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We have a large unmber of
State Water Appropriation
Blanks, for sc. apiece
at The VOICE.
A. F. A A. M.—Meets on
tint and third Saturday of
each month,in Odd Fellows'
Hull, at 7*30 n. m.
Fukd Hahbbouo^
W. F. William*.
X . K. of K—Maeta every Thnra-
•veninK in Knighta of Pythias hall,at BUW o'clock
J. M. Hennftt.K. R. 8. Theo. Wkkdkn.C. U.
Jr. 0. U. A.
every Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock in Odd
Fellowb' hall. Chas. Pinney, C.
Joseph Reimann, R 8.
x. O. LJ. £ . Meets every rhureday evening
•t 8:30. G. E. A. Mokllkb, N. G.
C. H. Pahmelee. Secretary.
fA A P 1,10 h °KN ENLAMPMEN f.
X. kJ. kJ. J? No. B.—Meets second and
fourth Friday each month nt 7 o’clock.
C. N. Walters, Scribe. P. Lothian, C. P.
Tip'll Crll'i’PPQ SILVER LODGE, No. 6,
JJdllgnLßlb 1. o. o. F.-MeeU Mwnd
r\f and third Fridays of each
month. Nellie Smith,
Rebecca edith ch tppELL,sec^. *
TTOOK AND LADDER Co. No. 1.-Meete see-
XXonil Monday of each month.
W. P. Keat-, O. A. i.koett, Foreman.
Secretary and Treasurer.
pROTEtTI N HOSE Co No 1-M oU second
x Monday of each month. D. Mitchell,
J. D. Gallup, Secretary. Foreman
Tin CI W N G,—meets every Monday at 8
kJU. <J« o ’clock Thoh. Millar,
Loken Cheever, Secretary: ( aptain
City Officer*.
Mayor—T. P. Hill.
City Trustees—J. A. Honnamaker. C. J. Hoger
•on. U. N. Walters, George L. Holt.T.H. Weeden.
City < lerk— Thomas Miliar.
City Treasurer—ll. W. Young.
City Marshal—Daniel Mitchell.
Chief Fire Department—R Foote, Jr.
Justice of the Peace, N. Buffalo, Howard West.
“ So. Buffal •. Joe. Reimann.
County Offlnn.
Sheriff—o. A- Sproal
Prosecuting Attorney—T. P. Hill
Treasurer -W. E. Huthaw ,y
County Clerk—J. G. Childs
(C. J Hogerson. Chairman
Commissioners < P. C. Watt
(T. J. Haynes
Surveyor—G. 11. Bernard
Coroner—Dr. Park Holland
Sup't of Schools Mrs. E. U. Snider
Wyoming Ihlrgtitinn in Conyre**,
U. 8. Senator—F. E. Warren. Cheyenne
C. D.-Clarl Evanston.
member of Congress J. E. Osborne, Rawlins.
Federal Officer*.
U. 8. District Court—John A. Riner, Cheyenne
U. 8. Attorney-Gibson (dark. (heyenne
U.S. Marshal—Jolin McDermott, Ine*
U. 8. Surveyor—J. C. Thompson, Cheyenne
U. 8. Dept Bev Collector—L. Kabis, Cheyenne
Register Buffalo LtndotHcii—T-J. Foster, Buffalo
.*!fJ2jxi;of Public Moniea—E. H. Smock, Buffalo
Buffalo Poetm.iMer—W. P. Keays.
Ntate Officer*.
Governor—W. A. Richards, i heyenne
Secretary of State—U. W. Bunlick, Cheyenne
State Treasurer - Henry G. Hay, l heyenne
State Auditor—W. O. Owen. Cheyenne
State Bupt - Estelle Reel, < heyenne
State Engine- r—Elwood Mead, Cheyenne
State Senator, Johnson Co—Robert Foote
Kepren-ntHtives—U. H. Burritt and A. L. Brock
Div. Water Supt.—E. Gillette, Jr., Sheridan.
Physician and Surgeon,
Buffalo, Wyoming.
Physician and Surgeon.
Fokenoon for Calls.
Aftern'kin for ffiue Hours.
FltOM 2 to 5 o’clock.
Oilice nt Mrs. HuHon’aold stand.
BafTalo, ... Wyoming.
^R. E * G - BARRETT,
Located ou North Fork of Powder
All Calls Promptly Attended to and Work
Poatoflicr. • - Mavoworth, Wio
M. S. _
Tonsorlal Artist
I lair-cutting,
My old atmd, boulh^Main
Orin Chrl.tmM trees. Proetore.
Wflulo IBMcr.
It is reported that General Pando
who wai placed in charge of mllitajy
operations in Cuba has been killed iu
an engagement with the Cubans.
Justice Field retired from the
Supreme beuch the Ist iust.
Facililles will be provided for carry
ing 40,000 people every month to
Alaska between Feburary and May.
Martin Thorn was convicted at
New York city Monday, of the mur
der of Win. Guldeuauppe and sentenc
ed the 3rd iust to be electrocuted
Jan’y 10th.
Rev. B. Break bell of Oscaloosa,
Kan., has been convicted of horse
stealing and sentenced to the peui
tentiary for one year.
The Baptists of Waco, Tex., will
remove there headquarters from the
scene of the receut bloodshed and
scandal to another part of the state.
The Dutch privy couucil has de
cided that the youug Queen of Hol
land must preserve her dignity by
keeping off the bicycle and she has
heeu partially solaced by the gift of
a Shetland pony.
Charles Warren Spalding, ex-presi
dent of the Globe Savings Bank and
ex Treasurer of the University of
Illinois, was given an indeterminate
sentence to the peniteutlary of lllb.oi
the Ist iust., for embezzling university
The British troops burued thirty
villages on the march into Cham
Kauy country, Norther u ludia. They
met with fierce resistance from the
tribesmau on route but succeeded in
defeatiug them.
The village of Black Earth near
Madison, Wis., experienced au earth
quake shock at miduight the 3rd iust.
Galena. 111., also reports au earth
Loreuzo D. Roudebush the great
Colorado Speculator died at Deuver
the 4th inst.
George Keunau the famous traveler
thinks China is doomed Io be sliced
up a'lioug the powers of Europe.
Two electric cars colli.led at De
troit, Mich., the 4th inst. Three men
were killed and a score of passengers
The editor of the Petite Republique
Fraucaise aud a conservative deputy
fought a duel hear Paris the 6lh iust.
Both missed fired aud declared their
honor satisfied.
The Chinese Emperor says he would
rather lose bis crown thau yield to
the demauds of Germany for repara
tion for the murder of Missionaries
Nies aud Hcunie.
Bismark says the interference of
America between Germany hu<l
Hayti is arrogance whHi ought to bo
emphatically opposed.
A new industry, the manufacture
otsloue lias been started iu Scotland.
A community of American citizen*
ot llaviuia called on Consul General
U*e and asked for warships iu case of
a popular outbreak.
General Blanco thinks he can quell
the Cuban Insurrection by next June
on 4.000,000 a pesetas a month.
The Chilcoot Railroad and Trans
portation ( o. tried to build through
Dyes, Alaska and were resisted by
the localers of the lownMic. In tin
uproar one man was *hot.
The Austro-lhinuarbin trouble ma*
result in the dual monarchy beiim
broken up.
The air ship mistery of last sprinu
is exumined. Hiram S. Maxim iho
Inventor of the Maxim gun says he
made (be trip from San Francisco to
Cleveland and return iu au areal
vessel which was built at the New
Kinsingtou works. The speed Ln
made was I<M) miles mi hour. A
number ol similar vc^s-Im are tn be
cuustiuclcd righ mm ay to carry
pMMnf ers and freight.
Rsyal mlms ths f pars,
aDwaaMSMswwwco., iiswvsfc
Mrs. Mary A. Kettering aud her
two colored servants were sentenced
to bo hanged at Denver, October 1895,
for the murder of Mrs. Kitterings
husband at Fort Smith, Ark. The
execution was stayed by au appeal 10
the supreme court. Judge H. B.
O'Reilly has discovered that the un
fortunates were the victims ot a con
spiracy by insurance companies, try*
iug to get out of paying $20,000
insurance on Kettering s death. The
Department of Justice has made a
confession of error and the victims
are practically vindicated.
Bright Scraps From Variou SonrcM
“Uncle Alex, why do people saw
wood and say nothing?” “Because
the words a man wants to say
when be is sawing wood would get
him turned out of church.”—Detroit
Free Press.
Mrs. Medders—“Well I guess hard
times air gone, Silas.” Mr. Medders
—“Looks that way. I nuess we can
alFo-d tor slay hum from tneetiu'
once in awhile of a Suuday, au' bring
out the checker-board a'giu.—Truth.
There are more people cross-eyed
in the tongue than in the eyes; they
talk one way while they are thiukiug
the other.
A Scotch villager who bad got
iuuebrialed iu his peregrinations acci
dentally stumbled againts the village*
pump. He al ouce put his arms
around it, and, ou feeliug the handle,
exclaimed,—“Noo, my lad, pit doou
yer stick au’ I’ll fight ye!”
A little boy entered a bool maker’s
shop aud asked if the boots were
done. “Yes,” replied the bootmaker
“they were *doue’ before you brought
them.”—Dundee News.
Officer—“ How is this. Murphy. The
sergeaut complains that you call him
uames.” Private Murphy—“Plaze,
surr, I uever called him any at all.
All I said was. ‘Sergeaut’ says I, 'some
of us ought to be iu a menagerie.’ ” —
Dundee News.
A Buflalo girl thew a stone at a
cow and struck herself on the back
of the head. Iler friends ennnot
figure out. how she did it, and she con
fesses that shedosen‘l know herself.—
Denver Post.
Ouly Scotsmen.—Au Irishman wou t
to a Scotch contractor several times
mid asked him for a job. The Scots
iimn, tired of the mini’s perseverance,
told him to go to the devil and see if
could get a job there. “Abi shore
be ml sowl, I’ve been to him,” said*
the Irishman, “and he’s taking nobody
on but Scotsmen.—Scottish American
The feeble howl with the wolves,
bray with the asses, and bloat with
the sheep.
Newcastle Indies bold Klondike
church hoclhlh these days. It Is per
suiiicd that the adoption of the name
means ihat they will give any oue
nighty chilly treatmiuil who doea’i
patronize them. — Wheatland World.
Mbs Olivia Pain*, n Kansas rn'ilden,
.;.s ju*l been married to Oacar
tirnbell of that Mato. The papers
now refer her to Mrs. Grabull, nee
Pants.—Denver Post.
A woman's ears are most acute when
tier hack i- turned.—Knapsack.
A rooster crows Iroui Hie fulu -s
of his heart. A mau from the empti-
uess of his head.—Knapsack.
I ■■ l —
I Rock Springs Independent: At a
negro wedding last week the minister
read the words, “Love, bouor and
obey,” when the grooin interrupted
and said : Read dat agin, sah, read it
ouce mo* so dat de lady kin ketch de
■ full solemity ob de meauhi? Pse
beeu married befo’.”
The slate papers are casting darts
of ridicule at a Green River girl for
describing her love sensations as a
“sort of inward indescribabicncss of
an outward allovcrishncss.” The
youug lady probably feels that way or
she wouldn’t say so, aud its beastly
mean of the hardened old married
editors to laugh at her. Denver Post.
Skatin’ on th’ Crik.
You kin prate erbout yer summer,
Ez you stroll through shady dells,
Au’ romp acrost th* fields uv green
An’ drink frum ole time wells.
But w’eu th’ suow begins ter fall,
An* th* ice is good au’ thick;
It is then 1 kinder hauker
Tew hkatiu’ on th’ crik.
W’en the wintry winds are blowiu’
An’ the snow is failin’ fast;
I sit an’ thiuk uv boyhood days,
Au’ th’ fleetin’ yearn long past
W’eu 1 irudged across lb’ mcader,
With my little Bruddcr Dick;
An’ passed th’ weary hours erway,
Jest skatin’ on th’ crik.
I kinder reckerlect th’ time—
-1 wuz but er worthless lad;
.W’eu I stayed away frum schuleonce
An’ wuz fouud uul by my dad,
Tew th* big wood-pile he led me.
An’ er willow laid ou thick;
Ou th’ tender spot I bumped w’en
I wuz skatin’ on th’ crik.
W’en I see th’ youngsters skatin’
Ou th’ crystal-covered ice;
Au’ er cut tin’ shapely figures,
With their skates—it looks so nice.
^Au* It brings back boyhood days
W’en me au’ Brudder Dick,
Usier cache our time woru school
Au’ go skatin’ ou th’ crik.
But th’ Hand of Time bez claimed
I am ole an’ in ih* way;
But I’d like tow be er boy agiu—
Tew do nought else but play.
But naow thet 1 am stiff au, ole,
An’ this world I soou must quit;
I’d like tew jest have oue more
Ou th’ slippery, frozen crik.
—Will J Pkckman.
Comes by saving
and economy. You
can save money by
purchasing your
shoes at my store...
I am prepared to meet
the demand of all the
little folks in town at
bed rock prices
I have just received a
new stock of men’s
pants, shirts, jumpers,
overalls and underwear
Will Be Sold Cheap
For Cash.
City Bakery.
J. 11. SAGE,
Bread, Cake, Plea, Candi.a
Fruita In Seaton.
Meals at all Hours 35 cents,
mods delivered anywhere in Town
North Main Street.
Buffalo, . . . . . Wyoming.
Stuck to iia.litro at one dollar per
luoutli at toy raueli, Iwo tnllcH from
Uußalo. Cvu.kh Watt.
How to
Get Rielle
/Never spend over half yourk -
I earnings for your ordinaryL^^
^living expenses r
The extraordinary expenses
incident to sickness and emer
gencies will consume half the
remainder. The other one
fourth jou should save and
invest in sheep, cattle or any
thing that will bring you in
crease and time will surelv
make you independent
First NaM Bank,
Organized in 1883.
Foreign and Domestic Exchange Bought and Sold
Buiness of Non-Residents Carefully Transacted.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
C. J. HOGERSON, I’re.idcut. W. J. THOM, CuUler.
The best bargains in
Christmas Bills
are at PROCTORS.
We will not be undersold. Try us.
You Cant
a WHte PtaM tNai a ]
Crow’s Tall, nor a goog ’
Bicycle from Caattaaa. I
^7) Vk MONARCH |
u *“ <
■ Every )
F Inch a
S Bicycle!
We want bright I ]
business men I I
to represent US
everywhere. j ,
Chicago NowVecfc Laaßan. I
Send nine two-c«nt stamp* for Minard ’
Playing Cards. Regular gac carda. |
If you are looking for a bar
gain in newspapers call and
look at The VOICE list
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