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Imperial Press
Published each Saturday at Imperial,
San Diego Comity, Cal., by
lIMiUI I. HOWE Manager.
One year .... $1.50
Six Months . . - .75
ADDRESS: Imi'Kkiai. Pkkss, Imper
ial, San Diego County, Gal.
Entered .v tin* Imperial,' California Poatofica
v s.-. •, mhi .i. iks mail matter.
SATURDAY, MAY 10, i ( h>2.
Why is .in appointee of the Governor
urging hi« reelection 'for the s.iiv.i
lioii of the State" like ■ bald headed
barber telling .1 "hair restorer/"
Now 111 v 1 Hill and Hani ma 11. the
railroad magnates, .ire r; icing for
Thilllder Mountain, they will be lucky
If they are not struck by lightning.
■■Ai.ku 11.1 Tint is not mm exact
ncience, became wecsnnol control the
west her i " »ayi Farm and Ranch, Hut
the writer forget* Ih.lt we can irrigate.
TOT Alaineda Kncinal fears the
town will be lost si^ht of i' does not
SdVtrtlse its attractions. Hut this
cannot happen so long as George
Weeka edits the Kncinal.
TiiK 111.111 who ows land in Imperial
v.illev and goes to Bleep for ten years
will wake up to timl himself well oil,
but the in. in who farms his land will
find himself rich before that time.
In the Imperial valley there are but
two or three days a .year when rain
puts an end to the fanner's work.
Thfl success of the work done also car
ries an Insurance policy in the water
Kki'onts continue to come in of
m.mv people who are planning to take
possession of their farms in the val
ley early in the fall. Now that grains
have given surprising big crops here,
big acreage is a certainty for next
Armour \ Co. are building an im
mense meat packing establishment .it
Fort Worth, Texas, [11 time they will
be bound to do the same on the coast.
for the shipment of meat to the Orient
and to meet the demands of the coast
NO m:\iick or more attractive jour
nal comes to the exchange desk of the
Star than the Imperial Press, and it is
tin our li the handsome typographical
appearance of the l'ress that Imperial
receives .is much attention in the other
newspapers of the state as it does.
Pasadens star.
Tin-: cry is going up from all over
the State that the present greatest op
portunity in agriculture is in the pro
duction of staples. There is no place
in the world where greater results can
be obtained in growing grain, cattle.
ho^s and all the staple products of the
farm fan in the Imperial valley.
Cai.m ok m v has 1,446,114 acres under
irrigation according to the last cen
sus, against 1.(H>4.2.V> a decade before.
This is not the rate of progress the
State OUght to make with the UOSSlbil
ities before it. but it is a substantial
gain. The present decade ought to
see the Quantity of irrigated land
Now President Roosevelt is g<>i»g
after the cattlemen who have fenced
in large sections Of the public domain,
aixl it is announced that the fences
will came down if it takes the stand
ing army to remove them. The con
test between settlers and cattle kings
lias been fought out by inches for
years and the Government will do well
to conn- vigorously to the aid of the
IT is by almost imperceptible stages
that the town grows. Six months ago
a buggy was a novelty on the streets
of Imperial, so new was the country.
Today there is scarcely a time when
they are not to be seen. Yet the
Change In this and other respects is so
gradual that one must recall the con
ditions of a few months since to me.is
ure the progress.
John DBMTOM Stkim.K has written a
poem in which he speaks of Los Ang
eles as:
"Queen of the far-west, rose-garlanded,
azure-zoned, radiantly lovely;
On a throne of amethyst, gold
chased, emerald embossed,
Under a dome of stainless sapphire,
sun-illumined, and curtained with
That is to say nothing of neighbor
ing Copper and tin mines. Hut if such
is I.os Angeles, why is it necessary to
call on Congress for a paltry million
dollars to build a postoflßce?
TiiK fact Is now revealed why cer
tain persons in San Diego want to
Cecede from California and be annexed
to Arizona. It is because California
laws prevent duck hunting when ducks
are ripe in this region. It does not
seem to have occurred to the promoters
of this fool scheme that it might be
easier to get the duck law amended
than to CUt themselves ofl" from Cali
fornia. Just at this time, when San
DiegO is getting in shape to take a
more prominent place in the affairs of
Southern California ami when the
fates are working in her favor, it is
particularly unfortunate that the city
should have an eruption of this form
of imbecility.
Tni\ papers of the country are pub
lishing a sensational story about the
finding of a Whale "on the Colorado
desert." It is thus that we get
scooped. The l'ress has been at work
for weeks gathering important infor
mation regarding this whale, only to
Km contemporaries gel in first with the
story. Now all we can do is to give
the additional information that about
the year >4(>2 B. C. this whale got
stranded in the lake about the spring
of natural gin, where it has been
floundering around ever since in a
drunken debauch. It was with great
difficulty that the quadruped was cap
tured and sent to the Arizona territor
ial university and preserved in a bot
tle of alcohol.
Sail DiegO papers take exceptions
10 the articles which have appeared in
I.os Angeles papers regarding the re
ported intention of the Southern Pa
cific company to build from Imperial
to San DiegO, transferring their main
line to Imperial. The position of the
San l>iej;o papers, while not fully set
forth, seems to be the very sensible
one that, after making the survey for
the San Diego-Kastern road, the peo
ple of that city cannot afford to take
any intangible promises of the build
ing of a road as excuse tor decreasing
the energy put forth to secure a road.
The way to yet the road is to get it.
and the people of Sau Diego would be
very foolish if they should in any de
cree red me the very creditable enter
prise they ait* manifesting in going
out t" make .1 road for themselves.
Why Not Have Reciprocity
at Imperial
We help you I>\ «»ur reduced prices, you help us by your increased
7 cans assorted meat &1.00
Best Soda Crakers, 10-lb size 75c
Victory Kraut, 2 cans for 25c
Sardines, (a good American) per doz f>Oc
Mexican Chile (an appetizer) 2 cans for 25c
A good standard oyster, per doz 1.10
Imperial Farmers' Store,
W. I). MONTGOMERY, Proprietor.
Stands in the Lead
Take our confidential advice, and when preparing 1 to engage in.
permanent farming get machinery which will stand permanent use.
Everything the farmer needs and everything of high grade.
That is the principle on which McCormicks make machines and on
which they are sold by us
dealers in HARDWARE LINE
W. J. MITCHELL, Practical Watchmaker,
REFERENCES F. M. Reiche, Watchmaker, So. Spritig St., Los Angeles; F.
A. Shepard. Watchmaker, Tarrington, Conn., and New England Watch
Factory. Good workmanship at the lowest possible charge. An esti-
mate given free.
I <£ dotel Imperial
* . *
t Imperial, California. %
♦ ♦
| Offerstothepublic %
* . ♦
| superior accommodations ♦
* *
t Patronage of tourists and land°seekers solicited %
* *
W. V. HOLT. Pies. A. H. HEBER, Vice-Pres. LEKOY HOLT, Cashier.
First National Batik
of Imperial
W. r. Holt, ... , . ...
T v .. All accommodattons consistent with conserva-
Lerov Holt,
A. H. Heber. tive bankinir extended to patrons.
H. C. Oakley,
George A. Carter.
| Kerckboff'Cuzner %
S mill & Cumber (& S
# 0
WHOLESALED || I DC D DO |l ß , S N O I* 5 " 1 f
5 #
YARD S wMOLiB»« Main Office Cor. Alameda & Macy Sts 0
0 san pedro. WMoiisni Main Office Cor. Alanu'da •* Macy Sts 0
POMONA. PASADENA. • A . I/N _, __ -^ /"> « ■ #^
£> 0

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