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Industrial Review of the State
of California
Continued from wee >
fltive basis have been made, and one
consolidation of a number of import
ant Companies: is believed to be about
run sum ma ted. while several efforts
have failed of result*. There seems
n\ the present time to be the abnormal
condition of oil producer* anxious to
kell their product and of many consum
ers of fuel in San Francisco anxious
to secure oil. while the absence of pipe
lines and an organiird agency for
handling the product makes it impos
sible to get producer* and consumer*
together on a satisfactory ba*i*» Mean
while, many consumers of fuel in San
Fratici»co who had arranged to use i
oil are reported to be planning a re- j
turn to coal.
Looking well into :he future, how-;
ever.it is impossible to doubt that time '
will work its ends, ami that the oil in- j
dust ry will be one of the createst "i
duttricft in California.
Irrigation Project!
While there has been a vast amount
of talk of irrigation enterprise-* to be
promoted in the State, no new ventures
ol importance have been made, and
there are now, as a year ago, bat three
great irrigation projects in process of
execution in the State, two of these
being in San Diego county and one in
San Bernardino county. Of much im
portance, however, is the artesian well
development about Indio. in Riverside
The Arrowhead reservoir system,
u» the mountains above San Bernar
dino, was beguu about IS**O, ai»d is now
%lowly moving on toward completion.
the water to be available for the or
chards of the Upper Santa Ana valley.
Some years ago there was organized
in San Diego county the Southern Cal
ifornia Mountaiu Water Company.
Several fine reservoir sites were located
in the mountains between Imperial
and San Diego, and for many months
tnere has been great activity in build
ing dams and conduits for water, with
the result that the time i» close at
hand when water will be available for
several thousand acres of orchards in
the country about San Diego, while
the centralisation of water interests
in that region seems to have put an
end to a long series of unprofitable
contentions between representative*
of various interests.
As for the system of artesian wells
about Indio. il is too early to speak
definitely of the exact value of the
work being done. Much laud is being
brought under most profitable cul
tivation, and if the artesian water sup
ply does not become exhausted, as ha*
been the case with many artesian belts,
the Indiocountry will be one of the most
important acquisitions ever made by
Southern California.
Imperial System
One vcar ago the irrigation system
of the California Development coin
p«ny for irrigating the Imperial vallry
wa» but well begun. A va%t amount
of preliminary work, such as making
surveys had been dune, and dredgers
and teams were at work on the mam
canal- But in spite of all that had been
done before, the system as it stand*
tuday. so far as actual construction
goeifii mtlhly to be credited to the
year BOW closing. Whru our recall*
that the system embraces about 70
miles of main canal through Mexican
territory and more than twenty-five
miles through California, these canals
ranging from thirty to seventy feet
in width on the bottom, and that more
than I(V> milrsof UtcraU have tteen
Constructed* they being from ten to
twenty feet in width OH the bottOtt!«
it is evident that the year I**U isto
stand as most eminent in the con
struction of irrigation works.
The System il not just now in the
best condition for review, for one
must look a few days into the . future
10 see the completion of eight or nine
laterals and a main canal, all being
rapidly constructed to the north want
for the destination of water over 125.
CVO acres of land already filed on.
lvach of these is now uearing its tcr»
minus, from which it will spill its
waste water Into the Carter or New
river or Me*quite Uke. In considering
the years' work, it can bnly be by al
lowing the work to Up over Into the
new year a few days and by doing
that we have the completion of the
system toa point where it will irrigate
about 50,0 i» acres, with but compar
atively little work necessary to bring
the capacity up to 125,000 acres.
It is a conservative statement,
therefore, to vav that the work of the
California Development company
during I^*ol has amounted to placing
water on about sO.<X\) acre*, or in one
year making in the Imperial valley
the largest area of irrigated land in
Southern California. Even this, how
ever, is not all, for much of the work
done ha* been for the ultimate irri
gation of about 500.000 acres in the
valley, a grand total which it will take
several years, in all probability, to
In the creation of this system, two
towns have been established, and
though less than a year old. they are
thriving communities. Imperial and
Calexico arc pressing forward in de
veloping their resources, and several
other towns are expected to material
ize in the near future, several of them
now having existence on paper.
Greatest Achievement
Looking back over the above, the
query is a natural one. what is the
greatest achievement of California
during the year now closing? Pos
sibly it i* not an cany question for
everybody to answer, and there may
be tome diversity of opinion regarding '
the proper answer. Hut if we can take
as the baftis of our decision the promo
lion of the health, wealth and happi
ness of the greatest number of people,
holding that to be the greatest achieve- f
ment which most promotes these fac
tors of human experience, it would
seem that the greatest of all achieve
ments in California during the closing
year is the building of an irrigation
•ysteni to the point of wiping out 50. •
000 acres of desert, making possible
the creation of 1200 farm homes and
as many more homes in adjacent towns;
the possible placing of lO.OOOor 12,000
people in close touch with the soil.
where they can harvest the bounty of
nature with great profit to themselves;
the building up of a region which must
in year* to come have greater produc
tive power than any other full county
in Southern California; opening to the
wholesale business men of the larger
c.ties trade connections with a large
and prosperous community, and. fin
ally, the production in large quantities
of such commodities as the markets of
the whole country will demand from
'our peculiar climate.
The Imperial valley as a New Years 1
gift to California is not to be ignored.
llt is the greatest gift that has ever
I been made to the State and the great*
■ cst that in all the years to come can be
made. The valley is yet in its In*
'■ fancy. There are yet toil and time re
quired to bring it to fruition, but
| greater changes have here taken place
lin the last twelve mouths than were
before known in a section of Cilifor*
nia in a year.
I }s? I Coming this way? 1
Ri { ; I thtn you are interested tf!
jw ■♦♦♦l« In knowing bow to reach §$
I "" Imperial Settlement, 1
1 «New River Country |
i Take the S. P. train |
to Flowing We 115.... |
■ At I hl» point you get flrmt "cli«a.§ccoinniod*tloni..al the McCAtJt/- /»
| 5 LEY HOUBR, G. W. McCaullcy, the proprietor, run* v regular ygt
S 9 «tai:c line from that place to Imperial, leaving Flowing Well* at M
* | 7:30 a. m. on Monday. Wedncwlay and Friday, returning the follow- mZ
8j inirdayn. nj
Us Special teams and rijr* arc alao kept in rcadinc»» for any other day, gj
iH and will take you to any part of the country. |jg
j{S The only direct route to the Carri»o Creek oil field* went of Flowing V
£9 Well*. Thin Jitagc line i» equipped with riK'» and team* that arc C^j
x unexcelled. Q£
S Kmkbofi'Cuzntr %
S Mill & Lumber (& S
9 ..h V p.T« A w T -« Main Office Cor. Alamtdi * Maty Sts f
,a* COMONA. MBAOINA. ■ _ AlVir^iri CO OA I &
IPlil oatsf Barle > r ' Wheat ' Alfalfa, Millet. | _1
IPViuIuS Clean, reliable stock. Send fur JJK&TjI
|^|3f| Seeds. Plants and Bulbs s^^l
K^ffiJM A a complete st.Kk of Poultry ami lice ££/T g
Kfi^|fi| Supplies.. Write for Catalogue. fVjS!
GERMAIN SEED & PUNT CO., Us Angeles, Cal (sSpj
Water at Your Service
in January.
Prepare for it by ditching, smooth-
ing and Mccding your land.
We will be pleased to estimate the
cost of *uch work, and do it for you
reasonably and thoroughly. We can
furnish alfalfa seed. Write to or call
Imperial. Cal.
Take your business in the
U.S. Laricl Office
Filing*, Contests, Final Proof, etc.
Ucst of references. Terms moderate.
907 fourth 5U StM 01100, CAI.
I WANTED l'"Mtiiui as iitipcrintcu*
dent or manager on ranch. Ad vert inn
ift a thoroughly practical farmer. Ha*
fifteen year* experience farming by
irrigation and cultivating large tract*
of land. Address F. P. lIOLBKOOK,
Monrovia, Calif.
Rooted Vines and Cuttings
Address Stevens & Frost,
Hoy find Grctln
At Dlnmotid Lnke.
Matty people driving in from the
went bring ntock feed further than
. necessary i not knowing that they can
get a Mipply at Diamond I«ake, on the
ranch of Arthur Kwcim. Thin is the
fimt feeding und watering station on
1 the plaint after leaving the mountains
on either the Julian or Cam|>o road,
. being at the junction of the two
roads; 26 miles from Carriso Creek, 15
miles from Coyote Wells. 12 mile* from
. Imperial and 13 miles from Calexico.

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