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An Opinion of Southern California.
Judge Nlloii of Sacramento writes to
th. Bacranento Bee regarding South
en California in p strain thai is verj
complimentary to this country and our
people. ||c s.l\
To our neighbors beyond the Rock<
!»•?. unacquainted with the lesoun es
and Surroundings Ol our State, it
might naturally appear, and. undoubt
edly to many of them, it does appeal
that the onl. place In California |O
build a borne is In th< southern half of
our great territory. There, to many
of the Bast hits, is the only section
where Sol sinks down behind tin sun
, i ■ oft red curtain to Kiss the calm
l«a< iflc, or w he i c the perfumes of the
orani bloss< hik drowte tbe weity into
peaceful sleep.
To niitnv of us in Northern Call for
nia w ho, > i it after year, sit on the
fence and wat<h the procession go by
to Southern California, there to build
up b. aiilifnl i Itlei and towns, and open
up ami develop her great i esouri
might appear, from the lack of lights
thrown out, that the same sentiment
exists in our own communities as that
entertalm d by thoi c we term our
Bastern bi i thri n namely. tha4 the
South Is the only place in California
in which to live
Many of you will rebel against this
last expression, and proclaim with all
your vehemence that it is not true;
that you of Northern California do aot
now. ami never have entertained such
sent iments
Put in the careful denial of the
most skillful pleader at the bar, and
the fiiet is still patent on ill" face of
your pleadings to all the people that
the soft Impeachment bears Borne
semblance of truth And why?
There can be no denial of the fact
thnt the great progress In California
for the past twenty years has been in
the South: that enterprise and capital
have centered there and have trans
formed what might formerly have been
called n desert into an Eden of figs and
orange*, cities with beautiful homes
have been built up. all <m the most
modern plans; towns have naimd n •«■
ognitlon which but s few years ago
were unknown and unnamed In the
wild waste of Southern California.
Ttie people of these cities ami towns,
coming largely from the Eastern
states where winter's Icj chain gives
way only to the oppressiveness Of
•utniners' sultry heat, were Quick to
appreciate the beauty and healthful
ness of our climate and the respon
siveness of our soil, and to realize
how appropriate Is the motto of our
state. "Eureka.* 1
For our Southern neighbors Who
weir llrst to show their appreciation
of this land Of sunshine, fruit and
(lowers, ami wen- foremost in shout
itiK its praises to the world, l have
naught mit t |l( ' BtrOßgeal admiration.
They came, they saw. they cono.uerd.
They have been lo\al to the State,
and have justly earned their present
Btanding and prosperity, and the sue
ress Which th« future is certain to
bring to them.
i.<t a stranger visit Los Angeles
lie limis r busj . rustling Mid tlnh Ing
citi Everything is rushing and ©very
bod] apparently busy, bui y©l never
too buss to attend to the visitor's
slightest wanl Borne one will Bnd out
where you are from, and whai you
are in town for; and before you get
away, be will either show yon some
of the objects of Interest in the city,
r uu.isurn MM
105 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
u.-...i.|u.ui.-.-. for California School and Government Lands Lands for all purposes - located
in all Counties, School Lands require ««> conditions to live on them or cultivate them, and may
i>.- taken an an investment. Send stamp for laud book.
X w. noiiRMANN, C. A. Pakmslsb, E. K. Parmblbr,
\>,.-s'i Vice-Pros't a Mf»r. v Secy.
Parmelee=Dohrmann Co.
Potteryi Glassware, Cutlei Platedware, Lamps ami Art Goods
Hotel and Restaurant Supplies a Specialty
Telephone Main l'«
232 234 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, California
Or will tell you all about them. With
all their rustle and bustle. th<\ are
never too bus) to Imprest upon the
mind of cm i \ visitor thai Los Angeles
is the only place on the face of the
• •arth where a descendant of Noah will
be contented to dwell. You will flnd
no croakers then Thej have no room
toi kickers, or growlers, oi knockers,
or p< Bstmists, or Jeremiads. Their pro
!■ <ti \ . i uiff is so ulsh as to practical
Ij exclude the importation of these
il b. eeds Of bipeds. Kvel \ body,
from the mayor of the < it., down to
the uichii, who shines your shoes. Is
a o'loine'- for the town, .md has
always a cheering word to say for it.
<!i of them, S summer's day is
never so hot as it is somewhere else,
and the winters' chill Is perfect.
Spring weather compares with the
Storms In other climes. If a dronr
iUh>* not stand loyal to the town, he fs
EOOner or later boycotted by his
townsmen ami driven out of the hTve.
Aiu 1 ii i: a wholesome practice, too.
Is Irrigation Necessary?
The following newspaper coloquy
hits thfl nail on the head several
Not only do we find one city, but
there are QUite ;i number of smaller
cities, each with a limited area of
agricultural land around it, but that
limited area Irrigated! -Colupa Stro.
Commenting on this the Imperial
l'ress says.
This remark refers to cities In
Southern California. Of course, water
i. 1 - as necessary us land. In the Sacra
mento Valley they don't think so.
i lence —
And then the Colusa Sun replies
The Imperial l'ress Riverside conn
ly from which we Clip the above, does
not Qnlßh the sentence, but there is
not ;i readi r in the Sacramento Val
|e\ who cannot finish it. There is not
a man in the valley, who. if on a jury,
would not hang anyone on less testi
n,on\ than has been brought him in
favor of. irrigation, in fact, there is
..'-» ,>>>.. who do <y riot b:>\ ■> 1 o admit
\\ ; not one who does not have to
•dmit that if the people of the valley
had taken the advice of the Sun years
ago. rot water and planted grass, they
would have been the richest part of
the world, with one hundred-fold more
population! They have to admit it.
but do not move up. and hence —
Will s. Green of the Colusa Sun has
the nerve to stand by a proposition
|-,M, M - ; >ii t'o-e t-< pr>n>e? He is like th<
lull that tried to butt tin- engine off
ih.' track rend nerve, hut poor Judg
Going to Imperial.
M, : is. C ge and Harry Good
hart have started to Imperial and will
stay a few weeks to be able to find
out what there is in the \Yw River
t ounl ry . 1 leniet News
Salt River Vallej ranchers will plant
I ,o a, reS Of land in tar,', Hopes t'lis
Mason Prescott, Ari/.ona. Journal
Hustle wins the race while Wail is
looking for a good place to start from.
Waves of reform are too often
dashed to spray on the rocks of indif
Largest National Bank in Southern California
DEPOSITS ..... - $3,775,000.00
J M Elliott | FTTFRS Buy and Se , U Bi ) 1S °™" J - C Drake.
j. H. 1:111011, LCIICK3 change ami make Cable
President Transfers on all points. 2nd Vice - 1 Tea -
OF Issue Commercial and
W. G. Kcrckhoff, Travelers' Credits avail- W.T.S.Hammond,
Vice-President CREDIT able in all P arts ° f the ApBt - Cashier
world : : : : : :
Wholesale Manufacturers of
Saddlery Goods, Farmers' Supplies, Stockmen's Outfits
Best Goods Lowest Prices
116, 118. 120 S. MAIN ST., LOS ANGELES, GAL.
John Wigmore & Sons Co.
Belting, Packing and Tools
Los Angeles Times
The following figure* show the daily average number of copies printed, cir-
culated and sold oyTHK Timks in the month of September, from 1890 to 1901,
inclusive, a period of twelve years:
SEPTEMBER, JB9O, 6,7 7 2
SEPTEMBER, 1891, 9 ? 177
SEPTEMBER, 1892, 10,0 7 6
SEPTEMBER, 1893, I 2,2 4 I
SEPTEMBER, 1894, 12,7 0 8
SEPTEMBER, 1895, I 5,4 0 I
SEPTEMBER, 1896, I 7,6 7 0
SEPTEMBER, 1897, 2 0,0 6 0
SEPTEMBER, 1898, 2 4,5 4 2
SEPTEMBER, 1899, 2 4,5 5 8
SEPTEMBER, 1900, 2 6,7 3 7
SEPTEMBER, 1901, 30,1 59
At the time of the assassination of the President several extra editions were
printed, none of which are included in the above figures for September, 1901.
The average circulation ol the Sunday Times for each Sunday of September
1900, was 37,193 copies and for September 1901, the average was 46,700.
The circulation of Thk Timks is growing faster than at any previous period
in its history.
Tuk Timks also prints a greater number of pases and more reading matter
than ;mv other daily publication west of the " Rockies."

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