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The Northern Wyoming Herald
Interesting Program Planned to Make Fair
Especially Interesting to all of Park County
Dates Are September 13, 14
and IS Each Day a Big One
Park County’s big fair dated for September J 3, 11 and 15
looms up large en the horizon of events and the recent work of
committees in building a program insures three days of interest
ing performances.
This year the main events of the program are taken over by{
individuals, firms and localties and staged by them and their money
pays for the attraction.
Thus has the interest in Park county’s fair been extended
and enlarged and it is believed that the crowd the first day will
exceed the record breaking crowd of the third day of last year.
The first days program is perhaps the strongest on the pro
gram. *ln previous years the initial day’s events have been of
more or less of an indifferent character. This year the committee
is determined to get the beat to the front and have staged three
big events for that day.
South Fr.rk TaVes Pack Racs
This rnce has never beoh at- 1
tempted in this section and in some s
respects it !s original. '
The cowboys are asleep on ■ the <
track. The bed consists of a AjUr
and two pairs of Hankers witfcvftf I
middle for a pUlow. Two herses. <
saddle horse and a nack horse. ar !
picketed near. On the ground are n 1
pack saddle and the two saddle Man j
kets, a pair of chaps, boots spurs and ■
hat. 1 1
At the signal the cowl ov awakes !
pits on his clothes, rolls his bed
packs the horse saddles up and leads
his pack animal around the circle.
The f.rst man under the wire with a
good pack on pets the money.
This race is put on a"d paid for by
the people of the Southfork countrv. <
The entries are onen to nil and the
pr'zes will be a minimum of SIOO and
will likely be increased
The race will be on s he first day o
the fair and half of the money wMI '
t e awarded that day. On the third ,
Jay the race will be repeated and the i
other half of the fund expended.
This feature prom ses to he one o r
the big attractions. Its noveltv, i ft *
fin and exciting features make the j
contest among the cowboys one in
which many will enter with ei\thu
s asm.
The generous purse will insure a ;
large list of.entries. Entries should
he made with I. H. Larom who has
t een selected to manag* the event or
t ehalf of Soutltfork Frontier As
Cody Trad ; ng Company’s Relay
The Cody Trading company has se
lected the relay as their distinctive
A change was made in the list of
Republican candidates for the legis
lature yesterday by the withdrawal
of W. L. Walls and the entrance of
Henry D. Edmonds of Powrell.
Mr. Edmonds had been regarded a
candidate for the office by many of
his friends but when the ticket was
ready to lie made up by the central
committee it was found that Mr. Ed
moml’s name was certified to the
office of precinct committeeman at
l’owell and therefore disqualified.
The name of Mr. Walls was temp
orarily substituted until the resigna
tion of Mr. Edmonds could be secured
for committeeman. Mr. Walls ha:,
now stepped aside with his usual
Lord Chesterfield grace and Mr. Ed
mond’s is the candidate.
His running mates will be Wm. May
of the Wood river jeountry for rep
kresentative and ifr. T. Hogg of Cody
sot the senate.
euiure and Mr. Echwoob has made
his plans to make it a go. Already
strings have lean promised and the
$125 s sufficient a guarantee to se
cure several more.
The usual rules apply in regard to
tflia race. Each man has three hors
es. ile saddles one. runs the half
m le. pulls his saddle, puts it on a .
fresh horse makes the run and re
peats on another animal.
Ihe possibility of some 1 ttie hitch
to dJiy the getting started makes
'V. it- most e c : ting race It isn’t
al’vr.' s the best r’-nnin.T horses that
-ct firs* money. Few men can win
a r r *in*rsce *av ce in sv"ca-* ,: '-n
TV's „ on ) , v :]] take r'ace two duvs
It ! s on 'he first and s-'cond he :
pr : -»nc f~ r pnch dav are f 4O for first I
and *22 50 for second. On the re
pea*i”g of th° race the seonrd da'
the winners of the first are not bar
The "rices for this race wll ho
na'd f rnm checV-s drawn by the Cody
Trading company. If you will enter
this rocc or know of anyone who has
a good relay string please write J.
M. Schwooh and get into this game.
W'lt-sc Picks a Funny One
Ralph Wiltse of the Palace Market
chose the Farmer’s no-cl'y race as
his snec'al e-ent and the fan it crea
*ed ls3t year when “Red” McCorkle
had such trouble stowing his nair
i will rrod 'ce a keen anticipation for
‘he race this year.
This race is put on as follows:
Tie horses enter the ring hitched to
a light four wheeled buggy with sad
dle and blanket in the back. The
horse is unhitched and has a rope,
halter on only. At the signal to “go”
the contestant saddles and rides a
round on a walk. He then harnesses
up and drives the buggy around on a
trot. The third turn is made under
saddle on a run.
The money Mr. Wiltse has nut in
this race amounts to fifty plunks and
you’ll see the farmers that believe
they have the best all ’round horse
lineup by the dozen. The first money !
is S3O, the second sls and the third
a $5 check. •
This event takes place the after
noon of the third day. See Ralph
Wiltse and make your entries as ear
ly as possible.
Mitchell Wagon Race Big Event
The Brundage Hardware company
has taken over the handling of the
farmer’s wagon race.
In order to prevent accident tho
specifications call for a three inch
Mitchell wagon and entries may use
their own or a borrowed one.
The amount has not been announc
ed as of this cele
brated wagon are expected to co-oper
ate with the Brundage people and the
reply has not been received as to the
1 amount they wish to increase the of
fer of their local representatives.
This race is one for the second day
(Continued on Page Five)
Opportunity Is Given You to Have a
Picture of Home in Special Edition
The Herald it to send out a special
illustrated edition sometime in Sep
tember that will tell to the world the
resources of Park county.
F. M. Gill, an experienced newspa
per man has been here for two weeks
marshalling the co-operation of many
local people who have prepared artic
les covering the different branches of
industry and has about completed his
The printers are busy with the mat
ter and several sections of the mam
Herald Places Itself on Solid
Business Basis and Asks the
Co-operation of Its Readers
Conditions of wh'ch all readers are i
familiar have made changes in the
rqethods of do ng business in all lines
of activities. i
These have had their first effect on
the Herald and make it necessary fur
this paper to go on a strictly cash
in advance basis on subscript'ors.
The change will be made September ,
15 when all not pa’d in advance will
be cut from the list and collections
made on past due accounts.
You Can .Make Money
The Herald realizes that it will lose
some of its readers by this method i
but the advanced costs make it abso
lutely prohibitive to send the paper
without ti e money and altho we would
like to furnish you with the paper
without money and without price it is ;
The Hvralv) man knows from fifteen
years of business experience in Wyo
ming that it costs money to make col
For that reason he is wiling to pay
you that cost prov'ded you will come
in and pay that amount voluntarily. ,
This will make it a direct saving to
you and you can have the money.
Naturally if we are compelled to
make the collection we cannot afford i
to make a discount on the b'll.
Who Owes for the Paper?
Since taking over this paper we
have found quite a few readers who i
never ordered the paper and are lab
oring under the delusion that under
those circumstances they owe nothing
on subscription. The ruling is to the
Beginning the 1 sth. of September the ;
subscription list of the Herald will be on
The increased cost of production is the
compelling reason.
It is necessary that we collect all back
accounts and to this end all who will save
us the expense of collection will be paid
a liberal commission.
You can help make the Herald a bet
ter paper by paying up and paying a year
in advance.
moth edition are already in type.
The edition will be illustrated and
we invite all the residents of Park
county who would like to have a pic
ture of their home in this fine edition
to send us a photograph and there
will be no charge made except the
cost of the cut.
Early response is necessary in or
der to get a picture in this edition as
it takes some time to get the cuts
back from the engravers arid the edi
tion must be out within the next few
effect that whether tile party receiv
ing the paper orders it or not he is
liable for-the paper so long as he
takes it from the mail box.
We Can Adjust That
It is not the desire of the Herald
to force itself upon anyone, even tho
t paid good hard money for the sub
scription list and wl.qn you call to pay
up and pay for a year in advance that
matter will be adjusted to your satis
How Far Behind Are You?
You may not know how much you
owe. On your next week’s paper will
appear your name and the date to
which our records show you are paid.
The price of the Herald was $1.50 up
to April 1 of the present year and $2
a year since. You can easily figure
the amount due the paper.
All Will Pay
We have enough faith in the in
tegrity of the readers of this paper
and their desire to see a first class
newspaper, in Park county that they
will respond to this appeal to get
squared away for the past and the fu
Who Will Be The First?
The first one to come in will have
his name written at the head of a roll
of honor which the Herald proposes
to carry until this matter is cleaned
up. The next will be second and so
on. Os course we know no one want.
his name in the paper, but for once
we are going to have our way about
Who’ll start the ball to rolling?
MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, Yellowstone Park, August 18—
(Special to the Herald)
An official statement has been received here to the effect that
the soldiers in Yellowstone park will be relieved September 30 and
civilian rangers will be substituted.
Two hundred soldiers of the regular army are now employed
and the policing of the park is under the War department.
Under the new plan of using rangers ninety will be employed and
will be under the Interior department.
The soldiers will be set back to their original regiments and
as practically all of the United States army is on the Mexican
border very few will be stationed elsewhere than along the line.
For a number of years the administration of the park has had
this plan in mind and it is believed that a change will be productive
of greater efficiency and at less cost.
Many Dare Devil “Stunts” to be
Done by the Birdman at the
State Fair This Fall
With the date of the Twelfth Annu
al Wyoming state Fair drawing near
much interest is being manifested
through the state. Many are watch
ing the papers of different sections
for the accounts of the “stunts" pul
led off by the famous Baxter Adams j
vho is to perform at the big show i
this fall. Adams was engaged at a I
great expense to the Fair Comrais- ;
■jion. The following account from the ;
Grand Forks. (N. D.) Herald tells of ,
some of the wonderful flights made i
at the Grand Forks fair a week or so ;
“Thrilling the largest crowd that |
has been in attendance at the Grand j
Forks fair, Baxter Adams, one of the j
most distinguished aviators perform
ing for the entertainment of the pub
lic made a sensational flight yester
day afternoon and for 13 minutes
kept his huge Curtis bi-plane per
forming marvelous feats nearly 2,000
feet above the sarth. As a daring a
viator, Adams has few superiors, and
his work yesterday afternoon was de
clared to be the best that has ever
been staged before a Grand Forks au
“Exactly at four o’clock he swept'
down the center of the field before the
grandstand and made a pretty ascen
sion over the fences and buildings,
soaring north and sweeping back down
over the field. In order to give the
(Continued on Page Five)
Many Cody people will attend the
j Valley Ranch Roundup tomorrow and
j Sunday.
j Every detail of the big wild west
show and open house party of this
j popular company has been arranged.
I ranged.
j Cody business men have put up
j merchandise prizes for the events
| and a great deal of interest is mani
Charley Hill and Walter Ross are
back from Camp Kendrick at Chey
enne and are pleased to be at home.
They are not overly enthusiastic
about the treatment they received at
the hands of our uncle and prefer the
hand work at home to the so-called
easy, existence in army circles. Mark
Stephenson is also out of the service
and is in Laramie.

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