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Imperial Press
AMD 1 A R M I . R
Published each Satnrdaj at imperial,
San Diego County, Cal., bj
imi-i ui\i priss riiiiisiiiM. Co.
\U L IIOWI Manager.
One year .... $1.50
Six Monthv • • .75
ial. San Diego County, Cal.
K mi- 1 r.l .11 tin- lni| il. < .ilili.i ii i.i PcMtoffiC*
is MM .•nil > I.i--. in. til ni.ilti'i
SATURDAY, APRIL :<>. i'«» 2.
Guvkrnon (•( • a<.i-:a < . i -: begins to look like
,i lio\ wit h a st übbed toe.
A contributor to the Kansas Church
man, who recalls th.it m his boyhood
people went to two and sometimes
three services a day, sat on hard
benches still s.in^, "My God, the
spriugol ail my joys," while now they
lean back iv cushioned pews anil Millg,
"Art thoti weary, ari thoti languid?"
t in nks t hiit hymuolog) is changing to
suit t he times.
Ai'i'KK having the questions under
consideration foi about two years, the
Interstate Commerce Commission has
decided thai Citrus fmil shippers have
a ri^ht to route their fruit to the
Bast, which was denied by the rail*
roads. The commission declares thai
there is no law by which it can order
railroads to provide their own cais.
This decision upholds the Independent
fin lines. Other questions involved
are reserved for further testimony.
Tiik beginnings of colonization are
necessarily crude, and nece>sity forced
the lirst settlers in the valley to resort
to tents and the most insecure sort of
buildings for a - makeshift. In some
Casei this method of building' has been
continued wheie not absolutely neces
s.nv, and experienc* is teaching the
people that it is not only moi ecoinfoi
able, but Cites pel in the long run, to
put tip substantial buildings, and the
prospects are fa vorable for a decided
improvement iv he character of build
ings through the ley.
In another -place is given an article
on the proiits in cane and rice growing
in Texas. , With two rice lieUls bein^
put in at Imperial this year, that crop
awakens considerable interest, and the
showing ol an income from rice in
Texas of from about $75 to $110 an
sere is vei v encouragingi This is one
of the cultures most worthy ol careful
investigation and experiment, with
sugar cane anil Bgyptiail cotton as
prospective rivals. Kice is the princi
pal article of food of about a third of
the world's population, while ricestraw
is not only a fair cattle fond, but is an
artjele ti«'in which an excellent qual
i! y of paper is made.
I'vi'l'ks now booming Northern Cal
it. •iin. i should remember that adver
tising failures and preventing their
duplication h.is trails been .is great a
factor in development in the nouth as
advertising the successes achieved.
No paper can afford to lead the people
into disaster. Even though it be true
t ti.it tiie north can produce oranges as
well as the south, the fact remains that
the economic conditions have not
prompted planting in the south for
several years Heavy planting could
vei \ <\t-ii\ carry the citrus fruit in
dustry into the condi ton of the prune
indust iv
Si i m i-; papers not acquainted with the
local situation have commented on the
temporary Injunction (now dissolved)
which Frank Both well m-cu red again si
the California Development Company
as though the Imperial irrigation sys
tem were involved. About 140,000
acres of land in the valley have been
tiled on. while only about lti.(MK) acres
is even remotelj involved in the ques
tion at issue, which is the right of way
through ■ homestead Sled on with the
supposed object of obstructing w< • k
lon the Eastside canal. Even that in*
junction has now been dissolved, and
work will proceed on the system. Mut
(he system is now practically com
pleted for 125,000 acres about Imperial,
and there is no prospect of the courts
looking with sympathy on any obstruc
tive work on the part of those who
would prevent the further development
of the valley.
The town of Imperial is undoubtedly
in the incipient Stages of a boom. For
months it lay in an almost comatose
state whiW the farmers were coming
in and taking possession of their
places and the I >cvelopinent Company
and Land Company were devoting
tiieir fust energies to the farming in
terests. Mitt with the virtual comple
tion of the irrigation system a new
condition is growing up, and the
BOUllds of the hammer and the brick
masou's trowel are heard in the laud.
After a few days delay on account
of lack ot material, work is ready to
proceed on the brick block being put
up by the Imperial I, a ml Company and
Wilbur Clark. Mr. (lark has ordered
his stock of hardware and is anxious
to take possession of his part of the
building as soon as possible.
\V. l>. Montgomery has about com
pleted the addition to his store which
will more than double its capacity.
Tin- ECdgar Brothers building is
Hearing completion and will soon he
occupied by a stOCh of hardware and
agricultural Implements.
Mrs. Mutter's adobe restaurant
building is well advanced.
George W« BdcCaulley will soon put
tip a two-story hotel building to oper
ate hi connection with the hotel he is
about t<> build at old Beach.
Charles L&throp is looking for ten
ants fora brick block which he pro
poses to build.
It is on the programme to begin
work iv the Course of a few weeks on a
brick block for George Varuey of Hal
leek, white \V. \\. Broad well of Covina
is planning to build and remove his
store here early ill the fall.
it la expected that the Ice plant will
be purchased this week aud be installed
as soon as the work can be done.
Much of the pipe for the dOllieatlc
water system is iv town, and it is ex
pected to have that completed hy July
1 at the latest.
These are what mark the incipient
stages of the boom, but the many let
ters being received from people who
are planning to Come to Imperial iv
the tall, about the time the railroad
will be completed into the town, tell of
great expectations and are taken as
premonitions of a grand rush into the
town and valley at that tune.
Rp port of Crops
Blanks have been seul to all the sub
scribers of the Preaa iv the valley ask
my them to co*operate in reporting
the acreage of the vationacropa grow
ing in the valley or just harvested.
This Krsi year it is highly important
that accurate data be gathered touch*
inji the growth ol Crops, but this can
not well be done without the assist
ance «>t man) persons, so widely arc
the crops scattered, it is hoped that
everybody will take an iuteresi in
making as lull ■ report as possible.
Where you can do the l>ost. To <I<> this, you must
trade where they carry a complete stock. We carry
the stock. We make the rig-lit prices. We treat
you rii^ht. Your money back if goods don't suit.
Why not try us?
Imperial Farmers' Store,
\V. 1). MONTGOMERY, Proprietor.
Stands in the Lead
Take our confidential advice, and when preparing to engage in
permanent farming get machinery which will stand permanent use.
Everything the farmer needs and everything of high grade.
That is the principle on which McCormicks make machines and on
which they are sold by us
Dealers in - } HARDWARE LINE
W. J. MITCHELL, -Practical Watchmaker,
NKFKRKNCKS K. M. Reiche, Watchmaker, So. 'Spring St., Los Angeles; F.
A. Sliepard, Watchmaker, Tarring-ton, Con tit, and New England Watch
Factory. Good workmanship at the lowest possible charge. An esti-
mate given tree.
|*& dot c I 7 m p ria 1 I
* I
t Imperial, California. I
* i
1 Offers to the public %
+ ♦
| . , superior accommodations +
4* *
t Patronage of tourists and land>seekers solicited %
+ ♦
\V. F. HOLT, Pres. A. H. HKBKK, Vice-Pres. I.KKOY HOLT, Cashier.
Pirst National Bank:
of Imperial
\\ . F. Holt, All accommodations consistent with conserva-
Leroy Holt, ,
A. H. Heber, tive banking extended to patrons.
H. C. Oakley, .
George A. Carter.
f 0
I Kerckboff*Cuzner %
1 mill & Lumber (£ %
m 0
0 0
0 0
® san pedro. wholesale Main Office Cor. Alameda & Macy Sts ©
POMONA. PASADENA. • »..__. _. _ f\
f [SSL. Los Angeles UAL. f

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