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New Zealand's Industrial Progress.
Ifiißh (Irnlff, formerly Pimldrnt of
thrt Him I'ramlnro ('hiimbfr of Com*
men*', mill hlniM-lf a native of Now
Zonlnmi, recently delivered nn addrriui
In Metropolitan Hall. Kan PYanclscO,
on "Indiintrlal mid Burial I^Klnlntlon
In New Zealand."
Beginning with nn Interesting no
count of thnt country, which bo de-
Hcrlbed an picturesque and extremely
fertile, with a pnmilnß reference to
the Rplcndld Maori race, by which the
country wan originally peopled, Craig
went on to speak of the. fine popula
tion of whiten, chiefly Scotch, Irish
and Kngllnh, which settled the Inland*
In 1841 am! of how the ownership of
Innds Insensibly drifted Into the hands
of a few.
"Tho man who owns the land owns
tho man who tills the land, as the
man who own* the machinery owns
tho machinist," proclaimed thn speak
er, a statement which won a round of
applause. The history of older civili
zations wiih repented. Rich absentee
owners proceeded to draw princely
revenues from estates thoy left lw
hlnd, growing sheep on tho primitive
plan, wnllo willing. Industrious men.
who were land hungry, were unable
to acquire homes. Hclng n progres
sive. Intelligent lot, they considered
the situation, the canny Scotchman at
the base, with the Irishman keeping
things stirred up. nnd Kngllsh level
headedness to preserve the balance of
wisdom. I^abor captured the legis
lature and passed a law taxing land
heavily, at which there was an In
dignant protest. Then came an In
come tax, which raised another pro
test, and when the agents of the ab
sentee owners refused to pay the tax
other laws were passed requiring the
owners to fix their own assessments
and authorizing the Government to
buy estates at an advance of 10 per
cent, on this appraisement. In this
way the Government recovered pos
session of many valuable lands, built
Its own railroads, cut up large hold-
Ings and furnished homes on long
time to Industrious heads of fami
lies. Today a tract of SOOO acres
which formerly employed twenty-flve
sueep herders and produced $125,000
annually, supports 2500 people In com
fort and pays 1500.000. growing boys
nnd girls Instead of sheep.
Craig said In conclusion that while
New Zealand reforms had not always
moved smoothly or with perfect suc
cess. It was. nevertheless, the most
progressive country in the world, and
its remarkable prosperity, develop
ment nnd growth in population dem
onstrated the wisdom of Its legisla
Scott Anderson presided over the
meeting nnd Rev. J. K. Scott nnd G.
I). Benhom spoke briefly.
Here Is a hint for our Imperial
ranchers: At the Arizona Experi
mental Station dates from Algeria
are promising well. The cacti that
henrs an edible fruit, as Inrge as a
banana, takes kindly to that region,
though transferred from the Argen
tine and the Mediterranean. The
"kle" apple from South Africa prom
ises to make a green hedge plant nnd
the Khiva winter melon has done ex
cellently In the experimental grounds.
Prrs't Vlca-Pre.'t A Mg'r. Sccjr.
Parmelee-Dohrmann Go.
Pottery, Glaaswarr, Cutler?, IMatrdwarc, Lamp* and Art Goods
Hotel and Restaurant Supplim a Specialty
Telephone Main 199
232-234 South Spring Street
Los Angeles. California
A. F ANDERSON & C 0 ...
Scale* lor all Purposes
Stamped .Steel Celling*
210-212 N. Ham St. LOS ANGELES, CAL.
Fbe Date Palm.
The Hnnvtnry of ARrlciilturo In hi*
si n iiual i«pnrt, nprnklfiß of thn Dntn
Palm, wnyn:
"An Importation which will prolm*
l»ly In tlmr? prove of Kr»nt vnltirt to
(hi* Hriutliu't Hiirn pnrt of thn ronntry
In thnt of «lntr> p.iltiiH ohtnlnml In Af*
rlcn. A Dtlinber of y.atu ngo n Ilinltnd
Importation of ih« »•• imlmn wn« rii.nl"
from !•:»:> pi. nnd, whllo moßt of thnm
wore loHt through ndvctrnlty of cll
rnntr, thn HhlpmontH li»-lp««l to nhow
thn poHHibllltlcn of data growing In
Arizona nnd Southern California.
Through ngfiitn of th»« tlcpnrtmrmt o
lun.ill HhlpiiU'nt of datO pii'niH w;n
iccurcd from Algorla In 1899, and a
larK<» ihlprnont from tho Hamo coun
try, moßtly from thn borders of the
Saliara Dcacrt, In 1900, and fully 90
por c«'iit of these an; growing vlgor
oiiHly. Thli year a collection of tho
choicest vnrlftlofl In Kgypt has »>ecn
obtained nnd «r?nt to the Southwest.
thlH importation bolng In continuation
of the plan to obtain from every part
Of tho world where the date palm Ib
grown a complete collection of th«»
choice varieties.
"The date palm Ih of upeclal value
in the hot Southwestern country,
wince It thrives and fruits best when;
tho summers are long and hot, as In
Arizona and California. The estab
lishment of the Industry in this sec
tion, therefore, would make it possi
ble to utilize much of the land there
which, though Irrigable, Ib too alka
line for ordinary crops. It Is hoped,
now thnt a large number of plants
of the choicest varieties have been
Imported, that in time this country
may produce enough datos to supply
the home demand and, perhaps, even
some for export."
New Variety of Navel Oranges.
J. E. Cutter of Riverside, an experi
enced horticulturist, has developed a j
new variety of the navel orange. It I
is not only earlier than the original ]
navel orange In point of maturity, but
is a finer fruit and more prolific bear
pr. The orange in question is the re
sult of a cross between a navel orange
tree raised from seed and the original
tree. A seed in a navel orange is a
freak production, but occasionally
happens. Mr. Cutter planted one of
theso seeds and then budded slips
taken from the young tree on to a
natural navel orange tree. The new
variety is thorny, a disadvantage as
compared to the natural na\'ol or
ange'tree, which has no thorns, but
it Is a thrifty grower, and. as has
been stated, matures much earlier
than Its forebear. Mr. Cutter states
that he has no buds for sale, as he
wants to give the new variety a
thorough testing before placing it on
the market. — Herald.
So much Is said about the drinking
water in this country, and some who
have never drank from the mountain
springs or the many excellent wells j
when visiting here, go back and re
port that we have no good drinking
water. An Incident occurred where a
Kansas man went back after visiting
California, and among the many ques- !
tlons asked him was: "How did you
like the water?" "Well. I declare. I j
forgot to tnste It."
Imperial Pr*a«, Tatal v.l«« Imperial Prtu, Tatol ValM
HneceM. ff.fO Rt«rybodj'« ftJO
Cmunnpolltaa, Woman* Work, (nawl
I^«JU'« Mnnthir, OorPrlc« Pibllc Op4nlofi t (n«w) Omr Pr*«
Mevlewof K«vl«wt,(n#!w) 1J.70 Harper* naiaar, (a*»w) »4-*^
Imperial Prtaa, TaUt V«l«« Imoerlal PrtM, T*tal V«1««
Hut c-%*. 17.10 ET*rjbndT'« f/^#
Th#> ItnaMhold, Mt^rarr I>l('«t, (««w)
<»ood lUiu**Ur*p\ng, Our I'rlc* Harper** Haxiar, (n«w) Omr Prtea
Current Literature. (a«w) fJ.7f Recreation, (nnr) »4.J0
Imperial Prtaa, Tatal V.loa Imperjal PreM, Ta«jl Valna
Kew KatfUnd Ma».«lne. °VJSP w'rl/an KoSr| Omw Prka
Lealla'tVeektj, |4.*0 M^rrn I'rlv:llU t |j3O
Imperial Preaa, Tatal ValM Imperial PreM, T»taJ Valaa
Suc.ru, 111.00 Ktrrjborir'., 13.50
Hevlew of Revlewa, (new) Uttle. rolkn, (new)
Current Llteratare, (new) Our Prka Harper* Bazaar, (new) Ont PHca
New KntrUnri Maf aslne, f 4.7* Sunday School Time,*, I J.JO
HfgulAr pr\cf. Oar pel<4.
Imperial Preaa and Bact«aa, %tfn 11.71
** " Huicmi and Coamopoliun, X£o X 7&
M " SucceM, tr«ftlie'a Monthlj and Cosmopolitan, UA 2.7S
" " Sucrru and Leslie* Weekly 6.50 XSQ
** " Bverjbodjr's and Practical Farmer, (new) XSO XO5
" " Bferjbodj's, Practical Farmer (ne«) and
Home and t'lowera (new) 4.50 2.J0
" '* Kverybodj'*, Harprr's Haxaar, (new) and
Modern Priscilla, (new) *50 Xft)
" " Krerybod/'s, American Boy (new). Recrea-
tion, (new) and Little Polks, (new) 5.50 X3O
" " Munsejr's, American Doj, (new) Cosmopolitan <./» 3.0S
" " Mnnnej's, Success and Cosmopolitan 43) 3.15
•• '• Munsej's, Critic and Cosmopolitan 5-50 XtO
" " Mnnsej'a, Success, Leslie's Monthly and
Reriew of Review*, (new) 7.00 4.15
P. S.— The California Cultivator can be added to anj of tht above offers. Write ns for rates.
Our Offer
Farm Journals
IcT^rn^c^^Vwjwkv.iJf:! Total Value*
I Woman's Farm Journal mo 1 jr. . #f K a*^N^^\
American Poultry Advocate " 1j r. V JL J
\ Up-to-date F.rnunjf ami Gar- I -^^" -^^
SSlWn.il Grower « Ijfl | T *^« <* m •"*•* »*
Woman's Work M 1 jr. gf** *^>
Vick'a Familj Mairazine M 1 jr. rfH^^ V Jt 3
Home and Flowers M 1 jr. J "
Either of the following will be included at an additional cost of sixty cents: Cosmopolitaa
i Woman's Home Companion, Modern Priscilla, Recreation, Criterion, The Household, Good
j Health, Our Mother.
The periodicals in any combination offer will be sent to one or different addresses. Join
, with your friends and take all. If tha above combinations do not suit yon, make np yoar own,
I send as a list of just what you want, and we guarantee to nave you from 20 to 50 per cent, when
! clubbed with the Imperial Press. Address all orders to
Imperial Press,
Imperial, Cal.
3d For h*
1 Homeseekers' «
< Jl
I Settlers' ' |
I Rates j|
|p Write or ask. . . p
\t Any Agent of the sj
5d • . ,?fc
I Southern '|
I Pacific. •„ ■ !.
*>l Finest, Fastest Trains it
Best Equipment sj;
l\ In the World X
ifk.dryif'i'lW'iPV'iriPiriririP inrimfiririPK * **********

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