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Grow Egyptian Cotton.
Say. you feIIOWS down in the Impe
rial section, where JTOU have the lim
itless fertilising waters of the mighty
Colorado to draw upon at will, why
don't you stop trying to raise stuff
that can be raised in thousands of
other places just as well as you can,
and go to raising something thai can
not be raised but in a few places in
the United Btates?
What is it?
Egyptian cotton, to be sure
Now we expect you to ask what
Egyptian cotton is; whether it differs
from any other cotton; how it is
raised; where the market it; what it
is worth; what it looks like, and
'steen other Questions,
But you may as well save your
breath, for you will want it all when
you tackle a job to chop cotton. In
the first place, we don't know but
mighty little about Egyptian cotton.
We never were introduced to that kind.
But we remember reading in some
consular report — don't know which.
now — that a good many millions of
dollars' worth of Egyptian cotton is
imported into this country every
year. And there is an agricultural
department circular somewhere that
says that Egyptian cotton doesn't grow
worth shucks. Then here comes along
an Arizona paper that says it has been
tried in the Salt River valley and it
was a success.
Now, you fellows, get a hustle on
and find out about it and make the
experiment this season. — Redlands
We have Egyptian cotton on the list
for the Imperial farmers. It will come
in due course of time.
They Want Land for Colonization.
County Recorder John F. Forward
has received a letter from Warner &
Andrus. St. Paul. Minn., requesting
information regarding land desirable
for colonization purposes. The con
cern say that they are looking in
other States and will invest where the
best inducements are held out. and
where the best bargains are offered.
The conditons are somewhat exact
ing. For instance, they desire agri
cultural farm land, something located
well as to market and that will pro
duce crops without irrigation; the land
must be free from stones with good
soil and subsoil, land that could be
put under cultivation and made to
produce crops the year in and year out
without fertilization; level land or
land that is unbroken or rough. In
quoting prices they ask that Mr. For
ward give legal numbers with par
ticulars in full and bottom prices. —
San Diego Union.
If those Eastern enquirers after
California land that is desirable
"agricultural land, something located
well, as to market, and that will pro
duce crops without irrigation;" land
that is "free from stones, with good
soil and subsoil" and especially "land
that will produce crops year in and
year out without fertilization." would
come out west they would know more
than they do now. They failed to
mention a barbed wire fence around
the land, but we presume that is
understood. T,and that can be cropped
eternally and not. fertilised must be
very peculiar land. These gentlemen,
we presume, will also want a bank
account against which they can etern
ally check without making any
deposits. One propsition is as sensible
as the other. They evidently don't
know yet iat irrigation is cheaper
than rain, for they desire to depend
on the uncertain clouds— a program
that no one would desire who knows
anything about irrigation.
Those men had better take a short
cut, for Heaven — if they can get
a through ticket, for they are evidently
hunting for something that will be
found — -if found at all — beyond the
confines of this earth. They ought
not to spend any time or money hunt
ing for what they are after in this
Fine furniture does nott make a
home, nor lack of it a hovel.
Feeding on Alfalfa.
LMt Friday Rea Bros., the South
Pt Paul feedehs. shipped from this
point 4000 head of three year-old
wethers which were as fine a lot of
sheep as ever left the State, the aver
age weight per head being 128
Some time ago the Rea Hros.
decided to give the question of fatten
ing sheep on alfalfa a thorough test
ami accordingly they purchased several
thousand head of wethers among
which were those mentioned. They
were three-year old Cotswolds and
CotSWOld giades and were fed by J. W.
and C. A. Bailey, who had IBM and
Robert Vestal who had 1800, The
Bailey lot averaged 127 M and the
Vestal lot 119 pounds. The sheep
were turned over to the men at a cost
of two and one-half cents a pound
and were to be delivered on January
15 — a period of sixty days — at three
and a quarter cents a pound. Towards
the latter part, of December it was
discovered that the hay would run
short and as me sheep then showed
up in excellent condition the Messrs.
Rea accepted them about twelve days
ahead of the time agreed upon.
During the time they were fed the
sheep consumed about four pounds of
hay a day, the Messrs. Bailey feeding
out 300 tons and Mr. Vestal a propor
tionate amount.
These sheep are the same of which
mention was made in these columns
a few weeks ago as being fed for
At St. Paul they will be topped off
on screenings for forty days and are
expected to increase in weight at the
Camp furniture I Ll^l ■ O COVERS
Rubber Goods, Rubber Boots and Clothing
We always aim to please our Customers
We solicit a Trial Order, knowing that you will call again
138-142 S. Main St., Los Angeles \
Corbin's Locks, Starrett's Goodi' Iron ' steel > Shoes, Coal, Axles,
Nicholson and Dlsston Files, Disston's <I'~> Ji^^^^ Springs, Forges, Bellows, Drills,
Saws, Shot, Loaded Shells, Hercules >W>l/^^ Anvils, Vises, Rims, Shafts, Single-
Powder .^tßWj^^-^^Q^ i^^- tr ' I>OleB
Nails, Wire Cloth, Poultry Net- V^^s^ ss^ T^^^ Pipe and E . ittiu g 9 . Brass Goods,
ting, Miners' Picks, Barrows, Ames' rf\ J^^^ Zinc ' Metals - wire Ro P e . Bars, Sheets
ShoTels and Spades, Withington and :::::^ Hnd Plate Chains, Rails, Spikes,
Coolcy Steel Goods. Rope, Barbed Wire.
rate of half ■ pound a day per head
and will then bo exported.
All parties to the deal are highly
pie— ed with the results. The Messrs.
Bailey and Vestal realized about $10
I ton for their hay and the Hea Bros,
will net a nice profit.
Both the Messrs. Bailey and Vestal
are well fixed to care for feeder! in
the matter of sheds, water, etc.. and
the coming season will sow a much
larger acreage to alfalfa so that next
winter they may have ample feed for
such feeders as they may take in.
They say that had these Sheep been
fed the full sixty days they would
have shown a gain of not less than
thirty pounds per head.— Big Timber
This is the result of feeding alfalfa
in a cold wintry country. What would
it be in a balmy country liko Impe
rial ?
ResUlt of Irrigation
The Colusa Sun after quoting an
article from the Imperial Press rela
tive to the ability of this settlement
to supply feed for Southern California.
The above is from the Imperial
Press, published where but a couple
of years ago there was nothing grow
ing but the yucca and the cactus. No
living creature but the horned toad.
A corporation rubbed up the old lamp
"Irrigation." which summoned the
geni "Prosperity." and a city and life
and energy took the place of "Desola
tion!" And now it talks confidently
of supplying all Southern California
with feed for stock in a dry year!
Another Doctor.
The Imperial Press announces that
Dr. T. H. QrUnth of Riverside has
taken up his abode at Imperial and
has bought forty acres of land there.
Riverside Press.
If some men Were as dishonest in
their business as they are in their
polities they would have a hard time
dodging the sheriff.
Wo have the finest stock we've ever
■TOW •. Our three nurseries ami
the exnerlmentat farms cover 800
acres. One nursery for citrus trees,
another for deciduous fruit trees.
The third Is devoted entirely to
olives and v)ru.uuoiu.il trees 'and
FfIFF Write for. n-ony of the
IKI I ntiW l) °-P*>M >^ ualoirue.
" ■»■-■- It's full of information.
We have a lar^c, thrift y stock of
our now Callmyrna V\g Trees.
Calimvrna took • GOLD MEDAI,
AT BUrrAIiO. Address
rancher Creek nurseries
010 C. ROEDING /,
prop. 3&m
P.0.80x 11. Fresno, d^^flu

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