than the expenditures for
the last fiscal year, when disburse
ments reached $12,475,847.69, It Is an
nounced at National Headquarters In
a statement emphasizing the necessity
of continued support of the organiza
tion by enrollment during the annual
Roll Call, November U-November 30
inclusive. This total for the budget
is exclusive of the large financial op
erations of the 3,300 active Red Cross
Chapters, which, it is estimated, will
more than double the total.
War Veterans Have First Call
First call on Red Cross funds is for
the disabled ex-service men, of whom
27,487 were receiving treatment from
the Government on June 1 last This
work for veterans and their families
in a wide variety of service that the
Government is not authorized to ren
der and for which It has neither
fnor facilities has the call
* D o I c k m e r’ $ s
Starting Friday, November 3rd
/es, are need t/ie therefore
rig/it now, w/ien t/ie winter is fust
starring ure are going to give gou some
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All other HATS at 20 OFF $39.50, going at sl4 to $31.75
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ecuting attorney alone, having a re
gard to salaries and contingent ex
poses during the last half of 1922
will be the same as during the first
half of the same year, the total net
cost to the county may be expected
to reach at least $6109.99 more than
the heretofore determined $22,086.65.
It therefore may be expected that
the county will have the expense of
$28,196.64 for the corresponding fun
ctioning of the law enforcement
branches which during the Hoops
term was $17113.01 and wheih was
$22125.17 under Barber’s term. This
last deduction is on the basis that
there will be no justice court ex
pense; no distict court expense; and
no criminal cost expense for board ofj
prisoners, etc., during the period
July 1, 1922, to January 1, 1923.
Under this which is
hardly likely to be the case, when
time and reality permit a review as
to no court, no prisoners and no jus
tice court expense during this second
half of 1922.
In support of an estimate of $40,-
000 made in a former article relative
to county government expense the
following remarks are made.
The estimate in the former article
.vas in words and figures as follows:
“At the present rate of costs un
der the present board as analyzed
from the semi-annual abstract state
ments published under its adminis
tration so far, as it may be reason
ably and conservatively estimated
that the present uncompleted semi
annual period under this board will
cost approximately $40,000.”
The foregoing statement is sup
poted by assuming that the costs of
the several offices will be during the
second and remaining half of 1922
what they were for the first half,
having in mind only the matters of
salary and contingent expense of the
usual kinds.
Similarly, all other branches of the
county government, -with the excep
tion of the district court and crimi
nal cost have been considered to tend
to duplication during the second half
of the year. This is borne out by a
study of occurrences in all previous
Under such conditions the added
costs for 1922 between July 1, 1922,
and January 1, 1923, will be $38,-
It requires little imagination to
comprehend that if there should be
another term of court between No
vember 1, 1922, and January 1, 1923,
and further that if the county jail
should be occupied by prisoner or
prisoners that this sum $38,471.63
could become swelled by $1528.37 and
thus become the predicted approxi
mate $40,000.
In reiteration of the former article
on the cost of county government
those figures are reproduced, namely:
Cost of county government Janu
uary 1, 1919, to December 31,
1918 $151,003.47
Cost of County government Jan
uary 1, 1917, to December 31,
1920 $165,053.15
Cost to be expected for County
government January 1, 19il,
to December 31, 1922 $181,818.45
The contention is still held that the
present Board of County Commission
ers has been responsible for the most
expensive administration within the
history of the country.
And a chance matter of official in
formation at this time shows that as
yet Park County has not paid her
1921 state tax to the State Treasurer
in the amount of $10,389.08.
- ■
Classified Ads I
WANTED TO BUY—Used baby bug
gy. Must be in good condition. En
quire at Enterprise.
WANTED—Good second-hand sewing
machine.—Write Mary A. Day, Cody,
Care A. M. Walters.
LOST —Oct. 6, on road between post
office and the Wallace place, northeast
of Cody, a black grip containing wear
ing apparel, fancy work and papers
belonging to Cedar Ridge mnie. Re
turn to Cody Milling Co. and receive
RANTED —Woman to clean building
formerly known as the Yellowstone
Case. Mrs. Chas. De Maris.
WANTED—General housework, or
work by day. See Enterprise. 10
WANTED—Horses to feed for the
winter. Hay and good pasture. In
quire N. P. deMauriac, Cody. i
FOR RENT—Good - bouse and pasture
on ranch short two miles from town;
also 15 tons of hay and acre and a
half of potatoes to sell. See Enter
prise. Btf
FOR RENT—4-room modern house,
partly furnished. Inquire Ross Inn.
NURSE and masseuse
Will receive patients at home. Nellie
N. Jenkins. Phone 121-W. lOtf
TWO return - tickets to Chicago”via
Denver and Omaha, expiration date
October 31, for sale cheap. Inquire
First National Bank. 12
FOR - " - RENT—S-room house, partly
furnished, barn garage? one-half mile
from postoffice. Inquire Roes Inn.
Freezing Weather is Here
We have plenty of Alcohol to protect
your radiator and engine.
us XnspecA.
Yellowstone Garage
You’ve Said It
Un investment in
iooA ippearance ’
Wherever you go, whom
ever you meet or talk to, your
clothes have the first and final
speak for you in terms
of distinction, style and quality.
They’re the best expression of
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And remember you pay no more
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’35 ’4O ’45 ’SO
Cody Trading Co.
The House of Kuppenheimer Good Clothes

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