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nmieiuo (vif.y TiiritfDAV mok.m.no,
tuffion UretI—COLVMLIA. tV L.
P»r annum, In adranc* S'* 9!'
Hi* mouths
Three month* *
Single number*
Paperssuppliedto AgenUat *o> OOpei lOOcople*.
Terras UvrVUstqg.
qmiquare,*enli »*, IrtiaserUon III*
ach labeeq »ent insertion 1 W
Totiio-e «h« advertise by tbe men*h a liberal
eduction will be rfiale~||dS
•**Alltnui'len* nflTerti*ing miHrt be paid forinAp
TAKCE ; and regular aVverliscthi’.'e requited to settle
Job Printings
Having furnished bar r!Ec'“ CT
With * new and naan ttfhl assortment
•f printing material, we are now nr»
pared to execute every de-criptlo.i of j^Sasneflr
.Pkia and Fancv Jtfb Printing UU!
In a neat, workmanlike manner, at •b'ert notice
and on reasonable terms.—suchka
boosS. TA-rni.FT?,
jgw All tnh work mint be pil'd fnr nVn d'K-ered
• *. gosuaM. Columbia. K. u. PJIKKFR. ytotLton
■'wrnoLiSAi.E ant* kitail
Hardware, crockery,
China and Glass War a, Mechanics’ and
n i’laaplemiints. &c
■it deli •■red Ft i t i,f charge.
and tiinmHlnr nt Law,
notary TVbuc.
■«t C* lambi*. July IF, 1553.-tf.
'.UWIN ; M. D
■>! service* a- f%V.->ian an 5
•a.i* tol ufcVa .v* 1 vio aly
.■xaibot:. je..O
et: ss »
the s; reels,
jd .ViTrer* 1 Tree
ESIPENCB—'On Gold drect
JaeLaon aireeJta—Coirmki.
bvtooaG Ste.ie end
DR. manning
Has resumed the
tie* of Lin yTofe«ai«o.
o«c*-At hi* re«id?nce, in the Adobe
Alain street—cVros/. Cel.
PuiLßnr. on
Attetney ar.d fcmiiellor at Law.
OFFICE oa Fulics. be" veoo Ma : n S’rne - and t’.toal
- Coiujntm Feb. 10, 1553.—1 f.
SAM BOOSE , Proprietor.
A So, 1 Liquor* at One Qlt per Glass.
O. H. At.tiEN,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
And Notary ?i\biic.
OFTTfT to Justice Galvin's i f"W. fn.a'e street
■Columbia. Jao. 20.1.159.-tf.
straws flat.
OFFERS h’< n .'oGxsion* 1 service* as Fh»s!-lan and
'iireeon to '.Vie veaidenU 0! Tuolumne country.
March 27 '5B. tf.
MRX. LlliltTFOl IT desire* to inform
1 1 and th- public
till k.M t-i.s old established
where single gentlnrnen or farnilies rati h* Ac.
rammodated with hoard and lodging equal to
iB/ Hotel in the city, and at prices to suit
Homestead For Sale.
THE undersigned, lieing desirous of return.
ioj? ta the Atbio'ic Sts'es, oTcrs for sale, nr.
reasonable ‘erms. th» Dwelling House nnd Lot
next adjoining the t)r,i(? Fiore of I>r (ir 1 res. on Pr <a A
wer Columbia. The house id well h lilt and (InNlvn
In Co'ivt* s’yle and .unable f or a 7«nte.*! family. Fo
terms of sale apply on the prenv-e.. to
WOTICE.—-Fifty dollars reward will h
•aid far the recovery of the Coosahle Docket of the
hte John Le*rv. The hut seen of it was at the Cf»m
Room of Justice Galvin. ELIZABETH C. LEAKY.
NnUa, May oth. UN. tf*
A t’uiuutblA l ocal
IT M * IIT TiT U)t.
Then’s IM«; it a butcher here,
11' T «m not mi»t tken ;
He'd like tu have I:is berf mil m
The |• lace of pork and bacon,
If I*dirs have not steak enough
As»if-nce be cap rentier.
And though his hc-^fi> rather lough,
liiw heart is very tender,
I'm happy to fee Sunburn here,
A f>lend from h’piingfield balling,
And one whoee friendship, like his beef,
la neVer dry or failing,
The greatest blessing in this life,
Have fairly round him centered,
He' s got a paradise on earth
Where Sa’Un never entered.
If yon desire to goto law,
1 !l tell yort how its done sirs,
fry Ovl in. of the Peace,
The case shmiM be begun airi.
x x»v.
Then is your aat> a knotty one,
And do yon wish to gain it,
C»et Cavi*. or friend Alien hero,
To welt in and tkplaia it,
x x V.
Tiiere’t keeps the stable hare
A t;d well he mind* his exiling,
Not into shafts, hnl into love,
Tney say he’a often falling,
x x vi.
Wherever pretty ladies are
He s »erv sure to hover.
And if a lady smiles on him
He’s very sure to love her.
Some ladies like n man, because
He’* sociable and funtiv;
SomelaJ.es ; ike a man. because
He may hive lots of monev.
Some ladies like a mart, because
Thev fancy he is wittv.
Sut all like Jun McDonald here,
Because they think he’s pretty.
In speaking of v our n»ved men.
I’ll not forget frien 1 Bena elf.
\\ Ins when he gets a so.»d jjei
Don’t even *t *p to pen i v „
frut first to get it into type
He is ambitious, very,
And could you see his office (loofr
\ ou d caM hi* litter ary.
There’s Haskell and friend Holding herfe
At** quite a busi; esa draw iug,
so suit their many customers,
You’ll find them always stiiviug.
That they are honest I’ve no doubt,
And upright in their dealing.
And yet the miners pints about,
•T is said ihcy re fond of steeling,
[T > «■ e.i.vnxru) I
Ttir- .Yi vcr W ..p.
It is a striking t.ict—the dying never
vv&t-j*. 1 hi? circle of sobbing, agon'Sed
ht-aitr* around. product! tut one Uar
is i; that be is in-n-iide and -.tiff al
ready nidi die thill *»f dissolution r
I ui rnntiot he, f-*r h.» asks tor his
father s hand, as i; to gain strength iu
tlu* mortal st Uggb*, ami leans oil the
breast ol mother, brother or si-trr, with*
still coit?cion» aff. ciiou ; and jusi htdorc
tipping. at tVr, sllri a lcij«» i.iy’s coij
verse wit li the Angel ol Su;mni ns. be
says to bi>* rlier brother—die la>l aud
lole flood night of earth —“ Ki-s me
kiss me!” it must not be because the
'lying have reached a point too deep
lor tardily crying and weeping. They
arc face to iace with higher "and Imlit r
beings with the hatfur in Heaven,and
his angel throng, led on by the Son
Himself, and ttrljat are the grids of a
morning, tears of a dung farewdl—be
it that they ate shed by the dearest oh
earth —in that vision brig! tof iumiortul
life and evbrlaflfing reunion.
THe miners on Walker's river have
rgreed to admit Chinamen to work in
die mihes.
Trce as (josj»nt. — VVoi th hath been
mdenatfed ever since wealth was over
Good Advice.— Two things a man
should never ba angry at— he can
help, and what he can,U
ism^z^avi i FiuuHrsxCD.
a vrn>L v..nu.
A very Ion? time ago, in the western
part of tin rc live*! an aged
couple whose tone Lad pa-s-d a«-»y
since eU- ly youth ,- n the cvi jy day round
jof farm tile, ami who hid never ’been
{known to lia\e the B-iOt ill feeling
I towards each other since the time \vh< n
iel l Parson Harold haduutud t!»»in in
| tlie hoods of wedioek, twenty five y ftVs
before 80 well wi> tlm tact of th-ir
conjugal happiness known, that t! y
were spoken n? tat and near as l e
happie l pair known. Now, the Devil,
(exciw: rue ab.up: mention of his name)
had been trying lor lw* uty years to ma<-*
wi.at is 80 commonly Called “a fil s in
the family ” between these com pa ninth
But, much to Lis m- iuficatiou, be bad
not letn able to induce the old gentle*
man to pumble about breakfast Ling
too late unci*, or the Old :ady to give a
tingle curtain lecture. After repeated
effnta the Devil became discourage.l
and bad lie not been a person of great
ueici minutiou, lie would have, doubtless;
given up the woik ’n despair. < >nc day
as he walked along in a very surly mood
alin another attempt to gel the old
lady to quarrel about the pigs getting
into the yaid, he met an old woman, a
neighbor of the old couple. As Mr,
{)■ vil and the neighbor were vety par*
'ticular friends, they must needs stop on
the Way to chat a tittle.
•’Good in truing, sir,’’ said she, ‘and
jo-ay what makes you look so icowly
tbi* beautiful morning?' l*o’t rite con- j
trover*y b- tween the two churches doing :
good Service?”
“Isn’t Deacon W, making plenty of
good whi*ky?”
“ V es.* 1
“\Ve.l l what is the matter, my highly j
honored gcniic-man?”
•‘hiviryunug cite Is t’ f >ing rn Well
enough,’ replied ti.a Devil, “but s—l 5 —1
ana lie look-d as sour as a sick tuunk' y ;
>n a crab apple tree—'‘old Blueford j
and ills wife, over here,injuring the
cause Urtif-ly, ly their bad tx.iinple, I
and ati-r trying for y» ars to induce I
*.nem !o do Ktur, I niu*t s:iy that 1
consider them to be bopvb-ss ’’
i iie ol i hag stood for a moment in
leep thought “Are you sure that you
have tried them every way?”
“iivery way that. I cjd think of.”
“Aie you Certain.'”
•Ys ”
>\ ell,” said the, “if you will prom
ise to make me a present Ol a in w pair
oi shoes it I succeed, I will make the
ittcaijit my self, and see il I cant raise
a quarrel between them,”
i otuis reasonable request the Devil
gladly consented. The old Lag went
on her way 10 neighbor Bio-dorJ s bouse
and luuuu Mrs If busty «f;(/3p.,d in
atsiliag iningi rcr-ly f' 1 her husband's
-'Oiiit'ii ton his ictu.ii . ruin .‘ U i£, Attr r
the usual compliments had passed, the
loilutting dial- gue to k j.laco
"U til. I.it *l-1 l> y*l -u i Mr. B have
iVcd u iv»t-g itii-e 1 -ut l !i-. rr ’’
and l.vtnty years Com© n-xt
November, r q lii J Mrs B
“Ami ail uuv time you never had
;hc least quarrel?”
“Nut one.”
“I am truly glad to bear it replied ;
the hag. *-d Consider it my duty to 1
Wain you that though this may be the,
case, yet you must not expect it to be 1
eo id ways Have you observed of late j
thai .Mr. B. has grown peevk-h and tul- 1
I. n at time.*?”
“A very little eo,” observed Mr 3.
*‘l know it,” continued the hag, “and
li t me warn you iu time to bo ou your
goat a”
Alia B did think she had better dii (
80, aud asked advice how she had better j
manage the case
“HtiVe you not noticed.” Said the bag
‘that your husband has a hunch of long, ’
coarse hair growing on a mole, under
the cl.in, ou the side of the throat? ’
“Yes ”
“These arc the Cause of trouble, chd
its long as they remain you had better j
look out. Now, as a ineiid. [ would 1
adv.se. you to cut them the first time |
you get a chance, uad thus end the !
itounlo ”
“If you say so I will,” replied the
credulous old lady.
Soon after this the hag started for
home, aud made it convenient to meet
Air. U. on the way. Much the same
tuik in relation to his domestic happiness
passed between them as did between her
and the Wotnau.
Old Mr. If. was was very ranch as
teak;hud; yet he could not wholly dis«
credit her words—Winn he reacheu
home, he threw himself upon the bed
(in «»r> at perplexity and feigning sleep
siu iud over the matt, r in his •• wn mind
i His wire t: inking thus a good opportu
nity lor cutting olf the obnoxious hai
; took her husband V rr:fc,Vr. ami crept tolll,
'to lith side. Now the old lady w:s very
mu-*h frightened at “holding a iazu* so
, chiftC to her husband s throat, and Ik i
hand was not so steady as it once was;
so,"between llie two, she wint to wnik
I vtsy awkwardly and pulled the hairs iu
; « f cVl ol cutting them Mr I*. opened
j his eyes and there stood his wife, with
:a rzir a» his tlu’oat! Alter what had
j been told him, arid Feeing thi- he
; c..ui 1 not doubt tSiat she intended fo
‘ murder him. He sprang from the bed
in horror .arid no < splanatjon oren'reaty
! could convince hint to the contrary. So
jl’iom that time forth tliere was no in re
peace in that house. It wtsj.iw. j i.r,
quarrelling and wrangling a’l the lime.
! With d elight the Dovil heard of the
jsVtccass ol his laitlilul emissary, nn 1 sefi T
| her Word, that if she would meet him at
1 1 he end of the lawn, fit a certain time
he would pay her the shots
At the appointed time shu repaired |
to the spot .&. found the devil at (he p'ace I
He put the shoes on the rnd of a long i
polo, and. standing on the opposite side I
of the Luce, Landed thetn over to her
Bhe was very much pleased with them,!
they were exactly the article.
“id it there is one thing, Mr. Devil, j
I would like to have explained; that is :
why you hand them to me on a stick?”
cry easy to explain,” replied he.
l, any One who has the cunning and
meanness to do as you have done, don't
get nearer than twenty feet ofrnt!” So
saving hu fit d in terror.
After a while, the old woman died, 1
.and when -he applied (hr admittance to I
the lo.vt-r regions, the Devil would not
let her in, for f ar she might dethrone i
him, as stie was his superior So thej
od woman is yet compelled to wander j
over the world, creating quarreD and
strife iu peaceful families amt neighbor*
V» ould you like to know h-r name?
ft is Madame Scandal! When .she
died, her children, the young Scandal
iz re, where i-ft orphans, tut the Devil,
m considerati mof past service dun** by
the mother, adopt' d them; so you see j
he is the lather of that respectable class
called scandal-mdogers
An Editor With an Opinion.
The man who smpp isos that the bud
! ness of’ a new-paper eriitor is indiscrim
itiati Jv to praise everybody who arltr or
■' spi els the passing tribute of a “ puff
I ai v\ays fo appruvb and never to cou
demn, to run around the streets inquir
•ng this or that ririn’s opinions,
i lest lie shou’d accidentally fiiy sotrie
t *hin*r that s on ' Shallow bigot or brain
less driveler would fall to like or be
unable to comprehend, knows nothing of
| the true dignity, or of the duties of the
j editorial prubs-bn It is an editor’s
right. an ! it is Ins business to rut Jonh
i his opinions freely in regard to all mat
’ers that are before the public If he
j is such an echo of other inch's opinions
that lie has none of his own ; nr, it
j having then), lie has nor the moral cour
age to utter what he thinks, he won! I
do better td retire from the editorial
tripod, and give place to some man ca
pable of meeting the of
the bitUitinh.— litm>Lrat.
SENsf nvKNebs Sensitiveness, a
qualby ins*, pai able from a fide, sympn
tin tic nature, is yet a dangerous gift
M it!) inuny it is a great source of un
happiucs', sowing thorns between them
and their friends, imagining slights, and i
diligetnly rubbing every wounded place I
with nettles. To approach such people ■
is like treading among eggs. Every ;
word inu.it be guarded, and it is almost
a« dangerous to be silent as to speak
I hi.s is a morbid state of sensitiveness,
which can only bo corrected by habits
of -cM-reliance and charity, and by a
healthy occupation cf the mind.
ITr ; .v it Keht. A lady fiiend of
ours says the first time she *a> kissed
she felt like a big tub of roses swim
mi g iu honey, cologne, nutmegs and
cranberries. f*lia also felt something
running through her nerves on feet of
diinionJs, escorted by several little
flupids, in chariots drawn by angels,
shaded bv honeysuckles, and the whole
spread with melted rainbows.
A Differevoe.— There is a differ
ence between hatred and pity ; Pity is
a thing often avowed, but seldom felt ’
hatred is a thing often felt, but seldom,
if ever, avowed.
tiovr to Swveten tike Gala.
To tear George It'll tin “Drogj'V
story is worh a quart*r anytime. The
-torv is capital, lot it takes the man to
tell it —This ho do< s iu some such word*!
as these:
‘ I?** voo the d rugger?”
“Well, Impose so; I sell
“W.ill, hev you got any of this here
>c< , ii»ifi’ stuff as the gals pul ud their
* Oh! yes,” replied the dnijrgist;
* UVi), our gal gwinu to bo married,
and she gin me nine pence and the t Id
me to invest the hull "mount in seemin''
'toff, so’s to make her sweet, if I could
find some to suit; so if you’ve a mind.
I il j •«: sui«-'l 1 round ”
'I ho Yankee smelled around without
bviug suited, until the “drugger” got
tired of him, and faking down a Lottie
o! hartshorn, said:
‘*l’ve got a scentin’ stuff that w l! stilt
you. A single drop on a haokerchuJ"
wid >tay for weeks, and you can’t wash
it ou»; but to get the stronglh ol it, you
, must take a good big stfiell ’
“Is that s > mistei?. Wol!, just hold
on a nun it. till I get breath, and when I
say n«vs?r, yon put it under niysmdler ”
Lite hart* horn, of course, knocked the
lankee down, 'as liquor lias many a
man Do you suppose he got up and
smelt again, as the drunkard docs?
Not he; but. rolling up bis sleeves aud
doubling up bis fists, ho ‘■aid:
‘‘You made me smell that everlastin*
stuff, mister, and now I'll make you
smell are and brimstone!”
A. Touching tiiclrlerif.
Tlio following anecdote is related if
connection with the departure of one on
the regiments of the light infantry of
the guard. As the regiment vr is pass
ing near near the Place des Pyramids,
in the fine de Hivoli. a yoring runtime it*
leading by the hand a little girl, ajed
about sis yea's, 1< ft tire tank**, and en
tering the house at tire corner of tin*
place, a*k< d if die office of (he Secre
tary to »he Kmpress was tlsero. She
v»as answered in the affirmative, and
she s-ai-J
* Well, th* n. I leave you my child.
Take fur to the Kinptess, and {»•!! her
Mjj> sty that I know site will take care .
of her until my return from the war!”
And so saytng she s left the child The
Pmpreas, on being Informed of this inci
dent. gave orders that the child should
be taken care of until the return of tho
<*i ambling.
| What on earth is gained by this pu
erile, mean, arid diabdical practice?
Ft is unmanly, unwomanly, ungodly,
fool Mi, and demoralizing. Noshing is
i gabr d thereby—it is unsocial, disagree
able, cowardly, contemptible, and devil
ish. It is unworthy of man. woman or
child—of anything but funds or de
mons Show me a* habitual grumbler
and I wi ! ! show you a weak mind, an
unsocial, unhappy person. and a etna!!,
nnprogressive, stunted soul It is a
bal.it of the most injiuims tendency.
ood has surr atndod us with blessings
innumerable, given us every cause to be
thankful, and a repining, grumbling
spiii r is rebellious and insulting toward
iliC Most ULh. Let no grumbler im
agine himself pious; piety makes men
i* a Pf7- .
A Comparison —Man is s‘rcng—
woman is beautiful. Mari is daring and
coi.flicnt —woman is and uua *
suming. Man is g: vat iii action—wo
man in suffering Man tddues abroad
—woman at home. Man talks to con
vince—woman to persuade, to please.
Man has a rugged heart—woman a soft
and lender one. Mao prevents misery
woman relievos it Manilas science
—woman taste Man has judgment—
womau sensibility. Mari is a being of
# * **
justice—woman of riiercy.
Sleep --Women require more sleep
than men, and fanners less than those
engaged in any other occupation. Edit
ors, reporters, jointers, and telegraph
operators need no sleep at all. Law
\crs can sleep as much a:; they choose
and they will thus be kept out of mis
chief Clergymen are allowed to slctp
twi uty-fi.or hours, ad to put their par
ish to sleep once a week.
The everlasting bills will crumble to
dust, but the influence of a good rianie
will never die. The earth will grow
old and porlsh, but virtue in the heart
viiil be ever green and flourish through
out eternity The sun will be blown
out, and roll from the heavens, the moon
and stars will grow dim, but true and
undeflled religion will grow brighter,
and not ccaso as long as God himself
shall enduro.
iKiuucrndo Pint form.
I Itftofred, That the Democracy of
California. in Convention assembled
Jgaai reiterate their firm dcferninalion
to stand by and maintain in all their in*
tejjrity the yds*. just and liberal prio
cipltsj* enunciated in the Cincinnati plat
form by the Democratic parry of the
Rrs'h'id, That the organized Terri
tories of the United States, although not
endowed with all the attributes of sover
ign'y. are yet justly entitled to the
n-Jit of self-government and the undis
turbed regulation of their domestic and
local affairs, su! j ct to the Constitution
of the United states; and that any at
tempt hy (Congress or any of the States,
to establish, pr >hibit, or abolish the re
lation of muster or slave iu a Territory;
would bo a departure from the Original
doctrine of our American institutions,
arid that we adhere immovably to thii
principle of 11 non-intervention” by
Congress, with Slavery iu the States and
I'oi ritorica. a< declared in the “Kansas
Nebraska Dill,” and openly disc aim
fellowship with those, whether at the
South, the North, or the West, who
counsel tho abandonment, limitation or
avoidance ot that principle.
RJ: solved , That the vigor and ef
ficiency of the present Democratic Ad
ministration, manifested in the adjust
ment of our difficulties with Great
Dritain in regard to the right of search;
in the prompt and success ul redress .of
wrong* inflicted upon us by the govern
ment of Paraguay ; tho decisive sup
pression of tho r< belliou in Utah ; id
the enforcement of the neutrality laws »
jin the impartial execution of the Acti
iof Congiees for the Suppression of the
(.African shtvc trade, and for the reni
cition of fugitive slaves, commands our
cordial approbation, and we have full
confidence in it's ab.liiy end inclinatiod
ro protect the lights of oar citizens and
uphold the honor of cur flag.
Resolved, 'f'hnr the Republican party
of the State of Massachusetts
inomporating in their Constitution 4
provision requiring of the naturalized
ci*iz n* a residence of two years alte
naturalization in order to enjoy the
right, of suffrage, or the piivilege of
noiding « ffiee, and yet,at the same time,
allowing those piivlieges own to tho
fugitive slaves upon a residence of on*
year, attempted to degrade the foreign
white man below the level of the negrd
and the mulatto, nod that we, the De«i
mocracy of California, utterly repudi
ate such infamous doctrines.
Retched, That the persis'ent effort to
force upon (be National Democracy the
stigma of a design to legislate through
Congress a ‘‘Slave Code’’ for tho Ter
ritories, is but a dcepeiute trick of un
principled and renegade politician* to
divert popular attention from their own
base and disorganizing purposes.
Resolved, 1 bat we deem the ppeedy
construction of the Pacific Railroad a
national necessity, and again earnestly
urge upon Congress and the states their
duty of Co-operation lor that purpose.
liesdred, 1 hat it D the duty of the
General Government to stand by and
sustain the Oveiland Mails, to success
fully put in op- l alien Ly a Democrat!*
I!rsolved, ’Hat the Democracy of
California again t»hd« r to the Admini*
nation of James Diuhauan o»r renew
ed pledge of support in maintaining the
nonor and integrity of the Union at home
and abroad.
Resolved, That we again extend to
the present Democratic Administration
of this State, our most cordial and ua
qua’ifled approval.
Military Faroe a/ tlic U. States*
This force is composed of nineteen,
'.regiments namely: Tire regiments of
j cavalry, four of artillery, and ten of
i infantry, making a totnl of 13 000 men
nod r arms —This little army protects
a tenitory us Ijirgo as ihu whole of
The cumber of commisncard ofeoerd
is about 1.10 ), comp-ising 100 army
« irgeons, B*4o officers from the military
school, and 2">o civilians Of this
number, 1,060 wi.re born in <be United
•States, 14 in Ireland, 8 iu France; C id
England, 3 in Germany, 2 in Scotland,
I in Austria, 4 iri Italy, 1 in Poland, I
in Spain, 1 in Cuba, I in Turkey, and
3 upon the ocean.
Is not this too Trne.
The gay will laugh
When thou, art gone, the solemn brood of out
JTol on, an t etch one os before will cbsM
Uia fsvocito jihaatom. [Qr^at]
IsO. 52.

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