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ITmperial flbreee
VOL. 11.
Sound Advice by an Expert
Wm. H. Mills Lays Down Twelve
Good Rules
In discussing the rules laid down by Hon. W. H.
Mills on how to build up a community, a con
temporary boils down the suggestions in this
1. Find out your resources.
2. Speak well of your town.
3. Keep things in repair.
4. Build a boulevard, or model road.
5. Be for rellgloua and educational progress.
G. Find out your chief industry.
7. Publish Instances of Individual success.
S. Form a chamber of commerce.
!). Have a good hotel.
10. Have good local papers.
11. Advertise your community by its own
name and locality.
IL\ Have plenty of irrigation water.
Mr. Mills has spent a lifetime in studying the
needs of California and how to develop and enrich
the commonwealth. The above points are well
arranged. They look as though they had been
crystallized and compiled from Southern Califor
nia experience and practice, as they indicate very
clearly our way of doing business.
First — Our people have studied well our re
sources. They have cultivated those sources or
income peculiarly adapted to this country from a
soil and climate point of view, developed those
elements of wealth hidden below the surface and
utilized the mountain streams in generating elec
tricity to do the bidding of our people. They
have left to other sections of the country those
products better suited to other climes and con
Second — Our people have fully developed their
local patriotism. As a rule they speak well of
their own section but do not speak ill of any
other section. They keep Southern California
before the people first, last and all the time, and
give to strangers within our gates a hearty wel
Third — As a rule our people tike pride in beau
tifying their homes, and this pride extends to a
large extent to beautifying the public build-
Ings and grounds as well as constructing good
roads and drives.
Fourth- No section of the United States — age
considered is so well provided with beautiful
drives, kept in good repair, and plans are con
stantly being matured for laying out and im
proving other drives; we instance, the celebrated
Magnolia avenue of Riverside, Euclid avenue of
Ontario. Crest drive of Redlands, Holt avenue of
Pomona and others more or less noted and beau
tiful. And now plans are being perfected for sev
eial tine drives leading from Los Angeles to Pasa
dena and to Other neighboring towns and cities.
Public roads throughout the country are being
oiled and made more attractive.
Fifth — Church spires point heavenward from
every locality where there are enough people to
form the nucleus of a congregation. At the new
town of Imperial, for instance, nearly the first
frame building to be erected was a nice church
edifice with the New England church spire attach
ment, and next to it was a parsonage for the
pastor. Churches and schools are encouraged
there, but saloons are not only discouraged, but
they are prohibited. In fact, saloons are rapid
"Water is King— Here is its Kingdom/
ly disappearing from the cities and towns of
Southern California, as public sentiment has
placed them under the ban. Colleges and schools
for the higher education of the rising generation
have been liberally established ami vigorously
maintained. The I'niversity of Southern Califor
nia is found in the commercial metropolis of this
country Los Angeles. Pomona College is at
Clareniont. Occidental College is at (iarvan/.a. a
suburb of Los Angeles and within the city limits.
Throop Institute is at Pasadena. State Normal
Schools are found at Los Angeles and San Diego.
Chaffey College at Ontario was liberally endowed
by Chaffee Brothers when that settlement was
founded, but it has been swallowed up by the
University of Southern California and crippled by
mismanagement High schools of a very high
degree are found in all the principal cities and
towns in this portion of the state.
Sixth Southern California long ago discovered
the fact that citrus fruit culture was destined
to become the leading industry of this section
and they pushed that industry until it became
not only a great wealth producer, but it attracted
thousands of wealthy and highly cultured people
who left the Inclemency of then- EBatters homes
to seek a climate that had the Orange ami lemon
as its trade mark. Today this industry pours
millions of wealth into the laps or our people
annually and out ranks that line of trade in all
other sections of the globe. Other industries are
leading other leading industries are being de
veloped such as oil. mining, deciduous fruits and
the raising and fattening i>\' stock. 'This latter
business is today in its infancy m the Imperial
Settlements but in a very few years this soft inn
of now valuable country will take the lead of all
portions of the United States in furnishing fat
tened cattle and hogs for the stock yards of the
Seventh Our newspapers take a pride In teii-
Ing what the people arc doing in developing our
natural resources. Most of our papers will even
curtail an account <>f B prize light in order to find
room to say what John Smith is producing on his
ranch or how .Mr. Jones has just struck a gusher
or opened up a rich vein of gold, silver or copper.
The stereotyped argument is that what these gen
tlemen have done others can do and others will
Eighth- Los Angeles takes the lead in eatab
lishing and maintaining an effective Cham
ber of Commerce. Her citizens would rather
do away With their City Council than to
abolish that Chamber of Commerce. It spends
thousands of dollars annually in advertising
this country to the world and demonstrating
the possibilities of our soil and climate. So
effective has this work become that coun
ties to the north of us, heretofore considered
portions of Centra] California, .are continually
applying for membership in Increasing family of
Southern California counties. We bid them wel
come, only insisting that they develop the same
degree of public spirit that animates our people.
San Diego's Chamber of Commerce is a good sec
ond t<> our Los Ajigeles Chamber, and other towns,
like Santa Ana. Riverside, Redian.is. San Ber
nardino, Pomona and other leading cities, have
done ami are doing well in this line of work.
Ninth— Southern California is full of good hotels
and more are being built. Pasadena has its
Greene and Raymond, both of which are too small
to accommodate the winter travel. San Diego has
its CoronadO, Redlands iis Casa l.onui. Riverside
is to have its new Qlenwood Tavern, now in pro
cess of construction, to cost |S00,000; Santa Bar
bara is now building its magnificent Potter. Ixis
Angeles has its Westminster, its Van Nuys and its
Angelus all line and full in winter, but none of
them approach what we should have the Hnest
tourist hotel on the Pacific Coast. We have just
reached the hotel building age.
Tenth When it comes to newspapers Southern
California is just simply it. Of course Los An
geles takes the lead. The LOS Angeles Times as
a newspaper has no equal on this coast anil in
some respects no equal in the United States —
and that means in the world. We speak of it as
a newspaper. We do not refer to its editorial
utterances. Regarding these, people will always
differ. The Daily Herald is a good second, and
the EBvening Kxpress is a tirst class evening paper.
San Diego is creditably represented in the news
paper line. So arc Santa Ana. Riverside. Red
lands, San Bernardino, Pomona. Pasadena, and
other Leading cities. When it comes to the coun
try press, we will take a list of our country week
lies and put them up against the world, and back
them to a finish. The publishers are not only
enterprising, but the business men and the gen
eral public give them a hearty support.
Bleventh These newspapers see to it that the
names of their respective localities are kept
prominently before the public and that the
reputations of their localities do not sutler, and
this work of home advertising is endorsed by the
business men and the subscribers. The names of
Riverside, Redlands, Pasadena, Ontario, Pomona,
Santa Ana, San Bernardino, are household words
not only in Southern California, hut all up along
the Coast and to a large extent in the Atlantic
Slates. Kaeh place has its peculiar attraction
and that attraction is never allowed to sleep or
slumber. The name of Los Angeles is familiar
to moii- people in more sections of the world than
is that of any other city in the I'nited States of
more than twice its population. There is a charm
about the name and about Southern California
that attracts tourists from all sections of the coun
try. Not only do all tourists head this way. but
capitalists come here to establish their winter
homes and invest their millions, and railroad
builders keep their eyes fixed on this point be
cause of its growing Importance as a developer of
fares and freights in connection with a gateway
to tlie Orient.
Twelfth an. l lastly We have plenty of irri
gation water not so much, perhaps, as some
other localities, but we utilize what we have and
make the most of it. We are also continually
trying to develop more arid when we try we suc
ceed. And now the largest and best supply of
water to be found in the United States is being
utilized from the Colorado River to reclaim the
Colorado Delta and form the Imperial Settlements.
'Thousands of acres heretofore worthless an 1 now
being made valuable. 'The desert is being con
verted into a garden and this heretofore barren
waste is being turned from wort hlessness to
wealth. 'The Goddess of Irrigation has stretched
her wand over the worthless barren waste and
behold what a change. The transformation is so
great that, people stand in awe as they behold
the miracle 'bat has been wrought.
Now watch Imperial grow. All the dement- of
prosperity arc now to be found here and rapid
progress is being made.
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