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.| Namowat. Wax Wons Coonca
| TILCA ofthe Unied St
Zol 1. '_._ o BTR T~ gt TR Tee, G 10, 19, C1 [T S '“‘ ’
“Flu” Cases Numbered More Than 10,000,
But Less Thaw 4,000 Being Treated
B L No;v——F#w New’ Cases. |
- Meade hl3 hoad its hour of trial
- No greaier| icai of tho fidelity’ aand
. patriotisn of iis soldiers and wel
. t&lfe \QOflTOt,; could have boen held
. gven upofi the rcid of hatila than in
4 the epirdeni: vow happily '[”-yl_t its
S "th ,11x?),,%*',‘ encouragiong newd~of tho
éj.},widemic carme, yesterday when. it was
“ #tated by the division surgeon (hat al
& h 10,600 ¢a.ics had developed, less
- 4han 4,000 -were (hen being: ‘tgeated.
; g tgon
- Very few uv-w casea have been’ noted
égfilflhtwo.gg thred days. About 300
. Mmen kgve ded within the Jadt:
" woeks. o ol iwo
ifi’%*’”’ burden. of course, haa -fallen
> 'i,mt upen (he lerder of the lish
- Division, Gen Corter, and upon {he -
~ camp commander, Gen Gaston, Theso .
. men have iaintiined a vigilance
Wh has . been excéllent, .and,; a
4;% pughtfulneas for the sulfering aén.
Se ‘ their ielatives which haw - Bgan
*+ Sraly the part of Christian ge.&gw,,
£ P 7- L 2 an.
©s ¢+ Flags ot Half Mast, ;31
.+ Nething . has been too mugh for
~ thed commonders (0 dO in begqtt of
. their men., While specific cwmm
- not e mentioned, it is sufct to’
+i.ghow their attitude by saying: ghat
“'flag g'th,e division and tmarpg
- ments‘have been ordered at hglf-roast
. and the Yoas o° each individual &o!l
--/. dier-has added to their GOrrowieven
- @Blt affected tho loved ones at hame
i fThis genérat disposition to be hblp -
.. ful has been reflected in- tho mgts
~ played by the ling officers who l}évo
© gverywhers diaplayed o -courkesy
Moward the visiting relatives which
; Wéen dévoid of selfish interest and
- < filleo. with ynstiniing service. Aw in
. g‘:fmp of this thing waa afforded by
Becrotary 2 McWitliams of the
g who Lias spent much tima among
. the very sick pationts in the hos
e . He was approached by an of
iflger of the 33d .A, who satd, -
* . Wantéd to 3hicld Thenu *
© i "] geeyou have with you some rels
tives of dnp of my men who has juat
died. Pleasc sec (hat they do nof go
| pack .to th: hospital. It i 3 hard
“enough on us in yjhe Army; for. clvil
" fans it is too reuch to ask that they
. be submitted tv much of thig.” ;
- An old farmer whose son” had been
" gared for by a ‘¥ man was leaving
* the station.after the death of the boy.
E‘*fi turned to ihe seeretary and offered
- %im $2 to be devoted to association
- work a8 an expression of his appre-’
. eiatlon. The money was refused, of
g;,; course, but-the secretary felt that his
ng‘k had lot been in vain. ~ ¢
7+ ’ln " anothor Instance o wealthy
. “fother from Fhiladelphia wished o
special bit“o? foed for her aick bhoy:
" and, this having boen obtained, sho
. . wished to pay for the sogvice. When
- money was said not to be acceptable
~ she urged cigari of “anything,” 88
" ghe said, td show that she foil grate
* ful. The spoech wis all that waa de
- pired of ber. - . -4 ¥ -
\* Becretary. Harhoid, the educational
. director for the “V,” was very active
.~ in behalf of tho sick and those who
. came with teara in their eyes to in
" guire of their loved ones’ conditlon.
. Becretary Blanley of the' V-hut con
. tracted the diserse hecauso he felt if
.. to be hls daly to walf on tho sick
© Fortunately, he had o mild cage. 2.nd
:18 _now getting about agaill. .
= . Chaplain Martys,
" Chaplpin MECarthy of the 714 t In-
‘fantry, a Catholic priest, died Samday
-of pneuwmonia! His death came’fn the
. line of duty: he was giving the !laat
. -rites of his lchurch to dying Juen
' when he humaclf was stricken, : .
- Amnother chaplain, Ideut. Alexandor,
. 1a quite sick. 'He, (00, was busy’ with
. Chaplain Alfen of the 211th: Wieid
.~ Bigasal Corps Chaplain Hester aft the
¢ - Pepot Brigada nnd others, Catholic
S 3'l%¢~Proteat:xs“=: atiice, who were loolk
# img out for the apiritual as”well 83
- ““the materiai antercsis of tho suffer
%' men 2ud ¥ or C. secretaries
_Swere ever resdy (o lend a hand or
_give a checring message. They wore
?Mkl or they did not, according fo
: kgj%oflihcs at hand. An instance of
_how :they felt s iliustrated in the
S Xufla of onc secreiary who called the
" - division surgcon’s office to find oul
"““‘g“ sgould serve merely as an order
e A ”’%9 wanied to be of some usd
”w rying time’ 3
- S Ma yf“r;men hfive tgo(r)xtuotedt‘ the
. digease, and one K. 0 .- secrefary,
”g:;un: McGinaity, died of it Sun
. Ay worsifg. i Leds o
i H ¢ Spirit General, ./}
GRS S i AT "‘;“dk‘J S
i e 3 ot - vt £¢ the iri
di*d F :w ?’j e E\M“‘yu"’:a ,4_: v St
22 5 - ' :
derlies, 1t infmv. to mee ihat tho dpi
demic might have atthined propor
tions not easity meanured. ~~ - .. |
At one time noearly a (hird of the -
pursges were 1 and unable Lo serve,
while the remainder carried on fhe
worle without thaught of theiw own )
welfare. SBome loat their lives
The miotto of the Army and tha wal
fare workers was “Nothing is° too |
gpod Jor the asoldiers,” and a touch |
of kindness was. added to every 80l
oL gorvice 2 *
In the midst of this suffering Cens.
Carter and - Gaston -maintained the .
milibary ‘drills and the morale of the™
Army was kept on a high plana. Aih
_lotics werd promoted by the “Y”- snd |
olher agoncies with wonderful g -
sults, g - Ly
. % s i i R e S S OONETS
: - ; !
-e {
‘ = ]
00l i . % ‘
Capt. T. C.'Hays, Medical Corps,
L : ok s ey -
.. ‘Has Phyaicign-Bon in = [
Rd RN 504 v @ i
;.. AErance. oyl
While Capt ' Theedors C. Hays in
gorving hid ~cuu,n€;\y,, in Camp Megade
‘and incidentally glving a.gdod ac
count of himself in tke “flu” eptdemic,
ke has a son lying wounded in France.
The son is Lieut. Verne Haya of the
sed DHVISIDE, ~ = 7w oo e
Both are physicians and practiced
together 'in Canton, iill, before the
Wal, T - Sl e 2 wl g TNI
“j got into the fight'’ said the cap
tain, after' my son chlisted, a8 [ felt,
that I could not afford to ignore my
country's call for doctors. -1 had beer
teaching in o imedical and chirurgical
achook hut pust. cloded up my offize
ond Tleft"” . . '
- Devotion to Son,
Tha captain's gense of pl(r(oLi.u is
rone the less than his devotion to his
son who was reported wounded in the
recent dispatches from Gen, Pershing,
As the %a,;nily had redeived a létier
_from Lieut. Hays saying that he had .
been “gassed” in August and that he
was, just. recoyering and leaving 9.,
Jhospital, whi{%' the governmeént gu!-.‘
12tin Atated -that the boy. had been.
wounded on’ the same day. as he bhim
pelf -had described in’ the ‘jetter,” thoe -
family thinks that the box is gafe. -
_ “L am willing” to pay a,bv price to
" find out my bßoy's condition,”, said ‘the
~€aptain, siid the Red £ross s now tryr--
“ing fo find out for bim just what ‘ia
- his son’s condilion. P lT T IN g
. Capt. Hays contfacted the “flu”
while“serving_in the épldemic, but ia.
- now gétting bétter and he is dn tHs
- job again . .
. eSt st e eet eey
g * . 4 2 :
- Gets Five-Day Pass and Corporal’z
Chevrons, Too. .
‘Two. things happened o “Bob”
Cogdwin, -the “Column .Right”. man of
the' 12th Battalion—he got 8 corpordt
ghip-and a2 pass to Philadelphia. - - -
- *Tust which will have the worst ef-
feet on the humorous lad is not pre
“dicted, but it isc:yinted rather strongzly
that the 47th Company, where ho lis
now sitationed, will bave to step pretty
lively when he returns from contact
. with admirerd in-the north
- Bob's following, in camp ond out, {3
. Jarse, but his frienda are concerned
. ‘Jesf ‘he has to hire a corps of stenog
r }lnh’:l‘fi to ZL.K-"‘WGT’ his correspondence
] L ——————————————————————
Ve ¥ voa : s i
, Games and Speech fo Mark “Lib
- s
, - erty Day.”
: &enator Ashurst of Arizona wilt 24d
. dreas Meade aomaiers on the main drill
- field from the open-air stand at 10
) a.m_ ‘Saturday. He will be the prin
_cipal . attragtion iln: the liberty day
o .gelebratien.” - - . g o :
-~ Cago balk will be played in the
" afternoon, 100 men from the division
- belng _ d- by 100 men from the
~other. camp units. =LA M R-GBUDALY.
* riin will hays several hundred entried.
‘l\' 211 , AL 8 - Oy f B f'fié“i‘_f
But B,'lovie Boy Invents Clever Way
-of Making Rough .
<. Qcesti, . :
Teying €o take thdchecr o'f moviea
to the reatricted bdrracks for thq
Y. M. C. A, Adaom Blogase, chlef més”
thanic of the enlidted men's Moving
T'icture ¥ixhibitors' "~ Agsociation, = dis
covered (xt by tilting the portable pro
jector bafk and forth during sea socned
Lo could givo the effect of rough
weather; The other night ho had hias
audience gaoping with wonder, agklng,
one another if their croasing could pds
sibly be aa rough’as pictured.’ Sudden-;
Iy the. scene changed to the interior
of o jall, and Blgsse, caught nappiog,
continued “tha rocking To this day
many of the sudience think they
caught a taste of seasickness. = - .
© Liombardi tella’of the terror of a non-
Inglish' Apcaking - member of the
Taclamation Pétachment. - The soldier .
ran up, and between- pants for breath
exclaimed, “This war nefer will be
ofor. Some ond tell-a mé Amefics i 3
going to fight United States!”
-.-o * % * .
.. . Mokes Him Poetic. .
. Here i 3 the Mhteat from the pen of
Poat-laureite and Hergt. (first closd) -
Stgegkmt of the schoel - for ‘hakors and
When you'ro thinking of your sweetheart,
- And ‘your work is nestly through, )
Then- guddendy you reslize- - 15 )
You're down with SpanisH fu,
Attt hetit: = L 4 Noantk
When you fhink that thinga are breakiog right,
With good news In store for you,
Then you get a letlec from your pirt i
.Wilh pews: ‘'f've got (he fu* -
Yep, tha}'a !.’:.-11. s . A
'Too Muci. “'}T\Ltfill;,f' :
* Ono day 2 lad with o suggestion of
too much vanilla extratt entered V hut
Confronted’ by a gecretary, who was so
surprised at sceing o, ‘woklier “carrying
Huch s, burdén, the -ataggering fellow
tutned and, fled, But being hungry for
tha gight of near-homo surroundings ho
entered by ahother: ddor, only to find
the same socretary passing that en
trance,- and this disciple of John Bar
loycorn tdok to his heels again, Onca
more he tried and this time found still
another entrance and agnin tho -same
secretary. Thls was too much, and
straightening himself after o. fashion, ex
cllamed, “ley, arg you in charge of all
Siow MO, Ag in compll, -
SISy LU 0. PR W NE . - VRI R O A . -
“The vigiting, members of the Southern
Clgh, walting for -the ‘quarantine to. HFL .
the han on' gathorings, wonder why Bec
réfary Bloxhdm: hag quit wearing his .
haic 2 12 pompadour, y
o ————
Martin J, MoGinnity a Vietim of
' Poeumonia Epidemic,
Mactin J. MCGinnity, for (he paat
four montha Wnights of Columbusa
pecretary at the bufilding, Qied sun.- .
day, October 6, at the base hospital,
of pneumonia, supérinduced by iaflu~
enza. Mr. McGinnity had been in tho
hospital since Bunday, September 29,
Ho had been on ihe border with the
Kansad National Guard, and since tho
declaration of wor way a member of
the 137th Machiiic Gun Battalion at -
Fort Sill, Indians, but because of an - g
injury to bis knee was discharged, }
and then came into the Fnights of
Columbus work 3
Ye ig survived by -his wife, who has -
been living 'in Baltimoro since her
“husbhband has been in this camp, and
by his mother, Mcs Hoalen McGinnity
of New Yorl city. "t
ii 3 body was removed (0 New York,
e————— . -<Aet e e e .
o Mother, :
BT BERT CAVAIAAZZT, 24 3., 54th D, B,
Mother, tha sweeteat word of 'tbem all,
¥rom a boy kncetigh, untit the day you Jie,
She's the ome you love mosi of all.
“Mother—goe, ~what 8 preity pame,
And to think that somc boys forget hor —oh,
what & ghame!
When_ehic is old and gisy and all alone,
Many times she weeps for, the boy that aho
. once won, e
SO, don’t forget hor, boya, if you're over here
or_over there so_far, g s
Always weite to your moinor, oy miatter where
.t 7oe ere. ‘
- Chalienge for Voliey Ball. -
’ , eSP ok o v%‘gg%gfi‘%l 'il o A’“,.
e o e aam of (te Kl e
i 5 5 5 . &> 'Qr‘g £ ;&ww e
e ‘ T
MORE MN Im’WMEN T?:i;t". o
Camp -Meade Shakes Off Its Baby Cloth
- and Prepares for Greater Stridé '
'ward ‘a “Lasting Peace.” @l
. -
Camp Mecrvie was juat beglaning to
get ita baby eyes -open thig time last |
year and the mighty idfluenece which It
has since.bad on the world war wad
ouly a matier for conjecture ‘
“Bince ODetober 1,71917, more than 100,-
000 men have gone forth or ready to
go forth _to fight in the army of.freo:
dom., L.ong before the 79th Divislon
salled for France (o cacly Juiy almost -
asd many men had preceded in small
detachments, or-am units ‘of other di
visions to” which they had been aent
on “last minute” notices, v
: + Three Generals, b
Threo commanders- have hold , the
réing in Meade, the first being Ma).,
Gen. Joseph Tu. Kuhn of the 79th; the
second, Brig. Gen. Joseph A. Gaston)
Sgow camp commander), and Maj. Gen,
oase Mcl. Carter of t%e lith Divigion.
Bhch of these officérs had a fine record
of achievement and the men under
their charge have felt the pdwerfil
tmpetus of thele,pregepod. - . -
In | tggnorsazna‘t‘lon. of the canip the
'fiqvern ent dévoted its beat efl'oru,%_g'
the soldiers to be tralned here wero
be near the National ‘Capital and con-!
sequently might be expeoted to gorvo .
a8 a model for the other cantonments,
Thirly square niiles of land, mostiy
sandy areas espgcially suitable” for
military ' purposés, wére placed at the
dispoesal:of the plapners and before
the winter months set in the harracks
snd othor buildings were réady for 00~
CUPSBOy,. . o 1 & “ -
© -~ Very. Few *“Enockers.”
LAttle complgint has been heard any -
where of the managzement of the camp
~or of ‘the conditions which surrgund ff,
Despite some grumbling on the part
of .persons .who thought they -‘should
have o ten-iminute car service 1o Bal
timore, the Washingion, Baltimore and
Annapolis electric line has maiantained
a, half-hour schedule here mosl af the
day with almost unpnralleled regular
ity and success. 1f any complaint was
justified the company . wad npot to
blame, generally, as war conditigng
made it fimpossible to obtain new
equipment. g . e
The Baltimore and Ohio and tho
Penngylvania railroads operate-omn tho
-eastern and weatern® bordegs. of tho
camyp, end :maintain frelght service
which I 3 quite” unsurpadßed in this
Aig it go I APN ig s AN P
¥it o iA A eiy
. BY SHACK., - - 7
For hours and hodra be has
tossed on his cot at the Base Hos-.
pital,~ suffering’ from fnfluenza.
His brow i 3 nt fever heat, every
"bone in his body aches, his lips .
are parched, hia bregthing is un-.
steadV. A visiitor 95ks him bhow
he's feeling. 3
His reply comes like a flash,
“You can’t’ knock me out. You
bet I'm going to gat well.”
Get this! The boy hid a gol —~
complete recovery.
Tallz it over with’ yourself.right
now, men, What's your goal ia
this wat gime” What's your in
dividual purpos behind your mil
itary life? - g 5
“An overséys horo will toll you
thit orders are issued €9 reach
_a certain objective. And the
fghting nzver Alows up “for o
minufa untik that objective (3
reached, :
. Men of Meada, havae your gol -
well fixed in youc mind, the goal
of victory - Keep .that 03l ever
hefore you. MNever forgzt the Lusi
tania, the crucifixion of ouc, sol
diers, tha nuns and priests, the
wives, mothers and children of
France and Bzigium,; the hospital
ships, the ~B2d Cross buildings.
Those horrors must be svenged'
“Take a tip from the boy at the
hospitai. He is fighting a glorious
fight with ong object in his heart
‘and mind—récovery. .
A b b
St S v T
country. The' troog moven M‘*‘ L
been handled with great expodition
Prior_to the’coming of the Anfin
epidemic the camp had o health &4
which was nearly at the top !”
It was maintained at app o Ltm St
ten or twelve ‘sick to every I,OOOOM
dierd. s e e TR S |
I'rom a military gtandpoint the
cipal addition to the 'camp has i
the Signal eggps section
completion, his will provide 108
‘training of I£,ooo men ff, Yis
at onoe timeé, A school for OISR
the corpa hias also been provitied
a plan for turning out 400 GoRMENN
sion®4 men every thrée monti ";E‘* :
“ i Ce e;j
. .Started With mn;d:hi .
.When- Meade was openéd ‘Clge
was right on the job. Secrétety
soMcKim had his men working |
while in tents; but soon fine it W
“butlt,r and- seorctartes ‘put on & COR
vrohengive program of réliglof b |
¢ation, entertalnmeéent ond At
which .has b&on maintained Bte
ever since. 1 AV
The :“¥* how has ten huts 1
tent [n active service and the & .
.men will ‘soofl have' the. use of*
néw onos. Besides these arethe.
auditortum®, and. - the admißlStN
building, including the ofcoßs &
B fiu the wellare worlk the Knlghilon
Columbus also’ have beon active: TRss
buildings have been provided fors
careying omn of thelr wog."’
ish . Welfare * Board has the |
White House, with which 4§ SOF
the - moldlers and provides relig
pacvices for.men of tho Jowisi £A
’ % e oA
The Newspa pers.\ e
Trench and Comp is now al the
ginning of ity second m‘@&,
soldiers and their friends haye
benefit of fifty-twe numbers,” &
editorial policy always hag DESE
provido ecatertainment and LSEOH ,
tion in a.ttru,ch{ve form, and to°
the door open for suggecstions N
way of posasible imgrovepfl!&j
paper ig provided free by the #¥%
the Washinglon Sq‘a.r, Another &
dierg': paper, run by pri -';‘g’i;iw
easls, is the Comp Meade Her *f,;x, v
Tho Red Cross has been ey
bohalf of the, soldlers’ (ntereats
maintains a house for convaleseomn
homo for nurses ond a staff D W
éra, who lodlz out for . the Nl
.troubles at heffic of the men "Sop
hére in Uncle Sam's Army, - &
| T
- > - ;a%{%
Rewount and 63d BO;I
- With “Wild West” ===
‘ Show, - "
just to prove that tha “Au’™ Gof
not dampen their spirits, h& ny b
from the rémount ata.tion,‘rw:"f
63d Infantry took part Sunday M
noon in 3 rough riding .and V‘ g
hibition that win worthy of af
wost” show ; v T
It was staged on the north &ide
the 63d Infaniry barracks and M
soldiers and visitors onjoyed”
sport. w2O G
Two of tha cleverest riders W
-~Bergt. Clark Parr of the el
and Sergt.” Charles Cushwa oF
P -samo siation. These boys did &8
fancy “busling’” that was res I£‘£
while, Tho latter is a cousin of
Victor Cullen, superinfendentt ol
Stats Tuberculoss Sanitariumg &€
biitagville, Md, R
~° " And the Mule Butked,
. Corp. Bpencer came through wit
fittle bucking mule that ,"*7.;’; A
the crowd wild weh delight
! mule waa fractious, but “%
made himsell too disagrees fi
Carl Romig did some roping
wa3 thought to he well done. XE
50 clevor, at aany rate, that |
offered to tey to do bhetter. . &
. - Corp. Boaton wos right Chers
Roman riding and others S
" that two or theee horses Cam |
~den 28 oasily a8 ons. All this.
| yiding that the ider cnowa s
] uég: ‘.: v:‘-'z,.:l g 7 3
;@fii d
“ Ly
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