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• - - - • •• •
Park county's fair, bigger, better |
and brighter than ever, is dated for i
September 13, 14 and IS and with the
work that is being done oh the pro-1
gram promises to be the greatest \:
agricultural and social event of the!i
year. j
Meetings are being held every few:
nights, the committees are hard at j
work and the program is assuming
definite shape. !
The dominant note will be agri- ]
culture. About this industry the.
fair will be centered and it is the 1
plan of the board to gather together j
the greatest exhibit that has ever
been produced in this section and to
this end is reaching across the country
to every farm and fire side to get.
An extra large tent has been order- j
ed for this exhibit and a committee;
placed in charge that will see that the i
display is tastily arranged and with j
a view to showing off the agricultural I
resources of Park county. |
The stock interest are being looked;
after, too, and wth the promises of;
exhibits of blooded cattle and high!
grade horses this end of the program j
will not be the least bit lacking. I
But there will be fun too. I
This end of the program starts on j
Our Goods are Bound to Please
Because ‘We Select Them With Your Needs in
i *
Mind. Our Prices are the Lowest Cash Quotations and You Make
no Mistake in giving Us Your Custom.
I L r oes That I Suits JHBfc
| For individual style there Sllrf fStj
W 4* J are no other shoes more de- VaII Iflvw JKMfijMjjSßh rafld
\ 4" i sirable to the woman of I Ull I
These shoes always come in the designs most approved by l freshened
women of taste. She who wears them has the satisfaction of
knowing that they are new and individual in every sense of the U P stock Wwß
If you would like this satisfaction wear Utz & Dunn Cn. all the sizes. Hi ■Hki
l The new styles are in. Give yourself the pleasure of a look / j \
' at them to-day. Better still, give yourself the pleasure of wearing V ® H _
| $3. $3.50 $4. $5. $6. $7.50 j ” Jl % V
Conrridht 1013 The Hook of KuppeuUeuMf
Harvest Time Is Work Shocs Must
Dish Time Give Service
'' if If »ro Se,vy and strong, (he counters role leather,
fflr iLTiir double stitched throught and the workmanship is
several pretty patterns. All earned in open stock » ; ***&
that you may select just the;pieces you desire. • $4.00 $4.5Q Os ssioo'
the forenoon of the first day and ,
doesn’t quit until the evening of the ,
third. |
Each day there will be a special j
feature that will tickle the stoic and ,
and keep the crowd in a good humor. .
Some special cow boys stunts have ]
been arranged to take the place of
the time honored, and some say time:
work bucking and bull dogging con- ‘
tests, and these will be heartily en
tered into by the old time punchers
to the amusement of the vast crowd.
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horse of the Valley ranch company
and pleased the crowd. Roy Jones
came out of the chute on a big fat |
bull and t was a question which
would land on top. He made a
wonderful ride.
In the half mile cow pony race L.
B. Shepherd, one time a dude now
associated with Walt Hope and fast
learning the wiles of the west, came
in first, with Frank Glasgow second
and Monte Jones third.
Albie Russell mounted a red steer
that did the contortion stunt just ;
like it was paid for doing it and came |
near unseating his rider. The reas- j
oh he didn’t was because Albie stuck 1
too tight. Henry Purvis drew one j
that disappointed him because he l
was too fat to travel like Henry thot ]
he ought. j]
"rite grab race created lots of mer- : 1
riment and was won by Blen Hoi- 1
man with Tex Crockett coming in <
second and Shorty Shaffer third.
Clarence "Snyder, 14 perhaps sum- <
ished more of the program than any- 1 <
one else for his age. He topped off !
a rep steer called Hooligan and stuck ]
like a burr. Later in the program he j
rode another that outdid all the rest j
the bovines they had in the bunch. .
This boy knows no fear and stays ,
right on. It was he that pulled a j
kid brother out of the river and saved ■
him from drowning six years ago
| when the water was high and the '
! boy was being carried down stream, i
Clarence is easily the pride of the!
I Southfork and gets his popularity ,
from his red headed dad and his good
leoks and fine behavior from his j
' mother.
I Dick Soderholm rode Highland
Polly a sorrel that looked and acted i
i Tex Crockett, champion roper of j
the southwest, famed internationally ,
as a rope twirier, did all sorts of
seemingly impossible stunts with the
rope and when they brought three
horses out and ran at full speed
abreast he looped them all at one
throw. Then they put in four an4l
: finally six and he got them all with
;in the one loop. As a roper he
j proved the reputation which preceded
him.' li
Bob Loomis whose shirt substituted
for the brass band Mounted Wind
River and made a spectacular ride.
Roy Jones on a red steer had all he
could do to stick for the beast had
a firm determination not to be rid
In a race for dudes they got out
of their mounts every iota of en
ergy they possessed. Lawrence
Shepherd came in first with Hovey.
Hill second and Parsons third.
Harold Snyder won first in a walk
ing race. Lawrence Shepherd second
and Frences Jay third. This was
the slowest race of the day.
| Evan Holman, Newlywed, showed
: good form in topping off a wild one
and got a big hand from the airfrhi
, theatre. j
Blen Holman with Mrs. Brown's
string of relay horses made an easy
victory and made the changes in fast
time without a bobble,
j In a kids’ 25 yard dash Charles
Martin came in first and Marvin |
| Ewalt second in the face of a big
i field.
j The next number on the program]
was received with applause. It was
a collecton as announced by Presi- j
dent Ames to be given at the close
of the season to the boys that furni- ;
shed the entertainment. An offering
of SIOO is reported.
| The burro race was amusing, for
speed was the least qualification of
these beasts and the boys had to havp
them hazed around the circle. Clar-
George E. Hayes,
(M. A. S. E., M. J. M. M., M. I. C. E., A. I. M. E.)
Member: The Associated Society of Engineers, London.
Member: The Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, London.
Member: The Institute of Civil Engineers, London.
Member: The American Institute of Mining Engineers, N. Y.
Reports furnished on all minerals.
International Expert on all Oil Lands.
Office in Herald Block Cody, Wyoming.
ence Snyder showed his ability to get
i both speed and direction and came in
I for first honors. Dick Soderhilm was
1 second and Blen Holman qualified for
j Frank Glasgow took his turn at
riding steers and drew a black one
j that had a heart as wicked as his
• hide was black. Albie Russell in
mounting Ainsworth was thrown be
' fore the usher had shown him his
seat. With plucky grit he piled on
■ again and rode well.
I The quarter mile dash for dudes
was on as Alec honked for the start
. home and we had to go.
j The program lasted another three
I quarters of an hour and was interest
i ing up thru the last event,
j The roundup supper was served at
the NE ranch grove and the big
crowd went down to Tom Ames’ big
log house for the dance.
Twenty cars carrying a hundred
people went from Cody. The crowd
numbered about four hundred with
the three score dudes and dudines.
The event was a great success.
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missioner for the four year term and
the Democrats name the one for the
two year term.
That there will he an unusual
amount of writing in of names neces
sitating many long hours for judges
and clerks of election is evidenced by
the number of blanks on the balots.
The ballots as they will appear will
be approximately as follows:
Wm. T. Hogg. Republican
Noah Farlow, Democratic.
William May. Meeteetse, R.
William L. Walls. Cody. R.
George S. Russell. Cody. R.
I. E. Ferguson. Powell. R.
R. L. Donley. Cody. D.
Abbott Williams, Powell. R.
Charles Webster, Meeteetse. D.
Ora Sonners, Cody. R.
E. Erickson. Cody, R.
A. P. Libby, Cody, R.
A. T. I.oftsgaarden, Powell, R.
John H. Ruff. Marquette, R.
Gus Holm’s, Cody, D.
C. 11. Scoville, Ralston. R.
James W. Rousseau. Cody, D.
Anna Mahon. R.
Jennie McGuffey, D.
•Howard F. Bell. Cody, R.
E. S. Hoopes, Cody, R.
W. H. Loomis. Powell. R.
Cody, Charles A. Bradbury, R.
Cody, J. B. Winter. D.
Clark. O. C. Bevelhymer. D.
Penrose, J. S. Wasden, R.
Meeteetse. Eugene Phelps. R.
Meeteetse, W. W. Purdy, R.
When the revenue bill was up for discussion in the
house, Hon. Frank W. Mondell took occassion to pay his
compliments and in conclusion Rave the democrats this
“Do not be downcast or discouraged, gentlemen on
the other side. You will not have long to w>ait to see the
details of a republican revenue measure. The remnant
of you gentlemen on the democratic side who are here)
after the 4th of next March will become familiar with just
what we propose to do. The measure then presented
will have for its purpose the raising of necessary revenue
for the support of the government with the minimum of
annoyance and burden upon the citizens. Its provisions
will be fair and just to all. Incomes will pay their fair
share, but we shall not penalize thrift and industry. Those
who seek our great market shall make their goodly con
tribution to the national treasury. Our labor will be
protected in its wage, our home industries within reason
in their market. In the meantime, the responsibility is
yours, not ours. If you insist, on Your plan of revenue,
you cannot reasonably expect bur support of it, even
though some of its provisions pay the republican party
the sincere flattery of adopting some of its policies. We
stiU have in mind the ancient warning, long since
crystalized into a. proverb, “Beware of (he Greeks bearing
gifts.” (Applktise oti the* republican side.)
■- ■ ■ »■<-■*' t*yi; ; •. - ft
Meeteetse, F. L. Thayer, R.
Cody, Wm. Foster. R.
Garland, D. D. Adams. R.
Valley, Anthony Hubner. R.
Clark, C. A. C. Snow, D.
Powell, H. B. Loomis. D.
Paint Creek. Ed. Manning, D.
Ralston, A. r. Fergerstrom, D.
Cody No. 1. M. O. Newton, R.
H. W. Darrah, D.
Carl Hammitt, D.
Cody No. 2. C. E. Hayden, R.
Dave Shelley, D.
A. S. McClain, D.
Cody No. 3. Charles Marsten.R.
Lower Sage, A. J. Beam, R.
Penrose, Peter Shirts, R.
Ishawooa, Walter Kepford, R.
Valley, Geo. Marks, R.
Marquette, Eugene Wilder, R.
Marquette A. J. Martin, D.
Painter, William Painter, R.
Wapita, Fred Richard, R.
Paint Creek, William Hogan, R.
Irma Flat, Nels Nordquist, R.
Pitchfork, L. G. Phelps, R.
Fenton. William Thayer, R.
Powell No. 1. H. D. Edmonds,R.
Charles G. Mudd, D.
H. W. Howell, D.
Garland, Geo. T. Rost, R.
Ralston, David Powers, R.
Geo. B. Kerper, D.
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tion of the east lobby by running the
box line directly east from the gen
eral delivery, thus giving more room
and light for the clerks and the put
ting in of toilet facilities.
It is understood that the fixtures
recently installed by W. L. Walls are
leased ones and that aside of some
expense of transportation and erec
tion his loss will not be great.
A fight is being put up by those
desiring a change and a reversal of
| the order may be secured.
I °
Howard Eaton, the noted guide of
! the Bighorns, is in Yellowstone park
I with a party of eighty-four people.
! They are making a trip on horseback
land will spend three weeks viewing
i the interesting features of Nature s
! wonderland. They entered the park
at Gardiner but will exit the Codv
: way. It is reported that upon their
i arrival a display of "real western
! clothes, wild and wooly” will be
I shown by these dudes.
! Do you know that the Toggery docs
! french dry cleaning of all kinds? And
I that we have the only extracter and
'dry room in Park county? And that
! when your clothes are handled in tha
I above way that you will not smell like)
|J. D. Rockfeller or Texaco? They are
1 fresh and clean. We send everything
| home but odor and dirt. French dry
clean and press $1.50. Phone 11. Me
I are always on the job. Yours for up
; to date tailoring of all kinds.
The Toggery.

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