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San Diego-Eastern Railway Company.
Following is a copy of the articles
of incorporation filed by the San
Diego Railway Company on the Bth
of May, 1902:
Know all men by these presents:
That we, the undersigned, have this
day voluntarily associated ourselves
together for the purpose of forming
a corporation under the laws of the
State of California.
And we hereby certify:
First — That the name of said corpo
ration is the San Diego-Eastern Rail
way Company.
Second — That the purposes for which
it is formed are:
(1). To construct, purchase, or
otherwise acquire, and to equip, own,
control, maintain and operate, by
steam or other motive power, a single
or double track railroad in and
through the County of San Diego,
State of California, and in the Terri
tory of Arizona between the follow
ing designated points: Commencing
on the Bay of San Diego, in the city
of San Diego, County of San Diego,
State of California, at a point on the
shore of said bay near Witherby
street, in what is known as Old Town
in said city of San Diego, and run
ning thence southeasterly tnrough
said city of San Diego and through the
city of National City, and thence in a
generally easterly direction near the
southern boundary of the said county
of San Diego to a point on the east
ern bank of the Colorado River at or
near Yuma, in the Territory of Ari
(2). To carry freight and passen
gers for hire.
(3). To construct, purchase, lease,
or otherwise acquire, and to maintain,
control and operate between the above
designated points and on or near the
line of said railroad, telephone lines,
telegraph lines, electric power and
lighting plants.
(4). To buy, lease, own, maintain,
extend, control and operate other rail
roads, with their rights, property and
franchises, which may now be, or
may be hereafter constructed, which
are or may be so located or situated
as to connect with the above described
road so as to be conveniently operated
therewith as a part or extension
thereof, or branch therefrom.
(5). To acquire, own and hold real
estate and franchises for the construc
tion, maintenance and operation of
wharves, chutes, piers, bunkers, ware
houses and other structures and ap
pliances adapted for use, and to be
used for the transfer of freight and
passengers from and to said railroad,
and from and to vessels operated in
connection therewith for the trans
portation of freight and passengers
on navigable waters.
(6). To build, construct, acquire
and lease steamships, barges, ferries,
transfer boats and other vessels to be
Offices at
For Rent
used and operated for the transporta
tion of freight and passengers upon
navigable waters in connection with
said railroad.
(7). To manufacture cars, locomo
tives and other appliances necessary
or proper to be used in the construc
tion or operation of said railroad, or
in the construction or operation of
any other structures or appliances
necessary to any of the purposes con
templated by these articles.
(8). To acquire, own, hold, de
velop, operate, and use coal mines,
stone quarries, petroleum and other
mines, and to sell the products there
of, and to acquire, own, sell or lease
the lands upon which the same may
be situated or located.
(9). To acquire, lease, let, sell,
mortgage or otherwise dispose of
lands, houses, buildings, water and
water rights and other real property.
(10). To purchase and otherwise
acquire, and to sell, hypothecate and
otherwise dispose of bonds, notes,
mortgages and other securities, and
to purchase, subscribe for and other
wise acquire, and to sell, hypothecate
and otherwise dispose of, and to vote
and otherwise control, stock in other
corporations, and particularly in rail
road, steamship and other transporta
tion companies, and telephone and
telegraph companies.
(11). To borrow money for any of
the purposes contemplated by these
articles, and to create a bonded -in
debtedness, and to secure the^ same
by deed of trust, mortgage, h.^othe
cation or pledge of all or any of the
property or franchises which the cor
poration may have, or which it may
hereafter acquire.
12). To do generally any and all
things which may be necessary, con
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venient or beneficial to the interests
of said corporation in carrying on a
general railroad and transportation
Tnird — That the estimated length
of said line of railroad is two hundred
and seventeen miles.
Fourth — That the place where its
principal business is to be transacted
shall be the city of San Diego,
County of San Diego, State of Cali
Filth — That the term for which it
is to exist is fifty years from and
after the date of its incorporation.
Sixth — That the number of its di
rectors shall be seven, and that the
names and residences of those who
are appointed for the first year are:
GEO. W. MARSTON, San Diego, Cal.
U. S. GRANT, San Diego, Cal.
H. P. WOOD, San Diego, Cal.
CHAS. N. CLARK, San Diego, Cal.
JOHN E. BOAL, National City, Cal.
L. L. BOONE, San Diego, Cal.
E. S. BABCOCK, Coronado, Cal.
Seventh — The amount of the capital
stock of this corporation shall be five
million dollars ($5,000,006.00) divided
into fifty thousand shares of the par
value of one hundred dollars ($100.00)
Eighth — The amount of said capital
stock which has been actually sub
scribed is Two Hundred and Seven
teen Thousand Dollars, and the fol
lowing are the names of the persons
by whom the sum has been sub
scribed, towit:
Name of
Subscriber. No. Shares. Amt.
George W. Marston 310 $31^000
U. S. Grant 310 $31,000
H. P. Wood 310 $31,000
Charles N. Clark 310 $31,000
John E. Boal 310 $31,000
L. L. Boone 310 $31,000
E. S. Babcock 310 $31,000
Ninth — That there has been actually
subscribed $1,000.00 of the capital
stock for each mile of the estimated
length of the contemplated work.
Tenth— That Charles N. Clark has
been, and is hereby elected by the
subscribers treasurer of the corpora
Eleventh — That there has been
actually paid to said Charles N. Clark
as such treasurer, for the benefit of
the corporation, ten per cent, of the
amount of the capital stock sub
scribed, towit: an aggregate sum of
Twenty-one Thousand, Seven Hund
red Dollars.
In witness whereof we have here
unto set our hands and seals this Bth
day of May, in the year of Our Lord
One Thousand, Nine Hundred and
H. P. WOOD. (Seal.)
JOHN E. BOAL. (Seal.)
L. L. BOONE. (Seal.)
E. S. BABCOCK. (Seal.)
U. S. GRANT. (Seal.)
By George W. Marston, His attor
Indio Melons Going East.
Superintendent R. H. Ingram of the
Southern Pacific has returned from
Indio, where he promised the melon
growers of Coachilla to deliver their
product this year in the Eastern mar
ket on passenger train service time.
Shipments this season are expected
to aggregate about 2bO cars. The new
delivery will place the California
melon ahead of its Rocky Ford, Colo.,
competitor by several weeks. — Los An
geles Express.

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